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Dirty Air #4


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Santiago Alatorre
One mistake destroys my career.
I go from most eligible bachelor to monster, hiding from the world.
At least until Chloe breaks into my home.
My new fake girlfriend is a temporary fix to my biggest problem.
But as our game changes, so do my feelings.
There’s only one issue stopping me from claiming her.

Chloe Carter
It all started with a birthday wish, some vodka, and an ancestry kit.
That’s how I end up in Italy, finding my long-lost father.
But one decision lands me a fake boyfriend I don’t want.
The more we pretend, the easier our ruse becomes.
I told myself not to fall in love with a liar like Santiago.
I should have listened.

Redeemed is a steamy standalone in the Dirty Air world.

423 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 23, 2021

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About the author

Lauren Asher

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About Me:

Plagued with an overactive imagination, Lauren spends her free time reading and writing. Her dream is to travel to all the places she writes about. She enjoys writing about flawed yet relatable characters you can’t help loving. She likes sharing fast-paced stories with angst, steam, and the emotional spectrum.

Her extra-curricular activities include watching YouTube, binging old episodes of Parks and Rec, and searching Yelp for new restaurants before choosing her trusted favorite. She works best after her morning coffee and will never deny a nap.

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July 9, 2022

anyway. infinity fucking stars.
this was the best book in the dirty air series. now don’t get me wrong, I adored the entire series.. but this was a masterpiece. every second of it. Santiago Alatorre officially owns a piece of me, and Chloe Carter is right there w him. This book had emotion, humor, banter, love, spice, found family… I couldn’t ask for anything more. no complains, not a single one.


also the ironman references may have made my entire day.

“she’s my kaleidoscope in a world of gray.” <3
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734 reviews523 followers
January 27, 2021
I am not ready to say goodbye to this series. I am sitting here a week later and still think about how this book affected me. At three percent, I was sobbing and at ten percent, I was laughing so hard; I was crying. F1 is my favorite, and Lauren Asher kills it. Each time she perceives the book before.

I was not a fan of Santi until this book. What happened to him, in the beginning, my heart poured out for him. But man, I didn't see half of what was to come and how he grew. I fell in love with him. You couldn't ask for a better book boyfriend. A tortured soul that went through such trauma. How he turned it around and held his head up high. So proud of him.

Chloe hooked me in for the beginning. How she survived her childhood and moved forward, so inspiring. Now add heart of gold, sass, small criminal activity, with a smart mouth, you now have the perfect heroine. She made me laugh out loud on several occasions.

There’s three pedals. Why are there three pedals?” She moans

“Because automatic cars are for grandmas.”  “Okay, that’s fine. I’ll own up to being a grandma because I barely go out anyway. I mean, I embroider as a hobby. I’m practically one year away from fostering cats and living the rest of my life attached to an oxygen tank.”

Santi teaching Chole to drive is the funniest, ever. To me. Their relationship is perfect with high and low and growth together. Such a beautiful love story. We see all our favorites. Noah played a big part in the book and still proves how he takes care of the ones he loves.

Every time I read a book in this series, I realize how much I miss the racing world. I get lost in her writing and can picture the race in front of me. Asher is a very talented writer. I hope to see a spin-off series and read about the next generation. If you haven't read this series, I recommend you do. You will not be disappointed.

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603 reviews776 followers
July 28, 2021
I’m obsessed!! What a fucking way to end a series. Then to top it all off with that extended epilogue, I am deceased.

Santiago, I absolutely loved him in Throttled and couldn’t wait for his book! Let’s just say it definitely exceeded all expectations I had. I loved all the little things he did that made all the difference throughout their relationship. I loved his and Noah’s friendship. This was just the perfect grumpy/sunshine trope that had me laughing my ass off half the time. The banter was unmatched and him and Chloe just worked SO well together.

Chloe was interesting from the start. I literally had tears in my eyes when she kicked Santiago’s leg and so just knew from then on she was going to be my favorite heroine. She was so supportive towards Santi and her optimism was just what he needed. This book just felt domestic the entire time because straight from the beginning they clicked.

