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Spell of the Werewolf

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A werewolf with a death wish bargains with a hunter for salvation.

Justin has spent several lifetimes atoning for the violent nature of his curse. A mindless angry beast several nights a month, he carries a burden of blood for past sins. Tired and lonely, he’s seeking an end to his torment.

Vincent bears the curse, though only by half. A hybrid, he hunts those of his brethren who let their monsters take over. And he’s hell bent on destroying them all, until he's forced to deal with one who’s begging for peace. Except deliverance wears many guises.

Their desire for redemption erupts in a fiery passion drawing them closer together.

134 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 9, 2020

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About the author

J.R. Loveless

21 books363 followers
J.R. Loveless began her adventure in writing romance at the young age of twelve. Her foray into creating her own worlds and telling her characters’ life stories was triggered by her own love of reading. She currently resides in South Florida with her dog and two cats, volunteers for an animal rescue in her spare time, and works as a manager for a financial lending institute. Someday she hopes to begin writing as a full-time career and bringing more of her ideas to life.

Her journey into gay romance began in 2005 when she began posting her original fiction on a forum for feedback and readers’ pleasure. In 2010, a good friend urged her to submit to a publishing company, and the day she received the acceptance and contract was the best day of her life. Since then, she has been noted to be one of the most purchased audio books after Fifty Shades of Grey on Audiobook.com, received best gay romantic fiction for Touch Me Gently in the 2011 TLA Gaybies, and even received an award for Chasing Seth in 2012.

J.R. adores her fans and loves hearing from them.

Please subscribe to her website for Newsletters, Blog Post updates, and more! Receive a free short friends to lovers novelette titled White Rain just for subscribing! www.jrloveless.com

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2,168 reviews1 follower
July 19, 2020
3.5 stars Justin is searching for hundreds of years to find the one who turned him into a werewolf. So he can bring him down and lift the spell.
With no results and Justin can’t handle it anymore. For three days around the full moon, he turns into a killing machine. He’s tired of searching and has a strong death wish, he refuses to continue killing innocent people. In the last ten years, he locked himself in a silver cage through these full moon days, with the help of the human Kara.
When a beautiful hybrid with immense long braided hair stares at him he knows he’s in trouble.

Vincent wants all werewolves dead and when he runs into Justin he tried to kill him but failed somehow. After Vincent understands Justin doesn’t want to kill innocent people, he demands his help to put down a clan of werewolves. Justin agrees only Vincent has to promise him when they are finished Vincent will kill Justin. Vincent agrees.

I loved this concept, it was something different. It had a traditional view on werewolves, the one where werewolves are monsters. Both Justin and Vincent had a hard past and throughout this story well developed and revealed. There is quite some violence but as compensation also some sweet and sexy time.
After I turned the last page I was like huh? it stopped just like that, abruptly. Will there be a continuation? I don’t know.
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27 reviews2 followers
July 22, 2020
Moonrise will never be the same.

The Storyline: Spell of the Werewolf, action-packed gay romance

A werewolf with a death wish bargains with a hunter for salvation.

Justin has spent several lifetimes atoning for the violent nature of his curse. A mindless angry beast several nights a month, he carries a burden of blood for past sins. Tired and lonely, he’s seeking an end to his torment.

Vincent bears the curse, though only by half. A hybrid, he hunts those of his brethren who let their monsters take over. And he’s hell-bent on destroying them all until he's forced to deal with one who’s begging for peace. Except deliverance wears many guises.

Their desire for redemption erupts in a fiery passion drawing them closer together.

What I Liked

This was an interesting and fast-moving book that combined revenge, enemy to lovers, and unrequited love into a gay romance novel. The romance built through the story and was not one of those love at first sight storylines, in fact, just the opposite…starts in a hunting situation. Thou with that said, there was something that made them both notice each other.

As with any relationship, not only in gay romantic ones, there is baggage. Baggage might be an understatment...there are real internal struggles with both Justin and Vincent. The story does have not one, but TWO unrequited love interests. While some might say that would be too much drama, it worked very well in this book. These situations added the perfect amount of tension that in some cases pushed Vincent and Justin forward.

Ms. Loveless built a world that I could see in my mind as I read the book. While it is set in the Toyko region which I have never been to, there were no issues envisioning some of the areas based on Ms. Loveless’ masterful descriptions: Vincent’s apartment, the rooftop, the cage, the alleyway, the secret passage…

What I did not Care for

While you do have to suspend belief a bit when you are reading books that contain magical creatures such as werewolves, I did struggle with the idea of the “30-year-old virgin” struggle that was included, albeit, it was not 30 years in this book! Now, in all fairness, Ms. Loveless did offer some brief explanation for this, and it was a meniscal piece of the book. Frankly, if this is the only thing the poked me wrong in a book…. then it is a great book. Oh, yeah…it is a great book!

