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What You Wish For

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Never Stop Wishing.

Maggie begins to experience her alternate life in another dimension, and she's forced to confront the reality of marriage to a man she loves versus the impossible man she's fallen in love with.

After secrets from her past surface, both of Maggie's realities are threatened, and as the truth of her past comes to light, she must decide which man she truly loves and which life she wants to live. But the choice might not even be hers to make.

410 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 1, 2015

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About the author

Gina Wynn

15 books119 followers
From a magical land of castles and kings (Okay, it’s England), Gina doesn’t feel as old as she looks, owns three children who can’t be tamed, and writes in spare – usually stolen – time. She sometimes bakes—not always with quite the desired results, and has found the only solution to keeping the characters in her head quiet is to placate them with lots of other lovely books and worlds. She has been published by Decadent Publishing, who currently have two of her books, both of which are romance titles – “Her Dollmaker’s Desire” and “Her Undercover Christmas”.

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51 reviews
May 28, 2017
Four and half stars ....well written, loved the storyline ...until it abruptly ended. I really needed an epilogue or something to cement that everything was permanent??? At this point, I can only hope and assume that Will will hang around...was there a magic phrase...I chose you...willpower over a pulling to make the headache stop...at this point who knows...the ending just left to many loose ends. What about Haggie? Is she dealt with? Or is she tormenting Mr. Brian???
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29 reviews17 followers
April 30, 2017
Review by Annie For Teaser Addicts Book Blog

Let me start by saying that I do not usually read Contemporary Romances because in MY Opinion (and that's just me) they tend to always be the same in the end and they are just not "my" kind of read, so when I agreed to read and review this one I had BIG expectations and wanted something that was least that was "good"!

Shame on me! Gina definitely snuck up on me with this one! It Was Great!

Right from the beginning you jump right into Maggie's world and that caught me by surprise. Most books tend to start really slow and sometimes drag you along, not this one!

The story , the characters, the Writting, all the elements in this book were reunited to make a great book and Gina really nailed it!

The story is about, What If? What if you choose the right path of your life, what would of happened if you had choose the left one instead? How different would your life be?

This book will make you think of your own "What If's" while you get transported to a world of possibilities and dreams. Maggie will endear you and you will become her as the story develops.

I cried, I laughed and I got anxious while I LIVED in this book. I would of read it all in one reading not being able to put it down, if my "Real" life wasn't still happening.

I LOVED this book so hard that as soon as I finished reading it, the first question I asked the Author was:

I want a signed Copy RIGHT NOW, how do I get it? And I only buy the books that I LOVE BIG TIME in Paperback. I will re-read this book over and over again am sure.

Thank you Gina for giving us readers (Sorry Ladies Will And Mr. Brian Are Mine Though😅)
Maggie's story and her world of What We Wish For...

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a great book filled with love, lost and hope.
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2,814 reviews148 followers
June 6, 2017
This story is certainly different; I liked how the book was written in two different time dimensions. It is a love triangle, of sorts between Maggie Forrester, her husband Jake Forrester and her boss Will Brian who lives in another dimension. I found this a heart-warming story, if at times somewhat confusing and difficult to keep up with. It took me a while to get into as I had to get my head around going between the two dimensions, but once I got into it, I really enjoyed it.

The love Maggie Forrester has for her husband in one dimension and then her boss Will Brian in another dimension, made it a really exciting read. It is set in the 1980s and the present days;Maggie can go from one dimension to another when she gets a migraine headache. The first time it happened she woke up naked in her boss’s bed. Will Brian thinks of her as his wife because when Maggie jumps over to Will's world she trades places with his wife Haggie. She doesn't know how long she will be there with him before she returns home to her husband Jake. Maggie works at the "Brian Corp" for Will Brian in her husband’s dimension. Jake has his own landscaping business that keeps him busy but he does begin to notice something isn't right with Maggie.

Gina Wynn did a good job writing this book; it’s the first book I have read from her but it won’t be the last. It was quite a difficult read keeping up with the story line but the story was unique and it did keep my attention.
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378 reviews7 followers
May 26, 2017
What You Wish For drew me in right from the start. After reading the synopsis I knew that there would be some back and forth and I would need to concentrate if I wanted to follow the story. I read it from front to back in one sitting.

I was hooked from the first time Maggie switched places. The best part was working through all of the unfolding.

I really didn't know what to think of Jake. He seemed like an idiot...just another man who has a great woman but doesn't realize it. But I think that aspect is what made it so easy to support Maggie when she was with Will.

I totally loved how perceptive Will was. He was definitely paying attention...it's one of the things that makes men so attractive to women...how much they notice and what they do with that information. Will was on it...right from the beginning and I was rooting for Will the whole time.

The author did a great job with the suspense factor. There were several areas where I thought Maggie was going to do one thing, but then she surprised me by doing something completely different.

I would have liked just a little more intensity, but was not disappointed in the end.

I will definitely be following this author in the future.
1,101 reviews1 follower
July 25, 2017
This book has one of the more interesting premises.

The beginning started off a little slow for me, but to be fair – you’d freak out too if you woke up naked in your boss’ bed with no recollection of how you got there. Eventually the story gripped me to the point that I couldn’t put it down – I had to know what happens with Will and Maggie.

Unfortunately - I didn’t feel that it resolved everything. Not sure I ever completely trusted Jake; is there truly a HEA? However, it was still an intriguing and interesting read despite the lingering questions.

The going back and forth could be a little confusing, so you’ll want to read this when you have few interruptions.

I really enjoyed the unique premise for a romance novel and the timeline was not what I was expecting – so that was an unexpected surprise.

Here’s hoping that Maggie does truly achieve her HEA with the man she truly is in love with.