Now, their epilogue was perfection. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the series and their story, but then the extended?!?!? 100% was the cherry on top!
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94 reviews1,039 followers
July 2, 2021
I cant get over how this series started off like a very shitty Wattpad, kinda off campus type book only to become THIS AKEHAKEHAKSH it’s so fcking good 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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130 reviews410 followers
October 26, 2022
me: my heart is made of stone. i feel nothing while reading romance. there is no exception.
me at the 17% of this book: hihihihihihihi 😍😍😍 i love love please kissssss 🥺🥺🥺

i am not lying when this book had me giggling like a fucking idiot in the subway because of how wholesome it was (despite the context). the banter between chloe and santi was fucking everything. santi is such a husband material guy i nearly threw up. and noah my love you were fucking perfect in this book <3

thanks god for lauren asher and the dirty air series. it has been an incredible journey with these four assholes and their goddesses ♡
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679 reviews1,058 followers
November 20, 2021
-2.5 stars-

the chokehold this book had me in. i hated it but i also couldn't stop reading it
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125 reviews794 followers
February 12, 2022
Review on IG: @xojazzle

Chloe travels to Europe to find her dad and ends up bumping into grumpy Santi, who has become very closed off. Chloe is the definition of sunshine “the glass is always half full” and Santi is MR. GRUMPY. They keep crossing paths which eventually lead them to fake dating. That’s all I am going to say because I don’t want to spoil too much, but this was such a good grumpy sunshine, fake dating story!! I loved the development of Santi and Chloe’s relationship. They went from not liking each other, to being friends, then building that trust within each other to become lovers! I felt like this really focused a lot on “you need to love yourself in order to love someone else” for him and she needed to learn how to put down her walls to love someone for the first time. I adored their relationship. One thing I also loved in this book (surprisingly) was Noah! He moved up a number on the bf list because WOW. I felt like he had amazing character growth and this book showed a brotherly relationship I’ve grown to love. I enjoyed seeing the relationship Santi had developed with Noah, Maya, and his nephew Marko. He was able to grow so much because of Chloe. Chloe and Santi were broken in different ways and they made each other whole. You get super attached to Santi and Chloe just thinking about how much they grew together from the beginning of the book. There were SUCH cute moments/quotes, Santi had me swooning. ALSO THE EXTENDED EPILOGUE!! SO AMAZING. I love how we got to see each couple with the series and the families they created. Everyone got their happy ending and my heart was so full seeing the different kids and hints of their personalities. I’m beyond excited to read about the next generation! I felt like this was such a great way to end the series. Thank you for creating this universe @laurenasherauthor 💜
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136 reviews240 followers
July 11, 2022

“You might not realize it, but you’re a wildflower. You grow in the most unexpected places, no matter who tramples on you or ignores your beauty. You can grow in a field, or through a crack in the sidewalk, but the result will always be the same. No one can stop you from flourishing in a world set on ignoring you. You have a way of turning any situation, good or bad, into something magnificent.”

fake dating? ✅
forced proximity? ✅
friends to lovers? ✅
one bed? ✅
age gap? ✅
grump x sunshine? ✅
small town romance? ✅

this book had alot of my favorite tropes and i really enjoyed this one so much. santiago and chloe were so adorable and i seriously loved each and every quote written in this book. the only thing i didn’t like about the book that i felt it was really fast paced like they started fake dating really fast which i didnt like tbh😭 but the whole book was great i loved them sm

i loved how chloe pushed santiago to keep going with the thing he loves and never fears of being different and i loved how she accepted him and showed him how he truly deserves to be loved

“This is me, and this is the person Chloe has always accepted. Hell, this is the person I accept. None of it would’ve been possible to begin with without Chloe. Because of her and my push toward rejoining F1, I can finally embrace some confidence. ”

“Chloe didn’t just bring back a part of me that was missing. She helped me grow into someone better than ever before, and for that, she has my loyalty and love.”

i also loved how santiago cared about chloe they both brought the best put of each other and they were there for each other the whole time santiago loved and cared about chloe so much and i cant help but feel so happy for both of them they deserve the whole world and also how he calls her wildflower and cares about her feelings hes so😩😩

“Tears prick my eyes. Never in my life have I felt this loved and cherished. It’s a blessing to feel so damn important to someone, to the point that they make sure I know it every single day. Santiago Alatorre loves me in a way that most people spend their whole lives chasing. And I love him equally as much.

Santiago taught me how there’s a difference between want and need. I need him. Like the trees need sunlight or the ocean needs the tide. Being around him is becoming something fundamental for me.”

i dont want to make this long but i will only share my favorite scenes from the book

💘 when santiago wanted to apologize to chloe and tried doing an embroidery circle and wrote her a letter THE CUTEST LETTER I HAVE EVER READ

“Santiago crafted a field of wildflowers, making up every color of the rainbow. It’s hands-down the best gift anyone has given me.
A wobbly looking quote takes up the top of the design.
Where most people see weeds, I only see you—my beautiful wildflower, untamed and free.”

