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Spy×Family #1


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名門校潜入のために「家族」を作れと命じられた凄腕スパイの〈黄昏〉。だが、彼が出会った“娘"は心を読む超能力者! “妻"は暗殺者で!? 互いに正体を隠した仮初め家族が、受験と世界の危機に立ち向かう痛快ホームコメディ!!

212 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 4, 2019

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About the author

Tatsuya Endo

60 books1,118 followers
Tatsuya Endo (遠藤達哉 Endou Tatsuya) is a Japanese mangaka.

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213 reviews85.1k followers
August 23, 2022
this was so cute. especially that little scene when Twilight was sleeping on the couch and Anya scooted in. awwwww. i’m loving this trios dynamic 💞💞💞
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489 reviews39k followers
July 3, 2022
Cutest shit I've ever read in a manga. I too want to be adopted by a cool spy dad and assassin mom with a telepathic sister. Give me telekinesis or astral projection or something too!!

I actually read volumes 1-7 (as of July 3rd, 2022), and bought a BUNCH of other manga too....

Love this for me. I'm definitely in my manga era and I'm not hating it:)

Watch my manga haul here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOkpq...

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346 reviews1,173 followers
November 28, 2022
I've always wanted to read this, but the question is: why didn't I do so sooner? Not until the anime was released that I watched it and become head over heels with Twilight and Anya, just from the 20 minutes video and it's only been the first episode.

Safe to say, I never picked a manga so fast. Having anime adaptation is common and I know most production follows exactly like the manga, but the resemblance is uncanny — I am just blown away! This book is so easygoing and fun; compromising the found family from a spy, mind reader, and assasin which is such an odd, refined family if you ask me.

Twilight is such a classic tsundere character, cut off from the rest of the world by his occupation. You can see his only goal is to carry out his mission and so he tries to block off his heart to Anya, his pseudo-daughter, when he first takes her home, unknowingly, that the spy-obsessed little girl had her way of getting into his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Yor Briar despite being an assassin is a lovely woman who dreams of romance. Twilight's first connection with her is built on deception where he claims he wants to fulfill his late wife's desires, much as she wants to deceive her brother. Yor never tells her "husband" about her assassin activities, and Twilight keeps Yor in the dark about his genuine motivation for enrolling Anya in the school.

This family is just full of secrets and I can't wait for the truth to be revealed. You'll notice despite trying to shield themselves from their identity, they still couldn't hide their true colors. This start of the series is just a strike of humor, plot twist, and violence, blended perfectly together so that there will be no dull moment when you read this.

I love every character's backstory and I just couldn't wait to get to know them better as we go. The commentary of the given society at the time matches the characters so well, I appreciate that the mangaka is putting attention to detail on it.

Not to say, the art style is a fantastic match for the layout! Everyone is just so gorgeous. It's detailed in terms of people and background, and key aspects are underlined in each panel to add more to each scene, there aren't any pages that feel underutilized. There's blood and violence, but the art nicely balances it out with cheerful and soothing family moments.

As much as it overwhelms me because everything felt like it was shoved from the first volume, it feels whole. I can see how it will work to serve the anime later on and believe it will be a bunch of joy! Looking forward to the next mission lessssgooooo.
Profile Image for Gabby.
1,306 reviews28k followers
August 13, 2022
Ahhhhhh this shit was so CUTE. I love the protagonist Twilight, I love that he’s a spy and in order to complete his mission he has to get a fake wife and a fake child!!! This premise is so fun and I ADORE this family so much. I love that the little girl has special abilities that he’s unaware of and his fake wife also has secrets of her own. I can see this series becoming my new obsession 😍 can’t wait to read more!
Profile Image for daph pink ♡ .
948 reviews2,714 followers
February 19, 2022
If you are not reading this you are definitely missing out on so much rn!I don't know what took me so long to start reading this.

Dramatic comedy of a family which includes an esper kid, a super sexy hitman as mother and a tsundere spy as father who apparently don't have any idea about each other's powers and occupation. The characters are funny, endearing and enigmatic I love all of them esp Anya💜....

