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The Kapoor Brothers #1

Love, Marriage, and Other Disasters

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She believes in love, family and…squiggles!

Alisha Rana is not your typical single desi girl. For one, she is on the wrong side of 30. For another, she is divorced. And last but definitely not least, she is still, gasp, a virgin!

Alisha doesn’t want much. But what she does want is that elusive thing all women search for – A man who gets her…but a man who gets her hot! She calls it “feeling the squiggle.”

Enter Dr. Vivaan Kapoor, cute, hot, squiggle-worthy. The younger brother of her cousin's prospective groom, he’s got the squiggle factor in spades. The only catch? He's never been married and is years younger than Alisha. Basically, completely off-limits.

And then there is Arjun. Widowed, older than her by the right number of years and a genuinely nice guy. He's Vivaan’s cousin and a so-called perfect match for Alisha. The problem is, Alisha’s squiggle-o-meter refuses to budge for him.

What will Alisha choose? A lifetime together with the 'right' man or a chance at happiness with the 'wrong' one?

164 pages, Kindle Edition

Published April 3, 2020

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About the author

Shilpa Suraj

28 books80 followers
Shilpa Suraj wears many hats - corporate drone, homemaker, mother to a fabulous toddler and author.

An avid reader with an overactive imagination, Shilpa has weaved stories in her head since she was a child. Her previous stints at Google, in an ad agency and as an entrepreneur provide colour to her present day stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

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Profile Image for Kavita.
352 reviews22 followers
April 4, 2020
Love, Marriage and other disasters by Shilpa Suraj is one book that I have read in one sitting straight. This has happened to me after a really long time.

The cover is bright and beautiful and the title is so apt for all the things that happen in the book.

Alisha is a beautiful, mature and independent minded girl. She is on the wrong side of thirty and to top it all is a divorcee. Her parents are very loving, open minded and cool with her decisions and choices in life.

What goes wrong in her life is the other people shecomes across in her life, colleagues, future alliances who are all insecure in her independence and see her as a threat. Be it men or women, everybody has some perception of her single nature. Due to situations in family , She meets Vivaan, her cousin's to be brother in law whom she is attracted to a lot and he too in return. Arjun is Vivaan's cousin, a well settled handsome widower, everything about this guy is right except that Alisha doesn't feel attracted to him.

The story is about the struggle she faces in choosing the right guy to spend her life with.

All the characters in the story are fleshed out real well. I as a reader fell in love with this cute family. Alisha's relationships of that with her mother, friends, colleagues give us a complete glimpse into her character. It's difficult not to fall in love with her and not to cry with her.

The men in the story are all fun, handsome and oh so open minded. I actually want to read a separate story for the guys in here. I won't tell you which one as I will give away spoilers.

During these times of overwork, anxiety, uncertainty, if you want to get into a good story that will take you away from the realities and give you the feels of love, friendship and strength of relationships then this is the story for you.
Profile Image for Inderpreet Uppal.
Author 3 books74 followers
February 19, 2021
Shilpa Suraj has the pulse of love, heartbreak and the elusive 'squiggle' in her latest book.

Another gem that is an emotional yet fulfilling read. LMAOD is celebrates and cherishes love.

In Vivan's character, we see a good man yet again.

Arjun needs his own second chance romance.

Alicia is a lot of us strong women in this unforgiving world.

Excellent characterisation, lovely families and fast storyline echo our hectic lives perfectly.

LMAOD is a must read for all romance lovers.
Profile Image for Reet Singh.
Author 13 books84 followers
April 24, 2020
Shilpa creates the cutest, maddest families, and the most adorable men, and female protagonists who are strong but soft, so yeah! Lots of drama in this one, too, with a sweet romance that curls your toes. Poor Alisha had to put up with a lot of crazy men (a parade of them - surreal) before she found the right one - and what an adorable one she eventually settles for. Not giving away which one she chooses - find out for yourself.
Profile Image for Arti.
625 reviews102 followers
April 6, 2020
As soon as I saw the cover, I fell in love with the book. And the blurb, it talks about a girl who believes in squiggles.
The characters are realistic and relatable, I felt for Alisha and all that she has to go through just because of her age and marital status. I loved her family and Alisha’s relationship with her parents and relatives. She is someone we meet day in and day out. The boys, Vivaan, Arav and Arjun, are they real? So understanding and supportive. And the family dynamics are also very beautifully expressed.
The language is simple, and the story is fast paced, and I finished it in one go.
Overall, it is a simple story which goes on to prove that love comes unexpectedly and then everything changes.
A must, must read, because this story is not just about love, marriage and divorce but is also about friendship, families and other relationships which are important in life.
Profile Image for Narmada.
Author 1 book
May 30, 2021
The first book of the Kapoor Brother series, this story will give you squiggles!!

