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Mein Kampf

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Madman, tyrant, animal—history has given Adolf Hitler many names. In Mein Kampf (My Struggle), often called the Nazi bible, Hitler describes his life, frustrations, ideals, and dreams. Born to an impoverished couple in a small town in Austria, the young Adolf grew up with the fervent desire to become a painter. The death of his parents and outright rejection from art schools in Vienna forced him into underpaid work as a laborer. During the First World War, Hitler served in the infantry and was decorated for bravery. After the war, he became actively involved with socialist political groups and quickly rose to power, establishing himself as Chairman of the National Socialist German Worker's party. In 1924, Hitler led a coalition of nationalist groups in a bid to overthrow the Bavarian government in Munich. The infamous Munich "Beer-hall putsch" was unsuccessful, and Hitler was arrested. During the nine months he was in prison, an embittered and frustrated Hitler dictated a personal manifesto to his loyal follower Rudolph Hess. He vented his sentiments against communism and the Jewish people in this document, which was to become Mein Kampf, the controversial book that is seen as the blue-print for Hitler's political and military campaign. In Mein Kampf, Hitler describes his strategy for rebuilding Germany and conquering Europe. It is a glimpse into the mind of a man who destabilized world peace and pursued the genocide now known as the Holocaust.

384 pages, Paperback

First published July 18, 1925

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Adolf Hitler

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Austrian-born Adolf Hitler, known as “der Führer,” from 1921 led the Nazi party of Germany, and his fascist philosophy, embodied in Mein Kampf (1925–1927), attracted widespread support; he from 1933 served as chancellor of the Third Reich and after 1934 ruled as an absolute dictator, whose pursuit of aggressive nationalist policies resulted in the invasion of Poland in 1939 and in the subsequent outbreak of World War II and whose infamous regime exterminated millions of persons, especially Jews of Europe. He then took his own life amid the imminent collapse in 1945.

This politician who led the National Socialist German Workers Party.

During the final days of the war in 1945, as Berlin was being invaded and destroyed by the Red Army, Hitler married Eva Braun. Less than 24 hours later, the two committed suicide in the Führerbunker.

He dictated his best known literary work, the political manifesto, to a fellow inmate in prison in 1924.


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Profile Image for Manny.
Author 29 books13.7k followers
Shelved as 'not-to-read'
March 17, 2020

I was somewhat disturbed to hear from Lilo that the negative review of Er ist wieder da which she had posted on Amazon had been removed without notice. As an experiment, I thought I would post a negative review of Mein Kampf, where I do the same thing and advise people not to read it. You can find the review here.

So far, three people have voted for it and one person has attacked me in a rather bizarre way. I'm curious to find out what will happen next. In particular, I want to see if Amazon remove my review too. My guess is that this will only happen if the review gets a large number of votes - so if you're also curious, please go there and add your vote. I will post an update if and when there have been any significant developments.

Well, here's an interesting development. The Amazon review, which is currently running at 20-3, has not been deleted... but one of the more deranged posts by "CitizenChampion", the guy who was attacking it, has been removed.

So far, then, Amazon have behaved quite correctly. Did anyone on this thread flag Citizen's post? I didn't.

Only a few hours later, and with the score at 24-3, we have a new incident: this time, Amazon have deleted a sarcastic post criticizing "CitizenChampion" and implying... well, let's not get into that. But it went remarkably quickly. Whoever's in charge certainly seems to have their eye on this one.

I knew "CitizenChampion" wouldn't give up that easily. Since his latest post will probably soon be deleted by the moderator, I'm pasting in a copy here.
In all probability you are a Jew.It further seems that these hidden bastards might share a common trait that an enemy once is an enemy always. What you have committed has little or nothing to do with "Mein Kampf",though you truly fear them this is about an enbred contempt perhaps even the having of ill-will against my ability to participate. This forum like another forum here at Amazon is a wicked as it is corrupt.You are not honest Manny Rayner and neither are this hidden filth behind the scenes that I wpould rather grab you by the throat,You bastard menace.
Keep at it, "Citizen"! I'm feeling prouder of my partially Jewish ethnicity every day. The score is now 31-3.

I'm afraid that all of Citizen's posts have now disappeared from the Amazon review: some have been deleted by the moderator, and some by Citizen himself. He's probably making a smart move. I don't know where he's from, but in quite a lot of countries he might have been getting into illegal hatespeech territory.

Well, Citizen, if that was so then I'm flattered you were willing to risk a fine or maybe even some community service to attack my little review. [Update: in England, it seems that this would be entirely possible. See Paul's message #85 in the comment thread.] And I'm relieved that I had the presence of mind to save one of your comments for posterity. You have not written in vain.

The score is now 37-3, and the review has reached the first page. Thanks for all the support, guys!

A few days later, and Citizen is back! I'm copying all his posts from now on. Why, oh why, didn't I do this right from the start? You can see that I'd never have made an investigative journalist. Anyway, here is his latest open letter to the world:
Your a liar Manny Rayner, however like your source of information it remains an embedded feature of your claim. You remain a hidden wretched wickedness that is a plague upon a honest word. You indeed like your claim of half and half is like your word,it is stolen and now you are crying wolf. One further thing your inability to be honest is likened to this websites inability to be honest as to "Mein Kampf". I really do not care whatever cornball crap your hustling whoever the hell you are but one thing is for certain this no good website has deleted many upon many comments of mine that require an honest approach to who is Adolf Hitler.This embedded feature is so determined to deny any claim of another opinion that this embedded feature is as your half and half claim,that is your history as well as this claim has legs. What I said was in all probability you are a Jew this was after Amazon was having a heart attack.Amazon is not capable of being honest.It is truly regretful to have worked well on an opinion and then to see this disease spread. Do you know who Amazon is ?
The score is now 45-4.

Citizen's latest post has been deleted (it says by the author), but now a new voice has joined the conversation. "Loki" writes:
The statement "Hitler is evil" is a subjective statement: I for one do not subscribe to the idea of absolute "Good" and absolute "Evil". So, I do not think it appropriate to stay away from reading any book because someone thought the author "evil". One should read and assess for oneself.

So I do not think it appropriate that people should recommend against reading a particular because they consider the author or subject "Evil". They should make the recommendation solely on the merits of the book, AFTER reading the book.

I hope Amazon would take note and will not allow such reviews to be posted.
How will Amazon react? My prediction is that they'll just ignore it, but we will soon see.

The score is now 49-6.

"Loki", who is a good deal more polite and coherent than Citizen, is still trying to persuade me that I am being unfair to Mein Kampf. He says that everyone has a right to be heard, including Hitler. Well, as I just replied, I couldn't disagree more. Hitler long ago forfeited his right to be heard. He has no rights at all.

We're now at 50-6.

This thing is in danger of getting out of hand; I had no idea that so many Goodreaders felt it was immoral to discourage people from reading what is widely cited as the most hateful and dangerous literary work in human history. But, be that as it may, I would just like to remind everyone what the original point of the exercise was: I wanted to see if Amazon would delete a review whose sole purpose was to persuade shoppers not to buy Mein Kampf.

I have said harsh things about Amazon before, but this time I'm delighted to give them a clean bill of health. If anything, they have been overzealous in defending me. At least in this instance, they have made it very clear that they think it's more important to show respect towards Hitler's millions of victims than to try and increase their profits by removing or downplaying negative reviews of his dreadful, utterly evil book.

I misjudged you, Amazon. Apologies, and Merry Christmas!

An interesting article in today's Independent about the new edition of Mein Kampf that is about to appear. As noted, there are quite a few well-informed people who disapprove. I was particularly struck by this passage:
Charlotte Knobloch, head of the Jewish community in Munich, said she had not vigorously opposed it when the project first surfaced. But her position, she said, hardened after hearing from outraged Holocaust survivors.

“This book is most evil; it is the worst anti-Semitic pamphlet and a guidebook for the Holocaust,” she said. “It is a Pandora’s box that, once opened again, cannot be closed.”

Visiting Pioneer Books this week, I noticed a 1936 English edition of Mein Kampf on the shelf. The blurb is so fascinating that I have to copy it out here:
The Paternoster Library

This new and attractively produced series is specifically designed to appeal to the discriminating general reader who wishes to secure for a moderate outlay an up-to-date library which will provide him with a steady supply of interesting, informative and entertaining books that have already proved their worth in high-priced editions. All the titles in this series will be produced in a uniform and attractive format that will prove an ornament to any library shelf.

In choosing titles for this library the publishers wish to cater for the most varied taste, but in doing so they intend to ensure that only books of real merit are selected, and it is hoped that any books so chosen will come to be regarded as ones that are automatically worthy of a permanent place on any publisher's shelves.

My Struggle

It would not be exaggerating to say that no more important autobiography than this has been published since the War, and certainly no biography has been issued for decades over which controversy has raged so bitterly. Whatever one's political views may be, it is a book everyone should read, for it reveals the forces and circumstances which went to make a remarkable character, whose intense belief in his ideals won over a mighty nation, and changed the course of history.

The News Chronicle called it "an astonishing book"; the Evening News said "It commands attention." Morning Post: "We recommend a close study of this book." The Evening Standard said: "The whole of the political Hitler is in these brutally candid pages." The Yorkshire Post said: "The book should be extremely valuable in enabling English readers to obtain a general conception of Hitler's theories." Major F. Yeats-Brown wrote: "I hope My Struggle will be published in a cheap edition."


I thought for a few seconds that a miracle had happened - but alas, it was only a software glitch.

