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The Magpie Society #1

The Magpie Society

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Quand une des élèves de la prestigieuse Illumen Hall boarding school est retrouvée morte, une mystérieuse pie tatouée dans le dos, Audrey et Ivy, deux pensionnaires que tout oppose, découvrent un secret terrifiant caché au cœur de leur école à l'apparence si... parfaite.

416 pages, Paperback

First published October 29, 2020

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About the author

Zoe Sugg

13 books4,978 followers
Zoe Elizabeth Sugg also known by her YouTube name Zoella, is an English vlogger, businesswoman and author. Sugg began posting videos to her YouTube channel in 2009, which went on to amass over 10 million subscribers.

In 2014, Sugg signed a three-book deal with Penguin Books, and her debut novel, Girl Online, was published in November 2014, breaking the record for highest first-week sales of a first-time novelist. She has since released a non-fiction book, Cordially Invited, and is currently writing a series of books alongside co-author Amy McCulloch, titled The Magpie Society.

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40 reviews35 followers
November 7, 2020
Not sure who this book is for... It seems tailored to a young audience due to its very simple writing, but then there were swear words here and there.
The only somewhat likeable character is Audrey but she has such little character development throughout the story that she just becomes a boring stereotype.
The pace of the story is very weird, with almost nothing happening in the first half and then too much happening in the last 50 pages, making the ending feel very rushed and incomprehensible.
The plot is boring for the most part, and the one mystery most readers will care about (who is producing the podcast) gets revealed randomly halfway through the book. This makes the second half of the book purposeless and whilst it was easy to read, I didn't know why I was reading and I didn't find it exciting or engaging.
The 2 main characters and how they spoke came across unrealistic and annoying at times. All the characters felt one-dimensional and there wasn't anything particularly interesting about any of them that would make them stand out from being a stereotype teenager.
The writing style generally isn't too bad, but it's nothing incredible either. Some very basic sentences. Some very lazy writing (example: "A voice. Go back to town and call the police" - page 4), but it was overall readable and I didn't spot any spelling or grammar mistakes which is good.
My biggest issue however, is the ending which is a mess. I know this is meant to be a series of books, but nothing of value was explained in the second half of the book. By the end of the story, you don't even know who REALLY killed Lola. I felt a bit cheated.
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122 reviews158 followers
November 20, 2020
Finished this within a day - absolutely LOVED it! I felt like I was right there with the characters and that ending...... OH MY GOD THAT ENDING 😲cliffhanger or WHAT!!?
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1,501 reviews201 followers
February 21, 2021
3.5 Stars


Well that was an enjoyable YA mystery.

I actually liked the characters and thought the story unfolded at an appropriate pace. The slow build up worked for me, as taking the time to build relationships and set the scene is an important part of building a readable series. I think the target audience will enjoy the slight twists and turns, with various characters up for the role of 'dunnit'. I loved the podcast series, although I wish we had been kept in the dark about it's creator for a bit longer. A good addition to a high school library.
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40 reviews10 followers
May 26, 2022
Marketed as a YA mystery the story follows two girls Audrey and Ivy both attending a fancy boarding school in the UK called Illumen Hall, as they navigate the mystery of a student’s death during a party and surviving the everyday torture that is high school.

Audrey is new to the school and carries her own secrets, she is portrayed as superficial and the quintessential American stereotype, love of all things pretty and not too bright. Ivy on the other hand is extremely accomplished bordering on obsessive in her drive to be the best at everything. Both the main characters were lacking in the authentic department and felt very predictable and flat.

The plot of the story is great, a girl tragically dies but someone “VoiceUnknown” releases a podcast that highlights some strange mysteries surrounding her death and investigates the murder much to everyone’s dismay. Most of the student body is not keen on her death being investigated and even some teachers seem oddly concerned like they have something to hide.

While the story is very predictable the secret magpie society keeps the intrigue and mystery alive as the book unfolds and relationships grow. I would not say the book kept me up all night wondering what’s going to happen next, but it was an easy read that reminded me of an episode straight out of Gossip Girl.

The book is written in extremely basic language and is slow to start focusing on the relationships the girls have with other students and teachers at the school. It is clearly written with a sequel in mind as the book ends abruptly leaving readers stranded with what I felt are way too many unanswered questions.

Definitely written with a younger audience in mind as it is very simplistic and easy to follow.
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20 reviews24 followers
October 29, 2020
Just when I thought Zoe Sugg had ghost written yet another book, reading this I actually believe she wrote it (co-wrote). Flat, lifeless, boring and repetitive, enough about the author. This book was not well crafted, not well thought out and certainly not proof read. SMH at Penguin for this one!
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1,151 reviews241 followers
September 26, 2020
Audrey is the new girl at Illumen Hall, a prestigious boarding school a world away from her old life and the memories that haunt her. She’s sharing a room with Ivy, who doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her. It isn’t long before Audrey learns that Lola, one of Illumen Hall’s most popular girls, died recently.

