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A murdered woman…

When the body of a young woman is found in a local park, DC Maggie Jamieson knows she’s dealing with no ordinary killer. The murder victim has been disfigured; her outfit changed to resemble someone else. Someone Maggie knows all too well…her close friend Dr Kate Moloney.

A determined detective…

Maggie is determined to keep her friend safe, but with Kate already struggling with a threatening stalker, Maggie now fears Kate’s life is in real danger. Who else would want to harm Kate and why else would the killer be turning his victims into exact replicas – his living dolls?

Can Maggie find the depraved killer? Or will Kate become his next living doll?

328 pages, ebook

First published October 16, 2020

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About the author

Noelle Holten

6 books261 followers
Noelle Holten is an award-winning blogger at www.crimebookjunkie.co.uk. She is the PR & Social Media Manager for Bookouture, a leading digital publisher in the UK, and worked as a Senior Probation Officer for eighteen years, covering a variety of risk cases as well as working in a multi agency setting. She has three Hons BA's - Philosophy, Sociology (Crime & Deviance) and Community Justice - and a Masters in Criminology. Noelle's hobbies include reading, attending as many book festivals as she can afford and sharing the booklove via her blog.

Dead Inside - her debut novel with One More Chapter/Harper Collins UK is an international kindle bestseller and the start of a new series featuring DC Maggie Jamieson.

Connect with Noelle on Social Media here:
Twitter: (@nholten40) https://twitter.com/nholten40
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noelleholten...
Blog FB page: https://www.facebook.com/crimebookjun...
Instagram: @author_noelleholten

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February 20, 2021
This is the third in the DC Maggie Jamieson series. Dead Perfect is the third book in the series but can be read as a standalone. It refers to a previously solved case at times but I could understand the story without missing anything significant.

When the body of a young woman is found in a local park, DC Maggie Jamieson knows she’s dealing with no ordinary killer. The murder victim has been disfigured; her outfit changed to resemble Maggie’s friend, Dr. Kate Moloney. Also, Kate’s life is being threatened by a stalker. Maggie soon realizes that Kate’s life is in real danger. Can Maggie find the depraved killer?

This is a dark and creepy thriller full of twists and suspense. It is a police procedural for most parts, but the story often takes a dark turn. I love Noelle's writing style, she keeps her readers engrossed, so much that you never see the twists coming. The writing is crisp and clear and the character were all developed. Though I missed most of Maggie’s character development from the previous books, she didn’t feel like a stranger to me. This book manages to add layers with personal tracks of the main characters but it’s still better paced than most police procedurals.

I particularly enjoyed the characters in this novel, the lead character Maggie Jamieson, her friendship with Kate, as well as the feelings she has for her friend. . Holten manages to get into the psyche of the killer which gave an authentic edge to the story. Maggie is a straight talker, no-nonsense personality, and professional but not cold, in fact quite passionate. With an added level of personal interest in the case, the stakes are even higher for her. I loved a look at Maggie’s personal life as well as in her working one. The author makes you feel involved with the characters and care about them.

Overall, Dead Perfect is a good police procedural novel with some very good characters. It’s a fast-paced read that's full of twists and surprises. If you enjoy police procedurals, you will enjoy this one.

Many thanks to the publishers HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter, and Netgalley for the ARC.

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September 14, 2020
Just so you know, right after I’ve finished this review I’m going to make myself sit in the corner & think about what I’ve done. Yup, I’m throwing in the towel & marking this one as LTS….life’s too short. Unfortunately, we’re parting ways & I don’t feel it’s fair to give a star rating if I don’t finish the book.

So here’s the thing. Each of us has preferences or pet peeves that make us either grab a book or refuse to touch it with a barge pole. It can be a genre, writing style or character trope. I get hung up on credibility. Doesn’t matter if it’s sci-fi or historical fiction, I have to believe the character would do & say what’s ascribed to them. And in this case, I’m afraid I just couldn’t get there.

The MC is DC Maggie Jamieson (this is book #3 but the first I’ve read which may have been part of the problem so that’s on me), a 10+ year veteran at the Stafford police station. If that statistic had not been included, I would have guessed she was a young & green DC.

Discrepancies in the narrative began early in the story. Briefly, Maggie’s colleague & “close friend” Dr. Kate Moloney has a stalker which was established in the previous book. In the first few pages here, Maggie’s boss DS Nathan Wright leaves her a message that a body has been found & “Sounds just like your friend, Dr. Moloney. I’m so sorry, Maggie”. Um…what? At that point all they knew was the body was female, lying face down. Don’t police wait until they have ID? Nathan may want to work on his grasp of procedure as well as his communication skills. Also, it made me wonder if Maggie would have been allowed to participate in the investigation.

