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What do you get when you add a preacher’s daughter hijacked by her best friends and the most sought after stripper in the southwest?

One forbidden night that changes everything.

Mabel Lee Montgomery always heeds her mama’s warnings, especially about a sense of adventure only leading to trouble. Or she did...until her best friends rescue her from her painfully wholesome life for a wild night out in the one place a good Christian would never find her…the hottest strip club in the county, just outside the city limits.

Utterly forgettable, Mabel Lee never caught the eye of hot guys.

Not once.

But the elusive Viper, he definitely looked.

After years of stripping, Kellen Savage’s nights on stage blend together, the faces all the same.

Until her.

When the prim and proper cross between school marm and 1950’s housewife sitting front and center gives him an unintended show of her own, he’s fascinated by the spectacle as she stubbornly tries to keep up with her fast friends.

He might just have to rethink his bachelor status.

Unfortunately, he has that pesky personal rule about bedding the clientele.

But, you know what they say about rules…

193 pages, Kindle Edition

Published September 1, 2020

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About the author

Casey Hagen

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USA Today Bestselling author Casey Hagen pens her stories from the salty air of Kennebunk, Maine. She's the author of over 30 books that would make your mama raise her eyebrows if she caught you reading them!

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2,603 reviews75 followers
January 17, 2022
The couple: Kellen and Mabel Lee

Romance genre: Contemporary
Series: So Right It's Wrong
Length: 300 pages

Plot: Mabel Lee is a good girl. She's the daughter of the church's former pastor and a devoted daughter to a difficult woman. She puts up with all the cutting remarks from the congregants, who never fail to remind her of how her father was swindled out of the church's money by a con artist (even though the money was paid back). Her best friend is getting married, and so her friends drag her out with them to a strip club, where she's supposed to break out of her shell. She almost doesn't - then she does. She meets Kellen, the most popular stripper in the joint, and he is smitten. They start a relationship, one that is not without its challenges. She has to overcome her own self-doubt, her mother's objections, and Kellen's own struggles. In the end, love is true and strong.

Character development: I loved these characters! I did find, at times, Mabel Lee to be a little bit of a caricature. Kellen was an absolute wonder. He was near perfect. There were a couple of times when he could have been a little more understanding at the moment, and he certainly needed to be more forthcoming about his dad, but he always got there and wasn't ever cruel. I like that he was so unapologetic about his stripping - he is who he is and does what he needs to. This was a very sweet story, with all the conflicts solved very quickly.

Next book in the series: Cover Me
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5,033 reviews166 followers
September 1, 2020

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Mabel Lee is completely out of her element at the local strip club, at a bachelorette party with friends. Friends who are determined she let go of her good girl personality for the night and just have some fun. None of them had any idea she'd catch the eye of the hottest stripper to grace the place - Viper, aka Kellen, and that he'd change her life.

But Kellen's hiding something, albeit unintentionally at first, and when Mabel finds out? Yeah...not sure if there's any coming back from that. Or is there? Because Mabel Lee isn't exactly blameless in the end, either. Now if both of them can just forgive the other and move beyond their shared past association, it would make things a lot easier for their love to flourish. And make no doubt about it - they are definitely in love, just not necessarily being forthcoming about it.

Shock Me is so heartfelt and more than a little emotional. These two have got so much heart, especially Kellen. I love how he did what he had to make up for something that really wasn't even his responsibility, and I love how dedicated he was to the important people in his life. Mabel was the perfect partner for him, even though she judged him too harshly for a minute there, because she realized it and apologized. It takes maturity to sincerely apologize and realize when you've been wrong. This is such a wonderful story, it's got heart, and chemistry, and Kellen and Mabel are a great couple.

ARC via Give Me Books Promotions for an honest review.

