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The Curse Collection #1

The Curse of the Black Cat

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Alrik has two choices: Spend eternity eating mice, or learn to accept himself for who he is.

As his eighteenth birthday draws near, prince Alrik--heir to the throne of Edan--must choose a wife. But when his first kiss with a beautiful princess leaves him feeling cold, he knows that although it is his duty, he cannot love a woman. In a fit of panic, he seeks out the aid of the witch Gwydion. The witch, however, has other plans.

After hundreds of years as a cat, Alrik must learn to accept himself and who he loves or face the rest of eternity as a cat. Luckily, New York City's dumpsters are ripe for the picking. With food from around the world to choose from, he finds himself drawn to one restaurant in particular.

Crystal Tokyo--a restaurant specializing in Japanese food--is Yuuki's first big job as a chef, and he loves it. So, what happens when Yuuki decides to befriend the black cat hanging out in Crystal Tokyo's back alley?

This story is perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell's Simon Snow Series, Ashley Poston's The Princess and the Fangirl, and A.W. Jantha's Hocus Pocus.

154 pages, ebook

First published October 27, 2019

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About the author

Lou Wilham

31 books141 followers
Born and raised in a small town near the Chesapeake Bay, Lou Wilham grew up on a steady diet of fiction, arts and crafts, and Old Bay. After years of absorbing everything, there was to absorb of fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi she's left with a serious writing/drawing habit that just won't quit. These days, she spends much of her time writing, drawing, and chasing a very short Basset Hound named Sherlock.

When not, daydreaming up new characters to write and draw she can be found crocheting, making cute bookmarks, and binge-watching whatever happens to catch her eye.

Learn more about Lou and her future projects on her website: https://louinprogress.com

Or follow her on social media @lou.wilham on Instagram or @louwilham on Facebook.

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1,040 reviews13 followers
December 3, 2019
Copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Thank you Lou Wilham.


Holy Cheese and Crackers!! This was so adorable!!!

5 sweet stars for a delightful tale!

Prince Alrik of Edan, is the heir to the throne of Edan. As his eighteenth birthday draws near, he is of course expected to choose a wife, as any normal prince would do, to ensure the royal line and do his duty to his people. He is himself remarkably beautiful and kind, so the King and Queen make sure to find him a princess that is worthy.

And yet, duty be damned, Alrik can't help the terror that grips him at the thought of getting a wife. What's worse is that he is convinced his parents would be 'horrified to find that their son was not attracted to women at all, but in fact, found himself very much affected by the nicely fitting trousers of his valet.'
And here comes the punch because Alrik himself 'was - to put it bluntly - disgusted by the mere thought.'
This is all kinds of wrong in Alrik's opinion. So he's determined to find 'a cure' for his condition. In a fit of panic, he seeks out the aid of the witch Gwydion and insists that she 'fixes' him. Unfortunately however, the witch cannot and does not want to fix him, but ends up cursing him instead.

"A cat you are now and a cat you shall stay until you learn to love yourself."

Green-Eyed Black Cat - Forum Avatar Avatar Abyss profile photo

Stuck in the body of a black cat, after centuries spent at the edge of his kingdom, Alrik finally decides to seek some help and try to become human again. And of course he goes in search for witches. Except that things do not go according to his plans. These witches are not at all like the one who had cursed him and their reaction to Alrik's plea is thoroughly confusing.
After a while Alrik gets tired of having all sorts of stuff thrown at his furry head. Being chased with brooms, kicked and screamed at, is no fun either. So he calls it quits and resigns himself to an immortal furry black body. He learns to hold his tongue and not let himself get caught by any human, while surviving in the back alleys of streets by hunting rats and picking through garbage.

Until he reaches New York City. After hundreds of years spent as a cat, Alrik is weary of each and every human. But the cute and friendly young chef from Crystal Tokyo, the Japanese restaurant whose trash bins Alrik regularly picks through, doesn't plan on being chased away by any of Alrik's hisses.
Yuuki is determined to befriend the lonely black cat. And Alrik finally gets the chance to break his curse.
IF he is brave enough to take the risk. IF he is willing to let down those century-old walls he's built around his heart. And ONLY IF he somehow manages to overcome that overwhelming self-loathing he has for himself.

