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When Wishes Bleed #1

When Wishes Bleed

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One Prince. One Witch. One Fate.

The upheaval in my life began the moment a prince stumbled into my house and asked me to read his fortune. Any other night, I might have made an excuse to get him to leave, but this was no normal visit. My fingers prickled to touch him. So, I granted his request by handing him a single wishbone. When he snapped it, the wish … bled.

Hearing me suck in a shocked breath, he asked what it meant. Such an ominous omen could only mean one thing: his death was imminent. Fate revealed that he wouldn’t die of natural causes. Someone wanted him dead. Stunned by the revelation, the man I now knew as Prince Tauren disappeared into a night I feared he wouldn’t survive. The following day, I received an invitation to the castle. While it seemed the prince believed I could intervene and uncover who was plotting his death, his motives didn’t stop there. I was being summoned to join twelve other women in vying for the opportunity to be his wife and future queen.

Going could mean jeopardizing my plans to reclaim my heritage and resurrect the House of Fate. But staying would guarantee Tauren’s death, and the blood of his wish would be on my hands.

462 pages, Hardcover

First published November 1, 2019

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About the author

Casey L. Bond

61 books1,348 followers
RONE Award-winning author Casey Bond lives on a rural farm in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. She writes phoenixes – gloriously flawed and morally gray characters that fiercely rise from the ashes of their circumstances.

Worldbuilding is one of her favorite pastimes. She thinks thunderstorms are better than coffee and that watching a meteor shower is the closest thing to magic you might ever see. She’s a firm believer that every amazing book needs a world you want to wrap yourself in, a character you want to win, and a love you would fight for.

Casey is the author of When Wishes Bleed, Gravebriar, House of Eclipses, and Where Oceans Burn.

@authorcaseybond on social media sites.

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2,510 reviews31k followers
August 15, 2020
this is not the most original fantasy book out there, but its definitely entertaining.

the story starts off very strong with interesting world-building and magic systems regarding the witches and their houses, but then came the obvious ‘hunger games’ vibes (dystopian districts) and then the ‘the selection’ similarities began (prince holds competition to choose wife). while im a fan of these other stories and those tropes are fun, im not sure i wanted them again in another book, especially when it had its own good thing going. it just felt kind of juvenile.

in addition to the juvenile feel, the narrative is a little bit tedious at times. its very description heavy, which can be annoying when its describing something i couldnt care less about (primarily, the MCs wardrobe). so i did skim over some paragraphs during certain parts. however, the character interactions and dialogue are wonderful.

regardless of few critiques, i did enjoy the story overall. its easy, fun, and contains a lot of popular tropes, so theres something for every read to like.

3.5 stars
December 2, 2019

Only to drag me into the depths,
Never aware that I was slowly drowning,
Never caring if I ever tasted the air I desperately needed again.

Story 🌟🌟🌟
Sable is a powerful, lonely witch. She serves fate, a powerful thing that some think is death. And so they fear her, they hate her.
She is separated, alone.
Readings are her only communication with others. When she meets Prince Tauron for the first time she is instantly attracted to him. She sees a vision, them making out.
And when she meets him again for a reading she feels the attraction again and again.
She’s invited to a contest. A contest for the prince where he searches for the next queen, his future bride.
With every word, with every moment they share Sable feels something different. Something she hasn’t felt before.
And when the life of the prince is in danger Sable needs to save him. For the kingdom.
And for her heart.

Well this started out like a really interesting book until the whole insta love started and killed me from within.
And I’m not being dramatic. It’s the truth.
Also there were a lot of cliches that made the book boring. Many, many, many.

Character 🌟🌟🌟
When Sable is in the contest she protects the prince as good as she can. She looks for poison, shoves him out of the way of harm and uses magic to save him.
She is brave, fearless. But when it comes to Tauron she is also stupid. There are witches endangered and you know what she does? She searches for Tauron.
Her whole sector is in danger and you know what Sable is doing? She is enjoying the beach with Tauron.
I mean ??? What the hell?

I liked her a lot in the beginning. She was calm, smart and loyal to the witches even though they treated her horribly. But then she met Tauron, it’s like all her thoughts are full of him. And only him.
And it was so annoying.
And Tauron? The same. He seemed like a nice prince, a good son, but when he met Sable he turned into a weird love struck boy who put himself into danger even though he should know that Sable was powerful and didn’t need a helping hand from a boy.
He only made it harder for her to protect him.

World 🌟🌟🌟
In the kingdom there are thirteen sectors. Each sector has a purpose - art, industry, medicine etc. etc. etc.
And one is the most interesting, the most dangerous one. The one called the gallows - a sector full of witches.
They’re divided into houses - the house of wind, the house of earth, the house of water and the house of fire. And then there is the house of fate - once a powerful part of the circle now there is no witch in it.
It remains empty.
The only thing that was left was a little girl, cast out into a house in the woods.
Her name was Sable and she is the daughter of fate.

