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Faking It with the Frenemy

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A fake date to an ex's wedding. A hot billionaire single dad next door. His demon cat.

I have two goals in life:

1. Earn my five-year anniversary bonus--worth $500k--from my eccentric boss by never failing in any task he gives me.

2. Never think about my past, and most especially not about Wyatt Westland, the high school sweetheart who betrayed me and broke my heart.

Everything's going perfectly until Wyatt pops back in my life--by moving in next door with his adorable daughter and demon cat. He's a billionaire tech genius now and friends with my boss's family. To make matters worse, he's bigger, sexier and makes me tingle in places I didn't know could tingle.

When my boss asks me to find Wyatt a date to his ex-wife's wedding, I want to refuse. But I'll be damned if I'm losing out on $500k when I'm so close to earning it.

The problem? Wyatt keeps walking out on the women I set him up with. On purpose no doubt, because he knows what's at stake for me.

So fine. I'll be his date. How hard can it be to fake it for just one day, even if every moment reminds me of all the ways I fell for him the first time?

Faking It with the Frenemy is a second chance, lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers reunion romance with a billionaire single-dad hero who was the heroine's first love, a cat that wants to be a queen, a dog that loves what the cat brings every morning, and a wild party with certain very inappropriately named treats from Japan.

358 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 22, 2020

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About the author

Nadia Lee

71 books1,788 followers
Bilingual former management consultant Nadia Lee has lived in four different countries and enjoyed many adventures and excellent food around the globe. In the last eight years, she has kissed stingrays, got bitten by a shark, and petted tigers.

She shares an apartment overlooking a river and palm trees in Japan with her husband, winter white hamsters and an ever-widening pile of books. When she's not writing, she can be found digging through old Asian historical texts or planning another trip.

Visit Nadia on her website or her blog. You can also say hello on Facebook or Twitter.

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530 reviews
June 26, 2020
This book is the exact reason why 2nd chances usually suck for me. Everything that happened in High school was of course spurned by his now ex wife who wanted him for herself. She sends him a text from the h’s phone saying he have her herpies and was bad in bed. He is such a
pu$$& that he never talks to the heroine about it. She thinks he ghosted her because he got what he wanted. They were each other’s first. This doesn’t excuse the H from being a douche. He moves on from her immediately and started dating (and screwing) her best friend. Despite having nothing in common they date for awhile and best friend got pregnant. Here’s the kicker and if what I mentioned doesn’t already make you want to throw this book in the toilet... He married her, and despite her turning out to be a crappy person, they were together for TEN YEARS! Why would you want to take him back after that. No thanks go find a guy who hasn’t screwed you over already.when the find out what happen with the text it all really goes downhill because our h loses her entire personality. She doesn’t behave like any woman I would know. She doesn’t ask why he moved onto her friend. She doesn’t show emotion about it at all. He doesn’t apologize, nothing is mentioned about him accepting that the best friend should have been a no-go, and he’s sorry. They start sleeping together immediately. He CONSTANTLY compares her to the ex in his head (further letting us know what an important part of his life the ex is in case we tried to move on and focus on the hero and heroine). Too much of the story was spent about her. She was an awful person and he not only dated and knocked her up, he married her and stayed that way for 10 years. 10 years of sex, 10 years of buying her everything she wanted, ten years of pretending to love her. He didn’t even leave her, she left him. And she left him with a bunch of his money as well. She is absolutely horrible to Kim the second that she sees her. That would be too much for most women . Basically we have two really weak characters. The H is weak because he never seems to have his balls. He didn’t when he lost Kim for believing some BS that he never should have believed. He didn’t have them when he let that woman control him for 10 years and he doesn’t have them most of the book because she is constantly on his mind in one way or another. Kim is weak because she just lets everything happen and there is no confrontation. She shifted way too fast from hurt to his number one fab, willing to do anything for he and his daughter. He should have been put in his place for his choices. So like I said, two weak characters, and that makes a weak story.
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1,409 reviews334 followers
May 14, 2020

Not a standout but a cute second chance, lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers reunion romance filled with misunderstandings, oozing chemistry and good banter. I will point out that during the duration of this rekindled romance, the majority of the scenes were pretty predictable and it lacked that something something to completely win me over. Overall it was a good read but definitely fell in the mediocre pile.