My Recommendation

The premise of the book is known immediately, a werewolf and a werewolf hunter that will come together in a (hot) gay romance story. Despite this, Ms. Loveless did break some underwritten rules of gay romance books. It kept my interest and I was engaged. Don’t worry, despite being an enemy to lovers story, there was plenty of sexual desire built up to keep it going.

Spell of the Werewolf also has a number of minor “loose ends” that will make great continuations for the series. I am working hard to avoid spoilers in the review…but just a few: the scrolls, the hunter’s legion, the magic undertone, the swords, among others.

Let's talk about the book cover a moment. I found myself staring at it a couple of times in-despicably. While Justin is pretty hot on the cover, I found the whole thing mesmerizing. I feel it added to the hotness factor.

Read my full review on my website below. Learn more about the author, and read "Coffee Talk" with J.R. Loveless. ALSO...there is a bit of good news (possibly an exclusive) that the author shared with me!


Disclaimer: I did receive a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. I received NO compensation for this review.
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2,452 reviews23 followers
July 13, 2020
I really have to say that I enjoyed this story so much. It was a nice interpretation. I love seeing other people’s viewpoints on the paranormal and this one definitely a good one. My one complaint is that I hope there’s another one coming somewhere because this felt like a cliffhanger and I’m not a happy camper. There’s just too much left open for another book. So many things that could end a certain way or whatever. So I really do hope there’s another.
Justin’s life turned to horror over 200 years ago, when one night walking home, something slammed into him and bit the fire out of him. And it turned out to be a werewolf, because Justin became one himself. Not knowing what else to do, he ran from his family to keep them from harm, when he woke up the next morning and found a villager mauled from his own hands. So he took his horse and ran. As far as he could with his horse. But that night, he turned again and lost the only friend and family he had left in his horse. For years, he’s been killing his own kind, trying to find the one who created him. And he had all but given up hope and was going to kill himself when Kara found him. Now she helps him on the nights he turns to keep people safe. But now a hunter is on his trail. Vincent is determined to kill him. But Vincent has seen something with his own eyes he can’t believe. A werewolf killing his own kind. And he struck a deal. But while they are finding the werewolves that are using spells to better themselves, he didn’t plan on falling for Justin. But something about Justin draws him in. But when they find his maker and think he’s dead, can Vincent follow through on his deal or not?
I love Justin and my heart breaks for him, so bad. He didn’t want this horror. He just wanted a happy life with his family and to grow up and maybe have a family of his own someday. But everything was robbed from him, from a being so evil, he didn’t and still doesn’t care. He enjoys making werewolves. Toys for him to play with. Armies to make to destroy others. And I don’t blame Justin one single bit for destroying them. He doesn’t want anyone hurt. It’s not fair that innocent lives are being taken for the sake of fun. But what breaks my heart worse, is that he’s willing to give up his own life. And who could blame him. Every night is filled with nightmares and things that he can’t get past. And he’s sick of having to go through this constant change and pain every few days a month. And then add Vincent, who’s determined to do his job. But one thing I admire about Vincent, is he finally admits when he’s wrong. He knows for most of HIS life, it’s been filled with anger and hurt and stuff as well. So he really does understand where Justin is coming from. And he starts to see Justin in a different light. And that made me happy. Because Justin finally found someone who could truly care for him, flaws and all.
It’s a hard story at times. There are possible triggers in this. The beating and it’s a bit gory, if that’s a problem for anyone. But for me, it was a great story. I just really hope there’s going to be another book coming soon.

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7,382 reviews418 followers
July 20, 2020
A Joyfully Jay review.

3.5 stars

Spell of the Werewolf by J.R. Loveless is a paranormal romance that screams to be made into a longer novel or given a sequel. It’s not that the story ends abruptly or on a cliffhanger, but there is some unfinished business that is pretty crucial to the overall plot that is left dangling by the end of the short novel. Either way, the book is good until the end when I feel the author chose to quickly wrap things up and, in my opinion, create a somewhat unrealistic end to a fairly even story to that point.

The idea that Justin is hunting his own kind out of a sense of guilt and need for forgiveness for old crimes against humanity is not new ground but, nonetheless, the story is quite compelling and interesting to read. Add in the angry and single-minded hunter, Vincent, whose motives are made clear near the end of the story and you have a duo who both hunt for similar reasons—to put to rest a bloody and murderous past.

