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A Touch of Taboo #2

Gifting Me To His Best Friend

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This Christmas, my husband is going with an unconventional gift for his best friend.


It’s only supposed to be for one night… But one night becomes two, becomes our entire vacation. There are no rules except the ones we make, and sharing me brings both Derek and Grayson closer than any of us could have imagined.

This year, what happens in our bedroom will put all three of us on Santa’s Naughty List.

*Sword-cross guarantee*

138 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 30, 2020

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About the author

Katee Robert

138 books25.5k followers
Katee Robert is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of spicy romance. Entertainment Weekly calls her writing “unspeakably hot.” Her books have sold over two million copies. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, children, a cat who thinks he’s a dog, and two Great Danes who think they’re lap dogs.

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Profile Image for Saswati.
406 reviews290 followers
December 7, 2020
It’s Christmas, after all. There are no rules when it’s Christmas.

MMF ✔️
Taboo ✔️
Scorching ✔️

Quick and fun read, with about 5% plot and 95% sex 😂

“Think she’ll scream my name when she comes or yours?”

Even though I liked the first book way more, this one's worth reading just for the ✨SMUT

“My little slut of a wife needs more than one cock to keep her happy right now, so that’s what she gets.”
Profile Image for Kristina .
732 reviews306 followers
September 14, 2023
DNF at 53%.
MMF is not for me. I went into this thinking it was a MFM, which I like on occasion, but it turned into yet another MMF of two best friends, secretly in love, using one’s wife as a wet hole to finally fulfill their desire for each other. I’m so not into this trope. It just ends up making me feel sorry for every character, the two men who had to repress their feelings and the woman who is just a beard/fleshlight. I’m sure this gives us a HEA where they all live happily as a thruple but with the complete lack of any plot, its not worth it to me. This book is 90% sex and it’s not hot one bit. They have full on conversations while fucking, not dirty talk, full on ‘do you remember that time when we…’.
Ugh thanks to those who advised me to avoid this author in future. This is my second by her and since I don’t like her smut and she doesn’t really write good plots, I think I have to end this relationship.
Profile Image for Melanie A..
1,086 reviews422 followers
August 9, 2020
4.5 STARS!!
We've gone too far to go back. There's only forward.

It's official . . . Ms. Robert knows how to write some seriously delicious smut. I'll pay full price for the books in this series all day long and twice on Sundays. 😂
"So fucking shameless. You'd ride my hand to orgasm right in front of him, wouldn't you?"
Triggers: none! except maybe MMF
It was sexy as hell to be in the middle of the menage, but watching them fuck is just as hot.
I LOVED that there was no violence or outlandish kinks here, just EXPLOSIVE chemistry between the characters.

Plot in a nutshell: Grayson and Emma are married. Grayson has been nursing a crush on his best friend, Derek, for a long time . . .
They're closer than brothers, close enough that I get jealous sometimes. How can I not when sometimes I catch Grayson looking at him like that.
. . . but so has Emma. And when an opportunity presents itself . . .
"We play games all the time, act out fantasies. How is this any different?"
. . . they decide to take it.

Of course there'll be consequences, but they collectively decide to deal with them later.
"Think she'll scream my name when she comes or yours?"
Eventually the real world catches up with them and they find themselves facing some hard choices.
What are the odds we could make it work?
Gifting Me to His Best Friend was well worth the read to answer that question!
Profile Image for Isabella. R.
846 reviews1,569 followers
July 29, 2020
4 Wrap Me in Ribbon Stars ⭐

Gifting Me to His Best Friend is not safe to read in public. Unless you have spare panties handy or a way to find instant gratification, it’s best enjoyed behind closed doors.

Emma and Grayson have been happily married for seven years and have a sex life that would be enviable to many. They are both open to exploring and pushing boundaries, however everything they’ve done in the past has been solely between them.

"We play games all the time, act out fantasies. How is this any different?"