This charming little story is perfect for everyone looking for a short heartwarming read. I read it in one sitting and absolutely adored it.
Full of endearing moments that will make you 'awww' and 'ahhh', this sweet and fluffy tale also has a wonderful message in between the lines.

You are who you are. Do not be ashamed of being different. Being different doesn't mean you are broken or faulty. Accept and love yourself regardless of what other people may think.
A beautiful, uplifting message of love, self-respect and acceptance that not only the LGBT community but humans in general can benefit from.

Written in an easy flowing prose with fully fleshed downright adorable characters, this is one read you're bound to love.
Both Yuuki and Alrik will make you want to give them a hug every once in a while, while the villain is despicable and feels real. You'll probably end up wishing for a fur-ball in his cup of tea too. I know I did!
And the witch is hilarious! I could't help chuckling whenever she made an appearance. If you're ever in need of a magic matchmaker, Gwydion is the perfect choice. Her attempts to bring the boys together were totally awesome!

If you like sweet romances that warm your heart and put a big smile on your face, The Curse of the Black Cat is the perfect choice. This Bookdragon here, highly recommends it!

Happy reading everyone
and always remember
We love who we love and that is the end of that.

Find this review and more over on my book review and cover art blog, The Magic Book Corner
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519 reviews50 followers
November 18, 2019
This was the perfect afternoon read.

Adorable and heartwarming! Wilham created a warm fuzzy read with an effortless voice. But more than that, an important message in this short story, which is be true to yourself no matter what.

Alrik is a self-loathing individual who must learn an important lesson: love himself. It's just taking a few centuries to do that! He's a complex character, and although the novella centers around him, it's Yuuki who truly steals the spotlight. He compliments Alrik in every way and he's the one who makes the story warm and fuzzy!

And every fantasy story needs a guide, which falls on Gwydion, a positively wonderful witch. They're both sassy and have a heart of gold. For fans of Reverie by Ryan La Sala!
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Author 17 books494 followers
January 30, 2022
This is an inherently sweet spin on the classic fairy tale. Prince Alrik of Edan is set to marry Princess Amriah, whom he doesn't, and can't, love. Cos, you know, he fancies the pants off Filip, his valet. He tries to play along and give Amriah a chance, but he can't. He feels nothing for her. Filled with fear of his secret being discovered, Alrik seeks out the witch Gwydion, for help: he wants to be 'cured'. :( It's a very sad moment, but rather than take advantage of him, Gwydion tells him there's nothing wrong with him: I'm afraid there is no cure for such a thing, dear prince. We love who we love, and that is the end of that. No magic can change it, not even mine. Nor would I want it to. I really liked her! She's such a kind person.

Unfortunately, Alrik doesn't take this well and Gwydion turns him into a cat. And she can't change him back cos magic doesn't work like that. A cat you are now, and a cat you shall stay until you can learn to love yourself. It's an interesting twist to say the least. In addition to being a cat, he's now immortal. With no way back to his life as a prince, Alrik watches the world pass him by while trapped as a cat. He travels around, seeking out witches, but to no avail.

One day, centuries later, Alrik finds himself in New York, at a Japanese restaurant. He starts to fall in love with both the food and the chef, Yuuki. Very soon, Yuuki begins taking care of Alrik, and dubs the cat 'Prince'. ADORBS.

What follows is a very sweet, fluffy *pun totally intended * romance. If you're a fan of adorable fantasy tales, this one is totally for you (⌒▽⌒)
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Author 13 books46 followers
October 18, 2019
This book is a sweet, slow burn romance with some epic magical elements. Lou can really write characters, I was absolutely in love with Yuuki and Alrik and I wanted them to be happy SO BAD like, you don't even know.

Funny, sweet and easy to read, I devoured this one in less than a day. Would love more with these characters just hanging out and being adorable. Plus it made me really hungry for ramen <3
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47 reviews
November 19, 2019
This book was everything I wanted it to be! So positive and so sweet. I finished it in one sitting. If you want something quick that fills you with joy this is the book for you.

