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Blood Brothers #1

The Wolf & the Witch

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The three sons of a notorious mercenary should never have met…but now that they are sworn allies, the Scottish Borders will never be the same…

Denied his rightful legacy, Maximilian de Vries devised a plan to avenge himself upon his father and see his own future secured. Allied with his two forgotten half-brothers, he descends upon ancient and mysterious Kilderrick, determined to claim it at any price. A woman rumored to be a witch is the sole one bold enough to defy him but Maximilian has a solution—he will take her to wife, whether she be willing or nay, and seal his claim.

But this powerful warrior has yet to match wits with Alys Armstrong, a maiden with a thirst for vengeance and a fury that might exceed his own. Alys has no intention of capitulating to the proud and illegitimate son of the rogue who stole everything from her, and she does not share his avowed compulsion to fight fair.

Bitter enemies from the outset, Maximilian and Alys’ match is a battle of wills. When anger turns to passion, will either of them be able to resist temptation? And when Kilderrick itself is in peril, will they be able to join forces to save the unexpected love they have come to value above all else?

320 pages, ebook

First published May 11, 2021

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About the author

Claire Delacroix

153 books486 followers
New York Times bestselling author Claire Delacroix sold her first book in 1992, an historical romance called ROMANCE OF THE ROSE. Since then, she has published over sixty romance novels and novellas, and has also been published under the names Claire Cross and Deborah Cooke. She has an honours degree in history, with a focus on medieval studies. She is an avid reader of medieval vernacular literature, fairy tales and fantasy novels.

For books written under the pseudonym, Claire Cross, see:

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In October and November 2009, she was the writer in residence for the Toronto Public Library, the first time that the library has hosted a residency focused on the romance genre.

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648 reviews98 followers
May 7, 2021
My friends, I read this book in two days. This never happens anymore. I have a toddler. I have a million things that must be done. I need sleep (at least at some point). Nevertheless, I found every spare moment I had to return to reading about Alys and Maximilian. This was such a thrilling and engrossing story that hit all the right notes for me but still felt like it retained appropriate trappings for the time period. In a word, it was balanced.

I really enjoyed how Delacroix used various characters and their POVs to establish the characterization of her leads and how their past experiences had shaped them. I also felt like Delacroix used dialogue and character reflections to deftly reveal a lot of exposition to set up the series without feeling like I was just reading a dry recitation of what was going on. While I flew through pages and felt I HAD to keep reading to know what was happening, critical details were revealed in an unrushed pace and in particular, a detail about Alys really shocked me when it came to light but it made the story all the more interesting.

This is a true battle of wills story. There was so much push and pull as the characters recognized their physical attraction early on, but also realized that they made a good team and tentatively built some trust while also still hesitating to reveal all due to past loyalties, some misunderstandings, and a long history of betrayal for both. Nothing felt forced and I could feel the struggle with both and while I wanted to shake them sometimes it wasn't because it was stupid or forced--it was because to me it felt like a real struggle and I cared for both characters and I wanted to help them!

In addition, to me I thought it was going to be more of a road trip or lots of battle. However, this story didn't shape up like that at all and I loved it. Instead it focused on one keep, Kilderrick, and how a group of unlikely allies slowly fit into the new area while dealing with the locals, fighting the elements (and predators), understanding superstitions, and unlocking old mysteries. It was as much about how men without alliances or noble bloodlines survived as well as how independent women could use their wits against those stronger than them. It was gripping and so different from my cushy life with air conditioning and a grocery story that I found it to be fascinating to read about (and make me thank my lucky stars for my luxuries!)

And the romance to me felt very satisfying. Neither character expected to find love for various reasons. The heroine was an unexpected romantic but because of past betrayals didn't believe she could find it even though she wanted to. The hero had a horrible father and a mother ruined by a past crime so he didn't even know what love looked like though some part of him yearned for roots and stability since he'd never known them. The characters talk frankly with each other and make a good team despite themselves and I enjoyed the mutual respect for each other even when they had setbacks. They were well-matched and even though this book took place over a somewhat short period of time, a long term partnership still felt like the real deal for these two.

My only minor caveats were this: I did not understand the resolution to the "treasure" of Kilderrick bit and I did not understand the superstitions around Alys' father. Were they real or not? And finally, I do not know how Delacroix is going to redeem Rafael or Murdoch in their stories. Both did some pretty heinous things in this story, but hey, everyone likes redemption so you never know!