Read Sammy’s review in its entirety here.

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Author 17 books93 followers
August 4, 2020
I enjoyed the world building in this story and how both Justin and Vincent are outsiders within their own kind. Justin hunts other werewolves and has nightmares about what he’s done both as the wolf, and himself, while Vincent as a hybrid works with hunters. I liked how they find common ground not only in their physical attraction, but their need for atonement.

I loved the feeling of found family especially with Justin and Kara, and I liked how his relationship with Vincent built on that family instead of destroying it. I also liked how Vincent and Justin were drawn to each other, and provide each other with the comfort and escape from their past they both desperately need.

I liked the mix of magic and werewolves, and how the way it worked together was a bit different and was a very real threat. I liked how it affected Justin too. The wolf who bit Justin is a nasty piece of work, and although I’m quite happy to see him dealt with, I liked how the ending left things open for more stories. I thought the fight scenes were well written, and exciting.

I’d like to see more of these characters and their world.
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1,673 reviews25 followers
July 31, 2020
I liked the idea of the hunter and the hunted falling for each other, and adding the fact that one is a werewolf and the other a hybrid added to my interest in reading this story. Here, instead of werewolves being the good guys the vast majority of them—as in all of them except Justin that we encounter in this story—are the monsters of yore, violently killing and rampaging while changed, unaware of what they are doing while in that state.

To make matters worse, it seems that these not-at-all-good werewolves are actually banding together to become more powerful in their altered state (not going to say anything else since it would be too spoiler-y). Justin is not like the rest. Okay, so he is when it comes to most of the physical attributes…but he is actually disgusted by what happens to him and what he is capable of when changed, and is trying to do something about it.

Enter Vincent, a hybrid werewolf/human who cannot change, but has the physical prowess that full werewolves do in their human form. He’s far beyond disgusted by those pure werewolves, hunting and killing them at every chance. Then Justin enters the picture, and though at first they go at it as hunter against hunted, as you expect that turns into a wary truce, and eventually something totally opposite.

I would have liked to have had more to this story, both in background and resolution. Things are not entirely settled at the end, and Justin himself does not know a lot about what he is so that means as a reader neither did I. This story does lay a foundation, if a bit spotty, if the author plans subsequent books.

Overall, Spell of the Werewolf was around 3.5 stars for me. Adult language and the intimate encounters between Justin and Vincent do mean that this book is meant for readers 18+.
Profile Image for Megan.
1,432 reviews27 followers
July 26, 2020
...Somewhere between 2.5 and 3 stars

The overall feel of the story was pain and heartache. Justin aches so much over what he did during the three nights a month he shifts into a monster and he's finally finding his breaking point. With the support of his friend he's able to keep the monster caged, but his constant search for freedom from the curse puts him in the path of a hunter. When they strike a deal it's what Justin feels is best for him and the world, but there's a lot about his world he doesn't know even after two centuries.

His volatile meeting with Vincent is interesting in that there's obviously a story behind the hunter and though we don't get his background until well into the story, his mystery is one that keeps me wanting to know more. I did find his utter hatred strange because his beginning wasn't nearly as horrific as I expected, painful and bad and unfortunate, but not horrific enough to warrant such blind, all-encompassing hatred. Quite a lot of the story leaned heavily on the animosity between him and Justin before any change occurred.

I can't say I felt a lot of connection between the MC's nor between me and them and the ending isn't even really an HFN either. There are major things that need a sequel, but despite laying a foundation for one, I have no clue whether we'll get one or not. So with no real resolution, quite a few questions and connections left unanswered, and a flash-in-the-pan climax that was a bit anticlimactic, I'm on the fence whether I'd want to continue if this did become a series. Overall it was an interesting story with a really captivating premise and the bones for the story were pretty good, I just wasn't wowed as much as I hoped I would be.
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1,690 reviews
July 12, 2020
Justin turns into a monster three nights a month. Thanks to a dear friend who locks him in a cage he no longer kills. Looking for the werewolf that turned him has proved fruitless for over two hundred years.

Vincent is a hunter, a hybrid. His entire life devoted to getting ride of the monsters that walk the night. Till he comes across Justin.

An imaginative take on the werewolf mythos. A quick, but enjoyable book. Good characters and even though it was light on background, there was enough to support the bones of the story. I don’t know if there will be another book but I would certainly read it if there was.

