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Born To Survive: You Can't Break A Broken Heart

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My name is Kylie-Anne Evans, and it's time to tell my story as the truth will set me free. I am a survivor. I am a victim of incest. I became pregnant after rape and lost my daughter when I was 15. I suffered domestic violence. Depression stalked me. I attempted suicide. I lost people I loved to suicide, natural causes and murder. And I lost my sons. I could not look after myself, much less my children. My life was not worth living. I survived. More than that – I lived. I found resilience. I fought my way back. I overcame. And I became me – a mother with wonderful children and an amazing life. Every day I am grateful for the joy of waking up. Come with me on a journey through darkness and despair, and know that if I can triumph, so can you. We are stronger than we realize.

158 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 18, 2020

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About the author

Kylie-Anne Evans

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I'm a Mother of 5Children and a Nan Nan to my grandson, I live in a small country town with my fiancee and 4 dogs, I enjoy camping, fishing and boating, I am also in the process of writing my 2nd book Fighting for My Boys.
Feel free to reach out if you have questions about my book.
I promise I won't bite
Luv and light to you all

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283 reviews59 followers
July 1, 2020
I recieved a copy of this book from Kylie-Anne Evans in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own and I am leaving this review willingly.

I want to begin by taking the time to personally thank Kylie-Anne Evans for sending me a copy of 'Born To Survive: You Can't Break A Broken Heart'. I am astonished by your continued strength not only in living each and every day to its fullest but also in writing this memoir. Not only did it take strength of character it also required true courage. Unfortunately, your struggles were not only your reality but in fact the reality of so many women. In writing this book you in turn validated their stories, even the untold ones. Its 2020 and we need to face facts. We have to acknowledge that abuse happens; it happens in homes, in foster care, in schools, in marriages. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the pain and struggles of our fellow humans any longer. Much like abuse is real, so is depression. There is no shame in seeking help. The stigma surrounding mental health is BULLSHIT and it needs to be stopped. If you or someone you love is being harmed, or if your pain is wrapped in your own pysche... You arent alone and you do not deserve any of the bad things that are happening to you.

'Born To Survive: You Can't Break A Broken Heart ' is easily one of the most difficult books I have read this year. It is difficult because it made me acknowledge the existence of abuse. Dont get me wrong I am not naive and I dont live in a "universe full of cotton candy and unicorn farts" but its not often that I am smacked in the face with such a horrible reality. While reading this book as a woman and a mother my heart broke over and over again.

So yes, this book was difficult, but it was also beautiful and awe-inspiring. In this book you see that even the most horrible things DO NOT have to break you. This book was full of pain and struggles but it was also full of courage and perservance. This book will stick with you long after you close its pages.

One of the things that stands out to me most is the fact that this memoir is transparent. I never felt as if Kylie was writing the version of herself and story that people would want to see or read. It was blantantly obvious to me that she was unapologeticly herself. This story is raw and it is written from her heart. She tells it all, even so far as laying bare her own mistakes and consequences.

The minute I read the books introduction I was on her team. YASSS queen! I loved that sass and humour! And by the end guess what?? I am still on her team. This is a woman who was beat down and rose above again and again. The memoir ends with "My story isnt over yet"... utterly poignant and powerful words. Kylie keep fighting and kicking ass girl! Keep be unapologeticly you!

Kylie-Ann, Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for sending me this and trusting me to share your story. Thank you again for writing a truly inspirational piece that highlights not just the worst in humans but also their strengths.
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Author 2 books22 followers
July 6, 2020
A truly emotional story of Kylie Anne growing up in one abusive home to another. A frank and moving account from birth till now. Miscarriage, rape, neglect and mental abuse that stirs up powerful emotions and despair that she somehow survives and repairs. Difficult to process at times how a neglected childhood can be affected and how it can not just be survived but won over by determined focus on the good that can surpass. Powerful, emotional and an honest read.
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175 reviews
July 12, 2020

This book contains the story of one of the bravest women, it’s all about author’s life. It’s like her autobiography.

It was an great experience for me to go through this book and reading the author’s journey from her childhood to adulthood. It totally shows how she faced difficult time in her life like lose of her child, how she raised 5 children by herself like a single parent, and at a point how she want’s to end everything and the way she struggled in every phase of her life and at the end how she come over all of it an become a hero.

The way how she present her life in this book in such a chronological manner was worth reading for everyone and it was portrayed magnificently by her writing style too.
The way author narrates everything it gives me many kinds of emotional vibes like anger, happiness and sadness too. It was totally a emotional roller coaster ride for me.

