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A Dark Romance Anthology

You should never fall for the bad guy…

Over thirty of your favorite USA Today and bestselling authors have come together to create an epic collection of forbidden, dark romance stories.

Get lost in this unputdownable mixture of short stories. From heroes to bad guys, there’s something for everyone.


A person who stalks: a person who pursues someone obsessively.

Stalkers is a taboo romance collection jam-packed with captivating stories.

Authors Included:

Abigail Davies · Yolanda Olson · Ally Vance · Jessica Ames · N. Isabelle Blanco · D.S. Wrights · Faith Ryan · Sam Destiny · S. Firecox · Cole Denton · Ker Dukey · Petra J. Knox · Kara Dawson · Brianna Hale · Alice La Roux · Emery LeeAnn · Raven Amor · Claire C. Riley · Shannon Youngblood · Kat T.Masen · Logan Fox · Cassia Brightmore · Leaona Luxx · A.K. MacBride · Ryleigh Sloan · Erin Trejo · C. Firecox · Michelle Pace · M.A. Foster · Cora Kenborn · Catherine Wiltcher

1556 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 16, 2021

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About the author

Ally Vance

68 books481 followers
Ally is an International Bestselling Author who writes in the Dark Romance & Horror genres. Ally has been writing since she was a teenager, and it had been a long-time dream of hers to finally become a published author. Ally lives in Kent, in the United Kingdom, with her husband, son, and their two crazy kitties; Kian and Declan.

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Shelved as 'did-not-finish'
February 16, 2021
I’m sorry, I just can’t do the short story thing. I need something more...

Though here are my reviews of the first few that I did read:

Infatuation by Jessica Ames

The Hero(s): Fury -The Sargent at Arms for the Untamed Sons MC. It is Fury’s job to hurt people that need hurting and kill people that need killing. He has a monster inside him that craves blood.

The heroine: Amalia - she sees something she is not supposed to see and Fury saves her from his MC brother who wants to kill her.

The Love Story: Fury never felt for a woman before, but when he sees Amalia, he thinks she is an angel. He hangs around outside her place every night, supposedly to threaten her into keeping quiet but really he can’t keep away from her.

This was a prequel and I felt that it centered around Fury too much. We find out nothing about Amalia except that she lives alone. We do find out a bit about his childhood and how much of a monster he is. He keeps thinking things like how pure she is and how his filthy hands would ruin her. He keeps going on about how bad he is and me thinks he doth protest too much! Just kidding, but truthfully it is too much about how evil and perverted he is and how innocent and pure she is.

Devious Obsession by Erin Trejo

The Hero(s): Devious - lives across the street from the daughter of the president of a rival MC. She goes up to the roof every night at 11pm and he watches her and gets himself off.

The heroine: Harley - club princess of the Lowlife MC. Her dad doesn’t know she moved across town. She watches Devious when he is on the roof working out. She has never seen his face but loves his body.

The Love Story: I could tell from the get go that I wasn’t going to like this one. The first scene opens with Devious getting all hot and bothered from watching Harley on the roof, then he goes into his apartment, showers and the club girl passed out on his couch wakes up and he uses her while thinking of Harley.

Always Second Best by S. Firecox

The Hero(s): Kaiden - he wanted Camilla since the day she married his twin brother. His brother is just a few minutes older but inherits everything, (house, company, bride).

The heroine: Camilla - married Kaiden’s brother Warren two years ago after training in some elite brides program. Warren uses her and lets his friends use her as well.

The Love Story: Kaiden is envious of everything his brother has and has been planning to kill his brother since he first saw Camilla. He makes her his pet.

I just can’t get around a Hero that sits and waits two years for the woman he wants when his brother is using her, abusing her and giving her to his friends. I have one word for that… Weak!

I voluntarily read & reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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1,298 reviews1,955 followers
September 18, 2022
Title: Limerence
Author: Alice La Roux
Genre: Dark Romance
POV: First Person - Dual

Hundreds of men had enjoyed watching Ruby seducing them night by night. But there was a pair of eyes that wanted more and were not afraid to claim it.

There was no other way to get her out of my system, I had to bleed her out. And I’d make her into a masterpiece as I did it.

I loved this little story. The characters were interesting and the dynamics made it engaging. For a short story, it was complete and well developed.

Reviewed May 31, 2022
Make Me Yours by Claire C. Riley
Rating: 4 stars
Review: http://bit.do/fVexE

For more reviews/interviews/book talk/promo visit:

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3,142 reviews1,424 followers
February 16, 2021
3.5 ⭐

So I have been waiting for this and just to read one story lol. Yes one story Take you by Brianna hale. This rating is just for that book.

Why are all the Rhys in stories so fucking delicious!!!

Alaina has a problem shes been getting letters from a stalker and her boyfriend is ignoring it saying she's using it to get attention. He's over it and doesn't care. So she does what anyone does goes to the police but they can't do anything just make reports.. until she remembers a old friend that always looked out for her and ask him. and boy when you meet Rhys at first you think he alittle mean little jerky.. but shitttt!! He fooled her lol (not me) he made sure she felt safe and took her away to his cabin and showed her his true colors.. Alaina did try to fight him off and her feelings of Rhys but shes alittle messed up to finds out her bf is a cheating dick.. still confused about her feelings when she escapes.  Ugh this man was just yummy.

Low angst, Om drama, no cheating (between h and H) tiny drama, sexy times, no virgins

Heat level-🌶🌶🌶

Push away from h
Dub-ish con
No condom
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1,052 reviews131 followers
July 12, 2021
Touching Amalia, tainting her with my perversions doesn't seem right, but I can't stay away, and no one, not even Amalia, is going to keep me away. She's mine. She just doesn't know it yet.

INFATUATION by Jessica Ames

I downloaded this anthology solely for this story as it's set in the Untamed Sons MC world created by Jessica Ames and is a prequel for Fury's story, which is now available! Fury has been the biggest enigma out of all the brothers in the Untamed Sons MC. He is the most bloodthirsty and wears his demons for all to see, but there is also a broken soul hidden underneath his silent persona, and I'm so excited we finally get a tiny glimpse into his psyche! I love this series so much and cannot wait to finish his story. This prequel can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading the rest of the Untamed Sons books as they are all so brilliantly dark. Overall, 4.5 stars!
February 13, 2021
Born Sinner by Cora Kenborn and Catherine Wiltcher-

Born Sinner is a sexy and exciting story with forbidden love and an erotic cat-and-mouse game between two fierce characters. Cora Kenborn and Catherine Wiltcher wove a seamless novella, combining their fantastic storytelling skills to give readers a fast-paced, thrilling ride.

The writing in this story was excellent and the dual POVs flowed flawlessly. They packed a lot into this story, and I really enjoyed the way the characters were written. Sam was like a younger, more belligerent version of his step-father Rick and I loved it. The stalking, the notes, the fixation on Lola- everything about him made me want to keep reading more. Lola was just as captivating to read about. She was strong and intelligent and determined to live her life on her terms. This story was novella length but I could have kept reading about these two for hours. This story gave us a small taste what's to come with the upcoming Corrupt Gods duet by this author duo, and I for one cannot wait for it.

Take You by Brianna Hale -
Brianna Hale always brings it when it comes to writing engaging stories with sexy and possessive Heroes. She packed a lot of sexy and suspenseful moments into this short story and the results were fabulous. Rhys and Alaina's story had angst and heat and a delicious twist that made for an engaging read. I loved the way the story was woven and they way they came together. If the author ever decides to make a full length story for these two, I would be first in line to read it. I hope Hale has some more stalker books planned for the future because she writes them so well. 5 huge stars for an intriguing and erotic story.

