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Until You #5

Until You Forgive

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D.M. Davis’ Until You Forgive is a heart-wrenching, second chance romance with a love triangle between a playboy millionaire, a celebrity athlete, and the loyal best friend.

I'm two people: the man I was before her and the man I am after her.

It's been seven years since I've laid eyes on my heart, my Gabby.
The girl I hurt in one devastatingly thoughtless act.
The girl who broke my heart, after I broke hers.
My chest is full of shame and missteps.
I wear regret like the suit I don every day as VP of Marketing for my family's tech company—my number one regret being Gabby, the girl who got away.

You may know me as the middle McIntyre brother—the playboy millionaire who spends his days in the boardroom and his nights in any bedroom he chooses.
She's the reason for my manwhore ways… She drove me to it.

But I'm not that. Not anymore.

When destiny puts her in my path again, can I convince the only girl I've ever loved I'm worth forgiving, worth a second chance, or will I lose her to a man I can’t stand, who warms her heart but not her bed?

Intended for mature audiences.

Note to Reader: Until You Forgive runs concurrent to Until You Books 1-4 and beyond. Therefore, I highly recommend you read the previous books before jumping into Matt and Gabby’s story to avoid spoilers and missing out on getting to know the whole cast from word one.

Until You Novels:
Until You Set Me Free | Until You Are Mine | Until You Say I Do | Until You Believe | Until You Forgive

300 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 9, 2021

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About the author

D.M. Davis is a Contemporary and New Adult Romance Author.

She is a Texas native, wife, and mother. Her background is Project Management, technical writing, and application development. D.M. has been a lifelong reader, and wrote poetry in her early life, but has found her true passion in writing about love and the intricate relationships between men and women.

She writes of broken hearts and second chances, of dreamers looking for more than they have and daring to reach for it.

D.M. believes it is never too late to make a change in your own life, to become the person you always wanted to be, but were afraid you were not worth the effort. You are worth it. Take a chance on you. You never know what’s possible if you don’t try. Believe in yourself as you believe in others, and see what life has to offer.

Visit her website for more details.

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141 reviews12 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
December 9, 2021

Not a fan of heroines being celibate while the heroes are living their best life having sex with every available woman around. Does not make sense to me. It’s 2021 - women enjoy sex, too. Besides, the main characters lacked chemistry, and I got bored.
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878 reviews646 followers
Shelved as 'not-for-me'
April 26, 2022

Many years separation after the H f’s up. He sleeps around while the h remains celibate. Not for me 😐
355 reviews
May 30, 2022
Another heroine who is celibate for YEARS meanwhile hero is living is life. Wth…who wants to read about doormat heroines 🙄
December 30, 2021
great love stories

Loved Matt and Gabby’s story! Actually love all the McIntyre men and the love they have for their women! These are great reads!
2,733 reviews
January 20, 2022
A wonderful romance must read!

My favorite of the Until You series that surpasses the emotional toll of the other book. Sweet first love, heartbreak, friendship and a love meant to be, this newest release takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride to a deserving HEA. I loved the characters, the high and lows and the glorious heat level throughout the easy to read storyline. A wonderful romance read from start to finish and a definite must read!
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1,602 reviews3 followers
December 5, 2021
Too young for their too big love until finally a second chance and forgiveness
Until You Forgive (Until You Series Book 5) by D.M. Davis is an emotionally enthralling and completely captivating second chance romance. Matt and Gabby’s story is as heart-wrenching as it is heartwarming. Matt is solid and steadfast, even at his young age, about Gabby. Gabby is highly insecure, with deep emotional scars, making trust in others nearly impossible, although she trusts her own heart and it belongs solely to Matt, forever.
The plot is driven by their youthful exuberance and excitement then ultimately inexperience as well as inability to deal with emotional confrontation. Both Matt and Gabby make poor decisions in the heat of highly emotional moments. As the story progresses into the present with a little nudge, and their connection and deep abiding love is palpable. The draw to one another is simply too strong, Matt and Gabby simply cannot ignore the feeling that they belong together. Once again, Matt is steadfast and solid in his love for Gabby. Gabby still struggles with her confidence and while her best friend plays a part in the confusion he also helps provide a little clarity. It is an intriguing element to this second chance and makes their story all the richer for it.
Overall, Matt and Gabby overcome misunderstanding, misperception and failure to communicate, find strength in the love that never waned and realize a wonderful, much deserved and long time coming HEA.
I read an ARC of this book via Give Me Books and voluntarily share my review.
171 reviews
December 24, 2021
This is the first book I have read by this author and it definitely won’t be my last! I LOVED this story. I hadn’t read any of the other books in this series, and although I know I didn’t need to read the other books to fully enjoy this story, I know this book gave away spoilers for the previous books.