Story of this book is so gripping and it take me about 3 hrs and 2 sitting to complete the whole book but it was worth it for me. Because storyline of this book was totally stuck in my mind and it will remain there for so long as I know.

Book cover was decent but the title “Born To Survive” itself shows the struggling life of her, it was totally apt. to the storyline

Overall I loved reading this book and highly recommend it to everyone, Give it a try and you guys will never regret.

RATING:- 9/10
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Author 33 books113 followers
August 9, 2020
As a survivor myself, I can not say how many emotions I felt while reading this book. I took a while to finish it because there were so many "triggers" for me and it was really hard for me to read it. As a survivor, I give huge props for the author being able to speak up, not remaining silent anymore, and telling her story. It is people like us that speak up and never stay silent that help others to know they are not alone. I am glad you are doing well.
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Author 2 books143 followers
December 19, 2020
Not a well written memoir!

I picked up this book because of an ad on Facebook claiming to be on the best selling authors list. I love giving new authors an opportunity to wow me. While I realize the writing process can be difficult, I feel this book wasn't well prepared for publication. There was a lot of telling and uncertainty of the story she was telling. It needed a lot of minor editing fixes. While it didn't stop me from reading the story, it did make me question the validity of being a best selling author. I don't like giving less than average reviews, but I think it needs to be reworked. The book has a lot of potential, but for me, it was a disappointment.
8 reviews1 follower
June 26, 2020
A perfect book
Wonderful Word usage and amazing style of writing. It's a book with some life lessons attached inside. She did a great job in recollecting the daunting trials as well as incorporating some funny memories in the mix.
Highly recommended!
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Author 2 books16 followers
September 10, 2020
Due to the gag laws in Victoria, any further printed copies of my book will have a disclaimer
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1 review
July 7, 2020
Here is your chance to wear and walk around in HER SHOES.

A survivor lets you inside her life with raw, unfiltered honesty in this book that is more of a diary. Kylie-Anne lets you inside her mind, her thoughts and her heart that makes you feel not alone because you have gone and felt the same thoughts, same things, same fears and for me, (almost the) same mistakes. Personally, there was a part of her story that I wanted to jump in and tell her she is loved and she is not forgotten and she is worthy of good and great things but I felt sad and frustrated that I cannot do that and no one seems want to make her feel loved (aside from sex and just needing her for something). Her story reminds me and will always be my life motto that a small act of kindness,love or understanding can make a difference in a child's life. Kylie-Anne, by baring her life and heart in a book, took courage in facing her past and confronting her monsters so she could start her path to healing. I laud her for being brave in writing this book and letting her family members and strangers in her mind and life as she recounts her experiences from childhood and going through the horrible nightmare of being raped and abused to having her own family and losing some along the way.

There are differences between her and my country's culture and system: Australia has this widely, very developed and enhanced system that takes care of orphans and gives them refuge and children exposed to abuses. Philippines is under-budgeted, children are regarded criminals or considered disposable that makes them more exposed to trafficking and abuses. Australia is very liberated in its views when it comes to sex, freedom of expression and teenagers leave their homes early as adults. Philippines is somewhere stuck in being very religious and trying to cater to the rising numbers of millenials whose views were a mix of progressive and religiosity. Sex is a taboo topic and considered immoral and children are expected to support their parents when they finish college or as soon as they leave school. But one thing is often the most neglected aspect. Every child, especially those that comes from a broken home or experienced abuse from their family members, needs their love tanks filled according to how they receive love or else they will start being destructive by hurting themselves or other people trying to fill that void.

I don't pray much anymore but I pray for Kylie-Anne, that she will soon be finally free from all the pain and sadness that she expressed and continue to go through. It is the same thing I pray for myself in the hidden journals of my own life experiences. Kylie Anne's book is not an ordinary book, I thought to myself, as she shares more intimate details of her life. It is walking around in her life, in her body, through her eyes as she narrates even the bits and pieces that we thought didn't matter but adds up to how she sees the world.

To Kylie-Anne, I am glad I reviewed your book because even if we have some similarities in life experiences, I still learned from you. Most especially on how to be gritty and gutsy (Your ex-husband used it as an insult but I think that was what intimidated him). I am hoping (and dreading) to learn next forgiveness and putting healthy boundaries. And as long as we are alive, the learning journey never stops.

