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Summer Creek #1

Catching the Cowboy

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She’s fresh out of jail...
He’s fresh out of luck.

Spoiled billionaire heiress Emery Brighton indulges in one mimosa too many, attempts to steal a horse, and winds up in jail. A sentence of community service leaves her at the mercy of strangers on a remote ranch near a small town in Oregon. Adjusting to country life is hard enough, but she has no idea how to handle her growing affection for a surly cowboy and his adorable daughter.

Steady and dependable as the day is long, rancher Hudson Cole just wants to raise his little girl and be left alone. When his grandmother invites a lawbreaker dressed in Louis Vuitton to Summer Creek Ranch, Hud is convinced Grammy has lost her ever-loving mind. Determined to detest Emery, he instead finds himself doing the one thing he vowed would never happen again: falling in love.

With one foot out the door, will love be enough to convince Emery to stay?

This sweet romance offers a funny, delightful happily ever after adventure in a quirky small town. Read about a meandering goat named Ethel, meddling matchmakers, and a community that feels like home in a story filled with heart, humor, and hope.

385 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 9, 2020

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About the author

Shanna Hatfield

134 books1,191 followers
A hopeless romantic with a bit of sarcasm thrown in for good measure, Shanna Hatfield is a best-selling author of clean romantic fiction written with a healthy dose of humor.

In addition to blogging and eating too much chocolate, she is completely smitten with her husband, lovingly known as Captain Cavedweller.

Shanna creates character-driven romances with realistic heroes and heroines. Her historical westerns have been described as “reminiscent of the era captured by Bonanza and The Virginian” while her contemporary works have been called “laugh-out-loud funny, and a little heart-pumping sexy without being explicit in any way.”

She is a member of Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West, and Romance Writers of America.

To learn more about Shanna or the books she writes, visit her blog http://shannahatfield.com
or find out news at her facebook page

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372 reviews10 followers
September 8, 2020
Yet another great read by Shanna Hatfield! Every time I think I have my favorite Shanna Hatfield book I read another and question if it isn't my favorite book I've read of hers and Catching the Cowboy has me questioning what my favorite read of Shanna's is.

Emery Brighton is a spoiled heiress that would be at the top of the "you'd hate" her personality list for the majority of people! Emery finds herself in jail after having a few two many mimosas and she attempts to take a lawman's horse for a ride. Emery ends up in the court of her very own uncle and he sentences her to community service on a ranch in remote Oregon. Emery finds herself completely out of her element with absolutely no skills for the life she has been thrown into. Emery is determined to find a way to get out of this sentence and get back home to her life in Portland.

Hudson (Hud) Cole and his adorable daughter live with his Grandmother on the Summer Creek Ranch where Emery is sentenced to live and carry out her community service. Hud is determined to hate the spoiled rich girl that has been thrown into and is disturbing his world. Most of all what kind of influence will Emery be on his daughter, Cricket, that takes a shining to Emery from the moment she arrives.

This is a beautiful love story about two polar opposites following in love, my favorite love story type. I fell in love with the characters, especially the elderly and of course, adorable Cricket! You just can't go wrong with a Shanna Hatfield book for a beautiful love story and a feel good book! I will never be able to read a Shanna Hatfield book without thinking of my dear friend I just lost that was Shanna's number one fan!

1,289 reviews25 followers
June 9, 2020
A fun start to a new series

I wasn't quite sure what to think when I read the synopsis of this story. I know I like Shanna Hatfield's books but was unsure how I could like a character like Emery. The type to get drunk and attempt to steal a horse?

At the onset, even when Emery was sobbing in a jail cell, I wasn't a fan of hers. After all, even her tears were selfish. Yet Ms. Hatfield knew just how much to show of Emery's spoiled character before allowing enough of a glimpse of her heart to make me not want to stop reading. I was quickly able to see deeper into Emery and found that she wasn't irredeemably awful. And I found myself liking her and cheering her on for the way she threw herself into the community service projects she was assigned.

I did like Hud from the very beginning, though I had to agree with Grammy Nell that he was a bit dense at times, at least where Emery was concerned. He was a delightful, handsome, hardworking single father who doted on his little girl, affectionately known as Cricket. (Incidentally, I loved that Emery's father called her Magpie - how fun that these girls were both nicknamed for their chatty nature!)

