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The House on Hope Street

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Life was good for Liz and Jack Sutherland. In eighteen years of marriage they had built a family, a successful law practice, and a warm happy home near San Francisco, in a house on Hope Street. But one Christmas morning, in the midst of joy and children's laughter, tragedy strikes, and Liz is left alone, facing painful questions in the face of unbearable loss. How can she go on without her husband, her partner, her best friend?

The months pass, and Liz finds the strength to return to work and tend to her children. Then a devastating accident sends her oldest son to hospital - and brings a doctor called Bill Webster into her life. As the long days of summer blend into autumn, a new relationship offers new hope. With the anniversary of her husband's death approaching, Liz will face one more crisis before she can look back at a year of mourning and change - and ahead to the beginning of a new life, in the house on Hope Street.

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First published January 1, 2000

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Danielle Steel

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Danielle Steel has been hailed as one of the world’s bestselling authors, with almost a billion copies of her novels sold. Her many international bestsellers include All That Glitters, Royal, Daddy’s Girls, The Wedding Dress, The Numbers Game, Moral Compass, Spy, and other highly acclaimed novels. She is also the author of His Bright Light, the story of her son Nick Traina’s life and death; A Gift of Hope, a memoir of her work with the homeless; Expect a Miracle, a book of her favorite quotations for inspiration and comfort; Pure Joy, about the dogs she and her family have loved; and the children’s books Pretty Minnie in Paris and Pretty Minnie in Hollywood.

Twitter: @daniellesteel
Instagram: @officialdaniellesteel

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9,566 reviews56.6k followers
August 3, 2021
The House on Hope Street, Danielle Steel

Life was good for Liz and Jack Sutherland, but it all fell apart when an errand ended in tragedy. Powered by her children's love, Liz finds the strength to carry on, until an accident sends her oldest son to the hospital and brings a doctor named Bill Webster into her life.

عنوانهای چاپ شده در ایران: «خ‍ان‍ه‌ی‌ خ‍ی‍اب‍ان‌ ام‍ی‍د»؛ «خ‍ان‍ه‌ای‌ در خ‍ی‍اب‍ان‌ ام‍ی‍د»؛ نویسنده: دان‍ی‍ل‌ اس‍ت‍ی‍ل‌؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز دوم ماه آگوست سال 2002میلادی

عنوان: خ‍ان‍ه‌ی‌ خ‍ی‍اب‍ان‌ ام‍ی‍د؛ نویسنده: دان‍ی‍ل‌ اس‍ت‍ی‍ل‌؛ مت‍رج‍م پ‍ری‍ا آق‍اس‍ی‌ب‍ی‍گ‌ (ه‍ام‍رز)؛ وی‍رای‍ش‌ ف‍ری‍ده‌ ره‍ن‍م‍ا؛ تهران، فروغ قلم، 1379؛ در 303ص؛ شابک9649218238؛ چاپ دوم 1382؛ چاپ سوم 1383؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ‬ایالات متحده آمریکا - سده 21م

عنوان: خ‍ان‍ه‌ای‌ در خ‍ی‍اب‍ان‌ ام‍ی‍د؛ نویسنده دان‍ی‍ل‌ اس‍ت‍ی‍ل‌‏‫؛ مت‍رج‍م ل‍ی‍ل‍ی‌ ک‍ری‍م‍ان‌؛ تهران، توفیق آفرین، 1379؛ در 279ص؛ شابک 9647137117؛

داستان «خانه خيابان اميد» داستانی از عشق شورانگیز و هيجان و پایداری، برای تداوم زندگی، در آن هنگام است که امیدها از دست رفته اند، آن زمان که انگار همه چیز به پایان راه رسیده است؛ زندگی برای «لیز» و «جک ساترلند» خوب بود، اما آنگاه که کار با تراژدی پایان یافت، همه چیز از هم پاشید؛ «لیز» که از عشق فرزندانش برخوردار است، توانایی ادامه دادن را پیدا میکند، تا اینکه یک تصادف، پسر بزرگش را به بیمارستانی میفرستد و پزشکی به نام «بیل وبستر» را وارد زندگی او میکند

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 11/05/1400هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی
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264 reviews16 followers
May 26, 2022
Mi segundo audiolibro del año y para mi sorpresa una lectura que disfruté muchísimo.
A pesar de que no me agrada mucho como escribe la autora por su manera repetitiva de narrar, tengo que reconocer que la historia es bellísima.