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629 reviews19 followers
June 11, 2020
Must Read!

Amazing! I have so many ways I could explain this book but it is truly simply amazing is the first thing that comes to mind!! Such a fun and beautiful story! And very well written! I can't wait to read Jo's book when it comes out! I love how characters from Nadia's other books also made an appearance! I also really need a book on Yuna!!! Definitely worth 5 stars!
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689 reviews42 followers
May 25, 2020
I thought I'd like this but something just didn't sit right. I wasn't a big fan of Kim at first. I'm petty, I get it but she seemed so childish. Seriously this was 10 years ago and you still can't get over it. Really? You think he has the time and your level of pettiness to teach his cat to drop bugs near your apartment?! What kind of thinking process is that? And honestly, Wyatt was never really rude to her when they first reconnected but she wanted to ruin all the potential dates for him just for funsies. Assumes that he's getting a date to the wedding just to be a dick. Grow the F up. Her saying "I'm professional" but let's her emotions and past get in the way and still giving him terrible dates. Oookay sure super profesh.. get off your high horse.

She improved towards the end, especially after the wedding and the truth about their past came out (which they literally could've just been mature about and rehashed in a 2 minutes conversation and been like damn OK, moving on and be done with it). The whole faking relationship was so emphasized but the scene lasted a chapter or two. They didn't really pretend because the wedding didn't really happen. And why did Geneve (what's her name?) Even break them up in the first place and it was just so many plot holes. Why did the cat keep bringing bugs? I thought some super duper important reveal was going to happen because the amount of page time that it had.

Also some scenes I didn't care for. Didn't care for the random bondings with Yuna, like really? How does this add to the plot? I practically skipped all those parts and guess what, I still got the gist of the story. I think more pages should have been dedicated to Kim spending time with Vi. And Wyatt, Vi, and Kim spending time together. They hadn't even told Vi they were in a relationship before getting engaged. Um. What? So much for first trying to see how Vi would adjust to these changes. And they literally just reconnected like 2 seconds ago and now they're getting married. I understand his fear because how much do you really know Kim. So I thought it would've benefited if we had more screen time of them getting to know each other again cause God knows you aren't the same person you were in high school.

Also I wished that the wedding was longer and Kim was able to rub in Gens face that she was with Wyatt (see i can be petty too lol) and the mom ... so annoying. Also... SO. MUCH. PAGE. TIME. for Melanie, who is Wyatts terrible assistant... why should I care? It had no relevance to the plot. If there an evil concocted plan that Melanie was planted there by Gen to ruin Wyatt, I'd be like ok ok, I understand why the author is writing so much about her incompetence but I just don't understand the importance other than fluff. I hate fluff. Why add fluff when you can add substance. And Dane? How's this guy married? I didn't read his book, nor do I want to, what an asshole. Also, Salazar is funny, I liked him.

I didn't like that drama with Gen trying to sue for child support, which also lasted like a chapter. Idk I just felt like that's such a bigger dramatic plot point that could've been stretched out and it felt cheap to just add that little drama and then quick fix. She calls to say she'll sue, they meet with lawyer, Kim suggests getting married cause it'll be easier to gain custody and then bam they married, he has custody, Gen is broke. The end all tied up in a bow. Don't even get me started on that stupid drama where Kim "proposed" and she was heartbroken when he rejected her because he said he didn't want her reason to marry him solely to help win a custody battle. Yeah b you should marry him because you love him. That "proposal" (quotation because she didn't really propose, she suggested - I dare a guy to suggest marriage instead propose and see the outcome to that) anyway it sounded like an "ok, I'll do you another favor and marry you so you can keep your child". Then she goes back to being petty, not letting him explain and avoiding him for days. Wtf kind of relationship is this. He also didn't try harder to explain to her. I was just so done with this BS by then
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,363 reviews444 followers
May 20, 2020
I always enjoy Nadia Lee’s light and fun rom coms, but… this definitely wasn’t my favorite. There’s just something about the backstory that rubbed me the wrong way, and I really couldn’t get past it (more on that in a minute). It’s still a cute read with some fun enemies to lovers bickering, a sweet second chance romance, and an adorable single dad (who just so happens to be a billionaire), but it’s probably not one that I’ll reread in the future.