Review Copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads.
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725 reviews1 follower
July 22, 2020
It's not a common spin on werewolf as a culture, maybe closer to the movie "An American Werewolf in Paris" where to get rid of the curse the infected had to kill his maker.
Everything was moving nicely until the pivotal moment in the bakery when Vincent (the hunter) behaved too stupid to live.
What kind of hunter he is that leaves the monster wounded without making sure the job is finished?
After that moment it went into sexcapade, a major battle and another stupidity that should not have happened.
It feels like the author dropped the ball about 65% in and the plot has stopped making any sense and got pulled every each way.
I've lost my interest at that point and could only roll my eyes at each new stupidity/illogical behavior that has followed till the story has stopped without any true resolutions.
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1,535 reviews86 followers
July 30, 2020
Funnily enough this is my first JR Loveless’ book - I can’t believe it myself, go figure. SPELL OF THE WEREWOLF is a paranormal romance between two opposing characters, a werewolf and a hybrid human/werewolf who formed a reluctant alliance to hunt menacing wild werewolves who prey on human’s life. While not overly dark, the tone of the story is rather gloom. Justin was a sole fighter, practically fought against two sides - the wild beast werewolf and the werewolf hunters - and struggled with being the wild beast itself every full moon.

I found the gist of the story interesting enough. Justin fought his way while also hunting the one who had bit and turned him into a werewolf; how things built up that he made the bargain that eventually would end his life. I usually don’t go for this sort of martyrdom but I felt for Justin. The same went for Vincent who fought his attraction to Justin yet couldn’t help to be drawn to him. The chemistry and dynamic between these two were apparent from the get go, even with less smexy times than usual (for this sort of paranormal romance).

What had me grinding my teeth were the depiction of female admirer these two men had and the so-called tantrum when their sentiment wasn’t return. Fortunately not all (of these admirers) kept acting like swine all the time - which is a huge relief for me. Then there was also the part where some issues kept on loose ends. Probably to make way for further journey and adventure our heroes would have on the sequel following this one. I for one would be happy if Justin and Vincent have follow-up story. We shall see.

Copy of this book is kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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380 reviews4 followers
July 20, 2020
Justin has been bitten by a werewolf over two centuries ago and since then his life has been dominated by travels around the world and search, as he is looking for the man who turned him, redemption for his sins and death which would end his life of the beast. This time his goal seems to be closer than ever. His creator is somewhere in Japan, while the newly-met, attractive hunter, Vincent, promises to kill Justin if he fails to become human again. Unfortunately, neither of them predicted that their hearts had completely different plans for them.

"Spell of the Werewolf" is a novel written by J.R. Loveless, thanks to which we enter an alternative reality in which the life of an average person is in constant danger because of numerous predators who hide in the shadows. In the world the author created, there are not only the title werewolves, but also shifters, vampires and warlocks. The very fact of these creatures exist is a huge advantage of the novel, but the author makes her universe even more interesting and expanded, because she enriches it with hunters, hybrids, and above all, stories, lore and legends that concern those creatures, or at least one group of them. Thanks to all this the "Spell of the Werewolf" universe is multidimensional, interesting and worth exploring, even if the reader has no direct contact with many of the races living in the world of this novel. I have to admit that J.R. Loveless really impressed me. Her novel is relatively short, yet she managed to show us her world in a truly fascinating way. The reader really wants to stay much longer in this universe.

Another great advantage of "Spell of the Werewolf", and at the same time the whole universe, is the way the werewolves are presented in this novel. Let's start with the fact that the author shows these beasts in a really detailed and multidimensional way, distinguishing them from ordinary shifters. It is worth mentioning that she remains faithful to all myths and facts known to us, such as, for example, the transformation caused by the full moon, which turns a normal person into a mindless murderer. However, this doesn't stop the author from introducing changes and improvements, making werewolves even more fascinating. What I think is equally important, is the fact that reading "Spell of the Werewolf" we learn a lot about werewolves' behavior, such as their lonely life outside an organized pack. The author outlines this image by reveling some disturbing, unnatural behaviors that make Justin suspicious. The fact that werewolves can change, which we see reading this novel, is really amazing and incredibly interesting.

As for the characters, they are also remarkable and definitely worth our attention. First of all, creating them, the author does not focus primarily on their appearance, work or the past, but clearly emphasizes their worldviews, the importance of distinguishing good from evil and right behavior. To some extent, this is their obsession, something that we can see as their characteristic. I find it equally interesting that Justin and Vincent are doing the same thing, they have a similar goal, and yet this is what makes them enemies at the beginning. I really liked how the author showed the dynamics of their relationship based on their views about werewolves and what they know about each other. Thus, we immediately see that by creating Justin and Vincent J.R. Loveless not only wanted to make some interesting characters, but also give their feelings and dilemmas depth and seriousness.

