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Indigo Royal Resort #3

What I Like About You

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Dalton “Tripp” Sutherland fully realizes just how badly he screwed up ten years ago, resulting in the loss of the best friend he ever had – the incomparable Zara Wellington. From the outside looking in, it may appear that he’s living his best life, spending his days sailing and being the resort playboy, but deep down he’s still haunted by the unforgivable words he uttered that night in high school. If only he had a chance to prove to her that he didn’t mean what he’d said.

Life for Zara Wellington is pretty amazing. As creator and lady-boss behind the top beauty blog on the internet, she gets to travel the world trying out new spas and is even on the verge of having her journalistic dreams come true. Even though she still carries around her life-long insecurities about her weight, it’s rare that she ever thinks about that night she overheard the unimaginable come from the only person she thought ever really cared for her – her best friend Tripp.

But when Zara shows up at the Indigo Royal Resort to review the brand new Cherish Spa, the two come face to face for the first time in ten years. Can they manage to get past everything that night from all those years ago and the painful feelings that still linger, or is the damage done forever?

319 pages, Kindle Edition

Published January 25, 2021

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Claire Hastings

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Claire Hastings is a walking, talking awkward moment. She loves Diet Coke, gummi bears, the beach, and books (obvs). When not reading she can usually be found hanging with friends at a soccer match or grabbing food (although she probably still has a book in her purse). She and her husband Drew live in Atlanta with their fur-child Denali.

She can be found here:

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January 26, 2021
A Heartwarming Emotional Story in Paradise with Past Hurt, Work Vacation, Beautiful Friendships, Forgiveness, Truths, Swoons & Steam, Deserving Redos, Fighting for their Love, & Worth-it HEA.
I Love Zara & Dalton so much & Fully Connected with'em!! Their Friends were great, I so want to be a part of their gang! I DEVOURED this story in 7hrs.
#My 1st by Claire, I loved her writing style, felt those feels..And am so going for more, Especially the previous books in this series!

Zara; Beauty with Brains & Inner Strength, Kind, Chubby; Is the Proud owner of A Top Beauty Blog 'Relaxation InSPAration', Along with her fun Gay Since-College-Bestie Antwan.
Dalton "Tripp"; Charming, Mysterious, Caring, Playboy Reputation (Though was only with 3rd of those Women); works in Indigo Resort. I can easily see he keeps his secrets close, Never truly letting anyone in, Until here.

These two have history... They were VERY close & had a tight bond, their families were friends. Their Love & Attraction came Naturally. But before they could do anything about it, All broke apart On The Beautiful Prom night that took turn for the worse. When she overheard Him saying VERY BAD words. She was hurt. He hadn't meant the words But he wasn't able to tell her that, as it was the Last they talked, Until Now.
And 3 years ago, Dal Left Home (BackStory Alert!), Moved to Indigo Royal Resort & made a Haven for himself. But Zara didn't know he was here...

Now, 10 years after that night, She & Antwan came to Indigo Resort for a Week to Review The Brand New Cherish Spa. And, Zara & Dalton met at the 1st night! It was so fun! ~Surprise, That Spark still Remains, Fun Decisions, He's Determined to get her forgiveness & grab their 2nd Chance...
Both of their individual Friends gave them hell for their Reaction *Chuckle*. And, Zara & Dalton kept finding eachother!
~Regular Meets, What he did, Working, Him Opening up to Guys, The Chance, Zara+Dalton talk, The Kiss!

"They’d waited a long time and had a hell of an uphill battle, but fuck if it wasn’t worth it for everything he was feeling right now."

Love never waned, They're on their way to be more, but winning her trust back is a Challenge & Her Letting Insecurities go isn't easy, but worth it.
~Yoga Trouble, She's Special to Him, Friends' wise words, The Plan to win her heart, Flowers+Picnic, D+Z's Whole truth Talk, Orgasms, His Reputation Troubles, Letting her insecurities go, Fun Marine Outing, Back Home probs, Z+D's Sexy times, Love, Their Dinner Fun with Friends, Future, Trust, The Prom Night Redo *Swoon*..