Now, while I **highly recommend** this story and, for friends who know me, Claire Delacroix in general, there are a few things that may not be for everyone, so I thought I'd lay those out here so you know what you're getting and can decide if it would work for you.

-I know there is a strong push for clearly written consent in romance today, and while I did not have a problem with this book at all, some may not like how this book starts. This is a hard time period and Maximilian is a mercenary. He is attracted to Alys for her spirit and also because he needs her to claim a holding. He doesn't give her much choice in the matter when it comes to the marriage or even starting physical intimacies (by this I mean kissing and an embrace). However, he never forces her to go further and lets her choose to continue, he never physically abuses her in any way, and he never has any thoughts that trivialize abuse of women. In fact, he is wholly against it and says as much and encourages Alys to continue challenging him. For me, it never felt forced (or like Stockholm syndrome) and I found myself enjoying their battle of wills because from both POVs I could see they enjoyed it too, but I know some are sensitive so know this going in.
-There is a lot going on in this book. There's a huge cast, many characters of whom will get their own book in this series, and many POVs. For those who've read the Champions of St. Euphemia series, it is set up a lot like that where the characters start a journey together and then branch off into their own adventures. I loved it and thought it was exceedingly well-plotted, but not all like their romances to be more of a world building story and have a taste for a story focused entirely on the romantic leads. However, this story is a little longer than most (120k words versus the typical 85-95k) so I did not feel the central romance suffered at all as they still had plenty of page time.
-There were some plot threads that are "cliff hangers" of sorts as I think they will be resolved in later books. However, the central romance did have a solid ending though with possibilities for us to be able to check in on them (hopefully) as the series develops.

Those are the only items I can think of at the moment. I found this book to be entirely engrossing and enjoyable with just enough tension to keep me interested and will most definitely be continuing the series. Highly recommended as an excellent series starter or a place to start your love affair with Claire Delacroix books in general.

I did receive an ARC of this story to review. However, the opinions are all me :) I'm so pleased I got to read it early and rave about it for all future readers.
July 15, 2023
This is my first ever book review, so please be gentle with me.

(This is a review for the audiobook version narrated by Timothy Campbell.)

I wasn't sure what to expect from this author as I was unfamiliar with her work, but wow, was I happy I chose this book. The story starts off in France with the funeral of a very bad man where life-changing revelations are made. From there, we travel to Scotland where it becomes a battle of wits and wills between a group of knights and mercenaries and a small band of women who have been living on their own in the forest outside a ruined keep for years, with the women often being the victors. The central romance is solid and gets particularly swoon-worthy toward the end. Alys is strong, clever, loyal to her friends, and clearly able to take care of herself. Maximilian falls firmly in alpha territory but is ultimately honorable, quickly recognizes and values Alys’s strengths, looks past her scars and is hot for his lady wife.

The highlight for me was really the ensemble cast of characters and their interactions. There was humor well placed throughout the book with a couple of laugh out loud moments, though I wouldn't characterize this as a romp or a rom-com. Somehow this author made the story feel adventurous despite basically staying in one place for most of the book. She was also adept at planting the seeds of future relationships while keeping those scenes relevant to the current story.

Timothy Campbell is a new-to-me narrator and wow, wow, wow did he ever deliver! Many times throughout the book, he was juggling dialogue among a dozen characters with half a dozen accents, and he made it all seem effortless, as well as making it easy for me to follow. And the voice he gave Maximilian… well, you just have to hear it.

Of note, there is no actual witch in the story, though one secondary character does have visions of the future. There’s a reverse beauty and the beast vibe for those interested in that.

Overall, I thought it was a fantastic start to a new series and I'm eager to read the next books.
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589 reviews
August 30, 2023
5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What a story, so well written I was transported to Scotland. I could not put this one down. The characters, the atmosphere, the language. Absolutely loved it.
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542 reviews17 followers
June 25, 2021
Before I even began reading, I was intrigued. Wolves and Witches? Yes, both on my push-button list.

Insight: The characters’ beliefs and passed experiences fuel their present events.