💘when chloe showed santiago her wish journal and she told him to write his own wish

“I wish that Chloe Carter falls in love with someone worthy of her eighties-loving heart. That she finds that soul-crushing, heart-mending, passion-fueled love. A love that leaves her desperate for more because nothing that amazing should ever be done in moderation. The same love I found with her.”

💘 when he took her to a field of wildflowers

“A field of wildflowers stretches on forever. Flowers of every color dance in the wind, swaying together in perfect harmony. There’s not a single soul nearby except for the birds chirping in the distance.
It’s absolutely stunning, and all I want to do is run through them.”

💘 when chloe planned santiago’s first race event and invited his family and made him an ironman helmet

“Chloe places something in my hands, and I look down at it. It’s a new custom race helmet. Iron Man’s arc reactor symbol is centered at the top, surrounded by the Spanish flag. I flip it around and check out the back. A custom sticker with Chloe’s dainty writing is located at the bottom of the helmet.
You might be the hero in my story, but you’re the legend in theirs.
This is one of the best gifts someone has given me.”

💘 when she told him she missed her bestfriend brooke and he surprised her with bringing brooke

“I didn’t even need to make a wish for it to come true. All I needed was Santiago—a man set on proving the magic isn’t the wish itself, but the people who make the dream come true.”

this review took so long and i took so long to finish it too but i love santichloe with all my heart and the whole dirty air family i will miss them all so much and cant wait for a spinoff tbh i want to know more about their kids

“I won more than a Championship. I won a woman who makes me appreciate every day how lucky I am to have survived that crash in the first place. Because I couldn’t imagine never meeting the one person who completes me. I never believed in soulmates before you, but I’ll be damned if you didn’t make me a dreamer with your wishes and wildflowers and smile that could make any bad day instantly better.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind that I love this fearless man with everything in me. The man who taught me love isn’t something to be feared but revered. The very one who spends every single day of his life showing me how much he loves me—with his words, with his actions, with every breath he takes to support our family.
I’ll love Santiago Alatorre for as long as the wildflowers keep growing in beautiful chaos.”

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357 reviews280 followers
November 4, 2022
reread 04 nov 2022 : 5 stars⭐️

first read: 13 march’21: 5stars

“Because those who see beauty in chaos also see flowers instead of weeds, and that’s a gift in a world like ours.”

I’m in awe. This was my first novel by this author and I lovedddd it! I loved how the author portrayed her characters in a way which made it impossible to not love them!

“I wish to find someone who appreciates my presence instead of destroying it.”

Chloe is no doubt one of the best and kindest heroines I’ve read this year till now. She’s very sassy and fun but even she has a little baggage which makes her even more relatable and a character who you cant help but love.

“I wish that Chloe Carter falls in love with someone worthy of her eighties-loving heart. That she finds that soul-crushing, heart-mending, passion-fueled love. A love that leaves her desperate for more because nothing that amazing should ever be done in moderation. The same love I found with her.”

Santiago is a guy who is lost. He had an injury which left one of his legs dysfunctional and he feels like its the end for him cause he had to give up racing which he adored with everything he had. I can’t say he’s perfect - he has his moments but everyone would if you lost something so dear to you. His character is broken but you can’t love him any less. I fell in love with him in the first page and then he just started becoming better and better. I mean, he cooks, he babysits and he’s grumpy? Fuck yes! We see so much of character development and I’m here for ittt!

“She describes her loneliness as a weakness, but I only see it as a strength. While people like me shrivel away in the shadows, people like her create their own light. She’s like the moon who shines bright despite the never-ending darkness.
And she makes me want to wish that daylight never comes again.”

Overall, i really loved and enjoyed this book! I loved the scenes with cute lil’ Marko, loved the banter, the sexual tension🔥 and side characters!

“She’s my kaleidoscope in a world of gray.”
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290 reviews786 followers
September 25, 2022
This was my most anticipated read in the series and it did not let me down.

The grumpy/sunshine trope always has my heart and I can’t express how much I love Santi and Chloe. Their story was so beautiful and they were completely made for each other.

It was wonderful to see Chloe be there for Santi in a way no one else has ever been and to help him overcome everything he has been through. It also made me so happy to also see Santi be there for Chloe and to show her what the true definition of love is.