Well, this started out like a really fascinating world full of festivities, powerful witches and murder. But then the insta love destroyed all that.

Relationships 🌟
When I read about love I always feel happy. It’s like all the feelings I felt when I fell in love the first time come back and I remember.
And it’s such a wonderful feeling.
But this feeling only appears if the story I’m reading Is realistic. And you know what isn’t realistic at all? Insta love.
This absolutely dramatic way too fast love on first sight.
That’s not love, guys.
That’s attraction.
You can’t love anyone you just met a few hours ago and with whom you shared literally just a few words and glances.
That’s strange, really strange.
And this book was full of this. Ugh.
Also there was kind of a love triangle in there? Sables best friend was in love with her and asked her to be hand-bound to him but she refused. But he sees her feelings for the prince and is jealous.
He acts strange, sometimes overprotective, sometimes mean and sometimes just jealous. I thought that this part was a little bit unnecessary and it didn’t make the whole love thing better. It was just irritating.
I liked that Sable and Mira formed a friendship.
But that was the only relationship I really liked.

Writing style 🌟🌟🌟
Even though I enjoyed the story a little bit I still think the writing wasn’t that good.
It was entertaining, yes, but most of the time it was also brutally unimaginative. There were so many cliches, so strange conversations and things.
There were descriptions that were absolutely unnecessary, made the story drag a little bit and slow it’s pacing.
All in all it was an okay book.
I don’t know if I would recommend it though.
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31 reviews30 followers
November 27, 2019
It was doomed from the start.
The insta love just.... no.

I'm a fool. A clown. Every time I start reading a book I'm like: this is not going to be instalove (yet it is) (*prays that the night circus doesn't have an instalove trope*), the romance is going to be built up, I'm going to ship it instead of rolling my eyes. There's still hope for well constructed romance.


I gave the book two stars because the universe had potential; i love witches, I love magic, I love powerful main protagonists. What I don't like is when the blurb of a book is very misleading. I thought maybe we're going to get something new, new tropes, a new world but really I was wrong. This books is a mix between the Hunger Games, the selection and a bunch of other YA books. It tries to be epic, but it fails miserably.

The characters are bland, could've put a piece of wood instead of the prince or the main protagonist and I probably wouldn't have seen the difference; thus making their love story annoyingly boring. (I'm trying to remember both of their names but I forgot, that shows how much they left an impact in my brain).

This book as too many tropes, it tries to be something while trying to be the opposite, it's confusing, gives you an impression of something not finished. Everything was rushed, there were so many random moments (like the main protagonist acting all jealous out of like nowhere?? every time it happened I was like ?), it frustrated me. I didn't root for any of the guys (because yes there is *sigh* a love triangle that was not well written as you can imagine) and I didn't care for the vilain because like I said context was missing and everything was so clumsily introduced.

In conclusion: there was a lot. And yet nothing.
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702 reviews48 followers
December 24, 2019
This story got off to such a good start. It seemed to be firmly set in a fantasy land, the witchcraft intrigued me, and I was drawn in by the justice Sable was required to mete out on behalf of her adoptive father, Fate. I was even interested in the bleeding wish bones.

Then it all went to pot.

At about the 20% mark the book veers wildly from being a fantasy about the daughter of Fate executing criminals to being something not-quite-fantasy that’s obsessed with clothes, make-up, and a boy.

This hits two of my buttons: I hate instalove as I’m not invested in the relationship blooming between the characters; and I hate it when a book spends so much time describing every single outfit the character dons - I don’t need to receive this much in-depth knowledge of the character’s fashion choices. I also don’t like triangles, and though it’s not really a triangle, I didn’t need Brecan’s constant passive-aggressiveness.

What’s more, the story becomes some Bachelor-style plot where the prince of the kingdom has to pick a bride from 13 options, the whole of the event being “telecast” to the citizens. Other than the bit of magic on display, this society depicted was now very close to ours. Yawn.

I essentially put the book down for two days after the true plot became apparent. I was really annoyed, because I’d devoured that first 20% in one sitting. My high hopes had been dashed.

The ending leaves the plot open for a second book in the same world. I don’t think I’ll bother.
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Author 42 books2,618 followers
December 30, 2019
Such a beautiful story...

I loved it from beginning to end. The romance was sweet and clean (for those who don’t enjoy smut), the magic system was clever, the words...well, Bond has a way of transforming prose into poetry without weighing down her descriptions...so the words were gorgeous. Can’t rave hard enough about this gem.
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486 reviews1,200 followers
October 16, 2020
4 - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When Wishes Bleed is a book that offered more than what the synopsis hints at and it took me through different turns as the story developed which did its job at keeping me hooked.