Being highly sentimental myself, I loved the way that Emery saw antiques and sought to find the stories behind them. The way this played out in her desire to revive the dying town was unexpected!

This is a fun, sweet, small-town romance with a hint of spirituality. Not enough that readers who prefer no religion in their stories will be offended - this mostly comes out in prayers before meals, a reference to attending church, and a reference to the changes in her character being related to a restored relationship with God.

While it was clear that Emery and Hud fell in love with each other for their personalities, their physical attraction played a part as well. A little more than I am comfortable with - of her admiring him with his shirt off, or one of them bending over and the other ogling - things like that. Otherwise, the story is clean.

If you enjoy romance in a Western setting, I can recommend Catching the Cowboy. I'm looking forward to reading more from the Summer Creek series!

Read my full review at Among the Reads

I was given a copy of this book. I was not required to give a favorable review nor was any money received for this review. All comments and opinions are my own.
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367 reviews22 followers
June 11, 2020
Billionaire heiress Emery Brighton has run afoul of the law in Portland after being charged with public drunkenness, attempting to steal a police horse and then trying to bribe the arresting officer out of the whole mess. Thinking Daddy will fix her predicament, instead Daddy and his brother, a judge, team up to send her five hours away into Eastern Oregon to a literal "no where" place called Summer Creek to work out her sentence with several months of community service. She ends up on the working ranch of Hudson Cole with his grandmother and Cole's charming little girl "Cricket." This is a beautiful story about the redemption and transformation of Emery from spoiled, selfish little rich girl to the emergence of the real woman inside who is highly intelligent, MBA educated, charming, attractive, with qualities of leadership and love that she never knew existed. With nothing to fall back on (money, designer clothes, spas, cell phone, social media and all the other trappings of wealth) the quirky residents of Summer Creek work their magic on her, especially the taciturn Cole and his Mother-starved daughter Cricket. The practical and resourceful love that Cole's grandmother bestows on Emery is heartfelt and effective. Can Cole, who initially just wants Emery to leave them alone, see through Emery's superficiality to the beautiful goodness that wants to get out? And, what happened to Cole's wife? It takes two months for him to open up about her. Come and lose yourself in the little almost-forgotten town of Summer Creek and be totally surprised at what Emery has in store for the little community that is saving her! This is just scratching the surface on what is in store for you dear readers.
Profile Image for Vibliophile.
1,492 reviews81 followers
June 11, 2020
(4.5 stars) - the poor little rich girl finds what's worth having

Emery comes from a wealthy family, and though she isn't a bad person, she's been indulged by her mom for too long. Her dad is beginning to despair. When she gets caught up in another public scandal, her uncle works out a deal for her to do community service on the ranch owned by Hud's family.

Hud was married to a spoiled woman like Emery, so despite her attractiveness, he's determined not to repeat such a disastrous mistake again. Emery struggles to adjust to working life, but as one would expect, begins to care about Hud & his family.

While the plot isn't new, the author does a great job with it. The characters are likeable, and the story is fun. As always, the secondary characters enhance & round out the story delightfully, especially Grammy Nell & little Cricket. Enjoyable reading for an evening's relaxing entertainment!

*Clean romance level: passionate kisses, but nothing graphic
Profile Image for Linda Broday.
Author 48 books754 followers
July 11, 2020
Such a beautiful love story. I've been a fan of Shanna Hatfield's for quite a while and I think her writing gets better and better. This story is exquisitely told, her characters some of the best I've read, and her humor spot on. I loved Emery and Hud and of course, little Cricket. Just a very entertaining read.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
413 reviews7 followers
June 18, 2020
Catching the Cowboy by Shanna Hatfield is a story of personal growth, finding love, and deciding what is important in life.
Will Emery survive this exile? Or will she wind up Catching the Cowboy of her recent dreams?
Emery Magnolia Brighton
Emery is our main character. She is a spoiled rich girl who doesn't know anything about taking care of herself, although she is intelligent as she has a couple of college degrees, including an MBA. At first, it's like whoa, this girl is so full of herself. But then after everything her so-called friends post about her on social media, I felt sort of sorry for her. I think that what her dad and uncle did to her was heartfelt and that they had her best interest at heart. 