I made it to 35% & by then there were just too many gaps in continuity & procedure for me to move forward. Maggie freely admits her personal feelings can cloud her judgement (although she’s furious when a colleague suggests this is the case) & this is borne out by emotional outbursts & obsessive thinking, especially where the good doctor is concerned. Kate is described as a close friend but I felt no connection between the 2 characters & their dialogue is somewhat stilted in places. The killer is easily spotted early on & when I checked the ending to make sure, I found out the book ends on a cliffhanger. And don’t get me started on having a character, repeatedly described as intelligent, make TDTL decisions.

There are other examples but I don’t want to risk spoilers. I read a lot of books in this particular genre & there was nothing particularly new here for me. But if the many glowing reviews on Goodreads are any indication, I’m happy to say it’s ending up in the right hands. If you’ve liked the previous books, obviously you & Maggie have bonded & no doubt you’ll love this as well. Also, I think those who don’t read a lot of police procedurals would enjoy these characters & their dramatic interactions.

So this was simply a mismatch & I’m truly grateful for the chance to try a new series. But as a friend of mine says, if you’re reading for pleasure & it starts to feel like homework, it’s time to move on. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a chair in the corner with my name on it 😔
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October 18, 2020
Dead Perfect is a great mystery thriller. I really enjoyed it.

Dead Perfect is the third book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. I was able to understand the whole book without feeling like I was missing out.

Dead Perfect starts out with a dead woman’s body being found. This really sets the tone of the book that there will be a lot going on. The whole book is about trying to solve this case and other cases that come up for Maggie. Dead Perfect had me hooked from the beginning.

Thank you NetGalley and One More Chapter/Harper Collins UK for Dead Perfect.

Full Review: https://justreadingjess.wordpress.com...
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July 16, 2020
3-4 stars

This is the third in the DC Maggie Jamieson series. When a body is found in a local park that bears an uncanny resemblance to Dr Kate Moloney, Maggie finds herself immersed in a dangerous stalker case that puts her colleague and friend Kate’s life in grave danger.

First of all the case is very dark and has a lot of creepy elements as the killer follows rituals and has specific signatures which creates tension in this fast paced and twisty plot. I like the profiling elements and the references to famous serial killer cases grabs the attention. A lot of chapters end on cliffhangers which is good as it makes you want to read on and see where it leads. The ending is excellent and I’m all in for number four! I can’t say I especially like the abrasive Maggie Jamieson but she’s definitely one you would want on your side and she is unrelenting in pursuing the truth.

However, I identified the killer very early on which is always a bit of a let down when it’s so obvious. I also think it’s unlikely that Maggie would be allowed to be involved in a case that involves a friend and why isn’t Kate put in a safe house immediately????

Despite the above reservations this is an enjoyable read and has more positives than negatives.

With thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins UK/One More Chapter for the ARC.
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September 22, 2020
Dead Perfect is the 3rd book featuring DC Maggie Jamieson and I strongly suggest reading these books in order. I think you would miss too much if you don’t. I really like Maggie’s character and her work ethics and loyalty to those close to her. I would want her in my corner if I was in trouble.

This one picks up exactly where Dead Wrong finished, with a woman being found in a park who beats an uncanny resemblance to Maggie’s friend and colleague Kate. Kate’s stalker is ramping up and Maggie is determined to stop him, while keeping her friend safe. Easier said than done, this killer is clever and sneaky and Kate is a very independent woman. It is a cat and mouse chase til the very end.

Thanks to Harper Collins UK for my advanced copy of this book to read.
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1,463 reviews706 followers
October 23, 2020
5☆ Pacy, Twisty, Engrossing, Tense, Eerie & Suspenseful...The Perfect Crime Thriller!

Dead Perfect is an eerie, gripping, suspenseful, thrilling and tense crime thriller that from the first few pages I knew I was in for a treat.

It's not often you get a serial killer on the lose that is intent on turning his victims into looking like someone else. A replica Doll like version of someone very familiar to DC Jamieson.
Each victim just the starters leading up to the main attraction.

But DC Maggie Jamieson is beginning to wonder if these victims are somehow connected to her friend and colleague Dr Kate Moloney.
So far she is safe, but for how long?
Someone has already been stalking her.... what if she's next?... what if she is the main event?

But can Maggie catch the killer before he gets to Kate? Or is there more to this case than meets the eye! A race against time, but who wins.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dead Perfect. I love Noelle's writing style, she has this way of drawing her readers deep into the thick of the plot, then embroiling them into the investigation side which was brilliantly plotted.