Infatuation by Jessica Ames-
Jessica Ames is a new-to-me author and I was really impressed by this short story. The writing was great and so was the pacing of the storyline. I am usually not a fan of MC books but this one pulled me in and left me wanting more. I liked the relationship between Fury and Amalia and how their connection was deeper than just physical. There were moments of action and suspense, as well as romance. It looks like the author will continue this story with an upcoming book, and I will be sure to keep an eye out for it.
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2,502 reviews1,214 followers
February 16, 2021
This collection was full of all kinds of darkness. From heroes to anti-heroes, from 'romantic' stalkers to full-fledged run-for-your-freaking-life stalkers, it literally had it all. Some were winners, some not so much. I have to say that quite a few new-to-me authors surprised the heck out of me and I will DEFINITELY be giving them a second look in the future. All in all, if you like your romance on the dark side, then come take a walk with this anthology!

Mind you, I haven't read all of the stories yet so my star rating might change.
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1,733 reviews99 followers
Want to read
November 27, 2020

Scent by Ker Dukey

He’s supposed to be the law, protect the innocent
But he hides a dark yearning that blurs the line between the two.
When Detective Travis Jackson begins to crave someone off limits.
He realizes he is becoming the very thing he hunts.
A predator.
Now he has her scent the hunger is too strong to deny.

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2,115 reviews309 followers
February 10, 2021
Since I have seen the announcement of Stalkers: A Dark Romance Anthology, I was so ready to get my hands on it. And it didn't disappoint. This is an astonishingly diverse collection of every kind of dark romance. Brace yourself before entering this twisted world because your limits are going to get tested.

I definitely have few favourites from the lot. And my top selection will be Sacrilege by N. Isabelle Blanco. A mind boggling story of a soldier turned priest and a supernatural woman. Religion. Paranormal romance. Love. Lust. Suspense. Just everything came together to create this explosive novella. It was deviant and steamy in true N. Isabelle Blanco style. And equally twisted. I need more.

What happens when two mafia romance mastermind come together? Born Sinner is the result. I have been obsessed with Cora Kenborn's Carrera Cartel and Catherine Wiltcher's Santiago world. And this prequel took me back to that dangerous world. The addictive storytelling. The complex plot with emotions and passion. The complex characters. Lola and Sam are the next generation of the blood soaked mafia world. You will hate Sam for his cruel, ruthless and arrogant ways. You will want to save Lola though she is a true vixen. You won't understand why you love this messed up violent story so much. But you will be spellbound for sure.

Ker Dukey is the queen of psychological thriller romance and Scent is the prime example. Story of the abused girl who witnessed brutal murder of her family and the young cop who rescued her. They are meeting years later under unfortunate circumstances. And Adam feels this unhinged desire to protect her as he doesn't know Lola's secrets. This story was a bit unhinged. Just how I like it. Deeply flawed characters and their volatile emotions were brought to life by Ker Dukey.

Take You by Brianna Hale just blew my mind. This is how a stalker romance is done. The twists you never see coming. The perverse and filthy chemistry blends with adrenaline filled forbidden thrill. She just permeated this story heavily with the sick feeling of falling for something wrong yet so perfect.

I also loved two MC romance featured here. Infatuation by Jessica Ames and Devious Obsession by Erin Trejo. Both were super sexy and action packed read. Prey by Raven Amor was my first MM Mafia romance that was very well written with all the drama and passion. What He Doesn't Know by Kat T. Masen was quite a sinful read.

I reviewed an early copy voluntarily
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124 reviews28 followers
February 22, 2021
Yes, it's a anthology with some of my favourite dark romance writers. Review to come..
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1,161 reviews1,404 followers
February 17, 2021



Star Rating : 4/5 Stars

POV : Multiple

Cliffhanger : In a few short stories

Hero : Multiple

Heroine : Multiple

Pace of the story : Fast

Triggers Involved : Stalkers

I am not very good with short reads and therefore read only a few of these stories. Here are the reviews for the ones that I did!

I got you by sam destiny
Every one of these books had a stalker in them but this tale had my most favorite one! I loved the dark aspects and the way the author kept me hooked

Prey by Raven Amor
This twisted tale of Revenge immediately had my heart as soon as I read the first few chapters . Even though it was ridiculously short , I loved the way it unfolded!

Scent by ker dukey
This was a shirt read with an HEA. I don’t know how the author managed but she kept me hooked with suspense and thrill throughout this very short read and I loved it a lot!

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974 reviews24 followers
February 23, 2021
Here are my reviews so far, I will continue to add to this list as I read more!!

Scent- Ker dukey- 5 stars
This author has never written a bad book in my opinion! Everything is a one click for me, and yet again she doesn’t disappoint! I very much enjoyed reading. I had no idea where the story was going until the end, and man that twist was everything!

Make me yours- Claire Riley - 5 stars
Whatttt did I just read?! That was absolutely brilliant! The character depth was amazing! ( and so rare in antho stories) this author is fab, I love when she gets all twisty with plots.

Karolina- yolonda Olson- 5 stars
This author writes some of the most twisted plot twists I have ever read! Absolutely brilliant!!!

Devious obsession -Erin Trejo- 4 stars
I got caught up in the story from the beginning. I was disappointed with how fast the story progressed.... I felt something was missing to make it more complete.

Monomaniac- faith Ryan -5 stars
What?! What?! What?! I didn’t even see that coming! I’m in shock. This author ALWAYS surprising me and it’s ALWAYS brilliant! This was a great great story, I wanted to get nit-picky I would say it ended too fast but overall I LOVED EVERY WORD.

Kat T Masen- 4 stars- I was super intrigued by these characters. I really enjoyed the dynamic of it all. This is still a new author to me but so far I’m enjoying what’s on the pages!

Ally Vance- blossom in the dark- 3.5 stars.
This story held my attention but didn’t give any real depth to the character. It was boom boom done. I have way more questions than answers...maybe that was the intent?
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1,764 reviews96 followers
February 14, 2021
This collection of stories was intense and so diverse in their telling. They were absolutely entertaining and devious at times.
Stalkers Anthology kept me gripped in their pages, each story delving into the psyche of the predator and prey.
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4,999 reviews405 followers
February 17, 2021
What a dark, twisted, steamy, intense and entertaining bunch of novellas from great bunch of authors in this dark romance anthology. These stories will literally blow ya mind while at the same time bringing the sizzle and the scare factor.
Stalker :A Dark Romance Anthology has many different authors. I am going to list my top 8 favorites in this anthology.

