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The Girl Least Likely

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To All the Boys meets The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (with a dash of Dumplin’) in this funny, romantic, and heartfelt coming of age story about a teen stand-up comic learning how to be her truest self, from the author of If You’re Out There.

Gretchen has always been more of a “least likely” than a “most likely” kind of girl. So how does she somehow find herself living out every trope from her favorite rom-coms…?

The Best Friend Crush: Why is it suddenly so hard to act normal around her childhood BFF, Samuel? Must be time for a—

Makeover(!): Black leather pants and some red lipstick are apparently enough to lend Gretchen the bravado to do an impromptu set at a comedy club, and catch the eye of—

The Roguish Bad Boy: Jeremy, the alluring young comic who thinks her name is Sabrina. It might just be—

The Perfect Cover: A funny-girl alter-ego that frees Gretchen to explore who she really is—and what she really wants. But as rom-coms have taught her, leading a double life can only last so long.

352 pages, ebook

First published June 29, 2021

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About the author

Katy Loutzenhiser

3 books145 followers
Katy grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, dabbling in many art forms and watching age-inappropriate movies. After college, she found an unlikely home in the Chicago comedy scene and regularly sang improvised musicals in public. Now she writes YA books in Brooklyn.

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324 reviews359 followers
March 9, 2021
The Girl Least Likely by Katy Loutzenhiser is a cute young adult romance about not fitting in. Gretchen has always seen herself as the girl least likely. Now, Gretchen finds herself living tropes from her favorite rom coms. I really liked the concept of The Girl Least Likely. The story was cute but it didn’t hold my attention the whole time. I liked the characters and really enjoyed Gretchen.

Thank you Balzer + Bray and Edelweiss for The Girl Least Likely.
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5,945 reviews215 followers
January 29, 2021
I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Girl Least Likely was such a fun and adorable audiobook to dive into. I laughed, smiled, and wanted to slap some people around for being judgmental. Yet, I ate it all up. Ever piece of drama, confusion, funny, and romantic moment. No matter how little or big it was - I wanted it all and then some.

In it, you will meet Gretchen. Now she is someone that you can easily fall in love with. She kind of reminded me of Rebel Wilson in the movie 'Isn't It Romantic'. Not sure if other people got that vibe or not but that's what I'm going with.

She's the youngest of 3 kids in her family, which girl - same, and she doesn't quite know where she fits into things. Which, also - same girl. So she turns to standup comedy and honestly, I would go see her live if she was real. I love standup! I love laughing. Both bring me joy (so does wine and my dogs).

Now I'm going to stop right here because you need, and lemme repeat NEED, to listen to the audiobook for this one. It includes the standup comedy bits and you'll just enjoy it way more. You're welcome.

Other than that, this book had hints of romantical shapes. Honestly a lot of drama came with these and I wasn't really sure on who I wanted with who. Mostly because I just wanted to see how things were going to play out. Yeah, at one point I liked both guys. Then I didn't but I still wasn't going to pick one over the other. People change and my opinion changes faster than that.

So long story short, this book was really good and I enjoyed it a lot. Probably more than I was supposed to. Or maybe I had way too much coffee this morning? Not sure. Just know that it's good and a delight to dive into.
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803 reviews1,004 followers
Want to read
December 18, 2020
a book based on rom com tropes??? count me in!!
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696 reviews173 followers
November 18, 2021
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own. Any quotes I use are from an unpublished copy and may not reflect the finished product.

I absolutely loved The Girl Least Likely! I devoured the audiobook despite the synthetic voice (which weirdly worked for me this time), and cannot wait to purchase a physical copy for my shelves. Also, if I enjoyed a computer-generated narrator, then I can only image how good the actual audiobook is going to be (which says a lot about the story itself)! Loutzenhiser has created a remarkable story with relatable characters that I would love to be friends with. Gretchen and Sam, Jeremy and the rest of the comedians, Ethan and Natalie - all of them were wonderfully well-written and left lasting impressions.

