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Boston Underworld #3 incl'd

Promise Me Forever

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For the love of books...
Top Shelf Romance is devoted to bringing readers a new standard of Romance. Unforgettable books in a collection you'll cherish.

Promise Me Forever is a collection of four best-selling novels, including: ⁣

Drive by Kate Stewart
Ghost by A Zavarelli
The Stolen Duet by BB Reid
Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan

Top Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers. These are simply must-read novels for readers looking for the best in happily ever afters.

1007 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 14, 2017

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About the author

Kate Stewart

54 books14.6k followers
USA Today bestselling author and Texas native, Kate Stewart, lives in
North Carolina with her husband, Nick. Nestled within the Blueridge
Mountains, Kate pens messy, sexy, angst-filled contemporary romance, as
well as romantic comedy and erotic suspense. Kate’s title, Drive, was
named one of the best romances of 2017 by The New York Daily News and
Huffington Post. Drive was also a finalist in the Goodreads Choice awards
for best contemporary romance of 2017. The Ravenhood Trilogy,
consisting of Flock, Exodus, and The Finish Line, has become an
international bestseller and reader favorite. Her holiday release, The Plight
Before Christmas, ranked #6 on Amazon’s Top 100. Kate’s works have
been featured in USA TODAY, BuzzFeed, The New York Daily News,
Huffington Post and translated into a dozen languages.
Kate is a lover of all things ’80s and ’90s, especially John Hughes films and
rap. She dabbles a little in photography, can knit a simple stitch scarf for
necessity, and on occasion, does very well at whiskey.

Contact Kate- Email-authorkatestewart@gmail.com

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/79348...

Newsletter signup:



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en

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1,345 reviews27 followers
April 5, 2020
One book worthy of five star read in every book in it! This big book definitly a must read!

1. Drive by Kate Stewart is easily perfect five for me only because there's no ten star rate. Omg I love this book!
So many things I wanna say in this review but alas I can't and I won't!
Just jump blind like I did and enjoy the ride! You won't regret it, I promise you! Cause honestly with Drive, it would be best for you not to read ANY review.

2. Flow n Grip by Kennedy Ryan. This author can write anything even the yellow pages in her style and I'll read it. Seriously, I might cry reading that brand new yellow pages for Kennedy always write should deep, strong and simply moving. Flow n Grip isn't just romance. Their love story is one of the epic journey you must read and enjoy every Nook and cranny, every stone and sand, every laugh and tears, every sigh, moan, lusting cry and anger. This book is simply one of my fav book.

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505 reviews78 followers
April 19, 2020
Read 3 stories from this collection.

Original review Oct 2018

How do I start this review and do justice to this incredible book. This was my first book from Kennedy Ryan and definitely wont be my last. It's a real romance with actual and still present issues. It presents the struggles of interracial couples, the divide by the color of skin and social class. The writing is literally "POETRY" and I hope it will evoke in you all the amount of incredible feelings that took and twisted my heart. Grip has all that you as a contemporary romance reader would love in a book. You will not want to put this book down and it will takes you months to get over the hangover. Life lessons will be impart and stay with you to help you be a better person. It would make your heart pound in crescendo, your hands sweat, your nails may be non-existent, your undies will definitely get soaked and even your kindle may suffer from a trow to the wall jajajaj.

Now lets talk a bit about Grip " Sigh" and Bristol. This couple it's so unique and not because of the differences of their skin color but because of that deep deep connection they found with each other. It is a once in a lifetime kind of love. The journey this two will endure it's crucial for their emocional growth. They will learn from each other, they will love and hurt, push and pull. Grip is an incredible, gorgeous, intelligent, talented, loving, sexy, cocky man from the hood. Bristol is a feisty, resilient, strong, intelligent, loving, gorgeous, sassy, sexy "rich girl". They will learn as we will too that LOVE doesn't judge by color, age, the money you make or even where you live. Love makes you strong, give you hope, wings and make you LIVE. Ignorance and prejudice is what destroy and divide.

Don't let me keep telling you about it and GO grab your copy of GRIP and I garantee you that you will love it as much as I do and will be in a MAYOR BOOK HANGOVER when you finish.

Review April 13, 2020

I read this book in one sit. The flow of the story was good and we have a pretty great Dark Mafia Romance in our hands.

Ghost Include age gap and some serious topics like rape, human trafficking, suicide, drug use and violence. None of that bother me or affected my rating. I’m a huge lover of dark romance and specially mafia books.

I got hook on the way Zavarelli developed the action and love story. Alexei was dark and intense and I love the way his was commanding. A force to be reckoned with. His disability didn’t take anything from him. Talia was so broken and I felt sorry for what was done to her. I felt her pain and sorrow.