Born Sinner by Cora Kenborn and Catherine Wiltcher. It's a mix of Carrera Cartel and Santiago world. We are introduced to Lola and Sam. She's a mafia princess and he's in a opposition mafia family. The chemistry is insane between them. Think mafia Romeo & Juliet. I hope a new series comes from this novella.
My Rating: 4.7 stars ********

Devious Obsession by Erin Trejo: oh yes! Age gap, MC romance, family dynamics, emotions, angst, secrets, twists, chemistry, heat, feels, attraction, drama, passion , dark romance , obsession, possession, and HFN. This is Harley and Devious' story. Oh yea, this needs to be longer than a novella. The sizzle, heat, obsession that they have for one another... oh yes!! Makes this about one of the hottest reads! My Rating: 4.7 stars *******

Prey by Raven Amor: This is a suspenseful M/M mafia tale that takes the reader to the edge. Romeo is trying to find out who is killing off certain mafia men and its tied to a secret from years before. There was twisted twists and turns that made this story really memorable.
My Rating: 4.6 stars *********

Scent by Ker Dukey: Is she a victim or is she just a predator? This read is dark, twisted, steamy and intense. Detective Adams and Lola met before on a tragedy filled night 9 years ago and neither forgot the other. Fast forward 9 years and they are back in each others lives. Is he the predator saving her or is she the predator hunting him? Fantastic chemistry ! I wish that this was a full-length story, that's how great this short story is.
My Rating: 4.7 stars *******

Always Second Best by S.Firecox: What a dark, twisted, gripping, emotional rollercoaster and hot AF story that shows how one man gets his woman. It may take 2 years and such but OMG the way through it all went down. I can't wait to read the extended length story which appears to be spring 2021. This story has heat, sizzle, feels, attraction, secrets, twists, chemistry, sin, depravity.
My Rating: 4.7 stars ******

What He Doesn't Know by Kat T. Masen: This is a novella in the Dark Love series. This is a story about obsession, heartbreak, deceit, pain, feels, secrets, attraction, passion, dark romance, hope, and love 💘. This is Dominic and Emile's story. It's short so I wish it was a full length book because their chemistry definitely needs one, otherwise it is great.
My Rating: 4.5 stars *********

Peek-A-Boo by Shannon Youngblood: This is a twisted, dark, forbidden, taboo revenge tale that takes the reader on a mind blowing journey. The ending was just WOW!! Would love to read this as a full length book or read Annie and "Victor" in another book. Seriously the chemistry between them is darkly , insanely hot!
My Rating: 4.8 stars ***********

Make Me Yours by Claire C. Riley: Ok this novella was really dark, twisted, and obsessive set up between two BFFs/roommates. Anna decided to prove Damen was hers after Louise didn't honor the "girls code" and the effects were twisted, malicious and devious. The ending had me needing more of Anna!!
My Rating: 4.6 stars *******

Deviant by Cassia Brightmore: Holy Darkness!! This story really will take you on quite the ride! It's got obsession, stalking, taboo situations, heat, feels, attraction, danger, suspense, passion, malice and dark romance. I hope that a 2nd book or a full length book comes out of this because it is phenomenal!!
My Rating: 4.9 stars *******

There are more stories in the anthology by authors Jessica Ames, D.S. Wrights, Ryleigh Sloan, Yolanda Olson, M.A. Foster, Petra J. Knox, Emery LeeAnn, Cole Denton, Abigail Davies, Faith Ryan, Ally Vance, Michelle Pace, Kara Dawson, Sam Destiny, Logan Fox, Alice La Roux, N. Isabelle Blanco, and A.K. MacBride. (My overall Rating: 4.6 stars ********)

If you like dark, twisted, steamy, intense, gripping, raw, intense, and gritty stories then these stories are the jam!!
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505 reviews121 followers
April 7, 2022
(updated 12.10.2021)

🖤 KAROLINA: A Nefarious Story by Yolanda Olson (MF… sort of)
Rating: 4⭐️

REVIEW: If you haven’t read NEFARIOUS, stop and go read that story before continuing.

Karolina isn’t quite as depraved as Pally but she is a close second. Some families are simply evil personified and the Albertine siblings are a true example. I don’t know if the parents damaged them or they were simply broken souls, but these two sister speak to hidden voices and have murderous tendencies. But that curveball in the story has left me with so many questions!!
🖤 FOR HIS EYES ONLY by Abigail Davies (MF)

REVIEW: Not always will the person stalking you be an unattractive, hermit of a human. You may end up with an MMA Champion watching you in the dark. Kloey feels the eyes on her and craves their closeness. Nixon can’t leave her alone, he is inexplicably drawn to Kloey. And when these two finally realize their mutual feelings it’s quite the display of dominance and possession. My only wish would have been an epilogue with a time jump.
🖤 SCENT: A Psychological Dark romance by Ker Dukey (MF)

REVIEW: Trauma during childhood can mold you into the adult you are involuntarily forced to become. Some may fold into themselves and hide from everyone and everything, succumbing to the fear. Others embrace it and thrive.

“𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙩𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙨𝙞𝙣, 𝙙𝙚𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚,” 𝙨𝙝𝙚 𝙩𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙚𝙨.
“𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙩𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙫𝙚𝙣, 𝙡𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙡𝙚 𝙡𝙖𝙢𝙗.”
𝙄’𝙢 𝙨𝙪𝙧𝙚 𝙄 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙧 𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙬𝙝𝙞𝙨𝙥𝙚𝙧, “𝙄’𝙢 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙡𝙖𝙢𝙗 𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚, 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙧𝙚.”

This story is a twisted tale of survival and the fierce need to protect, at all costs. While this story is a complete glimpse into the life of two people with a satisfying ending, I really need more!! I want to see them thrive together. I need more of their sexcapades. I especially want to see how many more retributions they can deliver as a team. If you’re read Mindf*ck by S.T. Abby and loved it, this story is for you.
🖤 NEEDS by Cole Denton (MM)

Holy Fuck!! As my first book by author Cole Denton, I have to say I’m hooked. I should have known that anyone who runs in the same circle as Yolanda Olson, Ally Vance, and Ker Dukey would be my perfect read but stubborn me kept them on the TBR.

NEEDS is the tale of a childhood infatuation turned into a stalkery obsession full of lust and manipulation. But that twist at the end... I was almost mad enough to throw my phone!! Then I remembered the other side of the coin has been written with the story SECRETS that was originally published in the OUTLAWS anthology.

❌ NOT a standalone ❌ MUST reads in order to thoroughly enjoy and understand this story

Book 1: NEEDS has been republished
Book 2: SECRETS, originally in the OUTLAWS anthology has been republished
🖤 MAKE ME YOURS by Claire C. Riley (MF)

FEMALE STALKER, it’s about time we saw a different take on this troupe!! Anna is complicated. She refuses to admit she’s in love with the guys she says at her local coffee shop. She has a bitch for a best friend, one who helps herself to Anna’s crush saying...you didn’t want him right?!?

Now Heathen man of her dreams is in her home, fucking her best friend on the daily, and all she can do is get off with her trusty vibrator. But that doesn’t mean the devil doesn’t reside in her thoughts.

Anna is one devious probably mental unstable chick who convinces someone to screw her drunkenly passed out friend to exact her own personal revenge. Then she finds a way to coerce the man of her dreams into bed too.

Now I know this is hypocritical but DAMN if this chick isn’t batshit crazy!! I mean I’m all over a stalkerish man and his possessive claiming but it’s just weird coming from a chick 🤣

vxhexn_reads blog banner
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844 reviews103 followers
March 21, 2021
So I’m going to review each story in this anthology.. mostly for myself so I’ll remember what I’ve read later on.
There are 29 stories total and I read all of the stories in the order they were presented.

Goodreads doesn't allow suuuuper long reviews so if you're really interested in my ENTIRE review, I posted it on my book review blog here. But I posted as many stories as I could fit..

▪️ Infatuation by Jessica Ames (Story 1)
Fury: seargant-at-arms of an MC; obsessed with his knives and Amalia
Includes: torture, murder, lots of blood

This was so-so. I’m not really into MC romance so I wasn’t that into this story. I was intrigued by the whole ‘not letting anyone touch me’ bit but Amalia can touch Fury without it bothering him. But there wasn’t any HEA or even HFN, just a “more to come” disclaimer at the end. I doubt I’ll continue.

2.5⭐️ for this story.

▪️ Devious Obsession by Erin Trejo (Story 2)
Geezus... another MC story? Ok, here we go.

