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A survivor on the run

Barely escaping with her life, Skye Markham and her mother flee their sadistic pack and seek sanctuary within Blackwater. Against all odds, Skye tries to create a new life for herself. A life she thought only existed in dreams is now within reach.

An alpha with a pack to protect

Remy Holt has spent years guarding his pack - his family - from threats as the next alpha in line. When the Blackwater pack decides to help the Markhams, Skye becomes one of his own … In more ways than one, if his wolf has anything to say about it.

A bond unlike any other

As Skye and Remy’s lives collide, the shifter world starts to implode. Missing shifters, a dying population, and pack wars are causing their sanctuary to crumble around them. Skye thought she was finally safe … but maybe there’s no such thing.

534 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 21, 2020

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About the author

Hannah McBride

13 books849 followers
USA Today Bestselling Author Hannah McBride has been many things in her life - a manager, a clinical research coordinator, a dreamer, a makeup brand ambassador, an event coordinator, a blogger, and more. But at heart, she's always been a writer, and in 2020 she decided to make it official.

Her favorite color is glitter and she's usually found hanging out with her puppies, JoJo & Lucy.

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Author 13 books849 followers
November 2, 2022
I mean, I wrote it and I love it. I hope you will love it, too!
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459 reviews122 followers
September 22, 2020
I've been sitting on my thoughts for this book because I wanted to be 100% sure that these are my long-term thoughts and feelings and not influenced by excitement and the freshness of the story's drama. So here I am. I want to start off explaining why I kept getting some serious Twilight vibes:
-wolf shifters
-Washington state
-the intensity of the relationship between Skye and Remy, very reminiscent of Bella and Edwards
-the intensity of some of the situations and the plot twists
I tried reviewing the notes in my Kindle and for some reason not all my notes are there any more, so I can't pull the specific examples I had. BUT my point: if you like Twilight, I think you would get down on Sanctum.

Overall, without any doubts, I love this book. I was really excited to receive an ARC of it and be able to give Hannah feedback, but what I never anticipated was how obsessed I would become. This book is more New Adult, toeing the lines of YA and adult fiction. There are incredibly dark, gory, and traumatic experiences depicted, but they aren't gratuitously included. If anything, they only intensify the light, healthy, and calm moments for the reprieve they are for the females of the wolf shifters. (Which TOTALLY reminds me: if you liked Rachel Vincent's shifter series that starts with Stray, you would LOVE this book.) The relationships Skype develops and the past trauma she is trying to reconcile with her new circumstances really hits you in the gut again and again. I just...I can't recommend this book enough. There is the good, the bad, the ugly, the moving, the FREAKING HYSTERICAL (there are at least five moments that had me laughing hard with this A+ one-liners or funny exchanges). This book packs in pretty much everything I need in a story AND MORE.


Review to come. :)

Please know that I am now a total fan of this book and the world inside it. I need more. I need so much more of it.
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Author 13 books468 followers
September 15, 2022
Wow, this book was so deliciously dark and good! It’s the first in a trilogy, and it’s a slow-burn romance between Remy and Skye. The book can be read as a standalone–some things are wrapped up in the book–but there’s an epilogue that hints at how the plotline will continue and makes it nearly impossible to stop here.

Skye was born a bastard daughter to a cruel pack of shifters in New Mexico. She’s always been destined to be an “omega”, which has a far worse connotation to this pack than it does to others. On the night before she’s to officially become an omega, she and her mother escape, heading to the Blackwater Pack up north.
I loved how isolated Skye had been, and just how strong she has become. She thinks she’s weak, but she’s really the strongest character of all. With the Blackwater pack, she’s learning about things like Netflix and how to cook healthy meals, and she’s making friends for the first time in her life.
And then there’s Remy. Her love interest is the son of the alpha of the pack. He’s sweet, but tough. This is a very slow-burn romance (they only meet on page 80!) and it’s a long book, but I genuinely loved all of it. I can’t wait to read the second!

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2,685 reviews369 followers
May 8, 2021
While I enjoyed this one, it was pretty long.
Another run-of-the-mill shifters in high school drama.
Entertaining but not sure I want to pursue the next book.

Skye was raised as an Omega outcaste, living with her mother like slaves.
It was disturbing and OTT horrible. My suspension of disbelief was taking a beating in this story. The shifters are supposedly a secret but live in compounds and entire towns of shifters.
Actually there's very little to do with humans in the story.