Once again Noelle Holten has written an absolute gem!
It's twisty, fast paced, gripping, tense, with a race against the clock, cat and mouse thriller that had me on tender hooks till the very end!

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading Noelle Holten's books then I highly recommend reading this Enthralling Crime Thriller.

Thank you to Sarah at BOTBS Tours
for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

You can Find this Review and all my Other Reviews on My Blog :-

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2,019 reviews15.7k followers
February 15, 2021
A dark and creepy tale. This is the third book in Noelle Holten’s DC Maggie Jameson series; and I’d have to say the BEST YET! I also have to say Noelle you’re starting to scare me a little, what’s going on in that brain of yours? The book picks up right where the last book ended. A dead body is discovered that bares an uncanny resemblance to one of Maggie‘s friends. relieved to find out it was not her friend, but concerned that this is no coincidence Maggie puts her all into the case. but as the bodies start falling it looks as though the killer is escalating. What is his end game and is Kate the true prize. A twisted and disturbing Game of cat and mouse. I could not figure out what the killer was playing at, I just knew he was one screwed up person. Maggie showed a little more emotion in this book. She generally keeps others and the reader at arms distance but it was nice to see a little more about her in this book. it was also nice to see some diversity with Maggie coming to terms with her sexuality. I am not certain they would’ve kept Maggie on this case, I thought it was a bit of a conflict of interest, but hey it’s fiction. The investigation was intriguing and even though I read quite a few reviews that said the culprit was revealed early I truly had no idea who it was. And more than that I was very surprised by his motivation, not sure I’ve ever seen things play out like this before. another electric installment in this compelling series.

*** Big thank you to One More Chapter for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***
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2,310 reviews403 followers
September 22, 2020
3.5 stars.

A woman is found dead in a local park. DC Maggie Jamieson is a bit freaked out as the victim bears an uncanny resemblance to her friend and colleague, forensic psychologist Kate Moloney. Another victim is soon found also resembling Kate. The case is very strange as there are no marks on the women except some bruising around the eyes from a crude attempt to lobotomise them. Who would do such a thing? And why?

Meanwhile Kate has been receiving disturbing notes that suggest she has a stalker. When similar notes on identical black paper are found at the victim’s homes Maggie realises that the killer and Kate’s stalker are the same person. Her fear for Kate skyrockets but she can’t talk freely to her about the case so there’s a lot of tip-toeing around as Maggie does what she can to ensure Kate’s safety. But will it be enough?

Naturally things spiral out of control and get very suspenseful and fraught. This is the third book in a series and I think it might have helped if I had read the earlier books. As it was I didn’t feel much connection to the characters. Also, rather unfortunately, I suspected who the killer was quite early which spoiled some of the suspense for me. Nevertheless this was a very good police procedural that ticked a lot of boxes and didn’t have any gruesomeness or other trigger items. Many thanks to Netgalley, HarperCollins UK and Noelle Holten for providing a copy. My opinions are my own.
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1,128 reviews
October 16, 2020
Maggie is back in this the 3rd book in the series, on balance I would say it is better to have read the first 2 as there is a lot of things ‘gone on before’ ( although a stand alone read is possible )
This time we have a serial killer/stalker on the loose and their main objective it seems is to kidnap Maggie’s friend and colleague Kate
It is a whodunit and the book is based on various characters and who it may be ( with plenty of red herrings ) plus police procedural and as with the first 2 books this was not boring ( as I find can be ) but engaging and with the authors obvious knowledge of ‘what goes on’ re Probation and other services there is always a good insight into these departments
I liked the inclusion of the risks of Social Media in the story and although only a small part was enlightening and I also liked the inclusion of Maggies emotions re her sexuality and her feelings on this
The story was quick to progress and no ‘stale chapters’ as the action pretty much started immediately until the conclusion ( I did guess who it was but that didnt matter to me as I am never 100% sure and feel pleased when am right 😁)
My worry is Maggie, she was fiesty now she is abrupt and often rude, aggressive even in her dealings with everyone and this didn’t build on my ‘liking her’ from the first 2 books, I hope she loses a bit of that when she is in back in Book 4, which judging by the ending looks to be another great thriller on its way

4 Stars
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2,614 reviews369 followers
August 16, 2020
I have been meaning to read this series for awhile and  have finally took the plunge with book 3 in the series. I enjoyed it so much I have already purchased the other two books.

I had no problem reading this as a standalone although there were back stories that have occurred in previous books that were easy enough to follow so didn't hinder my enjoyment. That said I do prefer to read book series in order to maximise my understanding and enjoyment.

I particularly  enjoyed the characters in this novel, the lead character Maggie Jamieson is a no nonsense DC who doesn't suffer fools gladly and the love hate relationship with the female reporter was a big plus.