Devious: MC prez, stalker
Harley: rival MC prez’s daughter, lives across the street from Devious, a bit of a stalker herself

Ugh, OW crap right off the bat. I hate that shit. I want the stalker to be alllll about the main girl. Besides that, this had no sex whatsoever. Just Devious blindfolding Harley and mouth fucking her. Oh yeah, and he went down on her. Big woop. I guess the ending kind of had an HEA?

I didn’t really like this much.


▪️ Always Second Best by S. Firecox (Story 3)
An arranged marriage plot.
Kaiden is the stalker, the younger twin of Warren. Warren is the older brother so he inherited the family business, wealth, and he gets the bride, Camilla. But Kaiden wants her, he’s wanted her the moment he saw her. And he plans to take her.. by getting rid of his brother.
Includes: abuse and sharing (by the evil brother, not the MC)

It was fine. I liked Kaiden in the end. The rest was meh for me. I’m not really into the arranged marriage trope very much.

2.5⭐️ for this one too.

▪️ I Can See You by D. S. Wrights (Story 4)
Another mafia-type story, this time with a member of the Japanese Yakuza. Hiroshi, the stalker and Kate... also the stalker. Or so she thought.
Includes: kidnapping, shibari, forced orgasms

This was a bit better than stories 1 - 3 but still not that special to where I’d want to read it again OR read an “extended version.” Again, not my thing.


▪️ Ensnared by Ryleigh Sloan (Story 5)
Oh fuck, this story... I enjoyed this a little bit more than the previous ones. But wow, it was a little bit fucked up. There’s a little twist and I was kinda sad about how it played out. But I didn’t even see it coming and that was pretty damn exciting.

Includes: rape, kidnapping, past childhood abuse involving a cult-like community with bigamy and underage sex and grooming.


▪️ Karolina: A Nefarious Story by Yolanda Olson (Story 6)
I went back and read Nefarious so I could be prepared for this. Truthfully, I’m a little confused. Karolina is the sister of Paloma Grace from that story. She hung herself at the end, but in the epilogue here she didn’t die? Or is Karolina just as cray cray as Grace? Who knows. I wanted to read more about the tattooed brother Jack. Hmm.. another story later on maybe? 🤔


▪️ Take You by Brianna Hale (Story 7)
YEAHHH this is the stalker romance that I’m freakin’ talking about!! Only took 7 damn stories to get there...

Alaina has gotten like 18 messages/notes from a stalker and nobody is taking her seriously. Her boyfriend Mitchell, who she moved to be with but she doesn’t even live with, doesn’t believe her, the police don’t do anything... so she turns to her old childhood friend Rhys, who is a police detective.

It’s obvious what’s gonna happen but I still loved it all the same. That is one fucking sexy stalker, let me tell you. He was all about her but kinda sweet at the same time and that’s the type that I love. Alaina was pretty damn naive but I guess I can forgive her.


▪️ Veil by M. A. Foster (Story 8)
Okay, so this was kinda cute at the end. I can get behind a guy like Cannon... but fuck that whole Desiree bullshit. First Victor, Makayla’s boyfriend at the beginning of the story, cheating on her with Desiree and then finding out Cannon had dated her for 7 years, still fucked around with her from time to time after that, and she manages the club he owns and is still his “friend.” Um, no. Not what I like in books. Sorta OW-ish and I dislike. The rest was good.


▪️ Venor by Emery LeeAnn (Story 10)
Women are just creatures to be possessed, hunted, then slaughtered.

Uh.. so that’s the prologue. You can guess how this story will go...
Havoc stalks women for awhile, kidnaps them, and then “hunts” them before killing them and saves their “meat” to eat. Barf. The end was interesting. Kinda fucked up, tbh.


▪️ Needs by Cole Denton (Story 11)
I was enjoying this one.. it’s an MM story with the younger guy, Riley as the stalker and we get his POV except for the epilogue where the POV is of the older CEO he was stalking.
I honestly thought this was going in a different direction and I was patiently waiting for this huge reveal of what I thought I already knew and who Griffin was to Riley...

... and then the end confused the shit out of me. So I really didn’t get the whole point of the story in the end.


▪️ Claimed: A Sin Cave Happy Ending by C. Firecox (Story 12)
This one wasn’t so bad after I got past the first few chapters and got more into the story. Hawk works for an agency called The Elite that trafficks women. His job is to track the women and capture them to bring them back for “testing” for the program - either to send them to service a few wealthy men if they pass or sold to a brothel in less than desirable conditions where they could service up to 20+ men a day.
While Hawk is doing his job, he comes across Calla and wants her for his own. He plans to take her for himself but another tracker he was mentoring ends up capturing her instead...
So this story follows Hawk trying to get her back. He ends up being a pretty sweet dude to Calla for someone who kidnaps innocent women all the time. But hey... as long as he’s nice to the main heroine of the story I don’t even feel bothered by it. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️


▪️ For His Eyes Only by Abigail Davies (Story 13)
FUCK YESSSS I freaking love Abigail Davies!!! I was so excited to read this one and I knew it would be good. This is the exact kind of stalker story that I absolutely LOVE. No mafia or assassin dude, no weird groups the dude is a part of... just a regular dude stalking a regular girl that caught his eye. And it was hotttttt. I was so sad when it ended. I wanted to read more of Nixon and Kloey.


▪️ Monomaniac by Faith Ryan (Story 14)
Okayyyy, I can get behind this story. This is an MM story about Tate, who has a stalker, and his best friend Corvin who has been in love with Tate since they were in middle school but is too scared to admit it. So Corvin watches Tate go on dates and the stalker either kills the dates or scares them away. But the stalker thinks Corvin is worthy...
The identity of the stalker is a mystery and I thought I knew who it was from the beginning but I was wrong. Love a good twist that I didn’t see coming! Plus the end hinted at an HEA so I’m happy about it.


▪️ Blossom in the Dark: A Flower in the Dark Prequel by Ally Vance (Story 15)
Zach is one creepy serial killer mofo who refers to the women he kills as flowers. He takes them to his friend who runs a crematorium - the friend fucks the dead girls before giving the ashes back to Zach. Then Zach proceeds to plant their ashes as flowers in his garden. He also refers to the flowers in his garden by the name of the girl who’s ashes were planted there and he enjoys jacking off and coming all over the flower petals. Hahah.
He sees Violet one day and he’s obsessed with her. Will he kill her or keep her? This prequel is the 6 month time span that Zach planned to kidnap Violet. The story continues with Flower in the Dark which I am actually considering to read after this. I am intrigued.


▪️ Dearly Departed by Michelle Pace (Story 16)
This was about a twin brother and sister who ran a mortuary. The brother, Murray, got involved with some girl named Lucy. There wasn’t really any stalking involved in this and I was pretty bored. The end didn’t satisfy me either.


▪️ Sinful Addiction by Kara Dawson (Story 17)
No no no... Ian is stalking his student and TA, Viola, and he fucks another girl he meets on a dating app because she reminds him and looks similar to Viola. We even get to read about him fucking the OW. Fuuuuuuck that. I want the stalker to be completely obsessed with the girl that he notices no one else and nobody else will do. Completely ruined it for me. And the end was uneventful.
Also... weird reading in 2 different perspectives, especially in 2nd person. *POV: 2nd person (MMC) and 1st person (FMC)


▪️ I Got You by Sam Destiny (Story 18)
Right after I finished the first chapter.. I was hooked. The stalker jerked off while inside Maddie’s room watching her sleep. He set up cameras in her house. He drugged her at the dentist and they got a little frisky while she enjoyed it and he recorded her. A tiny bit creepy but I still enjoyed it. 😈 I knew who the stalker was the moment I read a specific line in Maddie’s first POV but it’s all good.


