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One Day All This Will Be Yours
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One Day All This Will Be Yours

4.22  ·  Rating details ·  133 ratings  ·  100 reviews
The bold new work from award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky  - a smart, funny tale of time-travel and paradox

Welcome to the end of time. It’s a perfect day.

Nobody remembers how the Causality War started. Really, there’s no-one to remember, and nothing for them to remember if there were; that’s sort of the point. We were time warriors, and we broke time.

I was the one
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published March 2nd 2021 by Solaris
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Average rating 4.22  · 
Rating details
 ·  133 ratings  ·  100 reviews

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Jan 18, 2021 rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2021-reads
“We were the time warriors, and we killed time.”

Somewhere, no - somewhen, at the edge of Time (or whatever is left of it after the time-shredding Causality War) is a peaceful idyllic farm where the last survivor of the time war spends his days tending the crops, restoring old Soviet tractors, feeding his pet allosaurus — and murdering any remaining time travelers that come to his “when”, a bottleneck in Time. This is the only way he sees to prevent yet another Time War.
“They all end up
Feb 04, 2021 rated it really liked it
That thing we did, that broke everything in the universe; which left all of history in a scatter of sharp-edged shards so that nothing led to anything—that war, that lunacy, that terrible, terrible time-to-end-all-times—must never come again. And to that end, I would set a trap. I would create a bottleneck here at the near end of the rest of time. I would ensure that anyone travelling into the future from that broken desert of glass would find only one thing: me. They would find me, and my alarm
Feb 16, 2021 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2021-shelf, sci-fi
So, when you just HAVE to have a really messed up, misanthropic, let's-kill-all-the-universe-right-now kind of story, this one is always available.

Because, let's face it, we all sometimes need a fantastically misanthropic tale to get us through the day.

Of course, if you wanted a novella that reminds you quite a bit of This Is How You Lose the Time War with the love, the constant Princess Bride feel, the murderous intent, PLUS a bunch of time-hopping that isn't quite as poetical but is still defi
Dec 08, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Tchaikovsky always demonstrates a flair for infusing, sparingly but deftly, some deliciously humorous elements in his writings, but with One Day All This Will Be Yours he takes it to a whole new level.

This is a story of a war gone wrong - very, very wrong - after the introduction of time travel. And one man's mad quest to ensure it won't ever happen again, at any cost, morality be damned. Tchaikovsky proves, once and for all, the ultimate futility and devastation of a time war, especially once t
Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
This time travel novella from one of my favorite SF/F authors, Adrian Tchaikovsky, is wildly intelligent and creative with seriously black humor. Time travel machines have basically ruined our world and broken time, and the misanthropic main character has set himself up as a gatekeeper in a distant future to keep humans from going to any point in the future later than him. And when that involves murdering other time travelers (he keeps a pet Allosaurus just for this purpose), well, that's just t ...more
Dec 09, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Absolutely brilliant. The story’s narrator, the sole survivor of the War To End All Wars, lives on a farm at the end of the world. He’s a time warrior and occasional murderer of errant time travellers. Whenever someone gets there, he makes sure they’ll finish their journey in the belly of his pet Allosaurus, Miffly. And after that, he makes a time-travel to destroy his unwanted guest’s culture ability for travelling in time.

He has good reasons to act this way, and he believes he’s doing it to sa
Montzalee Wittmann
Jan 19, 2021 rated it it was amazing
One Day All This Will Be Yours: Signed Limited Edition
by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Hardcover, 192 pages
Expected publication date: March 2nd 2021 by Solaris

This is a clever and witty look at time travel and a fellow that wants to be the last time traveler and last person on Earth. He has Miffly, his pet Allosaurus, who he feeds time travelers to. Our time traveler explains how too many travelers have broken time, fractured it beyond repair. To remedy some of the problems he picks off other travelers, goe
"One Day All This Will Be Yours" is a prime example of why time travel stories will always be poignant, relevant, and fascinating. No matter how many time travel stories you've read, Tchaikovsky has managed to make the genre fresh and new with his new twists on the subject at hand. For we know find that time travel is the ultimate doomsday weapon. Each side with its glorious time soldiers keeps changing the timeline to their side's benefit until it all breaks with a thousand shards of time adrif ...more
kartik narayanan
Dec 17, 2020 rated it it was amazing
You can listen to the review on my podcasts available on Apple Spotify Stitcher
You can also watch it on Youtube
Or read more like this on my blog, Digital Amrit

tl;dr: 'One Day All This Will Be Yours' is a wickedly funny and inventive look at time travel.