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14.4k reviews137 followers
November 16, 2020
Mabel is the disgraced preacher’s daughter, and while she is out of her element at a strip club for a bachelorette party, not knowing that this night will change her life forever. With all her friends determined to convince to get her to loosen up and let of her good girl image, she manages to attract the attention of the sexiest stripper Viper / Kellen. These two have some curves in the road to navigate around for their relationship. This is a well written story which is a sweet and entertaining read, and I recommend.
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2,069 reviews49 followers
September 1, 2020
I really enjoyed Shock me it drew me when I read the blurb the characters and story line just drew me in to were I wanted to see what was to come . This would be the first book that I've read by the author and I can't wait to read what's to come in the future Casey Hagens writing style just drew me in to were I wanted to know more about the characters and story line I hope this isn't the last wee see of the characters I can't wait to read more by this author .
Profile Image for Tisa.
824 reviews3 followers
July 11, 2021
Mabel Lee & Kellen are a heartfelt & emotional couple. They show so much love between the two of them. Kellen being a male stripper is not the main focus of the story. Instead it's his generosity & the love & respect that he shows for Mabel Lee. Which is why he was heart broken about the secret he held. The fact that Kellen's father is the one that Mabel Lee's father trusted as the contractor he hired to refurbish the church.

What she didn't know & want credit for was his stripping as Viper is the way he paid back for his father's misdeed. He repaid the church back the full 30k.

I enjoyed Mabel Lee's honesty & innocence she has of the world. She also has the burden of dealing with the gossip that the congregation replays regularly of her father's mistake. She has to eat her hurt & allow it to fester inside for her mother's sake. Speaking of mother she became a righteous & judgmental person after he husband died. The only way she could handle the shame of the scandal to the congregation. Doing so she puts a emotional lease on her daughter.

Kellen is definitely & hunk to every women in town which is why when they go partying's the ladies wants him as their private stripper. His body maybe be hot but his outside appearance is not want makes him a good guy. It's his character which is expressed by how dedicated he is to the important people in his life. Even taking the responsibility of his father's mistakes.

Sweet Mabel Lee understands judgment & righteousness from her mother & the congregation that the scandal hit. That is why when his secret came out accidently instead of being kind & understanding she decided to do exactly what her church has been doing to her & mother. Judge, scrutinize his actions for what she thought was betrayal was actually doing the right thing. When that judgement kicks in her friends come to the rescue to get her back on track to apologize to the man that is meant for her.

It takes maturity to sincerely apologize and realize when you've been wrong. which both characters have to do for one another if they can have a life together,

The love scene well, I have to express I had a man that had Kellen's. Kellen, made sure he was intimate, sensual & completely in focus to make Mabel Lee's wants come out.
The scene is describes all the feelings that Mabel Lee goes thru as firsts. While asking questions about her body. Kellen wants her to feel everything a woman should feel when desired. Their moment together showed care, understanding, compassion & open & honest communication in the physical sense. It detailed what truly loving someone is & coming together physically, mentally & emotionally. It's not just a hot scene to fulfill lust & desires, its beautiful because it has heart, with a whole lot of sexy, not chemistry, of the tow characters.
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1,999 reviews37 followers
August 31, 2020
Shock Me is a refreshingly sweet romance a 💯 feel good story. I loved Casey Hagen's storyline of Preachers daughter Mabel Lee who since her dad died suddenly has been doing everything she can to keep her momma happy. There are some great laugh out loud moments in this book that you could so picture. I just loved the combination of the slight comedy with the more serious side of the story — the balance is just right. Mabel Lee has a great set of friends and I can only wish there were more women around like them!

Loved by her friends Mabel Lee is about to be taken out of her comfort zone when she is giving a 'task list' by her friends as part of the bachelorette games. The tasks are all sexy and they are all happening at the party at the 'Big Shift' where the men are hot and the strippers hotter. When Mabel Lee catches the eye of the number one attraction Viper you know things are about to get a lot hotter.

Viper aka Kellen Savage is at the 'Big Shift' to make money to help out someone close to him. His day job is construction and when at night he becomes Viper to Kellen it is just a job — he went through the stage of bedding the girls when he first started out years ago. Now it's just a job until he catches sight of Mabel Lee sitting primely at her table. There was something so innocent but so compelling that Kellen was drawn to her right away. I want to say that Mabel Lee couldn't take her eyes of Kellen and that is partly true when she wasn't blushing.