I was in the mood to read a book on witches and magic and to me, this book delivered it.

Apparently, the plot is a mixture of Cinderella and The Hunger Games and the elements from both these are notable in the story.

The main plot focuses on Prince Tauren's death omen which was revealed when he snapped the wishbone given to him at his request by Sable, a witch from sector 13 and the only representative of House of Fate. Sable receives an invitation from the castle to join twelve other girls each representing their sectors to win the heart of the prince and become his wife and future queen. Unlike the other girls, Sable's presence is to ensure Prince Tauren's safety and evade him from his deadly fate.

I'd also say that the plot is multi-layered and other events kept popping up which added more to the story and kept me entertained.

I liked Sable as the main heroine of the story, she is a calm, collected and determined girl whose life is led by Fate, for she known as Daughter of Fate and her goal is to claim and restore the House of Fate as it's rightful heir. House of Fate is one of the five houses in the circle each represented by priests/priestesses and witches both male and female. There is House of Fire, House of Water, House of Wind and House of Earth. All the witches live in Sector 13 also known as The Gallows.

I really liked Sable's interactions and friendship with Brecan, a male witch from the House of Wind and Mira, a witch from the House of Water. I was glad to see that they had a role to play in the story rather than be kept as background characters.

Moving on to Prince Tauren, the main love interest, I felt that he was a little underdeveloped but I did eventually like him and I liked their dynamic as a couple because Sable wasn't reliant on him and took the role of the protector rather than vice-versa. My main concern was I knew the book had insta-love trope but I'm glad it started out as insta-attraction and that gave some decent development to the romance which still did not sweep me off my feet but I liked some of the sweet moments between them. But I must admit that their chemistry is a little lacking.

The world-building is another aspect I enjoyed about the book but I also had isssues with. I liked the imagery the author described throughout the book, it gave way for my mind to imagine the setting of the story. The Nautilus kingdom is made up of 13 sectors spiraling out in the same manner as the shell and each sector had its own speciality. The first four sectors are the core sectors, sector 5 and 6 are the arts, sector 7 and 8 are the industrial sectors. sector 9 to 11 are the farmlands, sector 12 is the timber sector, and finally sector 13 is The Gallows the home to the witches.

On the other hand, I was confused about what type of setting it was because it is a Kingdom but is it a modern Kingdom? a fantastical industrial setting? There was sudden mentions of cameras, showers or jeans, sundresses and tuxedos. So I found that it left me confused and trying to form a solid picture of the world.

But I have to say if you enjoy witches and magic, this book pulls it off in a unique way. Each witch's magic has an affinity based on their houses. There's more mystery and intrigue with the way the magic and witchcraft works and I'm most of all intrigued with Fate as an affinity of its own. Fate gives Sable the ability to look into the future and read people and I find that to be very interesting and a fun aspect.

And oh that cliffhanger at the end renewed my excitement of the sequel. I'm definitely following this book onto its second story.
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999 reviews1,635 followers
April 20, 2022
✅✅ Concept of Fate being a living entity
✅ Magic and witches
✅ Beginning and ending
🆗 Characters
🆗 Plot and pace
🆗 Silly contest to win the prince's hand

2.5 stars

I read many reviews that condemn this book because of the insta-love so I was a little wary when I started reading it. There is insta-attraction for sure, but the insta-love was not that bad actually. Both characters were obviously attracted to each other, but they did not act on it from the start. I allowed for a (kind of) slower-built relationship.

There are things that I liked so much about this book, like the fact that Fate is an entity living inside Sable and guiding her to do his will. The different houses for the witches with elemental affinities are also interesting. Basically, the first few chapters are awesome and were very promising: fate reading, witches, mystery, and swift justice being rendered by Sable... I was really excited.

Then there is the rest of the book where Sable has to go to the palace to help save the prince after she reads his fate and predicts that someone would try to kill him very soon. The idea is good, but the fact that she had to enter a silly contest against girls from each of the 12 other sectors to win the prince's hand did not fit with the mysterious and magical beginning. The planned rendezvous with the camera crew and the prince deciding who would stay and who would be sent back home... It felt like reading an episode of Bachelor and was the complete opposite of what the first chapters promised. I mean, Sable could have stayed in the castle anonymously, she didn't have to enter this competition and spend half of her day being in awe of her new clothes.

Finally, the last quarter of the book brings us back to the Gallows (where most of the witches live) and we get to see again the powers of Fate, dark magic, and witches' rituals. The beginning and the end were definitely the stronger parts of this book.

The main part of the book is definitely worth only 2 stars for me, I don't care for a beauty pageant and royal contest to find a wife, but the rest of the book, the witches, Fate, and even the characters made it up and made me give this book 2.5 stars or maybe 3 stars. That being said, if you enjoy Charm or The Selection series type of story, you will probably love this book.