▪️ Peek-a-boo by Shannon Youngblood (Story 19)
Okay, this was interesting. It featured a crazy girl who murdered her parents and a boy she had a crush on who “betrayed” her when she was 14. She’s out of prison at 28 and has an admirer who plans to help her kill the other 7 bullies from her past. Lots of blood and gore and some nasty shit featuring body parts and eyeballs. Barf a little bit.

The end had a twist but left me with a few unanswered questions. Overall it was a pretty interesting read.


▪️ Playing with Fyre by Logan Fox (Story 20)
I was so excited when I realized this would be a student-teacher/therapist type of story. Professor Fyre is an art therapy college professor and Charlotte is in his class to overcome some huge trauma from her past. There was a bit of following her home, sitting outside in his car while watching her window and sneaking in her apartment while she was asleep and touching her. The rest of the story was a bit all over the place for me and it went over my head with what was going on.


▪️ Limerence by Alice La Roux (Story 21)
Ehh, Carter is a sadist and likes to see blood. Not really my thing. Ruby is a cam girl and she enjoys what Carter’s into. That’s fine... there isn’t much emphasis on the stalking though. There is a 2nd stalker... and it just wasn’t really what I’m into personally.


▪️ What He Doesn’t Know by Kat T. Masen (Story 22)
Pass. No thanks. Dominic is in a marriage of convenience. His wife has men on the side. He has Kate on the side.. he “loved” Kate yet she was with and married another man too. And then while Dominic is still pining for Kate, Emile comes along and basically Dominic forgets all about Kate because he “wants Emile now and doesn’t know why.” Ha. Too much love triangle rectangle quadrilateral whatever it is.
Plus I don’t think there was one bit of stalking.


▪️ Make Me Yours by Claire C. Riley (Story 25)
Yeahhhh, no. Anna is crushing on some dude named Damen, and her BFF Louise is teasing her about it while Anna denies that she likes him. That same night Louise brings Damen home and fucks him in the apartment she shares with Anna and she hears them. Damen and Louise date over the next month or so all the while fucking loudly as much as they can so Anna hears. And Anna is cray cray.. she starts believing that Damen is really into her and not Louise. So she does some crazy shit. I hated them all. Definitely not into this kinda story.


▪️ Prey by Raven Amore (Story 26)
This is an MM revenge story with a twist. It involves the mob which I don’t normally like all that much but this one held my interest. I had questions and it kept me guessing and wanting more. Yes, there’s lots of killing, a bit of torture and blood. I suppose the end did sort of end in an HEA, maybe more of a HFN. I still enjoyed it.


▪️ Scent by Ker Dukey (Story 29)
This story kept me pretty entertained and I kept wanting answers the more I read. Detective Adams was the stalker, though it seemed more like stalker-lite to me. He just followed her around a bit and sat outside her house. No cameras, sneaking into her house, touching her while she was asleep or anything. You know.. that’s the kind of stalker shit I’m used to now, haha. There is something a bit off about Lola and her past and the present situation she’s found herself in. The end was pretty satisfying, I’d say. Not my favorite from this anthology but I didn’t not like it either.


..There are a few missing because they won't fit in this review. Oh well.

OVERALL RATING: 2.96 stars
(Yes I literally inserted all my ratings on the individual stories to a calculator and found the average)

There was only a handful of stories that I really liked out of the 29 total in this anthology. A lot of them included things that I don’t personally enjoy so others may like the stories more than me. No big deal. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m still glad I spent the time reading the entire anthology. I read some from the authors that I already like and found a few new-to-me authors that I may check out their other books. It took me a long ass time to read this but still worth it, I think.
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February 19, 2021
Alright. I'm buckling down to give you my thoughts on each and every book in this anthology. Brief thoughts, but I think I'm one of the few reviewers so far who have read more than one of the stories. I have a particular appreciation for novellas that begin and end. I would need to like an book an awful lot to bother buying it after a cliffhanger in an anthology.

Anyways, without further adieu.

Infatuation by Jessica Ames
Enjoyed this one. I don't mind a violent hero, but appreciate when his violence is geared towards not-so-nice people to appease my guilty conscience. I also like when the hero is violent, but feels protective towards the heroine, so this hit all my sweet spots. It was a cliffhanger, ugh. But honestly, I liked this authors writing and would consider buying a book by her in the future.

Devious Obsession by Erin Trejo
Another motorcycle gang read like the previous one, but a little different. I like the rival gang aspect of it. The writing was really good and the sex was very hot. And it wrapped up at the end (and satisfactorily at that) which I totally appreciate!

Always Second Best by S. Firecox
I loved this one. This was another perfect mesh of my desire for darkness but also that all encompassing obsession. The hero Kaiden wanted Camilla. Badly. And that came through perfectly in the writing. And the best part was that the heroine had the hots for him back. So romantic and absolutely filthy.

I Can See You by D.S. Wrights
This was a nice twist on a typical Yakuza story, but I'll admit to finding it a little bit confusing to follow. I liked the diversity. There were a few grammatical errors throughout but not enough to really distract from the story. Overall, a decent story.

Ensnared by Ryleigh Sloan
This was a confusing story. I didn't 100% follow it and it felt like I was supposed to know these characters already. It had some hot moments, but I didn't fully connect with any character or with the story as a whole.

Karolina by Yolanda Olson
I don't know why, but I didn't get into this one and wasn't able to push through and finish. It wasn't badly written or anything...I just didn't connect with the story.

Take You by Brianna Hale
I love Brianna Hale's work, so maybe I'm biased, but I loved this story. The perfect combination of romance and stalking. Like, the hero's obsession with the heroine came through so strongly and the heroine's indecision following the discovery of his true self was so honest. The whole thing felt a little rushed, but that's only because it's a novella and I wanted it--needed it--to be a full-length story. Rhys is perfection. But I do have a thing for "ugly" heroes.

Veil by M.A. Foster
This was a good one, too. A nice balance of stalking and simply the hero getting what he wanted on his schedule. It didn't feel necessarily creepy, but more secretive. Also, secret sex club is also a win.

Daisy Chains by Petra J. Knox
I didn't finish this one. I think it was just that I'm not really interested in reading books set during the 70s, though I did appreciate the diversity. Well-written, just not my thing.

Venor by Emery Leeann
I really did not like this story. I do not believe that it is technically a romance novel and it was honestly pretty disgusting (and I consider myself exceptionally open-minded and totally into the dark of the dark. This crossed some mega-boundaries. Spoilers if you want.

Needs by Cole Denton
I was hoping there would be an M/M story and there was. Yay! I don't think this story totally hit my marks, but I liked that it was the smaller, less dominant individual stalking the dominant, successful one. A nice twist!

Claimed by C. Firecox
Another view into the world of Elite Maidens (women kidnapped and trained to be the best escorts). I weirdly don't remember anything about this romance, but I like the concept!

For His Eyes Only by Abigail Davies
This was a cute story. Is it weird that a stalker can be cute? Like, Nixon tried so hard to stay away from the object of his desire but in the end she hunts him down instead. Loved it!

Monomaniac by Faith Ryan
I can't say too much about this because I don't want to spoil anything, but damn...what a unique story.

Blossom in the Dark by Ally Vance
This was another kind of squicky story. I didn't feel good reading it. I didn't really enjoy it. And it was wildly unsatisfying.