Emery struggles without her designer clothes and money, but she figures it out over time. You can see her grow as an individual. Emery's confidence starts to come back but without that snotty hooty totty air that she had before. It is delightful to watch how Emery grows and how she chooses what is important to her. I think she is a fabulous character and that she is going to help bring Summer Creek back to life. 
Hudson Cole
Catching the Cowboy CRHudson is in charge of Emery's community service and her. He judges Emery on her looks the first day, but he is respectful and protective. Hud (as most people call him) has his hands full running his ranch and helping his sister with her ranch. You can see how loving he is by his interactions with his Gram and daughter. However, I love the way he is with his sister. They have such great rapport, and the way that Jossy picks on Hud is hilarious. Hud takes most things in stride, but he has been hurt before and doesn't want to be again.

I like Hud and the way that he is there for his family. You can tell how much they mean to him. He works hard and still finds time to spend with his daughter Crickett. I admired his dedication. Oh, and he is a romantic at heart. 
Five Stars
This book is the first that I have read by Shanna Hatfield, but I truly enjoyed it. She has a way of bringing everything to life. I could see the whole ranch and town in my head. Oh, and the ending is perfect. I also like how the author shares her inspiration for the story at the back of the book. This story is such a sweet romance that I am giving Catching the Cowboy by Shanna Hatfield five stars. I am recommending it to all of you, sweet romance readers out there.

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Summer Creek Series
Summer Creek is one of those small towns—the kind brimming with quirky inhabitants, pets with personalities (like a meandering goat named Ethel), meddling matchmakers, tumbling-down old buildings, and dreams. So many dreams. These sweet, uplifting romances explore the ties that bind a community together when they unite for a common purpose and open their hearts to unexpected possibilities. Heart, humor, and hope weave through each story, touching the lives of those who call Summer Creek home.

Readers who love Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series and RaeAnne Thayne's Haven Point series will enjoy coming home to Summer Creek.

The first three books in the series release this summer.

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5,939 reviews128 followers
June 15, 2020
4.5 Stars: Spoiled, little, rich girl, Emery Magnolia Brighton, can't hold her alcohol. After only one mimosa, feeling a bit tipsy, she tries to ride a policeman's horse. When she is caught, she tries to bribe the officer. After being arrested and thrown in jail, her father and uncle, the local judge, know they need to intervene before she comes into her trust fund. Her Uncle Henry sentences her to 300 hours of community service to be done in the small town of Summer Creek Oregon. They have some connections there from the past and have sorted out a place for her to stay. It is up to her to figure out what to do for community service. She moves into the Summer Creek ranch house with Grammy (Nell Cole) her son Hudson and his daughter Cricket. You know how this is going to turn out.

When I started reading this one, I thought I had it all figured out, but I was wrong. Yes, they are going to end up together (it is a romance after all) but this is a wonderful story about how they get there. I loved the characters in this story. Most of the citizens in this small town accept Emery with open arms and allow her to easily finagle her way into their lives and hearts. She shows what is really in her heart as she falls in love, first with Cricket, then her father. I liked that this was not instalove. Their relationship develops slowly over several months. Nell accepts her with open arms teaching her how to cook and do basic household chores, although they drew the line at cooking after she almost burns the house down. As she matures and realizes what is important to her, her direction in life takes a complete 3-60. What she decides to do for her community service has several results. There were times I laughed, times I almost cried and times I got angry. I am glad she finally got it right and was able to use her MBA for a wonderful project that would benefit the town. The side effect was how it also benefited and changed her from the spoiled little rich girl, into one that is caring and accepting of her many talents, as well as the realization that money, fancy clothes and cars are not what she really needs in her life to be happy. I really enjoyed this story. It is a Christian, Contemporary Romance full of redemption, second chances, transformation, new beginnings, family, friendship, community and love. I am already looking forward to the next book in the Summer Creek Series. I received a copy of this book from UpLit Marketing upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
Profile Image for Harmony.
417 reviews5 followers
March 8, 2021
I enjoyed this book. It is sweet and charming. A clean story with no cursing and almost no kissing. It's a Christian story but barely. The characters pray and attend church but the Christian aspect is in the background.

