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Rebel with a Cupcake

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Jesobel Jones is bold and beautiful. The daughter of a hand model and a washed-up rock star, she sees no need to apologise for her rambling house, her imperfect family, her single status … or her weight. Jess makes her own cupcakes and she eats them, too. That is, until Own Clothes Day when a wardrobe malfunction leaves Jess exposed, and a mean girl calling her the one thing that’s never bothered her before: fat.

233 pages, Paperback

First published March 25, 2015

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Anna Mainwaring

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July 13, 2018
Rebel with a Cupcake by Anna Mainwaring is a difficult book to review. It’s the kinda story that’s irritating to me as an adult, but may work for the target age group. The fact that Rebel with a Cupcake features a body positivity message makes it even more challenging to render a verdict. Body positivity is so important, especially for teenagers, and we need more books that celebrate it. So is this book worth a read? For tweens and teens, probably. Adults? Nope.

Rebel with a Cupcake features an overweight protagonist, Jess Jones, who loves food, cooking, and her body. Yay!! Lose weight? Pshaw! Jess is on a seafood diet. She sees food and she eats it (*Ba dum chhh*, I’m here all day folks). As Jess would say, all is tickety-boo….. until her crush invites her to his party. Then Jess’ model mom buys her the perfect dress--a size too small. Quick as a wink, Jess transforms from bopo hero to “do I look fat in this”cliche. She commences a ridiculously strict diet (because apparently there are no reasonable ways to lose weight. Rolls eyes) and becomes the antithesis of everything she espouses. Sadly (and predictably) despite shedding pounds, boy crush still prefers mean girls to Jess in all her humorous glory. Will anyone appreciate Jess as she is? Can Jess be a “rebel with a cupcake” and still find love? I’m pretty sure we all know the answer to that question.

My main issue with Rebel with a Cupcake is that it bills itself as unique--rebellious, even--but follows all the standard body acceptance tropes. Overweight girl is crushing on cute boy--cute boy finally notices overweight girl--overweight girl goes on crazy diet--cute boy ends up being a douche--overweight girl says fuck it & accepts herself as she is. The. End. Nothing revolutionary whatsoever. It’s the Full House version of a Jezebel article. Everything is neat and tidy complete with a Danny Tanner-esque moral lesson. And to make matters worse, these supposed LIFE-ALTERING events happen in the space of a month. Maybe less? Seriously, Kim Kardashian was married to Kris Humphries for longer. Lemme just say, as someone who has struggled with their weight, body acceptance doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in a week. Body acceptance is gradual and takes time. It’s not all: “cute boy doesn’t like me, but I like myself.” That’s not reality. Now I have no problem suspending disbelief, but with hot button topics, honesty is needed.

My annoyance, however, doesn’t end there. Can I just say that I’m soooo sick of books and movies where the female protagonist’s self-esteem is reliant on her love interest? Would it kill someone to write a book where a curvy & fabulous lead doesn’t go on some insane diet? Where they remain body positive throughout the entire story? Let’s normalize bodies of all size and shape. Pretty much everyone understands that weight doesn’t correlate with self-love. We get it. We don't need yet another "issue" book. Just give us a Badass Bopo Babe kicking ass and taking names.

In addition to being predictable and trope-ridden, Rebel With a Cupcake is just too….gimmicky. For whatever reasons certain authors are convinced that an authentic teen voice translates to boatloads of trendy slang. Anna Mainwaring legit has Jess say: “well I can’t help but LOL.” TEENS DON’T TALK LIKE THAT. Text? Yes. But having your teen characters spout internet lingo reeks of trying too hard. It’s contrived. And the “invisible rules” and “observations” that head each chapter serve no purpose. Yes, they’re vaguely themed to that chapters contents--emphasis on vaguely-- but they’re superfluous. Rules like: “if a girl has curly hair, she wants straight. If she’s short, she wants to be tall. If she’s got no boobs, she wants huge ones. You’re never allowed to be happy with what you’ve got.” Yes. True. In fact there’s a handy saying that encapsulates that very point: the grass is always greener. A saying that’s been around for YEARS. This supposed “revelation” isn’t all that...revelatory. And when you pair redundant “rules” with rando lists, it’s a clear ploy. A ploy intended to draw in a teen audience with an “I’m not a regular book. I’m a cool book,” schtick. STOP. TRYING. SO. HARD. Just write a book with awesome characters and an original plot. That’s it.

Now despite the fact that 90% of this review is negative, I didn’t completely dislike this story. Jess is funny and her interactions quippy. Her family is fantastic. Model mom, aging rocker dad, gin-lovin’ Gran, and sis with a Mean Girl invisible friend. The family dynamics are on point and could’ve been explored further. Truly, they’re the book’s highlights.

