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Phenomenal Fate #2

This Time Tomorrow

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Roksana, heiress to the vampire slayer throne, has performance anxiety.

She’s supposed to kill Elias, but so far she’s only succeeded in maxing out his credit card. Now her failure to stake the brooding vampire has sent her back to Moscow in disgrace to face her mother’s wrath. Expecting punishment by death, she’s given a rare reprieve. She now has three tasks to complete, the last of which is to finally kill Elias. She will not fail this time.

If only the memories of one magical evening—back when Elias was human, would stop holding her back. He claims to have forgotten that night. Why can’t she? Three years ago, Elias was a SWAT team member on a guy’s weekend in Vegas. Playing poker and minding his own business, his life changed forever when a captivating blonde strolled past his table in a light-up bra. He followed Roksana as if compelled, his very bones demanding he do so, his soul resonating with the belief she would be important to him. Always. That turned out to be a vast understatement—and nothing has changed.

Roksana embarks on her mission, determined to win back her mother’s approval, but when an astonishing truth emerges in the eleventh hour, will her stake pierce the very heart that beats in her honor? Or will love triumph over duty?

244 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 22, 2020

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About the author

Tessa Bailey

78 books45.7k followers
New York Times Bestselling author Tessa Bailey can solve all problems except for her own, so she focuses those efforts on stubborn, fictional blue collar men and loyal, lovable heroines. She lives on Long Island avoiding the sun and social interactions, then wonders why no one has called. Dubbed the “Michelangelo of dirty talk,” by Entertainment Weekly, Tessa writes with spice, spirit, swoon and a guaranteed happily ever after. Catch her on TikTok at @authortessabailey or check out tessabailey.com for a complete list of books.

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403 reviews16.9k followers
July 25, 2020
So close to a 5 star. I really enjoyed this but not quite as much as the first book. But all the angsty love between a slayer & a vampire? Here for it!
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576 reviews3,329 followers
June 23, 2020
Two opposite characters that find the passion of loving and hating each other in the best of ways...

When reading book one, you know what to expect from Roksana and Elias. Two characters that bring out the worst and the best of each other as well... especially the best and the most passionate of each other. Though the world tries to separate them because of their different life styles, their true souls connect when they least expect it, and that's what you will love the most about them.

Though the plot twist thickens when the truth is revealed, you get more of this story than what you expect. Especially when it comes down to the third book, which will be my baby Tucker and I am so excited to finally read his story. But in general, Elias and Roksana find the best way to finally be with other despite what others and the world tell them to do or not to do.

ARC kindly provided by the publicist in exchange for an honest review...

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2,055 reviews12.2k followers
June 21, 2020
I love you,” he whispered, shaken by the emotion expanding in his throat, cradling her in his arms and carrying her to bed.
“No matter what happens this time tomorrow, that will never change.”

You guys. YOU GUYS! I'm practically vibrating with glee as I write this review. Because OMG. I mean OH MY GOD. This was EVERYTHING.

I'm going to date myself a little here, but I have to say, that if you're a die hard fan of Buffy and Angel like I was, this is the holy grail of romances here. I mean; a sassy and smart mouthed vampire slayer falls for the dark, brooding, and uber protective alpha vampire. HELLO?!!! This was my happy place for the few hours it took me to absolutely DEVOUR THIS BOOK.

Now I have a confession to make here, too....
*whispers* I didn't love the first book in this series. *cringes* I KNOW! I felt awful. I love me some Tessa Bailey, so to not like a book of hers, I felt like I was broken. But everything that I wished the first book was, the second book turned out to be. I'm not even exaggerating when I tell you that I devoured it. It was quick paced, emotional, and full of Bailey's signature dirty talk that's a one two punch straight to the ovaries. I LOVED IT.

Roksana is impossible not to love. I loved her as a secondary character, and I absolutely adored her as a main one. She's so much more than just a smart mouthed slayer threatening to kill the vampires that she's somehow been working along side with. Though her threats to kill them tomorrow sort of soften the intent. I was immediately gravitated towards the magnetic pull between her and Elias in the first book. But in this one? I was absolutely obsessed with it.