Oh yes! Alisha in spite of her past is innocent, sweet, and witty when she wants to be! Vivaan is hot, charming, and makes you go “aww!”

When their paths cross, what Alisha always wanted, she finds it in Vivaan – squiggles. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple and with so many complications that follow, their story makes it so realistic and swoon-worthy.

It’s mainly the moments that speak out. My favorite one will always be – the paintball scene where Vivaan pulls Alisha to sit with him for a moment. The way he earnestly requests her presence next to him, even if it’s just for a moment or a minute knowing they can’t be together, is all heart-warming! So much so that it’s imprinted on my mind. Am in awe of how the Author Shilpa Suraj came up with this scene. It’s simple yet so deep!

From the very first chapter to the climax, once you start reading you are bound to be hooked. The story has smooth progress from the start to finish and it’s easy to get lost in the world of the Kapoor brothers. And Arjun, who is a main character in the sequel, is also drool-worthy by the way *wink*. Then, there is Arav too, who leads the final book in the series. He is well, like a Gulaab Jamun! I don’t know why I made that reference, but that’s what he is. Lol.

Oh also, I absolutely LOVE the Romeo Juliet reference in the final scene! Seriously, take a bow, woman! That was soooo creative!

Loved this series to the core! More reviews coming soon up :)
Author 2 books2 followers
April 3, 2020
There is a peculiar time for true love to knock on our heart’s door. It didn’t happen with Alisha when she was married. Love came about to her after she got divorced but with many hills and plateaus on the way.

When she was still struggling with her post-divorce trauma, life has dragged her once again into confusion, happiness, sadness, all together at once. She was torn between Vivaan and Arjun.

Both are handsome, cute, hot, and nice. What happens next and next and further next?

Well! Love, Marriage, and other Disasters by Shilpa Suraj is yet another compelling novel from the author. She has written a simple romantic story with a unique angle. An apprehensive world of a divorced woman!

Failed-marriages in India don’t let a woman to lead a normal life. She has to suffer agony and ruthless comments along with the torture of the society. She becomes vulnerable with the fool me twice, shame on me; attitude. No one else other than the novel’s protagonist Alisha can portray the role of a divorcee as confidently and bravely as she does.

Love, Marriages, and other disasters by Shilpa Suraj even though being a romantic story keep itself distant from the oh-so-predictable love stories. It has its own unique world full of every imaginable emotion. The story is gripping and I bet you’ll be tempted to finish it in one go.

After reading her back-to-back 3 novels, I have become a huge fan of Shilpa. She is such a good writer who penetrates new ideas into her writing.

I absolutely loved Love, Marriages, and other disasters and strongly recommend every book lover to read it for sure.

For the time equal to the length of the novel, you will be transported entirely to the different worlds where you will meet Alisha, Vivaan, and Arjun. When you finish reading it, you won’t really want to come back to your real-world in which you live. Such is the charismatic charm it spells on you.
Profile Image for Kavita.
255 reviews10 followers
April 4, 2020
My Take:

A story of love, longing,emotions and her choice. What and whom Alisha would choose forms the crux of the story.

Alisha is a fiesty lady who has seen a lot in her life in her 30 years of life. Tagged as a divorcee and without knowing her story people around her are quick to assume and form a opinion about her. She has learned to live with this thanks to her parents uncoditional support and no questions asked belief in her. She has learnt to bottle up her emotions and keep it hidden and is doing a great job. A romantic at heart she wishes to fall in love heads over heels.

Dr Vivaan, cousin of the potential groom of her cousin sister with who her paths cross and sparks fly. She feels but is reluctant to accept . Vivaan is everything she has been waiting for but a for a tiny glitch.What the glitch is and whether she learns to accept her feelings is what the book is about.

Arjun a potential groom her family feels for her is the one in the same boat, who married and lost his wife is looking for a partner. Alisha and Arjun technically make a perfect couple as they have a baggage. Will they marry?

I loved the way the characters are developed and the story is wriiten. Her finesse in bringing out the emotions and narration is well known.

I would rate this 4.5/5. Grab a copy and enter the world of Alisha ,Vivaan and Arjun
Profile Image for Chitra Iyer.
274 reviews57 followers
April 21, 2020
Hey guys! Today, I have a review of a breezy romance for you. Love, Marriage, and Other Disasters by Shilpa Suraj is a quick read that is sure to refresh you in these testing times. So, let me get straight to the review without rambling much.

