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Saint View High #2

Dangerous Little Secrets

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They betrayed me.

Three boys I thought I knew.

Leaving me with the one I thought I hated most.

It was him who carried my broken, beaten body. Him who cleaned my wounds and held me tight.

The prince to my princess.


I won’t be that girl anymore. The one who fell for their smooth words and smoldering looks.

Colt is key to never being her again.

There’s still a killer on the loose.

Still a murder left unsolved.

Still three boys who own my heart.

But some dangerous little secrets are better left buried.

His is one of them.

Dangerous Little Secrets is the story of three bad boys and a girl who knows how to stand her ground. It is a mature high school/new adult, #whychoose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book contains enemies-to-lovers and bullying themes. It is the second book in an ongoing trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone. Book 1 is Devious Little Liars.

211 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 24, 2020

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About the author

Elle Thorpe

33 books1,657 followers
Elle Thorpe lives on the sunny east coast of Australia, about an hour out of Sydney. When she's not writing stories full of kissing and chemistry, she's a wife, and Mummy to three tiny humans. She's also official ball thrower to one slobbery dog named Rollo. Yes, she named a female dog after a male character on Vikings. Don't judge her. Elle is a complete and utter fangirl at heart, obsessing over The Walking Dead and Outlander to an unhealthy degree. But she wouldn't change a thing.

Elle writes steamy contemporary romance with a heavy focus on drama, humour and swoon-worthy book boyfriends.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ellethorpebooks
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ellethorpebooks
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ellethorpebooks
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/ellethorpebooks

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546 reviews57 followers
August 24, 2020
Wow Wow Wow. After the events of Book 1 Devious Little Liars I wondered if I would devour this book just as fast and I could not put it down. This series has shot up to one of my favourites of the year. The story kicks off right where the cliff hanger left us at the end of book 1, picking things up from Colt's POV kept the pace high going in. Needless to say the plot evolved throughout and just when you think you know where it's going, believe me you don't.

We get Rafe, Banjo, Colt's and Lacey's POV during Dangerous Little Secrets, that said most of the story is told in Lacey's narrative. The chapters from the boys were well placed and added depth. I enjoyed the alternate viewpoint to certain scenes. The sexual tension is a given here, Elle has done an amazing job giving each relationship their own dynamic. It's easy to establish connections to the characters and as you read you just find yourself consumed and lost in the tangled web of the Saints View World.

To be honest I am finding it hard to write a calm cohesive review for this book without waffling like an idiot about how much I am loving this world. I adore the characters, Elle's writing just flows, it's so easy to read, the dynamic between characters is defined and engaging. The sex, the sex is off the charts hotness. Then you get the heartfelt moments, the emotions developing, the heartbreak and desolation I felt for Banjo that boy will be the death of me, he just feels so much. The book ended on another cliff hanger with a revelation I simply have no clue what to do with, I literally have no thoughts my mind is officially boggled from that bombshell.

I have been recommending book 1 to all my book loving friends since I read it and I will be doing the same with Dangerous Little Secrets. It's a series I have loved reading, a series I am excited to discuss and hear others thoughts on too. That to me is a sign of a great book, one that gets people talking.
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17 reviews1 follower
August 23, 2020
OMG, this is STEAMY and INTENSE and the CLIFF HANGER at the end! WOW, I NEED more and I need it yesterday.

I am not one to give spoilers in my reviews and this will be no different but get ready for a roller coaster of emotions to pulse through your veins while reading this book. You will question the characters, hate them even - to the point of throwing your device but trust the process.

It has been a while since I haven't been so drawn into a world that I HAD to finish it, I needed to know. I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down.

I cannot wait for the final instalment and if the first 2 are anything to go by, it will be well worth it.

I think RH is my new fave genre.
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341 reviews49 followers
August 23, 2020
3 hours! That’s how long it took me to devour this book! 3 hours to swoon over Colt, Rafe and Bango! 3 hours to find out what happened with Lacey! 3 hours to fall in love with this book and 3 hours to read a book filled with angst, drama, and so much more!

First off let me say GODDAMN YOU ELLE! How could you end the book like that?! I mean I knew it was going to happen because you love to torture us but seriously, now I need #TwistedLittleTruths like right now so you better be writing that book!

