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Cosmic Health: Unlock Your Healing Magic with Astrology, Positive Psychology, and Integrative Wellness

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There’s much more to astrology than weekly horoscopes, personality types, and predictions for the future. For astrologer and transformational coach Jennifer Racioppi and her clients, it is a guide to living in sync with the natural rhythms of the universe to achieve optimal health and astonishing success. Cosmic Health provides a groundbreaking cross-disciplinary approach to cultivating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. By honoring your individuality, your role in the universe, nature, and the seasonality of life, you will be armed with the knowledge—and magic—you need to cultivate uncompromising health.

Inside this beautifully illustrated book, you’ll learn to:

• Open yourself up to the big-picture patterns that influence you—the daily, seasonal, and monthly cycles that govern your biology—and leverage those patterns for conscious action, growth, success, and a thriving life.
• Decode the planets and their cycles to get a precise blueprint of your evolving emotional, physical, and spiritual health needs—like how to exercise for vitality, cultivate your purpose, tackle obstacles, and skillfully care for your emotional needs.
• Support your specific astrological makeup and goals with healing rituals that serve as sacred medicine, enriching your spiritual connections.
• Develop a rock-solid understanding of the connection between astrology, health, and evidence-based personal-development practices so you can nurture your resilience, elevate your well-being, and realize your heart’s desires.
• Learn to view health and life challenges as a threshold to self-actualization.
• Put your intuition and self-knowledge at the heart of your quest for health.

Join the thousands of others who have used this body of work to transform their lives into fulfilling and multidimensional reflections of their Cosmic Health.

416 pages, Hardcover

First published January 12, 2021

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Jennifer Racioppi

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607 reviews
January 29, 2021
The whole enchilada - astrological aspects explained using common language, grounded relatable experiences such as illness, mixed together with psychology and natural elements delivers on its promise of enlightenment for the reader’s healing. If you preordered, author Racioppi generously offered a lunar cycle teleclass thereby a preview of this book’s lesson plan: mind-opening and soul-affirming. If not, no worries since she is very active with blogs, e-letters and social media available teachings. Definitely try her book. This is the “astrology” book I’ve been hungering for in this lifetime and now its lessons bless my timeline, may it do likewise for many more.
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Author 41 books53 followers
November 13, 2020
*I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

I can truly say I've never read anything like this book. This book takes on a holistic approach to working with astrology, using a combination of birth charts, psychology, and integrative wellness practices to promote greater health, harmony, and happiness -- and does not provide a standard definition of what "heath, harmony, and happiness" should look like, because BINGO! Those are subjective to every single human alive. That part, I greatly appreciated, because throughout the book, the author is careful not to impose any "norm" on the reader and their expectations. Health doesn't look the same for everyone, nor does happiness or harmonious living.

I will admit that as an astrology novice/ dumdum (I appreciate it, it's just not the area where I've got a lot of experience or the required interest to get that knowledge) I was worried that it would be too advanced for me to understand and incorporate into my lifestyle. Thankfully, it's written with a "Start where you are" sensibility that made it feel less intimidating, and made me feel like I was welcome to start using these principles, despite my inexperience with many things astrological. The Five Principles of Cosmic Health are easy for readers of any level of experience to begin integrating into their life.

I was also worried that this book would eschew medicine as a whole ; it does not, but it does critique the medical industry, which it rightly points out is profit/capitalism-centered rather than patient-centered. In fact, there's a lot more psychology in this book than I would have guessed from the description. For some readers, this will be a drawback, and for other, it'll be a strength of the book.

Chapters cover a range of topics, from the basic connections between astrology and health, to chapters that zero in on certain principles and go into greater depth with then, like how the planets can have an influence on health and wellness.

It's somewhere between an astrological health text, self-help book, with just enough "witchy woo" to not be classified as "medical astrology" but instead, it's more like a holistic approach to learning how to listen to and trust your own body, and about learning how to "lean into" the ebbs and flows of planets instead of fighting against them.