Summary: If you need a body positive book for a tween or young teen, Rebel With a Cupcake works. Adults? RUN LIKE THE WIND.
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May 4, 2020
This could potentially be my least favourite read of 2020. If not, it will certainly be a contender.

From the beginning, I had my doubts with this story. The novel started off as if the reader knew of these characters with little to no introduction. It felt as if I was in the midst of a story where I should've known the background. This is not the case as this is a standalone novel, not a series.

Then from there, my dislike of the novel continued to grow.

I understand the intention of this story and that it's meant to be an example of body positivity and empowerment. However, I think in the process of delivering that message, both the novel and the message that it sends ended up being a failure to readers.

First, the story was extremely superficial and again, I understand this was meant to be a part of the plot. It just didn't sit right with me and I wouldn't have wanted my younger self to read this. I wouldn't want anybody to, especially anyone with body insecurities. Even if you feel like you don't suffer with issues regarding your self-image the content is extremely triggering. Even though the message was meant for good, the story delivered the opposite in how it was executed.

There are many novels out there that deal with overcoming personal insecurities and self-image issues but this is not one that I would want anyone to pick up.

***Thank you to Kids Can Press and YA Books Central as I received this ARC from a giveaway.***
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Author 13 books468 followers
March 16, 2018
Rebel with a Cupcake is a witty romantic comedy about Jesobel Jones, a teenager who’s overweight, but she’s actually comfortable in her own skin. This in itself is very refreshing. The moral of the story isn’t that girls—or women—should strive to have that perfect bikini-ready body. The point is that you should do what you love, and Jess is never happier than she is when she’s in the kitchen, whipping up a good meal—or a batch of cupcakes!--for her family.

But of course Jess isn’t going to have it easy. Everyone around her is telling her what she should and shouldn’t do—all with the “well-intentioned” purpose of helping her to look the way that they think she should look. Some of the things that are said or done are a little over the top (That teacher should be fired!), but it makes for an entertaining read. Unfortunately, poor, strong Jesobel caves into peer pressure and tries to lose weight – with an unrealistic deadline for her weightloss, which, of course, results in her developing some unhealthy eating habits.

At one point Jess says that she’s surprised she’s doing all this for a boy. It’s clear to the reader that it isn’t just for the boy. All the pressure to become thin – from her mother, her sister, her bully, and even her teacher at school—it all culminates in her breaking point.

There are a few aspects of the book that I would have liked Mainwaring to have explored more. Jesobel’s the daughter of a rock star, which should have influenced her personality and her outlook on life. The next line includes a spoiler very predictable, but I’ve still blacked it out. Read at your own peril! Jesobel’s younger sister is being bullied by her own imaginary friend. I found this both hilarious and sad, and I wanted her to get more time in the spotlight.

All in all, Mainwaring does an excellent job of dissecting issues that teenagers today deal with on a daily basis. Jess’s voice is unique and powerful, and I do think that this book will have a positive impact on a lot of young girls.

3.5 stars

*I received an ARC of this book from KCPLoft*
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April 20, 2018
Jess was normally very confident, but after a run-in with the school mean girl and a crush leaving her feeling inadequate, she attempts to change her physical appearance. This journey with Jess was chuck full of humor and some astute observations, which filled me with glee.

•Pro: Jess was so awesome! Her observations and commentary were pretty hilarious. She was snarky and sassy, but also sweet and thoughtful. There was also something about her, that reminded me of Georgia Nicholson, who is one of my all-time favorite characters, and that just added to my love for her.

•Pro: Jess' house was inhabited by some quirky characters. Her younger sister was a total trip, and her grandmother had all these amazing hidden pieces to her. I really loved getting to know those two.

•Pro: I am always a fan of book with a little family focus, and I liked the way Jess' family was incorporated into this story. Mainwaring showed them with all their flaws, and I love that their relationship evolved as Jess changed over the course of this story.

•Pro: The author explored body image issues in such a way, that showed it's not just bigger girls who struggle with poor body image and low self-esteem, and I really appreciated her shining that light on it.

•Pro: The ending was really satisfying. Mainwaring did a great job tying up those loose ends, and I was please with the resolutions she reached for certain situations.

•Pro: There was some great food talk in this book. Jess loved to cook, and we often got to hear about her culinary creations, and yeah, you can never go wrong with cupcakes.

•Pro: Each chapter began with an observation or an "invisible rule". These bits were quite insightful and often amusing.

•Pro: Jess was far from perfect. She was a typical teenager. She made mistakes and sometimes, made poor choices, but she learned from these missteps, and was better because of them.
I am among friends. Who accept my weirdness. That is why they are called friends.