I relate to this premise. Much of how we react to present events and situations stems from previous experiences and certainly our beliefs guide us to what we believe is truth. Sometimes our past experiences favor what we do in the present. Other times, not. A story isn’t a story unless events challenge physically, mentally and emotionally the characters. Her books do just that, creating an exciting, emotional rollercoaster for the reader.

Each of the two main players—Maximillian and Alys— were shaped by a difficult past.

The author gives us the lay of the land early on through the eyes of Murdoch, a Scot out for revenge with his secret of parentage. He is the snake hidden beneath the foliage. When will he strike?

The Silver Wolf, Maximillian de Vries, the proper son of Jean le Beau, was shaped for whom he was—a mercenary. Dutifully, as a son, he did his father’s bidding. Hidden under his armor of toughness, were facets of his personality he shared with no one. The reader learns about these with the unfolding of the story.

It becomes clear the three brothers fathered by Jean de Vries – Maximillian (the rightful heir), Amaury (the son of Maximillian’s mother’s maid and Jean le Beau), and Raphael, Maximillian's half-brother, had high hopes with the demise of their father, Jean de Beau. Each were disappointed, for the oldest son of the de Vries was not among them. Only the eldest son of the de Vries family, mother to Maximillian would snag the title and property. So who was he?

Angered, frustrated, and feeling alone, the brothers made a blood pact. They journeyed with six others to Maximillian’s consolation prize, Kilderrick Castle, thrown at him like some unwanted bone. The hold was promised to Maximillian years ago when upon his father’s command he pillaged it, seeking a treasure, he never found, nor had he heard any other had found it. With the pact, the brothers pledged an oath to defend each other, and to reclaim Kilderrick but it was humored to be haunted with evil spirits and witches. Of these both, Maximillian believed not a word.

Four women, each with their her story of wretchedness live in the forest, robbing thieves passing along the road near Kilderrick. This story involves all four, but Alys Armstrong is the woman who gains Maximillian’s interest.

Once Alys knew who had come back to Kilderrick, she sought revenge. He was the man who killed her father and burnt her father’s keep. She would have her revenge.

When Maximillian came back to find the treasure, he found mischievous women who thieved horses, Amaury’s falcon, and scared the villagers and those under his protection. He, for one, did not believe in witches. His interest was piqued, as he enjoyed a good challenge. Once he knew who Alys Armstrong was, he used her to cement his hold on the keep. She would be his wife.

The story line is as complicated as the relationship between the brothers. It is infused with action and three clever women who are just trying to survive and keep the pillage of the thieves for themselves. When Alys was captured by Maximillian’s men, the other three continued what they had learned so well to do—strike fear in the superstitious.

A good story, layered with several subplots, enriches the read and interest. The author pens a story with a touch of paranormal happenings, action-packed scenes, and some very thought-provoking ones when she lets us into the mind of several of the characters. I felt the perilous shifting of sands beneath the witches’ feet, as they battle their new enemy. Would they win this battle with Maximillian and keep the land for their own?

The author created a unique setting, one I’ll remember for a long while. She ably fleshed-out the four witches and three brothers and I already have some feel of their character traits.

Author Claire Delacroix’s writing style and story-writing ability in her Medieval Historical Romances has always charmed me. Even though this is Maximillan and Alys’s story, her character building of the supporting characters is not stagnant. Rather, there are changes afoot for them all. I eagerly await the next book in the series.
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850 reviews15 followers
May 16, 2021
You can tell Claire Delacroix has a special love for the Medieval times. These are two strong individuals that find themselves carving a new life out for themselves. This is a battle of wills between two very strong individuals. It was expertly crafted and full of turns to keep the reader engaged. Mercenary Maximillian has been denied his expected inheritance and he now has to find a new direction for his life. Orphaned Lady Alys has struggled to make out a living within the lands of her slaughtered father after Maximillian ravaged Kilderrick on his father Jean le Beau's orders.

Alys Armstrong is eking out a living in the forest of her deceased father's lands after surviving the burning the keep by mercenary Maximillian de Vries, the Silver Wolf. She and her comrades, Nyssa, Ceara and Elizabeth encourage the labels of witches as they rob the various raiders returning to the north after pillaging the English border. They make enough of their spoils to eat, most of the time. Each woman has a reason they don't want or can't go home. Alys discovers the man who burned her home and killed everyone she loves, the Silver Wolf, has returned and she wants revenge. She's the only one that survived the burning of the keep 15 years ago and is horribly scarred from the fire.