I love how this story unfolds; it isn't all laughter there is a series side to the story — why Kellen is working two jobs, why Mabel Lee's momma is the way she is. But I truly enjoyed how Mable Lee comes out of her cocoon and grows into the woman that she has had to kept hidden. And Kellen is a great guy that has been dealt a rough hand.

Well done Casey Hagen a must read story

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25 reviews
September 2, 2020
We have all made reference to southerm woman. How tough they are, community driven, deep lasting galpals, and a faith as strong as grandma's corsets. Well, meet Mabel Lee. Beautiful inside and out. Preachers daughter who fights to be herself and yet meets her mama's demanding drill sargent behavior.

We have all lived some parts of this story growing up as girls. Mabel Lee is strong, pure of heart, resilient, gracious, as we tag along watching her propel herself into an unexpected adventure of life and love. I mean, what God fearing gal goes to a strip club and finds her knight in stripping armor? For reals!

Kellen, I wish there were more men out there like him. Remember being 16 and making a list of your perfect boyfriend? How he would act, look, and treat you? I think if I search my boxes I still have my diary with all the juicy qualities from 1966.

Kellen is handsome, comfortable in his own skin, knows what he wants and makes no excuses for it. His family secret drives him to make up for his dads failings. When he falls in love its not a here today and gone tomorrow love. Its the forever kind that makes you sigh, wipe your eyes of tears as he does straight up over the top romantic gestures, and smile because you can feel his emotions.

He loves Mabel Lee. True love at first sight, across the stage he is stripping watching her with her galpals during a bridal shower. Watching a cherry that slipped out of her fingers and falls into her cleavage stem sticking out, noticing the innocent look in her eyes. She's not like so many of the jaded woman in the audience. No screaming, no trying to shove money in his towel, just a beautiful gal out of her element.

Casey Hagen has done a wonderful job with our cast of characters. The story is sweet, funny, sexy, laugh out loud amazing. Read it. Discuss it in a book group. Share the joy. Its well worth it.
752 reviews1 follower
January 18, 2021
Every women needs a Mabel Lee in her life.

What an amazing story!
First of all, I laughed myself silly, thank you!
Secondly, Mabel Lee was such a dynamic, truly dynamic character. A young woman who constantly paid for the sins of her father's mistake through a bunch of "good Christian" holy rol!ers. (Definitely met and hurt from some in my time)
But Mabel Lee, is an exceptional young woman, she's what we all should hope to be, young or older, accepting, loving, true friend, and non judgemental! I am not saying she's perfect, she has her moments, but this young woman truly tries just to be a good person.
But, stifled, lord is she stifled, by a church full of let her not forgets, her Mama who has turned into one of them, and her own fear of not being there for here Mama, she is an only child.
Then add in Kellen, interesting second job, but rational when you need to make up for the sins of your father, not because you should, but because Kellan felt for the people affected by his father's actions, and worked to fix the fallout.
These two meet in the unlikeliest place in rural GA during her best friend's Bachelorette night.
Immediately they notice and feel something, but Mabel Lee is intoxicated and Kellan doesn't take advantage of this, he does however send her his number with hope through a friend.
From her in on out, well it becomes convoluted, fun, a little "angsty", and frankly a fun little novel that simply begs to read from the first page to the final!
I was fun, illuminating, and so real.
Yes, today this still happens!
Ms. Hagen makes small town life very realistic, and so hopeful. But most of all, she made this novel a complete joy to read!

