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USA Today best-selling authors, Avelyn Paige and Geri Glenn, return with the second book in the Black Hoods MC, showing that there’s a thin line between love and hate.

Years ago Shelby Dawson fled, with nothing but a broken heart and a baby on the way. She never expected to see him again. She sure as hell never wanted to need him.

Until her daughter meets the wrong man online.
Until her daughter is taken.

When Shelby shows up at the clubhouse, drenched in rain and crying over her missing daughter, he wants to hurt her like she’d hurt him.

But when he discovers the missing daughter is his, he’ll rain down hell on whoever took her, and he might just find redemption in the process.

240 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 31, 2020

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About the author

Avelyn Paige

37 books620 followers
Avelyn Paige is a Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author of romantic suspense and motorcycle club romance. She lives in a small town in Indiana with her husband and five fuzzy kids.

When she’s not writing, Avelyn spends her days working as a cancer research scientist. Avelyn has been an avid reader her entire life, and it wasn’t until losing her father in 2015 that she started turning all those ideas in her head into stories. She hasn’t looked back since.

To learn more about Avelyn's books,
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Profile Image for Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’.
2,926 reviews2 followers
August 4, 2020
I am loving this new biker series. I finished this one in one go...

Shelby and Hashtag (Wyatt) were together since they were teenagers, even though her parents didn't think he was good enough for her, they loved each other. But then something happened when Shelby was about to tell him that she was pregnant. Shelby ran away and now thirteen years later she strolls back into the clubhouse needing his help to find their daughter.
Wyatt is a member of the Black Hoods MC, he is the tech guy. So when Shelby comes back all these years later asking for his help, he is so angry and hurt that she left him, but maybe this is also a second chance for them and also a chance to find out what happened thirteen years ago.

I loved this one. I love books with kids in it, and even though Hash and Shelby were so angry with each other, they put it aside to find their daughter, but also they couldn't deny their love never went away.
I can't wait for the next book in this series, this is definitely a series that had me hooked from book 1 and I can't wait to see what happens next
Profile Image for Lisa Marie 🌙.
112 reviews8 followers
March 14, 2023
Good book. I didn’t give 4 stars because a few things irked me. For example l, your child is missing and the man whose helping find her comes knocking at your door for an update and you take the time to get dressed, put on jewelry and consider makeup? As a mother…it really bothered me. I might try another book of this author at another time.
Profile Image for Shelley.
2,278 reviews29 followers
July 23, 2020
She has a secret😳

Hashtag is the next Black Hoods MC member to get a second chance at love with a woman he’s never forgotten, but the journey to get their is fraught with danger❣️Some background - Shelby just suddenly up and leaves Wyatt on the day he patches in to the MC. Now she shows up 13 years later, when her daughter....and yes, his too - has disappeared😢 She knows he will do anything to find his daughter, even if she kept her existence a secret from him😱

I really enjoyed this story, it was quick paced and I also enjoyed the characters immensely. The last few chapters are awesome and laid the foundation for the next story😜 I was hoping for some retribution towards the person who was largely responsible for Shelby leaving Hashtag the way she did, but then maybe I’m more vindictive than the authors 😂😂😂

Thank you to Geri for my advanced copy for which I voluntarily leave my honest review❤️ A not to be missed series😍
Profile Image for Jenny.
433 reviews3 followers
March 14, 2023
extremely frustrating

I really liked the first book in this series. This not as much. (This review will contain spoilers). I felt what Shelby did was unforgivable. Even if what she thought she saw really did happen—which it didn’t. To disappear for 12 years and never tell the man you loved that you had his baby. I could see if it was a one night stand, but they were in a deep relationship. He was gonna propose the night she thought she saw him with another woman (actually 2 other women). But it wasn’t even him. Anyway, that whole scenario rubbed me the wrong way immediately. So basically this guy was destroyed and missed out on 12 years with his child because the heroine didn’t have the guts to confront him. And if she had she would have found out she had it all wrong.