Someone calling themselves "Griselda Scott" has left a comment on my Amazon review:
Censorsship. JIDF has been here. The nose knows.
I had never heard of the Jewish Internet Defense Force until I looked them up just now. But if they want to pay me a small fee for every review I post attacking racist lunatics, I'm certainly not going to object. JIDF, you know where to find me.

Another interesting comment on my Amazon review, this time from "Jorjan Felder Neal":
Hahaha Your relatives are living it up in Palestine! There was no Holicost or genoside only deportation! According to official Red Cross records the numbers of people, all people, who died in German concentration, actually, work or holding camps, was some 270,000. That's throughout the entire war, including those who died of communicable diseases such as typhus (rampant towards the end of the war) and cholera. since there weren't even six million Jews in all of Europe at that time, then, how did the extras die? Did they import them from Khazaria? t Khazars who proved to be the true barbarians and who were responsible for the mass slaughter of the innocent, including mass killings in Germany, Russia, Poland, and more.

The Zionist criminals used the war as the leveraging point to drive their plot home, which was the near complete imperialistic conquest of Palestine. The social strife they created led to the basis for mass emigration of European Jewry from their homes to Middle Eastern land. Without the war, an occupied Palestine would have never occurred. It was also the means by which well-placed Zionists and also low-level operatives could enrich themselves through theft, not only of the land of the Palestinian people but also through the usurpation of the assets and wealth of European nations.
Do your research before running your uneducated mouth! Your family is a bunch of liars !
A little tip for Mr Neal: if you don't want your antisemitic propaganda to sound like the ravings of an illiterate moron, it's important to get the spelling and grammar right. I don't mean it as criticism; I'm just trying to help.

I hate to say it, but just when Amazon were doing so well here they seem to have messed up. I thought I'd take a look at their page for Mein Kampf, which I hadn't visited for at least a year. I found it had changed in an important way. Previously, the page had a list of all reviews, and it was easy to find mine. Now, there's only a link to a list of verified purchase reviews. So although my review is still there, no one will see it, since I didn't buy a copy of Mein Kampf. But Amazon don't want me to feel I've missed out. There's a tempting little notice:


Right, let's get this straight. Amazon are using the good old stick and carrot approach to get me to buy a copy of what is probably the most evil and dangerous book in human history. The stick is that they're hiding my review until I can prove I've bought a copy from them. The carrot is that they'll offer it to me for free, as long as I sign up for an Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

As Reese Witherspoon says in Just Like Heaven, excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth.

This just in: a mere six years after this review was first posted, Amazon bans sale of most editions of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Well, I understand they needed time to think about the pros and cons before making such an important decision.
Profile Image for Greg.
70 reviews73 followers
May 21, 2017
Let's distill my previous review.

This book is badly written, presents scientifically incorrect, racist ideas as fact, and takes a comically long time to tell a boring story about formulating an idiotic military plan that didn't work.

People who should read this book don't need to be told they should read it. They also have listened to Wagner and read Nietzsche, and find their respective worldviews problematic.

If your explanation for reading this book does not involve understanding mistakes from the past and/or exploring why people find nationalism engaging you shouldn't read it.
Profile Image for بثينة العيسى.
Author 22 books25.4k followers
March 15, 2012
مقدمة هذا الكتاب كارثية. المقدمة تقول بأن هتلر من "العظماء" الذين كادوا أن يغيروا وجه العالم ومجرى التاريخ، وهنا يجب أن نقف طويلا وأن نتساءل كيف تحول هتلر، في ذهن القارئ العربي والناشر ��لعربي، إلى رجل عظيم؟ يميل كثير منا إلى تمجيد هتلر وذكر "بطولاته" لكونه احتقر اليهود وحرقهم و"مسحهم بأستيكة" كما يقولون، بشكل أو بآخر نشعر كعرب، بصفتنا ضحايا لدولة إسرائيل، بأننا ننتقم من أعدائنا عندما نقرأ ما كتبه عن كرههم للنظافة وعن أنوفهم الطويلة وعن كونهم طفيليات على الحضارة وما إلى ذلك من أمور تبدو ملائمة لنا تماماً (بصفتنا ضحاياهم) لكي نشعر بالانتصار ولو قليلاً .. ولكن هذا غير صحيح، غير صحيح أخلاقياً لأن عنصرية هتلر لا تقف عند الشعب المختار، وغير صحيح لنضالنا ضد دولة إسرائيل أيضاً لأننا نستعير محارق ومجازر النازية على المستوى النفسي، ونتبناها أيضاً.

عنصرية هتلر وإيمانه بتفوق العرق الآري وبوجوب استخدام بقية الأعراق الأخرى كـ "موارد مادية" لبناء الحضارة شأنها شأن "الخيل والماشية" .. وإيمانه بأن العرق الآري وحده يصنع الحضارة، وبأن بقية الأعراق هي محض متطفلة أو هادمة للجمال والثقافة والفكر .. كل هذه الترهات أصنفها - بمنتهى الراحة - في خانة أقبح أفكار قرأتها في حياتي.

لا يهمني إذا كانت العنصرية تستهدف اليهود أو لا .. فأنا أرفض العنصرية أصلاً، وبصراحة شديدة لا أرى فرقاً على الإطلاق بين أسطورة الشعب المختار الذي يريد السيطرة على العالم (الصهيونية) وبعد أسطورة تفوق العرق الآري على بقية شعوب العالم (النازية) ..

ويجدر بنا أن نعرف بأن لا فرق بين الاثنين أبداً، وهذا النوع من الفكر هو الذي يجرجر العالم إلى مزيد من الويلات والكوارث التي لا حاجة لنا إلى مزيدٍ منها.

Profile Image for Margarita.
Author 3 books29 followers
January 23, 2010
It is very difficult to talk about this book, and to agree with those who review it positively, because the person who wrote it did terrible things. Anyone who reads this book should not fall prey to manipulation. But any book can be dangerous. We can blame the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible in just the same way.
I read Mein Kampf when I was quite young actually and because it was a forbidden book. There was only one copy at the town library and I had to sneak it out. So the context is as important as the rest.
This is a memoir, a historical document, a madman's vision on politics and the organisation of the world. We send our youths to visit concentration camps in Germany beause what happend must never be forgotten. Well, I think that they should also read this book because it is part of what remains of those dark times, it is a part of our common European heritage. Yes, it is terrifying. But we need to remember the good and the bad.
Profile Image for Trevor.
1,293 reviews21.7k followers
September 5, 2010
While I was teaching on my placement at the start of the year my supervising teacher had an incentive program going on with some of the students in the VCE history class we were taking. He told them he would pay $50 to any student who finished reading Mein Kampf by the end of the year. He told me he had made this offer every year and had never been required to pay up. He believed this was because the book was so poorly written and so turgid that even the most money hungry 16 year old would figure there were easier ways to make some cash.

That was the head-space I approached this book in. I was expecting it to be almost painfully badly written and pretty much the awful rants of a nearly insane fool. I need to assure you, that is not the book I found. This book is actually frighteningly lucid and remarkably well written. It is a much more dangerous book than, say, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. That book is so embarrassingly badly written, so pathetically obviously a forgery that anyone with half a brain could do little else than laugh at it with derision. I was actually a bit surprised when Hitler referred to the Protocols in this – as I thought even he would have had more shame. Nevertheless, the rest of his arguments against the Jews are much more carefully constructed and build in a way that has become a virtual template for any conspiracy theory.

And what a conspiracy theory this is! Hitler starts by saying he never really had anything against the Jews, thought that they were just another religion and could hardly be bothered worrying about them. In fact, he goes as far to say that if he had heard people speaking against them he would probably have stopped them and regarded these people as reactionary fools. At least, until his eyes were opened to the Jews infinite deceit after a series of interactions with them and Social Democrats following the death of his parents.

The Jews are responsible for EVERYTHING that is wrong with the world – from Finance capitalism to the stock market to trade unions to communism and social democracy to modern art and theatre and just about anything else you can think of. This is the conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories. He keeps telling the reader just how lacking in creativity the Jews are – but if they are able to pull off half of the stuff he blames them for they must be nearly godlike in their powers.

There were only one or two sections in the book when these rants became tiresome – he clearly understood when to push his point and when to hold back. He sounds much more reasonable than I would have ever dreamt.

The things that are most interesting about this book, to me anyway, were the glimpses into his life given early. The stuff with the mice he watched playing on the floor is the last thing I thought I would find in this book. The stuff about his father is gobsmackingly interesting. As he says, he respected his father, but loved his mother. In fact, he makes it clear that he definitely did not want to become anything at all like his father. Ironically, for someone who did not want to be a Civil Servant, I’m not sure that becoming Dictator of Germany was necessarily the most obvious way of avoiding that fate.

What he has to say about propaganda – essentially, people are stupid and so need to be told in the simplest terms imaginable what they need to believe and that all subtlety is wasted on them, made me wonder how people ever followed him (given he is saying he is more than happy to lie to his followers). This ought to be much more chilling for us today (flicked on the television and watched any ads lately?) than it tends to be.

I was also surprised by his frequent references to German young men doing things to ‘harden their bodies’, there is a homoerotic element to the text (delicately stated, of course) that I found completely unexpected. This view is increased by this dismissal of female sexuality as entirely submissive.