A good police procedural novel with some very good characters that gives a lot of promise for an entertaining series. I am now looking forward to the other two books in the series.

I would like to thank Netgalley, Harper Collins and One more chapter for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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October 17, 2020
Thanks to Sarah Hardy at Books on the Brightside for a place on the blog tour and for a copy of the book. As always it’s a pleasure to be involved.

Some authors just punch you right in the feels and Noelle Holton just keeps on living up to that reputation with every book she releases. When the invitation to join the blog tour for the next DC Maggie Jamieson adverture, Dead Perfect, landed in my email inbox, there was no chance I was going to pass up on it. Reading Dead Perfect was like meeting up with a best friend that you haven’t seen in months and it’s comforting to know that Holton will ease you through the story with grace because she is one author that knows exactly what she is doing.

Maggie Jamieson has been around the block a few times. A few knocks and dents on her confidence hasn’t stopped her from turning up and getting the job done. When we meet her for the third time, she’s out of her mind with worry – a body has turned up in a park and the resemblance to her friend, Dr Kate Moloney is quite frankly, uncanny. Maggie’s mind is on red alert – Dr Moloney has been targeted by stalker, is it possible that they could have gone rouge and killed someone? Maggie’s worried but that certainly doesn’t mean her mind is off the game, quite the opposite. She’s determined and her attention to detail is sharper than ever.

Dead Perfect doesn’t hesitate on delving into the dark and depraved and Maggie Jamieson is more than equipped at dealing with this type of person. She has skills that goes over and above what she has been taught by the police. She can solve riddles and puzzles with a laterally universal mind. Regular people just can’t keep up with her detective prowress. She can often appear aloof to some of her work colleagues, but I genuinely believe she is just a super intense but confident female that just has her whole being set on catching the bad guy.

The case in Dead Perfect is personal and harrowing for Maggie but that makes her determined to divert the course that our delightful serial killer seems focussed on making a reality. The integration of multiple different departments working alongside the main investigating team is a nice realistic touch and I’d be surprised to find an author that knows more about the criminal mind and processes of policing than Noelle Holton. She certainly knows just how to weave a web of brutal and broken psyches.

It’s a known fact that I’m an avid reader of mostly British crime so sometimes it can become jaded and forced through until its completion but that’s not how Holton plays the game. The research is authentic, we have a storyline with genuine, hard graft and legwork, misdirection and suspects that need cracking. We have the rare human side displayed in crime and we see emotions taking over for both Maggie and Kate and we, as readers, are reminded of the stark reality that these are human beings that we are reading about. They feel and bleed, just like us.

Dead Perfect just proves why Noelle Holton is quickly becoming the queen of British crime. The prose contained is simply incandescent and she has created characters that will stay with you long after the book has concluded. She exudes a visceral skill for storytelling.
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2,744 reviews1,617 followers
October 15, 2020
3.5 stars rounded up to 4

DC Maggie Jamieson #3

A young womans body is found in a park. She has been disfigured and her outfit has been changed to make her look like someone else. Someone DC Maggie Jamieson knows only too well, her close friend Dr Kate Moloney. Maggie will do anything to keep her friend safe. Kate is already struggling with a threatening stalker. Maggie fears Katie's life is in real danger.

This is a fast paced read that's full of twists and suspense. I did guess early on who the villian was. The lengths he goes to to catch his victim is quite disturbineg. There were parts of the story that were utterly unbelievable. Overall, this is an interesting read with a cliffhangers at the end.

I would like to thank #NetGalley, #HarperCollinsUK #OneMoreChapter and the author #NoelleHolten for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 1 book186 followers
October 13, 2020
Strewth what an ending! What a story! What a book!

I love being back with Maggie and the team, although it’s not her team. Nathan is the boss man and I loved the change of dynamics between the two, plus how it is not Maggie in charge in the story. Following on from the shocks in book 2 Dead Wrong, it all got cranked up a complete notch in Dead Perfect. When it’s one of your own in trouble, things just get real!

Dead Perfect is a book that will keep you hooked, Noelle’s writing is an enticing one. She keeps you enthralled with her words, she kept me thinking about the book when I couldn’t read it. I was itching to get back to it when I wasn’t reading it!

I never like to talk about the story, but this was a story I never expect. It was shocking and cruel but with an innocence about it and I have never read anything like this before! It was so creative and fresh and I enjoyed it, although I probably shouldn’t have!! Packing a punch the entire way through, it goes without saying that Noelle took the wind out of me with the end! I am now having to wait for book 4 – which is April!!!!!