We follow Prince Alrik of Edan who finds himself pushed into marrying a lovely princess. Unfortunately, for her, their first kiss sends Alrik running for the hills, literally. Poor Alrik struggles for his feelings for men and his desire to do the right thing for his kingdom so he asks a witch to make him straight. They refuse and curse the prince to save him from himself.
“I did what I always do—precisely what you needed, my dear prince. A cat you are now, and a cat, you shall stay until you can learn to love yourself.”

So Alrik spends hundreds of years as a cat meeting good people and bad. Building walls around his heart and never even thinking about his pain, until Yuuki.

This book is so short I don't want to spoil any of it so I'll try to be brief. This was a modern fairytale with some serious, heavy hitting issues coated in a generous layer of sugar. Every moment that could have been dark or harsh was met with such positivity, love, and acceptance that it never felt heavy. It was like the kind of hug your best friend gives when they see the hurt inside of you without you having to say anything.

The characters were well written. I loved them (even the bad guy) because they all were well rounded people with real motivations and feelings. The magic was applied perfectly, in the right quantity. I loved Alrik's perspective as a cat. If this book was just about a lost kitty finding his forever home it would be perfect but that's just a fraction of what Lou Wilham tucked into this beautiful little novel.

If I had any grips I guess even though the ending was perfect the very end felt a tiny bit fast. I wanted to spend a little more time in those moments feeling the feels but that's just me being super picky. I recommend this to everyone because everyone needs to know that they are loved and accepted. And no matter what: Love yourself!
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160 reviews7 followers
January 24, 2020
The Curse of the Black Cat by Lou Wilham is a sweet fairytale romance told in third-person from main character Alrik's perspective. The story itself is well-written and an absolute delight to read. Not only is this a sweet new modern fairytale it is also a wonderful story about learning to love and accept yourself for who you are because being different doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. I really think we need more stories like this one, happy stories with a sweet and uplifting message of love and self-acceptance featuring wonderful LGBTQ characters like these. Characters who are relatable to all of us, LGBTQ or not.

The two main characters of the story (Alrik and Yuuki) are both incredibly likable and endearing and provided me with so many 'aww' moments throughout the book I often found myself with a silly little smile on my face. The secondary characters, both antagonistic and supportive had such character I forgot how little page time some of them had actually been given. I really disliked the character I felt was the main antagonist but loved how he was written. His subtle manipulation was perfectly spot-on, not over-the-top 'mustache twirling villian' which can sometimes happen in romance stories. He was a creep, but a very believable one.

The story itself is adorable and exactly what I'm hoping for when reading an original fairytale, and if I'm honest any romance. There is such charm and sweetness between these adorable boys, you'll find yourself smiling quite a bit at how cute Alrik and Yuuki are together (as cat and man, and man and man). Both of them are entirely too adorable and will make your heart hurt from their emotional journeys and general sweetness.

I loved this story and ended up reading it in one sitting. It's sweet, fun to read and has an utterly satisfying ending. If you are like me and enjoy your romance sweet, fairytales emotional & heartfelt, and your endings happy; then this book is definitely for you.
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Author 18 books52 followers
December 24, 2019
Eighteen-year-old Prince Alrik is expected to wed a princess, but he doesn’t like girls. When even the most beautiful of royals doesn’t stir him, he seeks out help from the Witch Gwydion. Now under a curse, Alrik will spend hundreds of years as a black cat. Can he truly learn to love himself and break the spell?

I was really caught off guard by how much I enjoyed The Curse of the Black Cat. While I was just looking for a fast, fun read (which this is), I ended up really falling in love with the story and its characters. The book has a charming, fairy-tale like appeal to it, mixed with a modern-day M/M romance. It was so easy to route for Alrik and Yuuki, the ramen chef he falls for, and I couldn’t wait to get to the end to see their HEA. It’s funny, there is a scene in the book where the two of them sit down and watch anime, and reading this novella felt a lot like watching a cute, wholesome, anime series.