"Her trust was an honor he would never take for granted."

But is Love enough? Her time here is ending. She can't stay here & he won't go. Both have their lives, can they mesh it together?
~Their Beautiful Trip, The Fight, Different Nows, Friends talk, She's gone..
Being away, they both hurt. His Friends helped him realise The enormity of this situation, if he doesn't do anything, He can lose her Forever..So He'll do it. Go back home. And He can stay connected to his Friends by Airplanes & Calls!
~His Plan, Compromise, Back Home, His Dad making Amends & Truths, She's Sad, Dal's plan, Penguins, Surprise & Apologies, I love yous *Yay!!*..
He's here to Stay, Their Reunion's so Swoony *Happy tears*. And their families are Happy for them!

I loved the ending & the Epilogue's Gorgeous. So Awesome seeing'em happy❤.
And that Another Epilogue/Teaser...Omg, I'm excited for the next book!
**ARC Received for a Honest Review.**
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2,166 reviews159 followers
January 21, 2021
I have been DYING for Dalton’s story since the beginning and this exceeded all my expectations.

In the previous books of the series not a lot of known about Dalton and his life before he arrived at Indigo Royal Resort, however, his past and his present meet when his childhood best friend, Zara, shows up to review the new spa at the resort.

First off, I LOVE Zara. Seriously, the woman is amazing. She is real. She has insecurities about herself that many of us do. As a character she is super relatable and I just want to be her new BFF. She is also hardworking and has done well for herself building up a travel blog. Secondly, Dalton aka Tripp I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM. I’ve always loved Dalton but this story made me fall in love with him even more, well minus the few times throughout the story he was a jerk but he redeems himself. Dalton is the ultimate book boyfriend. He is ultra swoony!

The chemistry between Zara and Dalton is amazing. They have a connection and bond from growing up together that even after ten years apart there is still something there. I loved the little bits about their past together and of course, seeing them reconnect and the sweet moments they shared together.

If you’re looking for a tropical escape, childhood best friends, second chance romance this is one to check out! A Must Read!!
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3,984 reviews465 followers
January 25, 2021
This series has been a delightful read since the very beginning. Also, I am in love with these covers and they should get a round of applause! *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

Okay, so the swoon factor was high in the story but if I’m being honest, for me, the swoon came more from Zara than Dalton. Let me explain. She is the woman every one of us should want to be. I want to marry her or be her friend at the very least. She has it going on in spades and I am so delightfully happy with the choices that Claire Hastings made with her characters. This chic is beyond relatable and super real. Sometimes, a character just hits me in the chest and Zara did that from the very beginning. That’s not to say that Dalton is unlikeable, the opposite, but he didn’t make me swoon like she did! She’s a powerful character that I could relate to and I think there’s a whole bunch of readers out there that will fell the same!

I was also delightfully captivated by the choice the author made to give us snippets of their relationship from the past. I think it’s important in these types of story to be able to connect to the couple’s past via reading their interactions instead of just being told something happened in the past. It made me more invested in their future. I really wanted them to work out :) Their chemistry was amazing and together they made for a great couple to read about. I can’t wait to read more and more from Claire in the future!

Grab your copy TODAY or read with Kindle Unlimited!
⭐️ Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3o7WCCP
⭐️ Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3mjqsnn
⭐️ Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2Vff2F9
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678 reviews19 followers
January 28, 2021
3.25 stars

Childhood best friends fell apart due to H being weak and saying horrible things to appease his friends and the h overhears.

Years later a chance meeting shows that despite the hurt and guilt, sparks still fly.
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4,434 reviews141 followers
January 20, 2021
4.5 star Review What I Like About You (Indigo Resort #3) by Claire Hastings

Claire Hastings is a new author to me and I have no idea how I have not come across her books before. I was fully invested from the first page and had a hard time putting this book down when real life got in the way.

This is Dalton “Tripp” Sutherland and Zara Wellington’s second chance at love story. These two have a history together, having grown up together but after harsh words they parted and have not spoken for ten years.

