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Until You #4

Until You Believe

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D.M. Davis’ Until You Believe is the fourth book in the Until You series and is a poignant, emotionally raw, friends to lovers, sexy, contemporary romance.

Some scars are hard to forget. Some wounds, too deep to heal.

Family means everything.
Slotted to become CEO of his family’s tech company, he lives, breathes, and sweats family.
But his commitments are crushing his hopes of starting his own family.
Margot lights up all those ignored desires and unspoken dreams.
She is what he wants—exactly what he needs.
It’s not a matter of want. It’s a matter of who he lets down.
Which ball will he drop if he decides he wants more from life than a job that is his life?

Family means disappointment, broken hope, and reinforced insecurities.
It’s not a sanctuary to seek, but a tie to break.
Fin represents what family could mean. What it would be like to be loved despite her flaws.
Her goals are tested when she desires to have more with a man she shouldn’t want, yet can’t resist.
But she’s hiding a secret from the world—her bubbly personality, a mask she wears well.

When Fin decides to make Margot a priority, will she unburden her secret for a chance at love?

Intended for mature audiences.

The Until You Series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment.

Kindle Edition

First published July 28, 2020

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About the author

D.M. Davis is a Contemporary and New Adult Romance Author.

She is a Texas native, wife, and mother. Her background is Project Management, technical writing, and application development. D.M. has been a lifelong reader, and wrote poetry in her early life, but has found her true passion in writing about love and the intricate relationships between men and women.

She writes of broken hearts and second chances, of dreamers looking for more than they have and daring to reach for it.

D.M. believes it is never too late to make a change in your own life, to become the person you always wanted to be, but were afraid you were not worth the effort. You are worth it. Take a chance on you. You never know what’s possible if you don’t try. Believe in yourself as you believe in others, and see what life has to offer.

Visit her website for more details.

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Profile Image for Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog).
4,974 reviews160 followers
August 1, 2020

Fin's starting to notice Margot, the best friend of his brother's true love, Sam. Will they be able to navigate the many upcoming obstacles in their path of love?

Margot has had a childhood I wouldn't wish on anyone. She's always had her best friend, Sam and Sam's brother Jace, but lately because of their tragic circumstances, Margot and Sam are growing apart in perhaps permanent ways. But then Fin steps in. Will he ever get past Margot's walls? Will she ever let him in on her secret? The secret that could be the biggest obstacle on their path to happiness.

I loved Sam and Joe's story so was really excited to see Margot and Fin get their own story. It may not be as exciting as Sam and Joe's, but I still enjoyed it. Margot is my favorite part. I love how much she grows and develops, and the relationships she forms with the the three guys who are her roommates and become her family. Fin, eh, I wasn't that thrilled with him for most of this because of how many times he hurt Margot, albeit unintentionally most of the time, but I do like his more gentle nature that's in contrast to his younger brother's personality.

This series has been a crazy ride so far, Fin and Margot's story is another emotional, exciting piece of that story. I'm hoping all the brothers, including Jace, will be getting their own stories, too.

ARC via Hidden Gems Books for an honest review.

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1,550 reviews3 followers
September 19, 2021
Learning to believe

Until You Believe (Until You Book 4) by D.M. Davis is a wonderfully well written romance that is so steamy! Margot and Fin set things on fire, but fail to believe in their ability to make anything of it. Jokes on them because what they have is not to be ignored no matter how they try or the distance they allow to separate them.
These characters are wonderful, but not perfect by any means. They make mistakes, with good intentions, but mistakes all the same. Their journey is fraught with obstacles, outside forces and insecurities. All of this feeds the plot, the push and pull of will they or won’t they. Fin and Margot drive the need to turn the pages as well as the tension of wondering what secret Margot is hiding.
Overall, this love story is beautiful. Margot and Fin finally find their way to one another and their HEA. It’s an exciting and wonderful ending that promises more romance to come for this series.
Profile Image for Kandiemarie.
687 reviews2 followers
October 17, 2021
I really enjoyed reading this. Although I can’t say I’ve read the first few books in the series I still have to say that it was a great read. I look forward to reading the rest of the series and recommend reading the series in its entirety.
Profile Image for Shirley.
851 reviews195 followers
July 28, 2020
Original review

This book was provided by the author through Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review. Thank you D.M. Davis and Give Me Books Promotions.

Until You Believe
is the fourth book in the Until You series and tells the story of Fin and Margot. Although this is the fourth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone.

It’s been a while since I read the first three books in the Until You series so it was so nice to get back to the series and read about Fin and Margot, and some bits about Joe and Sam! Until You Believe was such a good book and I enjoyed every bit of it. The pacing was good and I really wanted to know more about Fin and Margot.