The police have closed their case but there may be more to the story than meets the eye. While the students and staff are still coming to terms with their loss, a new podcast raises the question of whether Lola’s death was an accident, suicide, or something more sinister. It turns out that Audrey isn’t the only one at Illumen Hall that’s keeping a secret.

I probably would have been slightly obsessed with this book if I’d read it when I was 13. I’ve always loved stories set in boarding schools and the mystery of the death of a student, combined with a school that has such a rich history and a potential secret society, would have been all I needed. Even as an adult I found this book easy to get into, but I found myself questioning things that wouldn’t have even registered on my radar as a kid.

The podcast transcripts were an interesting way of building the mystery and introducing theories, although none of them had enough content to last more than a couple of minutes. I had a lot of trouble believing a Detective would discuss any details of a case, no matter how briefly, with an anonymous caller.

A time stamp on a photo is believed to be accurate by the people who see it, with no questions raised about its authenticity. Although there’s nothing in this book to indicate that the time stamp had been fudged, it seemed strange that it wasn’t even a consideration. The resolution in this book that related to the person concerned was too easy for me.

I liked the idea of Ivy and Audrey’s points of view being written by different authors but if I didn’t already know this book was written by two people I never would have picked it. Usually I would think that this was a good thing, as the transitions between chapters felt fairly seamless. However, in this instance, I thought there should have been something obvious about the writing styles to differentiate the girls’ voices.

After the initial mystery was introduced the investigation didn’t move quickly enough for me for much of the book. I didn’t feel the urgency of the investigation. Towards the end of the book the pace picked up and I was really starting to look forward to getting some answers, but then the book just ended. Right in the middle of a scene.

There is a planned sequel, Two for Joy, currently scheduled for release in 2021. I knew ahead of time that this was the first in a series so I suspected I wouldn’t learn the answers to all of my questions here but I don’t feel like I got any of the answers I was seeking. Unfortunately, while I expected to be excited about the answers that will hopefully be revealed in the second book, I’m left frustrated by the lack of resolution.

There’s a website mentioned in the book that I obviously had to look up. The website doesn’t currently exist but perhaps it will by the publication date. Likewise, I tested out an email address but it was undeliverable.
‘I won’t cross the magpies, and the magpies won’t cross me.’
Thank you so much to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Children’s UK for granting my wish to read this book. I’m rounding up from 3.5 stars.

Blog - https://schizanthusnerd.com
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27 reviews1 follower
December 9, 2020
Firstly, I love Zoe. I've been following her for many years, Christmas isn't the same anymore without her Vlogmas, and in a parallel universe I'd love to be her friend.

Now as for the book, I will say I don't read YA and I've never read her other books. I'm closer to Zoe's age so I can't even remember the last time I read a YA novel until now. Maybe the problem with this book is I know this category of fiction isn't for me. Maybe. I do think, however, that just because it's for a younger audience shouldn't mean that it should be allowed to get away with inconsistencies, cut corners, etc as this book does.

Here's a list of things that bothered me while reading:
- Audrey and Ivy chapters are inconsistent.
--For example, in one chapter where they find the secret passage, Ivy suggests that maybe it's from WWII. The chapter ends a page later with her falling through the floor. It switches to Audrey's point of view and she manages to catch Ivy (which, I mean, how?) and then Audrey says, "Do you think it is one of those World War Two shelters that you talked about?" The way that's worded implies she mentioned it a while ago, when she JUST mentioned it a page or two ago, in the same place they are now, moments before she fell.
--Or when Audrey sees Lola's brother in the school and doesn't recognize him at first. But a few chapters before, she's saying he's the most attractive guy she's ever seen, describing his eyes, etc. In what world would you see someone like that and then not be able to tell it's them? There was no description of not being able to see him clearly or anything so it's just odd.
--Another example is towards the end with Ivy picking some hideous dress for the Samhain party. It doesn't fit with the idea of Ivy. She's never been described as homely or nerdy, or unable to pick a nice dress for herself. If the point is just to get her to wear one of Audrey's dresses, write it in a way that it makes sense.
-- When they plot revenge against Teddy for talking to them both at the same time. First, how Audrey would so willingly drop talking to him for a girl that's been nothing but horrible to her is odd. She was just talking about how she was really starting to like him a few pages prior. Then how they suddenly become friends, giggling on Ivy's bed plotting revenge without saying anything about how they've been at odds with each other. THEN, after Audrey has had no intimate or sexual conversation with Teddy, that we've seen, that he'd be waiting for her dressed up as a pirate and in his underwear, again, just doesn't fit. This whole part felt like cutting corners to get to the part where they're friends. I just didn't think it was well though out.
-- Page 300 where Audrey says to Ivy, "I never told you what happened back home have I?" before she tells the story of what happened in Georgia. Obviously not. Obvious to the audience, obvious to the characters. Why write it like that?
-- Why would Lola's brother pay a fifteen year old? I don't get it. He's out of school and older. Surely he would look at a fifteen year old as a little too young to actually find out anything. Cause up a stir with a podcast? Sure. But not actually investigate his sister's death. Maybe I missed something