In conclusion, "Spell of the Werewolf" is a pretty good novel set in a truly fantastic universe that we'd like to return to in the future. It is also a story about regret, repentance, seeking redemption, re-evaluation of one's views and love, not only physical, but also unfulfilled and ready to fight for the happiness of this one, most important person.


Justin został przemieniony w wilkołaka przed dwoma stuleciami i od tamtej pory jego życie to ciągła wędrówka i poszukiwanie. Mężczyzna poszukuje bowiem tego, który go przemienił, odkupienia win, śmierci, która zakończyłaby jego żywot bestii. Tym razem jego cel wydaje się być bliżej niż kiedykolwiek. Jego twórca przebywa bowiem gdzieś w Japonii, zaś nowo poznany, atrakcyjny łowca, Vincent, obiecuje zabić Justina jeśli nie uda mu się na powrót stać człowiekiem. Niestety żaden z nich nie przewidział, że ich serca mają co do nich zupełnie inne plany.

„Spell of the Werewolf” to powieść J.R. Loveless, dzięki której wkraczamy do alternatywnej rzeczywistości, w której na życie przeciętnego człowieka czyha niejeden drapieżnik. W świecie stworzonym przez autorkę istnieją bowiem nie tylko tytułowe wilkołaki, ale także zmiennokształtni, wampiry, czarnoksiężnicy. Już sam fakt istnienia tych istot jest ogromnym plusem powieści, ale autorka czyni swoje uniwersum jeszcze ciekawszym i rozleglejszym, ponieważ wzbogaca je o łowców, hybrydy, a nade wszystko historie, podania i legendy, które dotyczą wybranej grupy istot. Dzięki temu uniwersum „Spell of the Werewolf” jest wielowymiarowe, interesujące i godne zgłębienia, nawet jeśli czytelnik nie ma bezpośredniego kontaktu z wieloma zamieszkującymi świat tej powieści rasami. Muszę przyznać, że J.R. Loveless naprawdę mi zaimponowała. Jej powieść jest stosunkowo krótka, a mimo to zdołała w niej przedstawić swój świat w prawdziwie fascynujący sposób. W tym uniwersum pragnie się zostać zdecydowanie dłużej.

Kolejną ogromną zaletą „Spell of the Werewolf”, a jednocześnie całego uniwersum tej powieści jest sposób przedstawienia wilkołaków. Zacznijmy od tego, że autorka naprawdę szczegółowo i wielowymiarowo ukazuje te bestie, odróżniając je od zwykłych zmiennokształtnych. Warto wspomnieć, iż pozostaje wierna znanym nam wszystkim mitom i faktom, jak chociażby przemiana wymuszona fazami księżyca, która zamienia człowieka w bezmyślnego mordercę. Nie przeszkadza jej to jednak we wprowadzeniu zmian i udoskonaleń, dzięki czemu wilkołaki stają się jeszcze bardziej fascynujące. Co równie istotne, czytając „Spell of the Werewolf” dowiadujemy się naprawdę dużo na temat ich zachowań, jak chociażby samotne życie poza zorganizowaną grupą. A wszystko to dzięki ukazaniu niepokojących, nienaturalnych zachowań, które wzbudzają podejrzenia Justina. Fakt, że wilkołaki potrafią się zmieniać, czego jesteśmy świadkami czytając tę powieść jest naprawdę fantastyczny i niesamowicie interesujący.

Co się zaś tyczy bohaterów, oni również godni są uwagi. Przede wszystkim dlatego, że autorka kreując ich nie skupia się w pierwszej kolejności na ich wyglądzie, pracy, czy też przeszłości, ale wyraźnie podkreśla ich światopoglądy oraz wagę, jaką przykładają do odróżniania dobra od zła, właściwego postępowania. W pewnym stopniu jest to ich obsesją, czymś co możemy uznać za ich cechę charakterystyczną. Uważam, że równie interesujący jest fakt, iż Justin i Vincent zajmują się tym samym, mają zbliżony cel, a jednak właśnie to na początku czyni z nich wrogów, przeciwników. Naprawdę spodobało mi się to, w jaki sposób autorka ukazała dynamikę ich relacji w oparciu o poglądy na temat wilkołaków oraz tego, co wiedzą o sobie nawzajem. W ten sposób od razu widzimy, że tworząc Justina i Vincenta J.R. Loveless nie chciała jedynie stworzyć interesujących bohaterów, ale zależało jej również na tym, aby ich uczuciom i dylematom nadać głębi i powagi.