Tripp bitterly regrets the words he uttered so many years ago that devastated and destroyed Zara’s confidence. Zara has become a successful beauty blogger, travelling the world and reviewing spas. She finds herself at Indigo Resort to review the Cherish Spa and comes face to face with no other than Dalton.

Can Zara and Dalton come to terms with the hurts of the past and move forwarded together or are they destined to be part forever? The road to happiness will be rocky but if they can make it the journey will be worth it.
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4,516 reviews88 followers
January 22, 2021
Claire Hastings is a new author to me and after reading What I Like About You (Indigo Royal Resort #3) I’m left wondering why I haven’t come across her or this series before now. I’m certainly prove that this book can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone although I’m sure like me you will want to play catch up with the previous books as soon as time permits.
This is a second chance at love for Zara Wellington and Dalton ( Tripp) Sutherland. This couple spent their childhood together, they had dreams and were meant to be forever but after some very angry, harsh words were spoken they went their seperate ways and haven’t spoken for 10 years.....
Zara is now a successful beauty blogger travelling the world reviewing luxury spas and that last person she expects to meet at the Indigo Resort is Dalton......
Dalton deeply regrets the words that destroyed and broke Zara’s heart but will time have healed the hurt and will she give him a chance or will the pain from the past mean she won’t trust him with her heart ever again......
Fate works in mysterious ways and it’s seems fate is determined to push this couple together, I loved this couple and their journey and I’m excited to read the other books in the series.
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4,954 reviews92 followers
January 24, 2021
This was an emotionally charged second chance story. As Zara comes face to face with the man who destroyed her heart, she must decide if it is worth the risk to try again. Tripp, who ran away to Indigo Royal to escape his own pain, is sidelined when he identifies Zara in the crowd. Finally able to tell Zara the truth of what really happened all those years ago, he is ready to make his move but can he risk Zara walking away a second time. In a stunning locale with swoony gestures and great side characters rooting for them, they make the impossible seem possible. I really liked it.
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640 reviews24 followers
January 14, 2021
If you have not read Claire Hastings, grab your kindle and click onto her right now. I absolutely LOVE Dalton and Zara. If you have read the other Indigo Royal Resort books (and honestly, I wish it was real!!!) then you have already met Dalton. Resident playboy and all around good time friend. But is he really??? Dalton is a man with many secrets who doesn’t open up to anyone, and while he holds the Millers and Quinlans deep in his heart he still keeps himself apart. There are so many things that I can say about Dalton, but honestly you need to read this book (and series) to get the full affect. I adored Zara. SHe and Dalton grew up together, and something happened on Prom night that changed the way she viewed him. She hasn’t had contact with him for years, and is a travel blogger that has been invited to the resort to review the recently opened spa. These two are meant to be together, but of course it isn’t smooth sailing. And honestly, I wanted to smack Dalton upside the head because he wasn’t actually listening to Zara at all. He heard the words, but that was about it. Thankfully, his friends show him the error of his ways. I mean, of course they did, he helped them through their hard times. We get a look into the future, and see how far these two have come in a short time, and it sets up the next book in this series (or possibly spin-off) nicely.

Thank you Claire for giving us another amazing book to escape into, and I look forward to many more!!

I received and ARC copy of this book in exchange of an unbiased and honest review.
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Author 3 books18 followers
January 25, 2021
Loved reading What I like about you!! Claire you have done it again....sucked me in with a love story an it was so great. Zara & Tripp are such a great couple and I knew his book was going to be so great.

Zara is a force to be reckoned with an showed through the whole book.

Tripp may have started as the playboy is previous books but that all came to a screeching halt the moment Zara came back into life.

You never think you will be meet your soulmate at the age of eight but that’s sure what happens with these to.

I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who ask 😉

* I received this book as an ARC from the author for an honest review

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658 reviews15 followers
January 27, 2021

I had a hard time seeing Dalton as a lead that would be harboring deep unrequited feelings for a girl he was best friends in high school while at the same time hooking up with every women who is a size zero.
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878 reviews186 followers
January 23, 2021
For those who like:
» A badass lady boss plus size woman
» A steamy second chance romance
» A charming, sexy, handsome gent you want to sometimes clobber over the head
» A working holiday at a quirky and fun resort
» Best friends to enemies to lovers, because we all love those

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

“Not a day goes by that I don’t wish that I had been a better man, your man, long before that moment.”