- The fact that Audrey is American is okay- she doesn't have to be British. But the surface-level idea of what Georgia is like, that she doesn't know what a letter opener is, or what the word tomfoolery means is a little silly. Maybe this is an age thing? Or she's not supposed to be very bright- I don't know. Oh, and the line where she thinks that she's about to have her first "british kiss" made me cringe.
- The characters in general are a little flat. Ivy is a bit more developed but Audrey is frustrating to read. She's a very "basic" rich girl with neglectful parents, who runs away from the consequences of her friend group in Georgia bullying and effectively murdering a girl she deems, even after she's dead, as a nerd. If we're going to experience the story from her point of view, she needs something...more. Her being boy crazy made her...more likable, I guess? But her personality was so one-dimensional and other than defending Clover, she really didn't grow or have any sort of arc.
- The "twists" aren't really twists. Teddy being Theodore was very obvious, as was Mr. Willis the second they mentioned she was seeing an older man. Although, this could just be that the book is too young for me.

Moving on, I did like the entirety of the Magpie Society- finding the birds in the painting, scrounging the library through old books and yearbooks, the pond. All of that was interesting. I wish more of it was threaded through earlier in the book because I feel like it's all pushed together towards the end. Maybe having them discover certain things separately and then come together to have the investigative scenes. Just my opinion. I felt like a lot happened in the second half of the book that could have been spread out a little more. Audrey was too busy pushing the whole Lola thing away for so long when she could have been doing something more interesting.

I haven't mentioned Amy McCulloch yet, but I will do so now. I read on Zoe's blog that Zoe wrote Ivy and Amy wrote Audrey, which having read it, I'm surprised by. Amy McCulloch is an editor at Penguin Random House Children's, so I honestly thought she'd be the better writer, but I found that it was the Audrey chapters that were more sloppy and inconsistent. I'd be interested in reading something written entirely by Zoe- no ghost writers, no co-authors. I thought the Ivy chapters were much better in terms of writing and character- still flawed, but better.

Overall, the writing was...not great. A lot of lines felt sloppy. Language is just as important as plot, no matter if the book is for a 12 year old or a 30 year old. The characters were flat and I felt like some plot lines needed space to breathe but instead were rushed. I enjoyed elements of the story, and if I was 12 or 13, I'd probably love it. Will I read the sequel? Probably but only because I like Zoe and want to support her endeavors.

I hope my review wasn't too harsh. I take every book I read seriously and as much as I like Zoe, I want to write an honest review.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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43 reviews35 followers
February 5, 2020
She cant write by her own right? First a ghost writer then some Art Attack book and now thriller with company cus by her own writing is just too awful.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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81 reviews65 followers
January 8, 2022
Ich habe lange überlegt wie ich dieses Buch beschreiben möchte, weil ich tatsächlich bei dem Klappentext mehr von dem "Geheimbund" erhofft habe, der im Klappentext erwähnt wurde und der kam, tatsächlich, erst Richtung Ende vor, was mich ein wenig enttäuscht hat. Generell beginnt die Handlung eher mit der Einführung und Beschreibung der Figuren und des Internates, sowie deren Gegebenheiten. Dies machte es, zugegeben, teilweise etwas langatmig und auch durchaus stockend, da man den Eindruck bekam, man würde als LeserIn eher die Rolle einer_s Außenstehenden bekleiden.

Es beginnt alles mit einer toten Schülerin, die am Abend einer Party des Internates an Land gespült wird. Dies ist letzten Endes auch der gesamte Aufhänger und es geht, quasi, darum, dieses Geheimnis aufzuklären. War es Mord? Selbstmord? Am Ende des Buches werden auch Rufnummern aufgeführt, was ich sehr gut fand. Dort kann man sich melden, wenn man vielleicht selbst betroffen ist.

Letzten Endes bin ich mit den Figuren (Audrey, die neu ans Internat kommt und Ivy, die dort eigentlich die Beste der Besten werden möchte) zwar nicht ganz warm geworden, doch haben sie echt gute Entwicklungen durchgemacht, die tatsächlich Sinn ergeben, je mehr Hintergrundwissen man hat. Gerade, was Audreys Vergangenheit angeht, die durch das tote Mädchen immer wieder Thema wird und Handlungen hervor ruft, die man nicht immer verstehen kann, wenn man die Vergangenheit erst so spät erfährt.
Dadurch ging zeitweise auch der Spannungbogen schlichtweg verloren, der durch den eingebauten schriftlichen Podcast über den "Tod" des Mädchens jedoch immer wieder gut eingefangen wurde.
Letzten Endes haben mich vor allem die letzten 100 Seiten gepackt, mit denen quasi alles wieder offen ist und Band 1 wirkte auf mich eher wie eine Einführung. Ich bin also seeehr gespannt auf Band 2 und hoffe auf einen Spannungsbogen wie am Ende des Buch.

