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Dampyr #1

Dampyr – A sötétség gyermeke #1

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Yorvolak, az elátkozott falu, hol vér szennyezi az utcákat, az épületeket, a lelkeket…

A megszálló katonai különítmény tagjai még nem sejtik, hogy rövidesen olyasmivel kerülnek szembe, amire legiszonyatosabb rémálmaik sem készíthették fel őket.

A végzetszerűen pergő események során csak a kiválasztott kevesek menekülnek meg…

És a Sötétség erőinek tombolásával csak egyvalaki képes szembeszállni: Harlan Draka, a Dampyr!

96 pages, Paperback

First published April 14, 2000

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Mauro Boselli

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Profile Image for Orsodimondo.
2,153 reviews1,690 followers
November 28, 2012
Sono arrivato a Dampyr un po' tardi, un anno dopo questo numero - e ci sono arrivato su suggerimento di un amico.
Mai stato grande frequentatore di fumetto seriale prima: ma Dampyr mi ha stregato.
E, non l'ho più abbandonato: ho recuperato anche gli arretrati e completato la collezione, che supera i 150 numeri, più gli Speciali, i Maxi.
Un appuntamento mensile al quale non so e non voglio resistere.
I miei numeri preferiti sono quelli dove i maestri della notte si alleano a forze economiche del male, si intromettono in guerre che conosciamo (Balcani, Africa, Cile...).
E Dampyr, alis Harla Draka, più che figlio del diavolo, è figlio di un vampiro.
Profile Image for Frank McGirk.
747 reviews5 followers
November 6, 2011
Picked up a couple of volumes of this while thrifting, and really enjoyed them.

I'm not really "into" vampires, but these have an engaging, if somewhat clumsy, narrative, which is based in the Baltic folklore of the offspring of a vampire and a human.

The story moves slowly for a graphic novel, but doesn't bore, though I'm not sure why. The dialogue is not particularly good (this might be in part a translation--from Italian--problem), the cast arc of an unlikely/reluctant set of heroes is hardly new, and even the art, while quite good, occasionally seems "choppy" from frame to frame. The overall unpolished impression it leaves (not too rare for black and white comics) doesn't really detract much though as the story is well plotted enough that it always seems to be going somewhere, even if the some of the plot points are awkwardly introduced via dialogue.

The backdrop is a Serbian/Croatian type war, though no specific groups are mentioned, and lo and behold, vampires enter the mix. Fortunately, one of the survivors of an initial attack not only recognizes what killed his fallen comrades, but knows of a man who was from childhood rumored to be a dampyr, a half-blood over whom vampires have no controll and whose blood is toxic to all real vampires.

Again, I'm not exactly sure what makes this stand out (perhaps the overt mocking of the more cliched moment--the converted vampire with a heart of gold) or that it by and large succeeds in staying logical within the frame of its own fantasy rules, but I enjoyed these enough to track down the subsequent volumes.
Profile Image for Matti Karjalainen.
2,815 reviews51 followers
April 29, 2016
Muun muassa Tex Willerin parissa meritoituneen Mauro Bosellin "Paholaisen poika" (Arktinen Banaani, 2005) on italialaisen Dampyr-kauhusarjakuvan ensimmäinen osa. Jonnekin Jugoslavian hajoamissotiin sijoittuvassa tarinassa kohdataan Harlan Draka, ihmisnaisen ja vampyyrin välinen poika, jolla on kyky vastustaa ja tuhota inhoja verenimijöitä. Hän pääseekin testaamaan kykyjään sodan keskelle joutuneessa pikkukylässä, jonne saapunut sotilasjoukko saa kimppuunsa vampyyrilauman.

