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Darkness will rise ... and the nightmares will come.

It’s a race against time for Fox and his companions as they find themselves in the middle of Neil’s desert rebellion. But for once, their magical gifts may not be enough to save them, and Fox’s own story may finally be their undoing. Never before has so much been at stake for Fox and Lai, and the bonds that hold their entire group of friends together. But darkness is rising, and they are the one hope of light to burn it away.

316 pages, Kindle Edition

Published June 30, 2020

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About the author

Kaitlin Bellamy

14 books95 followers
Kaitlin is, in all aspects of her life, a storyteller. Whether she is performing on stage in her day job as an actor, narrating audiobooks from her home studio, or playing Dungeons and Dragons with her closest friends, she loves nothing more than a grand fantasy adventure. She currently lives in Orlando, Florida.

To keep up with all her adventures, feel free to join Kaitlin on any one of her social media platforms, or her website.





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327 reviews5 followers
June 30, 2020
Another stellar addition to the Mapweaver Chronicles!

It starts out a little slower for a while -- some action, some storytelling, some set-up, and some character building.

And then by the second half of the book, she goes at breakneck speed, a whirl of action-packed nail-biting awesomeness that pulls at too many emotional strings to count!

A note of warning:

This is a cliffhanger. And it WILL leave you wanting the next chapter.
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256 reviews104 followers
July 5, 2020
I'm going to be very biased because I love this series so much. For a self published book, it's amazing how far this series has gone.
Book 4 is the most action packed so far and understandably so considering how the story has unfolded.

I love how, in contrast to other YA books, this series really emphasizes mentorship.
Other YA books you see the MC growing stronger on their own, or mostly on their own, and besting those older than them. It empowers teens to push themselves to better themselves on their own which is a good thing. But, it can also plant the seed of this "I'm better than you" ideology pushing teen angst to irrational levels.
This book/series contrasts that. Yes, there is still teen angst and a lot of the characters level up on their own merits but what I noticed in this series is how, at every turn, mentors are given a spot light. And it's not the spoon feeding kind of mentorship too. Some adults are just there doing the mundane but often underappreciated things that are actually important too. (Ex. Tala looking out for Fox's health when he's pushing himself too far.) I don't think I can properly explain it but suffice to say, I love the message being presented. There were moments when the teen characters would throw their "you don't understand" angst but the author weaves it where in we always go back to thanking the adults that have helped the characters grow to be who the powerful being they are and I really like that.

I'm excited to see how the author ends this series. :')
79 reviews3 followers
July 2, 2020
Kaitlin Bellamy has once again created an engaging, enchanting, exciting, transporting tale in the latest book in her Mapweaver Chronicles, Kingmaker. The world and characters and stories that she has brought to life are so well-rounded and fleshed out, it feels as if they always existed, and Bellamy has just used some magical power to translate their story to the page. I eagerly await the next book in the series - it can't come soon enough.
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342 reviews3 followers
August 3, 2020
And Now We Wait

It's a delicate balance writing an effective series especially when the author gets to the penultimate book. The villains must be believably powerful but the heroes can't be completely defeated. The ending needs to shine with hopeful anticipation. This fit the bill. It's going to be hard to wait for the next book. I suppose it's time to go back and reread the series in anticipation. That's not a bad prospect!
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92 reviews7 followers
June 1, 2021
So I actually finished KINGMAKER two days ago, but I was stuck in Manhattan without my laptop and couldn't write the review I was itching to write. Now that the dust has cleared, I have to say it: this is my favorite MAPWEAVER CHRONICLES book. Even more than WINDSWEPT which I loved. This one was almost perfect in every way.

The beginning was a little slow, but once the gang met up with Neil in Maradwell, things heated up fast and it was action setpiece after action setpiece, which I absolutely loved. And speaking of Neil, his character arc in this book was satisfying and heartbreaking. I don't want to say any spoilers, but although I wanted to throw the book across my room at times, Neil's part of the story was done superbly.