The thing I was disappointed about was the predictable ending and not getting more about Alexei’s past. Other than that this was great read. I haven’t had a book hook me and make read in one sit in a long time.

Collection releases May 5.

*** I read and review an advance copy of this book.
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1,070 reviews17 followers
April 28, 2020
Promise Me Forever is a fantastic collection of stories from some amazingly talented Authors. A few I've read before but were well worth reading again, I still feel as passionately about them as I did the first time I read them. 💗

Ghost - A Zavarelli - 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Let me start by saying I absolutely love this series with a passion, and this book has to be one of my favourites from the entire series. 

Talia and Alexei wow what a journey they've been through. It was heart breaking and beautiful too.
Poor Talia has had the most horrendous time. She trusted the wrong person and was ultimately betrayed and used in the worst way imaginable.

Her only Saviour turns out to be a man everyone fears, a recluse that prefers his own company and if you meet him its usually not for anything good.
So when he helps Talia, just what are his motives for doing so?

Alexei is a man that doesn't do favours unless he wants something in return.
The relationship between these two was intense neither of them trust anyone but somehow they have to trust each other.

Alexei wants Talia he sees something in her that appeals to him. He thinks he can save her, make her happy.....make her his. 

Talia has just been freed from one prison, she isn't ready to be owned by another man. 
Even the Dark, handsome and Mysterious Stranger offering to look after and protect her always.

I couldn't put this book down these books are all fantastic reads, if you love Mafia men then this is the series for you.

The Boston Underworld series is a MUST FUXKING READ SERIES  ❤

Drive - Kate Stewart - 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Gah!!!! This book had my heart banging like a freaking drum.

I've been so consumed whilst reading this I felt like my whole life revolved around these characters.
They ripped my heart out at times but it was worth the pain. 

This was a book that was difficult to read because I actually loved ALL the characters which rarely happens for me, I can usually pick a favourite.
My anxiety was at an all time high because I didn't want anyone to get hurt and I admit I was terrified.

I absolutely loved everything about this book. The slow burn was perfectly constructed to Drive you crazy.
It was beautiful and raw and it'll stay with me as one of my must read books.

I'm a huge music fan so to connect this beautiful story with the songs along the way was amazing.

Highly recommended read for all angsty romance lovers. This story will leave you a mess of emotions. But trust me you wouldn't want it any other way. ♥

The Bandit -  BB Reid - 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This book had it all I couldn't decide who surprised me the most.
Angel he just intrigued me from the beginning, I just loved him.
Mian was such a strong female I loved her Sass. Even at a young age she was a whirlwind of attitude. She had such a lot to deal with but she didn't crumble.

I loved all the characters in this book, I'm dying to know more about Z and Lucas they are Angels right hand men and are fiercely loyal. They just stole the story not just as side characters but as characters you instantly want to know more about and they need and deserve their own stories.

This book was amazing it blew my mind I'm glad it's a series because there is definitely more to be told. One book could never do it justice. That ending has me all kinds of twisted inside I never expected that.

The Knight - BB Reid - 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

After the way the Bandit ended I was nervous as to what the hell was going to happen in this one.

Let's just say I wasn't disappointed the games are at full play and Angel is as Ruthless as ever. Who can he rely on when everyone wants what he has. Seriously the man needs to sleep with one eye open.

Mian grew on me during this book, I think she grew up a lot even though I wanted to slap her a few times. She's a strong one there's no denying it.
I loved all the back and forth between her and Angel they just love to provoke each other. Knowing just what buttons to press.
When Angel goes off you best stand well back, the man is a ticking time bomb.... He's definitely a sex bomb. ;-)

I still love Z and Lucas, Angels right hand men. They make these books and have so much potential. I love when side characters can hold their own. I'm hoping for more from them in the future.
Do yourself a favour and read these fuxking books, you won't be sorry. ♥

Flow  -  Kennedy Ryan - 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟 

I loved Bristol and Grip two completely different people brought up in completely different lifestyles but they just have this instant connection that neither can deny.

One week changes everything for them both they don't just fall for each other  hard they fall in a way that's unforgettable to either of them and in a way that can't be replicated by anyone else no matter how hard they try. 

Grip - Kennedy Ryan 5 - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This book was GRIPPING from start to finish. It was angsty romance at its finest. It deals with real issues that I feel were handled well. 

I loved how intense the connection between Grip and Bristol was in Flow and after the way things ended I was desperate to see what would happen after that bombshell. 

This story is a must if you're a lover of a good slow burning love story. These two seriously had me wanting to rip my hair out, but I loved every agonising minute. The way they connect on every level gave me goosebumps. 

I absolutely love Grip and Bristol together 💗 
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3,983 reviews465 followers
May 5, 2020
Top Shelf Romance is bringing you some of the best modern classics of romance in Collection 3, PROMISE ME FOREVER, featuring FOUR bestselling authors ...