The story follows Wyatt and Kim, two people who went to high school together. They were falling for each other, but after sleeping together everything changed. Both Wyatt and Kim have different opinions about what happened, but they’re definitely not all that happy to bump into each other ten years later. Wyatt is now a successful businessman and newly divorced with an sweet daughter. He’s in need of a date to the wedding of his ex-wife, and somehow finds himself looking to Kim to fill the position. But Kim wants nothing to do with the man who broke her heart all those years ago, even if he does still seem to have some redeeming qualities.

Let’s start with what I liked, because there is quite a bit. As with all of Lee’s books, this is light and low angst with some great humor and just a touch of steam. I also loved Wyatt and what a steady, kind guy he is. There’s obvious chemistry between these two, so that was fun to read. However, I just couldn’t get behind their backstory. There’s a predictability to the misunderstanding that’s the first strike against it - you just knew that it was the type of problem that could’ve been solved with ONE 5-minute conversation. And that’s just… so annoying. Pair that with the fact that Wyatt started dating Kim’s former best friend within days of them breaking up (going so far as to get her pregnant and have a 10-year marriage), plus some high school bullying, and... it was just too much. That’s a second strike against our hero, and the fact that his ex is so obviously intolerable is the third strike. I still don’t understand why he would spend ten years with a woman he so clearly dislikes, and it's really not a good look for him to say so many bad things about her. That’s really what brings this one down. If you’re okay with the murky history, then this is a fun rom com that plays up all of the tropes we know and love. It won’t stop me from reading more from the author in the future - this one just wasn’t my favorite. I received an ARC via Give Me Books and am voluntarily leaving a review of this light romance.
387 reviews17 followers
November 2, 2020

Nothing fancy but truly entertaining! Nadia makes fantasize how the world of the rich is. Interesting and intriguing. Also, funny and chill. I love animals and kids. Some parents doesn't deserve their Kids like Geneva. Vi found z better one in Kim and Wyatt was given another chance with the woman he deserves. Kim's staying true of herself of marrying for love unlike her mother really paid off.
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1,404 reviews78 followers
January 10, 2021
i really enjoyed the writing it was a fun read, the characters had great introductions and very multi - dimensional.

I did feel Kim and Wyatt could have communicated better, over a decade of misunderstanding no one addressed until over halfway in the book, which to be honest i think is something that should have been discussed alot sooner like ten years ago if that initial attraction was there... Not the biggest fan of 2nd chance romances, unless its truly a forgivable reason... Amnesia, loss or getting sent to war... A text that got sent with no one questioning it further is a bit silly.

What a awful character Geneva is, Why would anyone want to touch her to begin with??? the way she treats Vi is disgusting....

Still other than the 2nd chance romance bit i did enjoy it.
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308 reviews2 followers
August 7, 2020
This was my first read by Nadia Lee and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in this book. It's definitely a hilariously funny romcom. It's full of misunderstandings and troubles. Ludicrously funny bordering on farce scenes that makes you laugh out loud. Also so emotional and heartstrings pulling sides to this story make this book even more enjoyable.
Will definitely pick other books time by time by this author.
605 reviews
October 11, 2022
I waffled between 2 and 3 stars, I'd probably give it 2.5 🌟. This just didn't do it for me. I mean the whole background of why these 2 characters hate each other is ridiculous. Wyatt gets a text from her claiming she got herpes from him. Keep in mind this was back when they were in high school and it was the 1st time from both of them. Of course she didn't send it her former best friend did. Then he starts dating this best friend. It is completely obvious what happened. Ridiculously so. Ok maybe they might not have seen that in high school but for over half the book they are still acting like immature idiots. The book felt long winded and I just did not like the characters. I honestly skipped or skimmed paragraphs constantly. Then when they started their relationship the book got a little better for me. The ending however was so rushed. Wyatt's ex tries to use and take their daughter back so she can get money from him. So they go to a lawyer and what does she say. Are you to married (Wyatt and Kim) bc that will help you get custody over the biological mom. Not the videos streaming all over Facebook with the mother complaining about how the daughter is useless and ruined her. No not even mentioned, it was ridiculous. The ending so rushed, they get engaged and married with weeks and all thats said is the lawyer crushed Geneva (the mom). That's it, basically 1 line solving the whole problem that caused them to consider marriage so soon.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,240 reviews56 followers
September 13, 2020
After seeing this cover, I knew I needed to read this one. It’s so cute & fun!