Gabby is a perfect heroine. Tough exterior, but vulnerable at the same time. Growing up in a testosterone filled home, and then a male dominated career, she grew tough skin but her best friend recognized early on that she was soft on the inside and he protects her always standing by her side.

Matt knew immediately in college that Gabby was IT for him. Unfortunately her insecurities and a mistake by him cost their relationship to fall apart. Neither of them ever get over their broken hearts.

They meet again 7 years later and sparks are reignited. Even with the chemistry, Gabby continues to keep her heart protected. Her best friend continues to be at her side and offers her a more than friends relationship.

Without giving away any spoilers, I can’t say what happens, but it twisted my gut in knots reading the angst and heartache. My emotions were all over the place when she finally makes her choice. Both men are so perfect for her, deciding between the two had me in tears.

You won’t regret reading this second chance romance.
I received a free copy of this book from Hidden Gems and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
Author 14 books3 followers
December 18, 2021
I loved these characters! Not just Gabby and Matt, but Nate and Dwight as well! (Ok...first meeting Dwight- big goon; later- big protective teddy bear. First of Nate- cocky guy who can have whoever and probably does; later- amazing protective best friend who I want to have his own love story) Gabby was too young and too insecure in herself due to constantly being put down growing up. Once starting college, she wants to change but she really hasn't when she suddenly has the attention of two guys and an entire football team. But that doesn't stop ugly voices just like she heard growing up. And when those voices get too strong- she runs. With the help of that football team who has her back and will protect her.
Her pushing him away, before they've really gotten to know each other well, to know deep down why she ran, broke him. And it wasn't pretty.
No matter how hard they try, neither can forget the other and actually move on. But Nate, no matter how much he loves her, steps in to help them find their way back together.
Not only did I find this a beautiful and heartbreaking love story- there was so much for Gabby finding confidence- in her size, beauty, and being a woman in a male-dominated sport! Trust me- as a former football player myself- I LOVED her career.

*I am leaving an honest and voluntary review after receiving this book as an arc.
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974 reviews9 followers
December 22, 2021
This is a great second chance romance. A misunderstanding tore Gabby and Matt apart but 7 years later they are still meant to be. It was great to see Gabby learn to love herself and stand up to her family. Matt was amazing while trying to win her back. The only thing I didn't like was that Matt was a complete manwhore while Gabby was celebate during thier break up. Other than that I really enjoyed this book. Nate was my favorite character in the book. I really hope that he gets a story!!!
This is the first book that I have read in this series. I was a little lost with the background of some of the other characters but it didn't take away from Gabby and Matt's story. I will definitely be going back and reading this series from the beginning!

101 reviews1 follower
May 5, 2022
Until You Forgive by D.M. Davis
Overall Score ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Score🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

