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Not Just Another Interlude

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Sewa’s decision to steer her love life in the direction she wants instantly backfires, prompting her to halt her quest for love and focus on other more important things like getting a job. Fate has its own plan and puts her in the path of the man of her dreams, Jide.

Jide isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. Crossing Sewa’s path more than once, he doesn’t leave it up to chance because there is something special about her.

When their budding relationship suffers a huge blow, Jide will have to prove that love is worth fighting for, to Sewa.

Published May 20, 2020

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About the author

Lara T. Kareem

4 books93 followers
Lara T. Kareem, also known as Naija Book Bae, is a Nigerian writer of sweet love stories. Her first novel, Not Just Another Interlude is published by Love Africa Press and her second work Love is Beautiful When in Bloom is a collection of short love stories. She is a digital marketer, editor, and blogger. She is always lost in a story and indulges her love for reading by talking about and sharing beautiful pictures of books she captured online. She lives with her dog, Benz, in the ever-bustling city of Lagos.

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1,041 reviews59 followers
November 28, 2020
2.5 Stars: Cute, simple Nigerian NA Romance

I don’t read a lot of New Adult Romance as it isn’t usually my preferred type of romance so I was always going to feel like this wasn’t “for me.” That said, this was a cute and really sweet instalove-licious story that felt really contemporary to the young, Nigerian experience.

The premise is that Sewa, a klutzy, go-getting graphic artist literally bumps into Jide, a tech entrepreneur, at a restaurant when she’s having a bad night, and sparks instantly fly. When they meet again in a similar way, surely they’re meant to be together but sometimes perfection can’t be trusted and Sewa has to determine if Jide is going to let her down.

I think my favourite parts of this book were the bits that celebrated female friendship and the importance of having a community of women supporting you. I also loved the relationship between Sewa and her mom because a lot of the time in African books, you have these stories of unsupportive, very traditional parents who are somewhat toxic in their relationship with their children.

I thought Sewa and Jide’s relationship was fine but I didn’t think it had enough conflict. Everything was a little too nice and smooth-sailing where perhaps a bit more grit and challenge and difficulty was needed. I think the author could have leaned in a little on the plot twist involving Jide and made it more of a source of conflict and perhaps added in some road bumps at her work place or something. It all just needed a little grit to make it a little stronger. I did however like that from the beginning Sewa could stand up for herself and that she and her friends were feminist and showed it rather than just paying it lip service. I found some of Jide’s behaviour a little forward but since ultimately Sewa didn’t mind, it wasn’t problematic. Plot-wise, I was actually somewhat more interested in Sewa’s mom’s relationship with Mr. Saludeen giving her history of abuse, or even Onyinyechi’s secret relationship because there seemed to be a bit more potential drama and plot there. Hopefully, the author writes these stories some day. There were some editing/proofing issues in this but not enough to spoil the experience of the book. If you’re looking for a no angst, sweet Nigerian new adult romance that is true to contemporary young Nigerian society, you might be interested in this one.
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309 reviews88 followers
September 3, 2020
This is such a cute romance. I finished it in less than 3 hours. Very paced and light. I need more books like this from Nigerians living in Nigeria😍
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156 reviews16 followers
July 11, 2020
If you are looking for a book that belongs to the category of beautifully written, light hearted, even relatable books, Not Just Another Interlude by Lara Kareem is the book you are looking for. ⁣

Not Just Another Interlude is a romance novel set in Nigerian with a confident and "I-know-what-I-want-so-I-am-going-to-get-it" kinda heroine. There are quite a number of things I enjoyed about this book: the female friendships, the relatability (especially when it comes to food and Nigerian mothers & aunties, goodness!), the subtle "fuck the patriarchy" messages, the romance! Not the kinda romance that you are just cringing and wondering what kind of characters you are stuck with. It is straight to the point with no "nonsense" tropes peculiar with romance novels (even though sometimes they are fun to read🥴)⁣

So, while you are stuck with those heavy-themed books, take a break with this book. You will love it and all the cheesiness. ⁣
Profile Image for Yewande Akeredolu.
27 reviews5 followers
June 17, 2020
Totally enjoyed reading this book! I love the way it was simply written but yet touched a couple of important issues. Ohh and the love story got me blushing and “aww-ing” like a fool 😂
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481 reviews9 followers
May 30, 2020
I have also.
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257 reviews11 followers
July 12, 2020
“my heart is filled with peace and love.”

I loved the vibe from this book because a lot of things were relatable and the Typical Nigerian life made it smooth to read. It’s about Sewa and her quest for love. She meets Jide and that’s when the love sparks and it turns into a cute romance story🤗. However, I felt it was too rushed and Jide is weird and kind of possessive until towards the end when he falls in love with Sewa. Sewa just wants a serious relationship and that’s why she fell deeply for Jide but most times hard girl vibes can really save a lot of see finish if you know what I mean. Then to the friendships ( wasn’t so necessary to go into the lives of each and everyone ) when we needed more details of the romance. I also love the constant effort in the book to shut the patriarchy and the societal assumptions on various issues surrounding women. It’s a bit rushed but totally worth the hype especially when you want to have a cute weekend read or a quick read with a happily ever after and cute / cheesy and annoying love between love birds and an insight into Nigerian yoruba culture and owambe vibes. I’ll recommend it .
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Author 6 books7 followers
July 12, 2020
I loved it!

