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The Fount 3-Book Box Set: The Complete Series

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Enjoy the complete 3-book The Fount series! This paranormal romance is full of action, magic, and forbidden love. Perfect for fans of Nalini Singh, Sarah J. Maas, and Ilona Andrews.

Enter the world of mind-control and magically-enhanced weapons, where mortals and immortals will battle for the right to learn, love, and live in two worlds that would seek to drive them out.

The Prince’s Chosen

Addy is a farmer in upstate New York. Tol is the prince of a dying magical race. Both are trapped in lives they didn’t choose.

There is only one chance for them to get what they desperately need. For it to work, Tol and Addy must sacrifice the one thing they are both fighting to keep: their freedom.

The Forsaken’s Choice

Addy and Tol are in a race against forces that seek to tear them apart. With the Chosen people’s life-giving Source almost gone and the cruel Forsaken general closing in, Addy and Tol are running out of time. If they fail, they won’t be the only ones to bear the cost. Addy’s sister Olivia will be doomed to an eternity of misery.

The Chosen Union

What price is too great to save a life?

By offering up his life for another, Tol doomed his entire race.

Through an incredible feat of power and a magic only she can access, Olivia spared a friend and condemned herself.

As Addy watched her happiness and love bleed out on a sandy shore, her dreams turned to dust.

750 pages, ebook

Published May 3, 2020

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About the author

Stephanie Fazio

23 books38 followers
Stephanie Fazio is a fantasy author. She grew up in Syracuse, New York, and prior to writing full time, she worked in the fields of journalism, secondary education, and higher education. She has an undergraduate degree in English from Colgate University and a Master’s degree in Reading, Writing, and Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Stephanie lives in Austin with her husband and crazy rescue dog. When she isn’t writing, she’s getting lost in parks, hosting taco nights, or ironically and miserably losing at word games, but having fun while she does it.

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288 reviews1 follower
March 15, 2021
What would you sacrifice? Your love or the survival of your people?

I enjoyed this series. Twin girls who grow up on a farm find out they are anything but ordinary once a thief breaks in. Things go downhill from there for the girls. While one of them, Addy, is over at their best friend's house the other one, Olivia, is kidnapped on the same night the rest of their family is killed. When Addy gets home to find the scene of her family dead she also happens to find a couple of the killers in her house.

Tol has been searching for the Celestial's chosen girl for her powers to reside in. He has lived his whole life knowing the he must blood marry that person to be able to return his people to their world. He has been having small glimpes all his life that have never revealed enough to find her. When he finally gets a vision that reveals just enough to figure out the area of the whole she is in he walks into her house to find a blood bath and one survivor fighting off the attackers. He believes this is his destined girl.

Addy cares about nothing more than getting her twin back and says she will agree to anything if he helps her find her sister. He agrees because he thinks it will be the easiest way to get her to agree to a blood marriage.

As they journey for Addy's sister they barely tolerate each other at the start, then they start to learn about each other's personalities and start to fall for each other. When they manage to rescue Addy's sister Olivia, Tol finds out that the girls are twins and now knows he is in love with Addy but supposed to be with Olivia. He vows to find a way to get the Celestial to transfer the power Olivia has to Addy in order to not drive all three of them crazy.

In the rest of this adventure more relationships develop between various people and more truths about who the twins really are. There is travel between two worlds. New enemies are introduced with new challenges to overcome.

This book set is good for most age groups. There is a bit of violence, a little swearing and clean romance.

This adventure will keep you thinking what else could go wrong.
July 8, 2021
I couldn't put these books down! I was so grateful that I waited until after they were all published because there were some serious cliffhangers, and I would have DIED if I had to wait!!! I read this author's other series (Biescter). I enjoyed those books, but they were nothing compared to this series. I loved the modern world but with magic. Aunt Meredith and Gerth were my favorites! I really like when there are multiple POVs like in these books.
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57 reviews8 followers
February 22, 2021
These books were certainly a trip! You start the opening scene thinking you know where the story is headed, and bam! You're somewhere completely different. I will admit that it took me a while to really get what the gist of the story was, but I did enjoy Ms. Fazio's writing style, so it wasn't a hardship to go on the journey with her.

I loved Tol and Addy's love story. It does, of course, have its ups and downs and struggles, but through it all, you could always feel the underlying thread that was holding them together. I enjoyed that this came as a whole set, because I do hate when a love story is broken up between books. And the nature of these cliffhangers was quite spectacular. I wasn't sure where we were heading when we found out that a pretty large assumption we were given to believe for the majority of the time, was indeed false.

I also really enjoyed the relationship between Addy and Olivia. They seem like such stark opposites, but I loved the way their bond was portrayed. They are twins, but so different, yet they both appreciated each other in a way I found really beautiful.

I received an ARC of these books and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 reviews

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