In the previous books in this series, I thought Matt was kind of...hmm..irrelevant..unimportant. He didn't leave a lasting impression and honestly, I thought about not reading this book at all and just moving to another series from this author. Man, I'm glad I didn't do that. Matt is one of those people you can't help but love. He has that charisma that just sucks you in. I think most girls can relate to Gabby and for that reason you FEEL everything she goes through. This book put me through the ringer emotionally. So go grab your copy and that you can get all the feels too!
Profile Image for Betty.
423 reviews1 follower
April 20, 2022
This series was amazing! Hot guys who have to fight for their women's love. Their family is all in to help them get their women and keep them safe. The last brother is Matthew (Matt)who found his love at 18 but lost her at 18. Gabriella (Gabby)love him too, but thinks he just wanted to make fun of her size with friends. A 5foot10 woman with curses who could kick a football better than men. She becomes a kicker in college and the first woman in the NFL. Seven years before they get to talk to each other and work things out.But he was the only person who she had been with and he was a manwhore till he hurt his family. There is a lot to these stories. Great read😁😀
Profile Image for Jin.
917 reviews2 followers
January 20, 2022
Gabby and Matt were madly in love until one little incident that tore them apart.
Gabby was a curvy girl and didn't have best upbringing. She wanted to be different and stronger Gabby then who was before. She didn't think she was pretty and when someone tells her she is gorgeous she was skeptical and didn't believe them. When gorgeous man like Matt and Nate complimenting her on her curvy figure and looks, she thought it was a joke until both were sincere. She was happy to be with Matt and having a best friend Nate. However, her fragile heart and mental couldn't take Matt's silence when his friends were making fun of Gabby.
Matt wanted what his parents have and he was still looking for his one. When he saw Gabby, he was drawn to her and he felt different near her and he was pretty sure, she was the one for him. When she finally gave into him, he was ready to commit until she vanished behind Nate and his friends. He could never forget her and because of her, he can't commit.
Now, Gabby became kicker for NFL and Matt is VP of Marketing of McIntyre Inc. They end up being in the same city and runs into each other. Will they give each other another chance at forever?
Matt and Gabby has enough baggages on their own and they had to work on their own. Especially Gabby had to love herself before she can move on with her life.
Story starts with before and it can frustrate at times but it flows. I eventually enjoy the end. I really liked friendship between Nate and Gabby. I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a complimentary copy
892 reviews
August 11, 2022
I've read and re-read the first four books in this series and loved Until You Forgive just as much, or perhaps even more than the others. Having gotten to know Matt over the course of the previous books, I enjoyed getting to learn what made him become the womanizer he was in the other books. First loves can really do a number on you, and Matt's sure did. He fell for Gabby from the moment he saw her. She's got serious confidence issues thanks to her cruel family so she's hard pressed to believe that this gorgeous man could be interested in her. Turns out it wasn't just Matt - cue Nate. A misunderstanding leads to heartbreak for both Matt & Gabby. The story takes us through then and now as they each battle their demons. I know it's not time for Nate's story yet, but I'm hoping it will come soon.
Profile Image for Jenifer Briggs.
1,336 reviews144 followers
December 15, 2021
**2.5 stars

I've been going back and forth on my rating for this book because even though I love this author, maaaaan was this book a mess. I am so over the tired as trope of the woman being celibate for years while the hero of the story nails everything that moves. And the fact that our heroine drove him to being a manho? EYE ROLL. No boo, you repeatedly didn't stand up for her, and then got mad when she called it quits? And then you have the audacity to blame her years later for your philandering ways? Thank you next. Add to the fact that I never felt the chemistry between the two. But there was a SHIT TON between Gabby & Nate. I actually would have preferred them to be together in some kind of thrupple (because he's bisexual) than with Matt. I just couldn't stand the dude.

As a plus sized woman myself, I did enjoy that Nate and the entire football team had her back, always. They did more for her confidence than her own boyfriend.🤷‍♀️

I just didn't see the connection between Gabby and Matt, nor did I feel the enormous love that caused them both to derail their lives. I just felt that their feelings were such surface level, especially escaping the home life Gabby had. It seemed like she latched onto the first person who showed her positive affection, and overlooked everything else, unlike Nate, who knew all of her scars, sectets and vulnerabilities. Matt himself even points out that he never got to know Gabby on the level Nate did/does, so whats to fight for?! I just couldn't do it.

Obviously this was a miss for me, but others may enjoy it a lot more than i did.

