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Another Yesterday

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Two lives. Two stories. One fateful afternoon the family secrets are uncovered from the hidden depths of the yesterdays of the past.

Maggie ~ 1966: "I never thought my life would fall apart in the way that it did. Nineteen, alone, and with a baby on my hip, I fled from all I knew--the city I lived in, my friends, my parents, and him. It was the only thing I could do.

And that's when I found Shadow Brook. A tiny town in Maine with a beautiful inn, and a place where I could forget about my past, locking the memories away along with the secrets that could shatter my daughters' world. Secrets, I left in the attic where they belong, hidden far away from her."

Rachel ~ 1996: "I never wanted my mother's life or her run down inn in nowhere Maine. I wanted my life in New York. The one with my handsome husband, fantastic career, and the bustle of city life. Isn't that when life likes to throw you to the wolves?

After finding my husband in bed with another woman and my mother passed away, I found myself not only the new owner of the inn, but also back in Shadow Brook, and face to face with old my high-school boyfriend, Luke. At least I can distract myself with the renovations, and I can finally clear out all of my mother's things. Including an old box of journals and letters found in the corner of the attic."

Each story in the Seashells and Second Chances Collection is about a strong woman overcoming hardships and finding her own second chance. Each story is a standalone novel and can be read and enjoyed separately from the others. If you love sweet and sensual contemporary romance with a dash of humor, you will love the stories in the Seashells and Second Chances Collection. Unlock this story and the others today.

Kindle Edition

First published June 17, 2020

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About the author

Angela Christina Archer

16 books70 followers
Author of Sweet and Spicy Romance from Yesteryear #sweetandspicyromance

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! So who am I? Well, it's quite simple actually. I'm a history-lovin' author who writes in her fuzzy pants and loves her horses! My stories have a pinch of sweetness, a dash of spice, and a dollop of history. Sound interesting? Then slip into your petticoats and curl up on the couch while I transport you to the past!

Growing up in Nevada, reading was always a pastime that took second place to trail riding and showing horses. When I did find the time in my youth to curl up with a book, I found enjoyment in the Saddle Club Series, the Sweet Valley High series, and the classics of Anne of Green Gables, The Box Car Children, and Little House on the Prairie. Although, writing always piqued my curiosity, it wasn’t until September 2009 that I worked up the courage to put my passion to paper and started my debut novel. With a love of history, it wasn’t hard for me to decide to pick the Historical Romance genre.

I live on a ranch with my husband, two daughters, and many farm animals. When I'm not writing, I spends my days from dawn to dusk as a stay at home, homeschooling mom. I also work in my garden and takes care of my many farm animals, as well as I love to bake and cook from scratch. While I don't show horses anymore, I still love to trail ride my paint horse, Honky, as well as I enjoy teaching my daughters how to ride their horses, Sunburst and Cowboy.

You can visit my website at www.angelachristinaarcher.com or www.longvalleypress.com for more information or sign up for her newsletters today to receive monthly updates and weekly sales, freebies, and new releases!


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4,224 reviews51 followers
June 19, 2020
4 Stars

“…the pressure to act a certain way as though nothin’ had happened or to smile as though nothin’ bothered me or to live as though I’d gone through none of what I had. So many had told me in the last couple of months my life would get easier, time will heal my wounds, and I will laugh again and I will go on livin’ and I will love again. Each statement, and especially the last one, always felt like the rug was yanked out from under my feet. I didn’t want easier and I didn’t want my wounds healed. I wanted to not have them at all.”