I can foresee myself recommending this book to others, and revisiting some of the chapters again.
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269 reviews29 followers
February 14, 2021
This book is a true gift to humanity. It is an interweaving of Astrology, Positive Psychology, individuals’ experiences, ancient mythology and rituals to guide readers through the journey to better knowing themselves.

Ultimately, this book is a toolbox filled with ideas and suggestions to either be used as-is, and/or as inspiration or ‘jumping off points’, as you get to know your own character, mind, spirit, strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. The author recommends throughout that each reader embrace and maintain their own sovereignty, empowerment and individualism as they work through the knowing of themselves, their needs and the deepest yearnings of their soul.

There is so much in this book that I think I will be revisiting it several times (in both print and audio) to really get to know the material it contains. Please don’t get me wrong: it is not difficult to understand at all. There is simply so much ground covered that taking small bites and chewing on them for a while is a pleasure. Now that I have read the book in its entirety, I will take the time to savour my favourite bits. Plus, there are so many great suggestions to be put into practical action, which takes both time snd practice.

I really appreciated the set-up of this book. There are four parts (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). The fire section introduces the five tenets of Cosmic Health. Earth describes how to live cyclically, according to Lunar and seasonal cycles. In the third part, Air, we are introduced to the basics of Astrology and the core Astrological aspects of self. The vast remainder of the book belongs to Water. This fourth part is dived up by planet. Within each planetary chapter, there is a section on the original myth associated with that planet, how each relates to current psychology, the specifics of each natal placement of that planet in the Astrological Signs, and a ritual to either do as-is or to use as inspiration to create your own ritual. Honestly, it flows really wonderfully.

FIRE: The author starts with a definition of what she means by Cosmic Health - and it’s wonderful! This is one of the most inclusive, empowering definitions of health I have ever encountered. It does not preclude that one be completely free of disease. As someone who identifies as disabled, and someone who lives daily with severe chronic pain, this made me incredibly happy.

EARTH: Here we discover how living according to the Moon’s lunar cycles (as well as seasonal cycles) can aid in one’s healing and maintain balance in life. I am not at all new to this concept, but I really love the author’s empowering take on this concept.

AIR: I am somewhat newer to Astrology, but had read a couple of books, done some research and followed a series of instructional webinars to learn the basics prior to reading this book. I found the fundamental teachings on this subject very easy to follow. But even more than that, I just loved the author’s take on Astrology in general. I loved that each placement in one’s natal chart is simply an aspect of your nature that has a full range of benefits, talents and/or potential pitfalls. Knowing these tendencies allows the reader full sovereignty over how they embrace and use these aspects in their lives. Personal empowerment is a strong theme throughout this book.

WATER: I just loved how this half (or more) of the book is set up. Not only does it flow super well, but it also sets this book up as a timeless reference. At any point, readers can flip to a chapter on whichever planet to see what kind of energy it embodies, the origin myth associated with that planet, how it relates to the specific sign placement in a natal chart, a modern psychological theme that resonates with the overall energy of that cosmic entity, and/or take another deep dive with the ritual the author has associated with such. So relatable. So organized. So incredibly FUN and exciting. And since getting to know our deepest selves is the work of a lifetime, this is a book that I can see remaining on my bookshelves for years and years to come.

WHAT I LOVED ABOUT THIS BOOK: see all of the above.

One small section in this book notes that this book was written for women, but that men and non-binary folx could still get a lot out of this book. I found this completely unnecessary. It is also so exclusive, and in complete contrast to the seemingly otherwise inclusive feel the book gives. To be frank, the short portion concerning the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle, could have been directed towards menstruating versus non-menstruating humans and left the remainder of the book much more inviting to all. There are a few other examples of the author obviously speaking directly to women only that are even less relevant. It’s 2021 and time to let all of that hierarchical binary stuff go, and simply address the readers interested in your book. And if some readers are too squeamish to read about a normal bodily function of half the human population, then that is on them (obviously, in my opinion).