Gretchen had a seemingly predictable teenage experience... pretended to be someone else while waiting for the other shoe to drop. However, Loutzenhiser adds a few unexpected twists to the story that I did not see coming, and those small additions completely changed the story for me. Gretchen knew her secret identity couldn't last forever, but she enjoyed the anonymity while doing stand-up comedy. She could be anyone - say anything - and it wouldn't directly affect Gretchen. She was wrong of course, because pretending to be someone else was bound to backfire eventually, but she also learned a lot about herself along the way. I really enjoyed following Gretchen's journey and felt like I was a part of her story. I also liked seeing how her character evolved over the course of the book - everything felt authentic and sincere.

While there are multiple love interests in The Girl Least Likely, it never felt like a love triangle. One is an unrequited love, while the other is new and unpredictable. Gretchen uses comedy to sort through her thoughts and feelings - making jokes about her life and those involved - and learns a lot about her family, friendships, and her own pessimistic perspective. Stand-up gave her an opportunity to say her thoughts out loud and express emotions she would normally bury. She didn't feel the need to hide when she was behind a microphone or in front of strangers in an audience, and I thought it was a clever outlet for her fears and insecurities. It was wonderfully unique and so interesting to read about. I love comedy and stand-up specifically, so it was fun to see a character explore those in a YA book.

I'm 85% sure all of the comedians mentioned in this book (the ones that were characters themselves and not just references) were fictional, but I really wish they weren't. Loutzenhiser manages to be funny and write jokes for multiple people. We don't just see Gretchen being funny on and off the stage, but the other comedians participating in the competition, as well as a famous comedian that Gretchen loves. The author manages to write unique stories for each secondary character, while also making them funny in their own way. I loved how diverse their material was, and that each person had a different way of doing comedy. Really, really well done.

I thought I knew how this story was going to play out, but I was happy to be wrong! The conflict was wholly believable and not at all cringey (no annoying tropes here). I hate when a story unfolds in a cookie cutter way, so I was pleasantly surprised when Loutzenhiser veered off course and made Gretchen's experience something totally new and completely unforgettable. If you're looking for a book that will make you laugh, keep a perpetual smile on your face, and has characters you'll love to root for - definitely add The Girl Least Likely to your TBR!

Side note: I loved the references to Samantha Bee (Full Frontal) and Parks & Rec.

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Author 15 books295 followers
January 17, 2021
Thanks to the publisher for providing an audiogalley of The Girl Least Likely in exchange for an honest review.

I really thought I'd hate the protagonist in this at the beginning for being a YA cliche so I was beyond overjoyed when she went through actual dynamic character development that didn't just consist of her blaming everyone around her for her faults. This was charming and fun and surprisingly honest and I will forever sing the praises of YA characters who actively attempt to better themselves.
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121 reviews
January 15, 2022

honestly just super weird. it was so odd and kinda confusing and she was kinda a jerk and so i don’t recommend but it wasn’t terrible…
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2,473 reviews
January 29, 2021
This book surprised me, it didn't go in the direction I thought it would and had a twist that I didn't see coming. It's a cute coming of age story with plenty of jokes and it went by quickly. Gretchen is funny and awkward and struggling with who she is and who she wants to be. When she accidentally ends up on stage for a stand up comedy show, things begin to click for her. As Gretchen writes her jokes, she starts to come to terms with some of the feelings she's been pushing down.

Gretchen is in love with her best friend Sam, but is too afraid to tell him. When she stars doing stand up, she starts to fall for fellow comic Jeremy, but he thinks she's someone else. I enjoyed watching Gretchen decipher her feelings about the boys, but my favorite part was her relationship with her family. She feels unappreciated and less than her siblings. As the youngest kid, Gretchen thinks her parents don't put as much effort into raising her and that her sister and cousin outshine her. I think a lot of people have felt this way and my heart went out to Gretchen.

The romance was fun and went a unique way. I thought this was well paced and some of the jokes made me chuckle. I'm excited for this to be out in the world!

