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MORGANVILLE IS SUCH A NICE PLACE TO LIVE... AND DIE. IF YOU DON'T MIND THAT SORT OF THING. When Claire Danvers learnt that her college town was run by vampires, she did what any intelligent, self-preserving student would do: she applied for a transfer and stocked up on garlic. The transfer is no longer an option, but that garlic may come in handy. Now Claire has pledged herself to Amelie, the most powerful vampire in town. The protection her contract secures does little to reassure her friends. All of a sudden, people are turning up dead, a stalker resurfaces from Claire's past, and an ancient bloodsucker extends a chilling invitation for private lessons in his secluded home.

245 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published October 2, 2007

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Rachel Caine

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January 18, 2016
I don't want to read this series anymore but I want to know what happens. Sort of a conundrum, huh? My main problem: I don't care what happens to any of the kids. They're whiny, annoying, poorly developed, and they do really stupid things. Claire, the supposed genius, does the dumbest thing anyone can do; she reveals to the villain that she figured out it was them killing people while she's STUCK IN A MOVING CAR ALONE WITH THEM!!! Sorry. Had to get that out. Claire needs to watch some horror movies and then do the opposite of what all the people that get killed do.

So, what was this book about? Not a whole lot. The plot is very similar to the previous books: Eve dresses up Goth and whines, Shane mopes and broods and gets in fights, Michael mopes and feels misunderstood, and Claire complains that she's not a kid while getting into the worse possible situations she can get herself into.

And why does Claire help out the bitch Monica and her friends with ANYTHING? Yeah, she sort of gets blackmailed at one point, but helping out Monica's friend with her homework, seriously? In Glass Houses THEY PUSHED HER DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS! I understand that if Claire hadn't been in Common Grounds, certain events wouldn't have played out, but figure out a more plausible reason to get her there, Caine!

And I'm getting sick of Shane and Claire's dry-humping. Shane claiming he made a promise to her parents and his word means something is ridiculous. Give me a break. If he was so honorable he wouldn't go around picking fights and being a smart-ass to everyone he meets. If these were real kids he would have boned her already, age be-damned. Or they would be doing EVERYTHING except actually having sex.

The one thing saving this series though? The vampires. Especially Myrnin. Myrnin is a crazy old vampire locked in a basement filled with books and contraptions. He works for Amelie and she sends Claire to help him out because Claire is super smart. He's funny and insane and the bright spot in this boring novel. I wish the vampires were the main focus and the kids were the side story because both Myrnin and Amelie are underused.

I'm still having the same problem with this series that I've had from the beginning; Caine has some great ideas but she executes them poorly. I don't feel emotionally attached to the characters and I could care less if they live or die. And the end? What the hell? The book doesn't end with a cliffhanger, it ends mid-scene. This is such a terrible way to end a novel and it makes me want to throw it against the wall!

I've got friends telling me this series only gets better, so I should keep reading. Really, when does it get better? Please tell me. I think I'll read the next book when I want a reason to be pissed off. Maybe if my expectations are super low I'll be surprised.
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October 6, 2014
4 Time For A Day Off Stars

How much trouble could a 16 year old, almost 17, girl get into? When you live in Morganville the answer isn't reassuring as Claire Danvers has come to realise. It seems that since the moment she stepped into town trouble have a way of finding her and now that she has signed her life over to Amelie she can't escape getting even more entangled with the city's vampires.

Claire has some tough things to work through. Amelie has her working in some uber-secret stuff that she can't tell her friends, or anyone else about. This combined with the fact that she hasn't exactly admitted that she signed the contract and with Shane's refusal to accept Michael as a vampire leaves our group with a strained relationship to say the least. When you add dead girls showing up around their house you can understand why everyone is on edge.

Claire grows up a lot in this book. She is finally starting to realise that her choices have consequences and tries to keep herself and her friends safe. She also starts to show more of a smart-ass side, the little scared mouse we met at Glass Houses is nothing like the yound woman we see here.

"You turned me down. So why, I wonder, did you decide Amelie would be a better choice?"
"She smells better," Claire said. "And she made me cookies."

The one person I was thinking of choking for most of this book was Shane. The boy is so impossible at times. The police arrest him and instead of co-operating to get out of the mess, he gets into fights and insults the cops. The moment anyone disagrees with him he throws tantrums filled of teenaged angst and "of course you'd take his side"s. And when his best friend turns into a vampire, to save HIS fucking ass, instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt he goes all prejudiced and "You would be better off dead." What an asshole.

The moment Michael called him on his bullshit I was sooo happy.