It’s always bittersweet finishing a series but ending with Santi and Chloe’s story was just perfection. Also getting to see all the couples together one last time made me smile so big.

Please go read this series, it’s so great. I will read anything Lauren Asher writes including her grocery list. I can’t wait for her next release! Bandini forever 💛

“I don’t want to see the world through rose-colored glasses. I want to see it with a wildflower heart like yours, desperately chasing after what makes me happy, wild, and free. And most of all, I want to chase after it with you.” 🫶🏻
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199 reviews58 followers
July 11, 2022
The last book in the Dirty Air Series was magical.

Santi and Chloe story is filled with such deep emotions, the best humor and such cute loving moments that leave you with wanting love like that.

This was perfect. Definitely one of my best reads of the year. I just love the story and the emotions captured.

Santi and Chloe are both such strongs characters and they are the one who your going to admire.

The tropes? LOVE

This is Lauren Asher best work that I read…I love that I decided to read from her debut (which is Throttled) and now i’m going to The Fine Print and Terms & Conditions which i’m excited to tackle.
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3,088 reviews1,890 followers
January 27, 2021
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Santiago was honestly only an iffy character for me in the previous books. At times I just couldn't tell if I liked him or not. But his story definitely made up my mind and I am now a proud and unashamed lover of Santiago Alatorre. His story broke my heart and made me feel so much for him and I loved it. I felt really connected to his character in this book and I loved the way Lauren Asher portrayed him and had me deep in my feels over him. He didn't have an easy story, and it was one that shocked me since it put him into a completely different light than in the other books, but it ended up being the best thing for him and I definitely enjoyed it.
"Where most people see weeds, I only see you - my beautiful wildflower, untamed and free."

Chloe was just as amazing of a character and I really liked getting to know her. She was trying to find her path in life and when it led her to Santiago it was the best thing ever. She was so free and such a lighthearted woman even after the crappy had life had dealt her. Which made her perfect for Santiago and brought fun and laughter into his life at the moment he needed it most. And in turn he helped her find herself even when he wasn't sure where he was in life himself.

Bottom line, I will scream from the rooftops to read this book if I have to. It can be read as a standalone but I personally think that to really get to know Santiago you should start with the previous books. Which are all amazing as well so it's definitely not a hardship to read those before starting this one.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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228 reviews2,559 followers
June 26, 2022
3.75 ⭐️

There was some really amazing, deep level shit going on in this book that I really enjoyed. I love a good grumpy, damaged character and Santi checked all the right boxes. I thought Chloe was his perfect match and I enjoyed seeing how she slowly brought him back to life. There was a lot about this book I can try to rave about - but if you’re familiar with my reviews, you know I’m not gonna do that.

So like I said, there was a lot I really enjoyed - but there were also a couple things I didn’t. First, there was instant attraction which I’m always meh about. Second, I think they kissed too early - it could have easily been pushed off a little to make it more of a slower burn. Third, I didn’t love how the whole ending thing went down. I liked the groveling aspect - but I feel like she was overreacting and the moment was overdramatized.

There were a couple other random things but it doesn’t really matter because I realized that I started getting bored as I got closer to the end which is never a good sign.

Something I’ve noticed about the entire dirty air series is that I never had the urge to keep wanting to flip the page. I can’t pinpoint why - but I had a hard time staying completely focused on every book in this series and would find myself always putting it down between chapters, pages and even mid-page sometimes. I would blame it on my current mood if I didn’t notice the same feeling for all 4 books.

I’m happy I finally finished the series though because I’ve been slowly working on it for almost a year now. I read book one too long ago to say forsure but I think it might have been my favorite. Either the first one or this last one - but I would have to do a re-read to say forsure.
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194 reviews306 followers
November 9, 2022
5 stars ☆ OMG, THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING !! My favorite from the series. I can’t express how I loved this sm with all my heart. I love how Santi is in love with Chloe and also a softie to her from his grumpiness. Chloe, ahh I just loved her sm. I want that kind of love like Santi and Chloe for sure since it was soo pure and heartwarming.