Upon Max's return home upon his father's death he discovers the true villainy of his father. He already has found, and travels with, his half brother Rafael. He now finds his cousin, Amaury is also a half brother. His uncle Gaston de Vries, Amaury's supposed father, has taken the castle de Vries Max thought would be his. Now without any inheritance he and his 2 half brothers band together to make Kilderrick a vibrant holding once again. He took it 15 years ago on his father's orders and was told he could keep it if he found the treasure of Kilderrick. He didn't find the treasure but did find the laird wholly bedeviled by sorcery madness. Because of the laird's madness the keep burned to the ground and all within died but not by Max's hand.

I loved seeing the push and pull between Max and Alys. These two are drawn to each other with their strength and intelligence. Max finally finds a woman his equal in every way and is intrigued. She provides him a challenge and adventure. He on the other hand gives her stability, companionship and eventually partnership. It's wonderful to see the trust grow between them as situations arise. I found I was quite put off by Rafael's poison because of his lack of truly understanding Max. He's got a lot of redeeming to do in my mind to warrant a happily ever after. Amaury came off as weak in the story and he has some serious growing up with his story coming next. Malcolm who brought home Max's dad Jean Le Beau was a big surprise overall and he has some serious reconciling to do. It's a good thing his book is last cause right now I just want to run him through.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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603 reviews19 followers
May 12, 2021

The Wolf and the Witch
By Author Claire Delacroix

Series: Blood Brothers, Book #1

Publisher: Deborah A. Cooke

Online Bookstore Rating: 5 Gold Stars

Book Review Blog Rating: 5 Saltire Flags

Kilderrick, Scotland
Samhain, 1375
October 31/ November 1st

Maximilian de Vries also known as the Silver Wolf, whose legacy was stolen from him all because his father was rotten to the core and had forced himself on his mother. Everyone hated his mercenary father, but still he should not of had his legacy stolen from him. He found out he his two cousins were really his half brothers and all had the same father and have a ruined keep in Scotland.

This keep that had been promised to him is being held by women claiming falsely they are witches. The leader of the women is Alys Armstrong who is the dead Lairds heiress his daughter , one woman brave enough to reject him but Maximilian has tried to make resolutions and compromises but she refuses at every turn . So the last result must be marriage no matter if she likes it or not they would be wed!

This spit fire Lass is out for retaliation no matter what and has a wrath that seems to be equal to Maximilian’s own rage! Alys Armstrong feels this man has stolen everything from her and will never agree to any of his suggestions. So it comes down to the battle of the sexes. Now who will win. Yes soon they have no choice but to join sides as Kilderrick is in jeopardy. Plus the passion between the two of them cannot be denied. So who will win Maximilian or Alys?

Will they both lose this keep they love or will these two enemies soon realize there is a thin line between love and hate. Which will it be? Read and find out.

Another phenomenal Claire Delacroix book that I absolutely loved. It is filled with so many twists and turns I was holding on to the edge of my seat. Both Maximilian and Alys are strong, brave and protective. He is swoon worthy and she is a beauty with brains! I absolutely devoured this book from start to finish. So a dazzling start to another brilliant Claire Delacroix novel. Been reading her books for over two decades so I really wasn’t surprised as she always sweeps me into her brilliant stories!

This is a book I highly recommend and I know all historical romance readers will absolutely love it.

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6,659 reviews171 followers
June 8, 2021
THE WOLF AND THE WITCH is the first instalment in Claire Delacroix’s adult, historical, BLOOD BROTHERS medieval romance series. This is mercenary Maximilian de Vries aka the Silver Wolf, and Alys Armstrong’s story line.

Told from several third person perspectives including Maximilian and Alys, THE WOLF AND THE WITCH follows in the aftermath of the demise of Jean le Beau, Maximilian De Vries’ father, a wicked man whose death was grieved by no one including his long-suffering wife and numerous illegitimate children. Denied his rightful claim to the family estate and titles, Maximilian, along with his two half-brothers Rafael and Amaury, and a large contingent of former employees and friends, head out to rebuild the ruins of Scotland’s Kilderrick castle, and in doing so, Maximilian discovers the rightful heir to Kilderrick is alive and claiming to be a witch. Enter Alys Armstrong, and the woman with whom Maximilian will fall in love. What ensues is the acrimonious and embattled relationship between Maximilian and Alys, and the potential fall out as the past returns seeking revenge against our story line couple.