Then... when her daughter goes missing and she seeks out Wyatt for help, they pretty much hate each other because she thinks he cheated (and she tells him he would have been a horrible father anyway—which infuriated me). And he thinks she up and left him with no explanation. Then we have to read through over 50% of the book until they finally figure out what really happened. I was so frustrated up to that point. I made myself finish the book because I paid for this one and didn’t read it on KU.
July 23, 2020
Wow, this book keep my heart racing until the end.! Just could not put it down. But know i need more, i love the character and there interaction. It is a easy read,
Profile Image for Ashley Carr, LSoR.
4,149 reviews48 followers
July 31, 2020
Hashtag and Shelby’s story is one of heartache, hard times and struggles and finally peace. This book is full of suspense and I couldn’t put my candle down for wanting to know what happened next. They were high school sweethearts and at Hashtag’s patch in party for the club things go awry. 12 years later Shelby shows up at the clubhouse door with her daughter missing. Old feelings arise but the most important thing is finding their daughter. Will they find her in time? Will they all come out unscathed?
Profile Image for Shatire.
463 reviews1 follower
August 10, 2020
Soo..I dont like Shelby

Ok, but had the potential to be so much better. What really got me is Shelby. Hashtag never gave her a reason to question his commitment and loyalty to her, but the second she saw the scene in his room she ghosts him. She doesn't confront or sit down and have an adult conversation. Hash was constantly mistreated by her friend and family, but stuck around bc he loved her, and she couldn't give him the benefit of doubt. I feel like she was forgiven too easily. Twelve whole years he missed, that shouldn't be easily forgiven.
Profile Image for A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog.
2,814 reviews148 followers
July 26, 2020
What a fabulous story! I just had to stop life and read this book in one sitting. No breaks and no drink, just reading. The tension was immense! The plot was gut-wrenching and every mother’s worst nightmare. I simply had to bite my nails and read to the end.

Shelby was young when she and Wyatt were together and made a rash decision and has lived for thirteen years with the consequences. She needs help now and Wyatt is one of her only hopes. The tension and long held feelings are real, oh so deliciously real.

Wyatt, aka Hashtag, is an MC member and has wondered what the hell happened to Shelby all those years ago. Bombshells are dropped and emotions run high but they battled through it. I love these bikers.

The words just grabbed hold of my heart and held on. Tears were shed, breaths were held and nails were bitten. This is a must-read book.
Profile Image for Nerdy Dirty & Flirty.
3,985 reviews319 followers
July 31, 2020
I still find myself very happy with the fact that I've been introduced to these two authors. Dark Secret was a really good second book in this series. I will admit that I liked book one a little better though.

The writing was still solid and the overall story for this second chance romance was good. But I did find myself feeling bad for the leading man Hashtag and I'm not sure that I would have been as in favor of his and leading lady Shelby's HEA if he didn't want it so much. After everything he'd been though, I just wanted him to be happy.

That being said though this was a story I easily got sucked into. It had a great pace to keep things moving along nicely and the ending was good. Especially that last chapter. It was a perfect setup for the next book and I'm really excited for that one.
Profile Image for Kari Hansen.
9,120 reviews55 followers
August 1, 2020
When Shelby went to see Hashtag, the man she loved, to share some life changing news the course of their lives were altered when she saw something she wasn’t expecting but rather than asking questions she fled and they haven’t spoken since.

Hashtag never knew why Shelby left only that she was gone. He has moved forward with his life until she shows up 13 years later however the bigger surprise wasn’t seeing her but finding out that he was a father and that his daughter is missing.

The primary concern for Hashtag is rescuing their daughter but along the way they may just be able to sort through the misunderstandings of the past and finally have the life they always planned. Not only do Shelby and Hashtag draw you in but the storyline balances action and romance perfectly.
Profile Image for C. Soto.
Author 7 books101 followers
March 18, 2022
Amazing story

Hashtag and Shelbys story was an amazing story. This is book two in the series. Shelby comes storming back into his life after she left him 13 years ago without a single word. No explanation. Nothing, just vanishes and leaves without telling him why.

Now she needs his help. The police aren't assisting her in finding her daughter, so she turns to the only person who can help?

Once Hashtag learns the reason Shelby needs help, he feels betrayed and hurt and the feelings of the past come rushing in.

Can they work together in this common goal of finding Hayden safe and sound?

