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Black Hoods MC #1

Dark Protector

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From two bestselling authors comes the story of two people who should have never fallen in love and the dangers that lurk around them.

Blair’s life isn’t perfect, but she has a plan. Find a new roommate, finish school and finally start the future she’s been working so hard for.

And then he knocks on her door. One unwanted visitor is all it took to crush her reality and leave her living in fear. But at least she’s living, thanks to the help of a good Samaritan.

A very sexy, tattooed and motorcycle-riding man with a dog that looks as savage as he is sweet. GreenPeace saves her. He makes her feel safe. He makes her feel a lot of things she’s never felt before.

But, the danger’s not over. Her attacker is still there, lurking in the shadows and waiting to strike again. GreenPeace will put his life and his club on the line to save the captivating woman that’s stolen his heart. But even that might not be enough.

290 pages, Paperback

Published May 23, 2020

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About the author

Avelyn Paige

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Avelyn Paige is a Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author of romantic suspense and motorcycle club romance. She lives in a small town in Indiana with her husband and five fuzzy kids.

When she’s not writing, Avelyn spends her days working as a cancer research scientist. Avelyn has been an avid reader her entire life, and it wasn’t until losing her father in 2015 that she started turning all those ideas in her head into stories. She hasn’t looked back since.

To learn more about Avelyn's books,
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682 reviews94 followers
November 26, 2022
1.5 stars rounded up to 2

Superficial, juvenile and disappointing.

A quick summary:

✦The heroine: weak, dumb and annoying
✦The hero: meh, kinda a high school bad boy
✦The romance: non-existent, replaced by hot fucking
✦The storyline: promising but the execution was too poor
✦The suspense: same like the storyline
✦The build-up/ chemistry: didn't exist as they jumped to bed pretty much right away

I did finish because it's pretty short but that wasn't for me.

I'll be honest, I came here because I really enjoyed Kings of Korruption series by Geri Glenn.
And the synopsis sounded really good.


The heroine, Blair, who was doing her doctorate in psychology and was supposed to be a smart, responsible girl with a brain and the ability to use it and add 2 plus 2 and not get 5?
Well, she turned out to be quite the opposite and more often than not she sounded like a whiny middle-schooler, way too weak and stupid for my liking.

She was the kind of heroine who knows there's a psycho after her, knows the mentioned nut is someone from her uni, knows she should be careful and yet refuses to listen to others and voluntarily puts herself in danger.

And I hate that.

The hero was better but something was seriously missing.
We don't know much about him except for the fact that he is a biker, belongs to an MC club in which he doesn't have much to say.
And that was a bummer for me.
Because I like my heroes to be powerful alphas who hold all the cards.
And he just wasn't that.

The romance didn't exist because they jumped to bed after a day or so and within a week (which the book covers) they apparently decided they loved each other so much, they decided to move in together.

And I wasn't buying any of this.

And frankly? After that I just couldn't care any less about these two.
I read on to confirm who attacker was (which was kinda obvious and yet our heroine was still too dumb for that) and that's about it.
I just wanted to be done with it so I could move to something right up my alley, something deep and meaningful.
This book just wasn't it.

On the positive side, it did have a lot of potential to be an awesome read if the maturity level fit the characters' age and jobs.
Or if the romance wasn't swept under a rug.
Or if the heroine used her brain at least once in a while.

Because I gotta be honest, the beginning was fantastic and I thought this was going to be somewhere between 4-5 stars.
Unfortunately, things quickly went down the drain.

I know there are other books in the series but I'm not sure I wanna read them.
I might in the future.
Just not now.
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1,359 reviews13 followers
July 25, 2020
3 stars,

This book was okay. It was very surface level with the characters, with minimal backstory that I couldn't connect with them fully.

There was enough action and banter that it kept me hooked. Also some of the names that the motorcycle club had kinda took me out of the story... I'm looking at you Twat Knot.... That has to be one of the worst MC road names I've ever read haha

I also guessed who the stalker/psychokiller was pretty fast after some clues and not enough side characters to throw off any other suspicions.