Another Yesterday is the second book in the Seashells and Second Chances series by Angela Christina Archer. Even though this is the second book in a series, it can be read as a standalone, as each book focuses on different characters. But after reading this book, I will definitely go back to read book one as well because if it’s anything like this story, it’s bound to be wonderful.
This is a sweet and sensual, contemporary romance with second chances, emotion, humour, secrets, sacrifice, betrayal, new beginnings, overcoming hardship, challenges, small town life, discovery, two timelines, family, mother-daughter relationships, surprising developments, and some drama.
This is my first book by Angela Christina Archer- so I was excited to see what lay in store for me. Ms. Archer writes beautifully- easily drawing me into the story and keeping me turning the pages. I found myself completely engrossed in the storyline, immediately investing in the characters and the outcome of their stories. I didn’t expect there to be such an emotional component to the story, which really tugged at my heartstrings. The way the story is written with several perspectives, and two different timelines- gave this story so much added interest, as well as revealing several surprising developments which I never saw coming.
Maggie arrives in Shadow Brook in 1966, having left everything she knew behind in the hope of starting fresh with her baby girl. The small town in Maine becomes home, with the beautiful old Inn becoming her sanctuary, where she could embrace the future and leave her past behind. Moving forward thirty years, Rachel (Maggie’s daughter) has returned to Shadow Brook after her own heartbreak. It isn’t exactly where she wants to be- but life has a way of throwing you curve-balls when you least expect it. Rachel is about to face the past from two separate directions- one in the form of hidden family secrets, and the other in the form of her former high school sweetheart, Luke. What ensues makes for a captivating read.
Looking forward to the rest of this series.

Thank you, Angela Christina Archer!
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2,047 reviews25 followers
June 18, 2020
Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2)
By Angela Christina Archer
5 out of 5 stars

I loved reading the book Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2) by Angela Christina Archer. It is a story that pulled me in from the beginning and didn’t let me go until the final page. It is a story about love, family, and finding oneself. It is a story that had my emotions going up and down the entire time I was reading it. There are times when I had tears in my eyes and others that had me empathizing with the characters. I loved reading about Maggie and Rachel. In 1966 Maggie finds herself in the small town of Shadow Brook. Away from all she had ever known, friends, family. It is a place she could forget her past. She left it hidden in a box in the attic. Rachel thought she had it all. A wonderful husband, a wonderful career, and living in a city that she loves. When life throws her come curves she finds herself back in Shadow Brook. Now she is facing her mother passing away, her high school sweetheart, and that she is the new owner of an inn. This is the story of two strong women that is unforgettable. Read this book to find out their full story. This is a story that has heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. It has moments that will touch your heart. The author has done an amazing job of creating not only a wonderful storyline but making the characters come alive. This is a book that I thought about long after I had finished the last page. Don’t miss out on this awesome story. I highly recommend reading it.
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1,180 reviews8 followers
June 18, 2020
This is a beautiful story about a mother and daughter. About their lives and the secrets they keep and the secrets that are found. Its a heartwarming story about love and forgiveness and shows that you never really know someone's story.

Maggie runs away from her home town. Leaving behind her parents, her friends and him. The Him being the father of her little girl Rachel. Being a young mum she flees to a small town of Shadow Brook where she rebuilds her life at the little Inn.

Fast forward 30 years and Rachel is a grown married woman. The last place she wants to be is working at the Inn her mother took on in the sleepy village of Shadow Brook, but when her mother passes away and she finds her husband has been unfaithful she runs back to the Inn.

When she starts to do the Inn up she find a box in the attic of her mothers letters and journal and she finally learns the truth of her mothers story. When she rekindles her romance with her old school sweetheart she thinks maybe she could build her life here just as her mum has before her.

I really enjoyed this book. There was laughter and sadness and twists that I didn't see coming but it was a very touching story.
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2,930 reviews23 followers
June 19, 2020
Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2) by Angela Christina Archer heartfelt story that is told by several POV’s. The story jumps back and forth as one or the other tells their story, mother and daughter but years apart. It is easy to fall in love with and get lost in the characters and the world Angela has created.

A young mum finds a home in a small town away from everyone and starts to build a life for herself and her daughter.