I love this series! I love Maggie, although she doesn’t always get it right, she is a woman who is fiercely loyal and wears her heart on her sleeve. I did feel for her in this book, but as the saying goes, as one door closes another opens. In this case, it is such a tease!

I can’t wait for the next chapter in this series, I know whatever comes for Maggie and the Team, Noelle will make sure that it’s a journey no one will forget!
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2,060 reviews131 followers
October 16, 2020
Dead Perfect is the third book in the DC Maggie Jamieson series set in Staffordshire. This one picks up where the previous one left us on a cliffhanger, but it is a new case so you could easily get into this without having read the previous ones - there are ongoing relationships between the characters and this plot began in that book with Kate being stalked, but you get enough backstory for this to make sense. Overall this was a rather formulaic and predictable serial killer/police procedural which was easy to read but doesn’t bring anything new to a very overcrowded genre.

Having just been informed that her friend and secret crush, forensic psychologist Dr Kate Moloney, may have been found dead in a park, Maggie rushes to the scene, and is both relieved to discover that it’s not her, but horrified to learn that the victim has had her appearance changed to ressemble Kate. Letters found in the young woman’s home are identical to those that Kate has been receiving, indicating that the killer must be her stalker. Desperate to keep her friend close, Maggie persuades her to move into her house, and hopes that they might become more than friends. Can Maggie keep her safe while stopping the killer from taking someone else instead - and how does he manage to stay one step ahead of the police?

Unfortunately I didn’t like Maggie as a character - she’s impulsive, arrogant and egotistical, can’t take criticism and has no idea about professional boundaries. As with the last book, it makes no sense to me that she would be virtually leading a serial killer investigation - no matter how understaffed they are, such cases are rare and they just wouldn’t leave someone so junior in charge, especially when they know about her connection to the likely next target. Also don’t get me started on the implausibility of a detective being involved in three serial killer cases within a couple of years, even if they were all very different in nature. Kate also frustrated me with her careless disregard for her own safety even when she knows she’s at risk. My other big issue was that I guessed who the killer within the first 10% of the book - although not his motivation. I kept hoping to be proved wrong, but alas it was just too obvious.

On the plus side, Holten writes well, and this book was better paced than the last one, building to a tense race to save a major character - although is the outcome ever really in doubt? It ends on another cliffhanger although as before this serves to lead into the next book rather than leaving this story incomplete so it didn’t bother me as much as some reviewers. I found the parts where Maggie catches up with her friends in the Probation Service the most interesting, probably because this is the author’s background so she’s on firmer ground in that area.

This was not overly gruesome although what the perpetrator does to his victims is pretty awful. This time there were two cats for me to worry about but fortunately neither is threatened this time. I think anyone who enjoyed the last book will like this just as much, especially if you haven’t already read too much British Crime Fiction.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC which allowed me to give an honest review, although the formatting was very disappointing with no breaks between chapters which often made the narrative hard to follow. I’m sure this will be corrected for the final version.
Dead Perfect is published today.
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2,193 reviews366 followers
July 15, 2020
DC Maggie Jamieson is frantic when approaching a crime scene. As she tries to get a hold of herself, Maggie tries to prepare for the fact that the body might be someone she really cares about, her close friend Dr. Kate Moloney. Is the body Kate's? What of the stalker Kate has had for awhile now? Maggie thinks that the stalker has finally made his mark.

Instead, as the body is turned over from her back, Maggie is more than relieved but a bit confused when she discovers that the body is not Kate's. Why does she resemble her? When Maggie does reach Kate, she tries not to scare her, but tells her that the stalker is almost definitely a murder. It certainly cannot be coincidence that the staged body resembles Kate.

Living dolls. That is how the police - and the killer - are referring to the victims. And, yes, I say victims in plural because more dead bodies abound, and Maggie does her darnedest to stop the killer and to keep Kate safe. Meanwhile, Maggie must contend for her growing feeling for Kate.

Well! 5 Stars go to this fantastic book by Noelle Holten!! Just read it in one sitting. The tension level is incredibly high as Maggie and her team race against time to find the killer. Meanwhile, Maggie has some issues she is facing, and that does well to help to understand her as a character. Since I read the first two books in the series, and will be reading all future books, I love being able to feel for a character.

A note to readers of this book and series. While this book could be read as a standalone novel, it begins exactly where the previous book, Dead Wrong, left off, which continued where the first book in the series, Dead Inside, left off. Thus, this book, Dead Perfect, leaving readers with a hanging scene, will no doubt leave readers for the fourth book in the series. Well done!