I will say this book helped me get out of my slump, but it wasn't a mind blowing master piece I was looking for.. haha

Overall entertaining, but if you have read a lot of MC romances like I have, there isn't anything too special about this one that stands out.
Profile Image for Elysian Fields.
2,002 reviews32 followers
September 12, 2021
I am interested in this book, the characters, the MC and the world seems really interesting and I really like the authors writing style. However I read the first 15% and in that time there was two mentions of dog fights and the horrors and abuse that come along with it. Though the scene/mentions were not long they were detailed enough that I cannot stomach more. As animal abuse is major trigger for me I have to stop reading for my own mental heath, that said I would be interested in finishing the story if there were no more of those "surprise" scenes/mentions. I will jump to book two and see what I find there. Not rating as DNFed for triggers.
Profile Image for Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’.
2,925 reviews2 followers
May 29, 2020
4.50 Stars

Blair is a struggling student who is looking for a roommate to help with the bills. So she's been interviewing roommates. One night after she was done with non success she gets attacked in her house. And the only thing that saved her was a biker and his dog.
GP has clocked the redhead living alone in the house for a while, but hasn't done anything. So when his dog takes off on their evening walk and runs straight into her house and he comes upon an attacker, well lets just say nothing is going to stop him from protecting her and making sure she is safe, even though his prez has warned him to stay away from her as they have more important *shit* to deal with.

This was a good read. It was fast paced and had drama and action, suspense and some hot steamy moments. This book will definitely have you reading and finishing in one go as you will be on the edge of your seat to find out who the attacker is and also what the business the club is in❤ 😊

Profile Image for CB.
197 reviews5 followers
January 5, 2021
Wow, this was bad, especially for an author I have read a number of books from previously and I know can do better. It was just so sophomoric and juvenile in both writing and interactions with the characters, I just couldn’t get past it.

The relationship between GP and Blair was pretty surface level, although I did like the fact they had known each other as kids. The MC was also laughable in how they were portrayed as scary, yet still underground heroes of the community - to me they just came across as lame, and I’ve read a lot of MC romances over the years too. And please, please stop with the horrific MC nicknames - it is ridiculous and totally takes you out of the story every time you are forced to read one of those stupid names. Twat Knot? GreenPeace? Stone Face? I say no more.
Profile Image for Shelley.
2,278 reviews29 followers
May 28, 2020
Her Knight in Black Leather😍

Dark Protector is the first book in a new series co-written by Geri and Avelyn and it’s spectacular❣️When Blaire’s left defenceless after being attacked in her home, an unlikely saviour in leather comes to her rescue with a rescued dog called Walter....sigh😁

This story was great and I had an idea of who I thought Blaire’s stalker was and I was right😱 I can’t wait for more in this series by these two authors and from how this book ended with Hash, I’m keen to see what’s in store for him🤩 I received an early copy and I willingly leave my honest review and opinion❤️
Profile Image for Allyson.
457 reviews43 followers
March 25, 2021
3.75 stars

This was a pretty good book, with action , insta-love and suspense. It took me a minute to really like Blair but towards the end I really liked her. I loved Greenpeace and his dog!! All together it was a pretty good read. I will read the next one.
Profile Image for Mandy Saial.
1,154 reviews
May 26, 2020

Greenpeace and Blair .....Instant Love connection. So much chemistry Loved them to pieces. Excitement fills these pages. The suspense level was off the charts and I thought at some points I was in the middle of a thrilling true crime novel or an episode of Law and Order SVU MC edition.
I 'm hooked !!
Can't wait for the second book in the Black Hoods MC series .
Profile Image for Julie Jackson.
2,108 reviews10 followers
May 12, 2020
Reviewed for SNS

Blair and GP have a tough road ahead of them. He is going against his club and she needs serious protection. The drama, danger and loyalty in this storyline is spectacular. Excellent writing.
Profile Image for Naaytaashreads.
818 reviews143 followers
August 23, 2022
"I can't take my eyes off her freckles. Off her face. Blair's a gorgeous woman, but when she's angry like this ... Fuck me, she's adorable."

This was such a fun, great read.
I didn't realise how much I would enjoy this.
I'm a sucker for MC romance; what's more, it adds a sassy, funny main character, a wolf-looking dude with a hot bod and such adorableness of a romance plot.

The plotline, other than focusing on the romance, we get to see a mystery thriller stalker plotline.
It adds to the mystery and tension, although it's obvious who it is.
It was a short romance, but I love that everything naturally falls into place.

The writing of the romance was so cute, and it got me smiling throughout the whole book.
Their chemistry radiates the whole room, which got me wanting more.
I want to see more of the MC vibes and side characters.
This club has the weirdest member name, but I am here for it!