The story takes us back to the beginning of how these two first met and brings us into the now. Though you don't find everything out right away, and you're told in delicious bits and pieces until the puzzle begins to click together.

Elias was...GOD. This man was EVERYTHING. He loves Roksana beyond reason, even if she's non the wiser for it. He'd die for her and would do anything for her, even if it's sparing her the truth of something that has cost them both everything. His yearning for his woman was a tangible thing that you can practically taste from the pages. I'm not even kidding. It was utterly delicious. Their chemistry was absolutely incendiary. I couldn't get enough of them and their push and pull. Talk about opposites attracting. Roksana's mission is to kill him while he'd die to protect her. SWOON.

The world building here just did it for me. I was riveted to the quick paced story and all the side action it brought to the romance. And can we talk about this cover? PERFECTION. You bet your ass I'll be buying the hell out of this paperback. And not just because I have every intention of re-reading this book countless times. If you're looking for a sizzling hot PNR with one of the BEST couples that you will love to root for, don't miss this one. Seriously. DO IT. Thank me for it later.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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1,353 reviews1,282 followers
June 22, 2020
"You pay the debt by existing."

This Time Tomorrow is the second book in the Phenomenal Fate Series. Although This Time Tomorrow can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading the series in order so that you may grasp the full scope of the series. Book 1, Reborn Yesterday , starts the series strong when vampire Jonas discovered he was mated to a mortal named Ginny. Ginny befriended a Vampire Slayer named Roksana who has a past with Jonas' Vampire bestie Elias. Although we can sense the deep passion that exists between Roksana and Elias, their love-hate relationship is thoroughly explored in this second installment of the series. Although Roksana is supposed to slay Elias, she cannot help but love him. But when the truth is revealed about their past, will Roksana and Elias be able to find a way together?

"Don't you fucking leave me, havoc wreaker. I love you."
Told in multiple POV, This Time Tomorrow is another stellar creation full of passion, suspense, intrigue, and non stop action. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, it is Elias and Roksana that captivated me completely from the first moment they were introduced. Roksana is strong and fights hard to take care of herself and yet, Elias proves to be more than worthy of her. This is the ultimate opposite attract and the connection between the two is off the charts!!!! In addition to the romance blooming between our two main characters, Ginny and Jonas remain a prominent aspect of the series and of course, Tucker is hopefully up next!!!!

"She had love flowing through her. Just a little closer and she could stand by his side."
Overall, This Time Tomorrow is another stunning creation by Tessa Bailey. She has always been one of my favorite authors when it comes to creating broody alphas who are protective of their women! Elias certainly rates high in my shelf of hottie alphas and Roksana (with her spunky spirit) was a perfect match for him. Now that I have fallen in love with this Scooby Crew, I cannot wait for TUCKER's story!!! I highly recommend this series to Paranormal Romance Fans! This is one vampire series you will want to take a bite out of!

Download your copy today → https://bit.ly/3gW9Pf0

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1,395 reviews247 followers
June 14, 2020
When you combine a classic, albeit vampiric, brooding Bailey-alpha man complete with overbearing tendencies and a filthy mouth with a kick-arse slayer more than capable of holding her own, you know this will be less romantic stroll in the park and more battle of wills. And having loved Roksana and Elias as secondary characters in Reborn Yesterday , I wasted no time in diving in to This Time Tomorrow to see how their story played out.

description Killing bloodsuckers was her job.”

This was very different to the first book and whilst there is some humour—again largely courtesy of Tucker—the atmosphere is darker, the tension tighter and the passion more fiery. And, through flashback chapters, all the unanswered questions we had on Elias and Roksana and their history are answered.

description My love is solid. It doesn’t bend.”

The couples Tessa has created so far in this series have worked so well for me all-round and I absolutely can’t wait to see what she has planned for Tucker—with how things were left, that can’t come quick enough for me.

Copy provided by SBPR for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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2,434 reviews4,593 followers
June 22, 2020
LIVE AMAZON https://amzn.to/2zXjeCA

4-4,5 STARS

This is a great read, I really enjoyed it!I love the Phenomenal Fate series!I find the books refreshing and heartwarming!We first met Roksana and Elias in Reborn Yesterday and we can already tell that these two have a history. I was so excited for this book!From the beginning I was melting and I have a smile with these two!I loved how they met!