Liz se siente feliz. Tiene unos 5 hijos saludables, un esposo que adora y un trabajo que disfruta junto a su esposo Jack. Todo cambia cuando su esposo es asesinado por un cliente de ambos.

A partir de esta tragedia, Liz tiene que luchar para sacar adelante a sus hijos, el bufete de abogados por sí sola y sanar su corazón de tanto dolor.

La persona que narró el audiolibro ayuda mucho
a que la narración sea agradable y los personajes secundarios de Peter y Jamie(hijos de Liz) haces que te encariñes con ellos inmediatamente.

Tal como el título indica es una historia llena de esperanza, donde la protagonista se tropezará con obstáculos y ella luchará para encontrar la estabilidad y la felicidad.
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April 22, 2011
When I started reading books and ended up losing some of my to-be-read, I always ask my friends for recommendation and usually they give me author's names. I begin collecting Danielle Steel's novels when I was in high school but never have the chance to open them or read them. Although I only read two of her works and I was amazed how fast I can finish her book but not contented in the end. So I keep searching for more authors and collect their works that I nearly forgot that I still have books in my to-be-read shelves.

So one of mislead authors on my shelf was Danielle Steel that hoping that I can garnish all her works this summer vacation and so far I only read one. I think there are books that you really enjoyed reading when you were young but when you get old your taste differ so do what I feel with her books. It was so disappointing that I find her works replication of her older novels and she just put some minor changes in the book. In the other hand, she deals with family problem, marriage, relationship and friendship.

For 18 years, Liz and Jack were happily married, both work as a lawyer defending families that are at stake. They have five sons and daughters that are nice and perfect. As if, they are living in a perfect world, everything is in order, neat, happy as if the world and their family is coordinated to each other. But one day, when one of their client's enemy visit and call Jack, everything got upside down. He was killed and shot in his office drifting blood on the floor, looking for help.

For Liz and the children, it was one of their worst nightmare and most unforgettable day of their lives. Living without their dad in a very young age and celebrating Christmas without him. Liz, must do her job as a mother and as a father for the children. At first it was hard for her to accomplish two person job and in the end, everything was in right condition. When her oldest son accident, another problem came and her life dug her soul seven deep under.

Then she met Bill, a neurologist and the doctor of his son that soon recovered. Her relationship with Bill is getting deeper and everything falls under his spell. Can her family accept Bill or her life will be another pages of miserable tale? For a mother and as a woman, she struggles to commit things for her children but this time her children should understand her needs to be happy woman, a mother and as a wife again.

It was an easy read, everything flows and it was like talking to a Grade one student or a kid narrating a short novel for you. The sentences are short and words that can be easily comprehend by the readers. An effortless but worth reading book, recommended for those people who are busy and looking for something heartwarming and to fall your tears again.

Does Hope Street really exist? I don't have any idea but looking at the book's cover the painted house and garden was a great example of a soft young female artist's work.

Rating - The House on Hope Street by Danielle Steel, 2 Sweets and another year of happiness! (I can still remember myself picking her books from booksale store and the cashier keep asking me questions, why I always buy Danielle Steel's books. Until now, I don't have the guts to answer her question. Well, I'm happy nobody know my secret why I bought her books besides reading them.)

Book #67 for 2011
Book #41 for Off the Shelf!

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700 reviews784 followers
June 16, 2013
ليز الزوجة والأم ..
التي صدمت بمقتل زوجها يوم العيد هي وأطفالها الخمسة ..
تصمد وتكافح وتقترب عائلتها أكثر وأكثر ..
ما أعجبني كثيراً هو قوة ليز .. وشجاعتها الرائعة ، كان بإمكانها أن تستسلم للحزن فمصابها كبير ..
ولكن لم تفعل .. بل صمدت جنبا إلى جنب مع أبناءها لتكون حياتهم كما كانت خلال حياة زوجها و ربما أفضلَ ..