There is a large ensemble case of secondary and supporting characters many of whom find safety and solace with Maximilian’s band of travelling forgotten. We are introduced to Maximilian’s estranged half brothers Rafael and Amaury, as well as Alys’ fellow ‘witches’ Elizabeth, Ceara and Nyssa, three woman seeking refuge from painful pasts and forced servitude. The requisite evil has many faces.

THE WOLF AND THE WITCH is a story of family, betrayal, vengeance and loss. A tale of hope and forgiveness, secrets and lies, love and a happily ever after. The premise is intriguing and edgy; the romance is intimate and passionate; the characters are spirited, strong and inspiring.

557 reviews4 followers
May 16, 2021
Claire Delacroix is a master storyteller and “The Wolf and the Witch” is an excellent start to her new “Blood Brothers” series set in the 1300’s Scotland and France.

Maximilian de Vries Is cruelly denied his rightful inheritance. After his uncle’s funeral he, his half brothers and entourage, set out to claim an abandoned, and all but destroyed keep that was promised to him. When he arrives he finds that the keep and the surrounding area has been kept by women who claim to be witches in an effort to scare them away. Alys Armstrong, is the orphan of a man he feels responsible for killing so he decides he must marry her, thereby staking an irrefutable claim to the keep.

The author has created evocative characters that are well developed and defined. Our hero and heroine are both strong willed characters. The dialogue is well written and intriguing. The details provide the vision which serves to heighten the drama. This of course impacts the characters, who have great chemistry, through each step of the story. I appreciate the authors imagery and her descriptions which allow you to visualize each scene and feel the characters emotions.

The author gives us a fantastic story as the mores of time dictate. I loved that she gives you the characters points of view. We are able to see their backstories and developing personalities. She weaves a story from beginning to end with threads of intrigue, mystery and treachery as a web is spun that will hold you spellbound from the moment you begin the journey with Max and Alys. From the first sentence to the last, I could not put it down.

Thank you so much Ms. Delacroix for this wonderful story of finding love and common desires where least expected. Fantastic start to a new series! I can’t wait for the next book!
Profile Image for Mary.
2,753 reviews20 followers
May 27, 2021
This is a dramatic, interesting and thrilling story. When Maximilian was a young man, his father sent him to steal the treasure of Kilderrick. Instead he killed the Lord, and many others, then set the keep on fire. 15 years later, after being denied what he thought of as his birthright, he goes back to claim Kilderrick, the treasure and the former lords heir. Alys had been living in the woods with 3 other women since her betrothed forsook her because of the burns on her body. They survived by attacking reivers and stealing their bounty, one such attack happened to be Max and his band of people. When he finds out that Alys was the heir of Kilderrick, he goes after her, captures her and then forces her to marry him. Alys blames Max for her father's death, and vows to kill him. Max is in awe of his wife, and wants them to be partners, not enemies. While they deal with trust issues and their new marriage, others are plotting against Max. The storyline is captivating, the twists in it are fascinating and the secondary characters are intriguing. I was drawn into the story from the first page, and it kept getting more interesting. I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.
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2,379 reviews
May 16, 2021
Maximillian and his astranged half brothers had been wronged by their father in life and now in death so Maximillian was going back to Kilderick to claim as his after fifteen years from him destroying it. Alys had lost all and became scarred for life all in one night. The Silver Wolf killed her father, destroyed their home and she was burned on her one side so she lost her betrothed as well, now she and the three women she now called friends lived in the forest of Kilderick and scared others away as witches and thieves hoping for the day to have revenge on the Silver Wolf. When Maximilian and his entourage pulled in to the ruins of Kilderick and he claimed himself Laird, the interesting and exciting courtship that f Maximillian and Alys began. Maximillian knew from the beginning that Alys would be perfect for him but he had to prove to her and she had to prove her loyalty as they faced dangers, intrigue, prejudices, old rivalries, each other, an undeniable attraction, secrets and suppressed truths revealed toward their fight to rebuild Kilderick and save the ones they loved. Good read

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
3,277 reviews11 followers
May 12, 2021
The Wolf & the Witch the first book in the new Blood Brothers Series by Claire Delacroix is a captivating read. Set in the 1300’s along the Scottish borders is the beginning of the saga of three half-brothers who had their inheritance stolen from them. Now they stand together. The Wolf & the Witch is the story of Maximilian de Vries and Alys Armstrong. Thinking that the ancient Kelderrick would be an easy take if he married the lady there, Maximilian is in for a huge surprise.