Fox has always been my favorite character, as I find him the most relatable, and that didn't change here. But Lai also finally grew on me and I liked her again after this book was done.

This book is a lot darker than its predecessors, but I didn't mind that at all. In fact, I believe Kaitlin Bellamy should go dark more, as she seemed to really nail it and the atmosphere, especially by the ending. And speaking of that ending, that cliffhanger totally changed how I saw the whole series beforehand. I cannot wait for WORLDBREAKER now and can't believe I have to wait a month to read the (hopefully stunning) conclusion.

All in all, this is definitely my favorite of the series. I loved almost every aspect of the story and would highly recommend, if like me, you found INKSPICE and WAYFINDER to be minor letdowns. (Still great stories, but they just didn't do it for me like this one.)

I cannot wait to see the conclusion for Fox and company, and will be waiting with baited breath for that to come. KINGMAKER has become one of my favorite fantasy books and I'm so glad I continued with this series. Someday, when the series is over, I will definitely have to give it another read, just to catch the subtle foreshadowing done so well and the leadup to KINGMAKER and beyond.

If you want something a little darker, but still with some hope and a great cast of characters, I say give KINGMAKER a read. I hope, like me, you won't be disappointed and will fall even more in love with these characters and this story. Ms. Bellamy, I hope more people read this series, because if they're not, they're sorely missing out.
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88 reviews4 followers
June 19, 2021
A thrilling read

Small spoilers.

Absolutely thrilling read.

I could not put this book down, it had me laughing crying feeling like I was part of the group of friends.
We join Fox and Lai as they prepare to make their own story; Fox has been waiting a year to rescue his mentor and friend Derby whistler. Fox has set the scene for Lai to become Known to all pirate’s as the new pirate god.

When they rescue Derby they discover the Darkness the Void, has plans and wanted to ascend to Godhod.

Along the way their Friend Neil reaches out and summons Lai and asked For her to bring Fox, so they set off to help Neil liberate his country and free his people.
However, Neil is hiding something, something he hasn’t’ told his friends about something he’s ashamed to and Jealous not to have.
He has suddenly become blessed? But how, and why dose no one question it?
Along the way Fox discovers more about the Mapweaver history and what it means for him.

The gods themselves have decided the Void is dangerous and closes the gate which means no magic, magic begins to fade from the world, even the Shavid feel it. Lai most of all.
They lose someone precious to them, the ache in Neil’s heart blinds him to what is really happening. He does something he shouldn’t and a war breaks out. Can Fox and his friends save not just Neil but the whole world too?

I have mixed feelings about this book, on the one hand I loved the adventure, the losing someone though tore me and I nearly didn’t pick up the book again. I’m so emotionally invested in these books that the people in it feel real to me.
Niels story I saw it coming right from book one, but that didn’t mean I didn’t’ enjoy it I was screaming at him the whole time telling him what he was doing is wrong. (I know crazy right?)
Part of me misses Farren though, the God side of him that is, I’m extremely happy for him. But sadden he’s no longer the mischievous God. We see some old friends pop up as well. I’m so excited for the next book.
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75 reviews2 followers
September 25, 2021
I can’t recommend this series enough! The world building that Kristin Bellamy does is just beautiful! It’s a unique and intriguing adventure that just keeps me hooked, book after book. I can see the characters and settings so vividly in my mind, it just sucks me in. I can’t say enough good about it!
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329 reviews2 followers
April 16, 2023
I did not see that coming

This book really renewed my excitement for the series all over again. The quest here is too find all of the tools needed to fight the darkness they encountered at Cinderstone. Lai and Fox are reunited with Neil in his homeland as they continue to seek the items that will turn the tides. However, Neil is changing and Fox faces more challenges as he stretches and grows. I am super excited for the next book!
Displaying 1 - 8 of 8 reviews

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