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Dream Things True #1

Dreamers Do Lie

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Kindle Edition

Published June 15, 2020

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Megan Cutler

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52 reviews
October 9, 2020
This book is epic, engaging, and set in an interesting world. We start by meeting Arimand, a newly dead soldier who finds himself in Hell. He soon joins up with a clan of the damned who may just harbor an innocent soul, Kaylie, consigned to the wrong fate. But is Kaylie really innocent? How did she get assigned to Hell when she can’t remember her deeds during life? Can the clan save her and send her to where they believe she belongs? Just what power do the damned have in Hell?

This book posits these questions, and a lot more through the course of it’s story. It claims to be inspired by Dante’s Inferno, and you can certainly see that in the bones of the book, but this is no thinly veneered copy. This version of Hell is fully realized, from the chaotic, discordant city the group find themselves in, to the fiery river they must somehow travel down, to a land full of unseen pitfalls and traps. The locations are rich, and never shy away from the reality of where they are. Hell is a terrible place, each location more harrowing than the last, pushing and testing the characters through their journey. It’s a story that takes familiar elements and weaves them with original ideas into something new.

The characters are likewise engaging. Arimand is determined to see his quest through, no matter how Hell tries to wear him down. Despite her situation Kaylie is no damsel in distress, willing to fight for herself and her friends. Eslet and Dwenba are strong secondary characters, with big personalities, willing to walk with Kaylie every step of the way. And the demon that stalks them, Moril, is a true threat. The story does not mince that he will derail the heroes in any way he can, providing them with a dangerous challenge.

This is a great sweeping tale of a story. A fully realized, imaginative world, interesting characters, twists and turns that keep you reading, and a high-stakes quest. Do yourself a favor and give it a read and see what it’s all about.
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1,585 reviews17 followers
August 9, 2020
Entering Hell is much easier than leaving It behind….

Megan Cutler journey through Hell is a mesmerizing tale about one man fight against destiny. Arimand is a new arrival in Hell, a fallen warrior, who has “earned” his own damnation by following orders in battle. Armand uses his warrior experiences to gain a power position within Vorilia’s clan and thus increase his chances in the daily fight for supplies, as being death unfortunately doesn’t end your needs, just makes the lack of them only the more painful.

Eventually Arimand meets Kaylie, who strikes him as an innocent soul thrown in Hell without reason, even as Kaylie herself believe there must be a reason for her punishment. Arimand decides to get Kaylie out of Hell, not only a dangerous venture in itself, but also a very difficult one, that would have them crossing through Hell to reach the most inner circle of Hell where the only exit is located. A dangerous journey that force them to cross a fire river, conquest an insurmountable wall and confront the demon hordes; Moril among them, sent by Lucifer himself to undermine their progress.

“Dreamers Do Lie” is the first part in the “Dreams Things True Duology” by Megan Cutler, a modern version of the mythological Tartarus of the Ancient Greeks, with some reminiscences of Odysseus journey and Orpheus quest to rescue her own wife, all of them blend into a modern, alluring plot. A fast-paced, action-packed, entertaining lecture, that offers a tantalizing version of Hell, relatable flawed and realistic characters, and a satisfying quest, to keep the reader invested in the story until the very end.
171 reviews
August 30, 2020
An epic adventure story. It's setting is in the circles of hell. Arimand arrives in hell. He becomes one of many in a clan. Their clan leader has a woman who they do not believe belongs in hell Lady Kaylie. Then begins the journey to get her to a place in the rings that she may leave hell and ascend to heaven. The world building that Megan does in this story is amazing and the chararacters are great. I enjoyed this story. I was given a free copy of this book at my request and this is my honest review.
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 reviews

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