Years later Rachel finds her life falling apart as the man who promised forever broke everything. She soon finds herself back in the small town she left many years ago trying to put her life back together. She also finds that there are many secrets that she never saw coming.
2,134 reviews9 followers
June 18, 2020
Another Yesterday by Angela Christina Archer is the second book in the Seashells and Second Chances Collection. It is a book of two tales that draws on all of your emotions.
I loved reading about the 2 different generations and everything they both go through. I found it so easy to connect with the two characters and their respective stories. The author has really developed two well round and complex characters.
The story itself had everything you could want as well. I found it to be highly emotional which helped me to connect with it even more. As the first book that I have read by this author I was impressed with the writing style and how the whole book progressed. I will definitely be reading more by this author in the future.
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553 reviews4 followers
June 18, 2020
Another Yesterday by Angela Christina Archer was a great, entertaining, heartfelt novel! I had so much trouble putting this book once I started reading it. This is the second book in the Seashells and Second Chances series, but you don't have to read the first installment to understand this book. Or at least, I didn't and I haven't read the first one. This novel had me laughing and crying, and this is a book I would love to read sitting on the beach, by the ocean. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and I highly recommend it! I can't wait to read more from this author in the future!
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Author 31 books132 followers
June 17, 2020
Five Stars. LOVE it.
Ms. Archer has done it again! Her main characters - Maggie and Rachel - popped straight off the page to live in my imagination. Page after page, I was drawn into their world and lived as them. I absolutely could not put this book down. As much as I was rooting for their budding romances, I was captivated by the mother-daughter relationship, and the reminder to take advantage of each day because we don't get time back.
I definitely recommend Another Yesterday.
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254 reviews3 followers
June 18, 2020
Five big gold stars all the way through. Maggie and Rachel were sooooo easy to fall in love with and you could live through them in those stories. I’ve had easier things to do than try and come back to my reality out of a book. Kudos to you! Will most definitely read this again.
Profile Image for Faith.
344 reviews6 followers
June 12, 2020
This is a beautiful book with unexpected turns and secrets along the way. Maggie, in 1966, ran from her hometown after her life turned upside down with a baby in tow but still young. Maggie was running from friends, parents, and him: It was the only thing she could do. Until she finds Shadow Brook at a comfortable inn to forget her past, locking out her past but protecting her daughter from a devastating past but hidden away in a dark attic where they belong -- far away from her daughter.
Thirty years later, Rachel seeks a better life for herself other than the inn but a better life in New York with the sexy husband, great career, and the fast-paced city life. Life throws you curveballs when everything seems to be going right.
Rachel’s life is turned upside down after catching her husband cheating, her mom dies when she turns to Shadow Brook but rekindles her life with her high school sweetheart, Luke. When renovations are underway at the inn, Rachel comes across her mom’s old letters and journals in the attic.
This is a beautiful story of forgiveness, love, overcoming hardship and full of sweet and sensual with a sense of humor to make this book a beautiful read!
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707 reviews4 followers
June 20, 2020
When your world is thrown into turmoil at a young age can you recover and love and live again.

First off I need to say you will need a box of tissues, a quiet room where no one can see you cry and just soak up this glorious book. I rarely give five stars for books, although the books are brilliant in writing and characters a five star book to me has to hit me square in the chest and I have to have real gut emotion which this book does. OH MY GOSH does it.

The book follows the life of Maggie through her life and the ups and downs which follow her and boy does she have some downs, but when she finds solace in a seaside town and finds a family of sorts she starts to believe that all goods things come to those who wait. As the story goes through her life in this sleepy town it also crosses with her daughter Rachel in her life.

Rachel escaped from Shadow Brook leaving behind her family and close friends, she is a big city editor for a publishing company and has a loving husband. They have strived to have children which Maggie is pleading her to have but as the story goes through she can't conceive so she has basically given up hope. Until one early trip back from the office to surprise her husband, her husband surprises her which has her running back to Shadow Brook and finding tragedy.

As the stories intertwine you get a feeling of the relationship Rachel had with her mother and the secrets which were buried deep all those years ago but will a stranger in the Inn open Pandora's box and reveal a secret which has been kept from Rachel for her whole life and will she ever be the same.

I loved this book and cried so much my emotions where all over the place, the characters where rich and warm and I instantly engaged with the story from the first words. Please if there is one book you need to read it’s this one, this is the first book I have read by this author and would love to read the first book in this instalment and the rest. Thank you for letting us into your world.
Profile Image for Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews.
2,320 reviews120 followers
October 15, 2020
What a delightful story about love, heartbreak, forgiveness, and second chances.