Twilight definitely picked himeself a winning fake family that has me obsessed to follow their journey. Looking forward to next volume.

Profile Image for TJ ☾.
698 reviews1,252 followers
January 26, 2022
mr. and mrs. smith + psychic baby

for better or for worse
for richer or for poorer
in sickness and in health
to love and to cherish
until murder-
until mission-

do we part 🩸🖤
Profile Image for Jess Owens.
325 reviews4,560 followers
January 2, 2023
This was a great way to start my reading year. My first manga! Spy Family, a spy + an assassin + and a telepath fake family. I don’t know what I expected but this wasn’t it. Still very fun and entertaining and the way it ended, I need the next volume now !
Profile Image for Katie Colson.
676 reviews6,902 followers
March 15, 2022
My patrons keep coming out swinging with these recommendations!

This concept is absurd and cheeky. But it knows exactly what it is and plays to it's strengths.
It's so funny and heartwarming. I will protect Anya at all costs.
I already love these characters and want to follow them through every mission they undertake.
I'm surprised by how fast this gripped my attention and my heart.
Profile Image for Briar's Reviews.
1,901 reviews517 followers
June 22, 2020
Spy x Family has been on my radar for a long time. I heard about it from a friend and then really wanted to read it! Word of mouth is great for marketing, eh?

This book is absolutely marvellous, and all the fun of a VIZ book! It's thrilling and yet fun, all at the same time. It felt like the fun that Man from U.N.C.L.E. gave me when that film came out.

So, our lead dude Twilight is a spy. He's a great spy, but is suddenly given a very difficult mission: marry and have a kid to complete the next mission. This is not something he is interested in doing, but... ya know, it's the job. He adopts Anya, a super smart six year old from an orphanage who is already finishing crosswords and seeming like a telepath. Things seem to go fine and dandy... until he needs to get a wife too, that other crucial step he forgot about. So he finds Yur Briar, a deadly female assassin and marries her! And thus, the missions begin!

I love this premise! The plot is super fun and fast paced, the illustrations are great and the characters are barrels of fun! There's enough of a mystery behind this story to make this series super intriguing... but also the fake family and intriguing characters (spy, assassin and telepath... not your typical trio).

Also: Briar's Reviews reading about a girl named Briar... Yup. I'm biased. I love it!

Honestly, I really enjoy this book. I hope I can get my hands on the rest of the volumes because this book is so darn good! Such a great read!

Five out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and VIZ for supplying me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
Profile Image for PamG.
883 reviews539 followers
January 14, 2023
Spy x Family, Vol. 1 by Tatsuya Endo is translated by Casey Loe. This was the right choice for my first manga book. Master spy Twilight is given a new assignment. However, this one requires a wife and a child. Can the spy who works alone handle a family? Both are needed to infiltrate an elite private school. Just as Twilight isn’t what he seems, his daughter and wife have secrets and backstories of their own.

The characters are well defined and the artwork fit the story well. There’s over-the-top action, emotional breakdowns, and humor in this cold war espionage fantasy. I was bothered by the idea that a woman should be married by a certain age, but I know some people still think this in the twenty-first century.

The story-line is engaging and entertaining with great illustrations. I am looking forward to the next volume.

All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. Publication date was June 2, 2020.

My 4.05 rounded to 4 stars review is coming soon.
Profile Image for Jonathan.
794 reviews4,177 followers
May 24, 2022
"We need you to get married and have a kid. You have one week."

Someone clearly didn't pay attention in biology class




decided to reread this and actually continue the series now that i'm also watching the anime

it's also a desperate attempt to actually read at least something, now that i have given up on real books lol
Profile Image for Grace (kanej & evajacks' version) .
284 reviews212 followers
March 6, 2023
I really enjoyed this! 🤩🤩 I went in with high expectations, but this book definitely fulfilled them!! I had such a fun time reading it 🥰🥰

Spy x Family basically follows Twilight, a spy who needs to get a fake wife and child for a mission. Anya and Yor begin to pose as his family- but what Twilight doesn't know is that Anya (the child) is a telepath and Yor (the wife) is an assassin!