Kim & Wyatt met back in high school. They were each other’s firsts. Then there was a jealous best friend, some mean and nasty texts, and LOTS of misunderstandings. Fast forward to ten years later. Enemies for sure, but that attraction was still there.

While I thought this story was longer than it needed to be, and some parts weren’t my favorite, there were many things I did enjoy. It gave me some laughs and a few tingles from the steamy scenes.

I’m wondering if I would’ve enjoyed this more had I read the books before this with characters who made appearances quite often. Possibly.

I will say I’m curious enough about a couple of the other characters from this book and I may go back and read their stories. Like Dane...such a grump ass! Maybe reading his book will make me understand him a bit better? I do love a sexy grumpy man.

This was my first book by this author and I’m glad I finally read her.
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3,847 reviews36 followers
July 27, 2022
I enjoyed Kim and Wyatt's story. The story was well-written.

Kim and Wyatt had history, but because of miscommunication, they parted. Years later, Wyatt's in need for a fake date to bring to his ex-wife's wedding. The more time they spend together, the more quickly things move from enemies to friends who tolerate each other to something more.

Not much hate factor in this one, I guess that's why they're frenemies. This is full of humour and an entertaining second chance romance.
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Author 38 books55 followers
May 22, 2020
4.5 Stars (rounded up to 5.0)

FAKING IT WITH THE FRENEMY, Nadia Lee’s latest, was a milestone for me. It’s the first book of ANY kind (romance, biography, history, etc.) I’ve been able to read all the way through since the pandemic began. Why, you might ask? Partly because it’s a hoot and a half, a perfect diversion from the mind-numbing worry engendered by a necessary but boring quarantine. Partly because it’s frothy and funny, yet filled with the “tugging at the heartstrings” emotions Nadia Lee puts in all her books. And partly because…ahem…the love scenes are incredibly hot, another Nadia Lee trademark.

I giggled, chortled, snickered, fanned myself, and yes, sniffled my way through the book. The heroine, Kim, is well-known to Ms. Lee’s readers; she has appeared as a secondary character in previous books. The hero, Wyatt, is new to us, but quickly becomes a beloved character. (Despite Kim’s inner musings explaining why he’s a rat-fink crud and we should hate him, Ms. Lee drops enough clues early on for the reader to know there’s something very wrong with Kim’s understanding of past events.) But Wyatt’s daughter, Vi, steals the show in my opinion. My heart aches for her from the first moment she sets foot on the stage (most of my tears belonged to her), and I loved, loved, loved the resolution to her part of the story. (No spoilers, but she deserves the happiness she finds with Kim and Wyatt.)

Other familiar characters make appearances throughout FAKING IT WITH THE FRENEMY, including Yuna, who plays a pivotal role (again!) in the lovers’ resolution. (I really, REALLY want her story, but I’m pretty sure I know whose story is next, and it’s not hers).

All in all, FAKING IT WITH THE FRENEMY is classic Nadia Lee—hilarious, emotional, hot, and memorable—and I highly recommend it.

* ARC received in exchange for honest review.
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1,210 reviews14 followers
August 21, 2020
This was a cute, second chance/enemies to lovers romance.
This was the first book for me by this author.
It was OK. I liked a lot of the story. Some things I didn’t really care for.
I loved Wyatt. He was not your typical billionaire. He didn’t want to hang out with other people of money. He wanted cheeseburgers instead of fancy tuna. He was more comfortable in torn jeans and T-shirts than designer suits. He wanted his ten year old daughter to live a normal life, so he moved them into a plain, but nice apartment building. Right next door to Kim. He was new to being a single parent, spending most of his time playing catch up. Trying to figure out everything he needed to do to be a good dad, and continue working.
Kim, I struggled a bit with her. She was a good friend, went above and beyond for her eccentric boss. And she was really good with Vi, Wyatts daughter.
What she was not so good with, was letting go of the past. Being an adult, instead of acting like a judgmental teenager. Lashing out and making assumptions instead of having an adult conversation with Wyatt. It could have solved a lot of problems. I really don’t care for drama being drug out in a book simply to keep the conflict going.
I really did not like Kim’s mother. She was so beyond annoying. I would have disowned her. Right along with Wyatt’s ex.
While reading this book I felt like I had been dropped into a world where I was the outsider. There were so many references to other characters and little hints here and there about their own stories. It was a bit annoying. Like I was the only one not in on the jokes.
It was not a bad book. I have purchased a second book, we’ll see how that one is before I go further.
Dual points of view.
No cheating. No cliffhanger.
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1,932 reviews17 followers
May 21, 2020
I received a complimentary ARC - early release copy of this book in Kindle format from the author for review purposes.