Overall: An amusing and heartwarming story about trying to fit in, while also retaining your identity, which left me in a happy state.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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January 26, 2018
If the fact that I was glad to finish this young adult novel gives you any clues, I was eager to finish Rebel With a Cupcake and move on to something more interesting. The premise of this book seemed promising but the story line quickly gave way to standard teen fare and stereotypes. Think "Mean Girls" and you've got the gist.
About a third of the way through I simply stopped caring about the characters. Girl develops love interest. Will love interest reciprocate? Should she change her appearance to become more appealing? Is there another possible mate she's never before considered? Do I care? The answer was a resounding "No!" Perhaps the problem is I am simply too old to believe high school drama is anything but trivial but I had high hopes this novel might break the mold. Alas! It most certainly did not. However, on the plus side, it further cemented my gratitude that I am not a teen in today's society. These kids are viscous! Although I doubt high schoolers are as awful as portrayed in literature and film I can assert groups of teenage girls may well be one of the most cruel factions of society. I swear, they could bring terrorists to tears.
Additionally, I was bothered by the message that a) fat people are obsessed with food and always consume it in abundance and, b) people who enjoy food and eat a lot are always fat. Neither of these are necessarily true.
At the risk of demonstrating my horrible pun skills, this rebel gets a pan(cake.)
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August 12, 2019
As a plus sized girl I was happy to read from a fat MC POV, but was let down.
Body insecurities, at any size, is valid and real. But this was sold to me as a fat MC, yet within the first chapter our main character Jess is talking g about wearing a Hollister shirt. Hollister only carries straight sizes. So I’m already thrown off, because I know the struggle of wanting to go shopping with friends, and NOT being able to go into Hollister.
**The author made a Twitter thread explaining why she didn’t include exact sizing and weight post my review. I still think, personally, it would have been more helpful to show Jess’ weight with better clothes/ size descriptions. It would have been nice to see that thought process from her. It also would have made relating to Jess easier.**
This entire story is about a girl whose confidence is shaken by a mean girl and decides to lose weight because of a boy.
Not that that isn’t something that actually happens, it just contradicts everything the author tries to sell Jess as. It doesn’t present as a girl struggling to regain confidence, but as a wish washy character that’s poorly written.

Yet my biggest issue lies with the relationship between Jess and her sister Cat, who seems to be battling her own eating disorder. Cat is suffering mentally and it’s joked about. Jess copies her sister and stops eating to lose weight. She JOKES about it. It just doesn’t sit right with me. Like Jess admits and sees her sister struggling and knows somethings wrong but just doesn’t say anything doesn’t do anything.

There are ways to write a fat girl dealing with weight and insecurities AND be funny without joking about eating disorders.

The one area this books hits on the nose is how fat people who are trying to get healthy are treated. The author did a fantastic job capture the feeling.

There is no one way to experience something. Jess’ story might be great rep for you, and my low rating isn’t solely because I didn’t care for the rep, my rating is low because of the poorly handled topic of eating disorders.

If you’re looking for fat rep I would recommend The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli.
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January 5, 2018
If you enjoyed Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging or The Duff, then you will love Rebel with a Cupcake by Anna Mainwaring.

Mainwaring delivers with a character so lovable that you will be rooting for her the entire time. Jesobel Jones is the F-word (fat). But the thing is, is that she's not ashamed or discouraged. She embraces herself. Jesobel starts to experience the horrible opinions people have towards those who are overweight and loses her confidence along the way. She falls in love with the wrong guy, finds the right guy, and figures out how to be strong and confident in herself again.

I loved this book. It had so many wonderful learning points within the story. Jesobel is a wonderful character with someone is strong even when a majority of society might think she needs to change something about herself. It has the typical battle of losing one's way and finding it again, but the message in this book is so powerful. In today's society, skinny is what is accepted. Anything more than that is looked down upon. A strong character like Jesobel is exactly what girls in high school need right now. They need to know that it's not always about the outside or what other people think. It's about how you feel about yourself and what TRULY makes you happy.

Thank you to KCP Loft for sending me a copy of this book. I highly suggest that everyone marks their calendars for April 3!

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.
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Author 4 books18 followers
April 16, 2020
Full review to come...

When I got an email to join the blog tour for Rebel With A Cupcake, I was really excited as I enjoyed Tulip Taylor and really wanted to read her follow-up release in the UK although this book has been published in other territories before. After reading what Rebel With A Cupcake was about, this was even more obvious as a fat person myself I like to read books with the main character who are also this way. While I did enjoy Rebel With A Cupcake, I did have some problems with it but it still gets across the message that you can be bold and beautiful delivering positive messages that everyone needs right now.

So I will get the negatives out the way first, I noticed some small errors in the book such as missing speech marks and this kinda annoying to me as well as the fact that it mentions A* although the numbering system is now in play. I know that it is an older book but it could have been updated.