Fazit: Die Story ist gut, aber nicht überragend und überzeugt eher durch die Moral und das Zwischenmenschliche. Der Spannungsbogen kommt zum Schluss, dann aber wirklich so richtig und macht Lust auf mehr.
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1,290 reviews73 followers
Shelved as 'future-releases'
October 29, 2020
I was interested in reading this, but now I'm just very confused by this book. Is this not available in the US? It seems like it's only been published in the UK. No ebook available here, not even a regular copy of the book. I might just remove this from my tbr then, plus it seems like the author is a Youtube "star" and there was some controversy with her not acknowledging the ghost writer for her last series? Idk.

[previous update] For fans of Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, and One Of Us Is Lying! This sounds so good!
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375 reviews34 followers
November 16, 2020
I could not put this book down. I was really drawn to the characters and the story. This was a nice quick, simple read.

This is a YA but it definitely could aim to a slightly younger audience. The story was a bit predictable at times and the simplicity of it took away from the overall mystery. It didn’t necessarily feel like an “edge of your seat” story since the characters weren’t focused on the mystery at a bunch of points. As an adult, I noticed things I would perceive as not likely to happen, but all of this didn’t bother me. I knew the intended audience of the book once I started reading it and this is written well for said audience.

I wish we had a few answers by the end. There was so much lead up but once the book ends we don’t really have any answers. I hope we get some answers in book 2.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I think a younger audience will absolutely devour this one. I certainly would have. As a slightly older audience member, I’m excited to see where this series goes.
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512 reviews37 followers
January 4, 2023
Characters weren't extremely unique but for a mystery/thriller they were okay. We got to know things about their pasts and it was pretty easy to relate to them. Secondary characters could have been more fleshed out though.

I loved the setting: private schools always have their own vibe and love it. This was really interesting from the beginning and all the time I wanted to know more.

After finishing the book I noticed how little actually happened but how this book still managed to be really pleasurable to read. I enjoyed this book really much!
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301 reviews
November 3, 2020
J'en attendais pas beaucoup et j'ai adoré.
Qu'on se l'avoue, j'avais un peu peur de l'écriture de Zoe Sugg sur un thème/un univers aussi sombre, et j'ai passé ma lecture à le comparer à Truly Devious. Il y a, en effet, plusieurs points communs : ça se passe dans une vieille école, reculée du "vrai" monde et il y a eu un meurtre non résolu à ce jour.

Malgré tous ces points communs, et cette petite voix dans ma tête qui me répétait "TD était un peu plus poussé à ce niveau", "Stevie est meilleure détective", "quoi c'est juste ça le secret?", bah j'ai quand même trop kiffé ma lecture.

Alors, OUI je trouve la fin forte évidente et on arrive à percer quelques mystères pendant la lecture et avant les révélations, mais j'ai adore la dynamique entre les deux personnages principaux (Audrey et Ivy), et les scènes hors mystères/thrillers qui apportent un peu de légèreté aux passages assez lourd d'information. Ca permet de bien faire redescendre la tension de temps en temps.

C'est plus un 4.5/5 qu'un 4 mais malheureusement, on attends toujours les demi étoiles.
Vraiment, par contre, les cliffhangers c'est grave pas pour moi, ça me met sur les nerfs de pas pouvoir savoir ce qu'il se passe LAAA.

Sinon, note à moi même pour dans 1 an quand je voudrais lire le tome 2 et que j'aurais tout oublié :

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433 reviews44 followers
January 22, 2022
Okay - dieses Buch hat mich sowas von gefesselt! Es war von Anfang an richtig spannend, super geschrieben, dass man direkt in einen Lesefluss gekommen ist, und immer wissen wollte wie es weitergeht. Also, so ging es zumindest mir! Ich kann absolut nichts schlechtes über dieses Buch sagen, außer das es jetzt noch knapp einen Monat bis zur Veröffentlichung des zweiten Bandes dauert, und ich einfach unbedingt wissen muss, wie die Geschichte fortgesetzt wird. War schon als Teenager ein Riesen großer „Zoella“ Fan, und verfolge Zoe Sugg immer noch super gerne, daher finde ich es umso toller, dieses Buch von ihr gelesen zu haben. Sie hat hier wirklich etwas großartiges geschaffen! (Und ein kleiner Reminder an mich selbst, dass ich wirklich mehr Thriller lesen sollte - es lohnt sich einfach jedes Mal so sehr!)
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59 reviews6 followers
November 17, 2020
This book was either a hit or miss.

Depends on your preferences. We might differ.

Well there was supposed to be so much going on given the thickness of the book and of course since it was written by two authors, it should’ve given you more.