This was an awesome story about two enemies from childhood finding romance and friendship and he is also a single dad. It was a really great story with great characters and I absolutely adored this story.

This is Wyatt and Kim's story. Wyatt is Dane's friend and Kim works for Dane's father. Dane and his dad make a bet and his father loses which means Kim hhas to work for Wyatt for a month. Wyatt has an assistant but he really needs a date so Kim tries to find him a date for his exes wedding.

While Wyatt is a new character to us, he grew up with Kim and they had crushes on each other and were even each others firsts until Wyatt's ex started torturing Kim. He ended married to her for 10 years and they have an awesome daughter. Now the mom is getting hitched and Wyatt needs a date.

Kim hates Wyatt for dumping her and taking up with her enemy, and Wyatt hates her because he thinks she hated being with him. But they become neighbors and Kim ends up being close with Vi, Wyatt's daughter and she also is forced to find him a date for the wedding.

What results is a super fun story about two enemies who once were friends and lovers but who each think the other did them wrong. Plus an adorable girl who they both end up loving and caring for. This was an awesome 2nd chance at romance with two enemies who end up falling for each other.

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5 reviews1 follower
May 18, 2020
Before reading this I would’ve sworn there was nothing that I loved more than a good old-fashioned fake relationship trope. All of that angsty and almost-kiss push and pull is totally my jam. FAKING IT WITH THE FRENEMY did me three times better. Fake relationship? Check! Hot single dad? Oh yes! Slow burn enemies-to-lovers situation? DEFINITELY. All of the feels happening here.

I loved that this novel wasn’t your run of the mill “I need a date, help me” plot (despite my first sentence of this review). This book threw all of the things that make the romance genre delicious into one tasty, layered treat that kept me turning the pages at an alarming rate. I ate everything up in one night. I laughed, cheered, and definitely swooned while reading Kim and Wyatt’s story.

Familiar faces from the Pryce-Reed sagas pop up, and yes even from Tony and Ivy’s story! (Shout out to Yuna for being so kick-ass and hilarious)!

Counting down until Edgar and Jo’s story appears…

Love love love Nadia Lee. No one does angst and happily ever after quite like her.

I did receive an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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766 reviews9 followers
May 21, 2020
Nadia Lee has weaved a story that was engaging, emotional, and extraordinary. Wyatt and Kim's history was one that ended with them really not liking each other. Unfortunately a simple conversation could have really fixed their problem, but that's not how stories like these work. Both were hurt by the other and that hurt carried into adulthood. It came back and interfered with their need for each other's assistance. The heat from their youth was still there and complicating their new interactions. Wyatt's daughter was a delight and I wish we would have seen her a bit more, but what we did get definitely added to the story. One thing I adore about Nadia Lee is she really takes her time to develop her story and this book is a perfect example of this. Her stories are hearty but not to the point where it seems like a word count was trying to be met. Everything she included in this story enhanced the story in a wonderful way. I really enjoyed this story, even her evil (in a good way) teaser of her next book. I recommend this book wholeheartedly.
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1,632 reviews33 followers
May 23, 2020
I've been waiting for Kim's story since I read about Evie and Nate in Marrying My Billionaire Boss a few months ago, and for the most part this book did not disappoint (again I say: for the most part). This can be read as a standalone, but it's definitely better to read the previous books so you'll know who the side characters are and their connection to each other.

Now, on to Kim and Wyatt, who have a long and mostly painful history; they were somewhat high school sweethearts until circumstances tore them apart. It's pretty easy to figure out who the instigator was, and man did that person do some damage. I liked Wyatt because he's making sure his daughter is his top priority and helping her acclimate to the new normal that is her life now. What I didn't like is after things went down back in high school, it's who he decided to hook up with almost immediately after everything with Kim; like of all the people, THAT'S who you rebounded with? But another plus in his favor is that he's not willing to settle for just anyone to be his date to the wedding he's attending, he seems to become a lot more sensible about who he dates.