The novella's protagonist is the sole survivor of The War to End All Wars. That epithet seems unlikely given how many wars the world has seen, with each conflict being named so. But in this case, it might actually be true, since the weapons used
The Captain
Mar 01, 2021 rated it really liked it
Shelves: sci-fi
Ahoy there mateys!  Adrian Tchaikovsky's work is always enjoyable so when I saw time travel and dinosaur I said Arrrr!  This was exactly as expected.  It was a quick and humorous read where the mechanics of the time travel made me noggin ache a little but I had a lot of fun.

The grumpy ex-soldier standing at the end of the broken world and broken time is a hoot.  How he spends his time (pun intended hardy har har!) is just delightful.  Sure he is crazy but that be part of the fun.  And the dinosa
K.J. Charles
Delightful comic romance about a battle-demented mass murderer attempting to put an end to history. You don't get many of those.

Time travel shenanigans, a terrific premise, a really well done romance of the completely batshit variety, and bucketloads of snark. Just hugely enjoyable, slightly in the way Murderbot is enjoyable but without any morals at all. And there's a pet dinosaur! What's not to like?
Mar 01, 2021 rated it really liked it
I have sat in the palaces of the Minoans before the Bronze Age Collapse. I have dined with the egalitarian philosophers of Harappa in the Indus Valley before the world turned and ground them to dust. I have taught whist to Archimedes shortly before a Roman soldier gutted him. Ahd yes, human achievement is a grand and splendid little candle in the great vast night of causality, but there's only so often you can watch it be snuffed out before it's easier to become the snuffer.

It's not an easy thin
Feb 26, 2021 rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2021, science-fiction
Synopsis: The unnamed narrator is the last time soldier, surviving the War To End All Wars, and the end of causality. He created a kind of bottleneck at the end of times where everyone who wants to time travel to the future has to pass through. There, the narrator holds his grounds and kills off the trespassers, no matter if they come from the steamage, from ancient Greece, or newer times. His motivation for this is that there he wants to prevent another time war. After having killed other time ...more
Dec 28, 2020 rated it really liked it
Stories of time travel have always fascinated me – particularly ones where the author explores the nature of time and causality. The paradoxes that could be produced are nearly a proof that travel back in linear time and free will are incompatible, but when did that ever stop a science fiction writer? In Adrian Tchaikovsky’s short 2021 novel One Day All This Will Be Yours, he imagines what happens when a wartime flurry of agents is actively modifying history at odds with each other, and the whol ...more
Nils | nilsreviewsit
Feb 11, 2021 rated it it was amazing
This is only my second time reading a story by Adrian Tchaikovsky but I’ve already begun to see how versatile, bizarre and wonderfully imaginative this author is. One Day All This Will Be Yours is a post-apocalyptic novella set in a time where a war, known as the Causality War has caused much devastation, to be more precise it has ended the world. No one can be sure who started the war but we do know that it began after the invention of time travel; Causality Bombs were unleashed, and time was b ...more
Elizabeth Tabler
Dec 23, 2020 rated it it was amazing
One Day All This Will Be yours, Adrian Tchaikovsky's newest novella releasing in early 2021, is a brilliant and witty time-channel take on what happens when you are the only one left, and you damn well want to keep it that way.

Our titular narrator wakes up from his calm and untroubled clumber. He peers out onto his estate; there isn't a cloud in the sky. And, even if there was one, a little rain is good. Bring on the rain for us farmer types, he thinks. It is a beautiful day because everything
Dec 12, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Adrian Tchaikovsku is one of may favourites novelist, but with every new book, I can't keep wondering when he takes his ideas from. All right, I don't need to know as long as he have a new ones and makes the into stories.

Thank you NetGalley for giving me an ARC copy of this glorious novella.

One Day All This Will Be Yours takes us on a new level of time travel stories. Mostly because of the protagonist who lives alone at the end of times and wants to make sure that it stays like that. His main go
Feb 02, 2021 rated it really liked it
I mean, if in doubt, just generally screw up the world for everyone else, right? That's been the motto of human decision-making since Ug first hit Throg in the head with a rock, and it always seems to have gotten us through. Except for the whole Causality War and breaking everything there ever was into a million billion pieces, of course.

Taking place on the very edge of time, One Day All This Will Be Yours tells the story of the last survivor of the Causality War, a war in which humanity literal
Feb 24, 2021 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Adrian Tchaikovsky has created a delightfully awful character and concept in this story of a time traveller living at “the end of all time” after numerous, terrible wars, tending his farm and living with his lovely, terrible pet, Miffly. (Can I just say how MUCH I loved Miffly!)
Things are placid and safe, and if he wants to see a show or eat an outstanding meal, he can pop into his time machine and take a spin back to some earlier time for his experience.
And everything is going so well for him,
Roberta R. (Offbeat YA)
Excerpt from my review - originally published at Offbeat YA.