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170 reviews78 followers
February 2, 2020
I feel like this book had so much potential but it was filled with a bunch of typical YA tropes; insta-love, didn't know I holding my breath, etc. kind of stuff. It reminded me a very rushed The Selection. It was also quite sparse with it's world building. I never quite grasped the environment. It seemed to take place in a time where there was no technology but then BAM, suddenly there were cameras. It just made no sense to me...
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298 reviews67 followers
January 1, 2020
I mean.. I though this sounded enjoyable and agreed to do a buddy read with the amazing @Selina.. but holy hell this passed all my expectations!

And yeah.. there was that icky insta-love bs. But like, I ain't even mad. I ADORE Tauren and Sable. Their story was everything.

This was very similar to the Selection at the beginning.. but with witches and who isn't here for that?! But honestly, I loved that this story focused a lot more on the world and the disarray of it than the drama of the competition. Also, Tauren made it clear from the get-go that he wanted Sable and Sable only so.. sorry, not sorry Maxon, but Tauren gets my heart.

I did not expect to love this as much as I did but I do and I kinda already want to read it again, tbh.
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Author 4 books1,308 followers
May 2, 2020
To je taková škoda, že tahle knížka nedopadla líp, protože ten začátek byl totální zlato a šimralo mě v břiše z toho, že jsem našla skrytý poklad. Bohužel to bude nakonec na tři hvězdy. To, co si autorka ukradla z jiných knih (distrikty jako v Hunger Games a výběr manželky-královny ze Selekce), nevyšlo, naopak ty čarodějnice a pravidla jejich magie a společenství byly top strop. Hlavní hrdinka Sable je strážkyně osudu, přičemž osud je živá věc, která žije v jejím nitru a komunikuje s ní. Když má být naplněn, ona se stává hybatelem událostí. Když vzdoruje, trpí. Na začátku si třeba osud žádá veřejnou popravu během oslav rovnodennosti a její neochotu zabíjet trestá tím, že jí omrzají končetiny, modrají rty a má bolesti, které se stupňují až k nevydržení. Proto knížka začíná tím, že Sable chytne vraha a oběsí ho na černém hadovi na náměstí. Krása prostě! Do toho věští z vosku, čaje, dlaně, kostí, obléká se výhradně do černé a v kruhu kněžek, které ovládají vodu, vzduch, oheň a zemi je vyvrhelem. Jenomže pak přijde princ a jde to celé do kopru. Nemám nic proti zápletce jako takové, ale ten zajímavý začátek vystřídá hora romantiky (což je asi poprvé, co si na něco takového stěžuju, já, největší milovník romantických linek) a epilog vyloženě bolel. Dobrý je, že je to standalone (má to druhý díl ale s jinými postavami) a kvůli těm čarodějnicím se to vyplatí číst. A jo, jsem v pokušení číst pokračování a dát autorce druhou šanci. Zvlášť když se (soudě podle anotace) zbavíme těch „Selekce“ prvků.
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772 reviews632 followers
April 23, 2022
When Wishes Bleed was such a fun and delightful read, and reminded me of why I enjoy YA fantasy!

The best way I can describe it is The Hunger Games meets The Selection, but far more fantasy oriented than dystopian. The world is fascinating, with a cool magic system and mythology! The main character Sable is a witch and the embodiment of Fate. She’s asked to pose as a potential bride for Prince Tauren, after reading his fate and foreseeing his death. What follows is a fast-paced action packed story, with swoony and sweet romance, and endless page turning plot twists.

This is unequivocally a fun read and one of my highlights of March! I’m so grateful for the chance to read it!
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154 reviews24 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
July 15, 2021
DNF at 74%

I really thought this book was going to be good. It began so well and I was interested in the magic system and the world the story takes place in.

However, it all went downhill once I got to 20%.

The MC constantly berates other females for what they wear and prides herself on being modest. This belief is supported by a side character, who just happens to have the MC’s back through everything even though the MC thought she hated her for all of her life. This small detail is mentioned and then barely talked about. Same goes for a lot of things in this book; there are some major events and barely any emotions or detailed answers are given. For example, yet expresses no inner turmoil towards all of what is happening.

Another thing I absolutely hated was the lack of consistency in characterisation. The love interest was sarcastic and witty when he is present in the first few chapters and then spirals into someone who has less of a personality than a cucumber. It made me cringe to read his scenes and to see all of his original characteristics thrown out of the window. Furthermore, the MC also lacks consistency having gone from disdaining females for what they wear to complimenting and wanting to communicate with them. All of her original thoughts are gone and replaced with a picture-perfect heroine.

Additionally, there is another male who the MC is not attracted to and when this male tries to kiss her without permission, the situation is never brought up again. No inner monologue that comes back to it, no conversation between the two of them. They act like it did not even happen and this isn’t some awkward situation in which you act as if nothing ever happened but the air around them shows something did. They literally just go back to how they were before he tried to kiss her.