Kim is pretty much set on her particular life path and most importantly, earning that huge bonus for being Salazar's assistant, which all comes down to a certain piece of artwork Salazar wants. She refuses to follow in her mother's several times married footsteps and wants to marry for love, not a bank account. There's obviously still some serious chemistry between Wyatt and Kim, but there's also the whole issue about what happened in high school and how they need to find a way to work through all of that.
54 reviews1 follower
May 20, 2020
This book...ticked so many boxes, stand alone, 2nd chance and two firsts. The biggie for me was sliding so easily into the extended Pryce family. Salazar. Sigh.
Nadia Lee takes you through the lives (should I say love) of Wyatt and Kimberley with fun and lightheartedness throughout the book. There's a cat. There's a dog. There's a little, adorable little girl. Want more? Yuna is here too!
Guaranteed you will be hooked from chapter one! I loved the fierce independence of Kim and Wyatt becoming her strongest 'cheerleader'. All the feel and lots of heat.
There's a doozy of an epilogue with a blasting surprise. Don't miss this one. Another winner by Ms Lee.
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13.8k reviews131 followers
May 21, 2020
Wyatt is a single dad to a little girl, and he is Kimberley’s new neighbour. These two were high school sweethearts. When Kimberley is tasked by her boss to find Wyatt a fake date for his ex-wife’s wedding, things do not pan out as they should, leaving her to become the date. This is a well written story which is a humorous and entertaining 2nd chance romance story, which is filled with angst, and is a light-hearted enemies / lovers’ tale which had me hooked and intrigued throughout. I recommend for all readers.
706 reviews3 followers
September 2, 2020
Second Chance

Kim and Wyatt dated in high school but it ended badly but now fate brings them together several years later and they need each other’s help. Wyatt is a single dad who needs a date to his ex-wife’s wedding and Kim needs a pricey statue she believes Wyatt will be receiving as a gift.

It’s a fun story with good characters, including a little girl who plays a big part in this romance, and an ex-wife that is quite unpleasant.
134 reviews
May 20, 2020
I LOVE IT !!!!! Nadia did a great job on this book. I have enjoyed Kim’s and Wyatt story. The way told the story was great. Kim is Salazar’s assistant but Salazar and his son Dane make a bet so known Kim has to pay for it. Wyatt is Dane best friend and he needs a favor . He needs a hot date for his ex-wife’s wedding . But Kim and Wyatt have a bad history between them . One of the many things of Nadia books I enjoy is that they have emotion behind them. This story was happy sweet sad and fun .
86 reviews
May 22, 2020
Excellent book! Definitely recommend it...
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63 reviews
June 9, 2020
I really liked another book by this author but, this one left me very disappointed. Boring and tedious scenes were built in. The main plot was weak. Honestly, I'm not sure why I kept reading. I guess I convinced myself there must be more to this story.... the wasn't.
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
1,623 reviews34 followers
Shelved as 'dont-want-to-read'
July 26, 2022
See dawns review. Dude sounds awful
Profile Image for Olga.
523 reviews55 followers
July 5, 2020
From the characters (Kim’s mom was particularly annoying) to the lack of chemistry between Kim and Wyatt, this book didn’t work for me on a few levels.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
2,708 reviews6 followers
May 27, 2020
This was written in the engaging storytelling style of Nadia Lee. I've always liked the dual povs that we get. Sometimes getting inside the hero's head is a nice break from hearing from the heroine all the time, and this story is no different.

The second chance aspect of this romance took a reallllly long time since the MCs spend more than half of the book hating each other's guts and wishing that the other person wasn't so dang attractive. I can forgive that they were stupid teens who couldn't communicate. Fine. What I couldn't forgive was that the H was so oblivious to life that he managed to get the h's nemesis pregnant, feels obligated to marry her, and stayed in a horrible marriage for 10 years. I get that he never loved his ex, but still. And the math doesn't quite fit. If the MCs are the same age (28), and he went from dating her to his future ex-wife right after they broke up, and their daughter in 10, that means that he got married when he was 18 or younger? I'm so confused.

Anyway, I did like the pets, and the daughter was pretty adorable without being annoying and ridiculous. I don't know why, but most authors can't write a decent child character. It's weird. They either end up sounding like they're a genius or a toddler. Anyhoo, I also really liked the fact that it seems like the H was only with the h and his ex. You know, since he jumped from one bed to another. He definitely wasn't a man-about-town.