Sex plays a large role in his argument against the Jews. Jews marry off their daughters to Aryans (as they know that the best way to overcome a nation is to attack its blood) and their sons lie in wait to seduce Aryan women. By diluting Aryan blood and keeping the purity of their own blood (he never explains how both of these are possible at the same time except for vague references to the purity of the male blood line of Jews - the opposite of the case, in fact) they hope to one day take over the world. The argument sounds much more crazy in my summary than it does in his endlessly longer version – I didn’t say his ideas made sense, but he has presented them in the best possible light for the nonsense he has to deliver. I can see how easy it would be for someone suffering from the defeat of Germany to want to believe the reason for their defeat and hardships was a Jewish conspiracy.

I didn’t finish this. I got to the end of the first volume and decided I had heard enough. I was surprised by how similar his arguments are to conservative arguments today about keeping refugees out or for the ‘increase’ in social violence or crime or whatever else. If you wanted a conspiracy theory, perhaps a good one would be that conservatives tend to say Hitler is impossible to read so that people will not see the similarities of his views with their arguments. But to be honest, I’m over conspiracy theories. This one is so extreme it is little wonder it took the entire efforts of the state to continue it. Even then, it is doubtful Germans actually believed it – the big lie was just enough to allow one of the greatest crimes in history to be committed, but not enough to truly justify it even to those following through with the vision.

There are chilling moments here – particularly given what happened next and not just to the Jews but also to the Slavs. His discussion of Russia is particularly chilling.

But then there are moments of remarkable insight. He talks of people who want to lead the movement who have been active for 40 years and yet have not achieved their aims or stopped their opponents from achieving their aims. He points out that this is a clear sign of how pathetic their aims must be. This is a very interesting argument and one it would be difficult to argue against. There are many long standing Marxists and Nazis who would do well to consider the implications of what he is saying here.

All the same, this book is disturbing given what we know about what came next. And it is impossible now to not read between the lines and hear the awful silence of the death camps echoing throughout this book. The point is, however, that many of his arguments are little different from what is dished up today. I would have preferred this to be much more extreme than it ended up being. I would have felt safer that way. Our remarkable ability to create scapegoats has not deserted us with the years or with the knowledge of the consequences this madness had in Europe. I am glad I read this – but one volume was more than enough.
3 reviews9 followers
February 16, 2008
Hitler... booooooooooooooo!

Call me a crazy talking liberal if you want, but I am against burning human beings in big ovens. I don't care how trendy and cool it was considered back in the day, that's just the way I was raised.

I read this book on the recommendation of a friend. Or at least I thought he was my friend. It turned out he was actually just a cashier at Borders. But he looked an awful lot like this guy I used to be friends with when I worked at Gamestop. I could have sworn it was him. The only real difference was that he worked at Borders and not Gamestop. Oh and he apparently enjoys Nazi literature. And I'm pretty sure the guy I worked with at Gamestop was black.

But in any case I suppose I should blame myself. Perhaps the next time a skinny bald white cashier recommends a book written by Adolf Hitler I should get a second opinion. Especially if he's not the tall black guy with dreads I used to work with.

So in summary...

1) Hiter bad

2) Gamestop = Cherished memories from my youth

3) Books not returnable at Borders after 15 days.

Profile Image for Ahmad Sharabiani.
9,566 reviews56.6k followers
August 28, 2021
Mein Kampf = My Struggle, Adolf Hitler

My Struggle is a 1925 autobiographical book by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler.

The work describes the process by which Hitler became antisemitic and outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany.

Volume 1 of Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926.

The book was edited by Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.

تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز چهارم ماه مارس سال 1966میلادی

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: فرشاد؛ تهران، کانون معرفت، چاپ سوم، 1341، در 176ص؛ موضوع: نازیسم - زندگی و اندیشه های رهبر افسانه ای رایش سوم نویسندگان آلمان - سده 20م

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: عنایت الله شکیباپور؛ تهران (شهریار)، خرد، 1351، در 531ص؛ چاپ سوم، دنیای کتاب، 1371؛ در دو جلد و 508ص؛ چاپ دیگر دنیای کتاب، علم، 1373؛ دو جلد در یک مجلد؛ چاپ ششم 1375؛ هفتم 1376؛ نهم 1382؛ شابک 9645870844؛ یازدهم 1384؛ پانزدهم 1386؛ هفدهم 1387؛ هجدهم 1388؛ نوزدهم 1388؛ چاپ بیست و دوم 1392؛ شابک 9789645870841؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان آلمان - سده 20م

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: عنایت الله بخشی؛ تهران، دنیای کتاب، 1369، در 532ص؛

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: عباس کرمی فر؛ تهران، ارغوان، 1389، در 744ص؛ شابک 9786005912036؛

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: مهدی افشار؛ تهران، پارسه، 1390، در 589ص؛ شابک 9786002530035؛ چاپ دوم 1392؛

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: شهرزاد حکیم مختار؛ مهرداد مهاجر؛ تهران، معیار اندیشه، 1390، در 604ص؛ شابک 9786005462166؛ چاپ چهارم 1392؛ چاپ پنجم 1393؛ در 605ص؛

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: حسین سماواتیان؛ تهران، لیدا، 1391، در 671ص؛ شابک 9786006538433؛

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: فرشته اکبرپور؛ تهران، نگاه، 1392، در 663ص؛ شابک 9789643518073؛

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: مهرداد انتظاری؛ تهران، آراسب، 1396، در 450ص؛ شابک 9786008696193

عنوان: نبرد من؛ نویسنده: آدولف هیتلر؛ مترجم: کیمیا مرادقلی؛ تهران، نکوراد، 1396، در 456ص؛ شابک 9786006443225؛

جلد اول: یک تسویه حساب: فصل اول: دوران کودکی و کانون خانوادگی؛ فصل دوم: سال‌های تحصیل و تحمل مشقت در وین؛ فصل سوم: ملاحظات سیاسی عمومی بر اساس دوره حضور من در وین؛ فصل چهارم: در مونیخ؛ فصل پنجم: جنگ جهانی؛ فصل ششم: تبلیغات جنگ؛ فصل هفتم: انقلاب؛ فصل هشتم: آغاز فعالیت‌های سیاسی من؛ فصل نهم: برای چه آلمان شکست خورد؛ فصل دهم: حزب کارگر آلمان؛ فصل یازدهم: ملل و نژاد؛ فصل دوازدهم: اولین طلیعه پیشرفت حزب کارگر ناسیونال سوسیالیست؛

جلد دوم: جنبش سوسیالیست ملی: فصل اول: عقاید فلسفی حزب؛ فصل دوم: دولت؛ فصل سوم: موضوع-دولت و ملت؛ فصل چهارم: مفهوم دولت از نظر راسیست؛ فصل پنجم: مفهوم فلسفی سازمان دولت؛ فصل ششم: اولین مبارزه و اهمیت سخنرانی؛ فصل هفتم: مبارزه جدید با جبهه سرخ؛ فصل هشتم: نیرومند تا وقتی تنهاست نیرومند می‌ماند؛ فصل نهم: حمله‌ها چگونه آغاز می‌شدند؛ فصل دهم: فدرالیسم غیر از ظاهرسازی چیزی نیست؛ فصل یازدهم: پروپاگاندا مسئله سازمان؛ فصل دوازدهم: مسئله سندیکاها؛ فصل سیزدهم: سیاست آلمان و مسئله اتحادهای بعد از جنگ؛ فصل چهاردهم: سیاست یا جهت‌گیری شرقی؛ فصل پانزدهم حق دفاع اضطراری؛

نبرد من (به آلمانی: ماین کامف) کتابی که توسط «آدولف هیتلر» نوشته شده است، و بیانگر اندیشه‌ های سیاسی «هیتلر» و باورهای «ناسیونال سوسیالیسم» می‌باشد؛ «هیتلر» در سال 1924میلادی، هنگامیکه در قلعه «لندربرگ» زندانی بود، بخش نخست کتاب را، با دیکته کردن جملات، به منشی خود «رودلف هس»، به وجود آورد؛ بخش دوم، در پایان همان سال، پس از آزادی زود هنگام او از زندان، نوشته شد؛ پس از به قدرت رسیدن حزب «ناسیونال سوسیالیسم» در «آلمان»، و تشکیل «رایش سوم»، این متن به کتاب مقدس حکومت نازی تبدیل شد

