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Fitz and Cleo #1

Fitz and Cleo

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The dynamo team behind Llama Destroys the World invites you to meet the stars of their first graphic novel--Fitz and Cleo! If you're a fan of Narwhal and Jelly or Owly, get ready to fall head over heels for this brother-and-sister duo.

Fitz and Cleo are siblings by chance, but best friends by choice. Oh, and they also happen to be ghosts!

Join Cleo, a happy-go-lucky kind of gal, and Fitz, her science-minded brother, as they laugh their way through eleven gut-busting stories, including exploring the beach with a new friend, enjoying some ice cream, playing baseball, and gazing at the stars.

Jonathan Stutzman and Heather Fox, the creative team responsible for your favorite doomsday-prone Llama, team up again for a silly and heartwarming graphic novel that is perfect for newly independent readers and comics enthusiasts. The book highlights just how wonderful the world can be when you mix a little fun with some great friends.

64 pages, Hardcover

Published May 25, 2021

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About the author

Jonathan Stutzman

24 books159 followers
Jonathan is a writer of picture books, a filmmaker, book hoarder, and daring explorer of 24-hour diners. He is the author of the bestselling TINY T. REX series, LLAMA DESTROYS THE WORLD and LLAMA UNLEASHES THE ALPACALYPSE, FITZ AND CLEO, BUTTS ARE EVERYWHERE, and many others.

His next book is BEAR IS A BEAR illustrated by Dan Santat.

Jonathan studied film in college and grad school. His short films have screened around the world and on television, and he has writing credits on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Emmy-winning variety show HitRECord on TV.

If you ever meet him in person, he will probably-maybe share his french fries.

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August 19, 2022
Ridiculously sweet and silly. I read this with my littles, and we all laughed out loud over and over. The illustrations are simple and cute. Perfect for kids 5-10 ish or adults who just want a quick giggle. Definitely picking up more of this series.
Profile Image for Nessa.
503 reviews4 followers
September 27, 2021
Super cute! Two Ghosts find the reason for all the noise in the attic, their new pet cat Mister Boo! Together they do a lot of fun stuff from paper airplane contests, to eating ice cream, and stargazing together!
Profile Image for pineapple tofu.
90 reviews43 followers
April 19, 2023
Fitz and Cleo are siblings who roam the house as ghosts. When they travel to the basement, they encounter a cute cat, while Cleo names it Mister Boo. They go on adventures, such as the beach and playing baseball. From eating ice cream to playing with Mister Boo, both siblings are having the time of their dead lives. As the day ends, they watch the stars falling from the skies together.
This sibling's dynamic duo is so cute and adorable. I loved how Cleo named the cat Mister Boo. Or how their cat kept on sleeping on Fitz’s head. Or even when Mister Boo rolled up Fitz in yarn. These small adventures are fun to read, and I can’t wait till I read their second book, too.
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981 reviews150 followers
June 19, 2021
Adorable! Great humor and sweet illustrations. I loved all the cat hijinks.
Profile Image for Becky.
5,195 reviews102 followers
July 26, 2022
First sentence: THUMP! Was that you? No, I'm right next to you. What do you think it is? I don't know. It sounds angry.

Premise/plot: Fitz and Cleo are cute, adorable ghost siblings... This is the first in a new early reader graphic novel. In the first chapter, readers meet MISTER BOO an equally adorable [non-ghost] kitty-kitty-cat. Mister Boo loves, loves, loves his new friends. He especially loves to nap on Fitz's head!!! There are so many "little" adventures packed into this first book. Each story is short--yet fun. Not much happens, but it happens so joyfully I didn't mind.