The story is about Emery and Hudson. Emery is a spoiled socialite, she's 24 but acts younger. Hudson is a rancher who is grumpy and closed off. He has an adorable 6-year old who I just fell in love with and I adored his grandmother.

The story is set in rural Oregon and that confused me so much at times that it took me out of the story. The way the author described things, the way the characters talked, it felt like they were in Wyoming, Montana, or Texas. At times, it felt like the author was confused where the story was taking place.

The story is also long and wordy. There were times that I had to force myself to keep reading past all the descriptions. The story could have been half the left and not lost the charm.

In spite of all that, I really enjoyed the story. The town is charming. I loved that the residents didn't seem to hold what happened to Emery over her. They (for the most part) are kind-hearted people who were more than willing to accept her into their midst. I even liked her parents and uncle/aunt. I would have liked some sort of resolution with her so-called friends.

Emery and Hudson have a slow burn of a romance (no insta-love here). There are some sweet moments throughout the progression of their relationship. Hudson is a dense idiot when it comes to his feelings for Emery and hers for him, something his grandmother called him out on. He is one of those who fell on their romantic swords because of a relationship gone wrong years ago. That type annoys me. I don't understand not brushing yourself off and trying again. For such a strong character, this made him weak.

At least he finally opens his eyes before it's too late, when he does it's done so sweetly that it made me smile.

A truly charming, sweet, and heartwarming story. It left me smiling with a happy heart, my criteria for a 5-star rating (I do wish it was about 50-100 pages shorter).
520 reviews2 followers
June 23, 2021
I needed a break from reading medical stuff and theology, so one day I turned to Catching the Cowboy by Shanna Hatfield. It was light reading, enjoyable, had some interesting characters, and afforded a chuckle or two. Besides that, the setting was in Eastern Oregon in an off the beaten path old mill town that was dying due to the closure of the mill. The plot was rather standard fare. Boy meets girl; they begin a standoffish relationship that blossoms into love. The subplot revolves around a plan to revitalize the town. That portion only shows up in the latter portion of the book, but it will obviously continue in the series.

The characters were what made the book for me. Hudson is a cowboy with a broken heart and a little girl he adores; he is a good man but very wounded. Cricket, his six year old daughter, is a delight. Emery is a pretty young woman, spoiled and quite clueless about practical life. She is from Portland and is foisted on the Summer Creek Ranch to do community service because of a stupid choice she made. Over time Hud and Emery develop strong feelings for one another as expected albeit there is some awkwardness in their budding relationship. Nell, known as Grammy, is a bit player as is Jossy, Hud’s sister. Emery’s dad and uncle also figure into both the back story and the contemporary situation. There are a few others from the community who add local color.

It is small town stuff along with some ranch scenes like calving and branding. It’s rural Oregon where everyone pretty much knows everyone else and their various histories; that’s something totally foreign to Emery. She does adapt, however, as she begins to learn about community and take the focus off of herself. She makes good character growth. The story is billed as a small town clean romance, and it fits the bill. It is the first in a series of book set in Summer Creek. I enjoyed it for what it was, a nice, light-hearted story of love and redemption on a couple of levels.
Profile Image for Rolé - Hooked By That Book.
348 reviews7 followers
June 18, 2020
-- Read this review, and others, on my blog at www.hookedbythatbook.com --

Emery is a spoiled rich girl, who finds herself in a jail cell one day after a whole string of bad decisions. Her uncle, who is a judge, and her father decides to send her to Summer Creek Ranch. They have very fond memories of the place and hope that Nell and her grandson, Hudson, can help Emery get her life together and on the right track. Hudson is a single father, and very leery of Emery, as she reminds him of his ex-wife. He was not happy at all with his grandmother’s decision to let Emery into their lives.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Emery is painted in quite a bad light in the first chapter, but you soon realize that she is actually really sweet, just misguided. As expected, she struggles initially with her new surroundings and community service jobs, but she finds her groove and a place for herself on the ranch and in the town. Hud really didn’t want Emery there, but he is a good man, and can’t stop himself helping her as much as possible.