If you asked me to describe this book in 3 words I would honestly have to say OH.HOT.DAMN Like seriously, I need to fan myself in some of those scenes! But then I also needed to cry and scream and rip my hair out and throw the book and then swoon! If I could read this book for the first time again I would!

Alright, so if you’ve read #DeviousLittleLiars then you know how that book ended and once again goddamn you Elle, then you know this book picks up straight where it ended. Lacey was just humiliated by the sex tape being released and she feels betrayed by the two people she thought she could trust. It ended with Lacey and Owen on the beach and if Colt didn’t come to her rescue I was going to scream, I needed Colt to be the one who rescued her because I need him to be end game, like the one she ends up with because I want it!

Lacey and Colt, Lacey and Rafe, Lacey, Banjo and Rafe! This book has it all. Just when you think you’ve finally figured out Colt, bam, he does something Colt like and it makes you want to scream at him. I can’t wait to find out the truth about everything in the last book! I’m sitting here right now questioning everything I’ve read to see if I can somehow figure out what happened and why but I can’t and that makes me anxious to read the next book!

Passion, drama, angst, truths, lies, revelations, suspense, this book has it all! I can’t recommend this series enough and highly recommend you stop what you’re doing and read these books so you can be tortured like I have and I can do a little evil laugh and then we can discuss all the pain we feel for not having the final book to binge!

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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139 reviews49 followers
August 15, 2022
Okay..so I am not a big fan of the reverse harem trope. I like the monogamous couple who fall madly in love with each other and only have eyes for the other. So I'm trying to put my bias on that aside when writing this review.

I like the actual plot underneath the whole one girl in love with 3 guys. Lacey is still trying to figure out who murdered her uncle and is realizing that he may have not been the man she always thought he was. Now out of the trio of boys she is falling in love with (and into bed with) my favorite is Colt. I think his character has the most depth and his feelings for Lacey seem more pure than the other two yahoos.

Also the fact that her aunt (the woman who has raised her since she was five) is cool with her having threesomes and these boys staying over night while she is still in high school is just ridiculous. I mean I understand she is 18, but there should still be limits.

Will I read the third book..yes..do I hope she decides to finally end this weird love square and choose Colt..also yes.
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737 reviews4 followers
August 17, 2020
The surprises kept coming in this book. I am currently in shock from everthing that happened and everything we learned. These three guys have all really stepped up and Lacey definitely has won their hearts. I'm really enjoying this murder mystery series as well as the amazing passion between this group.
August 24, 2020
Hot🔥 Must Read!

Holy cliffhanger! This book is a rollercoaster of emotions. The relationships are put to the test and the bonds grow stronger between some while others are town apart. The chemistry is mind blowing and hotter than ever! The ending leaves you questioning everything, screaming no! And has you crawling back for more! Well done Elle Thorpe! Hands down one of the best series I’ve read!
Profile Image for Charlotte.
2,697 reviews29 followers
September 1, 2020
***I slowly pick my jaw up off of the floor***

What the hell did i just read and that ending though??? My mind is just blown with everything thats happened in this book. Theres so much going on that its hard to keep up! Murder, Violence, Secrets, Lies and Backstabbing as well as add to that off the charts sexual tension. That doesnt even touch half of what happens in this book or the series for that matter. My god though Lacey (FMC) is one strong character especially with everything that happens to her in this book. Rafe and Banjo have a lot to make up for after that ending in book 1 and Colt is his same old idiot self but hes slowly growing on me. Hes a complicated person. Hot and cold. Still im curious to see what he does next to be honest?? Im totally loving this series though. It completely sucks you in and im dying to see where it goes. So flaming good!
Profile Image for Kylee.
2,471 reviews32 followers
August 23, 2020
Dangerous Little Secrets had my heart pounding, my head spinning and my anxieties through the roof. The boys from Saint View High will keep you on the edge of your seat and second guessing everything that is going on. This story is potent and instills an intensity that you just don’t expect. Lacey, Banjo, Rafe and Colt ensure this book is even hotter and steamier than the first. Some secrets are revealed but with those answers more questions arise. Be prepared because the ending will leave you reeling.
Profile Image for Sari.
1 review3 followers
August 18, 2020
OMG What an awesome book could not put it down! Read book 1 and 2 in less than a few hours
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1,499 reviews33 followers
August 19, 2020
This story continues directly on from book one, Devious Little Liars, thank goodness. After that dramatic cliffhanger, the need to know was paramount and talk about gripping! Once I started reading I had to make myself put the book down to do things a responsible adult does, darn it!