Podsumowując, „Spell of the Werewolf” to całkiem niezła powieść osadzona w naprawdę fantastycznym uniwersum, do którego chcielibyśmy jeszcze kiedyś powrócić. To historia o żalu za grzechy, pokucie, poszukiwaniu odkupienia, przewartościowaniu poglądów oraz miłości, nie tylko tej fizycznej, ale również niespełnionej za to gotowej walczyć o szczęście drugiej osoby.
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2,704 reviews13 followers
July 20, 2020
I couldn't put it down but I'm a little conflicted about this one.

Spell of the Werewolf is the first book I've read by J.R. Loveless and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I'm rating it at 3.5 stars, rounding up to 4 but I did have a few issues with it.

First off, I thought the story was very good. It was a different take on werewolves from what I've read before and I think it had a lot of potential. The blurb tells us that Vincent is a hybrid but that wasn't explored much and not even explained until near the end of the story. I would've like to read more about that.

Justin's plight, and his mission, is pretty well explained. We know what happened to him and why he does what he does. It takes a bit of persuading, but Vincent eventually allows Justin to join him in hunting werewolves; something that Justin has been doing on his own for many years.

Not too far into the story (about 15%) there is a big fight between Justin and Vincent – in a public park. Even if it was dark, I think it was a bit far-fetched to believe that no one would hear. I am perfectly willing to suspend belief when reading fiction – this is a werewolf story after all – but little things like this scene kind of bother me.

Another little thing… silver is bad for werewolves – enough of it can kill them in this story – and yet Justin buys Vincent a pair of silver earrings???

The story ends too abruptly for me. Yes, it's a novella (btw, I love that length of book) but I'm a bit reluctant to even call it an HFN. There is one huge element of the story that remains unresolved and yet I wouldn't quite call the story a cliffhanger. If I knew for sure that this was the beginning of a series, I'd be fine with how it ended but I can't find anything to confirm or deny that it is.

I know this review comes off a bit negative and, if you've read this far, you're probably wondering why I rounded my 3.5 stars up to 4 instead of down to 3. Well, the reason is that I couldn't put this down once I started reading it. So, despite the somewhat negative comments I've made, I thought this was a really good story – so different from others I've read – and I really want the author to write more in this world. I think Justin and Vincent could have a lot of great adventures together.

A copy of this book was provided to me but my review was voluntary and not influenced by the author.

***Reviewed for Xtreme-Delusions dot com***
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June 30, 2020
I enjoyed reading this book. Justin and Kara had such a great friendship, even though Kara was really in love with him. Justin was so nice, you felt for him, he was so tormented by what he is and has done. He's desperate to either kill the werewolf who made him, or end his life himself. Kara may be human, but she doesn't fear Justin, instead she's been traveling with him for the past ten years. Justin refuses to hurt innocent people, so three nights a month Kara has to lock him up. Vincent is a hybrid, he hates werewolves though, so he hunts and kills them. When he spots Justin in an alley, he knows he must follow him home and kill him. However, he did not count on Kara fighting him to protect Justin. The following days Vincent continues to pursue Justin. When a large group of werewolves become a very dangerous threat, Justin and Vincent must work together. While they work to find the other werewolves, feelings between them start to cause panic for both men. Justin knows nothing can happen with Vincent, he knows Vincent hates him, and he still wishes for death. Vincent is so confused, he hates Justin's kind, so why he finds himself starting to care about the man, he doesn't understand. When everything becomes to overwhelming for Justin, he decides a few days away is what he needs. While staying in a town hours from home, he discovers a very large number of werewolves hanging around. Knowing he can't take all them on himself, he contacts Kara to have her go tell Vincent that he needs help. With so much danger and uncertainty surrounding them will they finally accept that they want each other? With so many werewolves trying to kill them, things are about to get very bloody, and the numbers are not on their side. All Justin knows is that one way or another, his suffering will end that night.
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August 3, 2020
Spell of the Werewolf
MMy Thoughts and Review:

Paranormal Romance is my absolute favorite because it allows an author to be as free and imaginative as they can possibly be regarding the history or lore of whatever supernatural being(s) they are writing about. It is always so exciting for me to read a shifter story and get a different perspective on the creature species being written about.

In Spell of a Werewolf, we find a troubled Were who was turned in the early 1800s. Justin has spent two centuries hunting down other Weres all in the hopes of finding the one who turned him. If he can kill the Were who bit him the spell over him will be broken.

Unfortunately for Justin, he has a very cocky, very attractive Hunter he can't seem to get rid of who hounds him at every turn. Not only are hunters after Justin, but so are other Weres. There is something more sinister unfolding concerning the Werewolf population in Tokyo at the moment, and Justin finds he needs the help of one very cocky, very attractive Hunter to help him get to the bottom of it before the human population is affected.