My thoughts: I enjoyed this one. I had my doubts. I'm not the biggest for ghost protagonists. But Fitz and Cleo are so non-threatening, so non-scary, so cute, adorable, sweet...that I didn't mind a bit. But what really won me over was MISTER BOO. I love cats. I do. And Mister Boo is no exception. It was just a fun book cover to cover.
Profile Image for Mia.
497 reviews2 followers
June 17, 2021
Such a cute little book! It reads like a young graphic novel, but it is technically advertised as a collection of 11 short "adventures." Fitz and Cleo are funny little opposites and any sibling will understand their complex connection. I especially loved this set of adventures because it involved Fitz and Cleo adopting a kitten and playing with him. But overall, I am very much looking forward to the next Fitz and Cleo adventure! Highly recommend for your picture book or graphic novel sections. Could be useful as a read-aloud too.
Profile Image for Marissa.
61 reviews
May 31, 2021
SUCH A CUTE LITTLE CHAPTER BOOK I will read this adorable book to anyone and quite possibly everyone. Perhaps I love little kids books too much, but goodness they are so fun and this one has such sweet sentiment and fun, short adventures with MISTER BOO their cat and with each other. Absolutely adorable.
Profile Image for MeganRuth - Alohamora Open a Book.
1,585 reviews17 followers
July 12, 2021
Creative. Humorous. Bright and engaging illustrations. Super cute graphic novel. I think in general, this is going to attract 1st-3rd graders the most, though some concepts are understood more with older readers.

Overall, 4.5 stars. It's a bright, colorful, and fun graphic novel with short chapters. This is a great one for kiddos that are starting beginning chapter books.
Profile Image for Diane.
6,760 reviews
July 28, 2021
"We're on this planet TOGETHER. So it has to be the best!"

Fitz and Cleo hear a THUMP in the attic. They discover a cat and Cleo immediately names the cat Mister Boo. Cleo loves the cat, Fitz not so much. But together they teach the cat how to eat ice cream, play with string, fly paper airplanes and even play baseball.

Profile Image for Roben .
2,067 reviews6 followers
December 22, 2021
What a fun read! I loved Fitz and Cleo - brother and sister ghosts. When they hear a strange thumping noise in the attic, they decide to go investigate! What could it be? Cleo has tons of ideas. But practical Fritz thinks the best thing to do is go and see. And they discover --- Mister Boo!
A great choice for those just beginning to read graphic novels or for the Narwhal and Jelly Fans.
Profile Image for Ellon.
3,391 reviews
February 21, 2022
Adorable! Definitely reminds me of like a Narwhal and Jelly meets Elephant and Piggie mash-up. Plus there is an adorable cat so what's not to like?!?
This does contain a bunch of short stories that can be independently read (for the most part). Some of the stories are stronger than others but overall I still just loved it!
Profile Image for Dawn.
1,337 reviews7 followers
August 16, 2021
Fitz and Cleo are ghost siblings. In this first book, they find a cat and then do various things with the cat (play, go to the beach, eat ice cream). Each "chapter" is really short, from 2-11 pages, which should keep reluctant readers interested and reading.
Profile Image for Erin.
3,715 reviews45 followers
September 8, 2021
Packed with adorable cuteness, seasoned with dry ghosty humor. Fitz and Cleo are ghostly siblings and they come across a stray cat, and decide to keep Mister Boo. This is just delightful all the way through.
Profile Image for Peyton.
1,270 reviews1 follower
December 9, 2021
A book about two ghosts finding a cat. One likes the cat and the other does not, happenings ensue.

It is a very simple with a simple story. It’s great for early readers getting started on their own.
Profile Image for Abigail Laura.
Author 1 book4 followers
January 31, 2022
Oh my goodness this book is ADORABLE!!!! Two ghost siblings find a cat in their attic, adopt him and have adventures! It’s so cute! My boys (8&9yrs) read it and loved it too. It’s perfect for early readers and just the cutest!
Profile Image for Cara BookShelfMomma.
301 reviews13 followers
May 27, 2021
My 8 year read this and really enjoyed the adventures between the brother and sister. Enjoyed the short stories.
Profile Image for Peacegal.
9,928 reviews90 followers
June 16, 2021
This is a cute, gentle, and upbeat beginner comic starring a pair of ghosts and their pet cat, Mr. Boo.
Profile Image for Karrie.
523 reviews9 followers
June 17, 2021
This is a super cute, but short book. Not totally basic, but good for a 3rd grader. LOVE ghosts and cats.
Profile Image for Emily.
178 reviews13 followers
October 1, 2021
It's perfect for young readers transitioning from the picture book to the juvenile section. Sweet and funny antics of a brother & sister ghost with their cat.
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