What I Liked

I loved that it was not an ‘easy’ story. You know the kind stuffed with amateur love. This book has some serious romance going on and some serious emotions at play. That’s what makes it interesting.

The writing style is free-flowing and since it is a short read, the book can be finished quickly (although I wish it didn’t). Sometimes we need books that aren’t too lengthy. Sometimes we readers lack the patience. This is one for those times. It will not only leave you happy, but also rejuvenated.

The character of Alisha was, in particular, very realistic. I could relate to the complications she faced and her struggles as a divorcee. The societal norms and parents’ pressure together creates the perfect atmosphere for our characters to meet, fall in love, and conflict.

I also loved how the boys were described, I mean all of them sounded like pure hunks descended from the heavens! Sigh!

What I Did Not Like

I wish this was a series or something. I would want to know what happened to the other guys…you know, how they score (wink wink!)

Other Details

Love, Marriage, and Other Disasters is only available in Kindle format, the buy link for which is at the end of this review.

Would I Recommend It?

Sure! If you are looking for something light and heart-warming, do give this a shot!
Profile Image for Samee.
252 reviews13 followers
September 24, 2020
What happens when you are 30 and not married, or divorced, or for that matter, one who hasn't achieved much professionally. Who is anyone to decide if one has achieved something or not? It a personal choice to determine the limits on whether or not one is successful or satisfied.
The societal pressures are too time and energy-consuming. The need to showcase that everything's going according to the year's old beliefs is very disheartening, especially when you are not whole-heartedly doing it.
Can for once we not care about what society thinks and do what we like!

The author has tried to explain the above line through a beautiful yet complicated story. The protagonist of the story is Alisha - who is on the wrong side of 30 and is divorced. And last but not least, she is still, gasp, a virgin!
The storyline gets interesting when Dr. Vivaan Kapoor enters who makes it difficult for Alisha as he has never been married and is years younger than her. Basically, completely off-limits.
And then there is Arjun - who is widowed, older than her by the right number of years, and a genuinely nice guy. Arjun is Vivaan's' cousin and a so-called perfect match for Alisha.
What will Alisha choose? A lifetime together with the 'right' man or a chance at happiness with the 'wrong' one?

The writing style of the author made it too gripping and a thrilling experience for the readers. The language is lucid. The quirky style of Alisha made me fall in love with her character. The paintball part was the cherry on the cake. The outlet of emotions by Alisha had me hooked and also made me emotional for the realness in the conversations and the built-up of the pressure. It was very candid and brilliantly written. The family drama is just apt. The antagonists have made me curious about their stories as well. The character development is well done. The plot could have been a bit better.
Overall a beautiful, cozy, and inspiring read.
Profile Image for Nilofar Yasmin.
295 reviews1 follower
May 7, 2020
"To her father she wasn’t settled because she wasn’t one half of a pair. Like she was a freaking swan or something. Was it swans or lobsters that always lived in pairs? She bet even they would rather be alone sometimes."
Alisha, a divorcee in her 30s is independent and live her life with full enthusiasm. She doesnt beleive in typical marriage and settle as a housewife. Rather she wants a spark with someone who can easily tune with her as something she calls as squiggle.
In a family gathering, enters the young Dr. Vivaan, the younger brother of the prospective groom of her cousin. He is sweet, smart and could easily blend with her personality and expectations. But to her dismay, he is too young for her to make an alliance. While Arjun, a widower, and a perfect made for each other guy couldnt get along with her happy-go- lucky attitude.
Who she will choose as her partner? One that perfectly fits under the societal norms or the one who actually sweeps her off her feet?
I just loved the concept of the book. Being a divorcee isnt easy. But the author has presented Alisha's role in quite a positive manner. She wasnt the typical victim whom we can pity on, but a successful career oriented lady who can still chose her partner and resettle. The family of hers is funny, yet supportive. I enjoyed most of the conversation between them. They are the complete package of happiness, love, humour and care.
Language and narration was super entertaining and can keep you hooked till the end. But yes, it was a bit tedious to grab with the initial contents with lots of characters. But gradually everything made sense with their proper roles. Title is apt. The cover is my personal favourite.
Recommending this book for an entralling read with supercool narration.
237 reviews16 followers
April 25, 2020
Life for a divorcee can be quite taxing especially in a conservative society like the Indian one. However, if you have an understanding family half the battle is won. Alisha Rana the protagonist of Shilpa Suraj’s latest book ‘Love, Marriage, and Other Disasters’ is a divorcee on the wrong side of thirty. Having gone through hell in her arranged marriage Alisha is now not ready to settle down with anyone unless she feels the ‘squiggle.’ So what is this all- elusive ‘squiggle?’ :) Well, it is that special flutter one feels within the chest. It is that ‘Kuch, kuch hota hai’ feeling. So does Alisha finally experience the ‘squiggle’……? To know that and much more about Alisha Rana the strong and determined woman, the woman who battles through odds and is not ready to be cowed down, you will have to pick up the book.