Derek is Grayson’s best friend and the proverbial third wheel. In fact, the three have spent every Christmas together since they’ve married. There is a comradery between them with a hint of harmless flirtation. This is their normal. Except this Christmas will be different. Grayson is intent on making one of Emma’s forbidden desires come to life.

Without the guilt, pure lust rolls over me, rivalled only by my anticipation for things to come. Thirty-six hours of hedonistic indulgence and fucking.

This Christmas is going to be one for the record books.

Well hells bells was this filthy, consensual, brave and downright erotic. This novella was high on steam as it explores introducing a third into the bed, couch, kitchen counter... And with a spicy twist, it isn’t just Emma getting an extra tickle. Because it seems that Grayson has been harbouring his own little fetish involving Derek.

For those looking for a bite size smutfest guaranteed to get you hot and bothered, look no further!

ARC provided by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.
Profile Image for D.L. Howe.
Author 14 books418 followers
December 2, 2021
I’ve been saving this for almost a year, I freaking loved Your Dad Will Do but I was surprised I wasn’t into My Dad’s Best Friend. So, I came into this cautiously hopeful and I wasn’t disappointed.

Like holy smokes, I didn’t think anything could’ve been hotter than Shane and Lily but these three definitely give them a run for their money.

I will admit I would’ve liked a bit more variety especially for an MMF ménage but I wasn’t too disappointed. I mean who doesn’t love a couple men who are obsessed with giving lady head?
Profile Image for Lacey (laceybooklovers).
2,068 reviews10.5k followers
July 4, 2020
3.5-4 stars! This was yet another H O T novella from Katee Robert. I don't know where or how she comes up with all these taboo stories, but I hope she never stops writing them. Review to come!
Profile Image for Simran ..
Author 12 books444 followers
August 17, 2020
5 ”Christmas with a twist” stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

”A new game, Emma.” He thrusts deep, and I can’t stop myself from moaning, loud and wanton. “I want to give you to Derek. One night. I want to watch him eat your pussy, make you come, fuck you.” He keeps driving my desire higher with his movements and words. “I want to wrap you up like a gift just to watch him rip the ribbons off you.”

Oh My Freaking God....I’m stunned. Absolutely and utterly wrecked. Just when I thought the author couldn’t beat the first book, she proved me wrong. Where has she been hiding this dirty and taboo side of hers. I never in a million years would have expected her to write such filthy and forbidden romance. I’m addicted to this series. I just want More. More. And More. This book was one delicious fuckfest. If you’re going into this, just be ready for insane amount of sex. The stamina of these people is on whole other level.

”Aren’t you empty, baby? Wouldn’t it be good to be filled with that toy in your hand?”
Now it’s my turn to play the reluctant party. “I don’t know.” I arch up, offering him my breasts again. “I can’t think.”
“Then don’t think.” He’s actively touching me now. Grabbing my ass and squeezing, his fingers skating down the lower curve to guide me forward and up. And then down his stomach, until the head of his cock is there. Derek exhales and then he’s there at my entrance. “Just a little, baby. Just the tip hardly counts.”
“Derek, we shouldn’t.” But I roll my hips to take him inside. “Oh fuck, that feels good.” I do it again, working my way down his length. “Just one stroke. Just one isn’t really fucking.”
“That’s right baby. Only one stroke doesn’t count.” He pulls me tight against him, sealing us together.

I’m not going to go into the details of the plot because the blurb and title pretty much conveys it all. It does have a HEA. We have Grayson and Emma and Grayson’s best friend Derek. Am just gonna tell you the things I loved the most about this book.

• The writing was brilliant and so addictive.
• The chemistry among them was off the charts hot and sizzling. The pages drips with heat.
• The burning tension she created in the characters will leave you so excited, you can feel it in the air.
• One moment there’s seduction and the next they are tumbling into bed.
• The love between Emma and Grayson was so heartwarming. The amount of trust they had in each other. I loved how he always put her first.