Nell and Cricket (Hud’s daughter) were two great characters and very entertaining. I really liked the project that Emery took on to breathe new life into the town’s old buildings and to bring in more tourists.

The romance between Hud and Emery developed very slowly. Hud and Emery did get to know each other quite well over time, but not really on a romantic level. They went on one date, which they considered to be a non-date at the time. And then Hud asked her to marry him so she would stay there. I would have liked to have some more romantic moments between them before they came to that big decision.

I can definitely recommend this as a cozy romantic read.
721 reviews4 followers
August 24, 2022
Billionaire Emery Brighton is a snob & lands herself in jail with a heap of embarrassment when her "friends" posted the entire ordeal on social media. Her father and uncle (who's also the judge who sentenced her to community service) take her to Summer Creek to work off her 300 hours of community service at a ranch where she's to babysit the handsome widowed rancher's daughter Cricket among other chores. Never having to work a day in her life, Emery is challenged and wants to return home ASAP, but her family won't allow it. As a matter of fact, her father cancels all her credit cards, etc., and takes her phone from her. Hudson Cole, the widowed rancher, despises Emery from the start as she reminds him of his former wife--rich and snobby. He's determined he'll never trust his heart to another again. His grandmother Nell might have different thoughts on the subject as she takes Emery under her wings, patiently teaches her how to do basic chores, and shows her genuine love. I enjoyed the camaraderie as the Cole family show each other love and care in a way that Emery craves. Cricket immediately falls in love with Emery and wants her for a mother. What is Hudson to do? Can he deny his growing feelings? As Emery gradually jumps in to small-town life, will she survive? A fun and clean romantic read that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend. Looking forward to the next book in this series!
Profile Image for Tonya Lucas.
1,134 reviews11 followers
June 11, 2020
One amazingly written romance that should be shared with everyone.
Shanna Hatfield has an amazing heart and it just pours out in her writing.
This is the most enduring love story, I’ve read this year.

Newly released from jail, Emery is a spoiled-rich girl lacking any domestic skills. Her failed attempts at cooking, well maybe more like burning, breaking drinking glasses, as if they would magically re-appear, leaves The Cole’s wandering if their kitchen will survive.
Hud has his reservations whether she can uphold her obligations, as well as probation terms here on the ranch. Hud and Emery are two opposites from two different worlds, which adds to this beautiful love story.

Cricket melted my heart with her upbeat enthusiasm, charm, and desire for a mommy figure.
Nell and Jossy are strong caring ladies who give Emery the courage she needs to stand up for herself and too prove she can become a new person.

Just wait until you meet Ethel, she’s more than just the town’s wayward pet, she takes it upon herself to be the children’s chaperone at the school.

The power of love and belonging, is the heart of this book. Very few books have moved me the way this one did, it really hit close to my heart.
It’s a must read for EVERYONE, who adores romance and happy-ever-after.
I highly recommend this book, be prepared to be amazed, it has changed me forever.
Profile Image for Cassidy.
Author 11 books190 followers
June 21, 2020
In this western romance, a very spoiled and very rich girl finds herself sentenced to do community service in the middle of nowhere with none of the creature comforts to which she is so accustomed. She is also forced to live and work side to side with an ornery cowboy, his charming daughter, and his good-hearted, generous grandmother. Day by day, she learns the meaning of hard work, even if she sets a few fires in the process.

The cowboy is gorgeous (no surprise there, given the genre) and a good guy, who is reluctant to enter a relationship with any woman, never mind one as “problematic” as Emery. However, Hudson’s opinion changes as her attitude and overall perspective on life is transformed by her experiences on the ranch and in the small town nearby. Predictably, the attraction between Emily and Hudson is strong (it is a romance after all), and though acutely aware of it, both of them try to pretend they don’t have feelings for each other.

Overall, this is a well-written story with good character development that shows that when given the opportunity people can change. A good choice for readers who prefer their romances to be sweet and clean.