This was a great second book in the series just as awesome as the first book. This is also a very quick read that you will love every page written!
Profile Image for Kylee.
2,511 reviews33 followers
July 30, 2020
Dark Secret takes us back into the lives of the Black Hood MC where Hashtag might just get his second chance. As secrets are discovered Hashtag and Shelby may need to put all that aside to fight for the one person who owns both their hearts. Theirs is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and your anxiety levels high. A story that will draw you in and hold you tight for the ride of your life. An emotional, gritty, passionate and heart wrenching story that will have you captivated right to the end.
755 reviews1 follower
July 21, 2020
Dark Secret is the second book in the Black Hoods MC series. This story had me enthralled from the first page. Hashtag and Shelby have a past, a painful past. Shelby leaves Hashtag abruptly and he has no idea what has happened to her. 13 years later she goes to him when their daughter turns up missing, a daughter he has no idea about! This is a story of love, deep loss, forgiveness and pure joy! I absolutely loved this story and cannot recommend it highly enough! This is a must read!!
271 reviews8 followers
July 23, 2020
Holy crap was this a great book! This book is about Hashtag, aka Wyatt and Shelby. They were together & happy until Shelby left him due to a mid-understanding. She comes back years later when her daughter goes missing & asks Hashtag to help find her. This sets up their reconnection. There is a lot of drama in this book and it will keep you on the edge of your seat! But once I started it, I could not put it down. I had to finish it. There was one part near the end that about made me throw my iPad. Lol. I highly recommend this book! It was fantastic!
Profile Image for Jojo Reeves.
754 reviews15 followers
July 24, 2020
I loved this couldn't put it down. Second book in the black hoods MC series this one focus's on Hashtag , Mr sexy alpha Geek computer nerd. Shelby was his highschool love, his ride or die till she cut him out of her life on the night he patched in, no reason as far as he's concerned but a huge one in her mind. Now she's back in need a favour and with a big surprise 13 yrs later. Once again every character is likeable and believable , exciting story line and the funniest epilogue. Can't wait for Judge's book
Profile Image for M L.
459 reviews13 followers
July 24, 2020
OMG! I am loving this series!! This story was heart wrenching!! Have you ever made a decision based on a lie or misperception? Well, Shelby did and wow did it change her world and that of Wyatt’s forever. Can the truth come to light and set them both free? Can love overcome the hurts and secrets of the past? This story is full of twists and turns, of heart break and sadness. Of love and redemption. Life gets messy sometimes and when it does can Wyatt save the day? Amazing!!!
Profile Image for Pat .
18.3k reviews3 followers
July 22, 2020
This is Book 2 of the "Black Hoods MC" series and I was totally glued to my kindle throughout the entire book! The great character and plot development captured my attention from the very beginning and the chemistry between Hashtag and Shelby kept me turning the pages until the very end!
Profile Image for Debbie Earley.
2,160 reviews11 followers
July 23, 2020
I loved Hashtag and Shelby's story. Young love torn apart only to be reunited. What an emotion filled story. The twists, turns, ups and downs kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read more of Hashtag's.
Profile Image for Staci Blandin.
342 reviews1 follower
July 24, 2020
Hash and Shel's story was so fantastic I couldnt put it down I devoured it in one sitting. The story kept me on the edge of my seat with my heart in my throat the whole time waiting to see what was going to happen. It was the perfect amount of serious and funny the characters were fantastic. If you're looking for a different type of MC series this one is fantastic.
Profile Image for Teresa Lara.
2,859 reviews38 followers
July 22, 2020
Love the black hoods mc
Shel and hash grabbed my heart
Intense emotional broken heart stopping love story
Cant wait for Judge
Ready for more
Profile Image for Whynter Raven.
680 reviews15 followers
July 24, 2020
Man, this series is getting addicting. Love Shelby and Wyatt's ( Hashtag ) story. There was a lot of action in this one. Can wait to see what they have in store for Judge.
Profile Image for Kathy Phillips.
54 reviews1 follower
July 21, 2020
Great second book in the Black Hoods MC series. I loved Hashtag and Shelby’s story. It hooked me right from the beginning and I didn’t put it down until I finished!
40 reviews
July 23, 2020
Love this new MC family.
Absolutely highly recommend and cannot wait for the next book.
Profile Image for Giorgia Reads.
1,010 reviews1,949 followers
September 16, 2021
Awful heroine. Just awful.

The misunderstanding was laughable. You just don’t do that. You don’t hide a child from their father because you thought he cheated. (She didn’t even see him doing it- she thought she did but still) there is no excuse. None whatsoever. Just awful. She was a child herself in her maturity. Even after learning the truth.
474 reviews2 followers
January 31, 2022
This picks up where book one ends and jumps 12 years later. Full of suspense, heartbreak, brotherhood and a 2nd chance at true love! I love the story and you fed my craving, now I want more!
Profile Image for Cali Gal’s.
1,079 reviews139 followers
July 31, 2020
Mmmm this story is deliciously naughty and nerdy at the same time. Hashtag is our MC hero who has geek skills that help save the day. Most impressive is his forgiving nature.

Shelby our heroine at a young age has several surprises in store. On the day she discovers she is pregnant she finds Hashtag in a compromising position... or does she?! Misunderstandings lead her to run away and raise her baby on her own.