If you’re looking for a sweet mixture of love and magic, then The Curse of the Black Cat is a perfect choice. Bonus points if you’re a fan of cats!
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6 reviews2 followers
October 17, 2019
I loved this story! A young persons struggle with who he is, to accept that he is who he is, or it’s Rat sushi for eternity. Starting the story, I wondered if the witch was good or was she bad for what she did. I found out! And I also found out if he was stuck eating Rat Sushi...or did he learn to accept himself. Sadly the story ended, and I hope that Ms. Wilham continues writing these awesome stories... I’ll be first in line to read her next one, and her next one, and her next one...etc
A great story for young or old, showing to love thy self, to accept yourself as you are..at the end of the day, the only person you need to be...is You!
April 22, 2020
This is a very cute book! Loved reading it! The love story is just soooo cute!
It's very well written. I laughed out loud plenty of times, but also got tears in my eyes during certain scenes. I may be biased, because I love cats, but this is very good read!
I like the shift from the different time periods and the differences between them, as well as Alrik's character development throughout. I also LOVE Gwydion, the fairy dragmother!! OMG! So funny :D
A good book all around, really recommend it! Waiting for the next book! Will definitely buy it :)
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Author 17 books85 followers
March 12, 2020
Such a heartwarming and delightful read! Funny, light-hearted, and filled with an important message to everyone out there - be yourself, love yourself! It cannot be said enough, the importance of accepting yourself for who you are, and this book hit the nail on the head.

The novel is an entertaining read with plenty of laughs, written in a simple style, yet with the right amount of description. The characters are sweet and well thought out. Alrik is slowly coming into his own, with his centuries as a cat in his baggage, then Yuuki - so, so cute and someone you would just like to bring home with you and take care of!! He is the sweetest young man. Then Gwydion, what a treat! She is funny, intelligent, and clearly adapts to "today's" society despite being older than.. well, she is old, but you wouldn't know it!

I recommend this to all who feel like a bit of light-hearted romance, M/M, LGBTQIA, or just a cracking little story to fill your soul with happiness!
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Author 4 books94 followers
January 20, 2021
You ought to know that I love a good fairy tale. I love original stories, retellings, whatever I can get my hands on. If I had to pick my favorite trope, it’s things working out thanks to a little bit of magic.

I could see a little bit of Beauty and the Beast here–one character turned into something non-human in order to learn self-acceptance. Every character goes through some growth on accepting who they are so they can become their best selves.

I also loved the LGBTQTIA+ representation. As a straight reader, I’m always looking for representation as a way to expand my library. I feel like the cover possibly gives it away, but the romance is truly charming and you can’t help but root for the grumpy cat.

This tale seems to be appropriate and entertaining for readers of all ages. If you’re looking for diverse characters, some thoughts on mental health, and a friendship to romance plot, then I think you’ll enjoy this story, too.
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Author 28 books7 followers
November 2, 2019
First off, this is NOT my regular genre. It's about a Japanese chef and a lost world prince who fall in love and there's a curse and a witch (who is THE BEST by the way). I didn't know what I'd gotten into when I started to read the story. And honestly, it was refreshing.
At first, I thought it was too simple. Too sweet. But you know what's ok? You know what people don't focus on enough in this day and age? Simple and sweet. The Curse of the Black Cat honesty was refreshing and I WANTED to keep reading. This is a story that needed to be told. It's wholesome. But there is enough going on to keep you turning the page. You really root for these guys.
Time for run of the mill romances to step aside, Lou Wilham is here to wave her magic wand and show you something special and original!
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261 reviews
January 1, 2020
"Love yourself!" if ever there was a book that had a theme that repeated itself from beginning to end from every scene and met character it was this one right here. If nothing else just "love yourself" because if you don't, you can't love anyone else.