Alys is a strong intelligent woman with a hatred for Maximilian’s family and all who are in it.a battle begins between the two f them. The anger gives way to passion but they find that they have a bigger enemy than each other. This is a story of family betrayal, family loyalty, rumors, mysteries, treasures, vengeance along with passion and love. Exciting introduction to the world of Maximilian de Vries and his brothers told by a master storyteller.

The publisher/author gave me a complimentary ARC of the book which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Author 18 books12 followers
July 11, 2021
It was so wonderful to return to the worldbuilding that only Ms. Delacroix can offer. I devoured this story and am eagerly chomping at the bit for book 2!

Recently united half-brothers undertake a quest, led by Maximillian de Vries. After being denied his heritage, our hero sets out to make a life for himself, starting with rebuilding the ruins of the castle that was once slated for him. But ruffians, witches, betrayers and a damning past dog his heels. In the midst of this is the one woman who can restore his legacy-Alys Armstrong, the sole heir to the lands on which his ruins sit. But Alys was there the night Maximillian burned her home to the ground, killing her father and scarring half her body. He is the last person to which she will grant her hand!

But in true Delacroix fashion, this enemies-to-lovers story tugs every heartstring in the most agonizing of ways, leaving me anxious to the very end as to whether or not they will ever reconcile and find true love.

Eager for book 2, Ms. Delacroix!
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468 reviews2 followers
May 14, 2021
Maximillian has a plan to reclaim at least part of his birthright after being betrayed by his barbaric father, but he doesn't count on having to do battle with the real heir to the Scottish holding he is trying to claim. The fact that Alys and her friends are living wild in the woods and are rumored to be witches only helps keep strangers away from her ancestral home. These two both have plans for Kilderrick, but it will take them working together to restore the holding and defeat those who would try to take down the legendary warrior known as the Wolf.

Max and Alys have a fiery relationship, but their strengths complement each other. The relationships of Max's half-brothers with Alys' friends also provide a lot of humor and promise for future romance. I enjoyed this book and look forward to more in this new series.
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69 reviews2 followers
September 9, 2023

The ages of the two main characters were too old for the time period it is set in. The character of Rafael was poorly written if he's supposed to be the main character in his own book. I thought he was a good person until his words and reaction after the visit to the church. He said some pretty nasty words and his revenge using Alys made him untrustworthy as far as I am concerned. He came off as someone who gets pissy the minute he doesn't get his way and then strikes out at who he thinks is denying him, even if there was a good reason. I don't know how his character can be redeemed. Nyssa also seems to be all too unconcerned with killing innocent bystanders as long as killing the people she considers the enemy gets accomplished. I hope the books get better.
73 reviews3 followers
June 2, 2021
I fell in love with this Blood Brothers novel from the first chapter. The prologue was a reality check of how life actually was during medieval times. Here we are introduced to Maximilian de Vries and his two half brothers at the funeral of their father. Maximillian is denied his inheritance so takes the seal of Kilderrick and a gold ring as his due.
The adventure begins when Maximillia's company arrives at Kilderrick and he meets Alys, the daughter of the old chieftain. Alys and her friends have been posing as witches to keep themselves safe and scare off any wold-be poachers. The fireworks explode when these two meet and Maximillian has decided to take Alys to wife. Her friends try to "save" her and in the end save Maximillian.
This a loving adventure with a few twists and turns.
Profile Image for Eniko.
529 reviews14 followers
November 11, 2021
I loved all the books by Ms. Delacroix that I listened to so far and this is no different.
The story is not what appears at the beginning, it emerges in stages, with many twists and it was a delight to be on this journey with Maximilian and Alys to their HEA. At times I didn't think they will make it, but make it they did and then some. The characters will make you like, love or hate them, but all unforgettable. Loved the ending, left me with a happy heart.