So, one star for him (besides the fact that he wasn't too smart with noticing people around him and relationship in general), one star for seeing a lot of the MCs from previous books and previous series, and one star for a heroine who was hardworking and just really good at her job. I did skip all the intimate scenes (maybe three or four of them?), but I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything pertinent. I'm still waiting for Yuna's story! :)
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360 reviews6 followers
June 25, 2020
psa. please try and not be offended by this review bc i now feel bad reading it. but i had finished this book in one sitting and was riding on a high of frustration towards what i had just read. this is just me voicing my opinions in frustration and going on a rant at 4 am (which is when i finished the book).
thank you and have a good day.

why did i read this? it was literally disgusting. one of the worst books i’ve read in a LONG while. im so angry. i hate bad books. i slogged through it only bc i felt an obligation to. i hated it. so much. someone spare me. i suffered so much.

the characters? are horrible. kim has no depth and consistency in her character. she’s just an assistant. aspirations? she’s got none except to get money. wyatt was the same except he did it with some weird coding that wasn’t even explained (future engineer here, i want the deets. at least do a lil research if your main guy was paid a BILLION bucks for the patent). they both literally had no voice to them. i could never tell who’s pov it was bc thEY WERE JUST THE SAME NONEXISTENT CHARACTER BUT WITH A DIFFERENT GENDER AND NAME! like kim who? wyatt what? and the second lead characters. HORRIBLE! none of them were fleshed out. AT ALL. and i understand that this book is placed in a universe. but still. it’s literally NOT labeled as part of a series so it SHOULD be read as a one-shot. but no. like david? daniel? heather? evie? yuna? wtf? who are these people. IDK! bc the author doesn’t even know who they are in this book. they’re just characterless names who pop up WAY too often in the book.

and also? the miSCOMMUNTICATION! wtf? please tell me wtf is wrong with wyatt and kim? they are literally 28 years old. why tf do they act like they are literally 15. and when they were actually teens, APPARENTLY, this decade-long feud stemmed from a miscommunication of a SINGLE text. ONE TEXT! and the mains are too CHICKEN and COWARDLY to have talked about it back then. w h a t t h e e f f f f f. i hate everything in this world. i am NINETEEN YEARS OLD. if i saw this stuff happening to a friend a couple of years ago, i would have slapped them upside the head and told them to get their crap together. and bc of this ONE event, they continue to be immature buttholes to each other TEN YEARS LATER! what are you? FIVE? oh my god. i hated it so much. cat puts bugs in front of my door? it’s completely probable that wyatt spent his precious time training the cat to harass me. totally possible. like kim what? why would you? why even? please shut up. and wyatt? why tf are you such a possesive jealous person? can you please stop. you’re not even together. stop being rude. also, the close mindedness of kim was overwhelming as well. oh, those bad things he did in high school? that were told to me through RUMORS without any PROOF sucked. so i will forever believe he is an evil butthole and no one can change my mind even though he has been pretty civil to me so far. kim? wtf? i high-key hated kim so much bc of this. she was acting all high and mighty. you call yourself a PROFESSIONAL? you CHOSE to accept this job. and you deLIBERATELY fail at finding him a decent date bc of things he MAYBE did a DECADE ago. spoiler, HE DIDN’T DO THEM. ugh i hate everything.

but we need this romance-less intimacy. so no. IMMEDIATELY when they resolve the SINGLE miscommunication from TEN YEARS AGO, they’re going at it like rabbits. i hated it. they had no chemistry. all they did was insult each other in their mind and then be like “he’s hot. ooh. she’s hot” for like two seconds. you call that a spark? aHA no.
i would’ve loved banter but we didn’t get that. we got constant berating. and i was over it. but after the misunderstanding was cleared up. BOOM sex. BOOM boyfriend and girlfriend. BOOM BOOM BOOM my brains out. it’s been like a month. and they hated each other for most of it. literally wtf.