This story was the sweetest, make you smile story. Were all the events in the book happy? No, but then if it had been there wouldn't have been much to the story. Not any words that come to me about what I could say. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to hug my pillow close... I was there and most of all I was happy. And now, all I can say is that I want a Fairy Drag Mother!
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110 reviews
November 24, 2019
I absolutely loved this book. I got it yesterday and as I was already in the middle of a library book I was going to wait to read it until I was done with that, but I peeked at The Curse of The Black Cat and was so totally hooked that I could not put it down! I read until I fell asleep and finished it during the night when the power went off and woke me up. I could not wait for the end and did not want it to end. A wonderful and satisfying saga of self-discovery and love, I was enthralled and enchanted by the main characters.
Profile Image for Sydney Hawthorn.
Author 4 books74 followers
December 30, 2019
I don’t typically read contemporary, non epic fantasy stories. But this book was one of the purest, sweetest romances I’ve read in a while! When a young prince is cursed in the form of a cat by a witch, he must learn to love himself before the curse will be broken. After centuries of wallowing in self pity he almost loses hope, until he finds a new owner and discovers that what he’s looking for might not be so hopeless after all. This was such a quick read, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in search of something light hearted with a happy ending!!
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289 reviews13 followers
November 23, 2020
This book gave me the warm fuzzies. It would be a great book to read when you've had a bad day. The characters all have unique personalities, the different settings are great.

If you like m/m romance, a feel good story, magic, adorable characters, cats, sarcasm then this is a book for you.

If you want m/w romance or w/w romance you wont find that here. If you are easily queasy read with caution, a part or two may make you cringe.

I would definitely recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Author 10 books52 followers
December 1, 2019
Cute Little Romance

A story about truly learning to accept yourself. I loved the characters in this cute, magical romance. The storyline is perfectly suited for anyone who's ever felt the desire to be "normal" instead of themselves: whether queer, trans, or even just not the weight you want to be.
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191 reviews17 followers
August 20, 2020
This is the first book I read from this autor and let me tell you that I loved it! Such a good book, very well writen with great characters that keeps you obsessed with every page since the first one. This is a very sweet and funny story full of magic and love! My kind of book! :p Can´t wait for book 2! Amazing job! definitely a must read!
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Author 1 book5 followers
December 29, 2019
So cute!!

This book was super cute. It was a fast and easy read and even though I could have used a bit more detail in the beginning, it was a really cute story! I really enjoyed all the characters!
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1,349 reviews49 followers
March 16, 2020
3.5 stars!

This was adorable! It reads like a YA book so if that isn’t your cup of tea, I’d go ahead and skip this one. But if you’re looking for a super sweet love story and a story about accepting yourself, this one is a very good choice.
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157 reviews11 followers
January 25, 2020
“What do you deserve?”

I'm pretty easy to lure into reading a book: A cat on the cover. A cat in the title. Black cats are especially irresistible. Sprinkle in bits and pieces of magic, humor, a feel-good romantic tale, and a Fairy DragMother to boot, then consider me your slave~♥

Lou Wilham’s The Curse of the Black Cat has all of these and so much more. Just from reading the synopsis and the first chapter, I knew I was going to be in for a treat. And wow, what an absolute treat this was! It is the kind of book that just is and does not try to be anything but. It sets out to tell a romantic tale between two guys finding love in the most unexpected way, bringing fairy tale and magic into a modern setting to teach us an age-old lesson about what true love really means, and it does just that. It stays clear on its intentions and the core message it aims to impart; maintains writing that is easy to read, yet hits deep when and where it intends to; stays within the boundaries of its wordcount and never gets bogged down by too many complicated subplots and emotions.

It’s just Alrik and Yuuki and this is their story. I get to just settle into that and truly feel every endearing moment, every bolt of protective jealousy in Alrik’s tiny feline heart, every painful crack of Yuuki’s heartbreak, and then finally sigh into the warm promise of their happily-ever-after.

I also found myself chuckling at those little shots of humor in the narrative voice, the dramatic ironies, and the quirky yet adorable interactions between Alrik and his Fairy DragMother, Gwydion.

(That being said, one of my favorite parts of this book is the author saying that there’s more of Gwydion and their curses coming. Oh, yes please~!)

Sometimes, less really is more and I find this especially true in Lou Wilham’s book. Even its core message can be summed up in a four-word question that can make most of us stop and think for days and yet find no clear answer for: What do you deserve?

It took centuries for Alrik to truly understand and find his sincerest answer to this question. His and Yuuki’s story also teaches us that true love is more than just finding the right person. It’s about finding someone you can be your truest self with, whatever form they may take.