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 29/06/1399هجری خورشیدی؛ 05/06/1400هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی
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1,178 reviews1,934 followers
September 29, 2013
I read this in 1979 as part of my first degree (in history) whilst doing a course on Modern German History. It doesn’t read easily; Hitler wasn’t a natural author! The most interesting thing is that this was written without hindsight or from a position of power, or at the time any immediate likelihood of power.
The ideas are not new; they are recycled and an understanding of fin de siècle Vienna and the maelstrom of ideas in the late nineteenth century which influenced Hitler is vital. The mix of ideas following Darwin, combined with Nietzsche (superman), the anti-Semitism and eugenics; not to mention all the madcap scientific ideas around and the growth of psychoanalysis. We sometimes forget that eugenics was very popular and respectable. The idea that certain classes of people should not be allowed to breed was very current and popular and took people in many different directions; some of which are still around today (“designer babies”). The list of those advocating some form of eugenics is impressive; H G Wells, Kellogg, Keynes, Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Havelock Ellis, Pauling, Marie Stopes to name a few. The list in opposition is much shorter.
Hitler was influenced these ideas, especially the virulent anti-Semitism. All these were filtered through his experiences in the First World War and Germany’s humiliation by the Treaty of Versailles. The Russian Revolution and the rise of Bolshevism were also significant, as was the decadence of the Weimar Republic and the rampant inflation.
Following his imprisonment after the failed putsch of 1923 Hitler dictated the bulk to Hess and it was published in 1925/6. Hitler expounds his Jewish conspiracy theories and adapts the racial theories of Haeckel. The rise of Marxist theory he considered, was part of the broader Jewish conspiracy.
Hitler adapted all of this mix into a world view, adding the concept of Lebensraum. This relates to the need for expansion to give the German nation room and space. It originates from the English and French drive for colonies and the westward expansion in America; it was just applied to Europe by the Nazis.
It is an honest political manifesto and the parts on propaganda are fascinating, especially the use of colour, the borrowing of techniques from opponents’ and the best way to run a mass movement.
Everything is there that leads to the gas chamber and genocide. But many of Hitler’s ideas were common currency and not out of place at the time; he just followed them to their logical conclusion and most pertinently, he achieved power. He didn’t do it on his own; he had loyal followers and a party machine and he was voted into power, despite his opposition to parliamentary democracy.
It is easy to laugh at extremists, people certainly laughed at Hitler, but they have to be taken seriously, especially if they capture the mood of the time. Mein Kampf, when read with our hindsight, is horrific, and the author is vile. However he is the product of people and times slightly less extreme. Free debate and analysis of ideas and their meaning will usually show up the extremes. Censorship in any form is dangerous; the first thing Hitler did with power was to begin to move against people and ideas he considered a threat to his ideology. A lesson we need to keep relearning.
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December 5, 2014

Mein Kampf or My Struggle:

Five Hundred and Sixty Pages of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity, Irrationality and Sheer Prolixity

Understanding Hitler’s political methods, rhetorical techniques and organizational skills is often cited as the best reason to read this book in the modern age, since many dictators still use it as a handbook. Understanding their guidebook might be the best way to beat them at their own game. Many readers today avoid the book to avoid the taint of being seen reading it and also out of fear of perhaps falling under its influence. That is considered to be playing into the hands of the ones who are willing to use he powerful methods present therein.

If the book was indeed a powerfully reasoned piece of work this would have held true. Instead it turned out to be a pathetic work, which only showcases the workings of a weak mind that constructed all its arguments from pre-conceived notions and never examined the basis of its arguments. It is clear that Hitler never bothered to understand the core ideas behind evolution, species selection, etc. Darwin had been pretty clear about all this, writing half a century or more before Hitler came up with his tripe. Instead he just assumes that a race came perfect unto this world and the world is beholden to “preserve” it… I mean, that is not evolution, that is just a naturalistic version of creationism and a variation of the “chosen people’ concept - he cannot even even be given points for being imaginative!

So instead of being outraged by the dangerous and enticing nature of a charismatic leader’s arguments, I found myself just plain disappointed by their weak and leaky nature. And it s not because of hasty constructions. Hitler takes all the time n the world and spends most of his book rehashing the same ideas in the same ways again and again. It is an insufferable drag.

And even when he departs from his obsession with race purity and talks of geopolitics and grand strategy, he again jumps to conclusions about Britain, France and Russia that clearly proved to be wrong within his lifetime. Most of his ideas had to be abandoned in the course of the war. I am sure he came up with great explanations whenever this happened. That is the thing with this kind of 'method'. There is just no being wrong in it.

The real question then is not whether we would buy his arguments but why anyone did. It is not about reading Hitler to understand how modern Dictators might use the same tactics, but understanding the conditions that allow these pretty rudimentary tactics to succeed and to avoid those conditions. The answers are in the society itself and not in Hitler’s work. The same applies for modern dictators’ who use his book as a guide - the answer is in a society that allows such extreme paranoid ideas to be propagated. It requires a grave threat and an almost pathological need to surrender once reason to a raving lunatic, who is willing to be a Führer. The best way yo have a world which rejects its Hitlers is to have a world that is not scared enough to accept without question essentially baseless fascist arguments. Hitler provides a good litmus test - wherever we see such ideas are getting currency, it might be time to examine what is causing the society to suspend common sense. Unfortunately, we might not have to look far to see test cases.


I am not attempting a dissection of Hitler’s many pet theories (hobby horses?) here. I just can’t spare the time and I have wasted enough on reading this already.

Many unsupported rants pepper the book, repeated ad nauseam. A sample:

Austria: Everything about it is bad, except the Germans. Should be brought into the fold, but carefully.

Germany/Germans: The perfect race, the one to be preserved. So perfect that they are under threat from the worst/weakest race (I mean, how does THAT work?). Has to be expanded. World, including Britain, should make sure Germany expands if they don’t want this magnificent race to disappear from the face of the earth, leaving it poorer forever more. Germany has been greatly discriminated against after the First World War (okay, have to concede this, but it doesn't take a genius to figure that. Probably just echoing Keynes in any case). German people have suffered enough. It is time for a Great Leader to arise again. No prizes for guessing who that is!

Jews: Always vaguely and conveniently defined. But incontrovertibly the scum of humanity. To be eliminated. However “jews” are clearly shown to be a broader term, to include all traitors against the German people. Thus the word comes across mostly as a class badge in hitler’s writings.

Democracy: How can the masses ever rule? Democracy is only an excuse for rulers to pass on responsibility and avoid taking tough decisions. What a country under there needs is a strong leader who canned do what needs to be done. To be avoided at all costs.

The Masses: The mindless lot. Manipulated and brain washed by the Jews. They have to be emancipated by effective and complete control, by a leader. They have to be reeducated and freed of the influence of the Jews - by “propaganda”.

Trade & Business: The purview of the Jews. Only the weak and the leach-like attempt these activities. The German people to abjure them and take to manly activities that does not suck the life blood of the country and the race.

The Market: Sheer anarchy! Not to be allowed. State has to control production to avoid wastage.

Monarchy: Well, not in name, but we need a leader who can recreate the grand Reich of old. Who cares if it looks exactly like a kingship?

Marxism: The scourge of this earth! The tool of the Jews! Initiated by a Jew, what more proof do you need? Exists only to corrupt the masses. Has to be used only to reach the masses. Should be superseded forthwith after that.

The Press: Has to be controlled so that only the state views are set forth. Otherwise the Jews and the Marxists will take it over and corrupt the public even more.

The Races: Have to be preserved and kept apart to prevent dilution, especially the Germanic race of the Aryans. Don’t question my assumptions here!

My Way or The Highway! Got it?
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October 28, 2014
I found the narrator, a racist german war veteran imprisoned for an attempted coup, very unrelateable. He was just not very sympathetic or likeable. Also the book is written in german, which is not very relateable to me, someone who doesnt speak german.
30 reviews1 follower
May 21, 2010
Yes, I have read it, hell I still own a copy. I make no excuses, and will not issue apologies. I am not a nazi sympathizer, anti-semitic, or racist, fascist, or any other variety of colorful names that I have been called for having this on my shelf. I confess that I was curious about the method to the madness and how such whole sale slaughter of human life could be rationalized. Get past impressions that are forced down your throat in history class and read it for what it is, a historical text that, like it or not, had a tremendous impact on the world as we know it today. It is a difficult read and, to be frank, a large percent of the population will not have the fortitude to pick it up off the shelf in a bookstore or be able get past the ideas presented and discard it outright. One does not have to agree with the author in order to examine the text as a political and social commentary of the time. The important thing, as in so many hot issues, is to keep everything in perspective and make up your own mind.
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Shelved as 'spurned'
August 24, 2010
Of course I didn't expect Mein Kampf to be a great book, even within the admittedly narrow antisemitic messianic homoerotic prison genre, but I did expect a little more showmanship. If you've seen Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will, then you know Adolf* could really work himself into an artful spittle-flying lather. My German is middling, but I've heard he was all charismatic and persuasive or whatever. Like, if you were just planning to go out for a stroll and pick up some schnitzel, you'd happen to overhear him on a radio broadcast and all of a sudden you'd be smashing windows, incarcerating Jews, and annexing strategic swaths of Lebensraum before you even knew what you were doing. He was that powerful.

Yeah, we all understand that Hitler didn't have the best taste. He was into retro-Greek kitsch and probably those paintings of clowns and kittens and whaling ships. All the more reason to expect a semi-entertaining wallow in the muck and mire. I hate to make such an outlandish comparison (not really), but if Zsa Zsa Gabor wrote a 600+ autobiography detailing her grudges and her plans for rescuing America from its position of weakness and social decadence, we'd really have a right to expect a side-splitting compendium of both balls-to-the-wall absurdity and showbiz razzle-dazzle. Why can't we expect the same from Adolf Hitler? We expect idiots to entertain us with their idiocy; we don't expect them to be dull.

I'll bet Mel Gibson's ghost writer would shit out a much better book. With more anecdotes about Jodie Foster than your standard-issue xenophobic tract.

* Holy dumbass! I just realized I've been misspelling Hitler's first name my whole life as 'Adolph.' Where did I get that from? Probably the Jews...
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February 9, 2017

نادرة الحالات التي نقرأ فيها للطغاة، لا يمتلك الطاغية وقتاً ولا رغبة في تبرير نفسه وشرح أفكاره، فلذا يترك المهمة الصعبة للمؤرخين، الذين ينهكون أنفسهم في محاولة ربط أفعاله وأقواله والخروج منها برؤية تفسيرية.

هتلر في هذا الكتاب هو هتلر ما قبل السلطة، هتلر ما قبل كل ما جعلنا نعرف اسم هتلر، وننقشه كعلامة تاريخية مميزة، ولكن هذا لا يعني أن هذا كتاب ناقص، لا يعني أنه لا يجعلنا نفهم ما الذي حدث ولماذا حدث، بالعكس الكتاب هو صدر البيت الذي كانت عجزه حقبة 1934 م – 1945 م.