A breezy read that has all the elements of romance, passion, fun, and family bonding ‘Love, Marriage, and Disasters’ has an element of suspense too. Office politics and the vamp factor too give it a twist. However, what makes the book appealing is the easy flow with which the story progresses, and the way the characters are fleshed out.


A page- turner that will see you sport a smile till the end ‘ Love, Marriage and Disasters’ score a 4 on a scale of 5.
Profile Image for BHAKTI GUPTE.
51 reviews1 follower
May 2, 2021
Alisha is a divorcee and on the other side of her thirties. She has gone through a traumatic marriage and is being pushed into the wedding market again by her parents. She is being matched with a perfect marriage material Arjun who is good looking, responsible, settled in his career, a widower and a couple of years older than her – all in all a perfect match for Alisha. What is lacking is the squiggle factor and fireworks on steroids… which Vivaan has in spades!! But but but…. Vivaan is in his twenties, way younger than Alisha and not an ideal match as per the society!! To add to it Vivaan is a charming, compassionate doctor and a bachelor AND Arjun’s cousin!! All of them are thrown in together as Alisha’s cousin and Vivaan’s older brother are meeting in an arranged marriage setting. Why is Alisha divorced? Who will Alisha choose?

The camaraderie between the Kapoor siblings is very warming. The challenges faced by divorced women is effectively portrayed. The support which Alisha’s parents provide to stabilise a divorcee daughter is remarkable. The story gives a peek in the way a the society thinks about divorced women.

All in all, read the book if you are ready for an emotional upheaval!!

Do like, share and comment!

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Profile Image for Shantala  (Shanaya Tales).
308 reviews65 followers
August 31, 2020
4.5 stars

I have never been overly fond of love triangles in stories, so whenever a blurb indicates a love triangle, I usually stay away. But I am so glad that I made an exception for this book!

Because this was a super sweet, charming, yet intensely emotional love story that gave me all the feels!!

And even the love triangle was so well done, that I am starting to feel that I only dislike poorly done, overly dramatic love triangles. Because I really don't mind them when they flow naturally, and add meaningful conflict within the context of story.

Also, this story had a lot going for it even outside the triangle that the blurb highlights. From adorable characters to realistic & relatable conflict to a heartwarming happily ever after - this one was a super satisfying read.

Highly recommend for lazy weekend reading!

- Shantala @ Shanaya Tales

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Profile Image for Gunjan Mittal.
210 reviews15 followers
April 26, 2020
Love, Marriage, and Other Disasters by Shilpa Suraj is a simple love story which has a strong message to the society. The author has spoken about a few topics which are considered as a taboo in our society and I totally loved the way the author has spoken about these issues.

This is a story of Alisha, who is still struggling with her post-divorce trauma. She has seen a lot in just 30 years of her life. Her parents are her support system, who have always stood by her and supported her.

Read the complete review on my blog - http://blushesandsparkle.com/love-mar...
Profile Image for Shae.
792 reviews23 followers
April 30, 2020
Great read

Rating: 4.5

This is my first time reading any work by Shilpa Suraj and it was quite good. I will be reading more books by her.

It is a romance, yes it is sweet with wonderful characters who well developed. However, this book goes further than just that. It gave an insight into Indian culture and the many family dynamics that can occur in arranged marriages.

The main character is a strong woman who has a been through quite a bit in her young life so sometimes she can be a jaded but she is a work in progress.

Profile Image for Ruchi Singh.
Author 58 books120 followers
June 12, 2020
Alisha is a confident professional who knows her priorities and has her feet grounded. Vivaan too is a no nonsense man who has the hots for Alisha. Loved the affection and chemistry between the two, which at times was quite emotional, a hallmark of Shipa's style.