The stories.
Illumen Hall is an elite boarding school. Tragedy strikes when the body of a student is discovered at their exclusive summer party – on her back is an elaborate tattoo of a magpie.

When new girl Audrey arrives the following term, running from her own secrets back home in America, she is thrown into solving the case. Despite her best efforts to avoid any drama, her new roommate Ivy was close to the murdered girl, and the two of them can’t help but get pulled in.

The two can’t stand each other, but as they are drawn deeper into the mystery of this strange and terrible murder, they will discover that something dangerous is at the heart of their superficially perfect school.

Welcome to The Magpie Society.

Less is more.
There was so much going around this book yet there’s nothing much to offer you.

The story of this book was based on a elite boarding school. A school so old, vintage and victorian but the kids would only learn the normal ordinary stuff. Yet nothing much to reveal the actual subject they’re learning there.

Maybe nothing so special I guess.

A tragic death took place yet there was so minimal suspense and thrilling feeling were caught.

Yet again, nothing so special here.

Andddd, that was it.

Nothing to expect maybe?

I’d loved to see if there’s a hidden agenda, a back-stabbing revelations, interesting study subjects or any secrets to the rusty old school that would make me feel “hook” to keep reading the rest of the book.

Honestly, I had a high expectation for this book.

Reading the quick blurbs, a tragic incident occurred among a high school student, a mysterious death, an unknown magpie markings, a hidden message.

Wow it sure was intriguing. At first.

But the overall stories, wasn’t as interesting as I thought it’s gonna be.

The story was flat and slow. If it was a graph, it would just go static without occurring drastic spikes or curves. Not much climax, minimal intense moments or twisting revelations.

As for a thriller and mystery genre, it as a let down.

The characters was flat and boring as well.

No background stories and just a little developments. Thus it fails to make an attachment for the readers thus it felt empty inside.

At least for me.

Kinda felt like those moments where you just read without any emotional role play took place.

Not to mentioned, I find that the main characters were annoying and irritating. Also I don’t really get the point why they made the characters despise each other at first, then moving on the parts where nothing of that related in the rest of the book.

It should’ve be more drama.

It would be much better if there would be any twist early in the book, the any emotional background stories about the characters and ending it with a much more intense cliffhanger.

That would definitely make me wanting to read the sequel more!

Oh Potter!
One thing that I had spotted on early in my reading was, the Harry Potter references.

I’m not sure whether this was only me, but so much of this book reminded me of the famous wizarding world.

More specifically, Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets.

I mean, the old school, kinda resembles Hogwarts. Lots of high and busy staircases, yes the moving staircases. The boarding houses, the long tables in the main hall, the secrets passageway like the chamber the basilisk was in, a mysterious creature that was well known but no one talks about (magpie = basilisk), the name Dolores, Radcliffe.

There were so much of Harry Potter going on in this book and it provoked me into thinking that this lacks originality(?)

It would be much better if all of those references were taken down, replace it with somewhat new, refreshing, original or at least non-relatable content.

Because, come on, it’s Harry Potter we are talking about here. Of course anyone would noticed the resemblances.

How I wish they would really use the references well and established their own version of non-magical world.

There was a little twist at the end. Which was supposed to keep you hooked and wanting more for the sequel.

I guess the graph kinda spiked a little bit, making a small cliffhanger element presence at least once or twice in the whole book.

But it felt like, they were pushing it. It doesn’t felt real and natural.

Because I know they’ve been dragging the story until the end, and just ended it with a sudden twist.

BUT STILL, I’m pretty curious to know the remaining mysteries regarding who is the culprit and more about this “Magpie Society”.

That would be the reason if I were to grab the sequel, which is coming soon on 2021.

So far, I’d rate this book for a total of 2/5 stars!

Thank you Times Reads for sending me this Review Copy in exchange for an honest and transparent review. This book is available in all bookstores!

p/s : “I am but a mirage, a figment, a fragment, a half finished portrait.”
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272 reviews38 followers
December 4, 2020
I didn’t realise who wrote this book until after I read it, and I wouldn’t have bought it if I’d realised. This was so bad, I had to dnf it.
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2,603 reviews117 followers
January 15, 2021
It's quite a miracle that I didn't end up reading this book BEFORE the buddy read with the Book Box Club girls started. The moment I unwrapped the book I already felt the need to read it, especially since every Amy McCulloch book I've read so far has been quite entertaining and enjoyable. However, I tested my patience and like a good girl I waited for this week to start reading. But once one member of the club raced ahead and finished today, I knew I wanted to follow.

I'm in my thirties right now, but I've grown up with the boarding school books my mom gave me. And this book totally reminded me what I enjoyed so much about them. It already started with the school itself and the atmosphere. It was quite clear that this boarding school is for the elite, for the rich and wealthy. We get detailed, and yet never boring, descriptions of what sounds like a huge castle, with all the secret nooks and hiding places I'd dreamed would be there.