I am also not a big fan of girl hate which this book kind of features and did affect my reading experience but I also think that the book does also have some key female relationships and friendships that did help with this issue. While Jess and her friends are not perfect, no friend group is and this was also just in general nice to read about.

Jess is herself just a great character, she breathes positivity and goes on a really nice journey in the book. I think that it was nice to see her progress throughout the book and grow to be the best version of herself that she could be. I think it is also great of other people to see her and she is just, in general, a fiery character who definitely knows who she is and is proud of it.

I think that family is often side-lined in a lot of YA but I think that Rebel With A Cupcake does this so well and it was nice to read about the family dynamics. I think that a lot of this comes in the form of Cat and how much she opposed Jess. Both are very different but I think that they offer so much to each other that it was great to see them both grow. I also really like her Gran. It may just be because I miss my Nans at the moment but yeah I liked her as a character.

I am a sucker for a good romance and Rebel With A Cupcake offers quite a good one in the form of Alex. I think that although the superior candidate was always Alex, it was good to see her relationship with Matt so that she could grow as a person and learn who really was right for her. I did think that it was going to be hit or miss with the romance towards the end but you know that love always prevails.

I obviously think that body positivity is mainly important for this book. It was again great to see Jess became a Rebel With A Cupcake. I also loved the blog post and it was really powerful and what I needed to see someone finally accept who they were and be proud. I think that it would be great if everyone who felt crappy about their body could read this because everyone needs just a little hope at this time.

The Verdict:

Rebel With A Cupcake is a powerful and important novel that tells readers that you are great just the way that you are.
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May 8, 2018
3.5 stars. British teens, sassy dialogue, and friends who love enough to call each other on their stuff -- this is a recipe for an entertaining read.

Endearing Jesobel presents as a young woman who knows who she is and what she has to offer, and it's only when faced with a new crush that her self-assurance begins to erode. The idea that even a self-aware teen isn't immune to doubt is an important one, as is the acknowledgment of insecurity in her most attractive classmates. The theme of body positivity is sounded mostly well; there are problematic attitudes in her family that are intended to be cautionary tales, but they aren't taken as seriously as perhaps they should have been. The underlying takeaway is how confidence and being true to oneself is what translates to real beauty, and that is a point well worth making.

Spending time with spunky Jesobel, her fascinatingly dysfunctional-but-not-really family, and her lovely friends is a delight. Imperfect, a bit predictable, but spirited and fun.

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692 reviews70 followers
April 13, 2018
Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for the review copy. It was a quick fun read, even though the plot was predictable,the characters were fun. Jess was sassy who is comfortable in her own skin. She is overweight but doesn't believe in giving up food for anything. When someone calls her fat, and her long time crush starts to notice her, Jess is on the mission to lose weight.

Will Jess lose weight?
Will she get the boy of her dreams?
Read to find out

Recommended for romance readers
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151 reviews56 followers
November 1, 2015
This review was originally posted on www.talesofyesterday.co.uk

I really enjoyed this book! This book made me laugh, say uh oh a lot and I think Anna Mainwaring took snippets of my own school life....not really I know, but I related to Jesobel so much!

The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones is told from the point of view of Jesobel or Jess as her friends call her and it all begins on Own Clothes Day at school. Do you remember those days?! Getting ready along with her friends, Hannah the bookworm and Izzie the witch, Jess starts to think that maybe her love for cooking, baking and all things food are starting to show in all the wrong places. What escalates over the course of Own Clothes Day is an encounter with the school bully, an invitation to a party by the perfect boy of her dreams and going viral on the internet! But over the course of the next few weeks Jess decides to change herself all to impress a boy but in the process learns some lessons about love, being yourself, friendship and family.

Anna Mainwaring writes with a brilliant humour and has created, in my opinion, a younger Bridget Jones in Jess. There were times I was laughing out loud at some of the scenarios that happened or something Jess says and this is down to the brilliant writing style with Jess sometimes speaking directly to the reader whilst Jess is telling her story of a particular day or event. It really reminded me of the first time I read Bridget Jones Diary.

Jess's outlook on life throws up questions or observations and how things do not necessarily seem fair or right in life. Each chapter starts with a Jess observation or an invisible rule and these also made me chuckle! One of my favourites was Jess observation number 3....

"If being thin is so great, why are thin people always miserable"

One of my favourite parts in the book was when Jess encounters the school bully, Zara quite close to the beginning of the book which sort of starts the snowball of events that occur rolling. I don't want to give too much away, but the whole scene is just brilliant! I love how when Zara calls Jess grotesque her response is

"Grotesque Zara! That's a big word for you - do you think you can spell it?!"

Yay! I screamed at this book! Go Jess!