It’s the end of the Dirty Air series and I’m going to miss them so much. It was such a ride full of emotions on every single one and I enjoyed them a lot.
Profile Image for crystal.
352 reviews506 followers
February 3, 2022
i have officially finished the dirty air series and to say i am sad is not enough to describe how i feel. i really grew to be attached and in love with this series and characters and redeemed was the perfect book to finish it off.

chloe and santi - sunshine and grump. i fell in love with these two in the first 70 pages. they had me smiling like crazy not even 100 pages in! chloe has had it rough growing up but she never let that define her or rule her life and for that i admire her so much. she was the most caring, sunshine, always pushing you to be better character that i adore so much. and santi! this man stole my hEART! it broke my heart what he went through. i had not been expecting that in the prologue but i am so proud of him for overcoming his fears and growing.

these two were made for each other. chloe was there for santi in a way no one had ever been able to be there for him and chloe was exactly what santi needed. and when chloe never had love nor a constant person in her life, santi was there to love her unconditionally. their story was truly beautiful. i love these two so damn much, santi & chloe are for sure my favorite couple from the whole series.
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184 reviews2,667 followers
October 9, 2021
omg omggggg this is by far my favorite book in the entire series. Santiago is my favorite man, and Chloe has to be one of my favorite female personalities i’ve read the point of views of. The extended epilogue is so adorable I loved it so much, and it perfectly builds up the dirty heirs that Lauren is writing soon. anyways the story was amazing, the pacing was impeccable the quotes, the development, the relationship everything it lacked nothing!
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86 reviews42 followers
December 14, 2022
wrecked and redeemed are in another league actually ITS THAT GOOD.

i loved santi's character ever since throttled and chloe is sunshine incarnate despite her experiences.

the love they have for each other is so pure it left me in tears several times. idk if i want to be santi or chloe SERIOUSLY

the best conclusion for the dirty air series hands down.
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47 reviews4 followers
August 23, 2022
I honestly did not want to finish this book, not because it was bad, but because then the dirty air series would be over for me. I will never read this series for the first time again and thats such an hurtful thought.

I love this series so much with my whole heart, and Lauren Asher definitely put her whole heart into the series.

Chloe and Santiago were perfect to end the serie with. Chloe and Santiago complimented each other so well and they are both amazing people.

I loved the scenes from all the characters too, to see how they’re still good friends and hang out together.

I’m so bad at writing reviews so sorry if this is really bad😫😫.
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178 reviews37 followers
December 19, 2022

“Where most people see weeds, I only see you—my beautiful wildflower, untamed and free.”

Santichloe best DA couple. That's it. That’s all I can say.
Being 100% honest, I started reading the series because of them. I saw many people talking about them, and I wanted to understand the reason why everyone was so obsessed with them, and holy shit if I didn’t.
Welll, talking about the characters: Chloe Carter is another sunshine girl Lauren created meaning to be one of my favorites. She’s been through a lot of shit in her life, and she’s still full of hope and dreams. She’s a very funny and creative character, and she really made me feel so protective over her. Her development throughout the story is amazing, and she is kind of a mess (not a bad one, tho) but she’s the exact kind of mess Santiago needed, and so did I.
And Santiago, mi bebé, I think it’s fair for him to have a whole paragraph dedicated to his character, because I have a lot to say. Santi is the main reason why I wanted to read it, and after finishing it I can say that he still is. I was very curious about him and his book since Throttled, and well, when I started reading Redeemed I kinda wished it had remained in curiosity. Knowing about his accident broke me inside and seeing how he handled it was even worse. His feeling toward himself and his low perspectives for life, besides how depressed and far from every important person of his life he was, these things made me feel 1) a bit uncomfortable, because he’s such a real, a reliable character—I may not have gone through anything like he did, but his feeling are, unhappily, relatable; and 2) so fucking protective over him. Just like Chloe, all I could want and wish was for him to be happy again.
They, as a couple, didn’t have the best or the most traditional begging, definitely not, but their story was so cute?? I don’t even know what to say, but I just think it was amazing to see the way they’d trusted each other all the way to get along in peace with their pasts, and I love how their relationship was built and developed by the author. Another thing I’d loved from them is that miscommunication wasn’t a problem for so long (lol), because I hate when it happens in stories, and I adored seeing them just sitting and talking to each other.
Before finishing it, I gotta mention some things about the story that f*cked up my mind. The Slades. Marko is literally the cutest creature ever (and that, coming from someone who loves children in books, should mean something lol), and his duo with Santi made me feel so warm. Maya and Noah’s participation, as a couple, in the book made me cry a lot, I love Maya and my girl, and she didn’t deserve what she had been through. And Noah’s friendship with Santiago—for my sake, I really need more of them. They're such a great duo and it’s amazing how their relationship has improved from the first book to here.
And. The. Freaking. Epilogue. And. The. Extended. Epilogue. I’m never getting over these. I love this whole crew, and I can’t wait for the second generation books to be alive, just to see Marko and Stella being an iconic duo/couple.
Profile Image for abby myles.
231 reviews9 followers
April 16, 2022
4.5 ⭐️