On top of that the book finds a really nice balance between the murder mystery, the who's behind the podcast mystery and the day-to-day drama so typical for teenage girls. Through the eyes of Audrey, the new American girl, and Ivy, the perfect scholarship student, we not only experience the search for answers, but we also see their personalities clash, with each other and with others. Although, the book never just pits girls against girls. At some really crucial moments, the book picks girl-bonding over fights and bullying. It made the story both realistic and inspiring.

It also helps that Audrey and Ivy are two really different girls. Audrey is in every way the typical rich American girl and therefore always feels a little out of a place. Ivy however is a total overachiever, determined to protect the school and everything she has worked for. Both are far from perfect. They have their flaws, they make mistakes and therefore they also feel quite realistic. Maybe they're not the easiest to really like, but especially once they find each other I couldn't help rooting for them.

But, after that finale and after that cliffhanger? I need the second book like...NOW!
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1,052 reviews186 followers
November 17, 2021
Im Mittelpunkt steht hier das mysteriöse Ableben von Lola während der Abschlussfeier im letzten Jahr, denn das Thema ist noch in den Köpfen aller Schüler und dann gibt es plötzlich auch noch einen Podcast, der von Mord spricht.

Audrey ist neu in der Schule und möchte mit diesem Drama eigentlich nichts zu tun haben, kann sich der Sache aber auch nicht entziehen. Ivy ist zielstrebig, arbeitet hart für ihre guten Noten und ist direkt von ihrer amerikanischen Mitbewohnerin genervt. Neben dem Todesfall geht es insbesondere um die Freundschaft zwischen den beiden Mädchen, die trotz ihrer Unterschiede auf einer Wellenlänge sind, und die Entwicklung ihrer Zusammenarbeit fand ich ganz gut umgesetzt.

Alles andere konnte mich aber nicht so richtig packen. Der Podcast war doch ziemlich oberflächlich und auch die mysteriöse Magpie Society konnte kaum Eindruck machen. Sie war einfach nicht präsent genug, um beim Leser die Neugier zu schüren, die die Schüler scheinbar empfanden.

Ich konnte mich nicht so ganz entscheiden, wie ich das Buch bewerten soll, weil es als Jugendbuch ja auch an ein jüngeres Publikum gerichtet ist. Die Altersempfehlung ist aber "ab 14 Jahren" und dafür war es mir dann zu simpel gestrickt und nicht spannend genug. Alles ging nur langsam voran und die vielen Geheimnisse waren auch nicht so interessant. Ich habe schon einige Geschichten mit Schulen bzw. Internaten gelesen, in denen es um Geheimgesellschaften oder Schüler geht, die in einem ernsthaften Fall ermitteln, und in dieser Kategorie hat dieses Buch einfach nicht viel zu bieten und schafft es nicht, Spannung zu erzeugen und zu erhalten.

"The Magpie Society - Die Nächste bist du" geht es um Mordermittlungen, die geheime Magpie Society und andere Mysterien, aber trotzdem ist die Geschichte kaum spannend. Abgesehen von der Freundschaft zwischen den Protagonistinnen Audrey und Ivy können die Beziehungen zwischen den Charakteren nicht überzeugen und die Story blieb ziemlich oberflächlich.
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September 15, 2021
⌛️Ivy jest dziewczyną, która zna te szkołę od podszewki. Zasady, rozgrywki, uczniowie… tak też właśnie myślała..
Audrey jest dziewczyną, dla której to wszystko jest nowe, nieznane i przerażająco podobne do tego co już zna…

🖤Kiedy podczas letniej imprezy ginie uczennica, uczniowie Illumen Hall porażeni są w niewyobrażalnej żałobie, jednak sprawa która została zamknięta na samym początku, ale co jeśli nie wszyscy są do tego przekonani?

🕯Na samym początku powiem, że nie jest to ambitna lektura. Jest to książka młodzieżowa, która w bardzo fajny i naturalny sposób pokazała, jak rodzą się więzy międzyludzkie. Plus! I to ogromny! Że jest to dobrze napisana młodzieżówka, KLIMATYCZNA! (totalny dark academia vibe) bez żadnego wątku miłosnego 🤎
Tajemnica, Przyjaźń i mroczne bractwo… Kto mówi prawdę? I jakie fakty są ukrywane.

🍂Bardzo szybko udało się ją przeczytać. Mamy dwa punkt widzenia (dwie główne bohaterki) plus rozdziały z nagraniami pewnego tajemniczego podcastu, który zostaje ujawniony.
Troszeczkę jakbyśmy połączyli 13 reasons why & Scream.
Moje klimaty! Tym bardziej, cieszę się że coraz częściej dostajemy takie młodzieżówki, które nie są fantastyką, nie mówią o problemach sercowych a przy tym są zabójczo klimatyczne!