I received an advanced audiobook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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346 reviews52 followers
March 19, 2022
With the help of some classic rom-com tropes, Gretchen Wilder explores a different side of herself that she can’t seem to let show in front of those she knows and loves. Our teenage protagonist stumbles into the role of amateur comedian on a night out at a 21 and older club with her older sister and cousin. With the help of a fake ID, she steps into her alter ego known as Sabrina Martin. Because of this, she has to hide “Sabrina” from everyone who knows her as she prepares for a contest that could get her recognized by her stand up icon.

I really enjoyed this book! The pacing was great and the writing was easy to follow. The author did a fantastic job weaving in all of the fun rom-com tropes we know and love into one story about a girl discovering herself

*I received this book as an arc thanks to Netgalley and the publisher. This is an honest review.*
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399 reviews532 followers
May 24, 2021
**An audio ARC of this book was provided to me by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book has an amazing message. Sometimes, you put yourself in a box. You might not even realize that you’ve done it to yourself. You hit self-imposed limits and shut down when what you need to do is to learn to start questioning these limits. Do you really, truly, not like xyz thing? Or are you just scared of what could happen if you try it? Are you just scared about what could happen if it turns out that you like it?

In The Girl Least Likely, Gretchen learns so much about who she is and who she could be if she stopped controlling and judging herself. It was such a beautiful story to see Gretchen learn and grow, and I hope these lessons can become ones young girls can read and learn through Gretchen. You can be your own self-saboteur, so take a moment and think about what you might be holding yourself back from and why.

My favorite quote and life lesson:
“But I’m starting to think bravery isn’t some miraculous energy force I can hope will arrive one day. It might just be a decision. Honestly, a matter of saying ‘fuck it,’ or ‘why not,’ and then simply doing the thing.”
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29 reviews9 followers
June 6, 2021
Follow me on IG at readwithcupcake for more reviews and bookish content :)

Rating: ★ ★ ★ (3 out of 5 stars)

Thank you @netgalley for the audio ARC of The Girl Least Likely in exchange for an honest review.

Gretchen is awkward, funny, and just trying to find her true self. This audiobook was a great, relatable coming to age story with a great mix of comedy.

As Gretchen begins her comedic journey and begins to write her own jokes, she begins to realize more about herself and that she is truly in love with her best friend, Sam. This book is so relatable, light, and while it wasn’t for me I am sure many will find plenty of joy from reading it.
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3,333 reviews232 followers
June 28, 2021
Gretchen had a habit of living up to other people’s expectations. She was average in a family of standouts and popular adjacent at school. But when she took her cousin’s place in a stand-up competition, Gretchen found the freedom to discover who she really was and wanted to be.

It wasn’t a matter of what I didn’t love about this book, but rather, how much I loved each part. I was all in from page one. I have so much affection in my heart for rom-coms, and Loutzenhiser really leaned into all those rom-com tropes. The results were stupendous for me.

What I appreciated most about this story was how much Gretchen discovered about herself. Watching her grow and learn to appreciate herself and her gifts filled my heart with joy. She was so caught up in everyone else’s things and always going with the flow, that she lost sight of all she wanted and had to offer. This accidental life she assumed gave her the opportunity to explore, confront some truths, and gain a new point of view on her life.

Let’s hit the highlights!

• This book was packed with great characters, and it was a treat to meet them all. (Maybe all but one)

• The romance was very sweet. There were several young men vying for Gretchen’s attention, but for me, there was only one.

• A strong focus on friendships, old and new, kept a smile on my face. As Gretchen stretched her wings, she widened her circle, while also digging deeper into existing friendships.

• Getting to be part of the audience at the comedy shows was fantastic. I was not only treated to Gretchen’s comedic stylings, but also bits and pieces of the other contestants sets. This resulted in an abundance of laughter from me.

• Just when the story seemed predictable, it would surprise me. I loved that! I was also happy about the way the author resolved a few things. Again, not what I expected.