The characters were annoying:

You have an MC who thinks she is better than everyone else yet tries to humble herself by saying everyone hates her. When she could just try talking to people as it is previously stated that nobody actually hated her.

A love interest who lacks consistency in character and has more concerns for a woman he just met than he does for the majority of people he has known for much longer, and has an actual relationship with.

A female side character whose only job is to swoon over the love interest, make dresses using powers that aren’t even connected to her affinity and be a messenger. The whole ordeal with witches being able to do things outside of their affinity undermines the whole point of the system that is put in place to separate them into groups. It seems like some cheap way of having the MC get what she needs.

Then there is the male side character who is in love with the MC and everything he does is out of jealousy and he’s just the most frustrating character to read. I wanted to smack him multiple times.

What caused the most disappointment was the way the world is set up and the main plot besides the romance is somewhat interesting. I would’ve stayed to read this but I could not cope with the characters any longer, the sheer boredom a good fifty percent of this book was (how did so many unneeded scenes get past editing?) and the random plots that were being thrown without any real substance.

This book was one big bowl of bad characterisation, random plot lines that weren’t developed and annoying characters all mixed together.

Stars ~ 0
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782 reviews34 followers
April 12, 2020
This book was so good I loved everything about it from beginning to end. I really loved the characters especially Sable and Tauren I loved their relationship from the beginning to the end I loved how both came to love each other so deeply that one would one do anything to save the other. I really loved Sable for how different she was from other MCs she knew what she had to do and so she just accepted it no matter what I am really glad she got her happy ending that she had long deserved. I really loved the plot it had the most unique story I have read in awhile I liked the idea of Fate playing a large role in the story and how it led Sable to have a happy life and to finally be accepted for everything she was. So overall I loved this book will read the sequel sometime soon.
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56 reviews2 followers
June 2, 2020
The plot was overshadowed by the poorly written romance. About 80% of the book is basically The Selection but with magic. What little plot it did have was resolved within seconds. It felt incredibly anticlimactic, especially after all that talk about the big baddie being so powerful.

*sighs* I really need to learn how to start DNF-ing.
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323 reviews116 followers
June 23, 2020
I can't believe how a book written so well can make the world disappear! Totally Page-turner, I absolutely loved this book. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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279 reviews60 followers
August 13, 2020
Someone tagged this as 'hidden gem' and they were so right!!
This story follows Sable, who is a witch, as she helps the prince figure out who is trying to kill him. She does this under the cover of being one of the contestants competing for his hand in marriage.
So Sable is whisked off to the palace where all the fun and flirty shenanigans take place, along with two escorts- and I grew to love these two soo much! It was fun to see how they used their magic, especially _____ (I can't remember her name omg I hate myself- she was my favourite character!!!), but the best part was seeing how they had Sable's back :')
If you saw this part of the blurb and saw any similarity to The Selection, know that there is actually very little similarity (to me, anyway). The book focuses much more on the mystery and the romance between Sable and Tauren rather than the competition. Speaking of the romance, I did feel there was a bit of insta-love, although it didn't feel as contrived as a lot of other insta-love, and it definitely didn't stop me from swooning whenever Sable and Tauren were all loved up.

However, there were some things that bothered me about the book. Firstly, I feel like the author introduced unnecessary things/people. I'm not sure if they were meant to be red herrings or what, but...yeah. And Aaron? I grew to like him but I definitely feel like he was just a filler. The biggest letdown in this book for me was the conclusion to the mystery- both who was behind the attacks and how things were solved. This sucked so bad because I was really loving the mystery!!!