I can't wait to read more of the rest of the member's stories!

"And even though she’s pissed, I can’t help but smile at the idea of my house being our home."
Profile Image for Lana Ellis.
45 reviews1 follower
October 12, 2021
This book was free on iBooks and I chose it as I needed a light, meaningless read after a very long day, something to forget about the very next day. Boy, was I wrong. The first book of the series is really amazing; I will definitely get the next books, which is a rare thing for me.
I loved the plot packed with danger, suspense, instant love, loyal friends and what not. A great twist of the typical knight-saves-his-princess story , thoughtful and insightful.
When Blair, a psychology student, becomes a target of a psycho stalker with murderous intentions, GP, a member of MC vigilantes, takes on the role of her protector and stops at nothing until he eliminates the threat.
I loved the authors' flowing and witty writing style, and I also loved that, without imposing, they raise moral questions like whether it is acceptable to take the law in one's own hands, or create awareness of problems we don't think much about (like dog fighting/ animal abuse).
Profile Image for Sue Miz.
222 reviews42 followers
March 8, 2023
Imagine there is a stalker after you (the bad kind)
He already broken once into your house and attacked you
He's sending you creepy messages and death threats
You are not equipped to fight back but there is this strong MC biker who is there to help you
And the only thing he's asking you to do is

how stupid is this girl? And she is studying the psychology of survivors!!!!!
If I were her, I would buy a Nokia
That shits battery lasts longer than my life! And it will nock any assailant dead if you throw it on his head

And Judge!! What kind of a weak ass MC president is he! He claims that his club is there to help others but he cares about stopping a dog fight than the life of his man's girl???

Why do I keep doing this to myself?
Because I am a MC biker reader bitch

Oh, the stars goes to the true hero of the book
He's a good boy 🐕
Profile Image for Kathryn Linke .
2,117 reviews22 followers
May 26, 2020
Dark Protector is the first title in the Black Hoods MC co-written by Avelyn Paige and Geri Glenn. It’s a title full of twists and turns, angst, intrigue, drama and danger.

Dark Protector features Blair and GP and unlikely duo. Blair is a psychology student struggling to ay the bills, who after a traumatic event finds herself in danger, and in the cross hairs of a stalker.

Her white knight rides a Harley and goes by GP. His loyalties are tested when he’s inexplicably drawn to Blair. He’s protective, caring and compassionate, but also not afraid to get his hands dirty, and fight for what he believes is the right thing.

I was captivated from the start and look forward to future additions to the series.

Find my review here

or follow me on BookBub

Profile Image for Sandy Knox.
1,140 reviews17 followers
April 17, 2022

I have to admit I've had this book in my library for a long time and now I'm kicking my own @ss. This book had me consumed from the very beginning and I couldn't stop til I finished it. GP /Greenpeace is a member of the Black Hoods MC and one night while taking his dog Walter who he rescued from a dog fighting ring for a walk they hear a scream and Walter takes off running and they find Blair being attacked and Walter attacks the attacker and GP knocks him out so he can check on Blair who is also out cold. From there, the excitement just continues and get even more exciting. This book was like rollercoaster ride that has you holding on for dear life. I loved every minute of it. Blair is a college student who lives alone due to the death of her Grandmother and the rejection of her parents so while interviewing people trying to find a roommate she suffers what she thinks is the most terrifying night of her life. At times the suspense was so intense the tension in my neck gave me a headache. Lol! With the attraction between Blair and GP at times I was laughing out loud at Walter's antics then add in Blair's crazy cat Jinx and his orneryness I was cracking my up, it was also kind of heartwarming. The closer GP and Blair become the more things heat up and HOLY MOLY do they heat up. They are off the charts smokin HOT! Blair's first introduction to the Black Hoods isn't a very good one but she eventually comes to love them, they're the family she's always wanted. At times I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who Blair's attacker is but like Blair I don't figure it out til the end. When Blair and GP figure out about their past it was too funny to think of it as described by GP. LOL! Then when GP kept trying to calm his reaction to Blair his inner monologue had me cracking up again. This book is action packed and the little teaser we get at the end makes me excited for more. I EXTREMELY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO EVERYONE.
Profile Image for Barbara.
2,108 reviews41 followers
May 24, 2020
HOLY MOLY - The authors have teamed up to give us what this reader is sensing to become one fantastic MC series. The Black Hoods MC brothers are no saints by any means but they have a goal to protect the innocent, especially those that can’t help themselves or the law either refuses to or is too slow to react. In Dark Protector we have Greenpeace (known as GP) and Blair’s story. The story begins when Blair is attacked in her home and she is saved from a sure death by an unknown savior. But the reader knows her savor is GP and his dog Walter (OMG - You’ll fall in love with Walter - trust me). From here the story takes off. GP takes to keeping an eye on Blair from the shadows, even though he is going against his Prez’s direct orders not to get any more involved with her as they have their own club issues that are a priority. But GP can’t let go of the fact her attacker is still out there.