...So shit happens and Skye and her mother escape to the Blackwater pack in Washington State. From there she goes to a boarding school for shifters where she meets Remy, the Alpha heir.
It's the kind of world building where shifters are either decent people or they're scum sucking misogynist villains of the worst sort.

The overarching plotline for the series revolves around the lowering birthrate of female shifters. Right now there's one female for every 4 or 5 males born. The evil shifters want to make women a commodity, forcing them to procreate. There are also female shifters being stolen for nefarious scientific experiments.

Skye's special snowflake character was introduced to lots of special firsts after her lifetime imprisonment. First time in a grocery story, first time watching tv, first snow etc. It was cute but after that and her insta mating with Remy, I was a little bored.

I would have liked the intrigue to be more intriguing and less predictable.

Safety is good I guess.
I did find Remy and Skye cute together, but it was just all so 'insta'. There's a side budding (or shriveling) romance between their friends Larkin and Rhodes.

violence safety is meh
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887 reviews383 followers
September 20, 2022
My very favorite books are paranormal shifters. And this one? The strong characters captured my heart and the compelling story kept me turning the pages of this amazing debut read. It's such a breath of fresh air to be so comfortable in a story so fast. I wanted every detail and I wanted to kick some shifter hind end!

I am a very character driven reader. I have to care about them and believe they are real. It became very clear, very quickly with Sanctum that I not only cared about these characters but I was now friends with them. (Well not Cassian - him I wanted to kick). Skye is a survivor. She does what she has to do to get through a really horrible experience. I'm so incredibly proud of her. I get why she strikes out when she does. And I was so very happy when she left Long Masa pack. That's when we meet Remy.

Remy. He is the very best book boyfriend. Gorgeous and perceptive, he's perfect for Skye. He's strong, a great leader and the protective streak he has going is just what Skye needs. But he lets her stand on her own two feet. I love them together. I love the draw between them. The bond. It all came together with perfection. What I love the most about these two and the plot of this book, is not they are a question mark but how they will work together to overcome the obstacles that drop before them. It makes the story more about combined strength than couple angst. I enjoy that a lot.

The story pulls the reader in quickly with Skye trying to avoid Cassian's advances in Long Masa. Immediately, I am on Skye's side and I stay firmly there throughout the story. The plot moves at a fast pace and had me turning pages wanting more. The authors style is focused on the story she's telling. I always had enough information but never felt bogged down in details. That's a perfect balance.

This is a must read for paranormal book lovers. It falls clearly in the above 17 age group. Fans of Jaymin Eve and Audrey Grey will love this book. Anyone who is looking for a great shifter book must make time for this one soon.
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558 reviews184 followers
February 26, 2021
WARNING: there is rape and triggering scenes in this book

-Remy and Skye's mating was far to quick considering her backstory and trauma
-Skye continuously put herself in danger knowing full well what was going on. When others are being harmed and put in danger I really do not enjoy it being caused my a careless FMC. Kind of a pet peeve of mine...weak FMCs
-There is an issue with Skye's parentage for me it should have been resolved in book one. It is being drawn out to long.

-McBride did a fantastic job explaining the world this series takes place in
-There were not any needless fillers.
-Remy and his family/pack are pretty spectacular
-Secondary characters are wonderful and leave the reader wanting more from them
-There is an ending yet not...meaning there isn't a cliff hanger but there are a ton of unanswered questions to leave you wanting book 2

All in all a pretty good read. I would definitely not term it as YA due to the triggers, however there isn't any really steamy, curl your toes interactions with the MC and FMC.

Happy reading,
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1,067 reviews33 followers
January 29, 2022
*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

You know the shifter world can be a finicky place, filled with insta-love and no real substance but Hannah McBride did this world justice.

I went into the story feeling a little tepid, from the synopsis it seemed like Skye might be a big sob story. And while there is definitely a heavy undercurrent to her story, Skye is a strong herione. Fiercely independent with a giant heart, she learns to to find love and acceptance in her new pack. She also builds a relationship with her wolf and I really enjoyed the dynamic balance between wolf and human. They had a symbiotic relationship, that flowed fluidly while the characters maintained their integrity and quirks.

Remy is the alpha male you want to see in stories by rarely get to. He has a huge heart, endless patience, and he just had me swooning up a storm. While things between Remy and Skye heated up quickly, the story was perfectly balanced with tender moments and shared secrets. Remy and Skye seem to make each other stronger and *sigh* I just loved them.