Overall, I give this a 4 star rating, but the first, maybe, two thirds was 5 stars for me.
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Author 2 books192 followers
January 8, 2020
I'm happy I found this book on Kindle Unlimited and now I have a pretty high expectation. The synopsis sounds interesting, let's hoping for the best! Fingers crossed 🤞🏽
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73 reviews3 followers
September 16, 2020
Очень хотела полюбить эту книгу, но как-то не получилось закрыть глаза на многие моменты, которые предлагается принять на веру и особо не вникать в них. Возможно, ромфант (коим оказалась эта книга) не предполагает хорошей проработки мира? А жаль.
Персонажи . Главная героиня, Сейбл - ведьма и представительница Дома Рока, пятого, помимо классических стихийных Домов. Она персона нон грата среди своих же, ведь Рок - парень не из приятных. Ее особенность, как дочери Рока и ведьмы своего Дома, - читать судьбы других людей. И вот однажды она видит трагическую судьбу юноши, которым оказывается...
Таурен, прекрасный златоглазый принц Наутилуса. Узнав, что его подстерегает, он тут же берет нашу даму в оборот и приглашает к себе на отбор невест тринадцатой конкурсанткой. («Здравствуй, Кира Касс», - подумала я. Трансляция этого шоу по кабельному подтвердила мои подозрения). Задача Сейбл - предотвратить грядущие покушения и обезвредить злодеев.
Остальные герои ещё более схематичны. Внезапно у Сейбл появляется подружка из другого Дома, чья главная функция во всей книге - работать стилистом и приносить красивые платьишки, от которых челюсть принца подметает дворцовый пол. Есть и друг, влюблённый в героиню и бесконечно ревнующий ее к принцу.
Что все-таки порадовало: Сейбл у нас со стержнем - она не трепетная лань, встречающаяся в каждом первом шедевре литнета, а Таурен очень галантный. Правда, вся его роль, за исключением роли любовного интереса, заключается в вечной песне «О, Сейбл, я не хочу подвергать тебя опасности».
Больше о них говорить и нечего, потому что дальше обозначенного автор в раскрытии персонажей не ушла.
Мироустройство . Королевство, в котором сие действо происходит, называется Наутилус и помимо названия, у раковины была позаимствована и форма, по которой подогнали территорию. Все королевство состоит из 13 секторов, полностью изолированных друг от друга и имеющих только по одному КПП. «Добрый день и тебе, Сьюзен Коллинз», - тут я уже широко усмехнулась.
Главный вопрос: в каком Монако живут герои, если путешествия из самого отдаленного сектора к центру королевства по спирали проходит менее, чем за день? Где тогда помещаются аграрные районы, или это подсобное хозяйство на пару грядок? Да и сами посудите, такое территориальное устройство напрочь лишает власть всяких возможных манёвров в случае ЧП или бунтов. Внятного объяснения подобному разграничению не дано, есть только эта оригинальная форма.
Ладно, оставим это деление. Допустим, всем удобно (хотя даже по сюжету нет). Сперва мне казалось, что история - классическое околосредневековое фентези. Я и тут ошиблась. Герои разъезжают в каретах, но у них есть телевидение. Девушки могут носить футболки и скинни, но героиня считает купальник крайне неприличным и готова в бассейне плескаться в платье. А ещё тут есть аппарат ИВЛ. На чем он работает, на дровах, как и ТВ? Возможно, автор и пояснила, что к чему в земле ракушечной, но чесслово, я не заметила.
Вопросы вызывает и история ведьм. Нам не объяснили, откуда взялась их магия и почему она вроде бы стихийная, но есть ещё и Рок (а потом из ниоткуда возникает ещё одна сущность).
Поняв, что мироустройством в этой книге не наешься, решила насладиться развитием чувств героев , но и тут полный облом. Я понимаю, что герои заинтересовались друг другом при первой же встрече, это нормально. Но в дальнейшем они уже вели себя как глубоко влюблённые и никакой динамики отношений я не получила. Не люблю инсталав.
Сюжет достаточно прост - героиня пару раз спасает героя, они милуются, потом сражаются со злом и получают своё долго и счастливо. Но и тут у меня есть претензии:
- Мотивации злодея нет. Это опять классический антагонист, которому нужна власть просто потому, что хочется и он злой потому, что аисты летят на запад. Он появляется только под конец, поэтому и логика действий его соратников не прослеживается.
- Действия героев ещё более сомнительны: они берут и едут на побережье, прекрасно зная, что по соседству территория, полностью подконтрольная злодеям. Логики не более, чем в «Красной Шапочке», которую добрая мамочка послала к больной бабушке через лес, полного голодных хищников... Объяснение? «Ну, мы не можем позволить народу узнать, что что-то идёт не так». А снять Холостяк: роял едишн в других декорациях не вариант, нет?
Финальная битва по итогу оказалась невзрачной, а по объёму оказалась меньше дальнейшей сцены похорон.
Как итог, очень проходная книга, как и 90% ya, которые мне в последнее время попадаются. Скоротать вечерок можно, герои не бесячие, да и плеваться (сильно) не будете. Но ведь можно выбрать книгу и получше, не так ли?
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Shelved as 'dnf'
September 3, 2020
Dnf @ 28%

