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Veiled #3


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Splashed across every media outlet are claims I’m a violent murderer. A menace to society that must be stopped at all cost.

I… would love to see them try.

An enemy of the Nosferatu hides in plain sight. His lone goal– to watch the world burn. As the newly appointed vampire queen, I’m done allowing my people to suffer for his twisted agenda.

Dorian Gray thinks he knows pain.
He believes he owns the market on public manipulation.
He hunkers under the belief that his power and status make him untouchable.
I can’t wait to prove him wrong.

A darkness has rooted itself in me, one older than the first vampiric bloodline. An unimaginable strength courses through my veins, and I will use it to make Dorian bow before me. They call me the Dragon Queen, and I own the title. Because I, alone, know that the malevolent essence within me is one no man could ever tame.

143 pages, Kindle Edition

Published May 14, 2020

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Stacey Rourke

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2,144 reviews38 followers
May 16, 2020
I received this ARC to give an honest review.
Okay, so just gonna say there has to be another book. It was not a cliff hanger but I felt that the way the story ended I was satisfied but ya girl can use more of this Dragon Queen and her handsome old husband. Vincenza is our Dragon Queen, and I really loved how she really did not try to give into the Dragon. I feel like she has self control when needed because being the Queen of the vamps well you can not act out. Being the Queen of the Nosferatu's is not something that is easy and sometimes sacrficies have to be made for the good. The secondary characters always make me laugh it is either by what they say or how they act.
Dorian Gray honestly is ruthless as they can come and he will use whatever resources he can to destroy what needs to be destroyed. Vincenza and Dorian will go head to head and even though the battle was not a bloodshed like I expected; it was very interesting the way she captured him. I thought that was unique something I do not believe I have read before. Overall great story line, amazing characters, just the right amount of bloodshed that you would expect from the Nosferatu. Read book one and two and jump into the journey or just how Vincenza became who she is.
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322 reviews10 followers
May 20, 2020
Note: This review contains NO spoilers

Whoa! What a conclusion to this Veiled series! Vendetta has got some heart-pounding suspense and action that kept me at the "edge of my seat!" Reading this series in order is HIGHLY recommended. The series connects and makes sense when read in order. Anyways, Stacey Rourke has done it again with this series! This is yet another series that I have got all caught up in! I am in absolute awe with her books! This intriguing and contemporary take on a vampire story got me all worked up inside and gave me chills up and down my spine... Whoa! Vendetta is filled with suspense, action, and thrills that made even my hairs stand on end! Vendetta got me all emotional, too!

Stacey's complex characters and vivid world-building sets up this poignant and riveting story. Stacey intertwines a good amount of humor and angst within the tumultuous time that these characters were facing in this final book in the Veiled series. Vendetta and both previous books is a dark fantasy that vampire fans would probably enjoy. This is a unique twist on a vampire story that fans shouldn't miss.

Reviewer: Jasmine
Profile Image for Belle's Book Labyrinth.
172 reviews88 followers
May 20, 2020
This is seriously one of those trilogies where each book just got better and better and Vendetta wrapped up this series perfectly! Now, we could probably use more and get another book but this ended in an amazing way.

Vinx went from this naive, impulsive person to a woman of strength, self-control, and a kick-ass heroine. Here you have the perfect power couple and it had the right amount of bloodshed, action, drama, humor, and an ending that left me satisfied.

And seriously, freakin' Dorian Gray?? Ruthless, to say the least. But this had me on the edge of my seat, it was intense and dark. I am a fan of this series and again, this author has captivated me with her words and the worlds she has created.
May 16, 2020
Accept us, or don't. We're donor hiding. -Vincenza

What an amazing way to end this wild trilogy.

The characters were fantastic. I still loved the story of Vincenza and Vlad. They are quite the powerful couple and I felt a true connection with the characters. Vincenza is an hard core, bad ass character.

The storyline was unforgettable. Mixing Vlad the Impalor with Dorian Gray in the story was absolutely genius. Rourke truly brought in all the edge of my seat stops that kept me entertained from beginning to end. It is by far my favorite in this trilogy. Well done, Rourke, well done. I highly recommend this read!!
May 16, 2020
Vendetta is everything and more! Stacey Rourke sure knows how to hook you and keep you wanting even more. The raw emotion Stacey Rourke writes in this book had me holding my breath, laughing out loud, and crying my eyes out. I loved every minute of Vendetta, even if I was afraid to keep moving forward and afraid to lose my favorite characters. Let's be honest no characters of Mrs. Rourke is ever safe. I will not give any spoilers, you need to experience this book yourselves. This whole series has been amazing and each book builds on one another to form a truly amazing series. Highly recommend anyone to read!