I voluntarily reviewed this book after requesting it from the publisher.
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2,114 reviews20 followers
June 8, 2017
Maggie and Jake have been close since childhood. During the course of their marriage, Maggie tends to have migraine issues. Are these migraines the source of her time travel?
Iceman Will Brian is Maggie's stern boss. In her time travel back to the 80s, she ends up in bed with Will on several occasions. She shares her intermost secrets that she has never shared with anyone else.
Torn between two men, Maggie must  decide whether she stays with Jake, the man she loves or with Will, the man she's in love with.
What You Wish For grabbed me from the first  page.  Waking up in your boss' bed in another dimension instead of with your husband. Wow! This well-written story kept me on intrigued with it's twists and turns in time travel, never knowing when you would travel back into another dimension or for how long.  I would definitely recommend this book.
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584 reviews8 followers
May 9, 2017
This is the first book by Gina Wynn that I have read and I had no idea what to expect. This book is well written and detailed. Now for me this book was very confusing. Almost like being in the twilight zone. I found myself needing a score card to help me remember who Maggie was with, whose bed she woke up in, where she was... When I got to chapter ten I decided to go back to the beginning and start over. Rereading did help some. I have read several books that dealt with parrallel dimensions (timelines), but this one left me feeling confused and frustrated.
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Author 18 books1 follower
September 4, 2015

Spoiler Alert

There are books which provide entertainment and you soon forget them as you go onto the next. That's not bad, they're there for your pleasure. Then there are books that stay with you, ones you think about while you're doing other things, ones that take you into another life, that seem so real you can almost taste and touch them. This is one of those books! Brilliantly written! I have to say a masterpiece.

There are so many twists and turns in this book, I really didn't know what to expect. I was rooting for Maggie, for Will, for Jake. I usually don't like a book with adultery. I'm a bit of a traditionalist, but the way this book was written just hooked me. I couldn't stop reading it and wanted to know what was going to happen. I felt really bad for everyone in this story - their suffering and what they went through. In some ways, in many ways, I didn't agree with Maggie and her actions, but I had to give this book a 5 star as it's so brilliantly written. It really gets you thinking! It's gets you wondering about marriage and working through issues. It's realistic (despite the fantasy aspect). I have to say, I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending in the beginning but it grew on me as I pondered it. I believe in working through issues in a marriage, but I also see how she was flung into this alternate reality and love was thrust upon her. What a fascinating concept! And life is a lot messier than our ideals. This book shows that.

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 10 books51 followers
October 31, 2015
I'm still in the grieving process of when you finish a book and you wish you'd read just a little bit slower so it would never really end. Loved the concept, but the shining star for this book was the complexity of each character. Endearing with just the right amount of being flawed so that sometimes you wanted to scream at them, but mostly you just wanted to love them, and have them find the love they deserved. With all the twists, I couldn't keep straight which happy ending I actually wanted, which is incredibly rare for a romance (usually same old happy ending, which isn't bad, but pretty predictable all the same.) I finished it a couple of days ago, and I still can't stop thinking about it- another rarity for romance. And I love a good romance, but they don't usually stick with me the way this one has. If you liked The Time Traveler's Wife, you should definitely pick this one up, but don't make the same mistake I did. Savour this, because trust me, you'll want it to never end too.
Author 24 books26 followers
December 26, 2015
Maggie is forced to make choices she wouldn't usually make if she wasn't being wished from one reality to another. In each dimension, there is a man--one she falls in love with and shares her innermost secrets, and one she loves and has loved all her life. As she realizes the difference between loving someone and being in love with them, her choices only get harder. She is forced to choose between everything she ever wanted and could never have, and giving parts of her life she doesn't know if she can live without.

This book is smart and funny with romance and a hero that makes the heart all a flutter. It is complex, but easy to read. Written from across the pond, this book explores the two worlds of one woman and how her secrets coming to light can only make her stronger.
February 10, 2016

I was quickly drawn in yet I was as confused as Maggie for the first couple of chapters, I loved the concept and enjoyed jumping from dimension to dimension, An endearing tale of love lost and found in which she finds 2 men, A man she loves and has loved all her life and a man she is in love with, As she realises the differences between them she also realises she must make a decision with whom she wants to spend her life with and that means giving up parts of her life that she doesn't know if she can . An awesome,funny,complex,romantic read that left me wanting more
Profile Image for Jennifer Senhaji.
Author 6 books164 followers
January 9, 2016
A fantastic read. A bit confusing in the first couple of chapters until the reader catches on to the parallel timelines occurring is this piece of art. With a nod to Sliding Doors, this unique storyline keeps the reader enthralled at every turn. Great tension and a touching story of love lost and found, the message of finding and living as your true self, the one that makes you most happy, burns bright. Although the end wrapped a bit too quickly for me, I gobbled up this story and the excellent writing. Well done.
Profile Image for Tracy W (Tracy&HelensRomanceBlog).
298 reviews56 followers
May 25, 2017
What Twist and Turns!!!

An unknown author contacted me to read her book, from reading the blurb it sounded such a interesting story....what can I say but WOW!!! At first it took me a few chapters to follow the story but once I got my head round it I was hooked.....the story was so different to what I normal read but I would recommend to anyone!!

The characters all where brilliant....I got my wish at the end with who Maggie got with!! I don't want to spoil the story but just want to say I think it's a read for anyone, if definitely wasn't what I expected at all, it blew me away at times. Have you ever wondered in life what the other person of yourself is doing in the world.....well Maggie gets to have a taste of this.....is so amazing to read how she can swap from world to another!!

Well done Gina on a wonderful book. Definitely 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me. X
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845 reviews2 followers
August 12, 2019
What You Wish For is a story you have to follow relatively closely as it shifts, twists and turns. Various tidbits of information reveal aspects that bind this seemingly abstract tale together. Enjoyable to read and food for thought.
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