"He would surround her in his devotion until she accepted it without question and he’d make her scream with pleasure as many times as it took to convince her. They were each other’s and no one else’s."

Elias and Roksana had a great dynamic, I loved their connection!They were sexy and intense!They made me swoon and smile mostly!

This was another fantastic read!Can't wait for the next!


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155 reviews580 followers
June 30, 2020


Goodness Elias was soooo perfect!!!

*Goes back to lazing around rather than writing a review*

So many thoughts so many feelings
.....My lazy brain is reeling

P.S: Please ignore my pathetic attempt at rhyming 🙏🏽🙏🏽
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76 reviews68 followers
June 23, 2020
“I love you…I’ve loved you so much it hurts.”

This review is literally gonna be me obsessing over the cover of this book and what's inside that cover.

When I read that we were gonna get Roksana and Elias' story, I practically started jumping because I loved both of them so much in Reborn Yesterday. I love both of them even more now as the main characters.
Now, I just need Tucker's story and then I'll finally be satisfied. I can't wait for his story !!

We first meet Roksana in Reborn Yesterday. My first impression of her was that she's tough and doesn't take shit from anyone and that is exactly why I instantly liked her. While all of that is true, there is so much more that we got to know in this book and all of it was good.
Elias is the kind of broody hero that I just love to swoon over. He loves Roksana so fiercely and would do anything for her. This man was EVERYTHING. I think I'm gonna be obsessing over him for a long time.

I needed that history you could sense between them in the first book. Tessa Bailey delivered that through flashbacks and it was amazing. I was really not expecting that.
I can't say enough good things about this book. If you liked the first book you're probably gonna love this one too same as me. But if you didn't like the first one, you might still like this because it's different from Reborn Yesterday. While there is some bantering, this is more serious. The tone of the book is darker than the first one.

This is a sexy and steam filled PNR book with an amazing couple and I enjoyed the hell out of this.
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1,671 reviews359 followers
June 23, 2020
Spoilers ahead

This book deserves 5 stars just because of the hero's devotion.....like dang he was willing to die for her!
Roksana irked me with her blind devotion to her undeserving mother but this is partly because this is a giant peeve of mine and partly because it was annoying lol
Full review later maybe?

No cheating
Sorta second chance but no others in between
Virgin h
Non manwhore crazy devoted even though they weren't in a relationship H lol.....I really liked him
Profile Image for Whitney.
329 reviews112 followers
June 23, 2020
I received this book for free from ARC in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Where do I even start talking about this book!? It is so imaginative, creative, and steamy. Tessa really has created a light, but action-packed, paranormal tale that has me 100% invested in its characters and their romances.

This Time Tomorrow follows Elias and Roksana - who we met in Reborn Yesterday. There were a ton of questions regarding them and their angsty relationship, and Tessa gave us ALL the answers.

"Dasvidanya, temnota moya."
Goodbye, my darkness.

Their relationship actually starts years before - when Elias was human. To fully understand their forbidden relationship, we get flashbacks to their first encounter in Vegas. There was instant attraction and chemistry between Elias and Roksana. Unfortunately, something happens that tarnishes their meet-cute and changes the course of their relationship.

This time tomorrow.
Remember, damn you.

Elias is such a tortured hero who sacrifices so much for Roksana. He suffers everyday with knowing Roksana wants him but, to protect her, he must ignore her advances. To make matters worse, she puts her life in danger every time she doesn't complete her mission to kill him.

"I..." Couldn't kill the man I still dream about, still miss, still hunger for.

Roksana is upset that she has fallen in love with a vampire. A vampire her mother wants her to kill. She should have nothing but hatred for the monster, but she can't help but to see him as the man she met in Vegas all those years ago. Kiling Elias means killing a piece of herself.

Kiss me.
Hurt me.
Make love to me.