الأمل ، الحب ، الكفاح ..
تكتبها دانييل ببساطة تسحرك ..
لا أعرف كيف ولكنها طريقة تتقنها ..
تذهلني هذه الكاتبة الرائعة دائما ..
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1,101 reviews565 followers
October 6, 2021
I keep thinking as I come across these books from many years ago, that I almost remember which one it will be, to turn out to be yet another different story all together. Still, they are a good fill in read in summer on holidays, which I usually did all those years ago.
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436 reviews48 followers
January 2, 2020
Como ya coment��, lo estoy escuchando. La voz me gusta.

Libro típico de la autora, entretenido, con bastante drama y una protagonista femenina que se enfrenta a ello.
Bueno para desconectar, pero no hay que esperar grandes cosas.

Steel tiene libros mucho mejores (y peores, claro). Digamos que queda en la media, sin más.
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73 reviews
July 19, 2018
A good, light read that gets you seated in the characters perspective.
It was very fast-paced.
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281 reviews85 followers
February 8, 2014
Amazing ... Of course it made me cry but I loved it so much ..
It is always like this when I finished any of Danielle's books , I feel good and happy ... It make me believe that there will always be hope .. Even in the darkest moment every thing is going to be ok ..
Really such a great book you have to read it
Thanks Danielle Steel for being such a great author .. Really You inspire me
1 review
March 23, 2009
I read the book twice within 2 weeks....cried & cried! This story tells about how deep her love to her late husband & to take care 5 young children.Shes a strong lady facing up all the challenges and cope with her future life!
3 reviews
November 19, 2020
رواية تعلمك عن مدى الصبر من اجل الحب فلو لم يكن حقيقية لما كان ناجحا
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19 reviews2 followers
March 24, 2023
A Casa da Rua da Esperança é uma história sobre aprender a viver de novo, depois de se pensar que a vida acabou. É sobre o prazer dos pequenos milagres e a fé nos grandes. É um livro de esperança.

Leitura leve repleto dos ingredientes básicos: crise, romance, separação e reconciliação. Tive esperança que este livro me surpreende-se mas acabou por ser uma repetição de outro da mesma autora - Um Amor Imenso.

March 17, 2023
Bueno, me estoy volviendo un toque fan de Danielle Steel.

"Esperanza" nos cuenta la historia de Liz y Jack, un matrimonio felizmente casado por casi veinte años y con cinco hijos, trabajan juntos en su propia firma de abogados en San Francisco. Pero la tregedia toca la puerta de esta familia, cuando en la mañana de Navidad, Jack es asesinado por el ex marido de una de sus clientas. Tras este destrozante hecho, comienza un período dificil para Liz y sus hijos, en el cual intentaran día tras día, sobreponerse al dolor y aceptar la situación. Meses después, el hijo mas grande de Liz sufre un accidente y queda internado de urgencia, y aparece en escena Bill, el doctor que le salva la vida a su hijo y sanará el dolor de Liz.

Tuve muchas ganas de llorar varias veces en el libro. Como se describe el proceso de duelo de la familia, llega a tal nivel que sentis empatía por ellos.
Es la primera vez que leo un libro donde la historia gira en torno al proceso del duelo y, desde mi punto de vista, esta bien abarcado.

Hubieron momentos en los que me dieron bronca las hijas de Liz con sus actitudes hacia Bill, pero es entendible hasta cierto punto debido a que lo veían como una especie de amenaza que intentaba ocupar el lugar de su difunto padre.