There was an undertone of drama but it isn't dragged out and doesn't take away from the romance. The secondary characters added so much depth to the story and had me begging for more. Rhodes and Larkin, yes! I am dying to know what is going on there. The mysterious facility, don't you dare touch Skye. It doesn't end on a cliffhanger but it definitely leaves you wanting more. With captivating characters, strong relationships, and giggle-worthy banter; I can't wait to see how the world grows and develops from here.
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689 reviews1,697 followers
December 19, 2020
It’s been a while since I read a shifter romance and although this falls into the YA category (and I feel like I am getting too old for that genre so I hardly read it anymore) this did not disappoint.

Skye and her mother went through a lot and I felt really bad for both of them. It’s been fun seeing her find her place and voice in a normal pack, along with some friends that quickly turned into family. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.
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1,738 reviews486 followers
October 6, 2022
Sanctum is the first book in the Blackwater Pack series by Hannah McBride. This was the author’s first book and she is relatively new since this was published in 2020. I didn’t realize before going in that this is a YA paranormal series, so while I had been expecting this to be an adult shifter romance I also was easily invested in the story and thought it was a great read!

Skye Markham is a 17-year old shifter and she and her mother have lived as less than within their abusive wolf pack. Skye, her mother, and 2 others have been living in the Omega house which is basically treated as a brothel and the 3 adults there are used to “service” the pack however they see fit. When their Alpha passes, who was Skye’s grandfather, her uncle becomes the new Alpha and decides that going forward Omegas can be declared at 16 instead of 18…which means Skye will be introduced to everything that comes with being an Omega in their pack. Skye and her mom end up escaping New Mexico that night and head for sanctuary with the Blackwater pack in Washington. Shortly after moving there and being accepted into their pack, Skye heads out to Granite Peak Academy in Montana, a high school for shifters. There she meets her new pack and Remy, the next alpha in line for the Blackwater pack.

Skye was quite sheltered in her previous pack, so while bonding with new friends she also learns about Netflix, true mate bonds and how rare they are, gets comfortable with shifting, and learns how female shifters are a rare commodity nowadays in packs. This was predictable, but like, I still enjoyed it for what it was. I’m a sucker for a mate bond so this was fun, even if I do wish it wasn’t YA. 😅 In this we get pack wars, missing shifters, jealousy, a dying population, family drama, secrets, and legacies. The first 3 books in this series is Skye and Remy’s story but where book 1 ends everyone is fine and it’s an okay place to stop (aka no major cliffhanger lol).

CW: bullying, sexual assaults, abuse, rape (side characters)
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127 reviews8 followers
August 30, 2020
You guys!!! This book is seriously so freaking amazing!!! I looooooved it! I’ve been in such a book romance genre kick lately but I was constantly being told by friends how great this book was. (Yeah... some of my friends got her ARC... lucky bitches lol) So I pre-ordered this baby and as soon as it was released and sent to my kindle, I opened it up.
Now there are few authors that can hook my into their stories from the first few pages. Jennifer L. Armentrout, Rachel Van Dyken and Holly Black to name a few. So I was surprised at how fast I connected to this story. Hannah sucked me into her world right from the beginning.

Skye Markham and her mother flee their sadistic pack and seek sanctuary within Blackwater. Skye tries to create a new life for herself... despite all the fear she has from how her old pack treated her. A life she thought only existed in dreams is now within reach. All she has to do is push through her doubt and fear.
Then there’s Remy Holt who has spent years guarding his pack - his family - from threats as the next alpha in line. When the Blackwater pack decides to help the Markhams, Skye becomes one of his own … In more ways than one, if his wolf has anything to say about it.
As Skye and Remy’s lives collide, the shifter world starts to implode. Missing shifters, a dying population, and pack wars are causing their sanctuary to crumble around them. Skye thought she was finally safe … but maybe there’s no such thing

The way Hannah describes Skye’s old pack makes me cringe. She knows how to make it sound like the hell it is and Cassian!? God I hate him! He’s evil! But the tight friendship Skye gains with Larkin and Katy! It’s one of those “to the end” sort of friendships. It made me so happy that they found each other!

The sense of contentment was a balm to my soul. This was my home. This was my family.