This book was a delight for me. I was laughing and smiling from beginning to end. Overall: fabulous, fun, and feel-good.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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Author 1 book25 followers
May 14, 2021
I absolutely LOVED The Girl Least Likely, which follows Gretchen, a high school junior who has a secret crush on her best friend—the only person she feels comfortable being herself around. That is, until she takes on a fake identity (or rather, the identity of another girl whose ID she decides to use as her own one night). As Sabrina, Gretchen does stand up comedy and meets a community who understands her. As she's immersed in the stand up world, she meets a boy who she starts to like, as she's realizing maybe she and her best friend are growing apart. At school, she begins to come close with her Yearbook friends, one of whom is a boy she feels completely comfortable being herself around *and* who knows the truth about her alter ego. When her secret life explodes in her face, and everyone (including her) learns *certain truths*, Gretchen is forced to confront her life and her problems as herself instead of hiding behind a faux identity.

As someone who has zero interest in stand up, I wasn't sure what to expect. And while I didn't laugh at the stand up itself, it didn't matter because I was cracking up at a million other things in the book. It's such a funny book with a relatable MC, and it's such a FUN read. There were so many twists, and the love interests are all perfection. Very strong character development and relationships between the character and her friends and family members. It's honestly probably the most fun I've had reading a book in awhile. I read it in one sitting, loved every second of it, and I didn't want it to end. And now I can't stop thinking about it.

Highly, HIGHLY recommend.
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124 reviews3 followers
October 23, 2021
Okay, this is the first book I read in a while, and one that I sort of enjoyed.

This book doesn't stand out much. And, to be very honest, is really unrealistic lmfao. I highly doubt someone can pull off getting away with someone's identity for so long without people finding out. I mean, we are in the age where even posting your feet online can make it, so people find out your personal information (being hyperbolic, but the point still stands).

Okay, spoilers now. This girl (what's her name...), Gretchen, is not like the other girls. She doesn't like parties or people or whatever, but her best friend, Sam, does. Oh, and she has a crush on Sam. Oh, woo. One day, she goes to a club (illegally, using her cousin's roomate's ID) with her sister and cousin and end up on stage doing a comedy act. She is so good at it, that she enters a competition to do an opening for some famous comedian. In the process, she meets this hunk of a man, Jeremy (that was sarcastic...) while dealing with her feelings with Sam.
Alright, that's the summary. Was the book bad? No. It could've been better, however. My problem stems from the end, when, it turns out, Ethan, a friend of Gretchen, actually likes her and they end up together. I mean, it was obvious but still. Oh, yeah, this book doesn't even have a love triangle, it has a love whatever geometrical shape. Gretchen likes Sam, who likes her but also likes Natalie, who likes Sam, and there's Jeremy who likes Gretchen, and she likes him too but WAIT, hold your horses, ETHAN likes Gretchen too and I guess she does also because THEY END UP TOGETHER.
1) Gretchen is written to be the "other girl", compared to Natalie, not the cute and popular person but someone who blends into the background. How the hell does she have 3 boys chasing after her??? 2) Ethan and Gretchen have no build up and no chemistry. He was an outlet for Gretchen to vent about Sam and to help her with her comedy acts. They were cute friends but a couple? 3) I kinda was rooting for Sam and Gretchen :c. Maybe because Sam is my type.
Another problem I have is with the feminism in this book. Don't worry, I love having modern feminism in my books, but the way it was written was weird. It was like an anti-feminist wrote it. Do feminists really mention the patriarchy every .2 seconds? That's unrealistic. The messages that were sent were good though. Stop pitting girls against each other, they can succeed, they can their own goals and interests, they can dress however they want, etc, etc. Now, this kinda goes out the window when Gretchen's mom gets mad at her son (Gretchen's brother) when he lets his daughter wear a princess dress... what the hell is this? I get that Disney princesses were not the greatest role models, but the point is that girls can be whoever they want. So what, she wants to be a princess? Get over it. Her choice. It was so weird to have a character who advocates for women's autonomy to get mad when a girl (in this case) chooses to wear a princess dress...
All the characters were fine, but unremarkable. Of course, Jeremy ended up being the guy who cheated on Gretchen's cousin with the roommate, and I'm glad Gretchen did not go running back to him.