ولكن مع هذا بالكاد يمكننا توصيف (كفاحي) على أنه مذكرات شخصية، فهو في أساسه قائم على توضيح أفكار هتلر السياسية والمستقبل الذي يريده لألمانيا، ذلك الحلم الذي انتهى بهدمها على رؤوس أهلها، واحتلالها من أربع دول مجتمعة.

سيطرت على هتلر في هذا الكتاب وفي السياسة فيما بعد، فكرة أساسية، هي فكرة التفوق العرقي، فالعرق الآري في رأيه هو العرق الأرقى، هو العرق الذي صنع ويصنع الحضارة الإنسانية، فلذا هو الذي يجب أن يسود، هذه السيادة هي سيادة حتمية، لابد أن تتم بالقوة أولاً، ليحل بعدها السلام على الأرض، في سبيل ذلك لابد من توحيد العرق الآري من خلال استعادة الأراضي الألمانية التي سلبت في الحرب العالمية الأولى، وضم الجاليات الألمانية الموجودة في النمسا، وغيرها من الدول المجاورة، وهذا ما قام به بالفعل عندما تولى السلطة.

ولأن هذه الفكرة ترى أن العرق الآري وصل إلى ما وصل إليه عبر تطوره الذي امتد على مدى تاريخه، فلذا لابد من المحافظة على نقاء هذا العرق، وهذا يعني منع تزاوج واختلاط الأعراق، كما أن هذا يعني نفي وإخصاء المعاقين والمجانين والمشوهين، حتى لا تنتقل جيناتهم الملوثة إلى أبنائهم، مهددة بإضعاف العرق.

الآمر الآخر هو أن العرق الآري سلبت حقوقه، وألهي عن طريق المجد بواسطة اليهود والماركسيين، حيث يعمل اليهود عند القمة ممسكين بالاقتصاد والإعلام الألمانيين، بينما يعمل الماركسيون عند القاعدة متسبيين بهزيمة الألمان في الحرب العالمية الأولى بالإضراب الذي نفذوه، فلذا كانت محرقة هتلر ومطاردته للماركسيين واليهود فيما بعد.

الكتاب ممل في خطابيته وتفصيلاته وخاصة أنه لا يحتوي على هوامش تساعد القارئ في التعرف على ظروف تلك الفترة وتحولاتها السياسية.
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January 25, 2022
People rate this book so poorly because they disagree with the ideas laid out by Hitler; well I hope so. You do not read this to get inspired by German nationalism and white supremacy. I think that is entirely missing the point.

This book is fascinating for the glimpse it gives into the mind and thought processes of one of the most influential people of the 20th century. Any student of WWII or modern history in general should get acquainted with the ideas that drove Hitler to rally so many to his cause. You read this book to understand the roots of the ideas that drove so many headlong into such a massive and devastating conflict.

Regardless of what Hitler says, he undoubtedly has some pretty extreme views. But it is important to see how this megalomaniac justifies his cause and how that motivation drives him with such unrelenting purpose towards his goal of dominating and rearranging the entire world order to suit his own ends.

It is a pretty powerful notion to watch how a thread of ideology can manifest itself through a powerful and influential person into a mass movement that ends up having momentous consequences for the majority of the people on the planet.

For better or worse, powerful people like this are responsible for a large part of our history as the human race. And this book gives a front row seat into the mind of one of the most influential personalities of all time.
January 25, 2022
Este libro es la descripción gráfica de la propaganda. Madre mía, sí, da un insight (muy perturbador, eso sí) a la mente de esta infame figura, pero nunca en mi vida había leído algo tan repetitivo.
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June 30, 2016
Inicialmente comecei a leitura porque acreditava que ela explanaria os ideais de Hitler e como sua mente lidava com eles, resultando então em suas posteriores atitudes. Eu sabia que o livro havia sido escrito durante o período que ele estava preso, mas aprendi muito mais sobre minhas visões de mundo do que sobre a vida dele. O livro é dividido em algumas partes, o que facilita um pouco o entendimento e o momento da vida dele que ele estava contando.
Hitler não tinha genialidade nenhuma. Era um cidadão normal, filho de uma dona de casa e de um funcionário público que nunca aceitaram muito bem as ideias do (até então) garoto Adolf Hitler. Queria ser artista e não conseguiu sucesso ao tentar entrar na faculdade, então ele resolveu se aproximar da política, chegando a criar um partido e iniciando uma revolução armada (que resultou em sua prisão, local aonde o livro fora escrito). Eu, que tanto vejo as pessoas bradarem aos quatro ventos que Hitler era de "esquerda" por conta do nome do partido dele, após a leitura descobri que ele mesmo afirmou que deveria de alguma forma colocar "socialismo/socialista" e "trabalhadores" ao nomear o partido, pois assim conseguiria atingir a classe dos operários que não ~pensava muito~, segundo ele. Nas páginas, ele exalta o racismo, anti-semitismo intenso, sexismo e, claro, fascismo. Hitler tinha um poder de persuasão absurdo, era inteligente e muito carismático; e isso resultou na Segunda Grande Guerra. Ele simplesmente decidiu que a culpa da pobreza e violência no mundo era dos judeus e permaneceu com este ideal até o túmulo.
Tecnicamente, é um livro maçante: o autor repete mil vezes a mesma coisa e, de uma hora pra outra, se contradiz e anula a sentença presente em algumas páginas atrás. Historicamente, é um livro necessário. Se você é amante de História, recomendo a leitura e ressalto a importância de conhecermos a história para não repetí-la. Contudo, não recomendo esse livro para todos. Ele contém, sim, ideais perigosos e que podem servir de gatilho para qualquer pessoa mentalmente abalada e/ou levemente apoiadora do racismo, anti-semitismo e um intenso discurso de ódio. Concluí a leitura com medo de tudo isso acontecer novamente e divagando sobre a necessidade de conhecer, entender e compreender a história mundial; e de como um líder carismático, com o apoio da população desolada por conta de uma crise, pode disseminar seus ideais absurdos com facilidade.
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October 7, 2010
دفعني لقراءة الكتاب رغبتي أن أعرف من هو هتلر.. ما أفكاره.. وما هي قصته؟
لم أجد أحداً ينقل لي ما أريد أفضل منه هو.. حين يكتب سيرته الذاتية

وصلت إلى غرضي من قراءة الكتاب...
كتاب مفيد للمهتمين بالسياسة، ينقل لك آراء هتلر الجريئة والمقنعة في الجانب السياسي
إلا أن الكتاب يعيبه سوء تصنيفه، وتكرار الكلام فيه في أكثر من موضع دون داعٍ لذلك
كدت أن أعطي الكتاب ثلاث نجمات لولا نقطة سوء التصنيف هذه

أما هتلر نفسه..
رجل اختار عقيدة أساسها باطل... وآمن بها حتى النخاع... وصار يحشد الأدلة على صحتها ويتعامى وينكر كل ما يثبت بطلانها

نذر نفسه لهذه العقيدة، واستخدم كل ما حباه الله من قوة حجة وصفات قيادية وحدة طبع لبناء امبراطوريته على أساس هذه العقيدة العنصرية المقيته
فهو يرى أن أطهر الأعراق وأشرفها وأكثرها تفوقاً هو العرق الآري

وأن "كل" حضارة وتفوق إنما هو من صنع الرجل الأبيض، وكل حضارة قبل ذلك وبعده هي حضارة زائفة تقتبس من غيرها ولم تنشئ حضارتها من العدم

أما باقي الأعراق فهم أقرب إلى القردة منهم إلى البشر، ولا يستحقون ما يستحقه الرجل الأبيض الآري النقي

بعد قراءتي لكلمات هتلر بتّ أمقته جداً
وكم أتمنى أن يبعث الله رجلاً بإيمانه وتفانيه وإخلاصه لعقيدته... لكن بعقيدة صحيحة نقية طاهرة
18 reviews13 followers
September 25, 2007
hitler should have changed his last name to "hit", because that's what this book is! the main character, who looks like sarah jessica parker, is in her mid-30's and looking for love in all the wrong places. when she gets transported back in time to repressive regime of hitler, the language barrier and her liberal ideals won't stop her from finding true love.

a lil' bit of trivia: the audio book was narrated by a young jody foster.
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Author 19 books91 followers
July 26, 2012
The author of this book is certainly one of the five or ten biggest nutjobs in the history of the world. Complete raving lunatic. No one should ever listen to a thing he says. If you agree with him, you're some kind of Nazi scumbag.
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887 reviews120 followers
December 28, 2021
I was standing at the check out desk at Tolman Hall’s library at U.C. Berkeley back in the 1970s. I have no idea what I was checking out at the time. Maybe it was the time that I had spent at their library reading the Salem Witch Trials, the court documents. But as I was standing at the counter, I noticed a speech written on the wall behind the desk. I stood there reading it, and while I was reading it I realized that it was a humanitarian speech, and I thought, “That is the most beautiful speech that I have ever read. Who wrote it?” I continued reading, and then it was signed, “Adolph Hitler. Imagine my shock. I have not been able to find that speech, and it is no longer on their wall behind that check out desk.

I had known about Hitler; I had read Anne Frank’s Diary, but I hadn’t read much else at the time. Just that you don’t go through life without knowing what happened to the Jews during WWII. I have read a lot of books about the holocaust since then.