FTC disclosure: I received a complimentary advanced reader copy of this book. This has not affected the content of this review in any way.
Author 12 books16 followers
June 10, 2020
After an ill-fated marriage, and an abandonment, and then death of his former wife, Hudson Cole has sworn off women. As a single father, Hud has all he can handle with his spirited daughter, Cricket, his get-it-done grandmother, Nell, and a widowed sister living down the road…not to mention managing a large ranch. The last thing he needed or wanted was a spoiled Daddy’s girl working off her community service hours on his ranch, and influencing his daughter. Determined to ignore the beauty, he finds himself doing the one thing he’d never wanted to do again…fall in love!

Emery Brighton, the wealthy, spoiled daughter of a billionaire, was used all the rewards of a rich man’s daughter. In the past, all her transgressions had been swept under the carpet…but not this time. Public intoxication, attempting to steal a policeman’s horse, bribing an officer of the law has her before a judge…her uncle, the judge. Her sentence of three hundred community hours on a farm out in the middle of nowhere is just the beginning of Emery’s problems. As she adjusts to life on Summer Creek Ranch, she learns to care less about herself, and more about the community she is beginning to think of as home…as well as her feelings about one very handsome cowboy and his sweet little girl.

Ms. Hatfield has done an outstanding job of creating believable character arcs for both Emery and Hud. The pacing is spot on, the dialogue witty, and the plot is believable and contemporary.
Whether you are a longtime fan of Ms. Hatfield or a first time reader of her books you will be in for a treat. Hud and Emery’s romance is a great beginning to what readers can expect to see in future books about Summer Creek. I can’t wait to see if Jossy and Parker get together. Of course, there’s Laini Sullivan, Knox Strickland, Nathaniel Knight, Jason Hart…..

With considerable historical and contemporary romances to her credit, author Shanna Hatfield has once again dipped into her creative essence to bring her readers a new series. Ms. Hatfield’s trademarks-hunky cowboys, feisty heroines, adorable children, matchmaking senior citizens, and an animal or two with minds of their own, and interesting historical facts, all make for a wonderful, love-filled, swoon-worthy romance with a HEA in the little town of Summer Creek, Oregon.

Profile Image for Dorothy Roller.
475 reviews3 followers
June 9, 2020
I have to say that this story had me laughing out loud so many times.
Right from the beginning I was hysterically laughing at the wit and sarcasm this author loves to use. I loved this story. It is one of my favorites of this authors stories, and I love them all.
How does a rich girl with whatever she wants, and all the money she could want, get herself in enough trouble to get sent away for several months to a backward, small town that is falling apart, to live on a ranch to work and also to do her community service that she was sentenced too?
The cowboy on his family’s ranch is not happy she is staying there as all he sees is a spoiled rich girl who doesn’t want to be there, but is overruled by his grandmother but he is more in charge of her and has to send in reports on her and how she is doing.
The problem is she is beautiful and he starts to see a sensitive side of her that he really likes, but he promised himself he would never get involved with another beautiful woman again. Can he ignore her charms?
This is a wonderful comedic romance and redemption is a great part of this story.
There is so much in this story that is fascinating that I highly encourage you to get this story.

Profile Image for Crystal (Books Are Sanity!!!).
696 reviews29 followers
June 24, 2020
Hatfield's Catching the Cowboy is fresh and fun! She brings a city slicker primadonna to a small town to meet a rural cowboy and the sparks began to fly and sizzle! Not only is the romance popping, but so are the people of the small town of Summer Creek. They can seem judgmental and hesitant at first, but they turned into Emery's dearest friends and biggest supporters. From the mayor to the waitress at the local diner, Hatfield easily connects the reader to small town America and the sense of community and family you feel there. She accurately portrays what it is like to live and work in a tiny rural town and I loved every second of reading it. I didn't just feel the connection to Summer Creek, but the connection to Emery as she makes a huge metamorphosis while she is there. Hud, Nell, Cricket, and Jossy all felt like family to me and I felt like I was at the ranch alongside them. Hatfield does a superb job of bringing the reader into the Summer Creek family. Because that is what a small town is; a family made up of friends. I received a copy of this book for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Profile Image for Tayo.
428 reviews17 followers
November 26, 2020
SO this wasn't bad but my main gripe is with the writing style. The story is really a redemption arc for Emery who starts off the story as very self centered and spoiled. After getting into some trouble she's forced to repay her debt to society by working on Hudson's farm.

