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What To Do About Your Monsters

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Meet Kinzie. She has a bunch of fun loving, slightly smelly, Monsters that live in her room. They never let her sleep at night. But that’s ok, her parents always help her out. Until one day they decide it’s time she learns to sleep on her own. What will Kinzie do about her Monsters?

What To Do About Your Monsters is a heartfelt story about a girl who has sleep issues. At its core, however, the story is not just about having problems sleeping, but about being afraid to try something new.

36 pages, Hardcover

Published October 6, 2020

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About the author

Jessica Woo

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Jessica Woo is an author\illustrator, and a mom of two wild things. Her debut children’s book, What To Do About Your Monsters, was inspired by her oldest child. Very quickly after Jessica became a mother, she found that while adults like to sleep, kids are way too busy to ever go to bed.

Other than convincing her little ones to sleep at night, Jessica’s other talents include professional animation, art direction, and illustration. In Illustration, Jessica most recently worked on a concept art piece for Universal. In art direction, her recent project, Dinner Party, was accepted in the exclusive Sundance film festival. Finally, in animation, her work is featured in movies such as Kung Fu Panda, Monster vs Aliens, Shrek 4, Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special, Kung Fu Panda 2, The Croods, and Turbo.

An active member of SCBWI and 12 by 12, Jessica currently lives in Toluca Lake California with her family.

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1 review
July 6, 2020
Such a charming book! This is a delightful story about a little girl who is kept awake by her "monsters." The text is fun to read out loud (a must for me when looking at children's books) and the illustrations are beautiful and expressive. If you have kids who have sleep issues (and who doesn't?) this is the book to get. Wrapped inside the story is a light teachable moment about sleep training. And if you're lucky enough to have children who konk out as soon as their heads hit the pillow, they'll also enjoy this book for its amusing characters and sweet story.
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June 27, 2020
This book is adorable! Wonderful illustrations. Cute, funny story that kept my kids' interest. Great message. Love it!
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October 25, 2020
We all know the problem, either from our own lives or those of our kiddos...bedtime comes around, and so to the MONSTERS, the BOOGIE MEN, and all the things that go BUMP in the night. Simple solution? Run for someone bigger, someone more grown up, someone to fight out battle for us...but is the monster really conquered? Will it not simply come back once the coast is clear of our proverbial knight in shining armor, and show its face once more...perhaps even bigger, badder, or more unputdownable? That's the something we don't always think about, but it doesn't mean the possibility isn't still there. The REAL solution...put those monsters to rest by trying something different, something new, something creatively out of the box that may not make much sense at the moment, and yet it still very well may work! The point is to KEEP TRYING. Don't give up! We can slay our own monsters. We can put to rest the worries of the day, the stresses of our lives, the obstacles our brains can't see an easy way around. It may take backup because no man or woman is an island, but it's essential we see it through, and that sense of accomplishment, that empowered feeling will be so worth it in the end.

**review copy received; opinions are my own
1 review
July 2, 2020
Fun children's book about a child's journey to overcome her "monsters." I enjoyed learning how Kinzie is able to learn from her experiences and figure out her own way to solve her monster problem! The combination of illustrations and onomatopoeia brought the story to life for me. The style of the illustrations is wonderful, and the colors vibrant - a great way to keep my child engaged. I can easily see this book being one of our household favorites for a long time!
July 2, 2020
Beautiful illustrations as you follow Kinzie solving her own problems. A good example for young girls. A coming of age moment. My 7 year old loved the story and my 2 year old was fascinated by the monsters.
13 reviews
July 1, 2020
What an adorable book!! A wonderful story about Kenzie working through her “monster problems” and the illustrations are just fabulous!! I can’t wait to feature this book at my gallery... my customers will love it as much as I do!
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October 21, 2020
Mom's Review
When Kenzie can't sleep because the horde of adorable little green monsters in her room keep her awake, she goes to sleep in her parents' bed. One day, however, her parents insist on her sleeping in her own room. It is then up to her her to solve her monster problem. She tries everything she can think of to get them to sleep, with little result. An onomatopoeic tantrum organically turns into a dance party, which she is able to steer into a lullaby that finally settles the monsters.

What To Do About Your Monsters models problem solving and self-reliance with cute, cuddly monsters at bedtime. It is comforting to see the monsters are not scary, just a nuisance. It is comforting to see Kenzie work with them. It is comforting to see Kenzie's success. This short picture book lends itself well to discussion of Kenzie's actions and reactions. A tantrum is implied, but not outright named. The monsters' sadness is depicted with a shower of salt water. The more I think about it, the more I can see to unpack and discuss, but I won't drone on. Although the length is a bit short for 5YO T, there is enough for a kindergartner to analyze. If you are looking solely at length, it's better for babies and toddlers. If you are looking for a conversation starter (especially about feelings, bedtime, and problem-solving), it definitely works for kindergartners. It is worth noting that this cozy picture book is best read aloud; the rhythm of the footsteps and clapping plays out (when I first read this to myself, the effect was notably not the same).

What To Do About Your Monsters is a cute, cozy read with a satisfying ending.

Son's Review
Age: 5
I liked it. I just liked it a lot. It's great. Can we read it again? I thought the monsters were adorable.

What do you think of her problem solving?
Couldn't she have just told her parents?

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October 12, 2020
Toddlers and pre schoolers often struggle with sleeping in their own bed and the monsters they are convinced reside in their room. It is quite obvious from this story that Jessica Woo has dealt with little ones who struggle with sleeping in their own room. She has written and illustrated a delightful children’s book that will help youngsters overcome their fear of sleeping in their own room, alone. The child in What to Do About Your Monsters starts out with Kinzie trying to sleep in her room but the monsters are making too much noise. So she goes to her parents for help - sleeping with them until that isn’t okay. The story progresses until Kinzie sings a lullaby to the monsters and they fall asleep.
The illustrations are wonderful. They show the story so that a young child would be able to “read” the book alone after having an adult read it to them several times. I think What to Do About Your Monsters should be included in your Mock Caldecott units leading up to the 2021 Caldecott announcement.
Any parent who has had to deal with a child who nightly comes into their room for comfort will want to get a copy of this book for a bedtime story. What to Do About Your Monsters would be a good addition to the picture book collection of a K-12 Christian school library or any school library.
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August 19, 2020
Loved this book great illustrations and has happy ending of a little girl overcoming a trial.
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