I’d like to start by saying that if I could, I would love to spend forever at Indigo Royal Resort. Given that there are two books before this one, featuring characters more invested in the resort itself, I know that I’m going to love it even more when I do get around to reading them. The entire resort is themed around music - for those like me who haven’t read the first two books - and every building, room and space is named after a song. That in itself makes Indigo Royal a fun place to be. Add to that a collection of interesting characters and you have yourself a treat!

What I Like About You is a second chance, best friends to enemies to lovers romance that will take you on a fantastical ride. Tripp Sutherland and Zara Wellington were best friends growing up - their moms were friends and their dads were friends - and when everyone else teased and mocked Zara for being too chubby or fat, Tripp stood by her side and stayed her friend forever. Both of them come from money, but Tripp wanted nothing to do with the family business after his mother died and his father married his nanny. And Zara started her own business, being a badass lady boss and working as an influencer and enjoying her business and her life.

“You used to tell me that without the darkness, we’d never see the stars. We’ve been surrounded by darkness for a long time, how about we go searching for those stars?”

Till they both reconnect at Indigo Royal where Tripp (who is mostly known as Dalton) works and Zara has been invited to check out and review their spa facilities. And after everything that went down, it’s the last place Zara wants to be, especially since being around Tripp still makes her feel less than herself.

I love Zara so much! She’s a plus size woman who has pushed past haters and cruel people to focus on building a brand and a name for herself. As a kid, she always felt like she wasn’t enough and her size was always an issue, but as an adult, she’s all kinds of badass and a true hero. She also loves with her whole heart and soul, which is why Dalton’s betrayal hurt her so much and why seeing him again infuriates her beyond belief.

Much like Zara, at first, I wasn't sure about my feelings about (adult) Dalton. He’s charming, sexy and handsome and all those other things that make you swoon, but he’d done enough damage to Zara’s soul to make me question whether he was worthy. Oh but the man convinces you that’s worth it and makes you literally swoon with the things he does and says. He’s not without fault, because he keeps making silly mistakes and blunders, but he’s always ready to learn from that and pick himself up to fix what he’s done.

“I didn’t know how to tell you then, but you were my world. I know I kept you hidden, and I shouldn't have.”

The chemistry between these characters is unreal! Obviously they’ve got all these years of history between them that charges the scenes they’re in, but it’s so much more than that. They’re super hot together and I love how easily they flow into that kind of relationship. But it’s so much more than that, they connect on a different level also. With all that they know about each other, the years they’ve spent as friends and then apart really reflects in the relationship they’re trying to build. Zara rightfully doesn’t trust Dalton just yet, but she gives him a little bit every single time and I love how she makes him work for it.

And while Zara and Dalton are carrying the story, it’s also about the other characters. Seriously, I need to read the other books because getting a hint of those relationships definitely made me greedy for more. I wasn’t prepared for how much I’d want those characters, but I do now! Every single supporting character has so much to offer and a great part to play in this story. They’re all supportive and helpful in the relationship, but also the dynamics are definitely worth talking about.

If you’re looking for a fun holiday romance featuring a beautiful, badass and smart woman, then this is it for you. Zara Wellington is seriously reason enough to drop everything and read this book, because she is brilliant!