Thank you to the author, Jennifer Racioppi, NetGalley and the publisher, Little, Brown & Company, for an e-book copy of this title in return for an honest review. I also personally purchased a copy of the audiobook so that I could listen and revisit sections.
Profile Image for Chantal Kloth.
186 reviews
March 24, 2023
super in depth and accurate astrology book that covers every placement. gives you an amazing overview of the placements, and how to incorporate things into your life to help your overall cosmic health
4 reviews2 followers
February 12, 2021
Wonderful book! Definitely a book you will need to go over a few times to absorb all the information Racioppi provides. I enjoyed the astrology aspect and combining it with day to day living. I love the focus on emotional health and bringing emotions/feelings to the forefront of your attention. Definitely worth the read if you are interested in "holistic" health or even if you have an open mind and enjoy deepening your understanding of emotional health.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
149 reviews1 follower
February 5, 2021
The book itself is very pretty and the design is superb.

Strangely it felt like I had stumbled onto her website and then read all her blog posts in a nice flowing order.

It was very poppy to me, as in, very current with what’s happening in the world right now, referencing books that are mostly newer, almost all of which I’ve either read or been exposed to.

I do wish the “Living in Sync with Solar Cycles” would have also included her take in the Southern Hemisphere.

There are some nice rituals that are versions of what I’ve done before and I will happily take the reminders.

So in all, nothing was ground breaking nor did any “ah ha” moments happen. It feels like it could have been a lot deeper.

This would be a good intro to astrology, positive psychology, and integrative health if there was no prior understanding or exposure.
February 14, 2021
I’m truly loving this book! It’s so practical and action oriented that I’m already seeing a great shift. Thank you so much Jennifer you’re such a bright light!
Profile Image for The Starry Library.
326 reviews34 followers
August 21, 2020
Cosmic Health is an astrological guide on how to harness the powers of the cosmos to bring greater wellness back into your life. It's a holistic approach to working with astrology that uses the birth chart combined with positive psychology and integrative wellness to unlock greater health, harmony, and happiness. This book teaches you how to live cyclically with the planets, develop greater self-awareness, and practice self-healing. Understanding the purpose and energies of the cosmos helps you to integrate your own unique astrological blueprint, gifting you with intuition and magic that supports your health. There are chapters on the basic connections between astrology and health, and a deeper look at how the planets inform your health and wellness.

Initially I thought this was a book about medical astrology, but readers beware, this is not an astrological health text. This book is about how to bring more health and harmony into your life by following the author's 'Five Principles of Cosmic Health' which are ways to develop greater self-awareness of one's mind, body, and soul needs using astrology.

This book focuses a lot on psychology and I wish there was more information about embodiment and the physical manifestations of the planets in regards to health and healing.

Overall this is a very good guide on how to transmute the chaos of dis-ease, whether its physical, mental, emotional or spiritual into a beautiful order that unlocks the inherent healing magic inside each and every one of us.
Profile Image for Ashley  Osborn - Book Of Salem.
54 reviews34 followers
November 20, 2020
This book of the perfect amount of magic and science-based facts. Written by Astrologer and Success Coach, Jennifer Racioppi, this book is a treasure trove of information. It’s not something you will only read once, it’s something that you will want to keep opening back up to reference.

I think what makes Cosmic Health stand out from other astrology books is that it brings information and tips into current day situations. We live in a time of social media, racial injustices and significant climate issues. Racioppi mentions all of this and brings it into the practice.

I have always been fascinated by astrology but never really took it much further than knowing that I am a Taurus. However, this book made it so easy to find out so much more about myself and also why my body reacts in certain ways. It’s like having a road map of yourself and your health right in front of you.

One of the most important things mentioned in this book is that Jennifer does not believe that astrology is the 100% cure to all of your aliments. But astrology mixed with modern medicine very well can be.

The only thing that makes this book a 4 star instead of a 5, is that I wish that there was some way to see your natal chart in this book instead of having to go on the internet to look it up. I know that this would have significantly affected the size of the book but I think it would prove helpful, especially to astrology newbies.