I read my first manga (The Promised Neverland) a couple months ago and really liked it, so I obviously wanted to try some more. This one seemed like an obvious choice, as its so popular. And now that I've read it, I definitely understand the hype ✨

What I loved about Spy x Family:

➳ The characters- They were all so entertaining to read about and even in only 1 volume, I connected to them very easily. Anya was so cute and I was just a big fan of Yor and Twilight in general. Also, is it just me or is Twilight a big like Aaron Warner?! I probably just have Shatter Me on the brain, but that definitely didn't hurt my feelings on him 🤭🤭

➳ The story- It was a really interesting premise and I thought it was executed really well. For a 220 page volume, a lot happened and I was immersed the whole time. I loved the comedy-action feel of it- it was very fun 🤩🤩

➳ The art style- I didn't expect this, but I'm obsessed with this art style!! 😍😍 I love the attention to detail and just the way it is drawn just works really well for me. Super excited to see more of it in the next volumes! 🙌

I don't really have anything negative to say tbh. I do feel like it was a little short for me to rate it above a 4 stars tho 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Overall, I had a such a fun time with this! 🥰🥰 Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a manga with:

✔ Great art style
✔ Super cool story
✔ Well-developed characters
✔ Intriguing premise

I definitely hope to continue this series! 🙌

~ 4 stars


I really enjoyed this!! 🤩🤩 Loved the art style and the story was really interesting 💞💞

Profile Image for Kenz The Dragon Queen.
243 reviews481 followers
September 23, 2020
4 stars

First of all, I'd like to thank NetGalley, VIZ Media, and Tatsuya Endo for generously giving me the amazing opportunity to read an ARC (advanced readers copy) of Spy x Family, Vol. 1 in exchange for an honest review.

Release Date: June 2nd 2020

I had so much fun reading this! At first I was hesitant, because this is actually the first manga I've ever read *cue gasp*! I was already a few pages in when I felt a bit lost, and then I remembered that manga is supposed to be read right to left (my bad). So once I figured that out, went back and re-read, I found myself really enjoying this volume.

The main characters are all interesting in very distinctive ways (which you can probably grasp from the synopsis) and it makes for an incredibly captivating group of individuals, that have really entertaining and intriguing interactions. Twilight is a highly mysterious perfectionist, that is so good at his job, no one actually knowns who he really is. Yor is strong, intelligent, and highly capable, but somewhat socially awkward and shy. While Anya is the cutest, most outgoing, and kind little telepath you will ever meet.

The story plays with some well known tropes, such as the classic fake dating trope, but it flips it on its head by turning in into a fake family trope. It gets even more exciting when you remember that this is an action sci-fi manga, with a good dose of quality dialogue and great comedic timing. It makes everything so much more exciting to read about the three main characters, because one is a spy, one is an assassin, and the other is a telepathic child. It makes any situation that they're all in together so much more interesting.

I found the art to be detailed and intricate, but not so much that it was overwhelming. It made the fight scenes and emotional moments that much better, which is exactly what you want from graphic novels! The art is just as much a part of the story as anything you're reading, and Tatsuya Endo deftly weaves the two together to create an excellent story that is elevated by the lovely and fascinating visuals, and smooth writing.

As I read on, I found myself becoming more and more curious and interested about this borderline dystopian world that Spy x Family, Vol. 1 takes place in. So far, you only know as much about it as you need to, and much of it remains mysterious, which I think is a very smart move, since this is only the first issue. The same goes for the main characters, you get snippets of their past and who they are, enough to intrigue you, but not enough to spoil any big reveals or epic revelations that could potentially come up in later issues!

By the time I finished reading, I was somewhat upset that I didn't have the next volume, because I really felt like digging into this series. This was a great read, and I can't wait for other people to discover this series. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five, is because I reserve five star ratings for my all time favourite reads, and the first instalments in series rarely make that list. I highly recommend this title to anyone who's interested in it.

