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Boon Hoenes only has three goals in life.

To make Posey Adler his wife, to win the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row, and for Shea Adler to like him.

The first, he’s got on lock.

The second, he’s well on his way.

And the third…

Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

111 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 24, 2020

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About the author

Toni Aleo

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My name is Toni aleo and I'm a #PredHead, #sherrio, #potterhead, and part of the #familybusiness!

I am also a wife to my amazing husband, mother of a wrestler and a gymnast, and also a fur momma to Phoebe, Gaston el Papillon & Winston.

You can usually find me hollering for the whole Nashville Predators since I'll never give my heart to one player again. When I'm not in the gym getting swole, I'm usually writing, trying to make my dreams a reality or being a taxi for my kids. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, Supernatural, Disney and anything that sparkles! I'm pretty sure I was Belle in a past life and if I could be on any show it would be supernatural so I can hunt with Sam and Dean.

Also, could I LOVE hockey anymore?

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3,814 reviews32.4k followers
May 4, 2020
4 stars

 photo 6829760E-97C7-4167-B490-68576F20E74F_zpspu0tfybh.png

“Every time she walks into a room, I feel like I won the Cup. Over and over again, that fluttery feeling hits me, and it’s all her. She’s just everything for me.”

I love the Assassins series and I’m loving the Next Generation just as much! If you’ve read ‘Power Play’, you’ve read Posey Adler and Boon Hoenes love story. This is a continuance of their love story, and I’ll never complain about getting more from a couple I love!

Posey and Boon fell in love fast and had a whirl-wind romance. Things were complicated at first and they kept their relationship a secret, as Posey is one of the coaches for the Assassins and Boon plays for them. Plus, there was the matter of her parents, her father is the Shea Adler. Now, their relationship is out in the open and things are progressing quickly.

Boon feels like he has it all with Posey, but getting Shea to like him and his mom to accept their relationship… well, that’s proving to be more difficult than he imagined. Boon is one of my favorites of this series and I love Posey as well. Reading this novella put a big smile on my face.

Bring It Home was a quick read that was full of humor and heart. It was great, as always, to be back with my favorite fictional hockey team. Highly recommend this for all fans of the Assassins series!
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1,622 reviews130 followers
May 3, 2020
Bring It Home by Toni Aleo was the third book within the Assassins Next Generation series. It was a quick novella as a follow up to Posey and Boon’s story.

Bring It Home started exactly where Power Play ended. For me, it was like an extended epilogue. It showed Posey and Boon’s devotion, detailed the Assassins Cup run and continued the antics from the Adler family. It was heartfelt, fun and emotional all in one.
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3,923 reviews448 followers
May 26, 2020
This book landed on my kindle as a surprise release about a month ago but I couldn’t get to reading it until this past weekend and it was a wonderful weekend treat!! It was more of an extended extended epilogue sort of read than anything else. It’s an extension of Posey and Boon’s story right after Power Play (Sidebar: You should read Power Play before you move to this story). It was fun and emotional with just the right amount of Adler family shenanigans we are all used to and love! It solidified the soulmate love between Posey and Boom and it just melted my heart!

Download your copy TODAY!
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551 reviews37 followers
June 17, 2020
lately I’m growing tired of binging books in the same series so I might have enjoyed this a bit less than what I would have another time
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231 reviews22 followers
September 21, 2022
Bring It Home is a delightful surprise. Thanks to Ms. Aleo we get a chance to see more of Posey and Boon’s story. I am pretty sure we will see more of them in the future, but I loved that they have their own special addition :) Till recently Taking Shots (Shea & Elli’s story) was the story I go back and re-read over and over. When I was feeling down and need strength, support, love, family and friendship, reading Taking Shots and getting lost between the pages of this book always helped me to bounce back. However, now my go to story might change to Power Play, I am so sorry Shea & Elli, I am cheating on you guys LOL! I love how Boon and Posey is always there for each other and fight everything together as a team. I adore the strong family bonds of Adlers, they are crazy but always supportive kind of crazy. I think being part of the Adler clan is amazing because you will know that even if they are angry with you, they will always have your back. This story broke my heart when I saw Boon’s mom’s reaction to the news, how unsupportive and selfish she was. In Power Play I wasn’t really a fan of her but towards the end I thought she was ok but in this book she showed her true colors. At least Boon has Posey and Adlers as a family. Maybe they are not blood but I believe their love and support is pure and unselfish, I believe this is better than to have a poisonous, selfish love of a relative. I love Shea, he is the BEST DAD ever. The relationship he has with his kids are heartwarming and sweet. I loved Shea and Boon’s tee time stories :)