I don't often like redemption arcs, because it always reads very extreme. The characterisations often seem overly exaggerated to make the significant growth possible. It can therefore sometimes seem unrealistic to see a character go from being a basic villain to hero over the course of the book. I didn't have any qualms with Emery's growth arc as it seemed very earned. The author did a great job of laying down the groundwork for why Emery was the way she was. Her growth also didn't seem ttooooo stubborn for me.

The reason I just didn't truly connect with this was the writing style was very very expository. I would say that dialogue makes up make 20% max of this book. Majority of it is explaining what the characters had done, were doing, and even really very mundane elements of their day - not the most engaging stuff. It wasn't bad to read, just not my style.

I likely won't read more from this author, because I don't connect with her writing style. But not bad, not bad at all.
579 reviews14 followers
November 15, 2022
What a sweet romance story about how people can mature and change. I really liked how Emery found herself as she went from being a spoiled daughter of a billionaire to being a real person. What I mean about a real person is one like all of us who are not billionaires. She learned to do things for herself and to be humble. What was really fun was when she found her passion for what she wanted to do in life. She moved away from being just like her mother to being more like her father.

Hud had a lot of loss to deal with in his short life. His love for his daughter, grandmother and sister was what made him an honest and good man. He was not happy about having Emery in his house because she was too much like his daughter’s mother. But over time, he learned that people can change.

Loved that this story was just a sweet romance with no major drama. Sometimes it is just nice to read a story about two people finding each other, or not, without a tragic event.
Profile Image for Glenda Kinard.
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June 3, 2020
Catching the Cowboy by Shanna Hatfield is the 1st book in a New and Wonderful Series, set in the Fictional Town of Summer Creek. Of course, with this book being written by Shanna Hatfield, a reader will get a book absolutely full of Sass, Fun , and just a downright, Delightful read. Emery, a spoiled little rich girl, is about to get the starch taken out of her designer clothing and see how the true working class get by each day.
Hud is about to have his perfect, hard working world rocked by the very type of woman, he swore would never turn his head again. Add to this a doting Grammy, a precocious little curly head sweet child, one loved by everyone Goat, and you have one of the BEST fun-loving books you will read all Summer.
Shanna Hatfield should be crowned the Queen of Sweet Western Romance.
If you only read one book this Summer, then let it be Catching the Cowboy
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June 4, 2020
I really enjoyed this story and can't wait to see where the series goes. Emery is essentially a nice person, but she is very spoiled and one moment of bad decisions lands her in court in front of her uncle, the judge. She just knows her dad will help her, but his version of help isn't what she was expecting. Next thing she knows, she is stuck in the middle of nowhere on a ranch where she has no idea how to do anything. Hud is surprised when Emery shows up to stay with them. His granny is sure that Emery will learn and change. Hud isn't so sure. He had one spoiled, rich wife and that didn't end well. The only good that came from his marriage was his daughter. As Emery changes, Hud is seeing that she is different and maybe not so bad after all. Everyone makes mistakes, right? He wants her to stay and is sure she will be gone at the first opportunity. Will she stay?
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June 11, 2020
I didn’t know if I could get behind Emery’s character at first. She came off as a selfish airhead and I was insulted that she has an MBA. That degree requires leadership through the numerous group projects and dedication to study and complete assignments. The girl who drunkenly tried to ride a police horse didn’t seem like she had those skills. But she proved me wrong in this book. Cricket was precocious with her show and tell about having a criminal living with her family, her cute little expressions, love of baby animals, and the way she thought about a poor child and gave him her Easter basket she won. Her father Hud was a sexy cowboy even if he was a little stubborn and judgmental based on past experiences at times. His grandmother, Emery’s father and uncle were a riot. I loved Hud’s “wonder woman” independent sister Jossy. I’m looking forward to her romance.
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June 3, 2020
Well done characters!
Sweet story and I really liked it even though it starts with one of my least favorite tropes––the self-centered rich character that learns the meaning of life.