Dearly Departed by Michelle Pace
Didn't connect this one from the get-go and stopped reading a few pages in.

Sinful Addiction by Kara Dawson
Teacher/Student trope here. I really liked it! The chemistry between them was great and I love when the heroine is already sort of into the hero without knowing he's a stalker.

I Got You by Sam Destiny
This was a tricky little story, playing with my mind. Not the best book in the bunch, but I enjoyed it.

Peek-a-boo by Shannon Youngblood
No. Absolutely not. This story was fucking weird as shit. And again, I love all sorts of weird shit. But this book was absolute insanity. I hated all the characters.

Playing with Fyre by Logan Fox
This was another hot teacher/student situation. Had some 50 Shades vibes with an all-encompassing, all-consuming man and a weaker, traumatized young woman. Not bad.

Limerence by Alice La Roux
I liked this one a lot. But I always love when the nerdy guy gets the girl.

What he doesn't know by Kat T. Masen
This was an okay read. It didn't really stick with me at the end, but I didn't dislike it.

Born Sinner by Cora Kenborn & Catherine Wiltcher
There were like three books with heroines named Lola in this anthology, which I thought was funny. This was another rivals story, ft. a cartel princess and a rival cartel's leader. I liked the added danger. It was a good read.

Sacrilege by N. Isabelle Blanco
Didn't read this one. Just didn't connect with the story from the start.

Make Me Yours by Claire C. Riley
I liked that this was a female stalker, but I wasn't super into the plot.

Prey by Raven Amor
Another M/M. Yay! And this was a fun, exciting read. Lots of murder. And a fun twist. Plus, it ended with satisfaction.

Right Side of Wrong by A. K. MacBride
An alright read. Interesting. Maybe a little confusing at the end, but overall a good read.

Deviant by Cassia Brightmore
Some nice step-brother action here which was fun. I'm not usually into the step sibling trope, but this hit the sweet spots. I don't think I'd like the second book in the series, but what's hotter than a step-sibling watching you sleep, eh?

Scent by Ker Dukey
A really fun twist on stories that, after thirty similarly written novellas, what was beginning to feel a little repetitive (maybe I shouldn't have read them one after another). Another loving, romantic stalker and a girl who is not to be underestimated. Yum.
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March 2, 2021
Fury Jessica Ames

Already knew from her own series that Fury is intense, scary and deadly, but this story gives a glimpse of more. He has heart and feelings but they are so twisted up by his younger life that he can't see them. Amelia is strong and a bit feisty, she's independent and does at first feel threatened, but she does start to see more. Loved this and cant wait for the full book.

Devious Obession Erin Trejo

Wow these two were both at it, Stalking that is. Pretty intense in all ways, I could understand the reasoning for distance and being careful on both sides. Great story and does contain violence and some hot and steamy scenes.

Always Second Best S Firefox

Wow, I wasn't sure what to make of this, it contains control and abuse. It is uncomfortable reading early on, but it is worth persevering because all is not as it seems, there is more going on and even though there is still a level of control its a different type. I would however i hope and prey that no such thing or organisation as Elite Brides actually exists in real life.

I Can See You D.S. Wright's

This story is twisted, I actually found it hard to take. It starts off ok and don't get me wrong it isn't the writing or flow which is great,.It's the content. I'm gonna just leave it there.

Ensnared by Ryleigh Sloan

Wow that was quite a twist....

Karolina by Yolanda Olson

Another dark and slightly strange story, I couldn't quite make out. Still it held my interest.

Take You by Brianna Hale

Whatever happened to talking to someone, telling them in simple words how much you like them. Be a friend, let them get to know you, the real you. This is another strange scenario, scary and worrying. Stalker limit is stretched, I can see this from bad guys, but friends or those who should and do know better they should find another way.

Veil by M.A. Foster.

I liked this one, it wasn't quite so far out and weird. More believable and there was a twist which I only sussed out near the end. Characters were fairly easy to like and there was a steady flow.

Daisy Chains by Petra J Knox

This is a story that takes a step back in time, a time where war and peace were at odds with each other and many teenagers or young people were looking for something else. Fortunately Rose was being looked after, not that she realised that at the time. Ultimately a fairly sweet story.

Venor by Emery Leeann

This is sick, I hoped for some redemption but didn't find it.

Needs by Cole Denton

Great twist in this.

A Sin Cave Happy Ending by C. Firefox

Tense, unpredictable and suspenseful story, with a couple of twists. I enjoyed this one.

For His Eyes Only by Abigail Davies

I quite liked this it wasn't too creeperish or at least not in a sinister type of way.

Monomaniac by Faith Ryan

Best friends and a stalker, and boy! what a twist. Interesting.

Blossom In The Dark by Ally Vance

Twisted and a bit sick.

Dearly Departed by Michelle Pace

I wasn't quite sure where this one would go, it all appeared as one character being a stalker, then it evened out. Then one twist after another. Not a fast flow but reasonably good plot.

Sinful Addiction by Kara Dawson

There is a predator on the loose in this, not quite sure of age difference but I'm assuming that side was legal. Fairly good read.

I Got You by Sam Destiny.

Wow, quite a twist in this one. I wondered but dismissed as I wasn't sure if timing fit. I do feel some of these stories are just a bit sick, but then I guess that is the theme.

Peek A Boo by Shannon Youngblood

I couldn't read this after the first few chapters, I felt sick.

Playing With Fyre by Logan Fox

Intense story, I feel for Charlotte in this.. She is still struggling with the attack and yet somehow ends up back in the crosshairs of another.

Limerence by Alice LA Roux

Interesting and suspenseful story with dark undertones that slowly surface.

What He Doesn't Know by Kat T. Madsen

I enjoyed this story, it was intense with quite a few characters. Interesting plot with unexpected twists.

Born Sinner by Cora Kenborn and Catherine Wiltcher

I loved this, the suspense of would they get caught and what would happen if they were. The interest and attraction both had for each other. The link both have to crime families.. the past from those that makes being together next to impossible.

Sacrilege by N.Isabelle Blanco

Good verses Evil, I'm not religious but I still believe that if a person commits to that life then is tested their faith just isn't strong enough. The temptation to stray from the right path would not happen if it were. This story is very much about that temptation.

Make Me Yours by Claire C Riley

Great story. I think this was more friends to enemies, best friends should have a bit more understanding of each other than either of these girls did. Louise wasn't much of a friend really, she broke trust as well as rules. But Anna should have spelt things out when she had a chance. Damen also wasn't innocent in this outcome. This one hooked me and held me.

Prey by Raven Amor

Wow, gripping and suspenseful. Violence and revenge, as the story unfolds you can understand the need. Then! ... A big twist.

Right Side Of Wrong A.K.MacBride

Another tense read, revenge is the motive but all doesn't quite go to plan. I actually would have loved more of this one, I was getting really into it.

Deviant by Cassia Brightmore

Some of this one I could understand, mixed families and teenage feelings are often asking for trouble. I know from personal experience. However this is taken to more extremes, plus there's a twist or two just to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Scent by Ker Dukey

Even the twists had twists in this action packed story.

To sum up this anthology. On the whole there are some interesting takes on the theme of stalking, now some were taken far into the extreme to the point with one I had to stop reading, this has never happened to me before so that was hard. I bought this because some of my favourite authors participated and I must admit their stories were pretty good. I also found a few others just as good, but some not so. The last part of this review is something I wrote at about halfway through and it was my thoughts at the time so I'm leaving it in.