Profile Image for Khadidja .
614 reviews439 followers
December 4, 2020
Oh no the ruthless cold untrusting spy has to build a family so he adopts a mind reading child and married a merciless man killing machine assasin and together they form a great sweet family 🥺
Profile Image for Skye Kilaen.
Author 14 books319 followers
December 7, 2022
I. Am. In. Love. I read the first two volumes of this manga today, and it's this perfect mix of a totally absurd plot with very real feelings in characters who aren't used to having them. The setup: A spy adopts a child as part of a mission and doesn't realize she's a telepath, and enters a marriage of convenience with a woman who wants to reassure her brother she won't be single forever - except she's secretly a contract killer. I can barely follow the politics of the fictional country where they live, but it doesn't matter, because the important aspect is how three people who've never really had anybody deal with having someone. Can't wait for the next volume.

Content warning: they seem to live in an oppressive political regime with secret police, interrogators, etc.
Profile Image for Subham.
2,641 reviews67 followers
July 23, 2021
Read it again and its so good. Its the story of a spy who for an undercover mission gets a daughter and also a wife and then they have to get into this top private academy for his mission and so they practice what its like to be a top family and as they do that, they become a real family who care for each other and then the interview brings it out. What I like about the series is the comedy and the way it presents its characters and how they have their own secrets and particularly the comedic moments especially from Anya when she is reading minds and the art is just lovely and the women here look so gorgeous. I like how Loid is shown to be changing and it just makes you love the manga so much more!

This book was so good. Twilight is a spy for Westalia (whose enemy country is Ostalia). He is given a mission wherein he has to get close to some leader through an Eden Academy so he needs to make a family. The first ch is how he gets his daughter and its gorgeous that I mean Anya. She is so cute and also an esper and she can read minds and she is innocent. No wonder Lloyd (Twilight) takes her up and then next ch is about Yoru, the mother whose apparently a contract killer named Thorn Princess. She has to impress her friends of her brother and enter Lloyd and so begins the family attempt to pass the interview, they prepare, they live the elite life and then have to pass the Eden academy test and the Headmaster is so fun, he is so impressed by the Folgers he says "Elegant" every time and then finally the interview stage and that one was so fun. You can see they have grown super close together as a family and Twilight is ready to risk it for his daughter and then the ending. Wow. Its such a mashup of different people coming together as a family and the background is awesome and the art is just too good!! Probably the best Shonen jump title at the moment!
Profile Image for Mohadese.
370 reviews989 followers
April 19, 2022
☆ ۵تا ستاره‌ی طلاییِ درخشان! ☆

اگه می‌خواهید یه مانگای بامزه بخونید و واقعا از ته دل بخندید پیشنهاد من به شما: spy×family

بذارید قبل از این‌که از کیوت بودن آنیا، کراش بودن لوید و خفن بودن یور بگم، خلاصه داستان رو تعریف کنم:

داستان از این قراره که یه جاسوس خیلی خفن (لوید فورجر) یه ماموریت سخت بهش می‌خوره و برای انجامش باید یه خانواده تشکیل بده!
لوید پرورشگاه‌ها رو می‌گرده و دختری به اسم آنیا رو انتخاب می‌کنه، آنیا یه دختر کوچولوی بامزه‌ست که بارها به سرپرستی گرفته شده و برگردوندنش چون می‌تونه ذهن‌خوانی کنه! اما قرار نیست این رو به بابای جاسوسش بگه، بلکه می‌خواد یه دختر خوب باشه تا همیشه پیش بابا بمونه...
از طرفی آنیا بنا به دلایلی (که نمی‌گم اسپویل نشه) یه مامان لازم داره و دست تقدیر "یور" که یه آدمکش حرفه‌ای بوده رو سر راه‌شون قرار می‌ده...
خلاصه که هر سه نفربه خاطر هدف‌هاشون دور هم جمع می‌شن و هر کدوم یه راز بزرگ دارند که سعی می‌کنن پنهانش کنن و مثل آدم‌های عادی رفتار کنند!
اما آیا موفق می‌شن؟
خب نصف کمدی داستان توی همین تلاش‌هاشون برای مخفی کردن هویت‌های واقعی‌شونه.