From a country with the longest, strictest lockdown with no end in sight.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 6 books8 followers
June 29, 2020
Today I am reviewing "Born to Survive: You can't break a broken heart" by Kylie-Anne Evans. This no doubt, is an autobiography. The author is writing about her life till date. I'm usually very critical about reading books. But from the very beginning the author takes me to a tour of her life. And unlike many others, she did not guide me in, rather I would say she took me with her. Nowhere in the book she appeared to be lost or went off topic for a moment. She made me see how from her very birth her life was tough, her childhood, her adulthood full of miseries and how it was the toughest time in her life (avoiding spoilers), how she loses her mother, her parenthood, loses her children, how she wanted to end everything, how she fought back and how she is a winner. She also talk about a sweet soul; her grandson Zander, who is really worth mentioning.

Author's straightforward appeal and writing makes the book unique and one of it's kind. She is not hideous about her life. Where most people fail, she has presented it quite successful. She has talked about her mother's sexuality and her father's rogue nature and other minute details of her life. Reading through this book is like reading though her personal diary, only summarised year wise.
Parents of all age can go through this book for parenting tips, if they're having a hard time raising or dealing with their children. And if you're not a parent, everyone can actually read this book for inspiration.

This book, as I say, 'Unique and one of it's kind'. I thoroughly enjoyed her open-mindedness and her dedication to write it focused. Most importantly "the story isn't over yet". Make sure your read the warning. Author has warned the readers about explicit content and language. If I'm to rate this book I'll give 8.5 out of 10.
3 reviews
June 10, 2020
There are many things to love about this autobiography.

Firstly, I like the fact that the author is relatable.

I've read a few autobiographical accounts, and it always felt like the
author thought they were just the bees knees and that they were super
special. This book has none of that ego trip in here. She realizes
that everyone's gone through hard times; some worse than others. This
is just her personal life story.

Second, I like that her life is presented chronologically. She
literally goes through every age of her life in order. Some
autobiographies are all over the place, and they only cover the areas
where they appear to be their best and everyone else is at their
worst. This author doesn't do that. She's completely honest, and
literally goes from Age 1 to where she is now.

Thirdly, and lastly, I love how RAW and uncensored her account is.
I've never read anything quite so honest and open. There are no-holds
barred here. She went through SO MUCH. It's heartbreaking, but at the
same, it's hopeful, because she's alive and thriving. She realizes who
she is, accepts what she's been through, and is now focusing on her
living her best life.

Overall, this book is inspiring. Yes, it's tough at certain points,
but in the background throughout the whole book, you always feel a
sense of hopefulness and appreciation for life. She's been through
more than what most of have - and she's a living version of someone
who has overcome her upbringing. And by overcome, it doesn't mean
she's perfectly fine. She's not. None of us are. But she accepts that
and continues to succeed anyway.

Definitely a good read. Check it out. Get inspired.
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Author 22 books7 followers
May 6, 2020
Rating: 5/5

Enter the mind of a survivor and a fighter. Experience strength, heartache, and experience but also healing. This book is like a mentor and a leader leading the way with a candle light on a dark cold night. It is a book that you will think about long after your done reading it. It has a strong woman’s lead voice. It is braided with courage and experiences that need to be heard. It is packed with girl power, bravery, and woman empowerment. Maybe it’s just me, because I tend to get emotional during a good movie or a good book, but some of the sad parts were a little hard to read without shedding a tear or two. It rests on the wings of healing, love, and a happy ending after the storms of life have dragged us through miles of mud and hardships. I am so proud of our heroine in this story! 🦸‍♀️ She has overcome so many obstacles and has come such a long long LONG way. Very few are able to rise above it all like she did. I connected so well with this book. This book pulled at the strings of my heart. I highly recommend this book. It is extremely well written. Such a powerful testimony of the human spirit and of strength. I am a survivor too! I will not give up. Time will heal all... EVENTUALLY...

My favorite line from the book:
“Get out there and live the life you want to and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”
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Author 10 books31 followers
July 23, 2020
I have just finished reading Born to Survive by Kylie-Anne Evans. It is a confronting true story containing stories of sexual abuse, life in dysfunctional foster homes and on the streets.
I found the subject matter disturbing at times, but life is often disturbing and very difficult. The biggest thing that shone through in this book, for me, is the courage and resilience of the author. I think most of us would not have survived these ordeals. Ms Evans opens herself up and lays it all out for us to see.
One thought that kept nagging me as I read, was that I kept thinking to myself, “our society has to do better than this!”. People fall through cracks in the system, often through no fault of their own. We need to be more vigilant and offer more empathy towards the lost and vulnerable.
I recommend this book to readers who are mature enough to read between the lines a bit and those who have any semblance of a heart! This book will touch the heart and disturb the mind. All who read will have a strong opinion of the subject matter by the end of the book.