Also.... I’m in love with Remy!!! He is sooo swoon worthy. And I wanted to smack Rhodes quite a few times lol Ugh! I really need book 2 now! But Rhodes and Larkins story will come out first so I’m even more excited for THAT!
Anyways, this is definitely a 5 star book!
If you love paranormal romance... if you love shifters... I highly suggest picking this one up!
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169 reviews97 followers
February 15, 2021
I wholeheartedly fell in love with this book!

The adventure Hannah McBride took me on while reading this, I can’t even put into words
. I couldn’t put this book down, I devoured it.

You know the books good when it’s descriptive in ways that have you walking around the house laughing out loud, being giddy, it’s captivating, has that shock factor, Has you wanting to know what happens next. This is the kind of book that deserves nothing less than a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating.

Not only was the storyline fantastic, the characters were just as equally amazing. I can be very character driven, and be thoroughly put off by a badly written character, but these were a breath of fresh air. We got a little bit of a backstory for each of them, they weren’t overbearing, they each had their own individual personality, that fit well in the storyline.

Skye? She was a warrior, so strong! She persevered after everything that was thrown at her, it was satisfying watching her grow as the story progressed.

Remy was such the doting Alpha and mate. He was adorable, his strong and protective towards Skye, but also watches her do her. Their bond was fascinating to watch, sometimes knocking a Twilight vibe for me, but on a completely different level.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for that new best shifter book, or just a new shelf sitting favourite. I know I’m about to order it online to add to my physical bookshelf of favourites
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3,131 reviews24 followers
August 25, 2020
Received in exchange for a honest review.

This book is really a few books in one with the multiple plots that work together. Hannah does an excellent job not mucking up the waters when it comes to the different stories and having them blend together. Her character and pack building is wonderful as well. She brings you into the story and has you feel and care. I love how this isn’t just about the shifter issues but real issues that teens face as well. Similar to how the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead isn’t just about being a vampire, it’s about being a teen. Having issues like making friends, surviving high school, falling in love, bullying and just getting through the day without doing something to embarrass yourself. Sanctum does this.

We have Skye who is cut down due to the mistakes of the parents and the prejudice of a people in her pack and their fears. She is a normal teenager-smart, witty and dealing with just trying to get through the school day. She is bullied and wanting to be normal. Whatever normal is. Suddenly her world changes when her and her mom leave the Long Mesa Pack. This pack is horrendous and should be dissolved. Such violence and disregard for people. so they escape and end up with the Blackwater pack. A pack that regards women as equals and not objects. That sees people as people and not a place on the hierarchy of power. Skye is sent off to school in Montana and is now facin her fears. Will she make friends? Will she be bullied? How will she do in school? Your typical teenage feelings. You relate to her and what she is going through.

along the way she makes some great friends like Kate,Larkin, Remy and Rhodes. They are there for one another help each other no matter what. Kate is Remy’s sister and she is awesome. Just one ball of snark and wit. Larkin is stronger than she thinks and it’s cute her and Rhode’s skirting of their feelings. Remy is the pack leaders son and an alpha but he is a kind and caring alpha. He treats everyone with respect and kindness unless you are one that is cruel to others. That attraction between Remy and Skye is seen from the beginning. The spark begins with that first look and is nicely built up and written. I love how he doesn’t treat Skye like she is a pawn but as someone with feelings and thoughts.

As they are going through school and dealing with bullies like Trace and Sierra, there is more going on. We have the missing shifters and why they are going missing. We have the power of Skye and her overcoming her fears and learning to be comfortable with herself and feeling she belongs. You have the consequences of the running from Long Mesa. You have the look at how Skye’s mom is doing and the mystery of who is Skye’s dad. We have the mating bond concept. And we have the decrease of the shifter community and trying to figure out why. So many plots and stories that all seamlessly come together into one story in the end. We get a hint as to who is behind the kidnappings and a bit of why but it isn’t fleshed out much so you are left with a bit of a mystery and cliffy especially with that ending and I am wondering what are the repercussions that will be coming. We have the past catch up to the present and in such a poignant way. We have friends helping one another and truly supporting and being there for one another and we have characters grow and become stronger. Especially Skye and her mom.

The writing is wonderful and flows. the plots weave together and enthrall you into wanting more. The story has intrigue, romance, danger and everyday issues that teens face and have to overcome. The romance is more organic between the characters. The plots are woven together in a subtle way that you are just caught up in the story and don’t realize they have come together and the story really does keep you in the moment. A wonderful beginning to what is truly to be a amazing series.
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1,016 reviews10 followers
August 21, 2020
Sanctum Review on K-Books

“You don’t need a hero, Skye. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met. The things you survived… You went through hell, and you’re still standing.”