And for all you Tucker fans, we meet his potential mate in this book. And I can already tell it is going to be a wild ride. This review was originally posted on Sincerely, Whitney
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367 reviews5 followers
November 21, 2020
“It’s everything.” Elias fell to his knees in front of Roksana, walking forward and wrapping his huge arms around her middle, pulling her stomach flush to his face. “The pain of not having you as my own is excruciating. Don’t you understand?”

Just like I called it, Elias' story was *everything* I wanted from a vampire romance from Tessa Bailey and perhaps didn't quite get in book 1.
Because guys, This Time Tomorrow is filled with LONGING, ANGST, FORBIDDEN LOVE, STEAM, AND A GODDAMN EPIC LOVE STORY between a vampire and a vampire hunter that will have you clenching your chest with your fist.

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1,118 reviews580 followers
July 2, 2020
Book 1 was brilliant! Can't wait to read This Time Tomorrow next..... June 22nd can't come soon enough


Hot hot hot!!!! 😍😍
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296 reviews1,522 followers
July 7, 2020
Whew, I wanted to like this. But the first half of this book was honestly just a mess. It's all told in time slip, with the story jumping back and forth from past to present. But it really ins't adding anything to the story except confusion. The middle has a completely nonsensical subplot about a poker game--like, zero reason for the poker game to exist or for Roksana and Elias to be there.

I guess it did get better in the back half. Anytime Tessa Bailey puts two characters on the page together, I am there for it. The problem is that most of the first half they really aren't on page together and It was...boring? and I have never in my life felt that way in a Tessa Bailey book before.

Rounded down from 2.5 stars.
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378 reviews186 followers
January 25, 2021
"“Dasvidanya, temnota moya.” Goodbye, my darkness."
While the first book really got to me, this one absolutely killed me. I couldn't stop reading until I was finished with it, and I can't believe it's over. I need more words!
Tessa Bailey is amazing. The stories she writes, the character development, the steaminess...oh yeah, there's a lot of that here. Tessa never disappoints...and the dressing room scene...damn!

"'You break me every time you go away. Every time you come back. Your eyes break me. Your breath. Your heart.'"
I already loved Roksana from the first book. I thought she was an amazing, bad ass character, and it was great to know how she became the vampire slayer, and entangled with NYC vampires, no less. There's a lot more than meets the eye with this one. I love her.
Elias...I have a thing for the broody, protective guys. Can't be helped. Besides that, he loves with his whole being. And if that's not enough for you... he has a dirty mouth on him.
So yeah, Elias was pretty much perfect. *swoons*

"Kiss me. Hurt me. Make love to me. Anything."
This seems like an impossible love story, the vampire and the vampire slayer. But the more you get a glimpse of how they met in the past, of their background stories, and of how they came together one day in Vegas, you get it: these two were meant to be.
There's a lot of obstacles to handle, including Roksana's stubbornness and the secrets Elias is keeping, but there's so much more bringing them together than keeping them apart.

"'This life might end here. But my love for you will continue on into the next. It’ll still be just as strong this time tomorrow.'"
There was so much time wasted between them that it was heartwarming for them to get their happily ever after. Regardless of what's coming their way, they'll face it together, right on. I don't think any of them would have it any other way.

Cannot recommend this book enough and can't wait for the third one!
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2,793 reviews1,379 followers
June 29, 2020
Oh, vampire romance, how do I love thee . . . Seriously, I loved This Time Tomorrow and all it’s sexy, smart, delicious goodness.

First, I’ll start with the amazingness that is Roksana and her badassness. And her big, lonely, lovable heart. She’s fallen hard for Elias. Has loved him for years and has been “hunting” him too—to kill him. Since that’s her job as a vampire hunter. But she just can’t do it—just can’t end his life. No matter what her mother tells her.

And Elias. Whoa, Elias. Lordy. **fans self** I wouldn’t mind meeting up with tall, dark, sexy and broody. Eh, he’s got a thing for Roksana too. Even if he’s in denial. Or is he?

I loved the relationship between Elias and Roksana. Loved their ridiculous banter. Loved how protective and devoted to each other they were—even when facing some seriously bad odds! And I loved how love triumphed in the end. **swoon** ~ Missy, 5 stars

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544 reviews39 followers
May 30, 2022
Not to be dramatic but this is the most underrated series of all time. If you were a teen/pre-teen in the early 2010s reading every paranormal YA romance you could get your hand on, and now read nothing but adult romance, these are the books for!!! I can not explain the intense feeling of nostalgia I got from reading this book, when it was my first time reading it.