Well, back in 2011, when I was helping our library during their book sale, the one where I frequent now, I noticed some books on Hitler and bought one. That led me to wondering about the book Mein Kampf, so I ordered it used online. After reading maybe half of it, I threw it in the garbage where it belonged.

Mein Kampf was a constant rant on Jews. It repeated the same issues over and over again. I saw how people could actually believe what he was saying if they were not educated. It was an old story, one that was heard in Germany often, which people believed, which let to them accepting Hitler’s own rants. Then I read some of Hitler’s speeches, still trying to find the one that I had read at the library. I never found it.

So, Hitler’s book is finally being published again, but this time with information to inform people so that they will know that Hitler spoke lies. Still, I think if a person in inclined to be racist, to hate, they will not pay any attention to these comments.

For hate is blinding. If you have grown up with parents who hate, who are bigots or racists, you will grow up with these views as well. Some people get over these views, especially if they get an education, and then there are those who see through it from a young age. We are told to love all people by the various religions, but I have seen so much hatred i the Christian religions, so much crime, that my eyes have been opened. I just want to get away from them and stay away. I learned that you can’t easily change people’s minds. I have tried; I now just tell them what I think and walk away.

I will not compare Hitler with anyone in political power today and hope to not get any comments on this book in this regards, because if I do, those comments will be deleted. Remember, what you write on the internet you are writing on the sky. I will also delete any comments made by racists. I happen to believe that free speech does not include hate speech, and I think we should incorporate a law against hate speech here in America.
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May 2, 2021
DISCLAIMER: I am NOT antisemitic or a Nazi sympathizer. I read this for historical context only.

So, if you can look past the rambling, zero editing, and hate-fueled rhetoric, this is an extremely fascinating book!! The interesting thing about this book is Hitler hid nothing because he believed "secret organizations can only be illegal", pg. 542, so Hitler and the Nazi Party were clear in their intentions. The book served as a dual argument to:
1. ushering the restoration of German nationalism
2. heavily promoting antisemitism/stopping Marxism.

Adolf Hitler was a man deeply troubled by his environment. A war veteran returning home to see an alien world he did not recognize. He soon becomes disenfranchised by economic troubles, the threat of Marxism, and a Germany he defended that has collapsed all around him.

In the first part of the book: Part I - A Reckoning (pgs. 1-370), he passionately tells of the things that bother him. The first war, war reparations, government & politics, the Jewish world Bolshevism, and all kinds of various sociopolitical problems. He lays out various principles and ideas to better Germany and the German people. He explains Pan-Germanism, expansion and taking land (which probably explains Operation Barbarossa and taking land from the subhuman Slav), and lots of other problem-solution ideas.

He devotes an entire chapter to expressions of antisemitism: "Nation and Race" pgs. 284-329. Hitler explains the Jewish problem: Jews are parasites of society, Jews are born with a predisposition to lie and cheat, Jews are destroyers and corruptors of the societies they live within, Jews take over foreign culture and pollute bloodlines, etc. It was some very hateful stuff.

In the second part of the book: Part II - The Nationalist Socialist Movement (pgs. 373-688), things pick really up. Hitler takes off with his plans in creating a superior post-WWI Germany free of Jews and Marxists. "Thus, the highest purpose of a folkish state is concern for the preservation of those original racial elements which bestow culture and can create beauty and dignity of a higher mankind." pg. 394

Hitler mentions the the movement requires "rigid discipline and fanatical faith in the justice and the power of the cause" pg. 456 and reminds the reader "The Nationalist Socialist concept...is obedience towards the national community" pg. 530. Hitler mentions for the first time the name "National Socialist German Workers' Party" pg. 363. He also designed the final form of the National Socialist German Workers' Party "flag with a red background, a white disk, and a black swastika in the middle" pg. 496.

"For me and all true Nationalist Socialists there is but one doctrine: people and fatherland. We must safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people [and] purity of our blood." pg. 214.

Now...Hitler never says "kills Jews" directly, but he does say "The nationalization of our masses will succeed only when their international poisoners [Jews] are exterminated" pg. 338.

I read this for historical value only but I was fascinated the entire time. Some parts were incredibly boring yet others were uniquely interesting. Thanks!
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June 6, 2007
Glancing at this book, no one has given it even one star.

I find this kind of hard to believe, because the book is amazing. Amazing that one person could have not only thought these things but had the audacity to write them down for posterity.

I read a good chunk of this in it's original German form. It was assigned to us in high school as a "get as far as you can stomach" sort of read. I admittedly skimmed most of it, and cringed at the bits I did read.

But as I had an idea for an altered book project, I decided to suck it up and read it.

Hitler certainly was not a big fan of personal responsibility, let's put it that way. His parents were at fault when he was unhappy as a child, his teachers were at fault for his doing badly in school... the democracies of the world were at fault for Germany losing the first world war, along with the socialists, and of course- the Jews.

His whole jail stay in the first place was a joke. He plays it off as one of his "struggles", but in reality his jail cell was as much of a hardship as Walden was a remote wilderness.

All I could think of, in the short bursts I managed to read, was how everyone I've ever known of saying "Oh, but he was so charismatic!" I've seen "Triumph of the Will", I've read his book. The guy was a nutjob. You'd lock your car door if he passed.

Seriously, gimme a break.

It's a difficult read. I hesitate to call it nationalistic as others have- there are people who are dedicated to their country without being so maddeningly accusatory.

The only thing I find striking is the fact it was written before he became Fuhrer... and yet people didn't see him coming.
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June 25, 2019
الغرب والامبريالية العالمية مثلما سيروا افكارنا وفقا لمفاهيمهم الاستهلاكية والمنحرفه يريدون ايضا ان نبني مشاعرنا وفقا لاهوائهم فهم يريدوننا ان نحب اعداءنا ومغتصبي اراضينا المقدسه لانهم اصدقاءهم كما يريدوننا ان نعادي كل من يعادي اصدقاءهم يعني هم ببساطة بعدما شبعوا من مرحلة استعمار الاراضي واستعمار الافكار انتقلوا الان الى مرحلة استعمار المشاعر
نصيحة : قيموا الشخصيات التاريخية وفقا لقناعاتكم التي يجب ان تبنى وفقا للمعطيات وليس كما تصنعها الاجهزة الدعائية
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December 6, 2018
‎دوستان گرانقدر... چنانچه برایِ مطالعۀ یک کتاب در بخشِ زندگینامه و تاریخ فرصتِ کافی دارید.. خواندنِ این کتاب را از دست ندهید... اگر بدونِ پیش فرض در موردِ هیتلر و سیاستهایش بیاندیشید و پژوهش نمایید، این پرسش در ذهنِ شما ایجاد میشود که آیا این همان هیتلری است که از سویِ یهودیان و انگلیسی ها، این همه تبلیغاتِ گسترده انجام شده تا ثابت کنند انسانی قاتل و جانی بوده است!!... بله .. دوستانِ عزیزم... این مردِ بزرگ مانندِ تمامیِ انسانها اشتباهاتی نیز داشته، و زیان هایی برای انسانیت در رفتار و تصمیماتش دیده شده است... ولی خدماتی نیز در بینِ کارهایش به چشم میخورد و از همه مهمتر برایِ سرزمینش شخصیت را خرید و نگذاشت تا درسِ میهن پرستی از یادِ مردمانش پاک شود و به آنها آموخت تا هیچگاه زیرِ بارِ ستم نروند
‎هدفِ من، دادگاهی کردنِ «هیتلر» نیست... ولی فراموش نکنید که هیتلر فقط و فقط میهن پرستی قابلِ ستایش بوده که زیر بارِ زور نرفته است و حاضر به نابود کردن و تکه پاره کردنِ سرزمینش توسطِ کشورهایِ دیگر (نیاز به نام بردن از این کشورها نیست) نبوده است... پس از جنگِ جهانی اول، هیتلر و دیگر مردمانِ آلمان، نباید تقاصِ تصمیماتِ اشتباهِ ویلهلمِ دوم یا همان آخرین قیصرِ آلمان را میدادند.. کافیست خود را جایِ هیتلر میگذاشتید و میدید که سرزمینتان را عده ای لاشخور برایِ یکدیگر تقسیم کرده اند.. چه واکنشی انجام میدادید؟
‎هیتلر، پس از مرگِ پدر و مادرش، از راهِ نقاشی هزینهٔ زندگی را بدست می آورد. با آغاز جنگ جھانیِ اول، به اندازه ای خاکِ سرزمینش برایش اهمیت داشت که به سرعت به ارتشِ آلمان و ھنگ باواریا پیوست. او در نبرد ھای مختلفی در جبههٔ غرب شرکت کرد و به درجهٔ سرجوخگی رسید.. او دو بار در جنگ زخمی شد و تا مرزِ نابینا شدن نیز رفت و آنقدر شجاعت و دلاوری از خویش نشان داده بود که شش نشانِ جنگی دریافت نمود.. نشانِ صلیبِ آھنین درجه یک، یا همان مدالِ شجاعت، مهمترین مدالِ او بود که تا آخرِ عمر بر گردنش بود
‎پس از آنکه در جنگ جهانی اول، برایِ آخرین بار زخمی شد، در بیمارستان بستری گردید.. در همان بیمارستان بود که خبرِ شكستِ آلمان او را بسیار پریشان کرد و تلخ ترین خبر برایش همین خبرِ شکستِ سرزمینش بود...او سیاستمداران را دلیلِ اصلى اين شكست مى دانست و به همین سبب به جمهوریِ وایمار نیز اعتماد نداشت و آنها را دست نشاندهٔ آمریکایی ها و انگلیسی ها میدانست، که البته اشتباه نیز نمیکرد.... به همین سبب بود که هیتلر، پس از جنگ واردِ حزبِ کارگرانِ آلمان شد که پس از مدتی با تلاشِ هیتلر این حزب بسیار بزرگ شد و همگان آن را با نامِ حزبِ ناسیونال سوسیالیسمِ آلمان شناختند.. آنها دست به یک كودتا زدند كه شکست خورده و به زندان افتادند و در زندان نوشتنِ این کتاب، یعنی "نبردِ من" را آغاز نمود. که بعدها به کتابِ مقدسِ نازیها تبدیل شد
‎ در سالِ 1933 ژنرال ھیندنبورگ، رئیس جمهورِ آلمان، ھیتلرِ بزرگ را به عنوانِ صدراعظمِ آلمان برگزيد و اين آغازِ پیشرفتِ آلمان بود و هیتلر توانست وضعِ سیاسی و اقتصادیِ آلمان را بسیار بهبود بخشد
‎اتریشی ها که پس از جنگ از آن بزرگی و شهرتشان دیگر خبری نبود، به سرعت هیتلرِ باهوش را شناخته بودند و رأی به پیوستنِ کشورشان به آلمان را دادند و مردم علاقهٔ زیادی به منجیِ جدیدشان هیتلر داشتند و میدانستند این مردِ بزرگ و میهن پرست، زیرِ بارِ عهدنامهٔ ننگین و ستمکارانهٔ ورسای نخواهد رفت و همینگونه نیز شد و هیتلر این عهدنامه را زیر پا لگد کرد و سرزمینش را از بدبختی نجات داد و این برایِ روباه صفتهایی همچون انگلیس، فرانسه و شوروی و آمریکا، تحملش بسیار سخت بود و این آغازی برایِ جنگ جهانی دوم بود
‎ای کاش مردمِ سرزمینِ ما، آلمانی ها را الگویِ خود در میهن پرستی و عشقِ به سرزمین، قرار میدادند، بارها سرزمینشان ویران شد، ولی هربار با تلاش آن را بنا کردند، و جالب اینجاست که هر بار بهتر از بارهایِ دگر آلمان را ساختند و روز به روز با کوشش و تلاشِ خود، گام در راهِ موفقیت و دستیابی به دانشِ بشری برداشته و سرزمینشان را تبدیل به آلمانی نمودند که امروزه شاهد آن هستیم.. این تلاش و پشتکار را هیتلر در رگهایِ مردمانِ آلمان، تزریق نمود
‎امیدوارم از خواندنِ این کتاب لذت ببرید
‎<پیروز باشید و ایرانی>
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January 13, 2012
انا بكره كتب السيرة الذاتية بكرها بشكل مبالغ فيه