Profile Image for Niamh Hunter.
73 reviews1 follower
May 15, 2020
I literally read this in one day. I adore everything that Stacey writes. I have been in the edge of my seat waiting for the conclusion of this saga. I have been so involved in Vinx's story from the start that I was a little worried that her story wouldn't end well.

I am so happy with how it ended. The loss of that character was a loss I had foreseen and it added to the end of this saga and luckily had left an opening for a return to this wonderful world.

All hail the Dragon queen.
Feed your batdogs.
Profile Image for Kira Assad.
1,001 reviews
May 15, 2020
Book 1 and 2 of the series was so intense and dark and bloody fantastic, I didn't know what to expect from book 3, but I was completely blown away! I mean, that cover alone tells you what you can expect from Vendetta! The author Stacey Rourke definitely has taken Vampire lore and made it her own. I loved getting back in to Vincenza's story, now the vampire queen! I am only sad to see this story end.
Profile Image for Jennifer Treviño.
538 reviews4 followers
May 20, 2020
This release had my full attention! Totally obsessed!! I loved books 1 & 2, so I was so excited for book 3’s release. Vendetta surpassed any expectations I had! This series has been intense from the start, & one I’ve looked forward to reading more & more of. Book 3 bumped that up a few notches with loads of action, drama, & unexpected twists. I could not put it down. Love these characters, their world, & the magical pull to follow them & do their bidding. Who’s side are you on?
Profile Image for Victoria.
Author 28 books109 followers
May 16, 2020
“‘In his defense, you look like the love child of a vampire and an armadillo.’”

With her usual mixture of humor, action, angst, and romance, Rourke finishes her “Veiled” series with a satisfying bang. As she’s done in other series, Rourke gives a unique twist to much-loved (and loathed) literary characters.
Profile Image for Beth Orsborn .
156 reviews2 followers
May 24, 2020
I am in love with Vincenza and Vlad. They are quite the powerful couple. Vincenza is a hard core, bad ass character since book 1 and continues til the end. Bravo!

Have to say mixing Vlad the Impalor with Dorian Gray in was absolutely brilliant, but Stacey never ceases to amaze me with her writing. This trilogy is by far one of my favorites. I highly recommend this read!!
Profile Image for Beverly.
247 reviews35 followers
May 16, 2020
The ending of this series was perfection! I couldn't put this book down. If you havent read the series you really should. Stacey Rourke really does vampires awesomely. Highly recommend this book and series to everyone.
Profile Image for Lynn  2 Girls & A Book.
633 reviews17 followers
May 18, 2020
This cover is amazing and completley encompasses the ending in the previous book.

Vincenza is the ultimate bad a**! What an ending! Rourke ripped my heart out but made up for it with Vlad sexiness.

All I can say is long live the Queen!
May 29, 2020
#1 Vinx Fan

This was the best series by far. Couldn't put all three books down. Loved loves loves it. Please please write another book to this series. Stacy you are the best. Thank you for giving us this fabulous series.
Profile Image for Megan.
163 reviews9 followers
May 18, 2020
The perfect ending to this action-packed, vampiric ride.
Profile Image for Mandie.
660 reviews34 followers
May 18, 2020
Each book of this series just keeps getting better and better! What an amazing ending to an epic vampire series! I loved it so much more than I thought I would! These characters are everything!
Profile Image for Brynn Myers.
Author 21 books178 followers
August 21, 2020
The Veiled Series Collection by Stacey Rourke
VEILED (Book 1)
GREAT STORY!!!! If you love vamps and are looking for a fresh take on an old troupe, then this series is for you! Vinx is a badass and you really need to find out why. I devoured this book and now I'm on to book 2, Vlad, with the same feverish need to find out what happens next.

VLAD (Book 2)
OMG!!! I am grabbing Vendetta STAT! Vlad. Vinx. The wedding. Despicable Dorian! Read this series. It's fantastic! I cannot wait to see how this ends. For all you vampire lovers, this is a must-read.

A perfect end to this series but I'm secretly hoping there will be more. BRAVO to Stacey for adding a new take on vamps. This series is not to be missed! <3
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