This was an amazing story which made me laugh out loud, cry and get pissed in a short period of time, let’s say 2-3 hours so I can say this was an emotional rollercoaster with an amazing ending. I cannot wait for the next book but what I am wondering is will it be an IceCats, Next Generation or Assassins book? Here are some of my theories regarding next book:
1 - It can be Wes and Stella’s story – This will work for both Assassins & Next Generation
2 – Since twins will be playing for Carolina IceCats, I am thinking maybe one of them and Angie can have something…

What do you guys think, any ideas?
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1,539 reviews31 followers
May 5, 2020
This novella is short but oh-so-sweet! Toni Aleo has done it again - this one is a mix of heart and humor. If you've read Power Play, then you've met Posey and Boon (and if not, go get it!) and seen their struggles to come together. This is the next step. Boon has a life plan - he wants the Cup and he wants Posey and he's not going to be satisfied until he has both. There is plenty of family drama - on both sides. For Boon, it is sad but so realistic as his mom is so selfish and wrapped up in herself that she can't see what she is losing. Of course, we also get lots of the Adlers - plenty of laughs and even a few tender moments. Will Shea have an angina attack? Will Boon ever win over Shea? There is so much to love in this brief interlude. It is definitely a bridge story and there are at least two more that I'm totally breathless with anticipation - there has got to be a Shelli & Aiden wedding story (at least as a side plot) and another Icecats story since the twins were sent to Carolina.
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1,919 reviews43 followers
May 4, 2020
I was given an advance readers copy of this book and have decided to write a voluntary honest review. When I first met boon I fell in love he is greatest. I mean Aiden will alwsys be my favorite. But boon is right next to him. And Posey I just adore her and shelli as well. And now I need west next. I do have to say one thing though when or if your mother I law doesn't like you. Rember you married him not her.
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4,199 reviews133 followers
May 11, 2020
5 star Review Bring It Home(Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #3) by Toni Aleo

This is the continuation of Boon Hoenes and Posey Adler’s story from Power Play. I fell hard and fast for them then and this book just cemented how much I love them. Therefore if you haven't read Power Play, then I suggest you do prior to reading this novella.

You cannot help but be drawn in by the story Ms. Aleo weaves. I really enjoy Toni Aleo’s style of writing and Bring It Home was an entertaining story which hooked me from the first to the last chapter.

Although a quick read, Ms.Aleo certainly packed a lot into this story. As we found in the previous book, Posey and Boon certainly have had to overcome so much and in this book, it was wonderful to see them finally get the happily ever after that they really deserve. If anyone deserved a beautiful wedding, it is these two.

I loved how supportive Boon was as Posey struggled to overcome her doubts, he is totally swoon worthy. The love they have for one another is heart warming and made me smile. It was also great to catch up with other members of the Adler family and the Assassin team members.

I cannot wait to see what is in store and who is next in this wonderful series.
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9,126 reviews55 followers
April 28, 2020
Now that Boon and Posey are together all they want is to become husband and wife however have decided that they would rather have a more intimate ceremony than spend the next year planning a huge event. When they share the news with Posey’s family although they are taken aback they only want Posey’s happiness, however when Boon tells the second most important woman in his life about the upcoming nuptials she doesn’t take it as well.

There is so much to love about this book but especially how Boon and Posey know that they are soulmates and aren’t about to let anyone stand in their way and seeing the interactions that Boon and Shea share will not only bring a smile to your face but melt your heart as well. It was wonder to not only catch up with Boon and Posey but with the rest of the clan as well.
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2,117 reviews22 followers
May 4, 2020
Bring It Home is the third title in the Nashville Assassins Next Generation, a novella featuring Posey and Boone, and is a continuation of their story.

I love how Ms Aleo manages to merge all the characters from her various series together and we get cameos from many familiar faces throughout this title.

Posey and Boone’s story is quite emotional and their relationship has it’s share of ups and downs which make this pair all the more relatable. You go through a gamut of emotions reading this title from happiness to sadness, to anger and satisfaction.

I will be eagerly awaiting the Ms Aleo’s next release.
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5,066 reviews71 followers
May 2, 2020
4 star

This was a follow-up novella to Power Play.

If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first
Dump and Chase (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation, #1)
Power Play (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #2)

This is more Posey and Boon’s story. You get to see how other characters from the previous series are doing. It might just make you want to go back and do a re-read of that series. Getting to see these two be together with the family in the story brought it all together.