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1,098 reviews15 followers
September 3, 2020
Shock Me puts a bit of a new spin on the typical story of how a preacher’s daughter rebels. After her father’s death Mabel Lee is trying to keep up appearances by making everything appear all right with her mother, and by going on dates with men who her mother considers appropriate for her, however she doesn’t like any of those men and has been trying figure out why. Things change for Mabel Lee when a bachelorette party has her friends taking her to the edge of town, visiting a strip club. It’s there where Mabel Lee sees Kellen and is instantly attracted to him and it looks like the feeling is mutual when Kellen catches sight of the prim and proper woman he sees sitting close to the stage before he goes on, she looks like she doesn’t belong there, nervous and out of place, and as she catches Kellen’s eye the attraction is obvious and he can’t he get her out of his mind?

Shock Me was an enjoyable take on a story of opposites attract. With both main protagonists, Kellen and Mabel Lee needing to learn that appearances are only skin deep, they needed to look below the surface and see the heart of the person, and Mabel Lee needed to learn that being little naughty and talking a walk on the wild side never hurt anyone. Both characters also needed to learn to trust their own instincts.

I really enjoyed the writing style, which is a huge thing for myself as I’m not normally a fan where books are written in third person but Casey Hagen just had a way of making the words flow, this was my first book by this particular author by I will definitely be checking out her other stuff.

𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔹𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝕎𝕙𝕚𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕣’𝕤 𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕘
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546 reviews
November 10, 2020
Mabel Lee's best friend is getting married and to celebrate her bachelorette party they decide to go to a strip club. Since Mabel Lee is the most innocent of her friends they make her a list of challenges they want to see her do that night. While trying to do one of the challenges Mabel catches the eye of one of the entertainers "Viper." As soon as Viper sees Mabel Lee he knows she isn't like any other woman he's met. Leaving Mabel his phone number on a condom he hopes she will call him. After the two start talking Mabel realizes she likes Kellan and wants to know more about him. The two start dating, but Mabel has to be careful with the eyes of her father's church and mom watching over her.

This was a cute story that didn't have too much drama. I thought it was a little too insta-love for my taste, but it's only 192 pages. I was expecting more drama the way Mabel was raised. I wanted to see more of how they fell in love and their relationship play out. I thought Mabel Lee was too perfect of a character and it just made the book seem that much more unbelievable. I will read the second one as I think it is longer and more of my trope of best friends sister. This wasn't a bad book, just not the best book for me. I also didn't care for how fast everything worked out. I just wanted more.
Profile Image for Trish (tiedupinbooks).
269 reviews22 followers
August 30, 2020
This is my very first book by Casey Hagen and it most certainly will not be my last. Her writing style is phenomenal! She had me grinning and giddy with happiness the entire time I was reading this book. Her words flow so smoothly that you don’t realize how much time has gone by and before you know it, you’re at the end of the book wishing there was more.

And boy do I need more Kellen.
Holy swoon.

I absolutely adored Kellen in every way possible. He was immediately protective of Mabel Lee, and he liked her just the way she was. He’s paying for the sins of his family, but certainly does not let that get in the way of his life. He was so unbelievably sweet, comforting, 𝐇𝐎𝐓 𝐀𝐒 @&$#!!!

Mabel Lee opened up like a spring blossom, it took her a while to let her mind relax, but when she did? Her wonderful personality shined straight through. She was playful, honest, and kind-hearted. With no real life experience under her belt, she takes the bull by the horns and finally goes for what she wants. She learns what it’s like to be truly treasured and worshiped.

This was such a wonderful, happy, and easy read. It was unputdownable.
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1,441 reviews12 followers
September 2, 2020
The rebelling preacher’s daughter is not a new one but when you change it up to have her friends forcefully pulling her over the edge, it’s a whole new spin. Mabel Lee is trying to make her father’s death up to her mother by doing everything the right way. She doesn’t like the men her mother is trying to set her up with but can’t figure out why. When her friends take her to the strip club on the edge of town for a bachelorette party, Mabel Lee sees Kellen & is instantly attracted.

Kellen needed the money he could make stripping even though he knew it wasn’t the greatest career.
Kellen caught sight of the prim & proper woman sitting close to the stage before he goes on. She looks nervous & out of place but for some reason he’s attracted. Why can’t he get her out of his mind?