"You want to go, get the hell out, but you’d better take a good hard look at yourself, my man. Yeah, your sister died. Your mom died. Your dad’s a violent, prejudiced asshole. Your life has sucked. But you don’t get to be the victim anymore. We keep cutting you breaks, and you keep screwing up, and it’s enough. I’m not letting you whine anymore about how your life sucks worse than ours."

AND my favourite character in the series is introduced in this book. His name is Myrnin, he is super intelligent but bat-shit crazy and he tries to eat Claire, multiple times, after Amelie send her to be his lab assistant. There are no words to describe the menace that is Myrnin except awesome.

We learn plenty more about Morganville and how it works in this book. Many things still need better explanations and analysis but it's fun to watch the layers of mystery surounding the city wrap and unwrap themselves.

And of course we had the usual cliffhanger. A really cool one too.
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February 23, 2013

Better than the previous two, in my humble opinion. More world building, some new faces, more information, some character growth…

After three books, I am giving up on trying to decide how I feel about the characters. I just accept them the way they are and you know what? Now that I’m writing things down, they feel like real life people. There is no perfect character. So, I’m done complaining.

Claire: There are days that I love her, there are days that she gets on my nerves. I try to keep in mind that she’s 16 and that she left her home where she was feeling safe and protected, only to find herself in the nightmare of Morganville.

Parents had some kind of sin radar, Claire thought. They always called when you were in the middle of something you just knew they'd consider wrong. Or at least risky.

Goodies: She’s book smart, she is loyal to her friends and she’s doing pretty well considering the circumstances. In this book especially, she showed some impressive character growth. Can’t wait to find out how far she’ll go.

Baddies: She is too nice to be true, and I don’t say that in a good way. Sometimes it’s frustrating and some other times it’s just ridiculous. Don’t get me started on her reaction to a very unfortunate event that happened in the previous book... Her being book smart doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s smart in every way that counts….

Shane: Loved him in the first book. Then it all went downhill, but he still has his moments.

If you ask me if I'm okay again, I'm going to smack myself in the face just to punish you.

Goodies: He’s the wild card and his middle name is Trouble. You never know what he’ll do next. Whatever it is, he’ll move heaven and earth to make certain that nothing happens to Claire. They have many cute moments together and there was a very touching one in this book.

Baddies: Enough with the brooding. He’s got daddy issues and he hates the vamps but he needs to snap out of it asap. The making out sessions with Claire were cute at first, but I’m a bit too old for raging teenage hormones.

Michael: I still can’t decide if he’s cool or boring. He’s only 19 but he feels so much older.

You know what we call pedestrians in Morganville? Mobile bloodbanks.

Goodies: He’s grounded and calm and his main goal is to keep his friends safe. He and Eve make an amazing couple and prove that opposites attract. He is the voice of reason occasionally. He treats Claire like his kid sister.

Baddies: His protective lectures can be very nice and efficient at times, but after some point they become a tad repetitive and boring. He also needs to stop feeling responsible for everything that goes wrong. I’ve lost count of how many times he has said that it was his fault that something happened.

Eve: Love her. Want a sister like her.

And about Shane, I swear, if he doesn't snap out of it, I'm going to punch him in the face. Well, punch him in the face and then run like hell.

Goodies: She’s fire. She can see red in nanoseconds and by the time someone blinks, it’s gone. She’s got some of the best quotes so far. She’s treating Claire like her kid sister, but unlike Michael, she doesn’t consider her to be an innocent child that needs to protected.

Baddies: She lost it for a second during the second book, but that’s minor slip considering the amount of fun that she brings into the series.

Secondary Characters: Excellent. From the meanest to the nicest they all have reasons to act the way they do, and they all have many layers that are waiting to be pealed by the reader.

Plot: Dark, atmospheric and full of suspense. These kids can’t catch a break. The moment that they solve a problem they are forced to face a new one. Action packed, lots of twists, nobody is what they seem to be...

World building: Bumpy start and I still have some issues with it. Some may be answered or solved in the later instalments but some are just inconsistent. For example, vampires are supposed to be superfast but there has been more than one occasion where the kids outran them.

In one word: Surprisingly addictive.
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December 6, 2015
This series would've been so much better if it was told from a multiple POV, especially from the Vampire's perspective.

I was really prepared to like this series but all the teenage angst, the boring plot, the stupid mishaps and even more stupid heroine, who we are told time and time again is supper intelligent, makes this series excruciating.

The only bright spot in The Morganville Vampires series are the vampires. I really wanted to see things from their POV and maybe a little bit about their background. I especially wanted more of the batty old vampire called Myrnin. Instead, we are stuck in Claire's head and forever doomed to witness her and Shane dry-hump each other to death. Gah!