Thanks to Claire Hastings and Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Find more of my reviews on anna reads here
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469 reviews10 followers
January 18, 2021

I’m so glad to be back at the Indigo Royal resort! I love the camaraderie between the characters in the books and I couldn’t wait for Dalton’s story. I love Dalton, the cocky, sexy southern charmer – but I also fell in love with the sexy, romantic who just needed the right woman to bring out that side of him.
Zara and her best friend visit the Indigo Bay Resort to check out the new spa and she is reunited with Dalton. They have not seen each other since the night of their senior prom 10 years ago. During that time Dalton has had to live with the poor choices he made that night and Zara has worked hard to build her confidence and love herself.
I loved that Zara was a fuller figured woman. I sympathized with her insecurities and her struggles to feel comfortable with herself. Despite being hurt and angry by Dalton’s past actions, she still cares for him. Dalton knows he has his work cut out for him if he wants to win Zara back. Sometimes it felt like Dalton would take a step forward in gaining back Zara’s trust and then something would happen causing her to retreat. Hastings did a great job of showing the softer more romantic side of Dalton as he came up with ways to woo Zara. Their chemistry is off the charts and they have an undeniable bond that didn’t lessen with their time apart.
This was a fun, steamy romance with two main characters I loved and a host of secondary characters that complimented and completed the story. Advanced copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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15.1k reviews150 followers
January 24, 2021
This is the 3rd book in this amazing series and is Dalton and Zara’s story. These two have a history as they were childhood best friends, until Dalton did the unforgivable and sadly Zara overheard the conversation which left her with insecurities. Now 10-years later they come face to face as Dalton is known as the resort playboy, but he is haunted by what he did, and Zara is the creator of a successful blog which enables her to travel the world to visit new spa’s, and she is at the resort to review their new spa. The connection and bond between Dalton and Zara is still there after all these years, but can he redeem himself? This is a well written tale which entertaining, emotional, and a riveting and addictive page turner. I look forward to reading more from this talented author whose work I highly recommend for all.
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1,654 reviews
January 23, 2021
This was an emotionally charged second chance story. As Zara comes face to face with the man who destroyed her heart, she must decide if it is worth the risk to try again. Tripp, who ran away to Indigo Royal to escape his own pain, is sidelined when he identifies Zara in the crowd. Finally able to tell Zara the truth of what really happened all those years ago, he is ready to make his move but can he risk Zara walking away a second time. In a stunning locale with swoony gestures and great side characters rooting for them, they make the impossible seem possible. I really liked it.
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51 reviews
January 26, 2021
This was by far my favorite of the Indigo Royal series! Dalton and Zara’s chemistry was perfection. I loved learning their backstory and everything that lead up to their reconnection.

There were so many heartbreaking moments in this book and I felt all of them like they were my own.

I loved the element of friendship and forgiveness throughout this story. This group of friends in the series, Drea, Kyle, Leona, Cullen, Dalton and Zara was so much fun! I loved how they were always there for each other, supporting each other in their own special ways, showing how some friendship bonds are just as strong, if not more so, as family bonds.

This was a fantastic second chance, friends to more romance that I absolutely fell in love with. You can read it as standalone but you’ll definitely enjoy it more if you read the series in order. I highly recommend!
Profile Image for yesenia (Caligirlheartsbooks).
379 reviews3 followers
January 26, 2021
Wow this book was amazing, I didn’t know what to expect when jumping in. It was my first from Author and it didn’t disappoint.

Its a second chance/friends to lovers read.

After so many years and an unfortunate “misunderstanding” two best friends finally reconnect. I loved how how Dalton loved Zara with no regrets, no matter of her size. The only thing disappointing was of how he went about it when they where younger.

The reconnection and live part moved a little to fast in my opinion, He needed to grovel a little more in my opinion for what he said. But love is forgiving and those two have loved each other for a VERY LONG TIME!

It was a great story about forgetting, forgiveness and loving with no regrets
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7,194 reviews141 followers
January 20, 2021
Life is about the precious moments. Zara and Dalton are on a mission. To right a wrong that broke two hearts. What I Like About You is a lesson about life, love and second chances. Hastings dives deep into the ugly cry moments to find the smile that's waiting underneath the heartache. A heartfelt journey of redemption.
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Author 10 books522 followers
January 26, 2021
The Bigger They Are...The Harder They Fall

Can’t Fight this Feeling introduced us to Dalton - resort playboy with a heart of gold and a knack for making sure true love wins. In Caught Up in You we continued watching him on the sidelines as he yet again came through with some solid romance advice and a shoulder to cry on. FINALLY, it was his turn in What I Like About You. And the man did not disappoint. In other words - Let’s Hear it for the Boy!