~John Holland~
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27 reviews1 follower
May 6, 2020
This story is about a girl named Kylie-Anne Evans. This book goes through each year in her life all the way up to how old she is now. Kylie-Anne Evans fought and struggled with depression. She was raped at a very young age and later became pregnant. She suffered domestic violence. After all the things she went through, including a suicide attempt she still made it out. She found the light at the end of the tunnel. She later became a mother and has children of her own. I truly loved this book with all my heart. It brought me through tears, anger, and happiness. I would definitely recommend this book. It is incredible to see how she overcomes all that she has gone through. Somehow she managed to get out and escape her past. It is truly amazing. I believe this book will show other people that they aren't alone.
21 reviews
June 22, 2020

If you have experienced child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and a life of complete choas and heartbreak this story is for you! I found it tragic and distressing to read. It never seemed to end because the abuse and heart ache went from the childhood and into adulthood. The author leaves nothing to the imagination in this raw and honest account of her truth her memories. She even writes of her own bad decisions and consequences she had to face. Her heartache over so much loss! I wish her all the best as she continues on her life journey and believe she has learned from her past to keep going no matter what. I will be thinking of the sadness and the heartache for days, weeks and months to come! Suz M
434 reviews18 followers
August 20, 2021
Hats off to a brave lady!

When reading this book you live through all the hardship, raw emotion, abuse and loss that this lady has suffered but also connect with the happier times and the strong underlying message to never give up. Kylie-Anne has put pen to paper to share her experiences, thoughts, mindset and resilience surrounding the somewhat taboo subject of abuse, rape and mental illness to give people a greater awareness and understanding. Alongside all this the author adds humour which clearly shows the true character and stoicism of this brave lady. Its an inspiring and though provoking book and I send my heartfelt thanks to Kylie Anne for having the courage to write her memoirs.
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Author 1 book3 followers
May 12, 2020
This memoir was constructed in a way to offer gripping truth about the tests and pains of life; and how one must continue to strive to survive. Mrs. Evan is a survivor of many unimaginable and unexpected experiences encountered from childhood to adulthood. She does a great job in recollecting the daunting trials as well as incorporating some funny memories in the mix. At times, I felt lost in certain stories but the author brought me back to focus on what points she was aiming to express. I recommend this book to all who've felt as if they been through the war because you are not alone. You were born to survivor life on this Earth and Mrs. Evan's memoir will illustrate why.
1 review
June 4, 2020
I knew Kylie for a brief period during her teen years, and was aware of some "family issues" at the time. I had no idea of the pain and heartache she had experienced then, and that would continue for so many years. Reading her story has been a real revelation. How many more, both men and women, are hiding behind a mask of false happiness, their self-esteem not allowing them to reveal the pain. Crying out on the inside for the one thing that would end the madness....unconditional love. Sadly, it's a rare commodity in a fallen world. I pray that you find that eventually Kylie, and that broken heart is fully mended. Much love girl :-)
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179 reviews5 followers
July 23, 2020
Born To Survive: You Can’t Break A Broken Heart. By: Kylie-Anne Evans.
The intro to the book was a quick recap to her life.
A autobiography on a horrendous life! Starting at her life when she first can remember what her childhood was like. Abuse .. neglected .. hunger ... Not a great start to life.
Taken into care ... being neglected by her parents there too! Without trying to give the story away a lot of horrible things happened ... the story is put into ages of when things happened and what it was.
Documented well ... so many things should not have happened .. but it did ...
Happy to read that life for her is not over ... a lot more living to do yet!
Well done to not get broken by your rotten life!
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Author 1 book44 followers
July 24, 2020
Candid, Heartbreaking, Endless Trauma

This story kept my attention, I was able to read it over 24 hours. I appreciate the author's style of writing and how candid she is in recalling her experiences. So many heartbreaking events, that you can't keep track of. The author battles through every traumatic experience with little to no support.

Another round of editing would polish this up nicely. I also noticed that a few characters would appear without a proper introduction. There were a few occasions when the names would appear and I was left wondering who they were or what the significance was.