I'm sick of Claire (the MC) being battered, abused, kidnapped and almost killed. This girl is always ending up in dangerous situations she could easily avoid if she'd use her so-called intelligence. Her teen buddies are equally annoying, contradictory and supper angsty. I kept reading this series because of the hype and because I was told things improve but I'm not seeing it.

I really don't want to quit on this series because I'm really curious about the vampires and I also want to know where Ms Cain is taking this series, but I've had enough of all the teen drama and poor decision making of the MC. I won't be eager to pick up Feast of Fools anytime soon.
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869 reviews2,307 followers
June 20, 2018
The more I read, the more I enjoy this series. The characters are developing nicely, and we get to see more of the vampire society undergirding the town. We also meet a fascinating new character, Myrnin. He’s both adorable and one of the most terrifying and unstable creatures I’ve ever come across in fiction. Claire has her hands full in this volume, balancing new and more difficult classes, her new contract with a vampire, her studies with Myrnin, a surprise visit from her parents, Eve’s psychopathic brother, and an enemy who now wants her for an alley. And the poor kid is still only sixteen. She handles all of this with as much grace as she can muster, and she’s mature for her age. But she’s still a kid.

Claire’s housemates are going through a lot of changes, especially Michael, and everyone is tiptoeing around each other through a large chunk of the book. However, when things start getting crazy, as they always do in Morganville, the friends band together and tackle their problems as one. My favorite thing about this series so far is the friendship these four share. But the plot is drawing me further and further in, and I’m interested to see what happens next!
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March 30, 2013
Fans of Morganville Vampires rejoice! We finally got a book that lives up to this series potential. Or at least gets very close to it. Which is cool.

I really love this series and it pains me to give these books less than five stars. Morganville Vamps can do five stars easily. It just doesn’t work too hard to reach that for some reason unknown to me yet.

I never felt like continuing a series after giving the first book three stars. Never. That means that I found the series meh. Meh doesn’t want me to instantly buy the book and find out what happens next. And yet Morganville always leaves me wanting more. Is it the fact that the series is amazing or should I blame it on the cliffhangers? Or both? I’m going for both.

I do hope that the next installments will be even better since Midnight Alley gave more depth to the vampire universe. Caine keeps on adding more and more details to her stories and characters and all this boosts up the quality of her books. I am le extremely happy.

I’ll be picking up Feast of Fools asap.

P.S. Check this cool Wiki.

Review also posted on
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May 16, 2011
4.5 Stars!!! Wow, another awesome addition to The Morganville Vampires series. Once again, the author picks right up where the previous book left off. Here's one of my favorite quotes from this book...

"What is that, some freak-ass Goth idea of romantic suicide? You turning into a fang-banger?" (Shane to Eve)

There's a big secret that Amelie has told to Claire and she is to tell NO ONE! Throughout this installment Claire is faced with a duty Amelie has required her to work on and it is a scary challenge for even the smart protaganist Claire. She hates keeping secrets from her roommates but with the threat from Amelie, she is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Dead people are showing up and it seems someone is trying to set up the Glass House Four to look guilty. Eve gets bad news about a family members freedom and let's just say this "someone" is out for revenge.

You won't believe who shows up at the end! I couldn't wait to open up the next book!! You will be left very satisfied and at the edge of your seat.

The characters are as awesome as ever in Midnight Alley!! New characters come into the picture with full force!!

I love this series!! Onto Feast Of Fools (book #4)
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191 reviews68 followers
November 11, 2021
Upon picking up this book – the third in the series – I was confused when I read the blurb, as it did not correlate with the previous books I had read.

When Claire Danvers learnt that her college town was run by vampires, she did what any intelligent, self-preserving student would do: she applied for a transfer and stocked up on garlic...” Ummmm … No she didn’t?!


Blurb confusion aside, I am flying through these books! I have now read three in nearly as many days, and intend to start the fourth today – Today being the fourth day of my Morganville Vampire adventure.

Midnight Alley has been the least enjoyable of the series so far. I feel this is because there was no ‘main event.’ There were many lesser ‘events;’ some of which were resolved and some of which were not. Eve’s brother, Jason, has been lurking in the background of the last two books. I hope his storyline is resolved in the next book, as I currently don’t think his character adds anything to the storyline.


On another note, You read it here first. I fully predict that an end to the Claire/Shane relationship is imminent. I didn’t like the way Shane behaved and spoke to Claire in this book, and wager that the author is beginning to turn us – the reader – away from him.