When Wishes Bleed is what happens when an author uses juvenile writing and lifeless characters to drown the seed of an interesting idea in a derivative mashup of The Hunger Games, The Selection, The Remnant Chroicles, and Graceling. I struggled starting at the 15% mark and only made it as far as 28% before I had to DNF on outta here.
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2,183 reviews205 followers
May 10, 2020
I knew nothing about this book, my sister texted me and told me I needed to read it. I didn't even read the back. I just borrowed it from Amazon and began to read. I assumed this would be a dark, twisting book full of poetry and a grim fairy tale feel. The book does a crazy 360 a 4th of the way in and turns into The Selection. If you haven't read it, it is a book about a prince who gets to pick a bride bachelor show style. This book turned into that. With shallow characters I really started to like then just didn't know how to feel about. They turned shallow and the book just got too teen for me. I enjoyed the pace and the movement but didn't connect to these characters.
Sex; None, some kissing and talk of making out.
Violence: Some deaths, a hanging. The main character gets hurt a lot by her power. Many attempted murders 14 and up
Frightening images: Death by hanging described, buried alive, The story has a dark feel a couple times.
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January 18, 2020
Maybe like a 2.5?
I had such high hopes for this book. The premise sounded amazing and i really thought it was a unique story. I just don’t think it was executed as well as it could have been. I didn’t feel any connection with the characters. I didn’t feel any sort of spark between the main character and her love interest. They had more of an insta love connection and that is my least favorite trope when it comes to romance. The magic system was not properly explained either. The whole thing read like a fan fiction. I was seriously so excited about this but it ended up being a disappointment.
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September 10, 2019
Absolutely loved When Wishes Bleed 💕
Casey L Bond has written another amazing story filled with great characters.
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2,650 reviews155 followers
August 25, 2021
Nothing in particular that makes this story stand out above all others but it is creative and the world building is done exceptionally well. Overall it’s an enjoyable way to spend an evening if one is in the mood for a YA with witches, handsome princes and romance.
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April 29, 2022
When Wishes Bleed it’s a YA Fantasy book where one can find different inspirations beautifully interwoven into an amazing story.
Sable lives in the woods just outside sector 13, also known as the Gallows. This sector has 5 houses: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Fate. Sable is the Daughter of Fate and on her 17th birthday, she claims House of Fate for herself. Later in that day, while the Equinox celebrations take place, opening this sector to outsiders from the lower sectors, Sable makes a reading with a wishbone for a young man with golden eyes. When broken, it bleeds, foreboding his impending death.
This is the starting point of a twist of Fate into Sable’s life.

I loved the world building and the magical system, particularly Fate. I also loved the characters, specially Sable and Mira.
Everything is wonderfully detailed and Sable’s wardrobe is no exception, being absolutely stunning.
The story is well paced and it gripped me right from the start.
Some refer to the romance in this book as insta love, but I see it as Fate. With some twists and turns, everything is balanced.
I definitely recommend it!
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April 16, 2021
This is my 2nd Bond book and they are pure fun and magic.

I love how descriptive and colorful the writing is and how it creates such vivid images in my mind as I read.

The characters are easy to adore.
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Author 6 books479 followers
March 19, 2022
Big thanks to Book of Matches Media and Casey L. Bond for my spot on the tour!

Sable is the lone witch of the House of Fate in Sector 13, a pariah, but comfortably so. When a stranger comes to ask his future, the wishbone the man chooses bleeds upon its break. His fate seems to be intertwined with Sable's (not to mention his untimely death is also seen) but she doesn't quite know why until a message comes from the palace in Sector 1.-the Prince Tauren is holding a contest of sorts to find his new bride and Sable is the first woman chosen from her sector, causing an upheaval in the land. But she's there not to become a wife (witches cannot marry). She's there to find out who's trying to kill the prince.

Accompanied by two other witches, she enters the palace and is immediately thrust into a world of technology, pretty clothes, and scowling women. The more time she spends with Tauren, the closer they become. But will her love for him blind her to his fate?

I loved the strong start to this book. The world-building and the introduction to Sable's magic is *chef's kiss*. After the climax, the story takes a turn reminiscent of both The Selection and The Hunger Games (maybe some Shadow and Bone mixed in for good measure). Sable isn't competing for the throne, but she's forced to put on a face and pretend so she can find out who wants to murder the prince.

I did love the B characters, but I have a particular rage with Brecan and his aggressive attitude with Sable. He's not a takes-no-for-an-answer guy and I really wanted to see him learn a bit or two about boundaries and leaving Sable the heck alone, but I digress.

The world is fantasy strewn with modern technology (I'm a fan). I love the mashup for magic and jeans and I couldn't get enough of Sable playing for the cameras all while learning what a camera even was.

I don't mind insta-love at all, especially if there are challenges that want to keep the two apart. This is more of an insta-attraction that blossoms into love. There were some cute moments that had me smiling and by the time the story ended, I was definite Sauren (that's from LoTR, isn't it) *shrug*

Another hit by Casey Bond gently sliding into its rightful place on my shelf. I cannot wait to read the sequel.

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April 15, 2020
”Now that we’re bound, you’ll be my sheild, but I will also be yours. We’ll keep each other safe - and alive.”

This was such a quick and fun read for me! I was lured in as soon as I read that a witch would be protecting the prince in a competition for his heart. I instantly though “ooh a crossover of Serpent and Dove and the Selection? Haha and although it was nothing like those books, I still enjoyed it very much!!