”Don’t lie to me, Emma.” He skates a hand up my spine and wraps his fist around my bun. One tug has me bending back against his arm. “You want him to look? He’s going to fucking look.” His voice snaps. “Get over here, Derek. Look at what my little slut of a wife put on for you.”
The water moves slightly as Derek shifts closer. “Emma likes to put on a show. No harm, no foul.”
“Your hard cock says otherwise.” He tugs my hair again. It doesn’t hurt. In fact, the sensation has me fighting back a moan. Grayson cups one of my breasts with his free hand. “I’ve seen the way you look at her, too, Derek. The way you’re looking at her right now.” He rubs his thumb over my nipple through the swimsuit. “If I wasn’t here, you’d have your mouth all over her.”

• Derek was the perfect third to their duo. He fit in so well.
• ooff....The dirty talk was so well done. I have never blushed so hard. It added that more feelings to the forbidden act.
• The fantasies played out were filthy and so forbidden. Each sex scenes way hotter and erotic than the last. Whatever position you can imagine them in, they did that and more.
• I loved how it all ended. Their love for each other shined through the pages.

Happiness bubbles up inside me and I scoot closer to Derek. Grayson’s hand comes around his waist and strokes my hip. Yes. This is so incredibly perfect, only made more so by the knowledge that it doesn’t end with the rising sun.
We can have this happiness, this joy, this perfection.

If you guys haven’t got to this series yet or are stalling, just stop whatever you’re doing and READ IT.
This author is going to surprise you. I can’t wait to see what more she brings in this series. Hopefully we get to know it soon. ♥️

P.S: I’m off to reading the first book again. 🤤
Profile Image for Jamie.
450 reviews54 followers
December 18, 2022
Hella hot, no plot. My kindle almost caught fire.
Profile Image for Aisling Zena.
635 reviews476 followers
August 23, 2020
5 stars

And Katee Robert brings the hot, kinky fuckery again! This is one of my favourite type of menage, possibly my all-time favourite menage book to be honest.

I read mmf/mfm when the mood strikes and most times something in the plot won't sit well with me. Whether it's the H sharing the h willy-nilly or the two guys have more chemistry between them and use the h as a filler to their sandwich because, God forbid, their uber masculinity is threatened, or anything else I might nitpick. And if I'm in a mood that can happen all too easy. But here, here everything was perfect! They all love each other! My favourite kind of menage, love all around! Yay!

Everything you need to know is in the title. A married couple invite their best friend into the bedroom for Christmas. I loved that the chemistry and attraction was nicely explained and equally shared.

Be warned panties will ignite, paperbacks will catch fire and kindle devices might blow up! It's that hot!




Profile Image for Ath.
157 reviews60 followers
August 5, 2020
Man! I dont know really.. other side im not really into this menage relationship. But...My God its one hell of sizzling hotness of forbidden and sensual all wrap up into one dynamic of a story! 😲

The sex its hot as hell!! i don't can't even stop blushing and having a very hard time to stop myself going to the bathroom. 😅😅

Overall this series its freaking awesome and i might going to read the first book.. yet again... LOL!! 😜
Profile Image for Korrie’s Korner.
1,121 reviews13.6k followers
August 20, 2021
Now THIS is what I call smut, and I can see that I haven’t read anything like this in a long time. I feel like I’ve just eaten a ton of hot peppers because my body is sweating 😅. I’m legit blushing over some of the scenes, (very detailed scenes), I might add..what a story. Sometimes you just need one of these thrown into your regular reading to shake things up a bit. Tis good for the soul. Lol
Profile Image for Nana .
1,201 reviews36 followers
January 28, 2021
Triple hot

SO GOOD! This was so sexy, I missed reading something like this, lately, I'm not in the mood to read any romance, too many and none of them hold my attention to read, so I've only been into fantasy and thrillers, but like I said I wanted my good dose of taboo/ forbidden erotica, plus it's a short story, it read fast.