One of my favourite characters in the book was Jess's Gran! I loved how she refused to conform to anything in her life and her whole outlook on life and the whole relationship Jess has with her Gran is touching. Jess uses a phrase her Gran uses - Tickety Boo.....meaning everything is fine....I just loved it! I also loved how Jess's relationship with her sister Cat develops over the course of the book.

You do get a sense of how other characters are feeling too and I really think a book from one of the other characters perspectives and a glimpse into their lives as a particular point would really work as all the characters were that strong. I was intrigued by Dom a lot as well as the friends Hannah and Izzie and would love to take a sneaky peek into their thoughts and mind, lives and loves too.

The ending to the book was brilliant and I loved how it didn't conform to the idea of a rom-com film and pushed the boundaries of a neat package and you get to see life after the package has started to be unwrapped. In this book you do...you get that extra glimpse and it's great and finishes Jess's story off perfectly.

Anna Mainwaring captures so many feelings in this book as well! My heart ached along with Jess when she speaks about love or heartbreak, I felt the strong bond and loyalty of friendship and what friendship means, I cringed as much as Jess would cringe at embarrassing moments, I also tasted the wonderful cakes Jess cooked with Jess and really felt everything that Jess was going through. I found Jess totally relatable as a character and it transported me back to that age in my life when I know I did think and feel the way Jess felt. I have never been a thin person and therefore I totally related to Jess's thoughts over her weight and being bigger than other people. All the situations that occur in this book seemed to spark off memories of my own teenager years, first love, parties, friendship...it was a nostalgic memory trip for me in a kind of way.

What The Lives and Loves of Isobel Jones does is reach out to the reader to say you are not alone. Everyone has these feelings and doubts about them selves. These aches and pains are normal and everyone is different and unique in their own ways. Anna Mainwaring captures the thoughts of a teenager and situations perfectly and I cannot wait to read more from her!


For more book reviews and more please visit www.talesofyesterday.co.uk
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August 11, 2020
It is a book which doesn’t have a proper story it revolves around the different event of Jesobel’s life. It all starts with a weird day in school when Jess got bullied by some girls in school for her body shape and end up becoming a star of a viral video on youtube.

Her family is a bunch of weirdos, a dad who is in a band, a mother who was ex-model now fitness freak, Gran who herself imprisoned in the attic of the house and living on gin instead of food(sounds weird right?), Cat her elder sister who is opposite of Jess and type of girl everyone wants, and a younger sister who lives in an imaginary world.

Her longtime crush is now talking to her after the video, She is falling for him and like every second YA, he is not the one for her, the one he is for her, she is ignoring him all of her life, This is the story of every other YA, and especially the cute guy who is always lead of the band girl have a crush on and after most of the book break her heart and the sweet and kind guy who is overshadowed by the cute guy comes to rescue her.

This book didn’t focus on single things, First school tantrum, 2nd All this matt story where Jess tried to lose her weight for him, 3rd after matt phase where she is improving relationships with her family.

Jess personality is sassy and witty, she knows what to do most of the times but she is also a teenager and make mistakes.

Alex is a typical perfect YA guy who is always there to cover her girl’s mistake and save her.

If you are reading this book for relations and just for quick fun, this is a good choice.
2 reviews
March 12, 2015
This books is witty and funny. If you want to feel you're not alone in the turmoil of teenage life, or if you want to remember how it felt to be a teenager, the fears, the hopes, the pangs, then this book is for you.
You will laugh at Jes's comments and beliefs, than think a second later, "oh but that's exactly how I'd have reacted in that situation."
Anna Mainwaring has captured with great sharpness and sensitivity what it feels to be a teenage girl in Britian nowadays.
A must read. Once you dive into this book you won't stop.
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Author 10 books243 followers
February 16, 2018
This was a super cute book with a fresh and funny voice that I would definitely recommend to all YA fans!
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133 reviews43 followers
May 31, 2018
French review bellow:
You probably know it by now, but, lately I've been more than sick with the characters, always the same, of the books I read. So when I saw this book, I was really glod: a fat girl that loves her body? Perfect. Absolutely the kinf of reads I wanted to have. Well, maybe the gorgeous cover had a role to play in my choice! Except some things, I really enjoyed this book!

Jesobel was such a fierce character! Some of her reactions annoyed me at the begining but then I realised something: it's all because of the society in which we live. Let me explain my words: Jesobel was always fine with her body. Until the day she start noticing the way people thought of her. Especially bcause of Her ex-model mom and thin sister.

But as I said: she is fierce and she had the best friends in the world who love her this way and just for her.
I love all the topics we discover in this book: baking, friendship, relationship, positivity, diet and so much more! That's the reason why, even if some parts anoyed me, I totally recomand this one for all the messages conveyed there!