Otherwise, great story. Worth the read.
July 26, 2020
A raw and emotive recount of the memories and experiences from the perspective of the author as she remembers them. A story of adversity faced and conquered, and a message to those out there that have had similar experiences, that it is okay to talk about it and there is always hope in the long term.
My only real criticism is that the last 8 years seemed to be glossed over, there was some big upheavals during that time, but there were also many positive experiences, that have led the author to where she is now. Disclaimer - This could be because I have shared some of those good memories with the author.
I recommend buying this book and would give it 4/5.
1 review
July 2, 2020
A story about survival, hope and uplifiting your own self. It gave me both chills and inspiration to fight my own demons. The protagonist has the ever so fighting attitude towards every little thing that happened to her from infant to now a 44 year old. The novel has an interesting line, describing each stage of her life and her perspective on it both now and then. I highly think that it will be somewhat relatable to each one of us going through something. It will make you realise that your life is worth living and at every point you can turn it around. It also provides you with tactics and the help that you may need. Overall, a book that you really should read once.
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Author 8 books5 followers
July 5, 2020
Born To Survive

I began this book intrigued, from the introduction to the end especially the line 'I am a solitary Wiccan Witch' (Laugh)
Kylie-Ann went through so many ordeals in life and life kept true to itself never letting up for her.
From abuse to abuse and worse with no one believing. I almost cried for her on Jim. I whispered sorry as I read this survivors tale.

It is sad that even now, someone is repeating this story but in the end we are survivors for no one can break a broken heart and healing will begin to spring up: again and the story will continue.

2 reviews
December 5, 2020
This is a courageous book that I am sure many women will relate to. I found Kylie-Anne's candid account of her many experiences of abuse and trauma difficult to read in some places because they resonated so strongly with the kinds of abuse and trauma that many women close to me have endured. I had to read the book slowly and give myself time to process the issues that her experiences raise. It is only through some women having the courage to speak out publicly about their life stories that we can ever hope to see improvements in welfare and support systems for survivors of abuse in its many forms.
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Author 4 books194 followers
July 14, 2020
While this book could use some editing, it’s easy to get swept up in it as you can almost hear the author trying to tell her story. Emotions come fast and furious as she tries to detail a life most of us could never even imagine. As you try to follow the unfortunate years of the author’s life, you will be uplifted at where she is today. It’s an inspiring story of a spirit that refused to be broken, despite others who tried over and over to bring her down.
1 review
May 19, 2020
Great book which shows significant strength of a ladies traumatic childhood and struggles through life. She has demonstrated her bravery and that you can have a positive ending. Well written for everyone to understand and real life events that some people can relate to especially if going through similar issues
Well done you are an inspiration 😀
Profile Image for Samantha Evans.
Author 7 books68 followers
June 17, 2020
Just bravo! This was so worth the read. Like reading the mind of a true fighter! Something that is beyond incredible to read. It is beyond heartbreaking. Kylie showed what reality can truly happen. Very well written. Please read this book! It will bring tears, and for sure have people want to read this.
Profile Image for Nicola.
820 reviews4 followers
June 26, 2020
A powerful story of abuse that no one should ever have to endure. It takes a remarkable person to come through the other side. Despite reading what is clearly heartbreaking, I enjoyed the story. The positive factor in all this, is the author coming through the other side and then sharing her story. If just one victim of abuse steps forward and seeks the help they need , then sharing her story makes it all worthwhile. This is not a story anyone should have to tell but sadly it happened and it will continue to do so.
Profile Image for Victor Stoltz.
24 reviews2 followers
July 23, 2020
An extraordinary story

If one day you woke up with no energy to live, you have to absolutely read the heartbreaking story of the author. She is a survivor, a wonder women who managed to overcome so many obstacles put in front by a cruel fate. I loved the pure way she narrated her story and it truly inspired me! Amazing story! I hope to see the next book from 40s-100s!
Author 2 books1 follower
May 14, 2020
This is a story that will live inside your heart for the rest of your days. It's a tear jerker, but the main character is a strong woman, and able to overcome tragedy. She is an inspiration, and I hope the author will continue creating characters and novels of this caliber. Four stars.
1 review
May 29, 2020
The moment I started reading this book, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to put it down. A story of one of the most strongest and bravest women. A woman who never gave up, no matter what she experienced mentally and physically throughout her past. Thank you for sharing your story Kylie-Anne, your courage and strength are unbelievable.
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