Ja przepraszam bardzo!!! Gdzie jest następny tom!
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November 25, 2020
How Not to Write the First Book in a Series 101

There wasn't even enough plot for this book alone (seriously, what happened?? where did the plot go???) so I fail to see how it'll work as a series.

Also, the two POVs were so *identical* and interchangeable that there's no way two authors were involved in writing this.
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May 30, 2021
Ce livre se lit vraiment très rapidement (je l'ai lu en moins de 24h)! Déjà il faut savoir que j'adore les histoires qui se passent dans des internats (ça m'a d'ailleurs donné envie de relire Jeu Mortel de Moka que je conseille à tous le monde).
Bref, une morte une enquête c'est plutôt classique. J'ai beaucoup aimé cette histoire de podcast ça donne du rythme.
Par contre je pensais fermement que c'était un one-shot donc ça me saoule de pas avoir la fin ! J'espère du coup que ça s'arrêtera à un deuxième tome uniquement, un troisième ferait vraiment traîner cette histoire en longueur.
October 29, 2021
Ich lese total gerne Jugendthriller und gerade die Bücher von Karen McManus haben es mir total angetan haben und gehören zu meinem absoluten Lieblingsbüchern! „Magpie Society“ strahlte für mich einen ähnliche Stimmung aus und musste deswegen gelesen werden!
Es geht um Audrey (geschrieben von Amy) und Ivy (erzählt von Zoe), die sich durch unvorhergesehene Ereignisse mit dem Tod oder Mord einer Mitschülerin beschäftigen und dabei auf die mysteriöse Magpie Society treffen 🦅

Die Geschichte beginnt ziemlich ruhig und bis zur Hälfte des Buches passierte mir leider zu wenig. Das liegt vor allem daran, dass die beiden nicht den offensichtlichen Hinweisen nachgehen und eigentlich nur Beobachtungen anstellen. Wenn sie neue Dinge aufdeckten, passierte das eher durch Zufälle. Allerdings fand ich die Kapitel und Auszüge des Podcasts, welcher behauptet, dass es die Mitschülerin durch Mord gestorben war, super cool umgesetzt! Der Schreibstil war für mich manchmal etwas holprig. Für mich wirkten einige der Dialoge nicht richtig authentisch und eher gewollt jugendlich und umgangssprachlich, zum Beispiel durch die vielen englischen Begriffe im Text („Boyfriend“ statt Freund). Das traf auch auf die Formulierungen zu: „Oh, da kann ich dich problemlos hinbringen. Aber sag mir vorher, treibst du irgendeinen Sport?“

Während die Geschichte eher ruhig vor sich hin erzählt wird, zieht die Spannung auf den letzten 150 Seiten dagegen umso mehr an! 🤩 Mir hat die Freundschaft der beiden gefallen, auch wenn ich Ivy und Audrey bis zuletzt als Charaktere nicht ganz greifen konnte, vor allem was ihre Motivationen anging.

Für mich leider nicht das Highlight, was ich mir erhofft habe, aber gut für zwischendurch. Ich würde das Buch vor allem jüngeren Leser:innen ab 12 Jahren empfehlen.
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February 3, 2022

Je pensais que ça allait être une lecture bof-bof et que j’allais m’ennuyer mais PAS DU TOUT !
J’ai beaucoup aimé l’alternance de POV, l’intrigue principale. Vraiment j’ai été happé par l’histoire et par l’enquête.
C’était un peu trop jeunesse à mon goût mais pas suffisamment pour que ça me gêne même si c’est ce qui a fait que ce n’était pas un coup de ♥️

Par contre : CETTE FIN !!!! Ça nous laisse sur un cliffhanger de FOLIE ! Et je dois dire que j’ai beaucoup aimé cette fin mais du coup, il me faut le tome 2 et VITE
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October 29, 2020
While I liked the idea of the book, the story didn't grab me like I hoped it would, apart from the ending, which ended disappointing for me.

The flow of the book just didn't work, almost 2/3 of the book was almost boring, hinting at things that didn't get revealed. Other things were so easily to figure out.

It's a shame because the story had so much potential and the writing was good.
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December 22, 2020
I've been following Zoe for more than 7 years so I wanted to read this. I didn't like the Girl Online series but I enjoyed this one much more. The writing is not impressive but it still is a page turner and there were a couple of twists at the end that I didn't predict (even though most of it I did). I will have to read the next one!
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October 5, 2020
One for Sorrow seems to be the first in a series set in an exclusive boarding school, where secrets are kept and nobody can be sure who to trust.
At Illumen Hall students are used to behaving in a certain way, and making the most of the privileges they are afforded. New girl Audrey is harbouring her own reasons for moving from America to attend the school, but she’s in no hurry to share her secrets. She’s required to share a room with one of the students who seems to be on the inside, Ivy.
The summer before our story starts one of the students is found dead. People suspect there’s more to the story, though the police claim the death of Lola was an accident. Someone is determined to push this, and a podcast is set up aiming to investigate the crime. A clear aura of mistrust springs up, and of course Audrey and Ivy end up teaming up to try and get some answers about what’s going on.
As the investigation continued, elements of the story were a little rushed. Some definite suspicious elements got overlooked because it didn’t suit the narrative the students were wanting to put forward. One or two elements were clearly on the way, and then not developed in any way to show why they’d been set up.
By the end we had some clues, but not a lot of answers as to what happened. Everything hinges on the mysterious Magpie Society...and I’m pretty sure the next book will start to look more at Clover and her significance.
Thanks to NetGalley for granting me access to this prior to publication.
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December 31, 2021
Okay wow so I didn’t expect to like this book at all especially when I said I absolutely hated the writing style. But that’s literally the only thing that I hated and the writing style got SO much better by the second half of the book!