So many of my favourite tropes: fake dating, single bed, grumpy x sunshine 🙌🏼
This was super cute and there was a lot of them helping to heal each other. The full experience was an emotional rollercoaster with tears, laughs and all the feels.
While all the characters said Chloe was this wild gal, I didn’t get the vibe and it wasn’t really believable for me.
I didn’t love Santi in the first 3 books, but I’m a big fan after this one!
The noah content that we got made me like the guy a lot more but I really missed liam and jax, who only made appearances at the very end.
October 27, 2022
“I think we owe it to ourselves to unapologetically love who we are no matter what. Because if you don’t love yourself, then why do you expect anyone else to?”

When I say that I expected something else from this series that would be an understatement. All these books have so much more to then than I initially thought would be the case.
They deal with lots of mental health, fear, anger, shame. They dive deep into the emotions of these characters, with a backdrop of F1 racing which is already stress inducing.

This book is about Santiago, which I had been looking forward to since I met him in Throttled. In all the other books he had been so carefree, a gentleman but a jokester. He was a ray of sunshine and maybe a bit naive.
When you meet him in this one all of that isn’t the case anymore.
He’s broken down, secluded himself from everyone and everything that was once dear to him. He feels a lot of guilt and shame and anger towards everything that happened to him. And he faults himself for it.
Until this woman falls out of a tree in his garden.

Honestly, this was the most adult one in the series. They communicated AMAZINGLY. They made choices that I could get behind. And even the 3rd act conflict wasn’t annoying because you knew that they both had to deal with their own shit and trauma before they could logically look at the problem at hand.

Y’all did not lie when you said that she saved the best book for last. Although I felt more emotionally attached to Jax and Elena’s story due to my own personal experiences, I felt as much of an appreciation to Santiago and Chloe.
Their chemistry was outstanding, and I loved their little glimpses into the future.

I’m 100% ready for the story between Marko and Stella. The amount of little glimpses we have had of them feels illegal and I needed that book like yesterday.

Anyway, do yourself a pleasure and go read this whole series.

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22 reviews38 followers
September 7, 2022
this just became my 2nd favorite book of all time i love it SO much :,) if you were thinking about reading the dirty air series this book alone makes it so worth it (although all the other books are amazing too)

i’d love to see a 2nd generation series with their kids, especially with a potential of a friends to lovers story i see with marko & stella
Profile Image for monique ☾.
38 reviews5 followers
February 3, 2023

God am I going to miss this universe…
This was literally the perfect way to round up this series! It was absolutely gorgeous and I do understand now why people say that this is their favourite out of all the other books.

Santi and Chloe had my heart and soul since page one. They were so fun to read about and I couldn’t stop.
They way their relationship developed was absolutely amazing and made me fall in love with them within seconds. The way Santi kept describing Chloe and the way he thought about her made me so freaking jealous. It had my heart aching for a guy like him. Like Santi is literally the perfect boyfriend and I‘m so happy for Chloe because she deserves to have people like him around her!!

Santi‘s story was also so tragic and attention grabbing! Same as his character development! With the things he had the go through since the beginning… oh man I admire him so much and he deserves nothing but the best in the world. Both him and Chloe do.
The way they were both there for one another and fought for each other and for themselves was absolutely beautiful.

I‘m so glad that both were able to get their happy ending after everything they‘ve been through.

The writing style of Lauren Asher just kept on getting better throughout the series, which is really impressive and admiring!
Same as her story building! Like the plot from this book compared to Throttled is absolutely outstandingly better! It makes me kind of proud lol.

Overall, I do understand why everyone says that Santi and Chloe is their favourite couple out of the series. However, for me personally, Elena and Jax are still my number one couple..
Nevertheless, I loved every second of Redeemed and I‘m going to miss all the characters in this universe. It was an amazing ride!
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August 24, 2021
dnf @ idk

yea yea im sure chloe and santi are cute (no sarcasm (no sarcasm in the 'no sarcasm' either) coz they had potential) but ive been reading this for months now and still couldnt get through it
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70 reviews73 followers
May 10, 2022
5 stars!!!

okay umm lauren asher did it again!! i fell in love with them from the page and the rest was history!! santichloe my fav people!
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188 reviews1 follower
January 8, 2022
wasn’t bad wasn’t good either, just unnecessarily long and boring
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319 reviews2,641 followers
May 27, 2021
Santiago has been one of my favourite characters since the start of the series and I'm so happy he got his happy ending and his own epic love story. This book and the entire series was AMAZING! Every couples story was beautiful! This series kept me hooked from the start and I enjoyed every page. READ THIS SERIES
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December 13, 2021
[4/5] jeje le bajé una porque si, igual léanlo.