The drama and action are huge in this book with so much going on you literally can’t scroll through the pages quickly enough. More and more pieces of the murder and arson puzzle start to slot into place yet there are twists and turns that spin the pieces around a bit, great stuff. Why Colt acts toward Lacey as he does is mainly solved and just how he truly feels about her too.

Rafe and Banjo have their own share of problems that keep you entertained but my heart really bled for Banjo at stages in the book. Yes, this is another emotional roller coaster ride but worth every dip and fall over the edge. The passion heats up dramatically in this book and talk about burning hot, the flames practically lick the edges of the page.

Once again, the ending leaves you wanting more and I can’t wait for the last book in this trilogy as it is bound to be a humdinger just like the first two.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*

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781 reviews33 followers
August 25, 2020
MUST READ ASAP! Hot book boyfriends alert!

Oh wow, holy wow, ok, what a book! What a ride! Heck what a story. Oh my gosh this book is so intense, so much is going on. First, the very hot and wonderful book boyfriends, Banjo, Rafe and Colt are at it again. Their love for Lacey is so swoon-worthy, these guys had my heart racing, had my stomach fluttering and had my mouth in a constant, oh my gosh face. The last couple chapters of the book were so intense, I couldn’t put the book down.

I have no idea where the story was going to go. It has me shocked by that ending. I don’t want to spoil anything, so let us talk about the three amazing guys. Because let us be honest, they make the book. Colt surprised me the most in this book. I was hoping things would heat up with him and Lacey, but where their story went I never saw coming. Next is Rafe, this guy needs a hug. He has the worst dad but
Rafe shocked me the most. To me in this book he did a 360, wanting to love and protect Lacey so incredibly that my heart needed them together badly. Finally, my guy, Banjo, oh my, Banjo, holy wow! You were amazing this book. I fell hard for him him in book one and it never went away. This book needs more than 5 stars! It had heart, it has passion, it has twists and turns and an ending you won’t see coming. An absolute MUST READ!!!
Profile Image for Amy [Book Addict Reviews].
2,032 reviews152 followers
August 23, 2020
Dangerous Little Secrets picks up right where things left off in Devious Little Liars and I was DYING to know what was going to happen next. While some questions may have been answered, so so so many more questions came up as the twists and turns continued.

I didn’t think it was possible to love Rafe, Banjo and Colt anymore than I already did but I do. Despite everything these three remain best friends, they know each other, they support each other and are protective of Lacey. I love all four of them. The chemistry, the tension, the steam. It’s fantastic.

The story itself is captivating. It is addicting. It will suck you in and you won’t be able to put the book down. There is mystery, secrets, and lies throughout. There is so much emotion in this book, too. Each of these characters is so different from one another, they come from different lives, different backgrounds, yet the bond they have formed is inspiring.

I can’t recommend this series enough. Dangerous Little Secrets is a MUST READ and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next!
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443 reviews42 followers
September 6, 2020
I am loving this series by Elle Thorpe. Full of sexy times, intrigue, high school drama (admittedly at a whole other level) and hidden secrets. In this book, we get more of Lacey, Rafe, Banjo and Colt. The book starts off where Devious Little Liars ended. Just when you think you know or have a bit of an idea of where the story is going there is another curveball.

I don't want to give the story away. Just do your self a favour and go and check this book out! Make sure you start at book one though as the plot continues from book 1.

That ending though :( How are we to wait until December?

Make sure you go and check out Elle's website for some steamy bonus material!
I would highly recommend this series!
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462 reviews63 followers
August 19, 2020
Dangerous Little Secrets is book 2 in the Saint View High series and after a killer first book, I was anxiously waiting for this book. Elle Thorpe did not disappoint us with Dangerous Little Secrets!

We were left with an explosive and jaw dropping cliffhanger and book 2 starts right off where book one finished, which meant from the very first page I was completely hooked. I binge read this book so fast because I could not put it down.