Pros: Complex, clever, perversely funny. Packs a lot of surprises for a book so short, and even manages to pose a serious question despite reading like a politically incorrect romp.
Cons: If you don't like anti-heroes and open endings, this one won't be your cup of tea.
WARNING! There's talk of sex and a few F-bombs.
Will appeal to: Time-travel aficionados who aren't afraid to dip their toes into dark humour.
First off...DISCLAIMER: I requ
Feb 10, 2021 rated it really liked it
Shelves: netgalley
I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange of a review. All opinions my own.

This novella was so much fun to read.

You only have to mention time travels to me and I’m usually already on board, but time travel AND Tchaikovski equals to a very high hyper percentage. I was not disappointed. Ok, I literally just checked the details and saw that this is not a novella but a nearly 200 pages book. That may give you an idea of how little it took me to immerse myself in this world.

The plot is quite sim
This was a fun read. It was quite a different take on the time travel genre. It kind of reminded me of How You Lose the Time War, if that had been written by a smart ass instead of a poet. The ending leaves potential for a sequel, but still wraps things up.
Dec 13, 2020 rated it it was amazing
„One Day All This Will Be Yours” is a humorous, smart and fast-paced novel that will send you to the world after the War To End All Wars.

One person survived the biggest war of our times. It wasn’t on sticks and stones as Einstein thought, but it was a time travel war.

People kept going back to the past, trying to fix the mistakes that were made. More people were altering their mistakes, creating new ones, destroying time chain and at some point no one really knew what was in the past and what w
Feb 07, 2021 rated it it was ok
Thanks to NetGalley and Rebellion for eARC in exchange for an honest review.

First I need to comment on the title. Those who know, know.

In this new Adrian Tchaikovsky book, we follow the events of the end of time, or so we are repeatedly told by the Narrator. The Narrator, the last survivor of the Causality War, is defending the future from possible time travellers, accompanied by his lovable fluffy allosaurus, Miffly. He stands guard there in the future and whenever someone from the past comes
Mar 02, 2021 rated it really liked it
It's like if This Is How You Lose The Time War and The Rosie Project had socially awkward, homicidal baby.

There's a bit of tonal whiplash here when the breezy, fun rom-com energy gives way to sudden somber musings on the nature of war and causality (which I actually didn't mind - I thought they played off each other nicely) but this feels like it's too short a story to reasonably expect its characters to be developed enough for their actions to match their motives believably, but simultaneously
Hélène Louise
Feb 09, 2021 rated it really liked it
As usual with the author this read was fun and enjoyable. The main character is clearly a sociopath (I couldn't help thinking of Billie Butcher in "The Boys" series!) but interesting to follow.
I really loved how the context unfold slowly, with hints that take all their full importance and reality by afterthought (Miffly!).
The global reflexion about the limitations and repercussions that would have travel machines, if they did exist, is really interesting, particularly in the way it would dehuma
Jan 25, 2021 rated it it was amazing
Have you ever read a book, really enjoyed it but aren’t exactly sure what happened during that book.


Maybe its just me but I have just finished One Day All This Will Be Yours and I loved reading it though I’m not 100% sure what exactly happened. This could be due to my old brain busting nemesis Time Travel.

Our narrator lives an idyllic life. He has an enormous farm with many hi tech robots to look after all the dirty jobs and on it lives his loyal pet Miffly. He spends hours just strolling a
Feb 28, 2021 rated it it was amazing
A lot of fun; a touch of cynicism and weariness about the dark side of humanity but also the joy of being human. Will make you laugh and think

Full review -
Dec 30, 2020 rated it really liked it
The world is at absolute peace! Because the world consists of only one human being. And he is living at the end of time after surviving the causality war—the war that shattered time itself, making it impossible for events to follow one another linearly, and is determined to never let it happen again. Where, and when, he lives is the ultimate place, and time, that any time traveller from any era can hope to reach. But that travel will be the last, both for the traveller as well as their entire ge ...more
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ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY was born in Lincolnshire and studied zoology and psychology at Reading, before practising law in Leeds. He is a keen live role-player and occasional amateur actor and is trained in stage-fighting. His literary influences include Gene Wolfe, Mervyn Peake, China Miéville, Mary Gently, Steven Erikson, Naomi Novak, Scott Lynch and Alan Campbell.

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Happy Women's History Month! One of the undisputedly good things about modern scholarship is that women’s history is finally getting its due....
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“ANOTHER PERFECT DAY at the end of the world.” 0 likes
“This is how we fought the Causality War. A war where you never saw soldiers from the other side, not because you were launching high tech projectiles at each other from ridiculous distances, but because you almost never occupied a common frame of reference. The weapons you launched at each other were cascading chains of historical events, and each one simultaneously hit and caused colossal collateral damage, and did no damage at all, because what was left in its wake was a happy smiling world with no idea there was a war on.” 0 likes
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