I recommend this book.
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734 reviews28 followers
April 20, 2020
Toni Aleo makes my heart happy when she writes these surprise novella’s with all our favorite characters from The Assassins Series.
We get more Posey & Boone and the continuation of their love story, but the extra bonus is all the Fantastic Antics of The Adler Family.
You will feel so many emotions while reading this, there will be laughter, tears, even a little bit of angst but the smile that this novella will leave on your face is the best thing ever.
Profile Image for Darcy.
12.4k reviews425 followers
April 30, 2020
This one really brings Boon and Posey's story to a great end. I like that finally Boon and Shea were able to talk and work things out. It helped as Boon's own family shit on him and Shea was able to give him a different perspective. I loved that Boon and Posey tried to suprise their family, but love more what happened instead. It was perfect for this couple.
Profile Image for Amber Boyd.
673 reviews14 followers
May 16, 2020
Gah!!! That was perfect and amazing and everything I didn’t know I needed, so typical Toni Aleo!! Lol!

Boon and Posey are just as awesome as in Power Play. Watching them make all their dreams come true while dealing with their crazy family? Yeah that was even better!! This novella was filled to the brim with all the things I love in an Assassins story. I laughed, cried, swooned and cheered.
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503 reviews13 followers
April 20, 2020
Loved getting some more on Posey and Boone, getting to see Shea, Elli, Shelley and Aiden. This story is showcasing Posey and Boone’s wedding, and I adore how they did it their way. Also, getting to see Shea and his angina just made me love this novella even more.
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616 reviews6 followers
April 30, 2020
Nothing like a good novella to take your mind away from everything that’s happening. Loved this story, getting to see their wedding and winning the cup. Can’t wait for the next book
Profile Image for The Book Lover.
2,051 reviews28 followers
April 30, 2020
I needed this novella in my life! I laughed so much, I cried and rooted for one of my favorite couples! it was great to see the gang again!
Profile Image for Wendy Moore.
1,332 reviews11 followers
April 28, 2020
Loved getting more Posey and Boon. I loved that Toni kept the story real by not making up with Boon's mom. She was just nasty. Shea and Grandma were hilarious and it is always fun catching up with the gang. This novella was a fun surprise ❤
466 reviews3 followers
April 25, 2020
OMG!!! THANK YOU TONI ALEO!!!! When I found out that there was going to be a follow up book/novella to Power Play, Boon and Posey’s story, I could not wait for it to hit my Kindle. I freaking shouted out loud and jumped up and down!!! It almost killed me to wait until I was on vacation to read it. Hush, it was only 2 days, but still. Why wait, you ask? I knew I would not be able to put it down. I was right. I did an all nighter reading and gushing over it, but I did not stop until I hit that last word. Which sort of bummed me out, because I finished it. I still wanted more. I love Posey and Boons story so much, I still want more.
I LOVE Shea Adler, Posey’s father, but I want to know one thing, just one tiny, well, maybe not tiny, he is a really big man. Why is everybody afraid of him. He is a big teddy bear. Sorry Shea.
I think Ms. Aleo’s Assassins, and the Next Generation Assassins series are one of my all-time favorite series. ‘Series’ books are my favorite type of books because you get to see some of the old characters from previous books. In my opinion, Ms. Aleo is one of the authors out there that does this the best. Her books are about the current hero and heroin, and their story, but you also get a chance to see how much loved, previous characters are doing (ie: Shea Adler, love this man. Sorry Ellie).
I can’t wait to see what is to come in this phenomenal series, ie, “the wedding book from hell”.
I was gifted with my copy of this book for my reading enjoyment and opinion and thoughts about this excellent book. I cannot wait for the audio to come out (please/thank you) so I can add it to the rest of my audio library.

Ms. Aleo, THANK YOU so much, for sharing your spectacular story writing talents with your readers. I cannot tell you enough, the hours of reading and listening enjoyment you have given me and all of your readers.
Thank you for reading my review. If you love reading a great romance, especially if you are missing hockey (thank you c-19), in my opinion, you will LOVE this book as much as I have.
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259 reviews2 followers
May 21, 2020
Bring it home focuses on Boone and Posey.

Bring it home felt like the missing piece to Boone’s and Posey’s story. When Power Play ended it felt like there was so much more left to be told in their story. Bring it Home takes care of that.

It’s interesting and ironic how Boone’s mom cannot accept Posey and therefore has no contact with her son when Posey’s mom Elli went through similar situations with her family. And it’s over this that Boone and Shea find something to bond over. Which is great for Boone since he no longer has to worry about Shea punching him again.