Many thanks to Harper Impulse and Killer Reads and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
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115 reviews5 followers
June 8, 2020
Wowser this book was bloody fantastic! Each book has got better in the series, this was my favourite by far. It was really tense and suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat as I read this in super quick time because I couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed everything about it, the storyline, the characters and the way the writer made you feel a little afraid to look over your shoulder in case someone is watching you. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, it really does deserve 5 stars!
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895 reviews1 follower
August 16, 2020
A great addition to the series, with lots of suspense and intrigue. Maggie always puts everything she's got into an enquiry and when it becomes apparent that her colleague and friend Kate is in danger she will stop at nothing to keep her safe.
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2,780 reviews1,625 followers
October 16, 2020
Dead Perfect is the third instalment in the DC Maggie Jamieson Thriller series and is undoubtedly the most gruesome and grisly of the series yet. It isn't necessary to have read the preceding instalments before diving into this one as each has a self-contained plot and enough backstory is given about Maggie and the peripheral characters to bring new readers up to speed. The book begins with two teenagers discovering a body in the local park, and when Maggie is called in to investigate she is rocked to her core; the victim is the spitting image of one of her closest friends, Dr Kate Moloney. The crime scene sends the fear of God into her as she wonders if someone is trying to mess with her, and if so, why? She soon comes to the realisation that the victim has been dressed in a completely different style to what she would have normally worn; the girl has been decked out in Goth chic by the perpetrator and this somehow reminds Maggie that Kate is currently being stalked by a creepy guy who repeatedly sends her unwanted, anonymous gifts and bizarre letters. Maggie, being a veteran detective of over a decade, believes the real target is her best friend, Kate, and as a result switches the investigation into high gear.

This is a riveting, disturbing and truly gritty read from a writer who really understands the mind, psychology and behaviours of warped individuals having worked as a Senior Probation Officer for eighteen years, covering cases of domestic violence and abuse and who also has a Masters in Criminology. This helps make the plot feel pleasingly authentic and more hard-hitting. Maggie, however, becomes a little too big for her boots in this instalment and she is quite angry and often unable to keep her emotions in check which is very odd for someone carrying out important police work. Usually, it would be a conflict of interest to be the lead investigator on a case you feel is related to a friend, but Maggie is reluctant to hand it over to someone who could be a little more level headed and less motivated by emotion. It will be interesting to see exactly where her personality heads on the upcoming episodes as at least she's not stereotypical of every other protagonist Detective. It's well written, intelligently plotted and full of twists and turns with red herrings galore. If you enjoyed the previous two books this one is even more gripping. Highly recommended. Many thanks to One More Chapter for an ARC.
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2,506 reviews199 followers
October 13, 2020
Maggie Jameison was back in a book which was taut with suspense where the killer played too close to home. Author Noelle Holten raised the stakes in this book when she made the killer bold as brass, taunting Maggie with his kills.

Maggie was called to investigate a murder where the body was made to resemble her friend and colleague, Kate. Fear gripped and she opened up her home for Kate’s protection.

A darn good police procedural where Maggie’s determination shone through. Her loyalty and dedication and love for her friends brought out the clear facets of her character. Though book 3 in the series and can be read as a standalone, reading it in series would add to the pleasure.

The writing was clear and uncanny in its plot line with a killer who loved to stay one step ahead. Character were etched well as seen from the first book where the relationships that Maggie had felt real. There was genuine caring from her.

Twists were woven in, false leads turned me to a different direction. There was a vibe of cat and mouse games happening in the entire book. A few things niggled me, the main being the way her boss declared body to be Kate’s without really identifying it. But the rest was enjoyable. Easy to guess the killer. I wanted to see if I was right.

Overall, a solid investigation with a hardworking main characters, twists and relationships made this an enjoyable read.
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Author 158 books765 followers
July 1, 2020
I love this series. I read this book over the weekend, couldn't get enough of it as it was such a gripping read. Thank you to Noelle for giving me an ARC this time round. :-)

DC Maggie Jamieson is in two minds whether to attend a crime scene or night, fearing it might be her close friend Dr Kate Maloney who has been stalked for a while.

When the victim's true identity is learnt Maggie's shocked to find that there is more than an uncanny resemblance to Kate, thankfully it wasn't her though.

However, throughout the novel Kate lives her life in fear with a murderer on the loose.

More bodies show up, again resembling Kate. It's up to Maggie and her team to sift through the clues to uncover who the killer is and more importantly what his motive is for killing the women.

I love the insight Noelle gives to the procedure side of things, having worked for the probation service for over twenty years.

Can't wait to read Moore, each book is getting better and better in this gripping, tension-filled series. Highly recommended.

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872 reviews151 followers
October 17, 2020
Where do I start? This book has it all. Murder, stalking, personality clashes, flirting….