This is the story of Maggie and Rachel, mother and daughter. The story flips back in forth in time between 1966/67 and 1996 from the point of view of both main characters. Maggie is a brave woman for the late 60s and trying to raise a child on her own. I loved watching her blossom and come into her own. Her daughter, Rachel, has her own issues starting with finding her husband in their bed with another woman. That sends her down a path that she never expected to take but it really was for the best.

As the story progresses, we learn more about Maggie and Rachel and their trials, tribulations, and joys. There were many things that might be a surprise to some but I just knew somehow these events were going to happen. But that didn't lessen the story and there was even a time or two where tears were shed even though I knew what events were about to happen.

I loved all of the characters, even the not so nice ones aka Maggie's parents, especially her mother. I think her mother was unhappy with her own life and took it out on Maggie. It is a shame that she was bitter because she lost out on many years in her daughter and granddaughter's lives.

Both Maggie and Rachel found a second chance at love. Watching them experience love again was heartwarming.

"The funny thing about secrets is they can wound not only the one they are withheld from, but the one holdin' them."

This quote from the book couldn't be any truer. There are many secrets, mostly kept from Rachel by her mother, but even Rachel kept some secrets. However, time reveals all secrets and it is a matter of how one decides to deal with those truths.

Overall this was a very enjoyable book and I will have to look into the other books in this series.  We give it 4 paws up.
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973 reviews12 followers
June 18, 2020
I enjoyed this novel and like the other stories in the series it is about strong independent woman who overcome hardships and find their second chances. The story is a sweet and sensual contemporary romance, which took me on an emotional rollercoaster whilst reading it. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone story. “Two lives. Two stories. One fateful afternoon family secrets are uncovered from the hidden depths of the past.” In 1966, nineteen year old Maggie finds herself alone with a baby having left the city, her friends, family and the baby’s father behind. Maggie ends up in a tiny town in Maine, Shadow Brook at a beautiful inn, a place where she can forget her past and start a fresh with her daughter. In 1996, Rachel finds herself at her mothers run down inn in Maine. Having loved her life and career in busy hectic New York she’s not happy to return to her childhood home. However after her mother passed away and she then finds her husband in bed with another woman, Rachel finds herself back in Shadow Brook. Finding herself face to face with Luke, her high school boyfriend complicates matters further. Whilst clearing out her mother’s things from the attic, she comes across an old box of letters and journals and secrets from her mother’s past suddenly come to light.
I found this novel to be wonderfully written with a storyline that really captured me and kept me turning the pages well into the night. I loved the characters, both Maggie and Rachel are likeable and realistic and the problems that they overcome made them very relatable. I especially enjoyed the similarities and differences between the mother and daughters lives and how they both ended up in Shadow Brook for their own second chances. I definitely recommend this novel, and I look forward to reading other books by this author.