I really love Fin, he’s so caring and just perfect for Margot. Margot’s been through a few things that we don’t know at the beginning of the book, so I really liked discovering her secrets and her opening up to Fin. I think that Margot is an amazing girl and she deserves Fin’s love. I also loved reading about Fin and Margot’s friends and family.

Until You Believe was such a good Romance read and I loved this one so much because it was realistic. Fin and Margot have been fighting for their relationship throughout this book and the book also talks about certain health conditions, addiction, … I really liked reading Fin and Margot’s story and I cannot wait to read Matt and Gabby’s story in Until You Forgive!
Profile Image for Jay.
64 reviews
December 8, 2021
⭐️⭐️⭐️.75 and 🌶🌶🌶

Until You Believe is the fourth book in the Until You series. However, this can be read as a standalone. The story is bit intermingled with Samantha and Joseph's story but for the most part, Fin and Margot's story is after Samantha and Joe's HEA.

Fin is the caretaker of the McIntire brothers and he has been doing so as the eldest. He loves solving problems and he is the heir of the CEO position of their MCI company. Because of this, he doesn't have time to fall in love and have family of his own even though he dreams of one. Then Margot, Samantha's best friend comes along and turns all his resolve to be alone and be the most responsible person caput. Next thing he knows, he is having spontaneous trips to Austin, where Margot is studying to pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor. Fin wants nothing more than to surrounded by Margot's yellow-and-pink happy atmosphere. But will he be able to give up all the responsibilities on his shoulders for the woman hiding a secret behind her happy facade?

Margot cannot deny the chemistry and the attraction she feels towards Fin. But he is the next CEO of one of the biggest company in Dallas. There is on way she could be stand beside him on such a high pedestal. Not to mention, she still needs to figure out her future. Does she really want to become a doctor? On top of that, she is broken and spoiled. Would Fin continue to love her when he finds out her biggest flaw? Her ex sure didn't. Will Margot open up to Fin and bare her soul? Or will she run away and deny the love they feel for each other?

Fin and Margot's love story is so very endearing. Fin just wants to take care of Margot and make sure she is safe and protected. He is WHIPPED just like his brother Joseph. Margot on the other hand is a very head strong character and extremely independent. Despite the trauma and hurt she experienced from her dad, she remains to have a positive outlook in life that people just gravitate towards her and want to protect and love her.

The story isn't as dramatic in comparison to Joseph and Samantha but it is a great read nonetheless. I can't help rooting for their story as I read.
Profile Image for Jennifer Pierson.
11k reviews140 followers
July 28, 2020
Fin & Margot's story really had my emotions all over the place. See, Fin really enraged me a time or two since he broke her heart with some of his actions intentional or not, and finally she was moving on when he came back to her. It really irritates me when a hero comes back to the heroine after she's moving on, so it takes me a bit of time for me to get on board with him. Thankfully, Margot has my same mindset since she's not having it so he really shows his grit by being determined to get her to forgive him. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve forgiveness, just saying that I was happy that she put him through the paces. Besides that, there are more of my emotions to run amok since there are some painful moments that had my eyes trying to leak as this story isn't all wine & roses. I'm being cryptic since I really want everyone to experience all of this goodness blindly, making it even more powerful. So, that's all from me, now it's time for you to hit those one click buttons! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Profile Image for Deborah Anita Kurniawan.
536 reviews11 followers
July 28, 2020
4 ★★★★

Fin and Margot's story

I like their story!
Fin is more mature at age but he is still a moron at heart.
He chooses to stay away from Margot, breaking her heart in the process...
When he eventually wants to pursue a relationship with her, she wants to move on
It's a smart move on her, really. He hurts her (even though he does not intend to do it, but still).
It takes him several times to ask her forgiveness, but well, he shows her now that she is the world to him.

Just like Sam, Margot has her own demons and it breaks my heart reading her story.
Nobody deserves to be belittled.