Here is my french review:
Vous le savez probablement, mais depuis quelques temps, je recherche vraiment des livres avec des personnages différents de ceux que j'ai l'habitude de rencontrer lors de mes lectures. Alors lorsque j'ai vu ce titre, avec une héroïne obèse et qui s'assume, j'avais vraiment hâte! Bon ok, j'ai peut-être été aussi très attirée par la couverture!
Malgré quelques longueurs, j'ai apprécié ma lecture.

Jesobel est une héroïne telle que j'aimerais en voir plus souvent en littérature YA! Même si certaines de ses réactions m'ont énervée, j'ai réalisé qu'elles reflétaient malheureusement bien la société dans laquelle on vit: une société majoritairement grossophobe.

"In a mirror, adit girl stands, her eyes stretch the fabric, her stomac looks enormus and material hines over her bum. The zip is stuck halfway.

I know what Mum would say. If you'd just put a bit of effot in, in a few weeks, you'd look a million dollars".

J'ai beaucoup aimé suivre le quotidien de Jesobel, la voir confrontée à ses doutes mais également la suivre durant son évolution. Car le chemin menant vers l'acceptation inconditionnelle de soi n'est pas aussi évident que ça. Jesobel va s'en rendre compte principalement à cause des remarques de son entourage plus ou moins proche.

En effet, Jesobel ne se sent pas particulièrement dérangée par son corps au départ. Elle aime son corps, est une bonne vivante et surtout: elle adore la pâtisserie.
Cependant, lorsque tout le monde fait des remarques plus ou moins implicites concernant son physique, en comparaison avec celui de sa mère ou de sa soeur, Jesobel commence à se poser des questions et la relative confiance qu'elle avait en elle s'effondre.
Heureusement, dans son malheur, elle va réussir à trouver un soutien indéfectible: celui de ses amis. Qu'est-ce que j'ai pu aimer leur relation!

Outre le volet acceptation de soi, Rebel with a cupcake aborde de nombreuses thématiques telles que les relations amoureuses, les régimes, ou encore la cuisine! D'ailleurs, la romance est vraiment très belle car elle démontre bien que parfois, il faut savoir voir avec le coeur. Je n'en dis pas plus de peur de vous spoiler, mais la romance m'a beaucoup touchée.

"My name is Jesobel Jones but you can call me Rebel with a Cupcake. Yes, I'm fat. And that's okay with me".
En conclusion, j'ai beaucoup aimé Rebel with a cupcake, qui est une véritable bouffée de positivité! En revanche, j'ai moins aimé certains passages que je trouvais assez longs, ce qui m'empêchait de rester concentrée car je m'ennuyais.
Les messages forts véhiculés dans ce roman m'ont totalement séduite et rien que pour ça, je recommande!
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April 12, 2018
All my reivews can be found at http://jessicasreadingroom.com
**This review will have minor spoilers without giving too many in depth details.**

I liked Jesobel (Jess), she is spunky and embraces herself for who she is…then she has a wardrobe malfunction at school. It is like Mean Girls and The Duff but worse. You see how catty teen girls are to teach other now. Jess is far from perfect which makes her seem all the more real. I liked how she enjoys cooking AND eating. I liked the Jess at the beginning where she embraces herself.

Despite liking Jess, the story is not original. It is the typical teen ‘makeover type’ story as Jess has a crush on the popular boy at school. When she begins to get attention from him she has varying questions: Does he like her? Is this a date or not? She is unsure of his intentions- is he interested in her or is this something else?

I did not like that Jess tries to change herself for a guy. Also, her mom buys her a dress for prom that is one size smaller than she wears. Mom means well (she used to be a hand model); she is just going about it the wrong way.

In the end Jess does end up comfortable with who she is and accepts herself. She even writes an article for a blog that goes viral. And she gets the guy… but which guy?

I liked how each chapter started with an ‘invisible rule’ or ‘observation’ made by Jess. Let’s have a whole book like that! It was very Bridget Jones like, and I love Bridget!

This is a novel that has a good message of embracing yourself for who you are. No one is perfect and we are our own person. Trying to change yourself for someone else won’t help. Be comfortable with who you are! Don’t let those “mean girls” tell you who you should be.

I did like Jess, but for the most part I did not really connect with the novel. I think the teenage drama in this novel was a bit much for me. It makes me glad I am not a teenager now. Other than the issues I had I would say I would recommend it as it does have an overall good message.

Special thanks to KCP Loft for sending me a copy to read and review.
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March 31, 2018
When Jess gets called fat by the school mean girl, Zara on Own Clothes Day after a freak clothing ripping accident, she starts to doubt herself and her attitude towards her life choices such as her cupcake making and eating habit for one.

Hannah and Izzie her beat friends assure her it's not all bad as she's gained the attention of her secret crush, Matt and been asked by him to his party! But is he the boy of her dreams after all?