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1,491 reviews291 followers
October 4, 2019
Midnight Alley is waaay slower than the first two books. It doesn’t have that much action, but this is where the main series arc starts to become a thing! We get introduced to Myrnin and to the doorways, and Claire commits to figuring out the vampires’ Big Deadly Issue.

Shane continues to highkey be close-minded as all heck - a plot point I could really do without. We get a little more Jason, who was totally sidelined in the last novel, and the introduction of Mr. Bishop, who is here to fuck shit up \o/ Claire and Shane’s relationship does develop a bit more with Claire saying 3 little words that feel waaaaaay to soon to be said, but a big confession was needed.

Warnings for drug use, another attempted rape, your usual bullying, and one character saying they’re not “half gay” when they mean they’re not bisexual.
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744 reviews105 followers
July 1, 2020
Om jag hade hittat den här serien när jag var tonåring och precis slukat och älskat Om jag kunde drömma hade jag älskat den. Nu typ 15 år senare så tycker jag att den var lite pinsam och barnslig.

Det är svårt att gilla en serie när huvudkaraktären och jag inte klickar men jag läser vidare då sid karaktärerna är helt underbara och perfekta, det är ju bara synd att man inte kan säga det till kärleksparet. Kärleken mellan Claire och Shane förstår jag mig inte på det minsta, de passar inte ihop alls. Claire ska föreställa sjutton, eller ja snart sjutton men ibland kan hon vara så barnslig och oskyldig och sedan gå till vara värsta förföraren. Shane är väldigt surmulen 24/7. Det enda som verkar vara bra med honom är att han är snygg som tusan, kan jag säga nej tack.

Det är allt som allt 15 böcker i den här serien, men endast 3 är översätta på svenska, och mer blir det inte då förlaget som gett ut de tre första böckerna finns inte mer.
Kommer jag ändå fortsätta med serien? Kanske, jag ger serien någon bok till, kanske inte är lika barnslig på originalspråket but doubt it.
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210 reviews5 followers
November 22, 2011
review by Saluki

*Warning: possible spoilers ahead.*

The third book in the Morganville Vampires series picks up where book two left off. One thing that you need to know about the Morganville series is that they aren't stand alone books, so if you haven't read the first two books in the series, this one won't make much sense. If you need a refresher, check out SarahBella's review of The Dead Girls' Dance. Also, don't forget to read our interview with the series author, Rachel Caine. When we last saw our favorite housemates, Shane's father and his biker buddies rolled into Morganville to kill vampires. In order to protect her friends, Claire signed a contract pledging herself to Amelie.

When Midnight Alley begins, Claire still hasn't told her roommates about her deal with Amelie. She is afraid of their reaction and doesn't want to add more tension to an already tense house. Although Eve and Claire have adjusted to the fact that Michael is a vampire, Shane is having a very difficult time. Even worse, Amelie forces Claire to study alchemy with Myrnin, a deranged vampire. The secret Claire finds out has the potential to alter the lives of everyone in Morganville. Michael is outed as the town's newest vampire, putting him in danger, and Eve's brother gets out of jail, expounding the problems the characters face.

The most important new character we are introduced to in this story is Myrnin. He is a very old vampire, who is lucid for increasingly smaller amounts of time. When he is lucid, he is very charming and engaging. However, when his lucidity fades, he becomes angry and confused. I definitely had sympathy for him throughout the book. He knows he's deranged, but there is nothing he can do about it. I'm eager to see what happens in future books as Myrnin and Claire's friendship grows. I can easily imagine Myrnin falling for Claire, which would be quite an interesting situation.

Claire also continues to mature, learning that Morganville isn't simply a town divided. There are vampires that look at more than humans as just a meal, and humans who will do anything for prestige and power. The lines between good and bad blur, adding to the moral dilemma she faces (you'll have to read the book to figure out what it is). Her relationship with Shane continues to progress, although he is still very careful to keep the physical lines in tact. It is a constant frustration to Claire, but shows an impressive level of maturity for Shane.

Speaking of Shane, he is having a hard time accepting the fact that Michael is a vampire. After the death of his sister and mother, Shane has hated all vampires - to the extent that he came back to Morganville to help his father carry out his mission to kill them. However, Michael is his best friend - it's not easy to hate someone you've known most of your life. Shane seems to be growing less than the other characters, which makes me wonder what the author has in store for him in the future. I think he has a lot of potential if he could just let go of some of his anger and put that energy towards making positive changes in his life.