The revelations in this book. WOW!!! And the shocks just kept on coming! My jaw dropped on more than one occasion and there was so much going on that it gives you a slight adrenaline rush!! There is sooooo much mystery around the death of Lacey's Uncle. Anyone could be a suspect at this point and it leaves you questioning everything. I am dying to know the story behind Aria. Like DYING to know!!!

Holy hotness! Some of the scenes in this book nearly had my kindle bursting in to flames. It was next level hot! Wow!! *fans self and wipes away drool. Like seriously!! I will tell you one thing. Elle Thorpe knows how to write a sex scene. SHEESH!!!!

I nearly died of laughter in chapter 29. Seriously nearly died. Lets be honest, we would all love an Aunt Seline in out lives. Also a harem of 3 delicious boys. One can dream...

I really REALLY enjoyed this book. And once again, we are left with a seriously OMG cliffhanger!!! I NEED BOOK 3 NOW!!!!!
1,848 reviews48 followers
August 19, 2020

This story continues directly on from book one, Devious Little Liars, thank goodness. After that dramatic cliffhanger the need to know was paramount and talk about gripping! Once I started reading I had to make myself put the book down to do things a responsible adult does, darn it!

The drama and action is huge in this book with so much going on you literally can’t scroll through the pages quickly enough. More and more pieces of the murder and arson puzzle start to slot into place yet there are twists and turns that spin the pieces around a bit, great stuff. Why Colt acts toward Lacey as he does is mainly solved and just how he truly feels about her too.

Rafe and Banjo have their own share of problems that keep you entertained but my heart really bled for Banjo at stages in the book. Yes, this is another emotional roller coaster ride but worth every dip and fall over the edge. The passion heats up dramatically in this book and talk about burning hot, the flames practically lick the edges of the page.

Once again, the ending leaves you wanting more and I can’t wait for the last book in this trilogy as it is bound to be a humdinger just like the first two.
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1,074 reviews12 followers
August 19, 2020
Happy eighteenth birthday! It should of been the night where dreams came true, but instead nightmares came to life, and now they have to deal with the fallout.

Each one devastated and unsure what to do. No right answer but so many wrong.

Who to believe in a world full of doubt..

Wowsers what a sensational edge of your seat read!

This direct continuation of the saint view high series will simply blow your mind.

Their hearts broke because of one night, and it was truly devastating to watch them all fall apart after what they had previously shared together.

Everyone has secrets but oh boy none as soul shattering as theirs. I felt myself tear up as realisation dawned. Their reality hurts.

Lacey isn't the girl you expect her to be. She's not shallow or living for the next shopping trip. She's real and she does belong!

The guys each have their own issues but at the heart of them is goodness, you just have to delve deep for it. They are all basically just trying to survive in a world that they didn't ask for.

This series is full of suspence, drama, intrigue and passion like no other.

It's a read you wont be able to put down without one more chapter, one more paragraph, one more word until the last page, and then you will want more more more!

Profile Image for Tara Lee.
Author 28 books249 followers
August 23, 2020

intense, nail-biting, edge of seat epicness.

I didn't think it was possible to love the boys of Saint View High more than I already did. Boy was I wrong I fell hard all over again and nothing made me smile more than these boys.

My Banjo, gah my heart broke for him all I wanted was to hold him tight and never let go. The brokeness that Banjo brought captivated you, it held you hostage and didn't let you go until he was. He made me love him even more than I already did and I never though that was possible.

Rafe was cheekier, he had this glow about him that made me love him all over again. The way he and Banjo were with Lacey just made you smile I found myself laughing out loud at some of their antics.

Colt, good lord he was so much hotter this time around, less of a jerk and more loveable. I love how each of the boys fought for Lacey and how each one had a significant part in her life.

Their bond was so much stronger and everything about this foursome just flourished. I loved that each guy had tlheir one on one with Lacey but the group stuff was off the charts H.O.T. I think I needed to cool off at some points.

The twists I saw coming even blew me away, the ones I never expected made me lose my breath. The angst and drama just kept piling on. My heart hurt for the boys and Lacey. I found myself eager to get to the end but once I got there I needed more.