**I received an ARC of this book and these are my honest opinions.**
Profile Image for Louise.
35 reviews3 followers
December 3, 2021
This is fifth book in the Until You series by D.M. Davis but can be read as a standalone. It's my first book by the author - but not the last!

I was pleasantly surprised! The author is new to me, but it is definitely an author I want to investigate further.

The story has a huge potential, but I can't give 5 stars, because ... SPOILER-ISH

- The main characters are quite boring. The H was a huge player but is just a softie now and the h has the most admirable career but constantly undermines it. I get that she's insecure but come on, it's NFL! The most interesting person is Nate.
- I'm not a fan of the woman going into celibacy, while the guy is an excessive playboy - The h is dependent on the H's love, and the H is dependent on his millions to secure the h's heart.

Okay, that sounds pretty bad, but there were also a lot of good things in the story and I really enjoyed the story:

- To be a woman in a male-dominated profession. Girl power!
- Curvy girl! And that she manages to confront her family (but it's Matt who gets the credit - of course)
- Nate.
- Although I haven't read the series, it was easy enough to follow the dynamics of the McIntyre family.

An absolutely recommendable book, if you disregard the classic 'young maiden in distress' features.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog).
5,041 reviews166 followers
December 9, 2021


Matt & Gabby were young and in love and made all the mistakes and bad decisions that being young entails. They broke each other's hearts and moved on. Except they didn't actually move on. Now they're in each other's lives again and they have the choice to grow and forgive, or stay stagnant and angry and unforgiving. Is a second chance really in the making for them?

Whew, this one took an emotional toll! I felt so bad for both of them. Yes, they both hurt each other, but not maliciously, not intending on hurting the other, but being stupid and dumb the way we all are when we're young. I appreciated how much they both grew, though, especially Matt, and I loved Gabby's being a strong female in a male dominated profession stance. I do wish she weren't so full of insecurities, though, even in the present, but I suppose that makes her more realistic than the average romance heroine. But who I loved most? Gabby's bestie Nate. He was the standout in this already interesting story, a standout in this whole series actually. I am hoping and praying he gets his own story. It's one I'd read in a heartbeat.

ARC provided by Give Me Books Promotions for an honest review.

Review / Release Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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793 reviews12 followers
December 13, 2021
I was on edge reading this book. I knew the bottom was going to drop out at some point as I read the first chapters of “Then”. And, it did. And, I was just as heartbroken as Matt and Gabby. When the “Now” began I wondered briefly where Dana would go with the storyline. But, Matt cleared that up for me real quick. So, alpha and so in love with Gabby. So in need of forgiveness and absolution. So ready to be the man Gabby deserved. Gabby is absolute perfection. Dana did good writing about “not your average size” woman. Her evolution of acceptance is long and hard fought. This books message is about acceptance, whether it be your gender, body type, or sexuality. It’s about equality despite gender, body type, and sexuality. And, this love story will have you by the heart, said heart in throat, and will seep into your soul as you fall more in love with, not just Matt and Gabby, but Nate and the whole clan. Plus, Matt brings the sexy so good.

Book is told thru dual perspective. Dana recommends reading books in order and although I did not, but enjoyed the book all the same, I see her point. Because this family is worth knowing inside and out. I cannot wait to catch up before she hits us with Jace and Veronica. I so hope to see Nate again because that guy is f’ing golden and I want his HEA as much as Matt.

Gabby has meat on her bones and junk in her trunk. As a college freshman, away from her belittling family, she is trying to embrace a new more accepting of herself attitude.

What Gabby thinks is a chance meeting after being invited to play flag football was orchestrated by Matt. Once he saw Gabby on campus he had to know her. This also brings Nate into her life. He offers her friendship and benefits, should she want it. He has a slight ulterior motive- he also wants Gabby, especially that kick she has.

A conversation Gabby overheard Matt having with his friends has all her insecurities kick in. She runs without hearing Matt out and it causes them to end their growing relationship before it even had a chance to flourish.