Midnight Alley does a good job of moving the plot of the series forward and giving the reader more insight into some of the more mysterious characters, like Amelie. Michael, Shane, Claire and Eve continue to adjust to their roles as roommates, friends and players in the vampire politics of Morganville. If you enjoyed the first two books in the series, I think you will love the third installment. I give it four out of five fangs!
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2,073 reviews297 followers
March 29, 2016
Spoilers for book 1 (Glass Houses) and book 2 (Dead Girl's Dance).

Since I'm assuming y'all read Book 2 by now I can freely say that I hated how Shane acted throughout much of the book. I understand that he was under pressure and that he was mentally, physically and emotionally beaten down by his dad, but I'm not sure that excuses all of his jackass behavior. Unfortunately if I thought he would improve in this book I was obviously mental. His attitude in general is horrific for much of the book and his attitude towards Michael in particular is worthy of a quick slap upside his head with a frying pan. I wish I was joking.

The troubles for Claire and Co. just keeps coming. Yes they successfully saved Shane and stopped his dad from making a mondo-mistake...but the trade off was Michael is now a full fledged Vamp, Claire is pledged to Amelie and the part of the town that didn't already distrust and dislike Shane now has joined the other side. Not to mention Eve's brother Jason is still creeping (literally) around the town, Oliver has a score to settle, Amelie's independent study for Claire is this side of crazed and oh yeah Monica seems to think that Claire is the newest coolest toy in the whole wide world.

I still contend that Michael and Claire's chemistry is better then either Eve/Michael or Claire/Shane. They just...get one and other, understand almost immediately if something is wrong. True that was hampered by Michael going vamp (though a more gorgeous vamp you'll never meet apparently), but the two connect. Its hard for me not to see that romantically (especially as Claire seems apt to calling him gorgeous every little while).

Amelie proves to be more then her mettle in this book. Cracks appear in her demeanor and Claire is quick (unfortunately) to pick up on those cracks. Despite what is said I think Amelie does have a sort of fondness for Claire, though I fear its the sort that one feels for their pet goldfish. Two new characters are introduced in this book, well technically one because the other sort of showed up in Book 2, and both are dangerous. On different levels however and both are connected to Amelie. Oh and the reappearance of two other characters is less welcome.

I think the most interesting addition is Myrnin, a very old vampire friend of Amelie who studies alchemy and is losing his mind. Has been for years upon years. A well guarded secret even amongst those she trusts, Myrnin alternates between utterly charming (in a crazed manic sort of way) to cruel, dangerous and manipulative. He's a wonderful character though! He's never completely sane quite frankly and even when he's mostly sane he's really not. A true mad genius.

The end, as usual, leaves us with a tasty predicament for the Glass House residents specifically and Morganville in general. Its ends like these that make me happy I waited till I had a good chunk of the series to read at once. I don't know if I would like having to wait.
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5,907 reviews216 followers
October 11, 2017

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732 reviews170 followers
December 31, 2021
So, three books in now and I am still loving The Morganville Vampire books. However, I need a break.

In Midnight Alley Rachel Caine has done some interesting things to her characters. Michael (spoiler) has become a Vampire, Shane (spoiler) is having difficulty accepting him thanks to his bigoted Father’s crusade against the undead, Eve (spoiler) is avoiding her psychotic brother, and Claire (spoiler) has accepted Amelie’s protection. Besides that… oh gods, the twists and turns in this book! Most of it revolves around Claire working with an ancient Vampire named Myrnin to learn the secrets of alchemy at Amelie’s behest. Other than that someone is killing college girls and leaving them at the glass house, which ultimately brings trouble to Claire and co.

These books have become pulp reading for me. They’re imperfect, but they tell a damn good story so I don’t really care. The rapid fire banter between the characters is half of why I read them (the party scene in this book especially reflects Caine’s talents at writing dialogue, good lord!) but the characters are the heart of these books. Michael, quiet and strong with a dry wit that could cut you. Eve, who I’ve more or less substituted a younger Amanda Palmer for in my head, is brilliantly written. Shane, the rebellious bad boy beauty. And Claire, Claire is not my favourite, but I am waiting for her to click into place. I know these books are largely a coming of age story for her, but I am waiting for her to crystallize in my brain a degree or two more. I have a sense of her now, I just wish she had more of a sense of herself. Oh well, the blight of being young, I suppose.

Also, über awesome cliffhanger in this. Wow! If I didn’t have an ARC of Beautiful Darkness, I would be blowing through Feast of Fools tomorrow at the beach. Le Sigh. Until then, 4.5 out of 5 stars. Again.