Primero el collage que le hice
me encantaría tener el talento para que queden mas lindos pero aja.

Algo le sucede a Santiago que hace que se le arruine la vida. obviamente, también su amado trabajo como corredor de la formula 1 ¿Qué será? Santiago un hombre que se volvió irreconocible por el que muchas noticias amarillistas aclaman, piensa que jamás podrá volver a ser feliz.
Chloe, una chica que la vida no le ha sido nada fácil decide conocer a su padre por una prueba de ADN ¿lo interesante? tendrá que viajar a Italia para conocerlo en donde habrán motivos y cositas que harán que la tarea le resulte un poco difícil..

No es necesario leerse toda la saga para leer este, recomiendo leer el primero ya que van a aparecer personajes segundarios y para entender un poco como era el Santiago de antes.
no se muy bien como explicarme sin dar spoilers.

* Es rápido de leer.
* Formula 1 ¿Quién no leería un libro así? JAJA.
*Superación personal sin pasar a lo tedioso.
*Quieres saber que pasará con la pareja.
*Noviazgo falso.
*Puedo asegurar que hay un 79% de probabilidades de que sonrías como idiota en todo el libro.


No sabía si continuaría la saga y me daba curiosidad el libro de Santiago porque en el libro de la abejita Maya y Noah, (me había caído muy mal) , por lo cual , decidí leer el prologo y me enganché de una, no pude dejar de leerlo.
Primero hablare de los personajes.


Este personaje se lo llevó todo.
En este libro nos presentan a un Santiago acabado, en su peor momento, derrotado por no poder seguir corriendo que es bastante frustrante ya que el no nació en cuna de oro como por ejemplo Noah, cuando ves todo el proceso de el, es un poco injusto en como acabó todo.
Un Santiago alejado de su familia en donde era muy cercano, un Santiago que no quiere seguir viviendo.
entonces, llega este pequeño caos, esta intrusa en la vida de Santiago que en la primera noche que se conocieron le provocó una sonrisa.. y algo mas pero no importa.
En fin, que amé cada segundo de este libro, no se en que momento me fume 480 paginas en un poco mas de 24 horas pero es que no podía dejar de leerlo, la evolución de Santiago es una de las mejores que he leído, de ver primero al Santiago del primer libro (el que me caía mal) ver a el Santiago depresivo e inseguro de si mismo, al ver el Santiago que lucha por lo quiere, por sus sueños por mas imposibles que parezcan.
es que amooooo
voy a poner unas citas aquí un poco traducidas para que se entienda y comprendan la maravilla de este libro.

"Me doy cuenta que tocar la guitarra ya no es la única música que alimenta mi alma. Las risas de Chloe son la melodía más dulce, una armonía de sonidos que no puede ser recreada por ninguna cuerda o nota." –Pensamiento de Santi

"Ella me hace desear el amor, y eso es lo más peligroso para alguien como yo. No porque no lo quiera, sino porque lo deseo hasta el punto de estar dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa para conseguirlo." –Pensamiento de Santi

"Quiero ver lo que ella ve en mí. He vivido los últimos tres años en un mundo de blanco y negro. La depresión y el aislamiento se comieron al hombre que era, creando alguien que no reconozco. Así que, sí, quiero experimentar el mundo a través de los ojos de Chloe porque es como ver el color por primera vez. Es impresionante y espectacular, y cambia fundamentalmente la vida tal y como la conozco. Ella es mi caleidoscopio en un mundo gris" –Pensamiento de Santi

Simplemente hermoso.