I received a digital review copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.
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1,609 reviews42 followers
November 26, 2019
Alrik is a prince and turning eighteen, when he first kisses a young princess and feels nothing he must decide if it right to marry her . He runs off and with the help of Witch Gwydion , who like any witch has a plan of her own . Be a cat for a hundred years and learn to love himself as he is or stay a cat for eternity. After he finds himself in New York where there is food in every dumpster he is drawn to a Japanese restaurant and to the young chef . Who takes a liking to the little black cat and befriends him . What will happen when the truth comes out and will the curse be lifted and they find the love they both need .
This is a truly sweet story the characters are well written and you will care for them deeply. Alrik is a sweet guy who is scared of what would happen in his life if he takes duty over love. He does have a shy streak and you will like him from the beginning . Yuuki is a sensitive guy who you will instantly fall in love with . He is a hard working and wants to be loved the way he should be loved . Both characters are sensitive and sweet . There are moments where you just wanted to wrap both of them up in a blanket and love them back to happiness . There is some bad people that come into both their lives . I wont tell you what happens but you will want to hug them both so much afterwards . But I think my favourite character is Gwydion . She is one hilarious witch , she does such fun things to get the boys together .
This is a short read that you can read in an evening . The author has written a sweet and funny story about two lost souls finding themselves and each other . Their interactions both as cat and man and man and man are sweet . The story is a read that you can read in an evening . I really enjoyed the story and the characters and I had a smile on my face the whole time reading . The story flowed well and the characters are well written . So if you want a sweet romance with some magic entwined check out this story . You will not be disappointed .
640 reviews3 followers
October 27, 2019
Alrik is a kindly prince who has a problem. He is ashamed of who he likes as he realizes that he likes men over women. In the time he was born he couldn’t accept himself or even like himself for this. So this starts the whole cute story. I liked how they show that with the time that go past that he learns about himself and other people. Now some of that isn’t good stuff and he doesn’t have an easy time of it. Yet i think when it comes to the next part it helps him to step up to the plate. I also like how we see things from a cat perspective. Yuuki helps Alrik out as cat and Alrik gets a glimpse of Yuuki life and what happens to him. From there the story unfolds that we get to touch in the life of both of them. The story flows well and makes you feel connected to the characters. Loved the witch in this and how they handle things. It was a fun, quick read. I would read more by this author as i enjoyed this book. I did receive a copy of this book for an honest review.
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165 reviews2 followers
October 18, 2019
"The Curse of the Black Cat" is an adorable queer love story with what might be the most precious love interest EVER. It's sweet and fluffy, although there are some instances of internalized homophobia and one (very brief) scene of attempted violence toward an animal. If you're looking for a light-hearted, queer novella to read in the bathtub, this is the one
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Author 3 books1 follower
April 25, 2020
I never thought about how fairy tales have a certain vernacular. I love the way the story is told and I very much enjoyed the journey. The author must have sprinkled with magical dust, because I was unable to put the book down!

The characters are really likeable and the author made me care about them. What a wonderful read, I enthusiastically recommend!
Profile Image for Wesley Thomas.
Author 23 books41 followers
April 24, 2020
A short, cute, adorable story. A wonderful fairytale that Disney should option! It did get confusing referring to the witch as them/they as those are plurals not singular, but I adapted. There were some grammatical and punctuation errors but those were far and few between. Overall, a great read.
Profile Image for Lola.
1,520 reviews243 followers
November 15, 2020
This sounded like such a cute romance story and I liked the sound of the premise, so I bought a copy of this one. I am glad I got around to reading it, it was a fun and cute story. I have a bit of mixed feelings about this one, parts of it were really good, but other parts didn't quite work for me.

The Curse of the Black Cat is a story that mostly feels like a contemporary read, but there's a big paranormal twist namely the curse. So it's a bit hard to really categorize this one. The story starts when Prince Alrik has to marry a girl, but after kissing one he feels nothing. As he goes to the local witch for help they curse him to spend his life as an immortal cat until he learns to love himself. After a few chapters showing how Alrik does through the ages most of the book takes place in modern day New York were the cat grows close to chef Yuuki.