I'm going to save this read on my Kindle for when, you know, I need it, lol.
Profile Image for ᗩᑎᗪᖇᗴᗯ.
441 reviews45 followers
December 28, 2021
Probably don't try to stealth-read this one on your phone during a family gathering :)

This is my favourite Christmas read for 2021. Emma, Grayson and Derek are an adorable trio. The love between them is clear, even before the crossing of any boundaries (and swords).

The angst they feel over changes in their relationship is overblown, but not unreasonably so - while I've never had an experience remotely like theirs in this book, I'm intimately acquainted with the mountains-from-molehills principle under which a problem becomes seemingly insurmountable when you're stuck in it, even when the solution is obvious and easily achieved.

Great friends, great love, great sex and a great future to look forward to. Where do I sign up?
Profile Image for Salma.
355 reviews4,307 followers
January 3, 2023
yeah this just wasn't it for me hahahahaha.

it took me a week, A WEEK to finish this and I was listening to the audiobook on 2x speed ! I almost DNF'ed like 3 times but I was like, I need to finish this.

it just didn't do it for me personally. it felt more forced than organic imo. the smut was present, did I feel anything, nope (but maybe I'm broken ahahahha). objectively, the group activities were great but I wasn't sweating and that's not good.

anyways, I hope you enjoy it better than I did bc I know Katee delivers in the spice, this one just didn't work me :/
Profile Image for JadeC.
358 reviews54 followers
August 4, 2020
4 stars!

This Taboo series is sure on fire. i guess all I can say is.. lucky Emma 🤷‍♀️ I appreciate how Katee Robert also included feelings & emotions into her stories, just like Your Dad Will Do

though some fantasies might not be as realistic, but it's definitely something that i'm more than happy to get lost in. delightful MMF romance featuring a married couple with the husband's best friend 😌

There are no rules when it's Christmas 4 stars!
Profile Image for Stephanie.
768 reviews1,057 followers
April 28, 2022
A perfect erotica novella.

I think some people forget that erotica by definition means the smut is crucial to the story or at least furthering the story - the sex IS the plot in many cases. And this book did that so well.

This book was entirely from Emma’s POV. She’s been married to Grayson for 7 years and they have a wonderful, loving, kinky relationship filled with honesty and trust. Every year for Christmas they travel with Grayson’s best friend (I think since childhood, at least since high school) - Derek. There’s some simmering sexual tension between Emma and Derek, and Derek and Grayson.

So this Christmas, Grayson suggests he “gift” Emma to Derek.

Enter roleplaying, dirty talking, holy hot threesomes, a hot tub, and a surprising amount of feelings.

I thought the story was so well done, because clearly most of the book is spent with the three characters romping in one form or another, but in the midst of their games and fantasies and dirty talk we learn their history: that the timing was never right for Grayson and Derek, that Derek loves Grayson/Emma together, that there’s feelings all around this triangle.

My one complaint is that I wish we’d had just a touch more history between Emma/Derek - maybe just a paragraph talking about how they had bonded over xyz in years past, so it felt less like he was just a friend of her husband and more that she had built a friendship with him on her own. There was one scene where they mention they had talked late at night a few times in years past, but that was it.

Conversations about consent, fantasies, feelings, hard lines, communication, trust, jealousy were all well done
Profile Image for Meagan Brown.
149 reviews26 followers
February 21, 2023
Gifting Me To His Best Friend managed to be spicy, hot, and cringe worthy all at the same time. This is MMF and I don’t mind that at all and that’s not why I say it’s cringe worthy.

There was a few moments that had me almost adding this to the DNF pile but I finished it.

This includes spoilers-

Grayson and Emma have been married for seven years and go on an annual Christmas trip with Grayson’s best friend Derek. Grayson and Derek have been friends for a long time and always had feelings for each other, but never explored them because the timing was never right. Over the last seven years Emma has build up a desire for Derek and it’s one big lust fest between the three of them.