Her older sister Cat has suffered with an eating disorder it's hinted at, her mum encourages her to lose weight and so Jess begins questioning what she eats, when and why as well as taking up some exercise and eating less in general. But, she meets her blogger idol and gets asks to write a piece for her site after a chance meeting at her dads gig and so she swaps numbers with her idol and new friend quite possibly, Imogen and go shopping together.

The book deals with the issues of bullying and name calling in school, it can really effect peoples psyche and so is a key factor especially around the subject of weight as it could have sent Jess spiralling completely but eventually she owned her weight and who it makes her, A Rebel With A Cupcake as she calls herself online and good for her too!

A great book about not letting the bullies get you down, or at least not for long!

Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them!

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November 18, 2017
Jess’s life turns for the worst after having her leggings split open at school, being bullied by the mean girls and fighting back, being suspended, and then gracefully walking out of school despite knowing how much trouble she is in. She refers to herself as fat and normally doesn’t care about her size or her love for cooking and eating. Despite having a model mother and razor thin, popular sister, she continues with life in bliss until her crush asks her to a party. She knows she’s out of his league, but decides to start a healthy regime for three weeks to try and drop some weight to win him over.

This isn’t the typical love story where an overweight girl suddenly loses weight in a specific time period and transforms into the most skinny and beautiful girl in the town and acquires the hottest guy in the end. Yes, Jess practically starves herself and works out, but she is miserable the whole time, and once her three-week trial is up, she reverts to what makes her happy. Jess becomes more comfortable in her body, builds up relationships with family members, and figures out who she is she, despite the number on the scale.

I received an ARC of Rebel with a Cupcake from Edelweiss.
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Want to read
April 17, 2018
As a fat girl I personally related a lot to Jesobel’s struggles. This book was super hilarious and heartwarming all at the same time.

Jesobel struggled a bit in the middle when she tries to lose weight but later on as she learns from her mistakes she became more comfortable just being herself and I just loved the book so much more for that.

My favorite characters were definitely Jesobel and her Grandma, they had such a weird relationship yet you could see that they cared about each other a lot.

Jesobel’s and Cat’s relationship was a little weird too, Cat’s more popular, skinnier, and quieter. I didn’t like her very much in the beginning but as she started to warm up in the middle I started to like her better.

This book honestly had so many funny parts I would just burst out laughing all of a sudden. From Jesobel’s dialogue to her struggles with exercising and her Dad’s sad faces when she made healthy food. They were all just so perfect and hilarious. I really enjoyed and loved this book so if you haven’t read it I highly recommend picking it up!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Recommendation: For all my fellow Fat girls and Fat boys ages 15 and up!

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May 25, 2018
"I might be fat but I can change that if I want. But you, you will always be a bitch."
Jess Jones is not your average fat girl. Oh no siree. She is a strong independent boss and I love her. That chick can bake and cook too! Who doesn't love food? Well, except for Jesobel's mom and older sister... I felt so sad when Jess lost her confidence due to one nasty mean girl. But as a fellow fat girl, I completely understand what that's like. It just shows that she's human. Being human, means that we all have insecurities about ourselves. Jess and I are a lot alike I think. Aside from having similar nicknames, we have also had boys we liked turn out to be assholes. However, like Jess I will keep holding out some faith for a boy who will appreciate me for who I am. I will NEVER lose weight for a guy. I throughly enjoy this book. It was even better because it was set England~
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April 17, 2018
Unfortunately, for the most part, I was somewhat disappointed with this one. I mean usually I really like books where the main character has weight issues to deal with. While there were parts where her feelings and thoughts were identical to the ones I've had at times, there were other parts that I just didn't really care for. I had a lot of trouble getting into it at first. It is a British character, so there was some slang in it that I didn't get at first. I think my middle America students might have issues with that. And even though I know it was told in first person, and she was a teenager, all the times they had the word "cos" instead of because was annoying, distracting for me as I read. But that could be because I'm an adult. Maybe a teenager would be more accepting of it. Finally, about three-fourths of the way through I finally was feeling for the character. When she had misread signs that a guy liked her. I've been there, done that. Unfortunately for me in real life, there was never that other guy there that liked me that I just hadn't given a chance before. I did read some of the other reviews that were negative on this, and I have to agree a little on what they said. First off, I don't necessarily get that she was really that overweight. To be able to just stop eating a lot for a week or two in order to fit into what sounded like a pretty small dress? Just not sure that she was really that big from the way it sounded. And it was obvious her older sister had a bit of an eating disorder or problem as well, but it was kind of played off as if that was okay because she was skinny and pretty. So I'd have to say those kind of things, and the fact that I had trouble really connecting with the main character kept me from liking this one that much. I would have dropped it to 2.5 stars, except the ending did get me pulled in, and pulled my rating up to 3 stars.
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November 2, 2017
Jesobel Jones is happy with her life, with her friends and in her skin. When a clip of her goes viral (against a mean girl in her school) Jes begins to wonder if maybe she should start watching what she eats. Throw in a boy that Jes has been crushing on forever and pretty soon Jesobel will be caught up in the drama of how a woman should/shouldn't look.
Anna Mainwaring has done a great job of dissecting the internal and external issue women debate several times a day with how their bodies look (I am sure men do it as well but this book focuses on women). I loved how honest and unashamed Jesobel acts...it made me rethink how I look at myself.
Thanks to Hachette for the ARC!
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June 8, 2020
I loved this joyous fabulous read and it was the perfect thing to lift my spirits. I laughed out loud at the main character Jess's observations which were so spot-on, and her voice just lifted off the page. Jess goes on a journey where she feels she has to lose weight, but gets to a place where she realises what really matters. This is very body-positive and I think really successfully exposes where we all have warped ways of thinking, like thinness equals happiness.
Tulip Taylor is also a great read.