I love the parallels that our hero and his daughter have even though they have never met each other. They both love and excel in the virtual world. Wink wink... you have to read the story to know what I am talking about. Haha.

When Shelby seeks out Hashtag to help her find their missing daughter, all kinds of questions and angst drive this story. Truthfully I was surprised that Hashtag wasn’t more upset about finding out he had a twelve year old daughter but considering he was focused on finding her, I guess it is understandable.

Shelby definitely had a lot of growing up to do in this story and she was WAY too naive about her daughters online exposure. She wasn’t my favorite character in the beginning because it was obvious the dumb choices she was making. Eek. I wanted to shake her a bit. Which means theses authors did their job well.

Oh it wouldn’t be a juicy MC storyline without some hot and spicy between our hero and heroine. Mmmmm... plan for some SEXXXXYYY. Wink.

Overall this was a creative, intriguing story with characters that had the right amount of imperfections to keep things interesting. This is a good 4.5 star read. These authors leave the story with an AWESOME tease. I can’t wait for the next book especially since children will be involved.

Happy Reading Everyone.
Profile Image for Lynn Reynolds.
1,677 reviews38 followers
July 31, 2020
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Hashtag is ready to start the next chapter of his life. Shelby is not happy with the current situation. This is a story that shows there’s more to the MC lifestyle than riding a motorcycle. There are men who use more than their bodies to get things done. Shelby has a daughter that steals the show even though we don’t see that much of her.

This is one more example of why these two authors are good at what they do. I want a book that I can enjoy from beginning to end. I don’t want to analyze what they wrote trying to figure out who created what. You want a story that seems believable. You want both characters that you can love and those that you want to hate. There are times where you want a damsel in distress where the guy gets on his trusty steed in order to come to the rescue. You’ll find plenty of emotion and suspense to keep you glued to your seat. But don’t get me started on the hot and steamy.

It left me wanting more. More of the Black Hoods and the people that come into their lives. The hardest thing for me is being patient until the next one comes along. But I remember the saying that “good things come to those who wait”. And I know I’ll get something good when I see a book by these authors.

I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Profile Image for Barbara.
2,108 reviews41 followers
July 27, 2020
WOW, I loved this addition to the Black Hoods MC. The book is very well written with an action packed suspenseful emotional storyline that touched my heart. The characters were so well written I felt like I felt every ounce of grief, pain and happiness they were feeling right along with them.

This is a second chance at love storyline that will have you rooting for a happy ending. A couple is ripped apart and then years later thrust back together under the worst possible of circumstances: their 12 year old daughter is missing. A daughter that Wyatt, aka Hashtag, had no idea even existed until Shelby came begging for his help. Shelby is the same girl that ran out on him 13 years ago on what was supposed to have been the best day of his life. Now here she is dropping another bombshell on his life.

Kudos to the authors for writing such an amazing storyline. I can’t recommend grabbing up Dark Secrets enough (and book 1of the series too if you haven’t already done so) you won’t regret it. The Black Hoods MC is a must read series in this reader’s humble opinion and I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store next.

2 Thumbs Up and 5+ Stars
Profile Image for Teresa.
981 reviews13 followers
August 1, 2020
Dark Secret is the 2nd book in the Black Hood MC series and the 2nd book I have read. Book 1 Dark Protector was a really good book but Dark Secret is even better. I couldn't put the book down. Avelyn Paige & Geri Glenn have done a great job together on this series and I cannot wait for book 3.

In the book Wyatt Hayden or Hashtag is the main character. On the day of his Patching party 13 years ago the love of his life Shelby just disappears on him without a word, note, or phone call. Hash never got over her. Now 13 years later Hash is setting at the bar in club when he looks up to see Shelby standing there. Shelby has walked back in to ask a favor from Hash. Her daughter which also happens to be his daughter has gone missing. Hash doesn't know he is a father so everything is thrown at him at once.

He takes on the favor and does what he can to find his Daughter Hayden and along the way He and Shelby try to piece back their relationship. Hoping against hope they find their daughter before it is to late.
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1,999 reviews74 followers
Want to read
May 24, 2021
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Years ago Shelby Dawson fled, with nothing but a broken heart and a baby on the way. She never expected to see him again. She sure as hell never wanted to need him.

Until her daughter meets the wrong man online.
Until her daughter is taken.

When Shelby shows up at the clubhouse, drenched in rain and crying over her missing daughter, he wants to hurt her like she’d hurt him.

But when he discovers the missing daughter is his, he’ll rain down hell on whoever took her, and he might just find redemption in the process.
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