Sanctum is without a doubt the most surprising read of the year so far for me. I hadn’t heard of this book until early July when my amazing bookish friend Vonetta asked if I would be interested in helping spread the word on release day. After agreeing to this Hannah McBride very kindly offered me an ARC. I didn’t really know what to expect as I’m not usually a big lover of books including shifters, especially wolves. However, this was absolute perfection. I raced through this book at lightening speed as I just could not put it down and now I am left reeling, dying for more from Hannah and this incredible world.

Sanctum tells the story of Skye. A 17 year old wolf shifter who is living in a pack who treat the women wolves horrifically. Kept as an Omega, the bottom of the pack, Skye knows her future contains violence. However her and her Mom escape at the last minute and have to try and find their way in a new, nicer pack. Always expecting the worst of everybody, Skye has to learn to trust again and her new alpha Remy will do anything in his power to protect her and make sure nobody hurts her again.

I can’t even tell you how much I freaking loved this book. Hannah has such a brilliant writing style. Right at the beginning when Skye is with her violent pack, I was both loving the book but at the same time not wanting to read it because of the violence that I knew was bound to happen. I’ve never had such a strong emotional reaction to characters so fast in a book before. This was all within the first three chapters of the book and that really shows how incredible a storyteller Hannah really is, to make me feel like this so fast. The more I read, the more I loved this book.

Before picking up SanctumI was in such a reading slump. Nothing was grabbing my attention. I’d read a few pages and then put the book down. Right from the start of Sanctum I couldn’t put the book down. I spent the entire day sat reading and I didn’t even realise the time ticking by. To me that truly shows how amazing this book is. Right away I was in love with both of the main characters and I cannot praise Hannah enough for the fantastic characterisation that goes on in this book. Skye has been through some dark stuff in her past and the way Hannah dealt with those issues was utterly brilliant. She really captured Skye’s journey into healing and didn’t shy away from having scenes that were really hard-hitting and emotional. I can’t praise her enough for this.

Remy is officially one of my all time favourite book boys ever. He is the alpha male but he’s very different to any other alpha male’s in shifter books I have read. The reason I don’t enjoy reading wolf shifter books is too many of them have the alpha males being total assholes who are too controlling and think they can control the girl. Hannah instead wrote an absolutely perfect alpha male, who is brilliantly protective while also being the sweetest most loving guy in the world. He was happy to step in and protect Skye but he gave her the control in every situation and was there for her if and when she needed him and that was perfect to me.

Nothing I write in this review (and I know it’s a long rambling, fangirling review) will ever actually do justice to this perfect book. I read this book so damn fast and when I finished, started reading it all over again immediately. I have never done that with a book… ever. This has definitely become one of my all time favourite books ever. It’s fast paced and action packed and filled to the brim with the most swoon-worthy, heart-melting romance ever. I cannot recommend this book enough. I think anyone who is a sucker for romance needs to read this book. It is one of the most brilliant romances I have ever read. If you love paranormal romance this is also going to be the perfect book for you. This book is right up there with Jennifer L Armentrout’s as my all time favourites, which is a huge compliment as usually nothing comes close to my love for Jennifer’s books. I can’t wait to read the next book. I am so here for it and I can’t wait. Sanctumwas, in a word, perfection.

“This is real, Skye. I’m not going anywhere. I know this is fast, and I know on paper it looks completely crazy. But it doesn’t change the way I feel when I’m with you. I’ve been raised to be a leader. To be strong and think of the pack first and above all else. When I’m with you… it’s like everything is clearer. You ground me.”

August 25, 2020
I’ve got to say, this book seriously suprised me. This is Hannah McBrides first release and I would have never guessed had I not been told.

I absolutely love reading books about shifters. All kinds, but Wolf shifters are my favorite. There are some pretty dark themes in this book, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a dark read. It is upper YA.

First of all, I instantly connected with Hannah’s writing. It was extremely easy to get hooked into the story and her characters are so well done and fleshed out, they are all easy to love. I loved the setting of the story. The places and everything she describes, are so easy to envision.