Is he a fumbling idiot when he crosses path with his childhood best friend? Absolutely. He goes from all swagger to one epic disaster after another but his swoon worthy moves are hard to resist.

Zara doesn’t stand a chance. As soon as she sees Tripp (aka Dalton), she goes from fierce lady boss to second guessing herself and her feelings for Dalton. The two together are swoony, steamy magic and the perfect addition to the IRR series.

What I Like About You takes you back to paradise. Join Dalton and Zara in their love story and see cameos from Kyle, Drea, Lee, Cullen and everyone’s favorite uncles. Is this love? Absolutely...
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718 reviews23 followers
January 19, 2021
From the very start of this series, I needed Dalton's story and it did not disappoint!

Dalton are Zara are my dream couple! They are funny, sweet and they have come a long way. They used to be best friends, however, all that changed on promo night. Years later, Zara shows up at the resort where Dalton works. While trying to make amends, it is clear that their chemistry is still there and wow is it hot!

In the previous books, Dalton is the playboy, the guy to likes to "entertain" his guest, however in this book, we seen his vulnerable side. We finally get answers to his many, many secrets.

I loved everything about this book, it was sweet and caring yet how and steamy! I just love this series.

Yes this book is the third book within the Indigo Royal Resort series, however it can be read as a standalone. That being said, I highly recommend the previous two book.

Thank you to the author for providing me with this e-arc in exchange for an honest review.
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7,756 reviews157 followers
April 19, 2021
I am a sucker for a friends to lovers romance and this one had an extra layer where Zara and Tripp lost that connection years ago. Coming face to face again brings all that spark back and I couldn't put it down. I love how relatable Zara was and made me love her even more for her determination to succeed. Apart they're both amazing and looking to move on from what happened in the past, but together, they're amazing and a force to be reckoned with.
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5,158 reviews175 followers
January 27, 2021

Amazon US / Amazon UK | Amazon CA / Amazon AU

The very last person Zara expected to see at the resort and spa she's been invited to review is her former best friend, Tripp. She has moved on from the pain he caused her with some carelessly uttered words, and has become a famous beauty blogger. Though she's never quite gotten past her insecurities, she has a great life and she wants to make it even better. Being back in Tripp's orbit won't help her achieve that, so she's determined to be cooly indifferent to him. Will she be able to do that even as her body (and heart) want her to give him a chance at redemption?

Never has Tripp forgotten the pain he caused his once best friend. And never has he wanted more to make it up to her and prove that he's no longer the immature ass he'd been back then. But he isn't sure Zara will ever forgive him, much less agree to even be friends (or more). Can he carve out this chance fate has dropped in his lap?

What I Like About You is a bit painful reading, only because there was so much hurt there between the two. And they obviously hadn't moved past that pain even near the end, when they both hurled cruel words at each other. Second chances can be iffy, but when they're written with a deft hand like this one, they're really fantastic. I am so glad these two got the happiness they each deserved, in a heartwarming, emotional fashion.

ARC via Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an honest review.

Review / Release Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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2,049 reviews17 followers
January 25, 2021
This is a brand new author for me and I fell in love with her writing and characters. This is book 3 in the series and easily stands alone but the previous two books sound so awesome that I need to read them as well.

This story stars Zara and Dalton. Both are rich kids who have done well for themselves and kids who at one time were best friends who had crushes on each other until one night when Dalton says something so awful it destroys his relationship with Zara forever.

Now years later they both are all grown up and Dalton has been living the life of a carefree playboy at a spa in the caribean when he literally runs into Zara who is at the resort to review it for her famous blog.

And so starts this awesome romance and story. But while Zara faced her past and created an amazing future. Dalton has run away from his and in this story we watch him grow up and learn to face his future.

This story was beyond awesome. I adored it and I adored the story and romance and every single character. I loved it so much I am going to read the first two books in the series as well.