and don’t get me started on the plot itself. a BET? this all happened with a useless BET between two ADULTS over the possession of another ADULT? disgusting. and the whole geneva vying for vi? so stupid. it was such a short “plot twist” that it had no impact on the overall plot.
and wtf is with that whole argument about kim proposing and getting oFFENDED that he hesitated? ma’am? he has a KID! he needs to think about what’s good for her. and you guys JUST started dating? what do you want? just BOOM married? that’s so stupid. he has the right to hesitate. but no. you got angry at him bc MAYBE he doesn’t love you enough?and i HATED hated HATED wyatt’s argument with yuna about that. like wtf? he needs to love her enough if he wants to keep her? it’s not that simple wITCH! they literally JUST reunited. and they aren’t 18 years old anymore. love doesn’t fix everything. he needs to make sure this is logically right for him AND his family. but what the heck. i say all of this. and i think they should’ve waited a bit longer to marry bc of vi. but no. wyatt gives in and they marry like a MONTH after they started dating. WHAT THE ACTUAL DUCK? was vi okay? idk bc the author didn’t FLESH OUT THAT PLOT POINT!
and oh yeah. that stupid STUPID statue thing. what even is a plot anymore author? OH WOW I NEED THIS STATUE FOR MY BOSS AND THE MONS! oh no other man take and give to other other man. so i make deal with other other man. oh NO im apparently such a good assistant but i actually didn’t even check if second man actually had statue bc im a girl FULL of misunderstandings. bad times. but WAIT. second man will save day and get statue back. YAY! oh wait, it’s actually ugly? for what purpose? idk but it doesnt matter bc all is good and i got my monEY!

this so-called plot was just these random problems that needed twisting but were magically fixed bc no fleshing out was happening in this book. it was so useless and i hated it. so much.

i will say, i liked vi. she was a chill ten year old usually and wasn’t very moody. a lot of books written by adults will shove a kid in there and will portray them in such a poor light. not all kids are moody whiny babies my romance authors. im closer to a kid’s age and i can self-awarely say that i am NOT a whiny lil witch, thank you very much. oh and salazar. he made me laugh.

okay, i didn’t mean to be so rude to the author, but i really hated this book and i must be honest. i disliked the useless plot points. i hated the characters. and i honestly regretted reading a book for the first time in a long time. it left such a bad taste in my mouth. so gross. i hated it.
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May 23, 2020

This was my first book by Nadia Lee, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I rarely read the contemporary romance novels, but something about this book just compelled me to read it. The way the author manipulated the story line was amazing!! The story was quite plain for my taste , but the dynamic between the characters was really interesting. The way they both played there roles was really good. I'll just look out for other books by this author, because now she has gained my attention. There were parts of the story where I got a bit bored, But then the story picked up again and became interesting again. This book is recommended to all the contemporary romance lovers, with a light dynamic between the characters and joyful ride throughout the book!!

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May 23, 2020
Faking It with the Frenemy is my first Nadia Lee
This book is definitely a RomCom. There is some lines in the book that makes you laugh out loud and say Omg!
“Chlamydia or gonorrhea. A rattlesnake or a water moccasin. The world is full of crappy choices.”
Wyatt and Kim’s story is made more interesting with Wyatt’s daughter, the cat,the dog and all the different personalities of the supporting characters. This is definitely a book with “ laughter and heart”


Until today, I never had to fake anything with Wyatt Westland—owner of a demon cat and my high school sweetheart-turned-nemesis-turned-billionaire tech genius. But I wouldn't be here by his side right now if I could've found him a date.
I swore I'd never let myself get involved with Wyatt again after he broke my heart all those years ago, but he moved in next door with his adorable daughter. And the sexy single dad vibe he has going on began to thaw my inner ice queen—the one I perfected just for him.
Then my eccentric boss asked me to find Wyatt a date to his ex-wife's wedding. My boss even put a cherry on top of a huge bonus, and I couldn't resist. Of course, not a single one of the heiresses I set Wyatt up with worked. I'm convinced he ruined each date on purpose, leaving me with no choice but to step up and stand in as his date myself.
How hard can it be to fake it for just one day, even if every moment reminds me of all the ways I fell for him the first time?
Faking It with the Frenemy is a second chance, lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers reunion romance with a matchmaking mom determined to make the heroine marry for money (love is optional), a billionaire single-dad hero who was the heroine’s first love, a cat that wants to be a queen, a dog that loves what the cat brings every morning, and a wild party with certain very inappropriately named treats from Japan. Love a book with lots of laughter and heart? Then grab Faking It with the Frenemy today!

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