Our main characters Remy and Skye are both amazing characters, you can’t help but love them. Remy is that guy you wish was real. But seriously I loved his character. He’s the exact right amount of alpha male, while still being considerate and an all around amazing guy with Skye and his pack. And Skye is awesome. I loved her. We get the story from her POV and I’m so glad for that. It’s not multiple povs. Skye has been through so much, and obviously has her issues because of this, but she is a survivor. Her and her mother both are.

I absolutely loved this story. It’s quite a big book, but never did I feel like it was too long or dragging on. It was the perfect length for this first book in the series. I really hope that we will get more of Remy and Skye.

I also want to mention that other than the romance in this book, the friendship between Skye, Larkin, and Katy was so special and awesome to read about. Their friendship is one of a kind. As is the same with Rhodes and Remy.

I could go on and on about how amazing this book is. Just do yourself the favor and read it.
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402 reviews28 followers
April 23, 2022
3.90 Stars

The very first chapter— jeweled with the horrifying cruelties of Skye's old pack—got me hooked onto the book. I was all ready for this plot to develop with a tortured Main Lady who slowly heals from the life she had been forced to experience for the last 17 years, since that was what the first chapter gave an impression of. But immediately after she left her pack and within days, we get a stronger version of Skye—which remains my complaint in a few of those I have.

I didn’t mind the mating that came too early.

"I was thinking about how if this was a book, we would get horrible reviews."
His gaze swung to me for a second, surprise in his eyes, before going back to the road. "Oh, really?"
Giggling, I crossed my legs. "We barely know each other. The bond happened less than a day ago. And yet ..."

However, I wished that the author had taken time to really get inside Skye's head and provide that to us with stronger words that rocked me rather than sway me.

Besides that, Remy was amazing. He truly deserves to be an alpha. Him and Skye together were great too. Young love was depicted correctly with the tone of maturity. Great work there.

Overall, I will continue with the series. I do like certain mysteries the book presented. I want to know who Skye's father is, most of all. The books are only bound to improve from here. :)
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195 reviews23 followers
September 19, 2021
Normally I would give three stars to a predictable werewolf story but the writing was fantastic and I found myself devouring this book overnight.

I didn’t mind that it was predictable because I liked the writing style and the popular tropes so much. The only thing I wish was different was how black the villains were and how white the heroes were. Give me some morally Grey please! Maybe that will happen in book two.
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259 reviews777 followers
October 16, 2022
I say this with love because I was absolutely a wattpad girlie…this is definitely something I would have read in the werewolf section of wattpad. And you know what? I would have loved it.

It’s the usual abused omega runs away to another pack and ends up being the alpha’s mate. Also werewolf boarding school.

Definitely has not been edited as much as it needs to be. Also on kindle, chapter 18 is a duplicate of chapter 17…. Just highly recommend getting another beta reader for the final product.

CW: SA, prolonged physical and mental abuse, bullying, misuse of power, trauma, death
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973 reviews285 followers
September 17, 2020
What an amazing book by Hannah! This debut completely blew me away! Hannah’s writing lured me in from the get-go.

Skye is a female werewolf in a pack where females are only used for sex and breeding. But Skye and her mom get some of the worst treatments (TW) because they are Omegas. Just when Skye’s life was going to change for the worse, her mom and her are able to escape and arrive at another pack. Both are already jaded from their pack, so it will take a lot to get used to a pack where there’s respect.

Can I just mention how from the first chapter I had already grown attached to Skye? I was feeling so much for her and those in the Omega house. It was tough to read the stuff that’d go down in that house. I tend to have a cold heart and usually takes a lot for me to feel for the characters and grow attached to them, yet Hannah managed to do that in the first chapter alone! If you weren’t convinced before, I’ll say it again: Hannah is a talented writer!

Sanctum was a book I didn’t even know I needed in my life, but once I started it, I couldn’t let go. I literally ended up loving all of the characters (except for the bad ones). These new pack that Skye ends up at are all so wonderful.

Rent was such a beautiful soul. The way he treated Skye before he know all the stuff she went through was already beautiful. Then when he found out, his actions and how he expressed himself were so marvelous, I just wanted to jump into the book and hug him! Even though he’s going to be an Alpha, he is actually very sweet and let’s Skye make her own decisions and he thinks very logically, too! This was a nice surprising change.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a wonderful shifter novel, with a beautiful romance, gripping action scenes, with amazing world-building that’s so eloquently fleshed out, you must read Sanctum!
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1,351 reviews104 followers
January 9, 2021


I swear it's like I've been gifted by the book gods and goddesses with 5 star reads.