My vlog review is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=996MD...

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Shelved as 'did-not-finish'
April 2, 2018
I can't read anymore of this, honestly. I live-tweeted a lot of it as I read.


I'm not against books with fat main characters who have body issues or insecurities. What I am against is books that tells them that they're RIGHT to hate their bodies, and this book does that. It's not making me feel represented. It's just making me feel bad.
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June 22, 2018
Rebel with a cupcake by Anna Mainwaring is the story of Jesobel Jones an overweight teenager, who has never been concerned with her weight, until she becomes interested in a boy. I found this book to be OK. I did not love it, but I like the idea of positive body images.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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December 1, 2017
Rebel with a Cupcake is the story of high schooler Jesobel Jones. Jesobel, or Jess, as her friends call her, begins her story on Own Clothes Day at School—the exciting, or dreaded day, depending on who you are. She gets ready with her friends, experimenting in her own style, but soon starts to consider her public image vs. her self-image and whether or not her love for cooking, baking, and all things food is affecting her social status. On this infamous day in school, Jess starts out with a mishap with the school bully, and ends it with a party invitation by her crush. The story follows Jess and her journey from fitting in to her ultimate self-discovery, all the while learning some lessons about family, friendship, love, and being yourself. Rebel with a Cupcake is a fun read told from the perspective of Jess—an engaging and easily relatable narrator. Author Anna Mainwaring has captured what it’s like to be a teenager and brings about all the feelings you have had, or still have about being in high school—the hopes, the fears, and everything in between.
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May 17, 2018
My rating: 3 stars

My full review: https://livthebooknerd.blogspot.com/2...


Hey, guys!

I was sent this book for an honest review by KCP Loft. Thank you KCP Loft for this lovely book! If you'd like to see me unbox packages and haul the books I acquire randomly, then follow me on Instagram! I post them live the day I get them! {click here to follow!}

This debut by Anna Mainwaring was a roller coaster of sass and body positivity. Overall, I thought this was a cute summer-y contemporary, but there were some aspects that really let me down. There were some character issues, some pacing issues, and some personal opinions that got in the way of this books 5-star rating.

I originally really enjoyed Jess's character, but she kind of went downhill and annoying. However! I do think that her attitude throughout the book was a good representation of how young girls allow their insecurity get to them. I think that this was a good representation of how the opinions of others can lead the strongest and carefree girls to allow themselves to become something they aren't. However, the changes that Jess went through were just so fast. Because it was so fast, I felt like it was a bit counterproductive because the drastic changes that she went through were just so quick.

Granted, I'm sure some girls are capable of going through drastic and quick changes, but it almost seemed unrealistic in this book. If the changes to her physical self was actually over a longer period of time, I felt like the book didn't convey it well enough for me to actually figure that out. It just felt so fast.This book is just short enough that I thought that it would have been more clear if the time change had been more clear. I just found it really unrealistically paced.

I just want to put it out there that I loved Jess. I think she's a pretty great character. She's realistic, she's spunky, she has a fantastic sassy attitude, and she has great friends who care about her. Her narration style is so fun to read and I basically read Rebel With A Cupcake in a couple sittings. I loved her so I wanted to continue the story. She was just so fun to "be" with. I loved how she stood up for herself and how different she was from the YA contemporary MC mold. However, the other characters in the books were just so easy to forget. I actually forget all of their names. They weren't as fleshed out as Jess was and they were just there. I wish the charcters in the book were more memorable. I think that would have added to the story. They were just very cliche and two-dimentional.

Overall, this book was average but it had a great message about mental health and body positivity. It wasn't my favorite YA contemporary, but I'm glad that I read it. If you love books about body positivity, books with great sassy characters, and fun coming of age stories, then this is for you!
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