فما بالك بهتلر؟

حلاوة الكتاب دا للي قرائه يعني انه يرحمنا

من الجمل العبيطة المنتشرة مصحوبة بصورته عن مدي كرهه لليهود

وانه كان ممكن يقتل اليهود بس ساب حبة علشان نعرف ليه عمل معاهم كدا

هتلر بالصلاة ع النبي كدا

كان عنصري بكل بساطة كان بيكره اي حد بره عن المانيا وكل شئ بره جزء من الالمان كمان
كا�� بيحتقر الديانات كلها
ذوي البشر السوداء , المعاقين كان يكرهم

لما كان بيقتل كان بيقتل الكل
مش اليهود بس

وعلي فكرة اليهود اهل كتاب ملحوظة بتوهه ف الزحمة
فيه فرق ما بين الصهيوينية و اليهودية
لكن اننا نفرح ونقول ونمصص شافيفينا
يا سلام
راجل يا هتلر

والجو دا ف دا غباء مطلق
الرجل مات و ف رقبته الملايين من الجثث

الكتاب نموذج للنرجسية
والاراء المتعصبة لكل شئ
انا وبس
ملاك مش بيغلط
ايوه وديت المانيا ف داهية
ايوه بكره الناس كلها
واعرف اعمل اي شئ ومحدش يعرف معايا شئ علشان انا مستبد
وظالم وقاتل

تحسه عاوز يقول لنا

ابوكو كلكو

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November 21, 2013


بدا��ة الكتاب اسمه كفاحي....لذلك قبل ما اقراه توقعت ان هتلر كتبه في نهاية حياته قبل ما ينتحر

وبيوصف كل اللي مر بيه واللي حققه من وجهة نظره
فاكتشفت ان الكتاب ده اتكتب قبل ما يصبح هتلر رئيس

وبيتكلم معظم الكتاب ماعدا اخر 100 صفحة فقط عن احلامه وتفكيره واراءه السياسية...وفي اخر 70 صفحة بيوصف نجاحه في الخطابة ونجاح حزبه...بس مش اكتر
فده خنقني اوي قولت طب ليه سماه كفاحي؟. ماكان سماه احلامي ولا افكاري ولا عقيدتي ....

اول جزء من الكتاب لما تقراه تخليك تحس ان هتلر كان ذكي جدا وله نظرة ثاقبة في حاجات كتير...وتفضل تتساءل طب ايه اللي خلاه يتحول الى هذا الوحش الطاغية....
لحد ما توصل للفصل اللي بيوصف فيه عقيدته العنصرية والتفوق العرقي للعرق الاري...تقول في نفسك اها هو ده السبب....

اغرب الامور ان في بعض الناس بتمجد هتلر خاصة من العرب لمجرد انه بيكره اليهود...فعلا كرهه لليهود كان رهيب في الكتاب ولا كأن جوز امه كان يهودي ولا حاجة ههههههه

بس الفكرة انك لما تتعمق في فكر هتلر حتلاقي ان هتلر بيكره اي عرق مختلف...اي حد مش الماني....الفكرة انه بيكره اليهود لانهم متفوقين ولانهم سيطروا على كل حاجة....لكن لو كان اي حد تاني مكان اليهود عنده نفس القوة كان حيكرهه برضه.....هتلر شايف نفسه اعلى من الكل....ودي نكتة في حد ذاتها
ليه....لانه كره في اليهود الحاجة اللي هو عملها بالضبط....يعني كره فيهم سيطرتهم على العالم في حين انه كان بيطمح لده...كره فيهم تفكيرهم انهم شعب الله المختار في حين انه صاحب اكبر فكرة عنصرية في التاريخ وان عرقه هو الاعلى والاقوى...

الموضوع عامل زي ما يكون...حرامي كره واحد عشان بيسرق!!
طب ما انت بتعمل كدة يا عمنا الحج.....

في جمل كتير قالها هتلر استوقفتني عندها ومنها اللي عجبني ومنها اللي نفرني...

- كان بيقول ان الافضل للواحد ما يقررش اتجاهه السياسي قبل سن الثلاثين....عشان ماياخدش موقف يرجع فيه فيخسر مناصريه...فكرة عجبتني..
- بيقول لو عندك اعداء كتير ركز في العدو الألد....وحاربه بكل ماعندك...واتصالح مع الاعداء التانيين الثانويين حتى لو حتقدم تنازلات....فكرة مش بطالة....
- بعض الجمل التانية كانت مؤلمة زي فكرة اقصاء اي حد اقل من العرق الاري وتسخريه لخدمة الاقوى...والجملة اللي بيقول فيها ان الشخص اللي بيحمل جينات مرض معين المفروض مايتجوززش ولا يخلف عشان ماينقلش مرضه لاولاده....الحقيقة فكرة آلمتني اوي...بغض النظر على انها صح او غلط.,...

سر نجاح هتلر من وجهة نظري ممكن اي حد يكتشفه لما يتفرج عليه وهو بيخطب حتى من غير ما يفهم هو بيقول ايه....حركاته وتعبيرات وشه اللي تحسسك انه خلاص حيطقله عرق.....الفكرة في انفعاله اللي بيدي مصداقية كبيرة للي بيقوله عند المستمع....لانه الخطيب العقلاني بيكون رتيب وممل....اللي بيتكلم ويقول كلام انت بتبقى شاكك انه مقتنع بيه او حينفذه.....انما لو اتفرجت على هتلر وهو بيدافع عن فكره باستماتة وبيتكلم عنه بكل جوارحه....حتحس على الاقل ان ده شخص حينفذ كل كلمة بيقولها فعلا حتى لو كانت غلط!

• باساءل لو كان هتلر ما انتحرش كانت حتكون ازاي مجريات التاريخ؟....هل ماكنتش حيفرق خالص لانه كدة كدة خسر ولو ماكنتش انتحر كانوا قتلوه؟ ولا كان حيغير حاجة ؟ مش عارفة بجد...