If you look up the words Insta-love, a picture of this book will probably show up. And you know what? I’m starting to think maybe I enjoy insta-loves more than slow burns for the time being. Idk I just thought the insta(and I mean super instant)love in this book worked. I admittedly shipped Sable and Tauren together.

The plot was fast paced and kept my interest from the very beginning. There were quote of few moments that had me on the edge of my seat and 40% in I found myself unable to put this book down.

The only things I didn’t like were the bitchy “I hate you because you’re my competition” girls and Brecan. His jealousy and rude comments became annoying and a bit much after awhile. Luckily by the end he was back to being a good friend.

The last page of the Epilogue made my mouth completely drop open! Haha I’d definitely recommend this book but if you are easily turned off by insta-love then this probably isn’t the book for you.

4/5 🌟’s
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102 reviews
March 12, 2023
I got absolutely nothing done today because I was just going to “read a couple chapter while I drank coffee”

I devoured this. I loved the characters and the plot, just the whole thing. I couldn’t put it down
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October 15, 2020

I have mixed feelings about this one to be honest.
On the one side Sable (and also other characters) were pretty well build. She had concerns, problems, what made her happy, a back story. She had a psyche. So did other characters but to a lesser extend.
On the other side she just LOVES Tauren, who lacks all of this. I sincerely think I can count with the fingers in my hand what I know about him.
He was as empty as my soul. And that is a lot.

The world was to my thinking kind of absurd, let me explain. I understand the fact that the country is called Nautilus. I can see it, I see that's why the map is like a shell, whatever. But, and with all due respect, THIS MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. IT DOESN'T. Cities are not plannes like, yes im gonna make a country here, let me make A WHOLE PLAN OF HOW I'M GONNA SEPARATE THE POPULATION, BASED ON THEIR PROFESSIONS. I know this is kind of like The Hunger Games thingy, but in THG people are separated this way based on social and economic bases. This could happen here too, but the references didn't make it look like they had to be separated because of this, but rather just beacuse of some sort of basic organisation that everyone liked well enough. I. DON'T. LIKE. IT.
To me sounds weird and forced. Also the THG comparison dies there.

When it comes to the Bachelor/Selection style, I truly think the author managed to make it cool. Characters stated it was dumb and disrespectful, so it doesn't particularly bother me to death. Although I do think Rose was just there to be the bitch we needed. She literaly doesn't matter. Nothing she really does was needed. I PERSONALLY think that if she hadn't existed the story would feel better. I feel that way it would really show that YA books don't need a competition between females at all. Eitherways it was barely a competition, but Rose was too much of stereotype to me. She came from the richest part, she was somehow famous and of course a bitch. But what was REMARKABLE, and needs to be said, is that other characters were empathetic with Sable and Casey was able to make them feel more real therefore.

The conflict was fine. To be completly honest I still don't get what was her mothers motivation, though. And no, wanting to rule the world OUT OF NOWHERE or just because you woke up one day and thought hey I wanna rule this shit, doesn't count. MOTIVATION behind it is all that needed to be spectacular.

The insta-love wasn't well executed. And I'm not one of thse who hates insta-love as a whole, but here it was too much. THEY KNEW EACH OTHER FOR LESS THAN A WEEK and were already down to get married have kids, etc, etc.

(I know this is not the same shit but just bear with me, ok? Besides I just learnt how to do this gif shit so let me be.)

I think I can forgive the insta love. What I can ot forgive is the lack of character development in Tauren, and the lack of a back story. Also he is just to perfect. I just can't with perfect people.

I felt that I was mising a LGBTQ+, and if it was there I do not remember it. Wich equals a bad execution that is just as bad a is not existing. So there's that.

The technology and the atmosphere, to me personally didn't match. The way it was reflected in fashion also didn't match.

I loved the darkness of the atmosphere, speacially at the beginnig, would've loved it had lasted more, 'cause it kind of faded.

Also the idea of Fate as this weird being, but a character on it's own, the fact that we didn't know if we can trust him or not.....WAS AMAIZING. Simple marvelous to me. Also very well executed. Was he really good with her? To what extend could he manage her? Did she even have a free will? What were the real consequences of defying him? Simply loved it.

Also loved the complexity of the realtion she had with Brecan. If that complexity could appear within other characters ad relationships in the story, maybe this could have been 5 stars. To me personally it wasn't there with Tauren.

The ending was pretty good, but kind of slow somehow. I really liked the whole reality and sacrifice in it. The epilogue was just there to introduce the idea of the sequel, and that's it.

So to me this was a 2.5 to 3 stars read, beyond the things I didn't bear, most of it was pretty enjoyable. Also the cover was exquisite.
PS: Im not doble checking this because I wanna go to sleep, so sorry for mistakes and that shit I make.
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