In 'Love, Marriage...' author has addressed a very important issue typically faced by single women in India. The emotions around the social malaise has been well thrashed out, leaving a satisfied reader. Was floored with the characterization of almost all the characters. A highly recommended read.
Profile Image for A..
Author 1 book29 followers
April 27, 2020
Being a divorcee is always a stigma which the Indian women have to bear. they bear the brunt even though sometimes for no fault of theirs. Love, Marriage, and Other Disasters is a story of Alisha who is trying to rebuild her life. The twists and turns in the plot makes it an interesting read. Loved reading Shilpa's work, and I recommend all to read the book as author has covered the anguish of a divorcee Indian lady in very commendable way.
Profile Image for Nithya K.
Author 5 books29 followers
May 14, 2020
A second chance at pure love? Grab it, says Shilpa

A gutsy, passionate and feel good book about Alisha and Vivaan.

A traumatic past follows beautiful Alisha. Vivaan falls for the long legged beauty and confesses his feelings to her knowing well what her answer would be. A passionate love story of following one's heart and leaving the past behind. Alisha takes a while but finally decides to do what makes her happy. A lovely read. Felt really happy after finishing the book.
Profile Image for Vishal.
176 reviews4 followers
August 8, 2020
The first time reading Shilpa Suraj and what an explosive love cocktail totally blowing the mind. The writing is sensuous, compelling what stuff romance is made of. Absolute delightful, cheeky lines and love couldn't get more real. She casts a spell on the readers and page-turner with each and every character in the book moving with speed. Love, Marriage and Other Disasters is the perfect bestseller stuff. Go and grab your copy fast.
Profile Image for Ankita.
210 reviews3 followers
May 17, 2020
Once started you just can't put it down...a story about failed marriage, taking second chances with love,social taboos,narrow mindness, people who try to take advantage of people and there are supportive parents and progressive men...and then there are fun moments too....a must read.
Profile Image for Naga Lakshmi.
22 reviews1 follower
November 19, 2021
A well written book. Kept me hooked. Author has done well in blending Indian family dramatics with a taboo subject. Nice to show such progressive people who can be taken as examples in real life. That day is not too far, hopefully. A well written story.
Profile Image for Avishek Gupta.
Author 7 books19 followers
July 12, 2020
Sweet love story

This is a very sweet novel about a second chance romance. I enjoyed reading this book and I liked the character of Alisha very much.
Profile Image for Angela Peixoto.
616 reviews17 followers
August 7, 2020
An unputdownable book by the author where all the feelings are beautifully described. A hot seller without doubt.
Profile Image for Rishi Vohra.
Author 6 books12 followers
September 4, 2020
A wonderful tale with well-etched characters, this is one of those books that keeps you engaged right from the word go! Love the author’s sense of humor and easy style of writing!
Profile Image for Nikita Jhanglani.
133 reviews18 followers
April 18, 2020
I liked everything about this book. That’s really all, because it has a great story, great characters, pretty much everything that is needed to keep a reader invested in the story and make it worth their time. What takes the cake though is the squiggle. The feeling finally has a name, something that was long overdue (long overdue is an intentional use of the phrase and not a grammar error, please note). Alisha’s post-divorce trauma, her struggle to not be too hard on herself, her guilt when she ends up doing that, her efforts to make sure everyone around her is happy, are not idealistic caricatures, but a very honest representation of what a women who’s worth is judged by her age and marital status feels.
Shilpa does an excellent portrayal of how complicated love and marriage can be, how they are connected on a level deeper than society sometimes comprehends. It is honest, everything that every character goes through and thinks about is very real and not an exaggeration.
Now, I only hope Arjun gets a second chance romance of his own soon!
Profile Image for Pratibha Pandey.
Author 3 books48 followers
April 28, 2020
A very realistic and appropriate story of love & marriage as perceived through society's glasses and how it shapes our own choices
Profile Image for Jaleesa | jaydee4219.
83 reviews2 followers
October 26, 2022
This was a good, quick read. I liked the book for the most part however it had a lot of things going for it that I personally do not like. The FMC is rude to/does not like the MMC upon first introduction which is one of my most hated story lines. Also even though this wasn't your typical love triangle, I still wasn't a fan of having "another man" throughout the story. Despite the way she acted upon first meeting the MMC, I did really like the FMC and seeing her growth was nice!
22 reviews2 followers
March 16, 2022
It was a wonderful read. I loved the way shilpa moulded the story of Alisha and vivaan. I liked how shipa brought the matter of age difference between them (which is still considered a shame if a older woman marries a younger man), felt the insecurity of Alisha and loved the way vivaan understood her and made her forget her past experiences. It was a gripping and a thrilling experience . I wanted to hit arjun for coming in between Alisha and vivaan and wanted to shoot Pooja when she insulted Alisha regarding her broken marriage in the hospital . Overall it was amazing 😊
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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