بس ده اللي كنت عاوزة اقوله...لكن الكتاب كان ممل في اجزاء كتير والترجمة ماعجبتنيش

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February 26, 2019
بالاخره خوندن کتاب نبرد من رو تموم کردم،
شاید برای من که در شرقی ترین قسمت آلمان در حال خوندن (گوش دادن)این کتاب بودم خیلی از مطالب این کتاب قابل لمس تر بود اما حتی همکاران و دوستان آلمانی من هم تعجب میکردن که من مشتاق خوندن این کتاب هستم و وقتی از طرفداران این کتاب و آمار بالای خوندنش در ایران براشون میگفتم، براشون عجبیب بود. چون همشون این آدم رو سایکو و مریض میدونن و میگن هرچقدر فکرها و هدف های خوبی داشته توجیه اون همه سلاخی و جنای�� و کشتار برای آدما نمیشه. ونکته ی جالب اینه که فروش این کتاب در آلمان و هلند ممنوعه اما این که چرا در ایران این همه آمار چاپش بالاس قابل تامله...
اما چیزی که جالبه اینه که هنوز هم هر ازچندگاهی دسته ای از آدم هارو اینجا میبینم که به حمایت از نازیها تظاهرات میکنن و همچنان اندیششون وجود داره! از همه ی ملیت ها به جز آلمانی ها متنفرن و خواهان خروج همه ی خارجی ها از کشورشون هستن. درسته که بسیار در اقلیت هستن و از دید همه منفورن! اما وجود دارن…
و من خودم میخواستم عینک بدبینی رو بردارم و اصلا ببینم این آدم چی میخواسته که عده ای حتی مردم کشور خودم همچنان بر این باورن که کار درستی کرده! راستش اوایل کتاب من همش درحال تمجید از آرمان ها و شخصیتش شده بودم و به حق خیلی از اندیشه هاش برای نجات بشر درست بود اما اندیشه های بد و ضد دموکراسی و برتر دونستن نژادش سنگینی کرد! شاید اگر در زمان مناسب تری در کنار آدمهای مناسب تری قرار میگرفت میتونست با هدف های خوبی که داشت به نحوی دیگر به بشر کمک کنه.
اما من از جهانی که دیدم،یاد گرفتم که دیگه دسته بندی خوب ها و بدها رو تو ذهنم نداشته باشم و دیگه اینو میدونم که هیچ آدمی سفید مطلق و سیاه مطلق نیست.همه خاکستری هایی هستن که میشه نقاط خوبشون رو دید و ازشون آموخت...!
راستش در ابتدا بسیار جذاب و در اواسط کتاب تبدیل به یکی از خسته کننده ترین کتاب های عمرم شد.
چند نکته ای که حین خوندن کتاب یادداشت کردم رو اینجا میزارم تا اگه همیشه دوست داشتین این کتابو بخونین و تاحالا نشده،کمی بافضای فکریش آشنا شین.
-قبل از شورش آلمان،فرانسه رویای گرفتن آلمان رو داشت و اوضاع کشور به خودی خود افتضاح بود.
-هیتلر متولد یه شهر مرزی در اتریش بود و نه آلمان!
-در نوجوانی پافشاری زیادی به نقاش شدن داشت و پدرش بسیار لجباز بود و نمیذاشت وارد این رشته بشه اما در آخر این کارو کرد و برای مدتی شغلش نقاشی بود.
-یک معلم تاریخ خیلی خوب در مدرسه داشتن که طوری روی دانش آموزها تاثیر میگذاشته که موقع تعریف هر درس همگی گریه میکردن سر کلاس. از همونجا به تاریخ آلمان و اتریش علاقه مند میشه
-با وجود فقر فراوان و ناتوانی در خرج هزینه های اولیه زندگیش برنامه ی منظمی در کتاب خوندن داشت و هرروز عصر کتاب میخوند و لای همون کتاب ها متوجه میشه آلمان دوتا دشمن داره. مارکسیست و یهودیت!

-نظرش درمورد اینکه چرا افراد طبقه ی ضعیف هیچ احساسی به ملت و کشورشون ندارن : از دوران خردسالی فرد با دعوای پدر و مادرش به خاطر پول بزرگ میشه،در خونه هیچ چیزی یاد نمیگیره و تنها مکانی که ممکنه در اون چیزی یاد بگیره،یعنی مدرسه،همیشه توسط افراد خانوداش مسخره میشه و مقام های مدرسه هم در ذهن فرد بی ارزش گماشته میشن.در نتیجه با همین حس دوگانگی و نفرت بزرگ میشه و در آخر هم هیچ حس تعلق و میهن پرستی ای درونش شکل نمیگیره.
-نظر منفیش نسبت به یهودی ها بسیار عجیبه اما.در اون زمان در وین حزب صهیونیست یهودی ها فعال بوده و هیتلر در شهر وین راه میرفته و مردم یهودی رو میدیده و از افکار، بوی بدشون ،سنت ها ولجبازیشون در بحث ها نفرت میورزیده. به قدری تو نخشون بوده که حتی زبان یهودی ها رو یاد میگیره و سعی میکنه در بحث هاشون در کافه ها به زبان خودشون حرف بزنه و هرچقدر بیشتر میشناختتشون از عقایدشون متنفر تر میشه و براش عجیب بوده که همشون بلا استثنا مثل هم فکر میکردن و استاد سفسطه کردن در بحث ها بودن.
-به نظرش آدم ها تا قبل ۸۰ سالگی نباید وارد عرصه ی سیاست بشن و نظر بدن چون همچنان خامن! (منتها نمیدونم چرا خودش رو از این قاعده مستثنا دیده 😅)
-مخالف سرسخت دموکراسی بوده و به نظرش دموکراسی پوشالی و ادامه ی مارکسیسته! و فقط باید امپراطوری در حکومت ها وجود داشته باشه.به نظرش توده ی مردم توانایی اینو ندارن تشخیص بدن کدام سیاست مدار راهش درسته ، همیشه گول میخورن و در انتخابات ،اونی که بهتر گولشون میزنه رو به یاری مطبوعات انتخاب میکنن ( آشنا نیست؟!🤔)
-به نظرش کثیف ترین کار ممکن تلفیق دین و سیاسته و در هرجای کره ی زمین اگر چنین چیزی عملی بشه عده ای در حال سواستفاده هستن.
-هرکس میخواهد آلمان را بشناسد باید مونیخ را بشناسد.(با این حساب منم بعد از یک سال زندگی تو آلمان حتی هنوز مونیخ رو ندیدم پس منم آلمان رو نمیشناسم☹️ )

-یکی از پروژه های عجیب و مزخرفش این بوده که انسان های متولد شده با معلولیت اجازه ی تولید نسل نده چون نسل بشر به این آدم های ناقص احتیاجی نداره!و بیمارهای خیلی سخت مثل سفلیس رو هم باید بکشن چون شاید برای اونا سخت باشه اما نسل بعدی رو کمک میکنه
-در صلح دایمی انسان به جایی نمیرسه، در جنگ و پیکاره که آدم ها پیشرفت میکنن! (این علاقش به جنگجویی هم آدم رو یاد برخی دیکتاتورها میندازه.)

-موافق ازدواج زود هنگام و قانونی کردنشه و بخش عظیم و حوصله سربری از کتاب رو به این اختصاص داده. (بازم چه آشنا)
-و فاجعه ی هولوکاست هم بی شک فجیع ترین کاریه که در این راستا انجام شده...

با خوندن این نکات علاقه مند به خوندن کتاب شدید؟ اما من این توصیه رو نمیکنم و این نکاتو طی مدت ها تحمل کردن کلی اراجیف دیگه جمع کردم پس اگر قصد خوندن کتابو دارید حواستون باشه که من هشدار دادم ممکنه خسته شین…
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February 13, 2017
Being German, I first read it at the age of 15 or so, the copy my grandparents were given for their wedding in 1942. I did not understand everything at the time, in particular some of the allusions to the parliament, but I understood well enough and could not believe what I was reading. In Germany it is not easy to get a copy, I think, but for me this was and is a must-read. Hitler wrote it when no one believed he would ever be in a position to do all this nasty stuff - but then, when he was, he actually did exactly what he had said he would - creepy.

So, as Jame put it in his comment: Read it "as psychology", "in historical context" and "with perspective", but read it.
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March 8, 2017
i HATE writing negative reviews but this one is the exception. i started reading this book a week ago and couldn't bring myself to finish it. so Why one star? Because everything about it is HORRIBLE. The writing style (translation), his ideas are just disturbingly fascinating, Bigotry at its best! i picked up this book thinking "it's time to hear his side of the story, his perspective." Let me be clear, Reading this book doesn't make me a "Nazi fan" or "Neo Nazi" i'm just a human driven by curiosity.

For a Long time i have been told to hate Hitler, (how can i not to when it’s shoved down my throat 24/7 ),Which by the way i don't (Gasp!!!). i condemn his actions and i hate his bigoted dangerous ideology, but i don't hate him as a human being. Hitler was once a boy who wanted to be a painter. He wasn't born evil. He gradually become evil with time. Also, Hitler was actually loved by his own people. Say what you want to say about him. He was a strong leader who knew how to run a damn empire!

Even Hitler’s opponents cannot deny that his party members not only believe fanatically in the Führer, but also love him passionately, honor him so much that dozens died for him, smiling and with his name on their lips. As Führer, Adolf Hitler stands far above us all, but as a person he is as our father or bother. -Tatsachen und Lügen um Hitler

Long story short, if your kid wants to be a painter or a song writer, Save the humanity and let them fucking be.
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August 11, 2015
I don't actually intend to read this book, just to share the following passage from Volume 4 of Kasparov's My Great Predecessors. Bobby Fischer and Samuel Reshevsky at the 1970 Interzonal in Palma de Mallorca:
During the tournament they could sometimes be seen, leisurely walking along, peacefully chatting, little Sammy and tall Fischer. An idyllic picture: an orthodox Jew and an extremist who praised Mein Kampf. Later Reshevsky explained: 'He has his views, I have my views. It didn't bother me. I tried to make him see the light. I didn't succeed, but I tried.'
One of the most extraordinary things about Fischer was that almost all his colleagues in the chess world genuinely liked and respected him. He was a unique person.
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