I have to say that while there are some good and interesting stories the stalker theme has been really used to the max. Some of these are more like physiological mad men and women, it has really been difficult reading for me at times, some plots read like Stockholm syndrome.
Started in Feb finished Mar 2nd
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July 14, 2021
I know I mark this as read, but here's the reason. I read the first installment and it was okay but the ending was just left hanging open. It wasn't even an ending it was a continuation or the end of a sentence.
So, I find that I probably won't like this book as much as I want to. But the story was a good start. I looked it up and fury is actually the sixth book in the series. I don't want to have to read the entire series just to get to that one book. I know they say you can read it as a stand alone however, with a series like this, I don't believe that. I think you need the history, the what's the word that I'm looking for? You guys know it?
Anyway for it to have any substance, I need to know what's going on to build up to this situation. And then that made me think well, that's what the entire book is going to be like.

These pretty cool stories with a sigh ending. Sigh meaning, taking a breath. And hoping that the next chapter comes up but it doesn't because it's going to be another book. I like the first installment.

I get off on the dark side what can I say? So I will mark this as read.

I gave it three stars. I recommend anyone who doesn't mind these Cliffhanger endings to read it. And I'm going to move on to another book. Actually I think I'm going to reread a book from Bella forrest. Just for the sake of reading it.
February 15, 2021
Infatuation by Jessica ames
Infatuation is Filled with murder and mayhem,  i loved it.
From the outset fury had me gripped, a man who bring fear and relishes in causing pain and death.
I absolutely loved fury and amalias story, its left me needing more, cant wait to see whats to come.

Devious Obsession by Erin Trejo.
I absolutely loved Devious and harleys story, another fantastic short story that had me gripped to every work.

Always second best by S. Firefox.
Wow, these storys are amazing, another one that I couldn't put down, kaiden wants camilla but she's married to his brother, after rectifying that issue he now gets to play... LOVED IT!!

I can see you by d.s Wrights
Ensnared by ryleigh alone
Karelia by Yolanda Olson
Take you by brianna hale
Veil by m.a. foster
Daisy chain by Petraeus j. Knox
Vendor by emery Leeann
Needs by Cole Denton
Claimed by C. Firecox
For his eyes only by abigail davies
Monomaniac by faith Ryan
Blossom in the dark by ally vance
Dearly departed by Michelle pace
I got you by sam destiny
Peek-a-boo by Shannon Young
Playing with fyre by logan fox
Limerence by Alice la roux
What does he know by kat t. Mason
Born sinner by cora kenborn& Catherine Wiltcher
Sacrilege by N. Isabelle blanco

Make me yours- Claire c. Riley
That was so good.
In life you dont always get what you want.
When your best friend is happy, you should be happy and share in the joy right?...clearly not!
I've always said jealousy is an ugly emotion.

Another one that I couldn't put down, its left me needing more.

Prey by Raven Amor
If you love your men damaged and twisted, hell bent on revenge but also who loves so raw, so passionately it flows off the page, you have to read this, I was captivated from the first page, everything about it draws you in and you cant put it down.
Deliciously Dark mm at its best.

Right side of wrong by a.k. macbride
Deviant by Cassia Brightmore
Scent by ker dukey

What an absolutely amazing collection of short stories, I will get to writing individual reviews of them all because my god there all absolutely amazing.

This is one anthology thats a must read,
Some of these stories do come with warnings and arnt for everyone, but if you love the dark and twisty then pick this up now.
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February 15, 2021
4.4 stars

One of the best things about anthologies is the discovery of new authors or the chance to dive back into previously explored worlds with new characters. This anthology did both. It took the premise of stalker or obsession and put a spin on it. There was just about every aspect of stalker love ranging from boy watches girl and then it escalates into more, to subgenres like MC, Mafia, and Paranormal to just name a few. Some of the stories finished off with the idea that more was to come while others managed to finish within the short story presented.

This is a big book and took me a couple of days to read, especially, as I needed to sink my teeth into a full book between the stories as these just whet my appetite. There were a couple of standouts (I see you N Isabelle Blanco, Cora Kenborn, and Catherine Wiltcher) as well as a couple of authors that made me want full stories and not short ones, in particular, S. Firefox (the premise of this world was horrifying but still was intriguing. I found myself wondering exactly how this elite worked for all parts of life not just the women but the men seeking services too. This entire world, in my opinion, from the two stories, told, has the potential to be a gold mine. I just think with actual stories that are the bok length and not novella-length that readers would be grabbing this up. Us dark loves want the books that are darker).

Even if I didn't list the names, that doesn't discount their contribution to a pretty solid story. Highly recommended.
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February 19, 2021
~Prey by Raven Amor ~

This was a well written story that had me guessing till the end ! This author is fairly new to me having been the second story I’ve read by her and she is fast becoming a must read author to me ! Her writing is dark gritty and steamy af definitely heed the trigger warnings. I’m not that into mm but I’ve read a few that I’ve really enjoyed and this short story is added to my list ! It’s a deliciously dark dangerous twisted mm romance and I loved it!

~ ARC kindly given for my honest opinion ~

I bought the anthology because there is a bunch of authors that I absolutely love in this stalker collection and I can’t wait to read the rest !
I’ll update my review as I read more !
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February 14, 2021
A Little Bit of Dark for Everyone

One of my favorite genres is dark and boy oh boy is this book full of it! All kinds of dark too, the taboo kind, psychological and just plain dark. I'll have to admit Ker Dukey was my draw, but I'd just read and Erin Trejo book and saw she was in it as well, so I gave it a whirl.

I appreciate books like these, as they give you a little taste of different authors and thier view of dark. There really is a little bit for everyone and I was glad to learn a few new names to check out for my next dark read.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog.
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February 25, 2021
-Scent by Ker Dukey (5 Stars)
Holy 🤬! This is a dark and devious short story. Lola was traumatized at a young age, only to be rescued by Officer Nick Adams. Nine years later, she needs help again and it’s Nick that shows up. If you enjoy twisted and dark romances then you will eat this right up! Told in dual POV
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Shelved as '2-tbr-now'
April 15, 2021

✦Infatuation - Jessica Ames

✦Devious Obsession - Erin Trejo

✦Always Second Best - S. Firecox

✦I Can See You - D.S. Wrights

✦Ensnared - Ryleigh Sloan

✦Karolina - Yolanda Olson

✦Take You - Brianna Hale

✦Veil - M.A. Foster

✦Daisy Chains - Petra J. Knox

✦Venor - Emery LeeAnn

✦Needs - Cole Denton

✦Claimed - C. Firecox

✦For His Eyes Only - Abigail Davies

✦Monomaniac - Faith Ryan

✦Blossom In The Dark - Ally Vance

✦Dearly Departed - Michelle Pace

✦Sinful Addiction - Kara Dawson

✦I Got You - Sam Destiny

✦Peek-a-boo - Shannon Youngblood

✦Playing with Fyre - Logan Fox

✦Limerence - Alice La Roux

✦What he doesn’t know - Kat T. Masen

✦Born Sinner - Cora Kenborn & Catherine Wiltcher

✦Sacrilege - N. Isabelle Blanco

✦Make me Yours - Claire C. Riley

✦Prey - Raven Amor

✦Right Side of Wrong - A.K. Macbride

✦Deviant - Cassia Brightmore

✦Scent - Ker Dukey

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February 19, 2021
I grabbed this Anthology knowing it would be a good one to have for some dark romance quick reads inbetween full length novels. So far I have only read Ker Dukey's and Claire C Riley's so I will review those and add as I go.