I received a free ARC copy of this book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Profile Image for lowkeyreader.
4,225 reviews41 followers
January 25, 2021
I have been waiting for Dalton's story and how he's going to change his ways, I guess. And it only took ten years😆

It's definitely an emotional second chance romance as there was just so much that happened between him and Zara ten years ago, reckless words that can't be unsaid and broken hearts. I was fully invested in their relationship from the first page and had a hard time putting it down. The chemistry between them is unreal even though 10 years have passed. They fit together and I love how easily they connect on a different level because they were best friends first.

I loved everything about their story. It was sweet and emotional yet sexy and steamy!
Profile Image for Mica Rae.
Author 16 books88 followers
January 25, 2021
Dalton and Zara are my new favorite couple! This book has it all and then some...forgiveness, grace, passion...you name it! This beautifully crafted story had me from the beginning. It is definitely a must read!
Profile Image for Susan Gorman.
386 reviews1 follower
February 5, 2021
Claire Hastings’ What I Like About You is a novel of second chances. The chemistry, emotional dialogue and the romance between Dalton and Zara drew me into the novel instantly.
I have been waiting for the swoony Dalton to meet his match and the author did not disappoint! Sexy, charming and handsome best describe Dalton. He left behind a lucrative job in Atlanta for the carefree island life. Sparks ignite when he ran into Zara Wellington, his childhood friend, at the resort. Their meeting is awkward at best because Dalton and Zara have not spoken to each other in ten years. .
Zara is a successful lifestyle blogger with a huge following She’s been invited to Indigo Royale to review her experience at the resorts new spa. Zara has worked hard to create her beauty blog and her efforts are being recognized-she has a chance at her own tv show. Her review could make or break the spa.
Claire Hastings writes a fantastic story for this couple. In order to understand the emotional depth of Zara and Dalton’s breakup, she uses flashback scenes. These scenes show how much the couple cared for each other and the event that shattered their friendship. The author takes a bold step by portraying Dalton-everyone’s best friend- in a bad light. As the novel unfolds, Dalton is given a chance to redeem himself. Forgiveness and honesty are huge themes in this story of second chances. Loved all of the secondary characters-especially Zara’s best friend Antwan! Loved the laugh out loud conversations between Zara and Antwan. The well-paced engaging storyline blended romance, secrets and drama perfectly.
Kudos to Claire Hastings for writing an emotional second chance story for Dalton Sutherland and Zara Wellington!

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February 17, 2021
When can I go to Indigo Royal? Tomorrow? Awesome. I'll pack my bags. Will Dalton be there? No? Because even if he's there he will be pining for Zara, his childhood love? Well darn it. All the good book boyfriends are always taken.

This is my first reading of Claire Hastings (yes I know this is Book 3. I promise I'm getting to books one and two). I didn't have any problem keeping up with characters who had been previously introduced. This book was fun, made me want to punch some people a few times and gave me the butterflies in my stomach.

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January 26, 2021
Having read the previous two books in the series, this book and this couple are definitely my favorite so far. I loved getting to learn more about Dalton's past and meeting the one who got away. It was so much fun getting to follow along as Dalton and Zara rebuilt their friendship and fell in love. My full review can be found on my blog: https://readingstewardess.wordpress.c...
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April 19, 2021
What I like About You by Claire Hastings is the perfect childhood best friend, second chance romance, island escape where spa treatments and sandy beaches abound. As the 3rd book in the Indigo Royal Resort series there are lots of fun interactions with the previous couples and characters but this one can be read as a true standalone if you haven’t read the previous two books.

I devoured this book quickly in part because Zara was such a relatable character (she’s a size 16), she owns her own business and she’s fiercely independent while also being vulnerable and cautious. Dalton is the perfect island playboy who is living his best life with his chosen family until Zara shows up and turns everything on its side.

There were some deep cuts that had me in tears, some ridiculous laugh out loud moments, & a very satisfying HEA. Their chemistry is on fire in this steamy romance and the island and their friends add so much to their story.
January 25, 2021
What I Like About You (Indigo Royal Resort #3) by Claire Hastings is a contemporary, friends to lovers, second chance romance told in the third person. Each book in this series can be read as a standalone, so it's unnecessary to read the others first. However, doing so will bring maximum enjoyment as familiar characters reappear throughout the series.