This was a quick action-packed read and I finished it in one sitting. It ended on more of an HFN than a HEA, but that's quite alright by this reader, who will be crossing her fingers for a sequel? Maybe? Hopefully? **giggle...

If you like your heroes with tortured souls and vain attempts at stoicism, with humor so dry you're left thirsty for more, you will adore Justin and Vincent. I know I did. A true enemies to lovers romance to savor. Yum!

4.00 howling-at-the-moon-stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I received a complimentary copy of this book from GBP in exchange for my review.⚔
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November 16, 2020
Oh, the drama!

This as a story that could be interesting and enjoyable but instead was so full of melodrama and heavy tropes that It never connects to its characters and simply falls flat. Justin is a turned werewolf who Can Never Atone For His Sins. He hints others werewolves and hopes to break his curse but is giving up on life. Vincent is a half werewolf Hunter who Will Kill All The Beasts. Honestly, you can see the capital letters around anything these two do. Justin is snarky but depressed and doing One Last Thing Before He Dies. Vincent is angry and ages all wolves but agreed to team up with Justin, but only to the end of more killing. The two each are attracted to each other but repulsed by that fact. They are both close to women in their lives who are hopelessly in love with them, which seems to be their entire purpose, even though they won't be loved back. There is this whole world of werewolves and vampires and hunters, but the reasoning why they haven't been discovered by humans is simply that humans don't want to see the supernatural and so ignore it, even when there are giant beasts lingering about killing people. It is never explained how the curse works, why Vincent doesn't turn as a hybrid, how the whole humanity thing works with the curse, what the hell is going on with the werewolves.....nothing really. So much is left unexplained in favour of focusing on the ridiculous melodrama between Vincent and Justin. It felt tired and there never really was anything built up between them. Then after the big climax it all just sort of ends with very little accomplished. A short read but with little pay off.
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August 7, 2020
Illogical premise, and unrealistic setting for this story

This whole story is predicated on the idea that if Justin kills the wolf who turned him, then Justin will become human again. But what evidence does anyone have that this is true? Do werewolves suddenly stop being paranormals every time Justin, or a hunter, kills a werewolf? During the climactic battle, was not a single werewolf made by one who was killed? Does this mean that the first werewolf is still alive somewhere because, if not, wouldn't all werewolves cease to be cursed? And if so, why don't the hunters target that being?

Then there was the setting; why Japan? Why was the only thing even vaguely Japanese in this whole book that they got sushi when they dined out? I suppose that Justin's co-workers names were Japanese as well, but otherwise this story could have been set anywhere in an English speaking country and not be any different.

I liked the characters in this book, and I'm glad that Justin and Vincent were able to find each other. But there were too many inconsistencies in this world to make this book be anything more than just ok.
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July 3, 2020
This was a unique take on werewolves, I thought. This story is set in Japan, and the werewolves are the bad guys. For three days of every month, they turn into monsters, without retaining any of their human control or compassion. They murder indiscriminately. Eventually, their humanity is lost and they are no longer the good people they once were. Except for Justin. Well, that’s not entirely true. He changes for those three days too, and he has done things he’s not proud of, but he has found a way to control himself. Every month, for those three days, his friend Kara locks him in a cell so that he can’t hurt anyone. The rest of the time he spends hunting others like himself, attempting to rid the world of the werewolf monsters.

Vincent is a hybrid. He has all the power and long life of a werewolf without the curse of turning into a mindless monster every month. He also spends his life hunting the monsters. And that’s how Justin and Vincent meet.

I thought the introduction of the spells was really interesting, and it changed how the book played out, made it less predictable. My interest was also piqued by the way Justin’s maker, Jake, played into the storyline, although that did feel somewhat unresolved. The story of the horse was heartbreaking.

The book was easy to read, and I enjoyed it. If you enjoy m/m werewolf or shifter stories, I’m sure you will too!

I received a review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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1,334 reviews
August 7, 2020
This book was an extreme example of enemies to lovers. Vincent met Justin, who he considered a monster, and immediately wanted to kill him. Justin was willing to let himself be killed after he completed a very important task. The narrative that took these men from hatred to love was an interesting one.
I really liked Justin, but it took me a while to feel the same for Vincent. I wanted happiness for the tortured werewolf. I liked the idea of the magical scrolls that gave other werewolves certain abilities, though I didn't feel like some of these abilities would be a bad thing if used with good intentions. I would like to learn more about the scrolls, and how the hunters use them. I would also like to know more about hybrids and their abilities. This story made me think.
This was a violent, emotional, and heart wrenching book. I enjoyed it, and I think other paranormal fans will, too.
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July 23, 2020
Una historia entretenida con personajes interesantes y un mundo atractivo, pero con un desarrollo que me dejó inconforme. El romance fue demasiado apresurado para mí y hubo detalles que pudieron quedar mejor (¿Tantas peleas con espadas y nadie se dio cuenta de nada?) Pudo haber estado mejor, pero es bueno para pasar el rato.