Dark Protector is a fast paced exciting ride with one thrilling event after another. The storyline is suspenseful, action packed, intriguing and romantic all rolled into one. It kept me on the edge of my seat and guessing throughout. I Highly recommend Dark Protector and look forward to lots more from the Black Hoods MC. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars.
Profile Image for MJ's Book Blog and Reviews.
2,401 reviews47 followers
May 28, 2020
Review by: Melanie
(5 stars)

On the scariest night of her life, Blair is rescued by a stranger she never saw and his hero dog. The police don't seem interested in catching her attacker though and just in who she supposedly keeps company with. When she does finally meet her saviour it's by her whacking him over the head with a stick, lol, but that luckily doesn't put Greenpeace "GP" off of helping her. He's drawn to the beautiful redhead and can't help but be there for her, despite his presidents orders to keep his distance. Unfortunately, he's not the only one enamoured with her and it soon becomes clear her attack wasn't random and the attacker isn't done.

I absolutely devoured this with the characters and a mischievous cat and lovable dog and I can't wait for the next one. I've always been a fan of Avelyn Paige since her very first book and I'm pretty new to Geri Glenn, but this fantastic pairing has put her firmly on my TBR list. I give this 5 stars.
Profile Image for Lita Thomas.
1,373 reviews18 followers
May 18, 2020
Dark Protector (Black Hoods MC, #1) by Avelyn Paige & Geri Glen. While walking his dog GreenPeace comes across a young lady being attacked in her home. Running to her rescue, him and Blair begin a strange relationship. He wants to protect her but his MC president has other business for him. When it looks like her attacker has come back Green Peace moves Blair into his house. There they find out they have a deeper connection. First GreenPeace needs to not only keep Blair safe but do what his president has asked him to do. A really good start to this series. The story was good. It was comical at times and dangerous at others. I love a MC that is for good but is still gritty and grimy. It doesn't hurt that they are good looking as well. I truly enjoy a good MC series and am looking forward to the next book. The authors gave me just enough of a teaser at the end that I am chomping at the bit for the next book about the next brother in the Black Hoods MC. 4.5 stars for me.
Profile Image for A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog.
2,814 reviews148 followers
May 18, 2020
This story was a great read if a fairly quick one. The attraction was instant and totally delicious. The story had MC themes but not as extreme as most I’ve read and their club was different from many other books of the same genre; not as heavy as I’d expect but sweeter.

Blair is a struggling student looking for a roommate to help with bills to cover the cost of her huge house. Little did she expect her life to turn itself upside down when a knock came on her door. Enter her knight in shining leathers.

Green Peace or GP, he is just wonderful. He swoops in and protects Blair in her worst hour of need. Their relationship just gets stronger and more loving the longer the story goes on. There is a lot of club action and breath-holding, intense, moments with Blair and her stalker.

This is a really good start to a promising MC series.
Profile Image for Nerdy Dirty & Flirty.
3,985 reviews319 followers
May 25, 2020
This was a really good kick off to a new series and a great intro to this author duo for me. Avelyn Paige and Geri Glenn are both new to me. But this is the kind of first book that will have you coming back for more.

This isn't a lighthearted MC romance. While the members might not be into some of the hard core criminal stuff I've seen in other MC romance, they're not clean either. They can dish out vigilante type justice and it got pretty detailed and intense sometimes. But I enjoyed it.

Overall the writing was really solid. The characters were well written. And it was set up perfectly for a series of standalones.