Dalton "Tripp" Southerland III and Zara Wellington were childhood best friends who secretly had feelings for each other. Growing up, Tripp and Zara were inseparable until he humiliated her on prom night. After that, she ignored his calls, and went away to a different college than they had planned. Ten years have passed, and they come face-to-face for the first time in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Zara runs a popular spa blog and is spending a week with her best friend, Antwan, checking out Cherish Spa at the Indigo Royal Resort. Dalton works as first mate on a boat at the resort. He wants Zara back in his life, and he's determined to earn her forgiveness and make up for the past. Can they start over and become more than friends? Or is it too little too late? Read the book to find out.

I really enjoyed Dalton and Zara's story! Dalton has been my favorite character since book one, so I expected this to be my favorite book in the series - and it was until a certain point. Then it wasn't. Book two, Caught Up in You, still holds that spot, followed by book one, Can't Fight This Feeling. I'll do my best to explain why without spoiling anything.

From the beginning, I loved both characters. Zara was smart, hardworking, and very relatable. I thought she was great! Dalton was already my favorite of the series and still is. Both characters has issues and made mistakes. Dalton's sins were in the past, and Zara's were in the present. What Dalton did was unthinkable, but he was remorseful and redeemed himself. Zara never did. And that's the crux of it.

Insecurity doesn't excuse bad behavior, and when a character behaves as badly as Zara did, I expect some self-awareness and growth, or at the very least some remorse and an apology. But none of that ever happened. Zara never took responsibility for her actions or said she was sorry - not even after Dalton's grand gesture, which would have been the perfect moment for her to give a little too. In the end, Zara basically just got her way, and it left me with an icky feeling. Instead of feeling like they belonged together and would have a happy future... I felt like Zara didn't deserve Dalton, that he could do better, and that unless she changed, they'd have a rocky future with Zara always insisting on having her way, and Dalton always compromising or giving in.

Had Zara simply owned up to her mistakes, it would have redeemed her, making the ending much more satisfying, and resulting in a higher rating. That being said, a 4-star rating is nothing to sneeze at. The entire Indigo Royal Resort series is fantastic, and I highly recommend it. What I Like About You was sweet and steamy with a good dose of emotion and humor. I'm looking forward to the spin-off series! And who knows? Maybe I'll even warm up to Zara again.

*** I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC. ***
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April 18, 2021
“What I Like About You” is the third book in the Indigo Royal Resort series by Claire Hastings, and it’s terrific. You don’t have to have read the first two books in the series to enjoy this one, although you really should check them out as well. The leading man in this book, Dalton, appears as an important secondary character in both prior books about the Resort, where he works as First Mate on the charter boats. He’s a good-natured guy and supportive friend in those stories, and there is clearly a side to him that he keeps intensely private. I was looking forward to his story, and it surpassed all expectations.

Zara was Dalton’s absolute best friend from childhood … right up to senior prom, when he uttered despicable words that destroyed their friendship and shattered her heart. She grew up accustomed to cruel jibes and nasty comments about her plus-sized figure. Through sheer force of will and determination, and the support of her dearest friend from college, Zara has become a successful beauty blogger. Despite the emotional pain heaped upon her, she is still a sweet and kind person. When she arrives at the Resort as a VIP guest to visit and revue the new spa there, she and Dalton are shocked to see one another. They become immersed in a week that could potentially heal their rift and chart a new course for them, or could permanently reinforce the divide.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but it’s hard because this is such a great story. We learn about a lot of Zara’s triumphs, and can feel the pain of her struggle with accepting the fact that Dalton truly sees her as beautiful and desirable. Dalton’s character development is even more dramatic, I think. His personal family history is heartbreaking, his remorse about hurting Zara is painfully sincere, and the life-altering changes with which he must contend are dramatic. I couldn’t put this book down because it pulled me into the story so completely. The excellent secondary characters provide just enough counterpoint and humor to keep the more serious emotions from becoming overwhelming. Great book, excellent series, and I already pre-ordered the next one!
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