While I did not quite love this book as much as the first one "This Time Tomorrow" is still an all time favorite for me. Just like Jonas, Elias is so fucking devoted to his soulmate. He will do ANYTHING for Roksana, and while Elias's actions were frustrating at times you know he is truly doing everything because he thinks it's in Roksana's best interests. He just fucking loves her you know?

This is about to get kind of spoilery, but the whole conflict hinges on the fact that Elias pretends to have amnesia, which means he "can't remember" how he and Roksana had an instant connection/killing her friends when he was newly turned into a vampire. Obviously this gets frustrating because Elias could clear things up pretty easily if he tells Roksana that he has feelings for her and explain what went down, but I understood why he didn't even though I thought he was a strait up idiot most of the time (I still love him though don't worry). Also this conflict to me felt so classically YA to me that I was fucking charmed.

Even though I keep comparing "This Time Tomorrow" to a YA novel it still was very much adult (Truly the 🎵best of both worlds 🎵). Roksana and Elias were nothing short of magnetic and Roksana's nicknames were just the cherry on top. This book just felt romantic and swoony and timeless in its love. I cannot recommend this series more <3.
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1,092 reviews1,197 followers
June 27, 2020


5 MILLION ‘My Mate, My Life’ Stars

BOOM!!! The epicness was of THIS TIME TOMORROW is unparalleled! From one of the best all time heroes to one of the most kickass of female leads, heart thumping emotions, spectacular action scenes, and insanely HOT moments, all wrapping up the most brilliant and unforgettable love story, This Time Tomorrow is the definition of PNR PERFECTION!!!

I’m a huge fan of a good enemies to lovers, and my top fav trope is ‘fated mates’ and when I realized that This Time Tomorrow combined them both to say I was in book even is putting it mildly. I have so very much love so this book, that I fear I’ll extend my raving to new heights, lol, so be prepared for the swooning of swoon in this review.

What the hell was going on here?
This wasn’t just mental or sexual. It was chemical.
And he couldn’t stop it. Didn’t want to.

I was hooked on Roksana and Elias’ story even before I started it, just by their brilliant portrait on Reborn Yesterday, but never for one minute expected this level of instant connection, and recognition of a soulmate, we got here on the very first chapter. Ms. Bailey gives us such an incredible depiction of insta-love that it’s impossible not to believe in love at first sight, because I was right there with them falling. Deeply.

“Your beauty eats me alive, Roksana.” He nipped at her belly button through the leather of her dress, turning her nipples to tight, little bullets. “Not having you is hell. I live in hell.”

“I’m always this desperate for you. Every minute, every second, every day.”

But of course Fate has its own agenda – or should I say evil villains, lol – and in one single night, the very one they met, they are ripped apart, their world turned upside down, obliterated, and put on opposite sides of the board. Now Elias is a vampire, and Roksana is the slayer that promised to kill him.

Gah, the angst, from that devastating night until their ‘reunion’ three years later about killed me. Actually it was so deliciously written that I was soaking up every push and pull between them just to witness first hand their internal struggle not to go to one another. And when things actually imploded and Elias had no chance to hide how very much he adored her, wanted her, worshiped her, OMG, I was almost screaming with how blissfully happy I was. I am so Team Elias!!!

“Tonight is your one free pass to speak to me with that trash mouth, vampire.”

“Every filthy word makes your pulse go crazy, baby. That fucking pulse. Even when you’re continents away, it haunts me.”

Their love story truly was EPIC, but the level of love, devotion and obsession that Elias had for this woman, really was a thing I will NEVER forget, like a character on itself. Yes, it was that big! Straight up there with my all time favorite best book boyfriends. He was the very definition of what a romance hero should be, and I soaked it all up. Every gesture, every thought, very word, it was a thing of beauty, seriously one major swoonfest all the way. Is it bad I want to frame so many of this man’s lines?! I want to make a Elias shrine just as worth as the metaphorical one he has for his slayer.