- review courtesy of www.bibliopunkkreads.com
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22 reviews60 followers
March 18, 2018
Like seriously, how is it possible to make a book so easy and fun at the same time. This is book number 3 and when I started reading the first one I couldn't believe there were so many of them. But now that i'm in the third one already i might have faith in these books. Claire is so strongly written I totally like her development. I'm not sure about Shane tho, he was the dream boy in the beginning but now I just don't know how I feel. Eve and Micheal are goals. To bad the relationship in this book is not as strong as in the first two books. Futhermore I like to thank Rachel for creating these books even when i'm almost 20 I really really love this novel!!!
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1,356 reviews75 followers
February 3, 2020
I love the world that has been created in Morganville the plot line and the writing.... But im not 100 percent sold on the characters....

I think Shayne is really cruel to Claire... i cant really root for him, he said some unforgivable things in this book and never had the audacity to apologize, Eves ok there really isnt much to her and Micheals a lord over everyone hypocrite.... Last but not least is Claire who has about as much Common sense as a baked turnip.

The other characters in the book are on surface really interesting, and it would have been an easy 5 star if the main quartet, had a bit more depth to them.

so its a 4 star from me on that Basis
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850 reviews51 followers
December 19, 2019
“Oliver: You turned me down. So why, I wonder, did you decide Amelie would be a better choice?
Claire: She smells better. And she made me cookies.”
― Rachel Caine, Midnight Alley

SPOILER WARNING!!! Although there are no spoilers for this book. There are spoilers in this review for those who haven't read the two previous books. So if you haven't already read the first two of the series then you may not want to read my review.

I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way. If you feel anything in my review is a spoiler and is not already hidden in spoiler brackets please let me know. Thank you.

After pledging herself to Amelie, Claire is assigned to help an old vampire with a secret of extreme proportions, the problem is this particular vamipire is slowly going insane and can be very dangerous. Meanwhile Shane is having trouble adapting to Micheal being a vampire and now murdered girls are turning up around the house. When someone goes after a vampire, the other vampire's suspect one is Shane. And Claire is just trying to do everything she can to keep herself and her friends alive.

Another great book in the series. It would be hard not to love this book. Its got action, suspense, and vampires. The four of them keep ending up in situations that seem like the end. I love how it keeps me on the edge of my seat. Reading these books feel like watching a new episode of my favorite tv show. I have every intention of continuing on and finishing this series. Can't wait to see what will happen next.

How I choose my rating:
1* Did not finish, or hated it but forced myself to finish.
2** Didn't really like it. Didn't hate it but not sure why I finished it other then for some closure.
3*** I liked it. I had some issues with it, but as a whole it was good. I probably won't reread again ever, but there is a chance I might finish the series. (If part of one) But if not it's not a huge loss.
4**** I really liked this book. Maybe not a work of genius, but highly entertaining. I might reread this again, and I will finish the series. (If part of one) I would recommend to those I know hold interest in this books content.
5***** I loved this book. I found little to no issues with it at all. I will definitely be rereading this and probably more than once. I will finish the series and reread it multiple times. (If part of one) I will recommend this book to EVERYONE!!!!

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1,155 reviews643 followers
March 24, 2010
Midnight Alley is the third installment of the Morganville Vampire series, and so far my favorite. The series continues to be fast paced as it tosses murder and mayhem into the storyline from all angles when you least expect it. As a reader, I was captivated by the events and intrigued with the plot as new secrets were revealed and additional vampire lore was unfolded. The characters continue to draw my attention, and they grow on me more and more with every book.

In this book, Claire must face the dangers and sacrifices that come with committing herself to Amelie, the highest vampire in the hierarchy. She meets the mysterious Myrnin and becomes his apprentice on a quest that is full of mystery and intrigue. The residents of the Glass House, including Claire, Eve, Michael and Shane continue to encounter explosive events that are just part of living in the town of Morganville.

There was one part that I struggled with when it came to one of my favorite characters… Shane. I was surprised by his hostile behavior toward Michael; and as the story continued, I had hoped to see him face the fact that Michael is now a vampire. When Shane lashed out at Claire as he was moving out and said to her she wasn't really "his type" I gasped. His hostile behavior throughout the book toward Michael was disconcerting, but at the same time, I understand the emotional, physical and psychologically abuse he's endured. I just hope he comes to terms with the new reality as the story continues because he's still one of my favorite characters in the book.

Lastly, Myrnin was a nice addition to the storyline. What a complex character, one that was able to freak me out but still manage to pull at my heartstrings. His mad scientist behavior mixed with moments of insanity, sincere confusion, and vulnerability caused a myriad of emotions for me. I really came to care for him by the end of the book, and I hope he continues to play a central role in the series.