شخصیت پردازی کتاب رو واقعا دوست داشتم، داستان همون‌قدر که جدی و منطقیه واقعا یه جاهایی به طرز خنده‌داری احمقانه می‌شه!

اسپای × فمیلی یه کار جاسوسی، اکشن و کمدی خانوادگی فوق‌العاده دوست داشتنی و حال خوب کنه.
قلبم برای این سه تا ♡
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316 reviews83 followers
July 28, 2023
همیشه که م��در نباید به دختر پیشنهاد بده، یه بارم برعکسش پیش میاد
اولین تجربه‌ی مانگاخوانی من به پیشنهاد ملیکا.
و چه تجربه‌ی خوشایندی هم بود.
Profile Image for destiny ♡ howling libraries.
1,743 reviews5,291 followers
September 12, 2022
Vol. 1 ★★★★★
Vol. 2 ★★★★★
Vol. 3 ★★★★★
Vol. 4 ★★★★★
Vol. 5 ★★★★★
Vol. 6 ★★★★★
Vol. 7 ★★★★★
Vol. 8 ★★★★★

This was so cute and sweet! The only thing I love more than the "fake dating" trope is the "fake family" trope, where the characters are falling not only for their significant other, but learning to love a kid or parent as well, and I can only assume that's exactly where this series is headed, especially based on Twilight's inner monologues towards the end of this first volume. Anya is absolutely the CUTEST! I really like Yur as well, and I think I'm going to grow even fonder of her as we get to know her character better. The entire school interview was so entertaining ("ELEGAAAANCE!") and I just had a blast reading this - can't wait to continue the series, and I've already checked out Volume 2 from the library to read this week!

twitter | booktok | bookstagram | blog
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Author 2 books193 followers
February 23, 2021
It's fantasy cold war espionage smashed violently into over the top manga!

I greatly enjoyed the ridiculous story, I do like it when my manga goes full bore nuts and also is funny. And fun characters!

And the art is perfect for the story. Yet another manga series I will have to keep my eye on.

(Kindly received a review copy from VIZ Media through Edelweiss)
Profile Image for Omnya Ali.
189 reviews116 followers
January 19, 2023
I loved everything about this manga❤️❤️✨
The story is special to me in the world of manga 🥺👌💖

This story begins with Twilight, a spy who works for a secret organization, one day, this organization orders him to get a fake family, fake child and a fake wife.
I liked this part of the story very much.🔥🔥🔥
I loved this family so much that I really want to live with them ❤️😭😭😭❤️



master spy. Unparalleled when it comes to stealth and extremely dangerous missions He is very smart,as he is just focused on his mission But when he starts to start a family, troubles and adventures begin.

yor Briar


yor is a serial killer, but despite this, she is a kind and beautiful woman. Yor meets Twilight one day,the two started to hide their personalities for each other on each other from that moment.yor trying so hard to be a good mom ahhh, she is so lovely.



Anya is an orphan child, who was living in an orphanage until Twilight took her in as his daughter for the mission. Anya has the ability to read minds, that ability really makes her poor as much as it makes her wonderful and special. Anya is the cutest person in the story ever ahhhhh how cute and cheerful she is.

I really love this family and the story😭😭👌🖤
The characters are so amazing especially Anya, how cute she is💖💖💖💖
Profile Image for Martin Iguaran.
Author 3 books301 followers
November 28, 2021
Este es el primer manga que leo en mi vida. A tal punto llegaba mi desconocimiento en el tema, que no sabía el orden en que debía leer las páginas. Pero luego le tomé gusto. La historia es la siguiente: Twilight, un nombre en clave de un espía que recuerda a James Bond (con dos grandes diferencias: tiene un pasado trágico y no es un mujeriego) debe infiltrarse en un colegio para llegar a su objetivo. Pero eso requiere que consiga esposa e hija. Claro que la esposa e hija aparecen, pero no son lo que parecen. Lo que sigue es una historia absurda e hilarante, a medio camino entre el espionaje y la comedia familiar de enredos. Muy recomendable para el que quiera relajarse y reír un rato.
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