I love novella’s like these when we get to see the whole family together for an extended period of time. Toni know’s how to write family dynamic’s and the Adler family is one crazy ass family. There’s a part in the novella that I was not expecting at all and had me dying from laughter. I won’t give it away because what would be the fun in that. But the grandmother is something else!

Going into this novella I didn’t know what to expect. In Spike by Love Toni teased us with a legacy game. The new player’s we’ve come to love and the OG’s that will forever hold our hearts. I for sure thought that we would get this game in this novella. We did not. Which is okay because after some time to consider it, I feel like a game of that magnitude need’s it’s own novella. Which is what Toni is doing.

Also side note: when the hell is Shelli and Aiden getting married? I feel like it’s been forever and they still haven’t tied the knot! Whenever it does happen I feel like it’s going to need it’s own novella as well. Or it’ll be like Markus and Mckenna’s book and it’ll be the event that brings two people together that we just don’t know we want yet.

As alway’s any mention of James brings a tear to my eye. Even though he wasn’t a character we saw an awful lot of. I think only in Shea’s book and in their own little novella. James has such a lasting impact on the Assassins next Generation series.
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71 reviews3 followers
May 8, 2020
Whenever Toni Aleo writes a book you know its something special. This special edition novella is definitely no exception! This is a continuation of Boon and Posey's story. I would recommend reading their book Power Play first. You don't necessarily have to but since this is a continuation it might be a good idea. You won't regret it either way. Boon is setting it up for the hat trick in life, the Stanley cup, the girl, the happily ever after. The ultimate in everything. He just doesn't want to wait forever to make Posey his bride. Posey is not about the flash but definitely about the substance. Her sister is the flash in the duo and not letting anyone forget it. So since Posey is now engaged she doesn't want to steal her sisters thunder with her own wedding, or the little known fact that she is now pregnant! Her family loves her something fierce so when they announce that they are having a surprise wedding immediately the bomb does not go exactly how they hoped. Boon's own mother doesn't seem to be able to get on the happy train with everyone else. In this novella you get to see a closer look at the family dynamics of both Posey and Boon. Some will make you smile and some will make you so angry you wanna hit them with a puck. But through the whole thing you will feel the love. Out of all of her books Shea (Posey's dad) has always been my prince charming, the book boyfriend to end all. Let me tell you this book definitely makes him even more swoon worthy! Boon though..... definitely my #2! I don't know of another book couple that will ever replace Shea and Ellie but Boon and Posey definitely come close! This is one book you won't regret picking up today!
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20 reviews
April 28, 2020
This was the best surprise of the year! After I read “Power Play”, I wasn’t over Boon and Posey. To be honest, I’m STILL not over Boon and Posey. But I do have to say that “Bring it Home” made the ache a little less in my heart. I got to see more action from what is becoming my new favorite Assassin’s couple, as well as some of my great loves from previous novels. Speaking of some of my great loves:

Shea Adler is hands down the BEST dad out there! The relationship between him and Posey is timeless and I never knew I could have such a phenomenal role model for who I want my future husband to be like when he’s a father. Aleo had us believing this whole time that Shea hated Boon, but to learn that in all reality, he was just scared that his baby girl was being taken from him, just makes my heart melt. It’s so heart-warming and I can’t wait to see how the relationship develops between Shea and Boon.

Speaking of relationships developing… I’M SO HAPPY THAT BOON PUT HIS MOM IN HER PLACE! How DARE she try to go after my girl, Posey! Posey is one of the greatest heroines that Aleo has written and I strive to be even half as great a woman that she is. I do hope that Boon can find solace in the fact that he is better off without his mother and will accept the Adler’s for all that they’ll surely give to him. This actually hit home for me in such a way that it brought me to tears and I found myself connecting with Boon in a way that I hadn’t before.

As always, a phenomenal book and I can’t wait for the next addition!
17 reviews
October 21, 2021
She was mean and everything had to be her way

Wow he lost his mom cause she had her own opinions and was worried for him. Yes the bill part was wrong but jezz posey was worse! Everything had to be her way and okay with her family before she mad a choice about anything like omg your a adult for crying out loud and even if her parents was and family didn't like somthing then she didn't do it but his my don't like that they throw their money around and she suddenly a horrible person. They don't want her having a park wedding so they don't. This book was just too much caise your suppose to give an take in a relationship and all she did was take and all he did was give and it would be fine if he had a choice but he didn't not only that a true partner don't throw in your face that your a shitty player like she did and after ridicule him about how he played hokey in a very mean way she then told him to get out while in only his underwear all be cause he was worried about he and the baby! But please let's flip that and say he ridiculed her about her job and then he threw he out in just her underwear all be cause she was worried about him! That would be metal abuse! She was just kean and yet he gave her the moon and star an gave up his mom amd she was just mean. I feel so bad he has to live the rest of his life trap in this book with her. He definitely deserves some better!
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260 reviews14 followers
April 27, 2020
I love the saying that no two people ever read the same book. I love that we all read a book and have a different connection with the story, with the characters, with the writer. I love that story can spark different emotions in every reader.