So Grayson offers to left his best friend have his wife for 36 hours as a Christmas gift while he watches them together. Except Grayson ends up joining in.

The cringe worthy part is that it seems like Grayson and Derek want each other but are too scared to make a move so they put Emma in the middle. Maybe Grayson didn’t really want to share his wife as mush as he wanted Derek himself. It seemed like they used her to fulfill their fantasy. Emma is way too into and doesn’t seem to mind or notice especially after all the attention they give her. Most of the sex scenes revolve around Emma but you pick up the tension between Grayson and Derek pretty quickly. I’m also cringing at the whole I bought a swimsuit for my husband’s best friend before Grayson even put the deal forward. When Emma got the swimsuit with Derek in mind, she didn’t know that her husband was going to offer her up like a meal to his bestie😬😬 There is a little more cringe but that’s all I’m saying.
Profile Image for ❤️Emma Book Lover ❤️.
470 reviews270 followers
August 30, 2020
4 stars

Ok, that gif ⬆ explains perfectly my feelings for this book.
HOT DAMN, this was hot and steamy.
This book is pure smut. 160 pages of it!

Married couple Grayson and Emma (she has my name, figure that 🙄😁) spends Christmas holidays with their best friend, Derek,in Colorado in a rented cabin.
Derek is Grayson's best friend since forever, both of them had both woman and men in their beds but the timing has never been right for them to be in the same bed.Now Grayson is married for 7 years, and he has seen how his wife is looking sometimes at Derek and him at her too. Emma has also noticed the attention her husband is giving their best friend when he thinks no one is looking.
In fewer words all 3 of them are insanely attracted to eachother, and because their marriage is far from your typical one, Grayson decides to ask Emma is she would agree to be Derek's gift this year.

Pfew ! Now the fuckfest begins. And its freaking awesome: role play, menage, mmf, mm, Jacuzzi action.

Both men are swoon worthy, Grayson is commanding, Derek is following his lead regarding his wife and the fantasy they are playing and Emma is just enjoying the ride.

Will they be able to stop once they return to real life? or will they make it work forever?

I really really wanted an epilogue and was quite annoyed there wasn't one.
Profile Image for Rae (semi-hiatus).
474 reviews89 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
January 13, 2023
DNF@42% Welp. That made me uncomfortable

I knew from the beginning something was off. Figured out what it was. Both the friend and husband were using the wife to get what they really wanted: each other. I feel like because the books POV was from the wife she’d have been a, yknow, MC, but it was like an outsider looking in even when she was getting fucked by them both. She was literally being used by her husband and his friend because they’ve been lusting after each other or in love with each other for forever. Or something. I couldn’t stick around to find out because it was hurtful reading. I honestly felt queasy reading each spicy scene because of this.

I love MMF. When it’s done right. This was not it. This was toxic and unbalanced. All three have to be fully invested, open with everyone (meaning honest communication), and on equal footing. There was none of that here. Not only is this disrespectful to the LGBT+ community but also the polyam community too. Ugh. 😞

From what I’ve read, I feel bad for the wife.
Profile Image for Rachael*Caribbean*girl*bibliophile.
1,671 reviews360 followers
August 23, 2020
Spoilers ahead

First of all, thank you to whomever reviewed this book today that caused it to show in my feed....I'm grateful😂

Now to the book, a husband and wife agree to gift her to his Best friend for Christmas. They're all on vacation together and it's a fulfillment of her fantasy. Wonderfully written, with JUST enough heat and backstory so we know it's not just about the sex.
My ONLY complaint was that I'd have liked an epilogue.
Menage as it should be done
Profile Image for tane'a.
263 reviews41 followers
October 25, 2022
this is the kind of christmas i’m tryna have🧍🏾‍♀️
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