In all, it was an okay book. I have nothing much else to say except thank you for getting me out of my reading slump. I don't recommend it, though, there are other better books out there (I don't know with similar concepts, though). It doesn't even have to do with the title. It's a nice filler book, if you're bored or if you have nothing to read. Or in a bizarre reading slump.
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37 reviews
October 15, 2022

reading slump what's that ?I first saw this book while scrolling through Pinterest at 2 am and was instantly intrigued so much so that I even clicked the link to some werid book page then read the synopsis love triangle comedy club double lives I already knew I was gone I SERCHED FOR THIS BOOK EVERYWHERE ON EVERY ILLEGAL BOOK DOUNLOAD SITE BUT NOTHING I FUCKING CAME UP😢

I think I knew from the Moment I layed eyes on that beautiful cover that I was not going to forget about this book anytime soooon

But yeah this was in September and now yesterday I came to know about an website called LibGen also know as heaven on earth for bookworms and I FOUND IT THERE I FOUND IT!??!!!!;

I THEN STARTED READING THIS BOOK AT 12 THEN FINISHED HALF OF IT by 2am at that point I had to stop because my mom was awake😱 and she came into my room to use the restroom so I had to pretend was sleeping I had thought of reading again after my mom was gone but by the time my mom came out of the restroom I had fallen asleep for reals 💅

So I had to read the rest of the book today otherwise I would have totally finished it that day


Like seriously I have read books that don't have even a Penny of elegance that this book has but their somehow more popular god what have we come to this book is so goooood

Enjoyable funny with lots of character growth and I am not a fan of love triangles(squares?😏)but this one is probably the best one you'll ever read like seriously I was shocked bamboozled heartbroken (but in a good way) by the end of this I was Soo happy bout who she ends up with and it made sooo much sense no unecessary drama flawed but loveable main character Gretchen an absolutely adorable family and feminism (also the cutest brother) what more could you want

Also to anybody who doesn't want to read this bcuz of the love triangle trust me it's not quite like other ones you see normally and it was done really well Gretchen doesn't cheat on anybody or hurt someone

I also love how feminist this book was ♥️💃

Edit all that being said I do thing this book had some issues like when Gretchens mom scolded her brother for letting his daughter wear a princess dress(wtf right) but I think that part was done intentionally to make it more comical but we could have done without it another thing is although I loveeed Ethan him and Gretchen don't get alot of development cuz of the plot twist which sucked buz although I liked him I didn't like him enough

So yeah super addicting fun time does have some problems but fun kinda underated and underhiped in my opinion but the more time passes the more I start to question how much I even liked it you know but perfect if you want to get your mind of off things
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429 reviews26 followers
October 30, 2021
This is a story pretty easy to relate to a point. Gretchen has always had problems with being extroverted, so even though she loves comedy, especially stand-ups, few know how funny she can be. Until one night, when she needs to pretend to be an older girl to get into a bar, she ends up on stage doing her own stand up. And everything falls into place there, she's now a comic and she has a cute boy flirting with her. Except, no one knows she's just Gretchen.

3.5, rounded up.

As I said, I related a lot and I feel others will too. I'm also the type who'll only be talkative if I'm somewhere I trust, that's why the internet was a great place for me to find friends. For the main character, that place was the bar where everyone saw the girl she pretended to be and not herself, so flukes and embarrassments were allowed, as they wouldn't reverberate in her daily life. But I guess you need to go beyond what we'd really do to have an entertaining story. And I probably wouldn't have let things go that far with Jeremy (her comic friend from the bar) or open up everything about my life giving out the real names of people involved, so at some point the lie became a little too much for me to side with Gretchen. It could have been worse, though.

One thing I liked that I usually wouldn't was the romance part. Gretchen is in love with her childhood friend, who's leaving and also getting involved with a girl from her club. So, of course, she'll try to get over him eventually with someone else. I loved how well balanced the juggle was in the book. Maybe because I read too many YA's, it's all become too clear for me who'll end up with whom. Although it does seem obvious looking back, I loved the thrill of cheering for someone without knowing who'd really get Gretchen, if any did.