I would have a Banjo, Rafe and Colt sandwich anyday.

This series just gets better and better and I can't wait to see what Elle hits us with next.
This series is my top for this year for sure.
Profile Image for Sian’s Reading Adventure.
326 reviews4 followers
August 23, 2020
Dangerous Little Secrets by Elle Thorpe
Saint View High #2

The second book in this insanity hot series will be Released on the 24/08/2020!

“When the police stormed the building and dragged him from my arms, neither of us said a word. That kiss had already said it all.”

What an addictive series! If you have read book 1 in this series you will need to clear your schedule on release day. As you will want to read this book ASAP, if you haven’t read book 1 I high recommend it. Now, when I started this series I can’t say that I had read many books with this genre but I’ve been a huge fan of Elle’s work since the beginning and I knew she wouldn’t give us anything less then another magnificat series. So I went with it and let me tell you, I’m really glad I did.

Now this book leads of right where book 1, Devious Little Liars left off and finally get some answer after that big shit show of Lacey birthday party, not all but some. In the book we get more and all our main characters, Banjo, Rafe, Lacey and even the mysterious Colt. (And all his Colt-ish ways, haha)

We get to explore more of how their relationships with each other works, learn how difficult high school can be and get more question about who might have killed Lacey’s uncle in this book! I’m seriously in love with this series and I’m going to need to get book 3 ASAP as I have so many question but so few answers!

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Dangerous Little Secrets and for that I’m very grateful.
Profile Image for Rebecca Unsworth.
64 reviews1 follower
August 23, 2020
Wow definitely a 5 star rating for this book.
I have been waiting for this book since I finished book 1 and it definitely didn't disappoint.

This book starts right from the cliffhanger ending of book 1 and is told from the point of view of Colt, Banjo, Rafe and Lacey but with Lacey telling most of the story.
The writing is fantastic, I felt like I entered the saints view world and I didn't want to leave the characters behind. I loved the characters, seeing Colt be more lovable and how he really feels for Lacey. Rafe made me smile, and his relationship with both Lacey and Banjo wow. Lacey is the strong girl I loved from book 1 and poor Banjo my favourite character from the first book but this book made me love him more than I originally did. Individually these characters are great but I loved how together they formed this bond you wanted to be a part of.

I loved this book but that ending, definitely wasn't expecting that. I can't wait for book number 3.
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741 reviews5 followers
August 16, 2020
‘She had the potential to destroy me. That didn’t stop me wanting her.’

Dangerous Little Secrets is book 2 in the ‘Saint View High’ series; cancel your plans because once you start reading you will not be able to put this book down. Dangerous Little Secrets picks up where book 1 finished.

Betrayed by the people she trusted the extent of Lacey’s emotions soared between anger, shock and hate. Still with all the feelings of love were under the surface building that trust back is going to take time, especially when the distraction of her savior has kept her busy. When finding out some of the truths about the night that changed her life; Lacey is determined more than ever to find out who is responsible.

Elle Thorpe has backed up Devious Little Liars with spectacular 5 star read; you have left me hanging wondering how this story is going to end keeping me on edge with a million theories running through my head.

I am counting down until I can get my hands on the final instalment, Twisted Little Truths cannot come quick enough!

Star Ratings; Plot: 5/5 Characters: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing Style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5
August 21, 2020
“I couldn’t blame him. Everybody had secrets. Some were just dirtier, grittier, and darker than others.”

Angsty. Steamy. Addicting.

Elle Thorpe does it again. I was completely captivated by this book.

Dangerous Little Secrets picks up right where book one left off. After that cliffy Elle left us with in Devious Little Liars, I was REELING. I was dying to know what happened next.

Elle has made me fall in love with all three of these men. Banjo, Rafe, and Colt. Each for their own reasons, but all for their hotness. I’m slightly.. okay.. a lot jealous of Lacey.

The twists and turns, flips and loops that Elle took us on Still have my brain spinning and my heart in my throat. I am dying to know what happens next.