Seven years later, Gabby plays for the NFL, and Matt has joined his families business. Both are stalled in their person lives. Gabby has avoided having one and Matt has gone the complete opposite way.

A series of events has Matt opening his eyes to just how harmful the life he was leading was. And, when Gabby finds herself traded to Dallas and face to face with Matt at a charity event, the trajectory of both their lives is about to change once again.

You will definitely feel a multitude of highs and lows reading this book. Dana has created a world in which you will want to settle down in, become a part of, and never want to leave. She may break us, keep us on edge, but she puts all the pieces right with a new nuggets here and there for what is to come. I’m here for it all.
Profile Image for Amy Reierson.
838 reviews12 followers
December 9, 2021
I'm in love with this book and this Author who may want to hurt me after reading this next little bit, but you need to know:
***You Can Read This With Out Reading The Others First!***
I'm not saying you should. I was told not to. But I keep my book log overbooked and so I did. Although I do own the whole series and have a whole week set aside to catch up next month. Now on to my Review.

Wrecked, Ruined, Crushed, Obliterated, than someone brought kind words, warm smiles, started repairing the cracks of my poor readers brain. That would be the Author.
D.M. Davis has made the swooniest of swoony heroes in this book. Make no mistake that's plural there is more then one, these characters are AMAZING. Our heroine too, who I'm certain I have a girl crush on. She's stronger than she knows, she's resilient, she's shy but witty, and despite what she thinks everything about who she is is beautiful and everyone sees it but her.
I really and truly want to give nothing away because I loved every single word of this story from the dedication to the thank yous at the end. If you struggle with confidence or self worth listen to all the wonderful advise given to Gabby. This book not only leaves you with an HEA but some warm fuzzies as well.
I have voluntarily left this review.
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1,049 reviews21 followers
December 9, 2021
"Baby, I'm staring right at you. And I'm damn sure you're not invisible."

Gabby I wanted to be her friends straight away after her list of 10 thing to do in college. Her college life is a self discovery journey and falling in love & making friends. However one over heard conversations destroys everything for her & Matt...no spoilers She made some FANTASTIC friends with the Longhorn football team

I love all the character and I want to read the previous books because Matt blames Gabby in this book for leaving him over a conversations. So I want to see how bad he was and we do get a cliff note version in this book. Yes you can read this as a standalone but the characters are too good not to learn about

7 years has pass for Gabby & Matt will they reconnect again like they did in college...no spoilers I loved their sweet romance in college. Present time it's a interesting one. I can't really explain & I don't want to spoil
Get ready for a healing love story between Matt & Gabby.

"You and I were written in the stars."

Nate is my fav & he is the best human begin. He shows loyalty & selfless nature to his loved ones. I want him to have a story soooo bad because he is just simply fantastic ❤

Profile Image for Jennifer Pierson.
11.2k reviews145 followers
December 9, 2021
Gabby is a girl who battles with self-esteem issues that are super deep, and you'll know what I mean if you read this book. She & Matt fell in love when they were younger, but things happen to break them up, breaking both their hearts in the process. Here's the big issue for me, Gabby stays celibate while Matt sleeps with anything that moves so that was a strike against him for me. I will say that Gabby's career was my favorite thing about this book since it's something that I've always wanted to see in real life, or hell, me actually accomplishing it. Fate stirs things up when these two come face to face, and both realize their connection was never lost but it is a journey filled with a lot of things to make me emotional throughout. You really need to experience it for yourselves so you know what to do as I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Profile Image for World Of Books 65.
2,013 reviews37 followers
December 9, 2021
The fifth book in the Until You series is a deeply touching, yet inspirational 2nd chance romance, D.M Davis will draw many emotions from you and falling in love with Matt and Gabby will be one of them. Quite the unique story.

A love that was too strong as young adults and forces that tore them apart is the background for Matt and Gabby, now a few years later they are thrown together again, she is a rising footballer player in the male-dominated sport and he is the owner of the club. Gabby has had to deal with her fair share of the gossip and cruel worlds as she isn't your average size young lady, but to Matt now that he has back the only girl he ever loved he will do anything in his power to prove that Gabby is worth everything.
Profile Image for Stital.
865 reviews18 followers
December 3, 2021
Sweet, aching, and inspiring, Until You Forgive is a great read.