As with Dead Wrong, I picked up the story where its predecessor left off and in this book’s case, with a dead body. This (what I think) is a rather unique factor that Holten has developed leaves you wanting for the next book. Oh boy, I couldn’t wait for Dead Perfect – leaving me with a dead body of what appears to be a main character is a killer hook!! I can’t tell you how relieved I was to read the first few chapters and find out the doctor has survived this … but would she survive Dead Perfect??

I was on tenterhooks throughout. Why was this lunatic stalking Kate? Why was he making other look just like her?? This crazed individual really got my nerves on edge. But the chapters dedicated to this slightly unhinged person seem so calm and I got the impression this was normal for him … so why did I get the impression he was delusional in a major way??!

This third novel from Holten definitely hits all the right buttons for this crime fiction fan. The twists and the turns kept me guessing from beginning to end … Maggie Jamieson is a character I want to keep appearing on my kindle again and again… Dead Perfect is a sterling addition to this series!!
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1,007 reviews17 followers
May 24, 2020
DC Maggie Jameson is called to the body of a female who resembles her friend Kate.

This book picks up right from the last page of the previous one and it packs a punch. The characters are brilliant and come to life fantastically. Maggie is a tortured soul but not a whiny female. I love Noelle’s writing and can’t wait for the next instalment. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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1,614 reviews34 followers
August 27, 2020
Okay, so it’s really 2.5 first of all. This is part of a series and although it can be read as a standalone, reading the books in order will make the dynamics between the characters make more sense. This is a police procedural featuring DC Maggie Jamieson who is determined to solve a series of serial killings that may have her friend Dr. Kate Moloney as the ultimate target. This was a really creepy book, with the victims made to resemble Kate and Kate being stalked before the killings even begin. Maggie is abrasive, bordering on rude at times. But that characteristic didn’t bother me since I knew that she was fighting a murderer who was targeting Kate. The book was tense and fast-paced and an okay read. What I did not like was that the ending left you hanging (just as the previous books did), so that you will want to read the next one in the series. I also did not like the burgeoning relationship between Maggie and Kate. Not a fan of same-sex relationships messing up what I would consider a decent police procedural. Once that aspect is introduced, my rating drops because I don’t want authors to sneak this in. That is just a side note but an important one to me. Again, this book is better as part of the series, but fans of police procedurals will be able to follow along with the current action without any problems.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising.”
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October 23, 2020
I have been highly anticipating reading Dead Perfect, the third book in the Maggie Jamieson series by Noelle Holten, since the jaw dropping cliffhanger ending in the second book in the series. I went in completely blind! I did not want to read a synopsis or look at any reviews for this book. I wanted to be surprised. What happened to Kate Moloney? Suffice it to say, I blew out a sigh of relief within the first couple of opening chapters. But, with a serial stalker hot on Kate’s tail, Maggie will do anything to make sure her friend stays safe. Will Maggie succeed in capturing the perpetrator before he gets his devious little hands on Kate?

The one thing Noelle Holten does a great job in is keeping her readers hooked right from the beginning and that prologue, OMG, that last line “Practice makes perfect,” just gave me the chills. I knew right then and there this was going to be one sick mofo. All I kept thinking was, “is he doing what I think he is doing?” Okay, I don’t think I have ever seen that happen in a book before and I loved it and it was absolutely genius!

Maggie is one again the star of this book. She is badass, smart, confident, and determined. This determination makes her a fierce contender who will do everything to catch the bad guy while making sure her friend stays safe. This time, it is personal for Maggie. Here is where we also explore not just Maggie’s friendship with Kate, but also the feelings she has for her friend as well. Their dynamic is complicated but also progresses throughout the series which is nice to see.

This story is pretty dark and the perpetrator is a nasty one as well as extremely creepy. The short chapters featuring the killer/stalker are indeed very eerie and set the tone for this book. Another thing that really sets this entire series is the deep background into policing and this is one thing that Holten excels at and sets her apart from other writers in crime fiction. I love reading about the different departments and the connection between them all and how they relate to the story.

Although the book can be read as a standalone, I would probably suggest starting right from the beginning as each book really builds up each of the characters and you will also get some of the backstory as well on some of the characters who are in this book as well.

The ending once again sets the scene for the next book in the series and leaves you wanting more while you wait in anticipation for the fourth book in the series. ANother 5 star read from me and one I highly recommend
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1,664 reviews66 followers
December 16, 2020
Time taken to read - in and out over 4 days

Pages - 448

Publisher - One More Chapter

Source - Review copy

Blurb from Goodreads

A murdered woman…

When the body of a young woman is found in a local park, DC Maggie Jamieson knows she’s dealing with no ordinary killer. The murder victim has been disfigured; her outfit changed to resemble someone else. Someone Maggie knows all too well…her close friend Dr Kate Moloney.