Tema aparte, lo cariñoso y dulce que es Jamie, me dan ganas de abrazarlo todo el libro.
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Author 10 books143 followers
August 3, 2021
لا أحداث
لا حبكة
لا شيء
وكأنها جزء مبتور من رواية
779 reviews1 follower
July 27, 2013
Almost every time I read Danielle Steele, I'm amazed that her books sell as well as they do. Her writing is very unsophisticated (almost juvenile), punctuation is horrible, etc. With as many books as she sells, you'd think she'd have a decent editor! Anyway -- this was a decent enough story, if somewhat predictable. I was bothered by the fact that Liz could fall so in love so quickly with the first guy she meets after her husband's death. I wanted to warn her about that! The book ended rather arbitrarily, so one can only assume that all goes well from that point on.
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36 reviews
August 13, 2013
I read heart beat by daielle steel befor I read this one and I was happy then I get interest about her work and I pic this one to read but I' ve been shoked I was excited at the very begening of novel then I get really bored of it and I can't finish it , and until now its still on my shelfs uncompleted soo I don't know what happened to all the glory I got at first time but magically its all gone
to be honest I will try to read another novel to her before judge on her
June 29, 2015
The first two or three chapters were okay. But when I find myself rolling my eyes at the story, it's not good. Touching story, yes. But just too predictable. And Steele always feels the need to repeat herself about things..like we didn't get it the first time we read it. Jamie and Peter were likable. And Victoria. That's about all I can say.
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398 reviews
May 24, 2016
Mais exactamente 3,5⭐️
É um livro k nos afecta bastante e achei mt "doloroso" p um livro tão pequeno e c uma história c passa "a correr".
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131 reviews1 follower
May 30, 2022
I read this on vacation and was taken aback by whole this novel started. The brutal murder of Jack Sutherland on Christmas morning as you would expect changed the lives of his widow and children as they battled with their grief and the loss. Burdened with responsibilities and each's own anger the family begins to fracture. But as always Ms Steel finds original ways to turn their lives around and make you feel warm inside when you turn the final page
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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20 reviews
April 25, 2021
It was a warm fuzzy journey and a great insight in what elders feel like after losing a lot in their life. It's a novel full of loss and hope and a good take on how life goes on even after too many tragedies.
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490 reviews7 followers
March 10, 2017

Lo sorprendente que es la vida que puede cambiar en un instante.liz queda viuda y tendrá cambios inesperados a los que adaptarse ella y sus hijos.un nuevo comienzo y segundas oportunidades .muy buena la recomiendo.
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189 reviews
May 13, 2019
Finished this one on Mother’s Day and thought it was the perfect read to honor the strength and love women give with great sacrifice and endurance.
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199 reviews33 followers
August 9, 2022
قرأت هذه الرواية كاملة حتى اخر سطر لكي أقرر بضمير راض ألا أقرأ للكاتبة مرة أخرى
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85 reviews13 followers
September 9, 2021
لا يمكن بناء مراجعة إلا على أمر أساسي في الرواية قد يراه البعض ممن لم يقرؤوا الرواية حرقاً، لكن لا توجد طريقة أخرى.
يعيش في شارع الأمل عائلة ظريفة: زوجان محاميان مع أبنائهم الخمسة، يعملان في مكتب واحد كشريكين، على قضية طلاق تريدها زبونتهما من زوجها.
يتسبب أسلوب جاك -الزوج المحامي- الحماسي بالضغط على زوج الزبونة، فيفقد صوابه ويقتل زوجته وجاك ونفسه.
هكذا بمنتهى البساطة وعشية العيد أيضاً.

فننظر في حياة الأسرة، وكيفية تقبل كلٍ منها لهذا الواقع الأليم، إلا أن التركيز على الأم: ليز، التي سعت جاهدة لتلئم جرح فقدان عائلتها المفاجئ لأبيهم وتسد الفراغ الذي تركه، ليس في العمل فقط، بل في كل ما يتعلق بأمور حياتهم.
"" کانت غرفة مليئة بالدموع والحزن والكرب، وأصبحت الزينة والهدايا المفتوحة مثل إهانة الآن. لا يعقل أنه قبل ساعتين، فتحوا جميعًا الهدايا معًا وتناولوا الفطور، وقد رحل الآن إلى الأبد. ما كان ممكن تصديق ذلك ولا تحمله.
أين رحل الإنسان من هنا ؟ ""

"" لن يعد الأولاد أبداً الزينة مجدداً، أو يسمعوا أغاني العيد، أو يفتحوا هدية، من دون أن يتذكروا ماحدث لوالدهم صباح العيد، وماكانت حال كل واحد منهم بعد حصول ذلك. ""

"" كان يصعب تخيل الشعور بالراحة مجدداً، أو الضحك، أو إصدار الضجة، أو المرح، بدا ذلك مثل عبء سيتحملونه إلى الأبد. ""