Full of real and raw emotions, this book beautifully captures the intricacy of human emotions, and the impact that our baggage and perceived flaws have on our choices, feelings and self perception. It's a lovely tale of finding your strength and learning that being loveable isn't dependent on anyone else but yourself.
Matt and Gabby's connection is powerful and intense, lasting even through their years apart, and pulling them back together again, despite all the hurt and angst and cementing their shared strength and support.

The real MVP to me is Nate. I'd love to get to read his story.

4.5 stars and a forehead kiss
Profile Image for BookNerdzrule.
1,366 reviews6 followers
December 24, 2021
D. M. Davis has brought us another emotional read! I loved the plot especially a woman in the NFL. While I’ve only read books 1 and 2, I found this story easy to follow. Miscommunication and jumping to conclusions has interfered with our couple’s HEA in college. Both weren’t ready for a relationship at age 18. Seven years later they meet again thanks to Gabby’s BFF Nate (really loved his character!) They finally find true happiness after talking it out with each other and being reunited. I loved Matt and Gabby together. They were well developed and easily relatable. I hope we’re get Nate’s story! This series is a MUST read!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book.
Profile Image for Sissy's Romance Book Review .
7,856 reviews16 followers
December 8, 2021
Until You Forgive by D.M. Davis is book 5 in the Until You Series. This is the story of Matt and Gabby. I do feel you need to read these books in order before starting this one. Matt has been smitten with Gabby from the start but something happened that pulled Gabby away which broke her heart but she also broke his. Now a few years later Matt just maybe getting his second chance at love with Gabby. This was such a great second chances at love story. I have been really enjoying this series and will be looking for more books from this author.
Profile Image for Cassie Ashford.
1,068 reviews6 followers
December 13, 2021
I definitely recommend you read all the books in this series before you read this one. The characters and their back stories are all important to what is happening now with Matt and Gabby.

This is a story as old as time. Assumptions, bad decisions, egos, traumas, etc a getting in the way of what Matt and Gabby could have together.

As they come back into each other’s lives Matt is determined to have her back where she belongs but Gabby is still hurt by the past and doesn’t know how to let go.

This is very much an emotional rollercoaster so be prepared for quite a ride!
Profile Image for Marianela Aybar (Mari Loves Books Blog).
7,757 reviews155 followers
December 9, 2021
This was emotional, raw, and real while also bringing the romance and steam. Matt and Gabby are meant to be together and even through everything they go through, it can't be denied. I felt for them. The author does a great job of bringing their emotions to life while also giving their happily ever after. Now I am hoping Nate has a story.
Profile Image for Thi.
4,312 reviews35 followers
December 10, 2021
If Matt and Nate could be real, I would snap them up so fast, they wouldn’t know what hit them. I loved them so much. Gabby took a little bit longer to warm up to because she needed a kick in the butt. I get her insecurities and sympathize with her but when she’s all talk and no action to overcome them I wanted to smack her. I cheered when she finally woke up.
Profile Image for Krista.
1,044 reviews4 followers
December 28, 2021
I really enjoyed this story. I love that Gabby isn't a size 2 and that she is breaking such barriers. Her relationship with Nate is so great! I love him! Watching Gabby deal with her insecurities while paving the way for other females was phenomenal!
Profile Image for Jay’s Nerdy Reads.
78 reviews1 follower
December 8, 2021
This book was provided by the author through Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review. Thank you D.M. Davis and Give Me Books Promotions.

I honestly have mixed feelings regarding this story. I am currently trying to figure out if how I feel about the book is because I read Joseph and Samantha first and very recently, and have a little bit of bias towards their story more than Matt's and Gabby's.

So please, read this review and my opinion with a grain of salt.

RATING: 3/3.25 stars. I am tempted to rate a little higher only because I'm still thinking about the story, whether that's a positive or not... I still don't know.