Sarjakuva ei sinänsä ole mitenkään erityisen omaperäinen, mutta onpahan nyt kuitenkin niin jännittävän ja verisen tarinansa kuin tyylikkään mustavalkokuvituksensa puolesta pätevä lajityyppinsä edustaja.
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
629 reviews21 followers
August 14, 2012
Good, satisfying vampire tale. Set during the Balkan war of the early nineties, it has a troop of soldiers, cut off from their command and under attack from mysterious creatures, requisition a vampire-hunter in the form of local con-man "Dampyr". It's all groovy and very moviesque, right down to the last panel of the guy screaming his vengeance to the skies with his arms upraised. Would like to read the rest but when I looked how many books are in the series, it's hunners so maybe not. Then again, fuck it, it was very enjoyable, why not.
Profile Image for TJ Shelby.
904 reviews29 followers
January 13, 2010
Long running Euro series gets an American make over and is a really fun, fresh, dark and twisted new take on Vampires and the "Dampyr" who can bring them down. Think as if Blade had grown up as a farmer's kid and became a low-life grifter who eventually comes to realize who and what he is. I really enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Tuomas.
56 reviews
January 8, 2019
I picked this out at random, usually I find most comics bad or mediocre, and I thought this was better than that. 3.5 stars were that possible. Dark stuff.
Profile Image for Black Cat.
494 reviews2 followers
December 27, 2019
This was great. To put it simply, I loved it. It was fun, had good humour and it was actually interesting. Will be reading more.
Profile Image for Flavio.
118 reviews2 followers
November 20, 2019
Majo desaponta na arte, mas Boselli constrói uma ótima história, que termina num ponto alto e te faz querer continuar lendo mais dos personagens.
Profile Image for Timo.
4,056 reviews8 followers
March 22, 2022
Alun huteruuden jälkeen alkoi antamaan lupasta paljon paremmasta tulevaisuudesta. Ehkä tästä sarjasta tulee parasta ikinä.
Profile Image for Xavier Marturet.
Author 40 books21 followers
April 24, 2022
Un guión cargado de improvisaciones y diálogos mal trabajados que suenan más a justificación de argumento que a palabras de un personaje.
Muy flojo.
Profile Image for Artur Coelho.
2,273 reviews61 followers
February 17, 2014
Se eu não soubesse que a série Dampyr se resume sempre ao mesmo até ficaria intrigado por este primeiro número. Mas se calhar não seria má ideia explicar melhor. Dampyr é um personagem de fumetti de vertente sobrenatural. Sendo fumetti, não tenho que dizer que é italiano, pois não? Filho da união entre uma mulher humana e um vampiro primordial, este Dampyr tem a capacidade de eliminar vampiros graças ao seu sangue tóxico para as criaturas da noite. Caçador destas entidades sobrenaturais, percorre o mundo acompanhado dos seus fiéis companheiros, entre os quais se encontra uma vampira que se esforça por manter a sua humanidade, a combater a ameaça das tenebrosas criaturas que subsistem sugando o sangue humano.

Este primeiro episódio, que nos leva a conhecer a personagem e a sua história, surpreende pela visceralidade inicial. Os argumentistas não fazem por menos, levando-nos para a violência extrema da guerra na ex-jugoslávia e para uma aldeia na terra de ninguém onde os sanguinários guerrilheiros se vão deparar com um perigo ainda maior do que os advindos da xenofobia potenciada a balas de AK47.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Williwaw.
430 reviews20 followers
July 8, 2012
I found 8 volumes of this Italian comic-book series at at library sale. The art seemed interesting (I'm drawn to black & white comics rather than to color), so I bought them.

I'm not into vampire stories, generally speaking. They are usually so formulaic.

I'd never heard of a "Dampyr," though. A dampyr is the offspring of a vampire and a human. Supposedly, a dampyr's blood is poisonous to vampires.

So, our existential hero, who doesn't believe that he's really a dampyr, finds out that he really is. And he's been enlisted in the war effort in what seems to be some a burnt-out Serbo-Croatian village.

I don't know how many volumes are in this series, or if it has been completed.

Profile Image for Karl Stark di Grande Inverno.
512 reviews16 followers
August 28, 2015
Recupero d'annata.
Non è proprio il mio genere preferito, però la storia è carina.
Risente molto dell'epoca in cui è stato scritto, e a volte le opinioni dell'autore, riguardo alla guerra e le sue vittime ad esempio, sono un pò troppo invasive.
Per il resto, i disegni sono nella norma e la trama scorre.
Se conoscete la serie di videogiochi Castlevania, non troverete però nulla di originale.
Profile Image for Nina.
21 reviews3 followers
February 7, 2016
Modern vampir avcısı hikayelerini merak edenler için birebir bir çizgi roman. Kesinlikle alınıp okunması gereken bir seri. Siyah beyaz ve çizimleri çok hoş. İşlenen öykü, aralarda verilen bilgiler ayrıca çok güzel.
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