I really enjoyed this take on the story. Mabel Lee needed to learn that a little naughty never hurt anyone. Both Kellen & Mabel Lee needed to learn that appearances are skin deep and that they need to look below the surface to the heart of the person. They also need to learn to trust their own instincts. I really enjoyed the writing style.
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653 reviews
March 18, 2021
Mabel Lee comes from a very religious family & goes out with some friends to a strip bar (despite her very religious background, she’s quite open minded). Kellen is the stripper who catches her eye, & he ends up leaving her his number on the only thing he has handy - a condom wrapper. She ends up having to throw it in the garbage to appease her religious mother, but then goes dumpster diving to find it again in order to contact him (where dentures end up going to second base with her, but I digress).

They end up going out on a reverse date & have a connection. However, they discover they have somewhat of a shared past...

<3 Mabel Lee’s friends! & how Aurora helped to fix the major issue at the end? Billiant! Love Aurora’s threat to be the best he could be for Mabel Lee, too...

“Don’t fuck it up again. You hear me? Or Viper really will be a legend and the women who coveted him at Big Shift will be paying admission to see his dick floating in a jar of formaldehyde like a goddamned medical museum display...”

Despite a few typos here & there (especially with punctuation), this was a great book to read.
Profile Image for Charlie Mccourt.
68 reviews
August 19, 2020
Mabel Lee is a good girl! A preacher's daughter although at her age it is time to stop being the good girl and become the strong woman she is. She has spent long enough pleasing her mother and being all she needs her to be.

Kellen has spent years righting wrongs that aren't his but because it is the right thing to do. By day he deals all things HVAC by night he becomes the Viper!

One night may change both of their lives.

I love Mabel Lee!! Despite all her naivety she is a warrior!! She has spent years keeping tight lipped and polite so not to give the locals in her small town reason to talk about her.

It all starts with Aurora's bachelorette party and that comes with rules and a list that must be completed, can Mabel Lee manage it??

Kellen claps eyes on "Juliet" and is drawn in and wants to know more but he has a rule and he can't break it, can he?

This book had me laughing till I cried happy tears with a sprinkling of some sad tears.

I do wish it was longer as I wasn't ready for the story to end.
Profile Image for Claudia.
771 reviews21 followers
November 10, 2020
Mabel Lee Montgomery wants to spread her wings but because of her mother and the members of her church she limits her fun. She lives through the fun her friends have. Her friends want her to start to live her life and have fun. It all starts when one of her friends take her to a strip club to celebrate her upcoming wedding.
Kellen Savage lives a double life. Working two jobs with one of them as a stripper. Although he has his reasons most women see his job and he is constantly judged for it. He is use to having women throw themselves at him but that has gotten old and now he wants quality.
While onstage he sees Mabel Lee and he knows that she isn't like the others. The start talking but its clear to see that although they come from different places, they are more alike than they realize. They are both are dealing with insecurities, judgements, and secrets. If they could just enjoy each other and forget about others opinion, they may actually find the love they never thought they would find or deserve.

I volunteered to read and review this book.
101 reviews
August 13, 2020
I was given an arc copy of this book for a review

So the story is about Mabel-Lee who to be fair is as innocent and honest as the day is long
Portrayed to be living in an extremely religious home and a non rule breaker we actually learn the reasons behind why she is some what like this
And Kellen who is an extremely sort after stripper who had basically a heart of gold and we find out the reasons behind the stripping

Although not a virgin she could almost be Mabel lees innocence is not lost on Kellen who instantly falls for her whilst working at the strippers club Mabel lee is inadvertently brought too

This book was not as I expected but really enjoyable to read and easy to follow along and decipher the personalities of those involved would definitely read any other books in this series if they involved the other characters story’s and also included these in the updates