An entertaining story with interesting characters and an attractive world, but with a development that left me unhappy. The romance was too hasty for me and there were details that could have been better (That many sword fights and nobody noticed anything?) It could have been better, but it's good to pass the time.
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July 4, 2020
This novella-length werewolf romance was intriguing and enjoyable. It's not in my top 10 reads, but I was still pleased with the world-building and likable characters. Vincent and Justin were sweeter than I expected once they finally came together, and their physical chemistry was wild. My main complaint is that this story ended before I was ready! I want to know more about what happened after the big battle and how Vincent and Justin made their new relationship work while traveling around the world with Kara.

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own
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July 11, 2020
This story was a bit unique. The way the author portrays werewolves and the old magic around them was intriguing. All the battle scenes were probably my favorite parts of this story. Though I did enjoy the romance too.

I liked the world-building and the characters were likable. The story flowed nicely. It was a quick, fun, and action packed read. I do have a few unanswered questions, but nothing that stopped my enjoyment of the story. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the author.
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July 26, 2020
J.R. Loveless is a new to me author. I really liked this story. Justin was bitten and is struggling to control his wolf. Justin is searching for his maker to destroy him for destroying his life. His friend Kara helps him each month when he turns. Vincent is a hybrid, half human, and half werewolf. He makes it his mission in life to destroy werewolves. They make a bargain. This is an enemy to lover’s story line. This was an enjoyable story to read.
I am voluntarily leaving a review form an ARC that I received. My reviews are solely based on my thoughts and opinions.
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December 21, 2020
This book has been on my reading list for ages and after reading it, I’m wondering why I didn’t read it sooner.

I really enjoyed this book. The author’s approach to shifting werewolves was different and refreshing. I enjoyed the world and characters she created.

Vincent and Justin didn’t get off on the right foot. Vincent makes a lot of assumptions but soon learns than not everything is as it seems. As both grow closer and the feelings so; can they each keep the promise they made?

Great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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March 22, 2021
I would have definitely rated a 5 if they had actually killed Justin’s maker. I mean in a book where you behead half the enemy, how can you not behead your top hated person. He should have had his heart cut out, beheaded and set fire immediately just to be sure. It really bothers me when authors do a story this way. Dont chase a person to kill them as a mission and not finish the freaking job when you have the chance.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 30, 2020
I loved Justin and Vincent's story right up until it ended. The story was beautiful, heartwrenching, but it ended too suddenly and without a real end for my taste.

Did they catch Jake? Did Justin turn human? And if he did, what happens when he grows old and died while Vincent remains the same?

So many unanswered questions and it didn't seem like there would be a sequel.
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July 21, 2020

A great addition to any lover of the werewolf genre! I really enjoyed the unique story about a hunter and a werewolf falling for each other! Highly recommended!
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August 19, 2020
I liked this book. It was exactly what I was expecting it to be, and I’m honestly finding it hard to have thoughts. It was fine, I enjoyed the experience while it was happening.

Justin basically needed saving by Vincent throughout the whole book. He is struggling real hard for 200 or so years (they are immortal) about being who he is, and what he ends up doing when his a mindless beast. He’s old while being young, it made me wonder if when he was turned if that’s the mentality he stayed and he could age from that. He just seemed real young even though he couldn’t and didn’t have a really good and easy life, the dude was born in the 1800’s.

Vincent is just angry with everything, kinda bitter and is very set in his ways (he’s also hella old) until the squishy heart of Justin works it’s wonders.

They romance worked the way those personality types work: bitter and angry vs squishy heart and self-sacrificing. With one of them throwing off mix signals added a young guy who’d never really accepted his sexuality, sorta.

It was nice. Sweet and yeah fine. it was a romance.

I didn’t really get the setting, I didn’t feel it, though it never really made a difference to the story nor did I really know when it was being set again didn’t really matter to the overall enjoyment, at least for me.

I’m sorry I’m really sucking at this, but at least I get something down. Honestly, I think if you enjoy short stories, especially paranormal romances you’d liked this one.

ARC provided for honest review
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