Sanctum, by Hannah McBride...


I've read my fair share of shifter romance. This is full blown YA, which isn't something I'm normally Gung Ho over since I like some steam, but y'all.

Skye and Remy were everything. Skye with her strength and perseverance. Remy with his love and compassion. The pack intricacies. The detailed and engaging storyline.


Skye and her mother escape a horrible pack. They seek refuge with the Blackwater Pack, an AMAZING pack. Once Skye goes off to school, she meets the younger pack members and learns how to trust. It was so heartbreaking to read about her self-doubt and naivety. But gosh, Remy was PERFECT.

I won't give anything away because you just need to experience this beautiful story for yourself.
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July 2, 2021
I wish there were more books like Sanctum! Wow is the first words that comes to mind describing this book. I literally couldn't put this one down and devoured it in a couple of hours. Skye has already been through so much and to see her finally thrive, and finding her place amongst her people, was such a beautiful journey to watch. She went from a scared, insecure girl to such a badass woman. And can we just talk about how much respect Remy deserves for treating Skye the way he did?! He really couldn't have been any more loving, understanding and respectful towards her. I seriously adore him.

For me, this book doesn't deserve anything less than 5 stars!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 14, 2021
Self note
No sex scenes - in paranormal book wtf. 😒 people said because the h is only 17..er teenagers have the most sex. Old authors need to check out tiktok or Instagram sometimes…

(Unless this was written for 12 yr olds with old moms watching their kids reading it)
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September 8, 2020
I just found a new author to stalk and I'm not ashamed about it.

First of all I need to say that this book deals with quite a few dark subjects. Bullying, rape, violence against women, murder, among other things. So if you have triggers I just wanted to let you guys know.

That being said this book is perfect. Yes it deals with pretty dark stuff, but truly it is about so much more.

This book is about a road to self discovery, of self worth. It's about standing up when everyone is trying to push you down. It's about fighting for yourself and others. It's about family, friends and love.

Yes, there is a love story and Remi is the perfect book boyfriend. Sexy, strong and protective but at the same time he lets Skye set the tone for their relationship, he's supportive of her. He's also a great example of what a leader should be.

The dynamics between the pack are amazing, they bicker and fight but they love each other fiercely.

Katy, Larkin and Rhodes are what true friends should be. Loyal to the core. A true family, created out of love for one another.

I'm rambling and gushing I know. But it really is this good.

You guys need to check this book ASAP. I swear it won't disappoint.
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January 11, 2021

Seriously this a must-read book. I'm trying to type my review, but seriously this book got me through so many feels intensely, it's hard to find the right words to explain just how much I loved this book.
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October 14, 2020
A great start to a new series. Parts of this book were really heavy and others lighthearted and fun. I maybe wanted a bit more edge or something to Remy- but overall really enjoyable!
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December 13, 2020
I'll definitely be reading the next book in the Blackwater Pack because I really REALLY want to know who Skye's father is. I'm looking forward to the big reveal. Hopefully it's in book 2.
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July 31, 2020
**Might edit later because of the amount of fangirlism this may have ended up with, but in the meantime, here it is**

I feel so lucky to say that I read an early version of this book. And then I got to read the ARC. And now I can already tell everyone that this book is making it to my top favorites of 2020 and I am never shutting up about it.

The characters were incredible. They all have an incredible backstory, and each has its own personality that completely flies out of the pages. They all have their own path to follow and they all grow SO MUCH.

Skye is one of those female leads that inspires anyone who reads her journey -we feel for her, we hurt with her, and we heal with her.

And what can I say about Remy? He has quickly risen to the top on my favorite-book-boyfriends list and that is not an easy feat to accomplish.

I have not read a lot of shifter romances, but in the ones I’ve read, I usually had problems with the blatant sexism and toxicity of the male lead, of his relationship with the heroine and the overall world they’re in. Even if it tried to disguise it under a “strong female lead”, it didn’t disguise it enough for me.
But that was just my personal experience and opinion.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I read this book and discovered that everything I yearned for in a shifter romance was right here on every single one of these pages… that there was finally a book where I didn’t have to deal with everything I hated about shifter alphas, and yet it managed to somehow deliver one perfectly even without the things I hated about them.

Because have no doubts: Remy IS an alpha.