Raunchy enough in places this is a book for then long hot summer nights
1,679 reviews11 followers
August 27, 2020
Mabel Lee Montgomery’s friends are going to give her the night of her life. At a friends’ bachelorette party, she is attracted to Viper, the male dancer. Kellen noticed her at the table with her friends and knew that she was different and someone he wanted to know. When she finds a condom with a phone number in her purse, does she dare hope that the phone number is Viper’s, aka Kellen Savage? His second job as a stripper is necessary and he makes good money, money that he needs to pay of his father’s debts. Mable Lee seems to accept his job, but when she finds out about one of the debts that he felt obligated to pay, will it put and end to their romance? A very sweet yet sensuous romance with a delightful female character slowly coming in to her own and loved by a man who has done what he needed to do to restore his self-respect. A true delight! I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
623 reviews2 followers
September 3, 2020
The ARC for this book was provided by Hidden Gems in exchange for this review. This book was a somewhat sweet, contemporary romance with some interesting characters. This appears to be the first in a new series, which makes sense since the secondary characters of Mabel’s girlfriends would make for future stories. It starts when her friends convince Mabel Lee to a strip club to celebrate one of the girl’s bachelorette party. She is by far the most innocent of the group and therefore they give her a list of challenges to complete that night. As she is drinking and having fun with her friends, Mabel catches the eye of “Viper” the headlining performer at the club. When he comes over to dance for her, they connect, and he helps her through the drunken evening but is called away. In a funny story they reconnect and begin seeing each other. They have some challenges coming from very different places, but most of it was pretty predictable.
Profile Image for Michelle.
408 reviews
August 10, 2020
I received a free ARC from Hidden Gems for the promise of an honest review.

It was okay. The love story was a little rushed to me. They met. They went on a date. They have an argument. They get back together. They say I love you then have another argument. Then finally get back together. This made them both seem naive. I can understand Mabel Lee being naive because she has lead a very sheltered life in a small town but Kellen has a father with an addiction, a mother who abandoned him, and he moonlighting as a stripper.

The author describes Mabel Lee’s mother as overbearing. You would think this would have caused a little more drama than what it did. Kellen and Mabel Lee’s have one conversation and everything is right in the world? A little unbelievable.

The story is good and well written. I just thought there would more drama but the book is clean sweet romance.
Profile Image for Mindy.
1,118 reviews
August 16, 2020
Very fun read! Kellen and Mabel Lee are total opposites, a stripper and a preacher's daughter, how mismatched! Mabel Lee has tried to live her life right, be the good daughter to a tyrant of a mother, quietly take the gossip about her deceased father from the church members, she's in a rut when a bachelorette party brings her the one place her mother would just die if she knew Mabel Lee was up to. Kellen has worked for many years stripping to pay back the money his father scammed while also owning his own business, there was a thrill of all the women when he started but his focused changed when he couldn't find a girl that was okay with his stripping. When he saw Mabel sitting there so out of place, attraction heated up! Fun read with dumpster diving, unusual calling card, naivete, sexy banter and great characters, you don't want to miss this one!
Profile Image for Cassie Ashford.
1,066 reviews6 followers
September 1, 2020
Well this was a new story line for me and I loved it! Stripper meets proper southern Christian woman in a strip joint. Stripper sees clumsy Christian woman and falls in love at first sight. What could go wrong? Sooooo much?

I love Mabel Lee and Kellan! Neither are who they appear on the surface, quite the opposite actually. That is what makes them work so beautifully together.

What seems to be a major secret really isn’t however Kellan doesn’t feel that way. Now it’s up to Kellan and Mabel Lee to figure out how to handle it.