This book is a great addition to the series, and I can't wait to pick up the next installment!
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October 4, 2009
First Impressions: Once again, this book was better than the previous one. It's easily my favorite in the series so far. In Midnight Alley, we get to see more development of the characters (especially the vampires!) as well as the results of the big decision Claire makes at the end of Book 2, The Dead Girls' Dance.

What about Midnight Alley made it better than the first two? Overall, I enjoyed the plot a lot more. I think Rachel Caine shows off her creativity in this book, more so than she has before in this series.

Problems I had with this book? Hmm...I honestly can't think of many serious ones that just jump out at me. If I had to pick one out, it would be that the whole Shane/Claire and Michael/Eve relationships seem to never have a lot of difficulty. The ones they do have they seem to get over pretty quickly. Considering all of the crap that goes down in Morganville, and the many arguments the group has had, I would think it should take a little more effort and time to get through it. However, there is a lot of tension in Shane and Michael's relationship since the events of The Dead Girls' Dance, which is extremely realistic and in canon with how the characters (especially Shane) have been established in the series so far.

Overall I would recommend reading this book if you are looking for a quick, entertaining read. While it isn't particularly amazing, it does have those aspects of fantasy and romance that make it a feel-good book and an easy one to read. It is only 158 pages after all.
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December 11, 2015
Midnight Alley is the third book in the Morganville Vampire series. This installment picks up with Claire and company right where The Dead Girls' Dance has left off. Claire has to start honoring her contract with Amelie by beginning to work with a vampire named Myrnin and there seems to be a serial killer on the loose but it isn't a vampire.

I have to say I enjoyed this book a bit more than the first two in the series. Perhaps it's the fact that Michael now gets to be more involved by getting out of the house or just that working with Myrnin we learn some new secrets about the vampires.

Claire can still seem to act without thinking about her own safety sometimes but it did seem like she was a bit more careful about her safety in this book. Shane however makes some dumb moves just when I thought we were learning some common sense.

Overall, 3.5 stars for Midnight Alley. I think fans of supernatural/vampire stories will enjoy this series but still room for improvement in the story line.
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October 29, 2018

So a lot went down in this book. I love Claire even when she is doing stupid shit - I mean she should know nobody leaves morganville. Come on…. I feel really bad for Shane I feel like he is constantly getting his ass kicked...Poor guy. I mean his best mate is now a vampire, who Shane absolutely hates. That is a lot of adjustments for him to go thru. I seriously cannot stand Jason. He is good for nothing. Drives me nuts! I love that we get to met Myrnin. He is such a crazy guy but hes so lovely at the same time. Him and Claire are like 2 peas in a pod, for real. I feel like for just being kids these kids are smart. They have their times but seriously these aren’t adults we are talking about…. I like how every book we get a little more about the MC they are slowly developing in front of our eyes. I like that. The series is a great one. I could use some more vamp POV though.
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September 12, 2019
This series gets better the more it goes, there's so many crazy things happening besides just vampires. In this book we got more science and magic and saw how and why the town works. I'm also happy to see Claire and Shane's relationship grow, I think they're cute together. My favorite part of this book was the introduction of Mernan. He's super crazy, but very smart, and his manic moods keep things interesting for sure. The narrator of the audiobooks does a good job and these are quick reads.
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August 30, 2019
Claire signed a contract with Amelie. Amelie puts Claire to work learning from an unstable vampire. Meanwhile, bodies of young women keep turning up around the Glass House and there is speculation that newly-made vampire, Michael, could be to blame. Jason, Eve's brother, is also a suspect and threatens Claire directly.

I am enjoying this series. It's fun and easy. Sure, I roll my eyes occasionally, but I still like it and think it is an entertaining YA read. Claire is in an interesting position now within the Morganville community. I'm looking forward to seeing how she handles things.

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November 24, 2020
Myrnin was introduced in this one and I adore him. He was one of my favorite characters when I was younger and I still love him! Aside from him, this one was a little on the boring side but I’m excited to see where the cliffhanger picks up at in the next one!

(Side not, how did I survive these cliffhangers when I was a kid? I had to wait for the publication of the next book. It would kill me now 😅)
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September 19, 2015
4.5/5 stars (RabidReads.com) Rachel Caine has written one of the most unique vampire series that I have ever read, and I have immersed myself in these books as I read the first four back to back. I don’t know how many I can read before I have to stop for awhile, but right now I am enjoying every one that I have read, or am now reading.