Chloe esta chikita, si bien este personaje no tuvo tanta evolución como Santiago, igual sigue siendo magnifico.
Chloe fue mas como esa chispa que complementó a Santi, es un amor, me encantó como se hizo esperar para tener relaciones con el. como a pesar de la fuerte atracción que tenían ella quería que sucediera cuando el estuviera seguro de si mismo y capaz de mostrarse en todas sus facetas.
Muy arriesgada en irse a otro país para conocer a su padre que desconoce de su existencia..
como es spoiler, puedo decir que ODIE LO QUE PASÓ CON QUE LE MINTIERAN.
Enserio, era mas drama y daño para ellos, lo sufrí mucho en esa "ruptura" me dio cosita que su padre estuviera muerto, la pobre le pasó de todo.
de la madre. aghh la odio, de verdad, pensé que iba a pasar algo mas emocionante y dramático como que le pasara algo y no.
yo estaba así:

en temas generales. ameee las apariciones de la abejita maya y su familia, QUE TENIAN UN HIJO YA. AAAAA, Ese niño fue otro que se llevó mi corazón, no se que me pasa que últimamente a los niños literarios los estoy amando.
Algo que no me gustó mucho fue que si Santiago se tiraba un pedo, Chloe se lo contaba a la amiga.
la amistad de Noah y Santi. awwwww y antes se odiaban.
esta de mas pero ame de verdad como Santiago se iba levantando y volviendo seguro de si mismo, tenia alto miedo de que se volviera dependiente de chloe (no fue el caso)
la fundación con los niños disfrazados de iron man, ay no, casi me pongo a chillar y cuando ganó la carrera AAAAAAAAAAA
o cuando le tejió (no se como se dice ) el bosque para que lo perdonara, no no no
un hombre escrito por una mujer= perfección.

y otras mas citas traducidas para que se motiven a leer este libro.

"He estado viviendo con miedo, lo cual no es realmente vivir. Me he cansado de experimentar la vida en pausa. Quiero desafiarme a mí misma para ser mejor. Para ser alguien de quien me sienta orgullosa, ya sea cursando una licenciatura o viajando por el mundo." –Pensamiento de Chloe

"—Te amo, Chloe. Y no pasa nada si no sabes lo que significa ser amada por alguien, y mucho menos amar a otra persona, porque prometo amarte lo suficiente para los dos. Amarte cada día para compensar a todos los demás que fallaron miserablemente." –Santi a Chloe

"—Quiero ser un campeón para aquellos como yo. Quiero mostrarles que, sin importar lo que quieran lograr en la vida, ninguna lesión u obstáculo debería detenerlos. Pero también quiero ser un modelo para aquellos que han sido destrozados por sus circunstancias porque ellos también merecen esperanza." –Santi

Está de más decir que lo recomiendo. 💚
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January 26, 2021
ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

What a grand finale to this series! I’m seriously still not over this book and I’ll probably never be. Lauren left one of the most anticipated characters for the last book and she knew what she was doing. It was definitely worth it to wait for almost year for Santi’s book.

Let me start with Chloe that got me from the very first moment - I was actually excited to get to know her since the blurb reveal. And again Lauren gave us a new character with a different personality and a spark inside her. She was definitely made for the series and her character fits the whole story. I admired her how she never let people to treat her like a doormat and her past taught her not to forgive easily. She stood up for herself and I loved her for that.

I’ve said it multiple times, and I will say it again: Santiago Alatorre is one of the best book boyfriends ever. I didn’t expect any of the things that were happening to him in the book and I won’t go into details, because you guys deserve to read this without spoilers, but seriously I’m so proud of him. The person he grew into in the end made me tear up several times. He’s been through so much shit yet he accepted his fate and faced his fear with his head raised.

Their relationship was perfect from the very first moment. I’m a fan of fake dating, but Lauren brought us a completely different story than what I imagined and I was so invested into this. Chloe was made for Santi, and Santi was made for Chloe. They fit into each other’s life so easily and I just loved to see the development of their relationship.

The story is different to what we so far got and I literally am blown away with Lauren’s imagination and ideas. She’s done such a great job with delivering yet again different plot and that’s why this book deserved 5 stars. I also have to mention that Noah is also the star of this book. He again proved that he’s not the famous asshole he was at the beginning of Throttled, but he loves people that are in his life and would do anything to them. I admire the way Lauren developed his character. In other words, I cannot decide whether it’s Santi or Noah for me. I just can’t.

Finally, it hurts me to just think about this ending, but I will always be invested in this series. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend reading this even if you’re not a fan of racing, because I've said it multiple times - I had no idea what Formula 1 even truly is and now I’m planning to attend one of the races, if it will be possible of course, only thanks to this amazing and breathtaking series! If you give it a try, I promise you, you won't be disappointed.


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