I loved this book because it gives off that girl next door feel. The camaraderie between Sewa and her three friends, her mother and brother is real. It gives also a feel of Nigeria and its food, culture. Sewa's relationship with Jide is also amazing, how it grows and reaches its peak. I recommend this book to all romance lovers!
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62 reviews7 followers
September 3, 2020
I enjoyed reading it
Women supporting each other 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Family that got your back🙌🏻🙌🏻
Love unending
Beautiful ending I must say
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125 reviews16 followers
October 2, 2020
A Nigerian contemporary romance read that takes you on the journey of Sewa's love story and life in general.⁣
Has to be as spoilers free as possible.⁣

Not Just Another Interlude was a quick, easy and relatable read that got me cringing to love.⁣
A kind of read that makes you want to cry out and say "I want to relaz and be taken care of too nah".⁣

This book played a major change of narrative for me, on how I look at contemporary romance reads especially set in Nigeria.⁣
It made see that not all romance reads has to be very problematic and intense.⁣

Not Just Another Interlude, has themes centering love, family, friendship, relationship, career and more.⁣
But, the theme that actually did it for me was, the crushing of patriarchy, sisterhood and support.⁣

I couldn't stan less 🙌🏾. ⁣
I want a geng just like Sewa's own 😖.⁣

The family representation felt real and original.⁣
Profile Image for Estelle.
6 reviews1 follower
August 28, 2020
I would have loved more conflict , but I guess, the lack of it is what makes it an easy, light-hearted and perfect escape read.
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60 reviews8 followers
June 17, 2020
Not Just Another Interlude is an unapologetic romance novel that will put the reader on a seesaw even with its subtleness because you'd be guessing things you shouldn't. In the first Chapter, Sewa, actually makes a move on her 'friend', Lucas and gets rejected but she took it well because she is a woman who would rather define a relationship than be misled. That's the only spoiler I'm letting out because I feel you should read this without much prior knowledge.

In Not Just Another Interlude, there were subtle and glaring messages. The friends Sewa had were there for each other than backstabbing, envious freaks which promotes the idea that women should support women and refrain from the hate/jealousy society expects female relationships to have.

I did cringe several times because I mean, love is the major theme and the author defined it finely with her debut. The way the author wrote about emotions, feelings and affection was very evident that it sort of lured me to want to be in wonderland but my realistic side tapped me several times back to the reality. But in all honesty I was wishing for a quick wedding or something. Very contagious.

It's an extremely light read. So if you want to rest your heart and feed it positivity (Like, with a balanced diet that has the nutrients saying 'Give Love A Chance Dear. Give It A Chance Again.), you should read this.

Another part I like is the originality. It's a romance story about Nigerians and the author, Lara @laratkareem made me feel at home. I like that she talked about creatives thriving in their fields, we need more representation indeed. Sewa and Jide were passionate about their lines of work. One, a creative designer that works for a publishing firm and the other, a game application creator and investor.

The romance will parade itself in your face so don't say I didn't warn you (especially if you're a rock natured person or hard girl/hard guy) but it was mature, and relaxing and really, just relax while reading. We need more positive vibes, don't we?
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Author 6 books17 followers
June 30, 2020
If you haven't read this book, you should get a copy and do so. It's cute, it's funny, it's full of life and characters that are unforgettable. Lara hit a home run with this one and I can't wait to see more of her books.
51 reviews2 followers
August 18, 2020

Quick, sweet romantic read. If all men could be like Jide, lol! Loved all the characters and how well written the story was. Hope to read many more books from this author.
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449 reviews23 followers
May 27, 2020
Not Just Another Interlude is a feel-good contemporary romance that celebrates positive friendships and sisterhood while delivering on a sweet love story. This is a new author to check out from the staples of Love Africa Press.
Profile Image for Literary Everything.
83 reviews4 followers
September 1, 2020
It’s always refreshing to read a book based in Nigeria which doesn’t dwell on the socio-economic issues in the country. Not Just Another Interlude is narrated in the first person and is really a personal commentary on the everyday life of the heroine, Sewa. Read the full review https://literaryeverything.com/2020/0...
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714 reviews27 followers
January 18, 2022
Low conflict, light romance that was just too light for me. The millionaire hero didn't help, and some other of my least favourite tropes. It was still catchy enough to finish - I really enjoyed all the glimpses into the lives of Nigerian 20 somethings.
Profile Image for CoCo 🇬🇭.
130 reviews12 followers
June 30, 2022

such a cute, Nigerian Romance.
We get to see Sewas "first failed relationship" in the book, falling in love again, the bond of family, friends. Steering love life and career etc

These elements made me enjoy the book as it was written so well. ( family; mother daughter love. Great female friendship; friends who support and empower each other, friends to lovers etc )

The MCs did it for me, as they were very likable and relatable. Sewa was so funny and clumsy. She knows what she wants and goes for It.

Some sentences were in a local language which I couldn't understand so I had to skip those parts, but in all it was a nice book.
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