Roksana herself was a extraordinary female lead, so strong but yet fragile in her feelings and emotions, kickass but deep down insecure. So loyal, caring and trusting, that it’s no wonder Elias was devoted to her, even when ‘forced’ to stay away. She was branded in his heart from that very first encounter, and he had no wish to let her go.

They really are THE couple for me! I couldn’t have devoured their story any more greedily, enjoying to the fullest to every banter, every fight, every struggle, and specially every loving moment, which considering it’s Ms. Bailey’s work were talking about here, included every sexy moment, that are just as explosive as the intensity of their feelings, that coupled with her brand of deliciously dirty talk, is such to combust even the most frigid of… hearts. LOL

“The sun will be up soon,” she blurted. “You can’t follow me or you’ll die.”
“I will always follow you.”

“I love you, I have loved you and I will love you.”

His love for her was eternal, enduring, a ripple across time that would continue uninterrupted, no matter what happened.

This Time Tomorrow really could not have been a better read, to me utter PNR perfection, from cover – omg, that on itself is worship material right there! – to cover. Elias and Rossana’s love story not only gave me all the feels, but left me swooning for my man Elias, even now, days after I finished. Yep, he’s THAT amazing. The world building and story setting, just proved, once again, the masterful writer Tessa Bailey is, and the complexity of the characters and powerful love story just brought it to the very top of the romance podium.

And just like the first book, we are left with the most enticing of teasers for the next book, which I’m already counting the days for! The deceitfully laid back Tucker, is sure to conquer my heart just as much, and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

“This life might end here. But my love for you will continue on into the next. It’ll still be just as strong this time tomorrow.”

“Elias, you’re everything. Everything.”
“Just to you.Always to you. My mate. My woman. My only.”

They were forever. Bonded. Indestructible.

ARC kindly provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR for an honest review

For full review with Blog Tour, check out my blog post,
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2,127 reviews982 followers
June 17, 2020
I was really excited to get an intense, enemies-to-lovers between vampire Elias and vampire slayer Roksana. The story wasn't exactly what I had hoped for, but I'm sure will please fans of the series. Roksana and Elias meet in Las Vegas and immediately fall in love, only to have everything fall apart hours later when Elias is turned into a vampire and supposedly murders Roksana's friends. This is when Roksana agrees to take on the helm of slayer as her mother has always wanted. We find this out through flashback chapters, leading to where Roksana finds out what actually happened in Vegas and how Elias has been in love with her forever.

I don't know, the whole insta-love and pining plot lines weren't what I was expecting. Plus, the various sub plots featuring a paranormal poker game, end of the world type shenanigans, and Roksana being a virgin aside, I just never really got into the story. Not the right book at the right time for me unfortunately.

Thank you to the author for the advanced reading copy!
August 8, 2021
Could have been cute but I was too annoyed with Roksana's misplaced loyalty to her mother who treats her horribly and Elias keeping secrets from her.

Safety: Safe

No ow/om drama though heroine mentions om to make hero jealous

H non virgin/ h virgin

Pretty sure hero was celibate during separation, but no details of it or his past

No cheating
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2,039 reviews198 followers
July 1, 2020
3 1/2 "Temnota moya.” Stars!

I really loved Elias and Roksana. Their story was heartbreaking but also 🔥🔥🔥 So happy they got their HEA. Looking forward to Tucker. Happy reading!
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964 reviews223 followers
July 13, 2020
Roksana has one job: kill Elias. But all she's done for the last year and half is max out his credit card. Now she must return to Moscow and accept the impending punishment from her mother. But her mother spares her and assigns her 3 daunting tasks. And this time Roksana is determined to not disappoint. The only thing holding her back is her feelings for Elias and the magical night they had together 3 years ago. But as secrets are revealed, Roksana discovers that maybe she's been placing her trust in the wrong people all along.