Thank you to Little, Brown and Company and Netgalley for an advanced reader copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Diana Band.
213 reviews6 followers
March 2, 2022
Wow, what a compassionately written book. And despite what it might seem, it’s not overly crunchy or woo-woo (which, don’t get me wrong, I love the crunchy and woo-woo), so I think it’s very approachable for anyone with even a passing interest in how astrology can improve their life as well as physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. I’m very glad I wound up purchasing a copy of this after finding it at my local library, because as expected, I needed to tab a lot of notes! Although I’ve always been interested in all things metaphysical, including astrology, I never dove deep—it seemed a little intimidating to figure out. But Racioppi does an excellent job of introducing and exploring deeper aspects by sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as planets, and now I feel confident that I can explore my birth chart even more deeply. I’ve always identified with plenty in my sun sign, Gemini, but learning I have an Aries moon and Leo ascendant, so many other aspects of my personality make so much more sense to me! This book made me feel seen, and especially dealing with chronic illness, I feel like this book’s message on building grit and resilience through my astrology has given me so many more tools to deal with challenges and setbacks not just in my physical health, but everywhere else in my life as well. If you’re reading this, Ms. Racioppi, I hope you have some kind of companion workbook in the works, because I think that would be great! Highly recommended—I hope the author has more books in her future because I will read them all.
Profile Image for Emma Studley.
21 reviews1 follower
January 12, 2022
As someone who has read a lot of self help-y books in my life and is going through my witchy phase, this book was a 10/10. For anyone looking to deepen their understanding of astrology (maybe at least have the costar app or that level of understanding prior), this was a perfect read.

Not only does Jennifer cover how to navigate your birth chart, she also goes into topics like cyclical/seasonal living, positive psychology (without toxic positivity), Greek mythology, and covers rituals to incorporate into life. She keeps a wholistic approach while acknowledging systemic adversity, toxic diet culture, and encourages the reader to engage with a variety of practices to take care of themselves. Astrology, western medicine, therapy, artistic expression, and psychology all are woven together as she presents a cocktail of ways to engage our lives.

I’m a fan and I can’t wait to dive deeper into astrology books after getting more eased into my understanding with this book! And to try out some rituals as well 💫🪐
Profile Image for Lisa Ellison.
23 reviews1 follower
February 17, 2021
I absolutely loved Cosmic Health. Jennifer does an excellent job marrying the astrological with the physical and psychological in her groundbreaking book. Cosmic Health was recommended to me by a mentor. When I started reading it, I was an astrology novice who saw the field as very woo woo. Jennifer not only changed my mind, she showed me how understanding and accepting myself and then living with my natural rhythms can improve my health. I have a background in psychology and loved how she incorporated the best of positive psychology while also directly addressing some of its myths and dark sides. I've already recommended the book to ten friends and bought a second copy for my partner. My only problem with this book is that I wish I'd had it ten years sooner. Don't make that mistake. Go buy Cosmic Health!
Profile Image for Susan Williams.
20 reviews1 follower
August 20, 2020
Author Jennifer Racioppi is a Astrologer and Success Coach In her book Cosmic Health she “Marries key concepts from astrology with correlative research from positive psychology and integrative wellness”.
When I started reading this book with a “open mind” I caught myself taking slow deep Heavy breaths. I was not expecting to realize that this is just what my soul needed.
This is not a book that is a quick read one and done, Cosmic Health is full of knowledge that will benefit you and keep filling you as you grow.