He is absolutely everything you love about alpha men, it’s just improved to a thousand. He is protective, powerful, strong, arrogant, and very possessive. But he is also absolutely nice, loving, funny, kind, and caring. He never tries to control Skye -he respects her, he helps her, and he is the best leader his pack or anyone could ask for. He earns people’s respect by being good and smart, not by bullying everyone with his strength. No matter what kind of men you like to read about in books, I promise you will fall for Remy. Because he is the perfect mix of everything you could ever want in a guy.

The relationship Remy and Skye have is completely heartwarming. They both look out for each other and have each other’s backs. The trust they develop in the other is one of my favorite things and seeing them become a team, friends, and fall head over heels in love was a journey I want to read and reread a million times over. Their chemistry is out of this world, so be ready.

The creatures and the world are so rich and interesting that it even took me by surprise. The building and development the author put into her world and her shifters both as individuals and as communities can be felt in the novel, and it just makes the book grip you and pull you into it so much more.

As for the secondary characters? We meet a huge cast of people that are very unique, diverse, different, and all absolutely amazing in their own way. Their relationships shine as much as the main love story.

The themes that this story dealt with at times could be very hard ones to read, and the author handled them all beautifully. It was all done with the utmost respect and care, as well as incredible realism even in a paranormal setting.

The story was fast-paced and addictive, I couldn’t stop reading if I tried. Each subplot was constructed perfectly and added complexity and overall awesomeness to the novel. Hannah’s writing gripped me from the start and it didn’t let me go, her magical pen brought all of these words to life in my head and blew me away.

Sanctum was a debut novel that surprised me and left me with the biggest book-hangover I’ve had lately. It’s a book that completely redefined Alphas and Shifters for me, a romance that gave me everything I didn’t know I wanted. It’s a story that you absolutely cannot miss.
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November 21, 2020
I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

First things first, thank you, Hannah, for providing me with an ARC. I got to read very early versions of the book and was beyond excited to see the final product. It’s no secret that I’m total trash for shifter books, but holy awesome. It’s hard to believe that this is Hannah’s debut novel.

The story follows a young female shifter who has been born into the lowest possible rank in a wolf pack – an omega. Skye learned the hard way that the word safety has no place in her vocabulary. And her packmates don’t ever let her forget it. I would have loved to climb into my kindle and have “words” with a few of those assholes. The beginning of this book is nothing for weak nerves. When the situation escalates due to an unexpected change in leadership, Adalynne Markham has no choice but to get herself and her daughter out, even if they die trying. They end up seeking sanctuary with the Blackwater Pack in Washington, and from here on out, the story is about Skye finding herself, her place in the new pack, and maybe a bit more than that.

I absolutely adore Skye’s character. Despite the terrible hand life dealt her, she’s anything but weak and determined not to bow to her traumatic past. I loved seeing the chains crack a little more with each day until she full-blown shatters them. She’s one of those characters you can’t help but connect to. I cried, fought, laughed, and loved with her through every chapter.

And the same goes for the rest of the gang, our beloved alpha-to-be in particular. Hold on to your book boyfriends as tight as you can because Remy’s going to push them off their respective thrones faster than you can say Blackwater. I have read my fair share of shifter books and totally love my alpha males, but he’s an entirely different species. With Remy, Hannah absolutely nailed it. He’s definite alpha material, taking on his responsibilities with a demeanor that goes beyond his years. At the same time, he’s playful, at times cocky, throws the occasional party, and does what guys do in high school. He’s one of the very few guys that aren’t afraid of their feelings. He’s possessive, protective, kind, and caring, and to top it off, he’s hotter than the sun. He stole my heart within five pages of meeting him.

Don’t even get me started on the romance in this book (between Remy and Skye or otherwise), or this review is will be more like an essay. But let me tell you this: what they have is what every girl wants.

Sanctum is a sort of introduction to the story, the shifter world, the characters, the different packs, and sets the stage for the showdown with this unknown threat that has female shifters disappearing all over the country. The plot is well-paced and laced with angst, humor, love, and action. A diverse set of secondary characters with equally well-developed backgrounds add the little extra to the story. I love every single one of them, and I can’t wait to see where the next book takes us.

Long story short, this book has everything you could possibly want. The first time I read it, I went through it in one go. I couldn’t have put it down if I tried. If you like shifter books, this one is right up your alley. And if you’ve never read anything like it, you can’t go wrong with this one.
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