For me Bring It Home stirred many emotions. I felt happiness, I felt sadness, I felt anger and contentment. I love Ms. Alex's words; I love the world she has created, I love these characters.

Bring It Home is the continuation of Boone and Posey's story. It is a beautiful slice of life look into two of our most favorite characters. It's an opportunity to check in with many faces from past stories and to experience another Toni Aleo happily-ever-after.

Thank you, Ms. Aleo for writing a touching and moving novella. Thank you for giving up a glimpse into Boone and Posey's life. Thank you for allowing us to watch Shea and Ellie grow from lovebirds to parents.

I thoroughly enjoyed the moments where we watch Shea accept and support Boone and Ellie just be a Mom. The moments where Ellie is either off page or on page being a Mom touched me the most and had tears running down my face.

Having lost my Mom less than two months ago this story was difficult for me to read but I see my Mom in Ellie and although my Mom may no longer be here Ellie will always be in the pages of my books.

Cheers and five stars to Ms. Aleo and Bring It Home.
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282 reviews11 followers
April 28, 2020
This book was everything I needed right now and I hope I can adequately put into words how beautiful of a story it is.
Boone and Posey quickly became one of my favorites couples after reading Power Play and I would be happy to read a book about them sitting around watching Netflix all day. Lucky for you, this book has just enough drama to be interesting but with regular life after their happily ever after from the first book mixed in with it. Even better, we get to see more of Shea Adler as a dad and father in law, so as I was falling more in love with Boone I was also continuing to fall more in love with Shea just like I have been ever since I read about him in the very beginning of the Assassins series.
We get to see Posey kicking butt as an NHL coach, all while navigating all that is going on in her personal life. Both Posey and Boone have their own share of family drama, but Posey’s is mostly funny and Boone’s made me so mad that I had to remind myself I couldn’t track down a certain person in real life.
You are going to laugh hysterically and cry happy tears but the best part is you will just feel happy at the end.
Beautiful story aside, this book is about as close as you are going to get to the Stanley cup these days so if for no other reason than you just miss hockey, you need to read this book.
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55 reviews
April 28, 2020
I absolutely LOVE Toni Aleo's Nashville Assassins series, but the Next Generation books continue to blow me away! Bring It Home was a great addition to Posey Adler and Boon Hoenes’ love story that was started in Power Play. They seem to have everything going for them: they’ve found their other half, have a baby on the way, and are on the verge of a repeat cup winning season. Now they’re worrying about whether their in-laws approve of their choices. Boon struggles with the relationship with his mom and worries that he will never live up to future father-in-law, Shea Adler’s, standards. Posey doesn’t want to come in between Boon and his mom, but also wants to support him. Toni has a way of bringing real life issues to her couples and this novella does not disappoint. We see that sometimes family can do more harm than provide support. It’s what we decide to do with those relationships that affect our overall happiness. It’s okay to let go of those toxic relationships in order to live our best lives.

The Next Gen series continues to give us a glimpse at our favorite characters from the series. Shea and Elle Adler continue to provide a loving and supportive environment for their kids and in-laws and entertain us with their humor.
528 reviews3 followers
April 20, 2020
It was great to be able to get to read more about Posey and Booneand see where they were at following the end of their book. This was a great short read that put a nice little bow on their love story. However I hope to keep reading about them in future books! I loved how the relationship between Shea and Boone developed in this book. Boone when from thinking that Shea hates him to having him become a source of wisdom and support when he needed it. I personally found it very hard to read about a parent telling their son not to be with the woman that he loves and it tore out a piece of my heart! I wish Boone's relationship with his mother didn't have to suffer but sometimes you don't get to have everything and o rally hate how selfish his mother could be. I loved how sweet Boone is with Posey and how much he takes care of her. You can clearly tell that he loves her with all his heart. Also, the addler family was just as crazy as they always are and it was great to be able to get another book full of their funny antics. All in all this great short read gave us a quick dive back into the world of the Adler family and the assassins and I can't wait to see what is next!
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