“I wanted Lacey Knight like I’d never wanted anyone before.”
Profile Image for Karen Hrdlicka.
1,051 reviews19 followers
August 11, 2020
This series by Elle Thorpe is addicting. When a series in a genre I don't normally read can pull me in and totally occupy my mind that is the talent of a great author. Ms. Thorpe keeps up the suspense and heat in this second book in her Saint View High series. The chemistry and sizzle keeps amping up in this book, except now instead of two love interests, Lacey has added a third. This group dances that thin line between love and hate.
The book picks up immediately after Lacey is left devastated after her birthday party. Seeking solace at the beach, she finds anything but. Yet another person is out to harm her, someone she thought of as a friend. Rescued by an unlikely ally, Lacey's world is thrown into an even more chaotic storm. The past is shown, secrets are revealed, and relationships are slowly reforming, but so many potential enemies are lurking, there are surprises around every corner for the reader.
Ms. Thorpe certainly knows how to turn up the heat, not only between the love interests but with the suspense storyline. So many feelings are put forth in this book: devastation, anger, loss, guilt, remorse, forgiveness, passion, and a deep abiding love between friends and lovers. As with book one, this book ends on a surprising twist, but leading into the final book there is so much tension and suspense, I cannot wait. While this book is the fuse, I think the final book in the series is going to be one hell of an explosion and I want a front-row seat.
Profile Image for Kelly Gregory.
1,326 reviews21 followers
August 21, 2020
This was book two in the Saint view series, book one left us with an almighty cliff hanger and i was glad book two continued exactly where book one left us!
This is a RH Bully romance, full of secrets and betrayal......just when you think you have some answers we are thrown into a new situation with lots more questions, I just couldn't put it down! No surprise that we have another cliff hanger ending!!! I seriously cannot wait for the conclusion.
This story is written so well, it's full of suspense, super hot sex scenes and amazing characters!! I can't recommend it more highly!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Perla.
366 reviews
May 12, 2021
4 stars
Sooo I had some expectations for this book....were all of them met. Hmmm not rlly, but this was still hot af. 🥵
First off, there wasn’t enough scenes with Colt. Like nahhh I expected way more chemistry and banter between him & Lacey.
Then there’s Rafe & Banjo. 🥺 I can’t wait for them to get together!!!! But before they proclaim their everlasting love for each other, I want a threesome scene immediately. 😩 It’s inevitable at this point.
Everything else was good tho. The plot kept me entertained, the pace kept me interested and the characters had me at the edge of my seat 🤤
Overall good book, not as amazing as the first one but oh well. On to the finale....
Profile Image for Booklovingmummy.
666 reviews5 followers
August 23, 2020

There is absolutely no way that you can describe these secrets as little!

This book is INTENSE! There are so many twists and turns that you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see which way things will go and if you will get answers or more questions while waiting for the bomb to drop! There’s passion, emotion, action, scandal and so much going on in this book that you are going to struggle to put it down especially with that ending!!! Ahhhhh I need to know what’s going on!!!

46 reviews6 followers
August 24, 2020
Another awesome read by Elle Thorpe! Elle continues to amaze with her storytelling ability.
Dangerous Little Secrets starts off right where book 1 ended and what a way to start book 2. It is a page turner right from the start. There is a little of everything in this book; mystery, drama, angst, chemistry, and some serious hotness! This book snares you in and doesn't let you go! And another WOW of a cliffhanger has me anxiously waiting for the release of book 3. Be prepared to read in one sitting because you won't want to put it down!
Profile Image for D.L. Gallie.
Author 65 books361 followers
August 16, 2020
One again, Elle nailed it (again pun intended)
book two was hotter than the first, and just as addictive. I couldn’t put it down.
My hate for some characters is extreme but my overall love for Lacey, Banjo, Rafe and Colt is just as strong as my hate for those who are asshats.
I got answers to some questions but I now have more questions. My guesses to the “who dunnit?” change with each chapter, I cannot wait for the final installment
Profile Image for Lynn Stifle.
3,230 reviews50 followers
August 24, 2020
Dangerous Little Secrets is book two in the Saint View High series and Elle has done it again, this book was absolutely incredible! There’s plenty of drama and action to keep you on your toes and I was on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. Lacey has added a third love interest and the chemistry is seriously amazing. I simply love Lacey, Colt, Banjo and Rage. Another amazing addition to this series and the ending left me wanting more. I can’t wait for the next book.
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