But this book isn't perfect. Despite the good points above, Gretchen wasn't a character I liked. The whole stand up thing was something different but it wasn't interesting to me and I felt like skipping a lot of it (and maybe I should have because a lot of that wasn't needed for the plot). I enjoyed the control the author had while forming the relationship tangles, I love tangles, but I also ended up getting lost with so many characters. I don't think this book is the remarkable kind, but it was a nice one in spite of all.

I recommend this to fans of contemporary YA looking for a taste of something different but still in your comfort zone.

Honest review based on an ARC provided by Edelweiss. Many thanks to the publisher for this opportunity.
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1,783 reviews120 followers
June 27, 2021
3.5 stars. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this eARC. This is a really sweet coming of age story about Gretchen. She is a high school girl who always feels like the one "least likely". She has an unrequited crush on her childhood best friend and 2 siblings who seem to have things that make them stand out more than her, until she enters into a comedy contest. She gets a fake ID that says she's 21 (not 17), but its a friend of her cousins. When she is on stage, she's a different person. She ditches the frumpy clothes for stage clothes and she uses her real life as material and kills it on stage. She meets Jeremy, the club's doorman, and they hit it off. There's also Ethan, her best friend (Sam's) best friend who she talks to about her unrequited crush. While this is a love square (ish) it never felt cheesy. I loved the character growth and development throughout the story. The whole time we as the reader, as well as the characters, know its likely that the shoe is going to drop, so when it does thats not expected to be a huge GASP and I appreciate that. Overall I thought this book was unique with the comedy element and I really liked the character arc. I would recommend!

The whole time she is consulting Ethan on what to do and then they end up together. Cute and sweet!
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1 review
March 20, 2021
I received an audio pre-copy of this book to review, and the synthesized voice took a little getting used to at first. However, within the first chapter, the synthesized voice somehow made this book... even funnier? I found it incredibly amusing to listen to a Siri-like voice debate the possible origins of common phrases like “balls to the wall” (Side note: I totally had to google it to find out!)

This witty book about self-discovery slightly gave me a “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” for teens vibe, with the main character accidentally finding herself on a stand-up comedy stage, and eventually discovering and sharing her true self through comedy. The author Katy Loutzenhiser’s humor shone through brightly, and I constantly found myself truly laughing out loud throughout this novel. I felt a real connection with Gretchen, the protagonist of this book. Gretchen used an alter-ego named Sabrina to “try on” personality traits that she didn't feel comfortable displaying in her real life. I know from experience that it can often be easier to be brave on a stage in a room full of strangers than to show courage in a room with a small group of friends. I really enjoyed following Gretchen’s journey of self-discovery, and the constant stream of hilarious jokes made this incredibly likable book even better!
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47 reviews2 followers
September 8, 2021
I really loved this book, it was super cute! The plot was really good and I ended up loving the main character. The main character was biracial, hispanic and white. The parents were awesome and the love interest*s* were al very different there wasn’t any mixing up. This book dealt with putting yourself out there, feeling like you don’t fit in, feminism, ROM COMS, comedy, romance, friends, and family!

I honestly enjoyed the main character a lot more than I thought I would. In the beginning I was like eh she’s kind of annoying but once you get to know her she really grew on me. I really liked how this book incorporated rom coms and rom com elements to the book it was just really fun!

I really didn’t know how I was going to feel about this book when I picked it up, but honestly I really did like it a lot!! If you want a book with comedy, rom coms, and just and overall good book than definitely check this one out!
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441 reviews41 followers
October 18, 2021
“I don’t believe in the story. I believe in the rom-com.”

This is a very cute cover. I loved the concept of comedians and stand-up, and using life experiences for material ... I admittedly do the same thing and it honestly helps with confidence. Do it for the fics.

Gretchen was a fun and relatable narrator. I was so invested in her story and her growing friendships and self-growth. I could see myself in her so it really hurt when she so-called friend called her boring. Take this, “I don’t have just resting bitch face. I have resting bitch personality” as the point in the story where I felt seen by her.