➸ POV: 3rd Person from Elias & Roksana's POVs

➸ Roksana: Heiress to the Russian vampire slayer throne, Tasked with seeking revenge and killing Elias, From Moscow

➸ Elias: Vampire, ex-SWAT, Silenced 3 years ago, Works for Vampire King (Jonas from Book 1)

➸ Content Warnings: Murder, Death, Gun Violence

My Thoughts
OMG this was so good! I absolutely devoured this sequel to Reborn Yesterday. All of the angst and pining I was missing in that book were delivered in spades here. I was living for this romance.

Roksana and Elias had the best chemistry. I could feel their connection from the very first page and was routing for them until the very end. This was the perfect enemies/revenge/sorta friends romance with all the angst that I look for.

I loved the flashbacks sprinkled throughout the book, I thought they added the perfect insight into what lead to the revenge plot without being too info-dumpy. Elias totally won me over - he's definitely my favorite of the vampires so far!

The mutual pining in here was next level. I remember I wanted more steam and tension from the characters in Reborn Yesterday and apparently Tessa Bailey was just hoarding it all for this book because WOAH. This book was filled with so much sexual tension - I thought I was going to explode by the time they finally got together. And is classic Tessa Bailey style the sex scenes were 10/10

Overall I loved this romance and these characters. This ending has me so hyped for the final book. I'm a little nervous about Tucker's book - he's not my favorite character - but I love this world and trust this author!
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2,195 reviews289 followers
June 22, 2020

If I were to try to describe this without giving away the plot, it's a little difficult but I'll say this - if you loved Buffy and Angel, and wanted a HEA for them, you're going to want to check this out.

Oh the angst! The glimpses I got of Elias and Roksana’s chemistry in Reborn Yesterday didn’t really prepare me for their angst, but I actually really enjoyed it. This is very different in tone from Reborn Yesterday, and it helped to distinguish those romances. Roksana and Elias’ conflict is primarily external, and it really helped me as the reader, enjoy rooting for them, knowing that it’s these external forces keeping them apart. It has a very dramatic effect, to be in on the secret, while Elias and Roksana struggle with their feelings and desire for each other. Ms. Bailey’s talent for smexy times is in full effect and while there’s a few too many references to femininity and womanhood as euphemisms for the fun bits, it was very sexy.

This is PNR, but it’s very couple-focused, and that may or may not be your jam. For the first half of the book, I was swept up in the romance and didn't mind the lack of focus on the overarching storyline. I will say that the story suffers a bit from feeling like a bridge book - it would help if you’ve read Reborn Yesterday to understand a bit more about the vampire politics and references to events from that book, and there’s a clear setup for the finale to the series. While there’s absolutely an HEA to the Elias/Roks love story, the overarching storyline is more of a tease than fully developed. To end on a positive note though, the next book, which will feature Tucker, has some really good potential for otherworldly drama and I cannot wait.

While I still loved Reborn Yesterday’s more whimsical/vintage vibe, if you love really couple-focused PNR, you may enjoy this. I know I did.

**ARC provided by author via PR for review**

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June 28, 2020
DNF at 54%
Yeappp i expected some hate-to-love romance and good banter but nope. plus, i don’t think i can push myself to care for the characters or plot anymore :/
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April 7, 2022
I think Tessa Bailey could be given author credits on a phone book and I would read it. I absolutely LOVE everything that comes from her. And Roksana and Elias's story lived up to all my expectations :)
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February 18, 2023
Did not expect to like this fun, silly, romantic little series so much but I’m a bit addicted. Who can’t like a female bad-ass Russian vampire slayer with a great sense of humor? Second book was better than the first so I’ll have to read the the third!
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February 18, 2022
This book is a dumpster fire.
Pure trash. Not sexy at all.

….Bring on book 3!
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June 20, 2020

I was looking forward to This Time Tomorrow and it didn’t disappoint. Both characters were introduced in the previous book, Reborn Yesterday. The heroine is a vampire slayer and heir to the slayer throne. The hero is a vampire. Those two are not supposed to mix, but they just can’t help themselves.

The characters are amazing and have depth. The hero makes you want to melt. The heroine is a bada$$. We see favorites from the first book. Characters are set up for the next book. This story held my interest. I’m excited to see what happens next. A book wouldn’t be a Tessa Bailey book if it didn’t pack a lot of sexy heat.

I voluntarily read an early copy.
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