Until You Forgive is a second chance love story of Matt and Gabby. They fell in love when they were only 18 years old and have yet to learn about themselves and who they are as a person. They were also inexperienced to what the real world has to offer, both the good and the bad.

Matt has lived his whole life living in a perfect world surrounded by his family and their support, plus the legacy and future that falls right into his hands. The only thing he could ask for is the love and romance that his parents have and he longs to find it with the right girl. Along comes Gabriella, or Gabby.

Gabby wanted nothing more that to escape her family - her dad and her brothers - and their misogynistic views of the world. Not to mention the ghost of her mother's last words haunting her. She wanted to find herself, be confident, and find someone who can love her as she is and prove her mother's words wrong. She meets not one but two people who love her - Matt and Nate. In Matt she finds the love, the chemistry, and the confidence she needs. In Nate, she finds loyalty, support, and a best friend.

But, they were young and unprepared for the cruelty of words and lack thereof. Gabby is then forced to face her insecurities while Matt is forced to face his lack of courage.

Now, years later and both are jaded from their experiences in the real world, they are once again made to face each other. Would Gabby finally give Matt the chance to explain what happened in college and forgive? Would Matt continue to blame Gabby for breaking his heart or forgive?

1. I love the fact that D.M. Davis addresses current social issues of body positivity, fat shaming, gender equality, and discrimination of different sexuality.
2. We love a CURVY LADY!
3. YAY!!! for having a female character making a HUGE milestone in a male dominated sports, not to mention, in TEXAS.
4. YAY!!! for characters making a difference when they can.
5. NATE! I love him. I think he is the best character in the book.
6. I love that the story was plot oriented and not focused on sex.
7. I really love Gabby's character development.

Here comes the negative part. Again, PLEASE TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT.

Firstly, let me preface that I LOVE!!! the first UNTIL YOU TRILOGY. It's hard not to compare the first three stories to this story and I think that is where my mixed emotions come from. A lot of Matt's and Gabby's story happened during the books prior and I think that it hurt this story more so than it helped or accentuated it.

I also found that there really wasn't much of a character development with Matt. I kind of wish the author elaborated how he defended Gabby when it happened. I felt that I would have had a more empathy towards him if that was so. Instead I just had to hear him say that he did it, years later. Just have to take his word for it and that made me feel meh.

I also felt like he just piggy-backed on his brothers' story, mainly Sam and Joe's. Most of his character development happened in their story and not in this which only makes me feel like he was just an afterthought. Or more like this story is a continuation of what has already happened in the prior books. He just seemed so meh compared to his brothers. He was the middle child and the author definitely treated him as such. I felt bad for him.

Furthermore, I feel that there wasn't enough conflict? Like they had a miscommunication and a misunderstanding and it lasted seven years. Both responded extremely on the opposite ends of the spectrum - Matt became a manwhore and Gabby became celibate. The issue could have been solved if they had talked. Would the outcome had been different if Nate didn't exist?

This brings me to another point, more of a personal preference. I am not the biggest fan of love triangles, especially when the love interests get along and "share" the main character emotionally. So the dynamic between Matt, Gabby, and Nate made it difficult for me to have a positive emotional connection with the main characters.

Lastly, the resolution of the conflict was done by Matt throwing money by buying the football team!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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December 8, 2021
This is the fifth book in this incredible series and is Matt and Gabby’s story. These two were young and in love, until a series of poor decisions caused them to go their separate ways. Now Matt is a billionaire playboy and is the middle McIntyre brother, and his biggest regret was losing Gabby. When fate destines them to cross paths Gabby who is emotionally scarred and insecure, has been left with trust issues, but their intense connection cannot be ignored. This is a well written emotional roller coaster, which is a raw and gritty second chance love story, and this story is heartwrenching, and filled with regret, misunderstandings, family, friendships, angst, forgiveness, and palpable love, which all leads to an intriguing and all-consuming page turner. I look forward to reading more form this talented author whose work I recommend.
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