That being said, there was a bit of a love triangle (or whatever shape. I think it was a square) that annoyed me because two of the dudes in question were both little shits. (Third dude was wholesome though). I didn’t think there had to be a love story in this book but it made sense given the rom-com themes. It really reads like that kind of movie.
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105 reviews2 followers
July 8, 2021
I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Girl Least Likely by Katy Loutzenhiser is the story of a girl and her alter ego trying to figure out life, love, high school and where she fits in. Gretchen is a quiet high school junior who mostly stays to herself. She really likes watching Rom-Coms, and now she feels like she is in one, all the scenes are there (and defined at the beginning of each chapter):
1. The Best Friend Crush - She has a new crush on Sam who has been her best friend since they were very young.
2. The Funny Gal Pals - Her sister Hen and her cousin Carmen
3. The Makeover - Hen & Carmen talk her into going out using someone else's fake ID and dress her up to match.
4. The Roguish Bad Boy - Jeremy
5. The Classic Love Triangle - who should she choose

What follows is a Laugh-Out-Loud good time.
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125 reviews1 follower
November 4, 2021
3.5 stars rounded off!

I actually read the audiobook format of this, the first one ever, and I loved it! The book and the narration (by Jesse Vilinsky) were both amazing.

The plot was actually pretty neat, with the stand up comedy bit and everything. I loved how the author, instead of making Gretchen say that she was awkward, made her look like someone who's just closed off. It was also pretty amusing, the entire thing, and made me laugh out loud plenty of times

Tbh, I wasn't a big fan of any of the characters, but I did like reading about them. They were pretty well portrayed, honestly.

Writing style:
This was pretty good, as not many people can pull off stand up comedy like the author did. I enjoyed it.

All in all, it was a nice feel-good book, which I'll recommend whenever someone asks me for a romcom!
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69 reviews37 followers
March 1, 2021
**Thank you to NetGalley, the author, & the publisher for a chance to listen to & review an ARC of this audiobook!**

Please find my extended feedback below...along with some spoilers (beware).
Things I Liked:
-super cute coming of age story
-I liked the character development
-cute & unique premise (the stand-up story line)

Things That Didn't Sit Quite Right With Me:
-it's hard to get into the novels with the computerized voice (not really a flaw of the audiobook...just because it is an ARC)
-the main character felt a bit whinny to me at times
-it mixed too many rom com aspects for my taste

Overall, I gave this book 3 stars. I think it would be a great read for those who enjoy YA, "double life" stories, humorous stories, & overall cute rom com reads.
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Author 4 books60 followers
November 27, 2021
This book was so much fun. The premise of framing the book around common themes in a RomCom I really enjoyed. Katy's characters were relatable, and the story of Gretchen finding her way when everything around her seemed to leave her out was hilarious. I instantly went to reading another of her books when I was done because I wasn't ready to let the author's voice leave my head. I highly recommend reading anything by Katy Loutzenhiser.
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203 reviews15 followers
December 4, 2021
So I started this book a while back and then stopped. Now I'm reading it again and I'm in love. The story was adorable! And I love the feminist queens! But the family was a bit confusing. I still don't understand. I think its that the moms are both twins. And the main character's mom had 3 kids. The first one now has his own kids (a set of twins) but he doesn't have much of a character. And the sisters are a couple years apart. And they have a close cousin! I think thats it!
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Author 1 book54 followers
November 18, 2021
I absolutely adored everything about this book. I laughed, I cried, I shook my head, and felt all the feels. This audio book of this was so enjoyably narrated, and I really felt for Gretchen. All in all, definitely one I would recommend.
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12 reviews1 follower
December 5, 2022
I picked up this book to be a distraction. I expected it to be cheesy and rom-comish. I mean, the storyline is set up around a rom-com. Instead, it was funny, it didn't follow sterotypes, and the author destroyed the love triangle sterotype. <3
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2,113 reviews477 followers
July 9, 2021
Fun coming of age story I liked comedy element.
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473 reviews127 followers
August 20, 2021
wow, I didn't expect to love this book so much!! 100% recommend if you like love triangles (or squares), dorky characters and a fast paced story.
5 reviews
August 24, 2022
I finished in one day. Always love a rom-com. So cute and I'm happy with the ending ❤❤
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