Luckily they get their HEA and the ride there is worth it all the way to the end!
890 reviews
September 1, 2020
Loved this story of sweet, innocent Mabel Lee and Kellen "Viper" - HVAC guy by day, full monty by night at a local strip club. They seem like they'd have nothing in common but there was an instant connection when they met at her best friend's bachelorette party. She was totally out of her comfort zone, but also oozing with curiosity. They each have a past they're fighting against... looking for redemption. When the truth comes out, will it destroy what they're working to build? The story had me laughing out loud at times, and also hurting at others... kept my interest from beginning to end. Definitely for the 18+ crowd.
Profile Image for Bev Sten.
262 reviews
September 1, 2020
Mable Lee is the daughter of a disgraced preacher. Much to her chagrin, her non-existent social life revolves pretty much around the church, her mom, and her church people. Her best friend is getting married and planned the bachelorette party at a strip club just outside town. Kellen is a stripper, HVAC tech by day stripper by night who takes a liking to Mable Lee. A feel good story from Casey Hagen. Great characters, great story, and great writing. It's Mable Lee's friends trying to loosen up Mable and getting her to try to break out of her shell. Kellen is just the one to do it. But there's a secret. I loved this story. A charming come to Jesus' story. You'll laugh and cry and sigh!
1,328 reviews4 followers
September 5, 2020
I must admit that I really didn’t know what to expect from the “blurb”; however, to say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. From the very beginning the originality of the story comes to light, and the light brightens as you get further and further into the story. Mabel Lee and Kellen couldn’t be living any more different lives, and the idea of them forming a meaningful relationship seems out of the question. With great skill and imagination Ms. Hagen weaves her web, and the unimaginable becomes not only imaginable but also logical and even joyful!
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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238 reviews4 followers
January 20, 2022
I so enjoyed this book. It was very different than what I have read so far. I really liked Kellen's character and I found extremely interesting to see from his point of view how he felt when performing. The fact that he was so humble and also had a "day job" made him all more real. Mabel Lee was also adorable and I prefered that she had one bad experience instead of being a virgin. However, I got frustrated, many times when she didnt stand up to her mother, I mean she was not in highschool anymore.
Their interactions were swoon worthy and her friends were also the best support she could get.
Really enjoyed it
Profile Image for Kristen Lewendon.
6,810 reviews38 followers
August 31, 2020
This has got to be one of the wildest versions of ‘opposites attract’. As unexpected and unlikely as this pair may be, Kellen and Mabel Lee are utterly adorable together. Their story left me gasping for breath for so many different reasons; I laughed so hard my sides hurt, their chemistry is incendiary, and they left my sighing for the sweetness of their love. I had a lot fun reading this book, and I’m a little sad that it’s over already.
I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book through Hidden Gems Books.
1,600 reviews3 followers
September 14, 2020
Mabel Lee wants to be just like her friends. Kellen just wants to make enough money to pay off his debts.
They meet when she goes to a strip club. She is supposed to do things off a list her friends give her. Kellen notices her while he is dancing.
After losing her father, she just wants to be able to try new things but her mother always makes her feel guilty.
Kellen really wants to be with Mabel Lee. She is fresh and not looking at just his body. Will she defy her mother? Will Kellen get his girl?
2,503 reviews89 followers
August 10, 2020
She's the good girl, who always follows the rules. He longs for someone to see past the skin. Will the past condemn them? Will he help her shed her shell?

LOVED this book! I absolutely loved seeing her coming out of her shell and spreading her wings. I loved seeing him own who he is, but at times show he still had insecurities. Great read and cannot wait for what this author comes out with next!
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September 1, 2020
This book was really fun to read for me. I loved the dynamic of the innocent FMC trying to live up to the expectations of a judgemental environment and Kellen who is forced to work as a male performer to pay off the debts his father made. Their attraction is mutual and instant, but both main characters have secrets of their own. This was a great book that managed to distract me from all things going on in the world right no
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September 20, 2020
Spunky N Sassy Rating: 4.5

~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~

I loved this book how the story builds with every chapter and kept me enthralled from word one. The lead heroine is so full of doubt but as I followed the story she opens up. The hero is just as tortured by his past as the heroine is but he feels shame and guilt for something he never did. I loved how this story was about second chances for Mabel Lee, Kellen and for Mrs. Montgomery as well. This is definitely a book I will read again, definitely fell in love with Kellen and Mabel Lee.

~~~~~~~~~~Lindsey's ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~

Great Book

This book was an awesome afternoon read. I was absolutely hooked and it was definitely worth the wait.
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