I definitely plan to check out the next book. Especially after that teaser at the end.
Profile Image for KDRBCK.
5,615 reviews17 followers
May 16, 2020
Dark Protector by Avelyn Paige and Geri Glenn is book one in the Black Hoods MC Series and can easily be read as a stand-alone.
Meet Blair. She's a young woman about to graduate college and she's living alone. When she gets targeted she lands in hospital.
Her knight in not so shining armor is GP, GreenPeace. I have no clue what his club name means, but anyway - it takes not long for GP to fall for Blair. He can't stay away from her, even when his prez says otherways.
Dark Protector is a fast paced read, angst filled and high on drama with lots of twists and turns.
Loved the storyline and the plottwists, the writing is great and can't wait for the next book, Hashtag's story.
Profile Image for Kari Hansen.
9,118 reviews55 followers
May 28, 2020
All Blair wants is to finish her education so that she can start the next phase of her life but her search for a roommate could derail everything when she is attacked by a stranger.

GP is a member of the Black Hoods MC who is enjoying a walk with his dog when he comes to Blair’s rescue. He may not have caught the man responsible, but he did manage to save Blair’s life.

GP has an immediate chemistry and connection with Blair so when he finds out that the danger to Blair isn’t over he will do anything to keep her safe even if it means going against his MC.
755 reviews1 follower
May 16, 2020
Here we have 2 stellar authors coming together to start an amazing new MC series! This book is about GreenPeace and Blair. He is a member of the Black Hoods MC and she is a college student totally career minded. These two come together after an act of violence against Blair and Greenapeace becomes her fierce protector. This book takes us through a fast paced and action packed story and I could not put it down!! The characters are wonderful and the writing is superb. This is definitely a MUST read!!
40 reviews
May 16, 2020
I love it when these ladies release new books! This book did not disappoint. I started it as soon as it hit my kindle and didn't stop!! I loved Blair and her drive for her education and determination to finish it. Even after a traumatic event she still pushes through. Now GreenPeace, he was a badass as I hoped he would be but man his persistence in keeping her safe was hot. He was such a protective alpha but with a softer side. I loved the revelation about these two. I won't say more so as to not spoil it!! Overall, I loved it and am excited for more!!!
Profile Image for Kat.
870 reviews76 followers
July 19, 2022
I didn’t really enjoy this. The main characters are such blank slates and the mystery part was so obvious. Points for having the MC conflict revolve around dog fighting because that’s a more original idea but that’s the only part I found interesting and it’s not even that large of a plot point. The sex scenes were also very bland. The FMC is so a grad student in psychology (I think PhD). I don’t know too much about how psych programs work but as someone working on apply to social science PhD programs, it didn’t seem that realistic to me.
Profile Image for Spunky N Sassy.
4,943 reviews102 followers
May 24, 2020
Spunky N Sassy Rating: 5.0

~~~~~~~~~~Julie's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~

Blair and GP have a tough road ahead of them. He is going against his club and she needs serious protection. The drama, danger and loyalty in this storyline is spectacular. Excellent writing.

~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~

Blair and GreenPeace are smoking hot! I loved this story and the twists and turns. I loved how two opposites could meet and mesh so well. This is great pairing between two amazing authors Avelyn Paige and Geri Glenn. I was blown away by this story and I highly recommend this book and the start of this series.
Profile Image for Ri.
5,005 reviews
October 31, 2021
4 stars

Interesting storyline in the start of this new series. Parts of it made me scratch my head, but the good parts kept me involved in the characters and the mystery.

I loved the goal of stopping the dog fighting. Anyone that fights to protect dogs and women/children have my approval.
Profile Image for M L.
459 reviews13 followers
May 15, 2020
Oh my gosh! This book was so freaking good!! What a great start to a new MC series! I literally could not put it down! I did not know where the story was going and it sure didn’t end like I thought it would! This is the story of Greenpeace and Red! And what an amazing story it is! It’s intriguing and dark, it’s full of so many twists and turns, yet it really is a story of love and hope, of family and friends. I can’t wait for the next book!!!
3,024 reviews11 followers
May 21, 2020
Blair & GP

A rescue dog returned the favor and rushed in Blair's house with GP close on his heels. Green Peace/GP found Blair on the floor injured. The police weren't much help. His president said they couldn't help her, they were committed to another problem n their city. But GP just couldn't ignore her. And it was a good thing. This would not be the last attack.

The characters in this one are a great introduction to a new series. For this book, there are a couple of pets who grab your heart or dig in her claws. The two are funny, touching, and add to the growing family.

GP has disobeyed club orders? Where does that leave him? Blair knows nothing about MCs. How will the two blend or can they? Will her stalker let her live to find out?

A good book leading to more I'm anxious to read.
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On
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