Scent by Ker Dukey is about an police officer who attends a crime scene where the victim has been raped and her family murdered. Years pass and he is called to a self defense scene following an attempted sexual assault to again find his victim to be the very same one from years earlier. Seeing her again sparks his obsession with her and he becomes engrossed in protecting her. His stalker tendencies being covered by his reasoning of being a detective working her case. But Detective Adams gets more than he bargained for in the end. I really enjoyed this one, it had a good little twist to it and our Detective isn't as honourable as you may think.

Make Me Yours by Claire C Riley was a brilliant novella. It all starts with Anna trying to deny a crush on a guy she likes to her roommate and best friend Louise. The next morning Anna wakes to find her best friend and her crush on the sofa after a night of hooking up, here her jealousy begins. Anna wants what her best friend has - Damon, and she will do anything to make him hers. I loved how Claire wrote this one, you sympathise with Anna because what best friend would fall in love with the guy you want; but she is off her rocker crazy. I love the little twists and turns of how Anna's behaviour played out and the manipulation she had over Damon and Louise's relationship. I great little read and a perfect stalker/obsession romance.
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May 1, 2021
Infatuation: I liked this story but it's just a teaser for a not yet released book in a series. The series is in KU though and I liked the teaser so I'm going to give it a try!

Devious Obsession: another MC book but this one a little more compete. I liked the premise and the hero, I'll have to see who this authors world looks like more expanded.

Always Second Best: a mafia type romance, I guess the Elite Brides is a series? I felt a little confused on that front but overall enjoyed the storyline and the hero. I just could not get past the fact that this hero loved her but let her be violently raped by his brother and brothers friends for 2 years before it was convenient for him to rescue her.

I Can See You:. I felt like I was missing something here. I did appreciate some diversity in heros here, however had a hard time following the story. Couldn't grasp why this was all about orgasm denial and then forced orgasms but really detached kind of way.

Ensnared: there is a lot going on here. Definitely missing a lot here, not sure if the author has another book this connects to? It didn't say.

Karolina: I didn't understand this one. Maybe it's part of the authors world of books and makes sense there.

Take You: Loved this one. I loved the story and the Hero's voice. Very engaging and we'll done for a short story.

Veil: this was a cute short and I liked the story and the characters, and the secret brothel I guess it is? Took its time to developed well. I wasn't sure if this was a series or world the author wrote, I'd love to read it.

Daisy Chains: this was a cute short story, while I definitely wanted to know more about this cult it was expanded as much as it could be for the size. I liked the time references and the plot, I felt a little cheated at the end to miss the reveal.

Venor: Um. Okay so this isn't a romance? It's just a horror really, not my favourite. Anyone into erotic horror I guess might like it. It does not have a HEA or HFN or a love story even.

Needs: I really liked this and was totally sucked in but now I have no idea if there is a continuation. I do wish this anthology made clear at the end of the stories if that particular one has a follow up book out or coming out.

Claimed: so I'm not a huge fan of the sex trafficking ones because I don't see much redeemable in that. But I appreciate the hero having the love for his heroine and the story fit with what I'm assuming is the overall arch of this series/world.

For His Eyes Only: Ooh, I liked this one. I liked the Hero, I like fighters, and I liked the simple storyline for the time it had. It made good use of the short story platform.

Monomaniac: so I swear this trope/twist is the next big thing because I am on a role of like half a dozen books with this in it. I actually enjoyed this more than I usually do, it was done well and made more sense than it has in other stories.

Blossom in the Dark: So this book is a prequel but I really enjoyed it so ended up detouring to read the book that's after it. I liked the premise, the serial killer thing, the friend who helps, etc. It's pitch dark but has what I need to still feel the romance vibe.

Dearly Departed: I think I'm a little done with this trope/twist. This story is written well, though I wanted a lot more for it to make sense it was a fun read and definitely hinted that it could make an interesting full length novel with a lot more expanding on the characters. I just can't anymore with this particular twist. I feel like it's everywhere lately. Also no stalking at all here...

Sinful Addiction: student/teacher romance but I admit I skipped over most of it, just wasn't for me.

I Got You: this one was simple and kind of cute, and the sleeping and dentist scenes crazy hawt. Please never ever use knob again for clit though 🤣

Peek a Boo: no, I can't.

Playing with Fyre: it was kind of cute, I will look for the follow up book.

Limerance: I liked the cam girl idea, you don't see that a lot and it played with exhibitionism and Bdsm as well which was different and hot. The stalking story was a little predictable but honestly for these short stories I liked how it wrapped up.

What He Doesn't Know: I skimmed this after a couple chapters, I was completely confused.

Born Sinner: I couldn't get into this one, the writing just wasn't for me, very flowery with constant similes and metaphors and foreshadowing. Reads like an old private eye move narration which now that I say that sounds kind of fun actually.

Sacrilege: I'm not big into the religious books but I liked this, and I'm a sucker for seduction/giving in tropes so this had all that for me.

Make me Yours: this was well written and a nice twist with a female stalker. I didn't have a lot of good feelings towards her but the sex was hot.

Deviant: this one wasn't for me. It's not really a romance and none of the characters were particularly believable. The ending just seemed almost funny.

Scent: this was cute, an interesting twist and I enjoyed the story and characters and deviation to the usual.

So that's it! This took me a long time to finish, it wasn't my favourite anthology but I did discover some new to me authors so there's a win there!
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February 15, 2021
Infatuation JESSICA AMES
Ahhh this glimpse into another Untamed Sons book is exactly what this dark soul needed. This beautifully broken man has always intrigued me, and this has made me even more impatient for his book. Was also nice in a stabby way going back in time. Definitely recommend for new or old readers.

After reading their first co write in the Carrera Cartel boxset, I knew this would be just as epic and I certainly wasn't wrong. We are now seeing the kids from 2 much loved Maria's, and their story is proving to be just as deadly if not more so, than their parents.
This co-writing duo is definitely one to watch, I for one cannot wait to see how the rest of the story plays out.

I Can See You D.S. WRIGHTS
I haven't read anything by this author in a long time, so was excited to try her again. Unfortunately I found myself loving the first half but then found it falling flat once the stalker element changed to something else, as the plot felt lost to me. Might be different for other readers.

Omg omg omg!!! I stupidly haven't read anything by this author in a while and I'm now kicking myself. My mind is blown and I'm rocking in a corner. Not saying anything else as needs to be read first hand, but this is not a romance and I loved every second.

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February 20, 2021
Review for Peek-a-boo by Shannon Youngblood. I’m a huge fan of dark books. I thought that maybe I’ve read some pretty dark stuff, however, I had my ass handed to me with this book. Although it was a short story, it is packed with so much gore that my husband asked me what the hell I was reading. I couldn’t stop the noises coming from me. This is the kind of sick and twisted story you crave if you’re a fan of dark reads. A story of sweet revenge when pushed too far...when enough is enough and you do those things in the back of your mind that for some are only thoughts, but for others, it’s very much a reality. You never know who has that thing in them that actually breaks and brings forth the dormant monster that lives just below the surface. I truly have no words for this book, but I will say that Shannon is brilliant! This is the kind of cringe worthy read where you wonder how twisted your own mind is when you’re turned on and at the same time you’re wanting to puke because it’s literally disgusting. Shannon is the type of Author that I live for because there are no boundaries to her creativity. Nothing holds her back. My mind is blown, my senses are twitchy, my skin is crawling, and yet I feel satiated and vulnerable. This is exactly what a book is supposed to do. I’m looking forward to diving into Shannon’s other works. If I could give this 10 stars, that wouldn’t be enough!
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