Timothy Campbell is a new-to-me voice and oh so yummy, an 'eargasm' for sure, varied to reflect each character. My fave is the voice he gave Max, deep and rumbling. The voices given the female characters are equally good, without being sounding false. Looking forward to more.
Profile Image for Naomi Bell.
232 reviews8 followers
May 3, 2021
The Wolf & The Witch by Claire Delacroix is an enticing return to 1300’s and the Scottish border. Maximilian has been wronged by his family. His only solace, an abandoned and destroyed keep in the middle of nowhere. As he attempts to survive and recover from the ills inflicted by his family, he faces another challenge…witchcraft and trickery! Delacroix is a masterful story teller who weaves together a fascinating tale of betrayal, vengeance, whit, fate and love. The characters will captivate you and make you yearn for the next installment in the series. I didn’t want the story to end, yet could not put it down!
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2,707 reviews31 followers
May 11, 2021
As a long time fan of Claire Delacroix writing as Deborah Cooke, it was only natural I was intrigued by the synopsis of The Wolf & the Witch (Blood Brothers Book 1), and while I’m not normally a fan of historical type stories, this book set in the 1300’s is intense, intriguing and thoroughly captivating as I would expect from this author. Heartache and wrongs are accompanied by deep emotion and complex character portrayals that all combine for a well-written and exciting story that I was immersed in from start to finish. Ms Delacroix did not disappoint!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
1,676 reviews14 followers
June 25, 2021
This is the 1st book in the Blood Brothers series and what a brilliant start it is!! This is Maximilian de Vries and Alys Armstrong’s story. He comes to reclaim Kilderrick by any means needed but this is where he meets Alys Armstrong and her three friends and they are determined to fight him! This enemies to lovers story has everything, drama, twists and turns, danger, suspense and a terrific love romance. Can’t wait for the next book

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
587 reviews
October 20, 2021
3 brothers.

Max is a mercenary and oldest son of a hated and feared mercenary. He is denied his inheritance and takes an unwanted property in Scotland. This property is in ruin because Max made it so 15 years prior. Alys is the only surviving heir to the property and Max plans to marry her to seal the deal as laird. They have a tumultuous relationship in the beginning but grow to realize they are much alike. This is an interesting story that gives a peak to future stories as these 3 brothers travel together.
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December 11, 2022
I used to read a lot of Ms. Delacroix's books, but I somehow lost track in my massive TBR pile. I'm glad I picked this one up because it's a great story. Alys is thought to be a witch, but she's primarily intent on keeping away intruders from the ruins of her home. Maximilian is one of three brothers, and he has inherited the castle lands that he once conquered as a mercenary for his father. Alys's tricks and Max's attempts to thwart them make for an exciting story. Ms. Delacroix has always written great medieval romances and I'm glad I found her again.
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May 12, 2021
The first book in the Blood Brothers series a very good start to this series. Maximilian de Vries comes to take Kilderrick by what ever means he has to use, but he will have to contend with Alys Armstrong. An enemies to lovers story of suspense, drama, twists, turns, danger, a villain, and romance. I want to read the next book. I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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February 14, 2022

I just could not. I can't understand all thr 5 star ratings. They say she is a witch...yet has no powers at all. She falls in love with the man who killed her father, buring down her home, scared her as a result of the burning. Saying crap like...if I had known you were in the keep I would have saved you...but professing to making sure everyone was dead. What crap! So unreal.
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May 11, 2021
It's pretty rare to find an historical read that just comsumes my time and attention like this one. The characters were well written as was the world building. My favorite character was Maximilian as I really felt his pain and longing for real love. This was a really engaging story that I can't wait for more.
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March 15, 2022
Another reason I don't get that much sleep!

Just finished the first book in the Blood Brothers series. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I have to make new rules for myself, like no reading before bed since I cannot put the book down! Thank You Claire for another great book and the start of a new series!
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May 11, 2021
This author has never disappointed me and this book, which is the first of a new series, is no exception. I loved this story and will be looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Highly recommend.
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May 11, 2021
What an entertaining story! A wronged man and a woman determined to avenge herself. This story was full of romance, action, and drama, and I couldn’t put it down.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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May 12, 2021
I loved this well-written, entertaining historical romance. I couldn't put it down but I didn't want it to end. This is the first book in the Blood Brothers series. This author is a "must read" for me and I will be on the lookout for the next book in this series.
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