After the first two chapters I was almost ready to give up on this book. The start was 2 chapters full of telling, telling us al the backstory of Alrik, how be became a cat and how she spend his life since then. It didn't grab my attention and as there was so little showing and emotions it was hard to get into the story. Once in New York the real storyline seemed to begin and the book got a lot better after that. Then toward the end there was a twist I didn't care for and the wrap up felt anti climactic and a bit too easy after all the time Alrik had spend as a cat.

So while the beginning and ending didn't work for me I did actually really enjoyed most of the story between those parts. I liked how the author wrote Alrik as a cat and how he was a typical cat in some ways, but also still Alrik and sentient, which made for some interesting situations. Some of my favorite scenes where seeing how Yuuki took care of Alrik. Yuuki really grew to like the cat and I liked seeing their bond even with Yuuki not knowing his cat was actually a human. And it was touching to see how their relationship grew even without them being able to communicate much.

I am sad to say that I actually liked their relationship as cat and human more than as human and human. It was hard to feel the romance as that part gets condensed into a small part. Also due to the set up and how Alrik knew Yuuki already, but not the other way around, the romance felt a bit rushed on Yuuki's side. There was a hint of drama at the end, which didn't work for me and then it all got wrapped up almost too easily. I also would've liked to see an actual epilogue instead of just hearing they lived happily ever after.

While we're able to get an idea for the emotions and feelings of the character by how they act, at times I would've liked a bit more. The point of view feels kinda distant at times and I think a closer point of view might've worked better to show Alrik's change as now that felt kinda sudden. I also felt that some of the messages are more for the reader than the characters as I didn't realy feel like they realized some of the things.

The fantasy/ paranormal aspect is pretty big in some ways and minor in others. Once Alrik gets cursed he mostly is a sentient cat and there isn't much magic around except for the curse which got him into that form. There is a bit more magic later in the book, but it's pretty minor.

To summarize: this was a cute story. I liked the premise with prince Alrik being stuck as a cat. The beginning was hard to get into for me as it was mostly telling instead of showing to get an overview of Alrik's life for centuries. Once he arrives in New York and the time speeds up mostly disappear it got a lot better. There are some great scenes between Alrik and Yuuki and I liked seeing how Yuuki took such good care of him as a cat. I actually liked their relationship as cat and human more than when they finally meet as two humans. I didn't like a certain twist toward the end and parts felt a bit rushed to me and I didn't fully feel the romance. It also felt a bit too easy how something got resolved and the ending felt a bit abrupt. All in all I had fun reading this one, although the start and beginning didn't really work for me.
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May 27, 2020

This was cute but not sure who it was aimed at. It was all story telling, no showing at all except crying and then we are told about the tears rather than shown. I wanted to like this based on the fun cover alone but I couldn’t figure out the suitable age group, and think this is important.

The content is about accepting the self or face becoming like Arik and too scared to live. I would have thought the teens would have been the age to aim for in this story given the restaurant setting, and having your own apartment to invite the boyfriend but the writing style seems aimed at very young.

There is the cat and magic but even that is lacking in substance. I find myself torn because I am not sure what to make of the book. I think we need more books like this and I would love to give the author a chance but honestly feel the book is too superficial in language flow and actions for a teens market, and far too wordy for a really young audience.

It would have worked better as a picture book perhaps so that showing instead telling would have been a strong component in understanding for the reader whilst also being entertaining in an area that is very sensitive. In this case the book might have suited a wider range of young people. This is too important an issue not to have books out there.
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April 21, 2021
Quirky, Witty and funny.

I'm not gonna lie, the book needs polishing but overall the story is quite funny and sweet.
Alrik's character development is very little, but it's there and it's easy to notice.
I would have loved a little more context on Yuuki, his family, his friends, his habits outside of work.
Gwydeon in another character we see very little of.

The book may not win a Pulitzer or a literature Nobel prize, but is a nice afternoon read for a lazy day.
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March 29, 2020
Fuzzy feel good book with a HEA and a really positive message.

Few minor things that I found distracting: Yuuki giggled a lot and there was a lot of curling noses.
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