Thank you Jennifer for sending this book out into the universe.
Susan Williams
Profile Image for Lauren.
115 reviews1 follower
January 25, 2021
I really enjoyed this. She did a great job of blending Astrology, Psychology, and Integrative Wellness into this book. It was honestly a perfect mix for me. This is a book I plan on coming back to and referencing this year. She really talks a lot about your emotional health (or at least that's what hit home with me the most). I also liked that she has gave us some more reading recommendations if we wanted to continue reading/learning about a particular section. She also shows you how to get a free Astrology chart so that you can see yourself in the mix of all these things. :)
Profile Image for Mar.
23 reviews2 followers
April 1, 2021
Found it mainly very entertaining to be able to 'read' my own astrological natal chart. For me though, as with most self-help books, that's what it remains to be; something entertaining. It doesn't stick long enough for it to be the start of a real healing journey. All the different insights/advices are somewhat hard to integrate and internalize. I really think you need 1-on-1 counseling to really be able to put this information to further use. But, as an elaboration on and a book of reference to the weekly e-mails I receive from this author - it's a definite buy.
Profile Image for Larissa.
73 reviews
December 29, 2022
This was such an interesting read! As someone who is familiar with astrology, there was still so much in this book to learn from and new perspectives I hadn't read before. I loved how it's astrology tailored to health and how Jennifer entwines lore and mythology into each section. And I appreciate the opportunity for a positive outlook on each planet rather than the typical "doom and gloom" of traditional astrology. I will definitely come back to this time and time again for reference and comfort!
1 review2 followers
February 14, 2021
Knowing how much went into this book-- science, research, first hand accounts, original thought creation, years of trial and error, obsessive fact-checking, cross-discipline synthesization of knowledge-- this cohesive body of work is impressively seamless. It could've easily been much longer than it is. But it's not... instead it's an easy to digest and a concise body of work-- streamlined guide and evergreen reference.
1 review
February 18, 2021
Such a fascinating read, I was hooked within minutes. Cosmic Health opened me up to the bigger world of astrology and cyclical living which is something I had already started doing but didn't know the name for it. Jennifer makes astrology very easy to digest and Cosmic Health guided me step by step through it all. I am learning a lot and I find myself reaching for Cosmic Health when I want to know more about myself and this evolving journey.
Profile Image for Jessica Rossi.
19 reviews6 followers
April 4, 2021
I’ve always enjoyed Jen’s articles and blogs and her book is no different. If you’re curious about astrology, Cosmic Health is a must have reference book. It’s chock full of concepts and guidance around living with the cycles of the sun and moon, your moon/sun/rising sign, and details about the planets and their astrological influence. I love the way it’s written and am grateful for the resource that I can refer to over and over throughout the lunar and solar cycles.
Profile Image for Laura.
14 reviews
April 29, 2021
I really enjoyed this book, I found it informative and believable. This is the first book I have read in a long time that I want to pick up and read again from cover to cover, there is so much insight in it and there is no way I absorbed it all in the first read!

Only downside to this book is some of the resources are not finished yet, but I look forward to reading the book yet again when the author makes them available.
Profile Image for Michelle Kokones Beish.
24 reviews4 followers
January 23, 2021
This book is amazing; not only well-written and approachable, but so packed with information that you will want to reference it repeatedly. I am also blown away by the author's generosity in pointing readers to additional resources. I plan to dedicate a large portion of this year working through the journaling and exercises identified in these pages.
3 reviews
February 14, 2021
Loving this book - the perfect combination of the foundations of astrology, spiritual guidance, positive psychology and personal anecdotal wisdom. Can highly recommend to anyone ready to up the ante of their spiritual journey to self discovery and fulfilment.
Profile Image for Megan Bennett.
2 reviews
February 14, 2021
A beautiful resource I will use constantly. So complete. So rich. It’s a “choose your own adventure” through your natal chart, moons in every sign and planets. With it’s focus on health and our individual cosmic curriculum; it’s an empowering gift.
Profile Image for Caroline Warner.
4 reviews1 follower
May 27, 2021
this book really changed my outlook on a lot of things in my life. i have already changed things in my life style because of this book. i love how the chapters were divided by each planet. only positive things can come from reading this book.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
48 reviews5 followers
July 24, 2021
Definitely a great read if you want to dip your toes into astrology and also learn how to incorporate this into your daily life. I listened to the audiobook which was excellent and even included a pdf of all the charts.
82 reviews3 followers
February 9, 2022
One of my favorite books about health. It’s so comforting but it also gives a new, fresh and interesting perspective. I could relate deeply to the author’s experiences as I also have a chronic illness.
The both/and emphasis is just what I needed.

Thanks for writing this book!
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