I love how the book ends with the glimpse of their life in the future 😍

*Thank you GiveMeBook PR for the ARC!
Profile Image for Sissy's Romance Book Review .
7,650 reviews16 followers
August 2, 2020
Until You Believe by D.M. Davis is book 4 in the Until You Series. This is the story of Margot and Fin.
I have read the previous books which did add to my enjoyment of this one. Fin is close to his family and is headed to be the CEO of his family company which is leading him to make choices that might not be the best at first. Margot is used to family not being supportive so she has a different experience than Fin. But at one time they where friends but Fin hurt her which has caused her to be weary of him. Fin knows that he needs to fix what he broke between them which Margot doesn't give in to awfully quick. I really enjoyed this book along of course with this author's writing. I do recommend it along with the series.
82 reviews1 follower
April 19, 2022
Overall Score ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Level 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
This is book 4 in this series. It's Fin's story but goes on at the same time as Joseph and Samantha's story (books 1-3). I highly suggest you read the first 3 books to get the most out of this one. I think I might love Fin and Margot even more than Joe and Sam. There. I said it.  Margot brings the sunshine to everyone's day. But she battles major self esteem issues because of things from her past. When I found out what she was so self conscious about, it absolutely broke my heart. I loved Fin from the previous books. Through most of this book, I wanted to punch him in his beautiful face. He gets his act together though. This book is my favorite of the series. HEA.
Profile Image for Wendy Livingstone.
13.9k reviews131 followers
July 27, 2020
This is the 4th book in this amazing series and is Fin and Margot’s story. Family means everything to Fin and for Margot they mean they do not mean as much as they lead to disappointment and heartbreak. To see how Fin and Margot’s friendship grows from strength to strength and overcome the obstacles in their path as they develop into more this is a truly poignant and magical tale. This is a beautifully written tale which is a raw, gritty and emotional roller coaster throughout, and I cannot wait to read more form this author whose work I recommend for all.
Profile Image for Jessica Hawkins.
324 reviews3 followers
July 28, 2020
I basically read this book in one night. It was a great read and had a nice storyline. I wish I had read the previous books in the series, but considering that this book focuses on different characters from the previous three I guess it doesn’t matter. It was great though. I enjoyed the brotherly bond of the McIntyres and the family drama of Margo. Sometimes the storyline felt like it was all over the place but it made sense. It must have been all the little jumps in time. Overall great read, I’d recommend this book to anyone.

I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving a free copy.
Profile Image for Betty.
391 reviews1 follower
April 19, 2022
Wow the McIntyre brothers are Hot. Finley is the oldest brother of three and Joseph is the youngest. But he married Samantha and Sam's friend Margot met all the friends and family. Fin has a thing for Margot and she's got one for him from the first time they meet. But she's got school and he's got a company to run. It takes two years before he makes a move. She thinks it's a one-time thing but it's not for him or her. But she's got scars inside and out from her family and ex boyfriend. But Fin doesn't care about what they are, he's in all the way. This series is so awesome and hot!!
Profile Image for Amii.
185 reviews
July 20, 2020
This is such a sweet and beautiful romance. Watching the romance blossom between Margot and Finley was magical. It’s not all hearts and flowers as they hit some bumps along the way. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I’m glad I did, it was written beautifully. I didn’t read the first three books which follow Sam and Joe’s journey but I definitely want to check those out too as I really enjoyed this one. I read this book as an ARC.
Profile Image for Marianela Aybar (Mari Loves Books Blog).
7,758 reviews155 followers
July 28, 2020
Emotional and sweet all at the same time. It brought out so many emotions in me and I couldn't put it down. I love Fin and Margot and their need to be loved and move on. They may seem like opposites but they fit so well together.
32 reviews
August 3, 2020
Beautiful and captivating!

I was so excited to see Pixie and Fin get their happy ever after. She did a beautiful job writing it and connecting with the other books in the series.
Profile Image for Spunky N Sassy.
4,887 reviews102 followers
August 4, 2020
Spunky N Sassy Rating: 4.0

~~~~~~~~~~Lindsey's ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~

Awesome Book
This book was definitely worth the read. I couldn’t put it down. DM Davis is a fantastic storyteller.
140 reviews1 follower
August 16, 2020
So good!

Loved Margot and Fins story.
Not too much angst, drama the right amount of everything!
Sexy, swoon worthy and you just feel for these characters.
7 reviews
June 16, 2021
Believe always

I love this whole series! Book 4 I could relate to since I also was born with a heart condition! I love Finely and Margo.

April 19, 2021
Must read

This on again off again romance is a must read. Finley isn't as tough as he tries to be yet neither is Margot. The ups and downs and surprise will have you continuing to turn pages.
Profile Image for Dawn.
1,415 reviews4 followers
October 9, 2020

This was such a good book. It has lots of drama. I really loved margot's roommates. I can't wait for Matt's book.
855 reviews
August 11, 2022
I had previously read Sam and Joe's incredible story and was really taken with it. So much emotion, drama, betrayal, danger, hope, and wonderful characters - some I loved, and some I loved to hate. When I saw the fourth in the series had come out I just had to read it. Loved Fin and Margot's story just as much. It runs in parallel to some of Sam and Joe's story so you'll do best if you read the books in order. This series is not for the feint of heart and is definitely for the 18+ audience. Wondering if we'll get one more book out of this series with the 3rd McIntyre brother... would love to read that... or perhaps Jace will get his own story? Plenty of possibilities. Will be sure to keep my eye out for more from DM Davis.
Profile Image for Thi.
4,228 reviews34 followers
August 3, 2020
This was a good read but boy did theses two take their time getting to their HEA. They Just kept going in circles. I do hope Matt’s book is next.
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