The main character of these books is Claire, a young freshman in college, one that has managed to get herself completely tied up with the vampires that run the town of Morganville. She’s only sixteen, but is probably smarter than any of her professors. Now that she belongs to Amelie, she has to do anything Amelie wants her to-in exchange for protection for her boyfriend Shane, and her other roommates, Michael and Eve. Amelie is the most powerful vampire in the world, and is the founder of Morganville. Mega bully Monica is back in this installment, and she’s acting weird even for her.

One of my favorite things about this series is that each book continues the story from the previous books-sometimes just a few minutes later, or a few days. Because I am reading them one after the other, at times little plot holes do stick out for me, but nothing big-I just tend to notice things like that. And that is the only slightly bad thing I have had to say about any of these books so far. Well that, and the cliffhanger from the first book. Can’t forget to mention that, for all those that hate them.

The main premise of this installment involves an extremely old vampire named Myrnin, that is new to the story this time around. Myrnin is on the edge of madness at any given moment, and at times he tips right over into crazy town. Claire is assigned to help him with his research, before he slips over and doesn’t come back. The vampires are all sick, and going insane. Myrnin has been researching a cure for decades without success. Whenever Myrnin tips over into his insanity, his first thing to do is to try and attack Claire. It was pretty fascinating seeing how she handles him. He lives at the end of an alley that everyone has warned her to never go down, and now she has to go there on a regular basis.

As with all of these books, I love the snark that most of these close friends have in spades. It makes what is actually a very scary premise, have a lighter feel at times. Although Claire is new to the group, it didn’t take her long to become close to all of the friends, Shane in particular. As Shane is her boyfriend now, I have enjoyed the budding romance between them. Michael and Eve’s romance has evolved even more than Shane and Claire’s. As they are adults-compared to Claire-their romance is not G-rated. Nothing is explicit, but is mentioned, so you do know what is going on. There’s also lots of lustful feelings, and almost actions between Shane and Claire as well. That’s why I can’t get over this having a suggested twelve years of age as a starting range for this read. I would think 15+ would be better. Jumping off my soapbox now!

There’s a lot more that happens in this book, but I will just sum it up as more life and death moments, and an adult party that gets more than out of control. If you haven’t tried these books yet and paranormal reads are your thing, I highly recommend this series. It’s fun, it’s creepy, and it’s a total page turner.
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February 26, 2014
What an infuriating series! I swear, with every book, by the time I finish - I am either A) raging inside because all I can think is WHAT THE FUCK??? or B) rolling my eyes & silently beating myself up, wondering - Why do I hate myself so much that I continue to torture myself with this ridiculous bullshit???

I think this series has great potential. It's why I keep coming back. But in Dead Girl's Dance, I was already bored with the direction things seemed to be headed and I almost put Midnight Alley down for good... I mean, seriously! So many things about this book were just moronic to me.

First off - NO SANE PERSON who has read the first two book is seriously going to believe that Monica is sucking up to Claire for any other reason than to get information for Oliver. Be for real, how fucking stupid is Oliver - a master vampire - to honestly think that Monica who has:
• pushed Claire down a flight of stairs,
• kidnapped & beat her,
• poured acid on her
• tried to set her on FIRE
• & set it up for 3 men to drug and rape her
seriously has any chance of becoming Claire's BFF???

Then there's Shane. Cheese & Rice - the boy is a fucking whiner! Yea yea, I know, Shane just can't seem to get past Michael's transformation from ghost to vampire so now the book is filled with constant bickering between the two. Sure it's reasonable to hate vampires after living in Morganville, but seriously dude?? How about the fact that Michael has been your best friend all your life?? Needless to say, Shane's ongoing hatred got really old really fast.

And I still hate Claire. The girl really is too stupid to live! She still makes these decisions that put everyone in danger and backfire in the worst possible ways! In her moronic quest to prove that she's an adult & not a baby, Claire's own actions and decisions pretty much show that she is still immature and impulsive. Her parents were right. Sixteen was too young to send her so far from home. Somebody should have called this girl's parents & had them come get their child, lock her in a fucking basement & not let her out until she grows into that "super brain" of hers and stops making the world's worst decisions!

The one saving grace of this series - the vampires. Especially Myrnin. He's funny and insane and the bright spot in this boring novel. I wish the vampires were the main focus. Seriously, both Myrnin and Amelie are underused - they could be the turning point that pushes this series on!

Oh & another thing - ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING CLIFFHANGERS!!! This series depends on cliffhangers. How else would you keep us coming back?? God forbid you actually end a fucking book on stable ground!!

Fuck you Morganville!
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