BUT, it was so done well. In this case, the young woman was trained to be self-centered by her mom… you'll have to read to find out why.
Her dad takes advantage of her... mmm... unfortunate choices to help her better herself.
She actually a pretty capable young lady, but never had the chance to show it.

The hero has his heart locked up and fights off his ever-growing admiration for Emery almost from the beginning.

The side characters were all wonderful and each added more than just a colorful backdrop to the story.
I can't wait to read more about the characters in Summer Creek!
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June 9, 2020
Great new series from Shanna Hatfield! Don’t miss this sweet contemporary romance set in the little town of Summer Creek. When a spoiled, rich socialite gets arrested for “orderly ducks, and public decencies” she is sentenced to live and work on a ranch while performing community service. She’s not expecting to find a hunky cowboy, with a young daughter and his grandmother. As she finds herself and a purpose for her life she realizes that all she ever wants is right there on the ranch. You will laugh until you cry and love these characters! And you will often think of the old saying “little pitchers have big ears”. As always, Shanna Hatfield is a masterful story teller and brings the people and places to life.
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June 11, 2020
After one too many mimosa's Emery tries to ride a policeman's horse and gets caught. Since she is spoiled he father wants to teach her a lesson so he along with his judge brother send her to a ranch for community work. She lives with widower Hudson and her daughter along with his widowed mother Nell. At first she thinks she can never adjust to ranch life but it does not take long for her to realize that this just may be the life for her and Hudson and his daughter Cricket sure makes her want to stay. Hudson has closed off his heart after the disaster of his first marriage but the more time he spends with Emery he thinks she is what he and Cricket needs in their life. Loved this sweet romance and all the characters but my favorite is little Cricket. Great read that is hard to put down.
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June 14, 2020
A good, clean, inspirational romance that shows people can change. Emery is a spoiled rich girl who made an awfully bad choice and must pay the consequence working at a ranch without any of her "rich" resources. Hudson and his grandmother Nel run the ranch; Hudson dislikes her from the start as Emery reminds him of his late wife, but his daughter falls in love with her. Can Emery adjust to working for a living and meeting her community service hours?
Will love be involved?
I loved this beautifully written story with well-developed characters and would recommend it. I look forward to the next book in the series.
June 25, 2021
Emily Brighton has gotten arrested and this spoiled heiress thinks she will her dad and uncle will get her off. Unfortunately, they have other plans to make her shape up. She ends up five hours away from Portland, Oregon in eastern Oregon in a place called Summer Creek to work out her community service sentence. She is on a ranch with Hudson Cole, his grandmother and Cole’s charming six year old daughter, Cricket. Over the course of several months, Emily is transformed from a selfish girl to a woman who cares about the family she is with and the community around her. I love Summer Creek, its people and small town feel. I really enjoyed this book.
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August 22, 2022
I thought it was a great story to see how a spoilt girl who wanted for nothing, got her self in trouble because she was unable to have alcohol and had one drink that caused her to do things she would regret. Then being sent to this very small town to stay on a ranch with caring people, caused a complete turnaround for this girl. Hud was reluctant to have her stay but his grandmother was adamant she should. To see the sparks between Emery and Hud. The effect on Emery with consistent love and church too saw her able to use the studies she undertook earlier before being sent to this wee town for community service.
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October 12, 2022
Five stars for sure!

What a wonderful, tender, hilarious, heartwarming story. When I first read the "back" of the book, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I was captured from the start and loved reading every word. The story just got better and better the further into it. Who doesn't love a hot, kind, God filled cowboy and amazing father?! Watching Emery grow, learn, and discover herself was precious. Hud and Em are adorable together, first as friends, then as they grew to love one another. I can't wait to read Jossy's story... and hope to see more of Hud and Em in the meantime. I highly recommend this book!
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May 11, 2020
When Emery has one too many Mimosas at brunch, she has to pay the penalty for trying to ride the policeman’s horse and trying to bribe him into not arresting her. But she has to go to court to see what is going to happen. She is thrilled that her uncle is the presiding judge until he hands down a sentence.
So how will the high society young lady deal with either going to jail for a year or doing community service for 300 hours? Something happens that no one expects.
It’s a great story of how something good can come out of something so ridiculous – thanks to her friends.
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