ترينا الرواية التدرّج في المشاعر على امتدادها، وأحوال الجانب النفسي للعائلة، لقد نضجوا أعواماً عديدة في هذه المحنة! لكن بعد عانوا جميعًا، حتى تعايشوا مع الأمر.
"" لا يستطيع أحد أن يعرف، إلا إذا عانى المأساة، أدركت أنها طوال الأوقات التي قالت فيه للأشخاص الذين خسروا أحدًا كم هي آسفة، لم تكن قادرة على أن تتخيل ولا لبرهة واحدة، ماكان يعني ذلك لهم. ""

كان هذا بحسب تصنيفي في القسم الأول من الرواية، ففي القسم الثاني، سنرى ما يحدث فارقاً، وينقذ ليز من الغرق في الماضي والذكريات والتفاني للعمل، وهو الطبيب الذي أنقذ حياة بيتر، الذي بدأ صداقة مع ليز، لكن هل هذا يعني خيانتها لجاك ؟ تختلف آراء الأسرة حول الموضوع، أليس هذا ما تستحقه ليز؟ ألم تحن الفرصة؟ لا تستطيع الانتظار إلى الأبد، إنها وحيدة، ولا يوجد أحد لمساعدتها والاعتناء بها.

رواية مليئة بجميع العواطف المختلفة، وتترك تأثيراً جميلاً في النفس.
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234 reviews3 followers
April 18, 2021
This is the first of her books that I’ve actually somewhat liked recently. As I work my way through the stack I stupidly purchased years ago, I’m happy to be almost to the end of it. Her writing is horrible and her story telling is kind of flat. I think what I liked about this particular book is that, unlike most of her stories, it wasn’t about a weak woman who was being controlled and manipulated by a man. This was actually a decent story idea, and the lead character (Liz) is actually strong, intelligent, capable, and successful. It was a little hard to get to the enjoyment part with so much sadness and depression at the beginning though. I read for enjoyment, not to be saddened. Thankfully, the story turned around and ended on a happy note, which is what I expected.

My favorite characters were Jamie and Peter, a little boy who was premature and had a slight disability and his older brother, who helped anchor the family. Jamie’s honesty created some light-hearted humor and was a welcome presence throughout the story, and Peter’s support of both Jamie and his Mom was heartwarming. Those two characters helped normalize the story and drew the other characters together. The tension between Liz’s daughter, Megan, and Bill is expected in this situation, but how it was presented was just a little over the top. I was surprised that it went unspoken between Megan and her mother. For such an event, there should have been some discussion, even if it was just between Peter and Megan. Simply put, Megan was rude and is a brat, despite her feelings and what she had been through, and she should have been called on it.

There’s one scene that I’m still trying to figure out. Liz is a successful attorney. Why the author wrote in that one of the characters borrowed a black coat for her to wear with her black dress to the funeral was just weird. For one thing, she lives in a city that gets cold and it was December. She would have owned a nice coat to wear to work and other places. It was a weird addition that added nothing to the story and made zero sense. These are the kinds of things that annoy me about Danielle Steel’s books.

Oh, I almost forgot... this book has nothing to do with a house on Hope Street, other than the fact that these characters lived in a house on Hope Street. WTH? 🙄

All in all, it was an interesting story, but the bad writing and extreme sadness at the beginning make it no more than a three for me. On a humorous note, a little over 30 pages were missing from my copy, so I had to go to the library and check out another copy.
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Author 1 book3 followers
July 16, 2017
Danielle Steel is one of my favorite authors, and I pretty much know what to expect with her particular type of storytelling. As usual, she provides an easy read. I enjoyed the overall sweet, though somewhat predictable, story of Liz Sutherland, who tragically loses her husband after eighteen years of marriage. My biggest issue with the story is the man she later has a relationship with as she rebuilds her life without her husband while raising five children. I found his character to be very unlikable. He has his good and bad personality moments, as characters do, but his bad moments were so off-putting to me that I almost hoped that the relationship would fail, because his nastiness just seemed to be too much to overcome. Think Hugh Laurie in "House" without the charisma. To me, the character just came across as selfish and sometimes downright mean, to the point where I felt he was beyond redemption. I enjoyed the relationship between Liz and her children much more than the romantic relationship, particularly her special rapport with her youngest son, who is learning disabled. Even if you dislike the romantic aspect of the story, you will definitely still connect with the real and heartwarming interactions she has with her children.
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