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733 reviews2 followers
June 19, 2020
Another Yesterday is the 2nd book in the Seashells and Second Chances Collection by Angela Christina Archer. This is a series where the lead women are overcoming hardships and are looking for a second chance. Each of the books in this series can be read as a stand-alone. This was the first time I had read any of this author’s work. I was taken in by the blurb and decided to give it a chance. I’m so glad that I took a chance on this book as I thoroughly enjoyed it.
In Another Yesterday we get 2 different tales, one of the mother Maggie and the other, her daughter Rachel. This is a very emotional book that will pull you in from the very beginning and will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and not let you go until the very end.
I absolutely loved both women’s stories. The author has created 2 amazing characters and you can’t help but be totally drawn in and moved by their stories. Both women have bad experiences the first time they fall in love but fight on and face a second chance at finding true love. Will the 2 women find true love at the second attempt? I urge you to read this great book and find out for yourself.
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836 reviews
June 22, 2020
Another Yesterday is the second book I Angela Christina Archer’s Seashells and Second Chances Collection. I have not read the first but as I fell in love with the way the writer tells her stories; I will go back and read the first one. In addition, I love the second chances stories that take place in small town New England so it really ticked some boxes for me!
Another Yesterday tells us two stories; one that got its beginning in 1966 and the other one that comes to a stop in 1996. In 1966 Maggie arrives in a small town of Shadow Brook with her little baby girl Rachael. She does not know if she is staying or simply passing through and she ends up finding a home, a sanctuary in a form or a beautiful old inn. In 1996 Maggie’s no longer little girl Rachel has returned to Shadow Brook as well, after her own bout with heartache. Her mother is gone and finally, the secrets collide and it is time to face the past, more distant and a closer one and we are swept away on a journey filled with so much emotion ad family and sacrifice and second chances and new beginnings … Be prepared to swing from 1966 to 1996 and back and have a box of tissues nearby!
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191 reviews5 followers
June 28, 2020
This is an emotional story about two women, mother and daughter, their struggles and their ups and downs in life. In the year 1966 Maggie moves to a small-town Shadow Brook where she dreams of starting a family and a future. She leaves all her past behind, and rebuilds her life with a little inn. She hides her past behind in journals and letters, hidden in the attic of the inn. Thirty years after, her daughter, Rachel is a happy person living a successful life in New York. Suddenly her life turns upside down, and she is forced to seek solace in Shadow Brook again, where she has to encounter her past. As she renovates her inn, she finds those letters her mother had hidden long back. How does Rachel react to those letters? What do these both women do when life throws them a second chance? That forms the crux of the story.
This is a heartwarming story of hardships and forgiveness. It is a tale of two women and it is very easy to connect with their characters. The story is told from different perspectives, and it jumps back and forth from mother to daughter. It does have a dash of humor but there are emotional scenes which bring a lump in your throat. The story has all elements in it which makes it a gripping read, small town setting, love, heartbreak, forgiveness and a chance of a second love. Definitely a good book!
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2,729 reviews6 followers
June 18, 2020
I can’t even put into words all of the emotions this story has put me through. Love, frustration, loss, sorrow, heartbreak, surprise and the sparkle of first love, even second love. At first I struggled with this. But at about 30% it really started coming together. There are plenty of date/year switches but as the story goes on I can see a reason for each and every one of them.

The writing in here is wonderful. The author made me care about the characters. Feel their joy and cry tears with them. There are certain parts in here that just really pulled on those old heartstrings. This is a definite journey that I went on that spans over time. Sometimes I felt it was a bit wordy and some areas could have been cut down but for the most part I really liked it.

The characters really just pulled me into their life. I felt the second love of James and Maggie as well as all the emotions of her first love, Charles. Then there is Rachel and her life with Paul and her regrets with Luke. This has secrets that are played out over the course of this story. Everyone has secrets but how damaging are they?

1,469 reviews6 followers
June 19, 2020
5 Star
Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2) by Angela Christina Archer is a wonderfully written story that I found myself drawn in from the beginning and I couldn’t stop reading till the end. Wow what an emotional rollercoaster ride, I pretty much either was teary eyed or close to it the whole time. At times it really pulled at my heartstrings. I will say at first I was a bit confused by the switching back and forth but I realized what was going on and it flowed from there. Rachel is a woman who finds her husband in bed with another woman . Her mother passes away and she finds herself leaving the life she knew to go back to Shadow Brook to the inn her mom owned. She is renovating the inn when she comes across a box of her moms stuff inside is letters and journals. Rachel learns so much from these journals Her mom Maggie was 19 when she ends up in Shadow Brook with a tiny baby. Will Rachel find herself again? Will she get a second chance at love ? Get ready for a emotional rollercoaster ride that you won’t regret reading. I highly recommend this book and I can’t wait to read more from this Author.
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1,114 reviews6 followers
June 18, 2020
Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2) by Angela Christina Archer. I loved this book. Its the story of Rachel who finds her husband in bed with another woman and her mom passing away she finds herself leaving the life she loves behind to go to Shadow Brook, Maine the new owner of the run down Inn her mom owned. Add to the crazy list of things happening she runs into her ex high school boyfriend Luke. She tries to keep herself busy with the renovation of the Inn but in cleaning out her mom's things she finds a box of journals and letters that bring even more mystery to her life. She learns her mom Maggie ended up in Shadow Brook all alone at 19 with her as a baby. What will Rachel find out about her mom in these journals? Will the life she's known all be a lie? Will she ever be able to forgive Paul or will she give new love a chance with Luke? Read this amazing love story to find out!
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1,327 reviews18 followers
June 24, 2020
I really stumbled upon a gem with Another Yesterday by Angela Christina. This may be the second novel in the series but it is easy to read on its own as it contains different main characters from the first so you didn’t miss anything from what I have gathered. I do intend to go back and read book one now that I have read this one because I am sure that it will be just as wonderful as this one was.