So, the story itself was so much fun to read about and the stuff that happened are quite well thought I was entertained reading about this! I guess I do have a thing for mystery thrillers and I thoroughly enjoy them! I’m also really impressed by the fact that Zoe Sugg managed to pull this off with Amy McCulloch especially when it’s that type of genre that needs serious and intelligent planning! I admit there were some part I thought were a tiny bit out of place and didn’t make any sense, but I really appreciated this and that cliffhanger….I will definitely get the next book because this book did not solve he actual mystery that happened!

As for the characters, loved both Audrey and Ivy and how they weren’t friends at first and how they started to get and understand each other which created a strong bond between them as you progress reading this book! They have gone through a lot together y’all it’s messed up!

Even though I feel like the story was great, it felt slightly messy but for some reason it worked out! But allow me to say that there was a part if the book that was weird and lacked logic. The story felt logical at the beginning with logical connection but “the scene” I’m talking about lacked that which was super weird for the story. I can’t say I hate it but I certainly thought it didn’t make any sense!

I’m giving this book 3.5✨ honestly there has to be some adjustments to this book that could get me to give it at most 4.5✨. But it won’t reach the 5 for me! Definitely an enjoyable thriller that I think you could try out but do expect that it won’t be addictive or even that intelligent👌🏻👌🏻 I will definitely get the sequel “two for joy” though!👌🏻💕
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February 24, 2021
Nuorisomysteerihommia mutta tällä kertaa perus-amerikka-lukiojutun sijaan ollaankin sisäoppilaitoksessa Briteissä. Aika perusasetelma alkuun, eli koulun oppilas on kuollut ja sitten päähenkilöt rupeavat selvittelemään asiaa koska eivät usko että kuolema oli onnettomuus. Mukana myös podcast muodikkaasti Sadien tyyliin.

Tykkäsin kirjan alkupuolesta mut loppua kohti meininki lähti vähän liikaa lapasesta, vähä ku olis kattonu jotain Riverdalea tai jotain muuta tosi överiä nuortensarjaa. Muutamaa ratkaisua en ymmärtänyt ollenkaan , ja toivoisin tän tyylisiltä kirjoilta että edes joihinkin asioihin saataisiin vastauksia ennen kuin herätetään lisää kysymyksiä. Viimeiset sivut olivat yksi iso sekamelska. Kyllähän tää siis vinkkauslistalle menee, mutta en tiedä jaksanko lukea seuraavaa osaa, katsotaan.
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November 19, 2020
Tout d'abord conquise par cette couverture, je n'ai pas hésité à accepter l'invitation à me rendre à Illumen Hall. L'ambiance du pensionnat anglais est un mélange de traditions archaïques, de jeunesse insouciante et de folklore intouchable. Les étudiants sont en effet tous beaux et brillants, seulement en apparence, car un drame a récemment eu lieu avec une jeune fille retrouvée morte sur la plage. L'enquête de police a conclu à un suicide malgré les protestations de la famille.

Audrey, une nouvelle élève américaine, découvre la tragédie en s'installant dans la chambre de la défunte. Sa colocataire ne lui montre aucun intérêt et ne pense qu'à sa réussite scolaire. Toutefois, nombreux sont les candidats à jouer un double rôle dans ce psychodrame et le podcast d'une Voix Mystérieuse vient rapidement semer la zizanie. L'émission prétend que la vérité a été étouffée alors que la menace court toujours. L'ombre d'une société secrète plane également sur cette tragédie et les murs de cette vieille bâtisse n'ont pas encore livré tous ses secrets.

Finalement l'histoire nous recadre dans une intrigue à suspense - assez conventionnelle car les révélations ne sont guère émoustillantes. Et pourtant ça se lit vite et bien car l'ambiance tendance gothique et mystérieuse / version Pretty Little Liars / offre un aspect plus actuel et moins pompeux. Le roman n'est pas innovant mais correspond sans sourciller à un thriller YA. Deux tomes sont à venir. La fin de celui-ci est d'ailleurs assez grinçante car on voudrait en connaître davantage !

⭐⭐⭐ 3.5 stars ⭐⭐⭐
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