A determined detective…

Maggie is determined to keep her friend safe, but with Kate already struggling with a threatening stalker, Maggie now fears Kate’s life is in real danger. Who else would want to harm Kate and why else would the killer be turning his victims into exact replicas – his living dolls?

Can Maggie find the depraved killer? Or will Kate become his next living doll?

My Review

A female body is found in the park, DC Maggie Jamieson is notified and not the only one concerned that this could be their colleague Kate. The blurb lets you know beforehand it isn't but this is only the start and someone has been murdered and dressed to look like Kate, coincidence? no ma'am!

We hear from the killer and get a glimpse into their thoughts/routine. We flip to the investigation and there is a huge focus around the team from a personal point of view. Kate and Maggie's friendship, Maggie's own emotional issues and inner turmoil. The team dynamics, Kate trying to protect Maggie, Maggie trying to protect Kate. I got a bit frustrated by Kate at times with her behaviour, we all have that one pal who is crap with their phone...... Imagine that but with the rage/emotional upheaval trying to juggle work, family/friendship and catch a killer, ooft.

The killer is pretty horrific, what he does to his victims to achieve the living doll gave me the boke! The book pulls you in pretty quick, the opening chapter - if you know what he is using or Google it that is you drawn in and shook. Holten has created characters you invest in and this book, as well as giving you the whole murder/investigation, we get a human feel and more in depth look as some of our fave characters. If you haven't read the previous books (two) you could start here but I would advise going back first as you will be losing a lot of backstory although the book does give some back nods. 4/5 for me this time, so so looking forward to the next in the series, get penning good woman!
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February 15, 2023
I’ve had this book on my shelf for a while but had been put off reading it because it was book 3 in the series, however I decided to give it a go and was able to get into it straight away.

The series follows the main cop, Maggie, as she tries to solve the crimes that she encounters, and like any good cop thriller we get to learn about her back story along the way as well.

I found myself getting immersed in the story, I did suspect the culprit quite early on but was also waylaid by someone else as Noelle makes you suspect a lot! There are also many occasions where you think they’ve found the killer just to realise it’s anything but.

Overall this was a really good read and I think I will end up going back and reading her others now so that I can understand more about Maggie and the other cops.
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751 reviews18 followers
October 4, 2021
"Dead Perfect" is a fast-paced, thrill-ride of a book. Author Noelle Holten plunges straight into the action, with little preamble. This, the third in the series, continues a thread from book two. I particularly enjoyed the twisted, symbiotic relationship between Maggie Jamieson and journalist Julie Noble. Holten provides an interesting insight into the work undertaken by the probation service. I'm really enjoying this series and Holten's trademark cliffhanger endings! 
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591 reviews
October 23, 2020
All my reviews can be found on my blog, He read, she read, at http://vickieonmarco.blogspot.com

This is the third of the DC Maggie Jamieson series; it is the first one I have read. Maggie’s friend, forensic psychologist Kate Moloney is being stalked. When a young woman who has been made up to look like Kate turns up dead, it becomes evident that she is in danger and Maggie sometimes blurs professional lines in trying to protect her friend and solve the case.

This is a decent police procedural/thriller, although Maggie was a bit too flighty for me and the resolution was somewhat predictable. It is a well paced, fast read that held my attention throughout.

I’m sure if I had read the prior novel, it would have given me more background on the characters, but they were developed enough in this novel that it can easily be read as a standalone. It ends with the set up for a sequel and although Maggie is not my favorite female character, I certainly will read it.
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Author 35 books805 followers
October 26, 2020
Wow, this was a disturbing read in the best sense of the word! “Dead Perfect” was such a riveting read, I read it literally in one sitting as I just had to find out who’s the creepy stalker that is obsessed with Dr. Kate Moloney and who seems to be firmly set on creating a perfect living doll to keep as a companion. What started with anonymous “presents” (for the lack of a better word, as they were as disturbing as they get) soon escalated to a dangerous cat and mouse chase with Kate at the center. Will DC Maggie Jamieson get to the bottom of things and save her friend and colleague from the stalker or will she be too late? You’ll need to read it to find out. Dark, haunting, and impossible to put down, “Dead Perfect” is a must-read for the lovers of suspense. Five huge stars!
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203 reviews3 followers
February 2, 2021
This is the third in the Maggie Jamieson series, although I've missed number 2 in the series (silly me). They can be read as stand alone books, although I would say best read as a series as you learn all the extra background to the characters. I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed number 1, and will be reading number 2 and looking out for the next in the installment too.
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