I really fell in love with not only the characters that are in this novel, but also the scenery and the way the author paints the view for you with her words. I was taken aback by the beauty as if I was smelling the salty air for myself and dipping my toes in the cool sea. This book weaves a family tale right along with the romance plot and it kept things moving at a rate that I was literally struggling to put this book down until I found out how things would come to be for the characters that I had become so invested in. We meet Maggie and her daughter in the beginning. Rachel, the daughter becomes our main character in the book when she finds herself back at the beach inn that once was her mother’s sanctuary. She hopes that she will find the same solace in life but things do tend to throw her a curveball here and there. Especially when the handsome and dashing Luke comes back into her life like a high tide. I was so sad that their story came to an end but I am excited to see what the other books in the series will contain!
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3,788 reviews28 followers
June 18, 2020
I enjoyed this book. This is a new author for me and I will be looking for more from her for sure. This is a story written with lots of heart and soul. It is like two stories in one. Two women both strong and both facing second chances despite what life has thrown at them. I had no problem connecting with the characters. They took me on a roller coaster ride that kept me turning pages. First you have Maggie who finds herself a single parent running from everything she knew. She finds a small town and runs an inn. Now you have Rachel who finds her husband cheating and she loses her mother at the same time. She suddenly finds herself the new owner of the inn. Will she find love in her high school boyfriend again? Will she find herself? There is much going on in this book and it was written well so you don’t get lost. This was a great rainy day read and I highly recommend it.
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780 reviews2 followers
June 19, 2020
Another Yesterday by Angela Christina Archer is the second book in the Seashells and Second Chances Collection. The books can be read as standalone which was fantastic since this was my first read by this author. This book is full of family, love, and second chances. We get the story of Maggie, who needs to start her life over for herself and her baby girl in a small town. Thirty years later we get the story of Rachel who thought she had everything she ever wanted to lose it all and have to start over. This story is emotional and full of learning about the past in order to move on and have a better future. Will Rachel be able to find the light at the end of her path? I really enjoyed this story and how multifaceted it was. Truly between Maggie and Rachel you get two stories in one. I will be checking out other books in this series soon.
142 reviews
June 20, 2020
Another Yesterday is the second book in the Seashells and Second Chances collection by Angela Christina Archer.
In 1966, Maggie ran away from her home town after things didn't turn out as she’d planned. With her baby daughter in tow she finds somewhere new to forget her past and build her future.
Thirty years later, Rachel thought she had it all, a wonderful husband and successful career. But life is never that simple, and her life takes a dramatic turn, forcing her to face her past and her future.

Be warned, this book is an emotional rollercoaster. There are highs and lows that keep you turning the page for more. The characters are wonderful and I was hooked from the start. You will fall in love with Maggie, Rachel and their stories. As the story follows them both of them two time periods are covered, I loved finding out the backstories and it was easy to switch between the past and the present.
I would recommend this book to anyone.
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Author 19 books339 followers
June 19, 2020
Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2) by Angela Christina Archer


Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2) by Angela Christina Archer was very enjoyable. I loved this second chance romance novel. It had a great storyline and interesting characters. I loved Maggie and Rachel and the back and forth between time. It was interesting to read things that happened with her mom. I hated Rachel’s ex hubby Paul after what happened. It broke my heart. Overall I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it.
1,399 reviews10 followers
June 19, 2020
Wow. This relationship filled story left my heart shattered in the best possible way. So many emotions! Going in to this I expected to enjoy the storyline but I was unprepared for the multiple layers to the story that added such a fantastic depth to each page. Lost love, lost family, reignited passion, going home - so many wonderful layers. Archer does a beautiful job with this book. It stands alone easily (for which I’m thankful not having yet read the first in the series). But I will definitely look to add more from this series and author to my library ASAP.
155 reviews
June 27, 2020
Another Yesterday by Angela Christina Archer is a captivating story about love, life, and finding oneself. The story of a mother and daughter during each of their journeys to finding their way through life. You will be hooked from the first page until the end. The trials of each women's life is realistic and engaging. I couldn't put it down! This was my first book by Angela Christina Archer and I can't wait to further explore her books.
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687 reviews7 followers
June 22, 2020
Another Yesterday (Seashells and Second Chances Collection Book 2)
by Angela Christina Archer

This is a wonderful read full of emotion. The storyline drew me in and pulled at my heartstrings throughout the entire story. We follow Maggie's life, her struggles, heartbreaks, and triumphs, we also follow Rachel's life, who is her daughter. There are lies, betrayal, second chances, heartwarming moments and more that will keep you turning pages. This author did an exceptional job writing a great story and characters that are relatable. I couldn't help but become completely invested in the characters in this book. I highly recommend this book.
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4,005 reviews438 followers
March 31, 2021
0 - DNF 40%
As if to argue with me, a woman laughed behind the closed door of our bedroom. Her giggle soon turned into moans of pleasure that not only stole my breath, but also stole my ability to think or to place one foot in front of the other. Petrified, I just stood there.

“How long have you been seeing her?” I motioned toward the woman.

“Nearly a year,” he said.

“Sarah’s pregnant. She’s pregnant and she’s having my child. Our child. I love her and I want to marry her.”

“You will never have another yesterday,” I whispered to myself. Words I’d heard my mother say countless times. As a kid, I thought them as a beautiful poetic thought. As a teenager, I thought of them as annoying. And now, in my thirties, I suddenly realized exactly what she meant.
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71 reviews1 follower
August 31, 2021
Another Yesterday weaves together the stories of Mother and Daughter-Maggie in 1966 and Rachel in 1996. Maggie flees from her home, and ends up in Shadow Brook, Maine. But what was she running from and can she really avoid a run in with the past? Rachel, determined not to live like her mother, is forced back to Shadow Brook when her husband is unfaithful and her mom dies unexpectedly. Reading her mom's old journals shows Rachel a side of he she never knew, and secrets are revealed.

I have read both of the books in the Mothers and Daughters collection, and enjoyed them both. The parts of the book that take place in the past intrigue me--seeing a different time compared to modern day(late 90's) life. Maggie and Rachel are both likeable women, who I was rooting for during the novel. As a mother myself, I understand Maggie's desire to shield Rachel from her past, and to try to give them a new start at life. I am excited to see what Angela Christina Archer writes next!
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October 9, 2021
Maggie fnds herself running toward something. She doesn't know what, but she is determined to make a normal and healthy life for her baby Rachel.

She drives until she reaches Maine. Exhausted, her funds are dwindling by the day. She rents a room at an inn planning to stay a few days at most. The owner of the inn welcomes her and Baby Rachel.
Maggie doesn't want to be taken under anyone's wing.

It's the 60's and any woman with a baby and no husband is harshly judged, bullied, and ignored except for the whispers everywhere she goes.

But, she has a secret she isn't ready to share.

And, Lord have mercy, all of the scenes with lobster and crabs left me drooling.

Maggie's HEA and several other surprises make this book excellent. The only reason I gave Another Yesterday four stars rather than five is because I stumbled over words meant to show Maggie's Southern dialect. Example: fixin' rather than fixing. Showing her accent early on sets the scene of where she came from.
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