Drive by Kate Stewart : Drive isn’t a book you just read. It’s a love triangle where no one is the bad guy. That’s the best way to describe what’s happening between these pages. It is heartbreaking and uplifting, passionate and emotional and so well written I could have read for days! The pull these characters and their journey had on me is indescribable. I felt everything that was happening and then some. Yes, it frustrated me. I mean what triangle doesn’t, but it wasn’t an annoying frustration it was more of a oh my God she has to pick? Noooooooo. I didn’t just fall in love with Stella, but I fell in love with the two men she loved as well. This story was a punch to the gut in the most glorious of ways.

Ghost by A Zavarelli : I am both annoyed and thrilled that this story was part of this boxset. Annoyed because it’s the third book in a series that after reading the story I am 100% certain needs to be read from the beginning to fully capture the extent of these character’s circumstances. Thrilled because this story was so epic, I now have five Boston Underworld books cued up in my kindle to read!

Everything that happens in this story is intense and has purpose. I was riveted. And scared. Maybe a little #twitchy. But always captivated to the point I may have not taken a breath! I mean daaaaammmnnnn wow!! I cannot understand how I have missed this author all these years *mind blown*

The Stolen Duet by BB Reid: The Bandit and The Knight : Holy Mother of ALL DARKNESS and INTENSITY …. What did I just read?!

Listen, if you decide to read this duet, and I strongly suggest that you do, I need you to understand that there are ZERO rainbows and gumdrops up in these people’s lives. ZERO. But there is an epic love story hiding in the layers of this dark and twisted tale that will make you feel like you’ve exploded. After I finished this duet I had to take a break on this boxed set because I was just exhausted. It was a glorious exhaustion but exhaustion, nonetheless. There were many times when I didn’t get the endgame of the decisions/choices *some* people made in this journey, but it was they choice and in the end, it turned out to be exactly what needed to happen. So I went thru a myriad of emotions while reading this story from really high highs to really frustrating lows but the entire time I was captivated!!

Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan : I knew I wasn’t going to have time to read Still after I read Flow & Grip so I’m waiting until I can to read all three together. Technically, from what I've been told, Flow & Grip are their own full length standlone story but .... i'm OCD so sue me *shrug*
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1,322 reviews3 followers
April 15, 2020
Drive by Kate Stewart

Rated 4.5 Stars

Drive was one heck of a ride. It kept me highly entertained for the most part. I loved going on this journey with these characters and I look forward to reading more by this author.

Flow by Kennedy Ryan

Rated 4.5 Stars

This is my first book this author and it most certainly won't be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the rest of this story.

Grip by Kennedy Ryan

Rated 4 Stars

I had issues with the first part of this book mostly because I didn't like the heroine's reason for staying away from the hero in fact I wanted to shake some sense into her.. I also didn't much care for their actions while they were apart however the last 40% of the book worked for me on many levels. I'm looking forward to reading the continuation of there story.

Copy provided by author
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2,658 reviews3,254 followers
Want to read
July 24, 2020
If You Like To Have...
The Best Of Everything All Together...
Top Shelf Romances Is The Way...
They Seek Out Unforgettable Books

For This Group...
You Have A Duet and More...
Kate Stewart, A. Zavarelli, B.B. Reid, and Kennedy Ryan
Are All Waiting For You To Dig In And Enjoy!

Drive by Kate Stewart Drive by Kate Stewart
Ghost (Boston Underworld, #3) by A. Zavarelli Ghost by A Zavarelli
The Knight (Stolen Duet, #2) by B.B. Reid, The Bandit (Stolen Duet, #1) by B.B. ReidThe Stolen Duet by BB Reid
Grip (Grip, #1) by Kennedy Ryan Flow (Grip, #0.5) by Kennedy Ryan Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan

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612 reviews108 followers
May 4, 2020

Review for Grip by Kennedy Ryan

Grip is like poetry in motion. Every word flows articulately beautiful from start to finish. No wonder I’m experiencing some book hangover. I just love how the story of Grip and Bristol was written.

Bristol Gray the independent, strong-willed heroine who will do everything to protect the one she loves. She has a successful career in managing up and coming artist and has everything money can buy, but she doesn’t want that, Bristol wants someone who will love her as her.

Marlon “Grip” James worked his way up from nobody to somebody in the music industry. Equipped with determination and unparalleled talent and with a manager like Bristol, he’s about to experience what success is all about. But what is a success if the one person you like doesn’t give you the time of day?

This is my first interracial book and Kennedy was able to pull it off with ease. It also covers some sensitive issues which we still face up to this day and age.

Overall, it is a great read for me and when Kennedy Ryan writes a book, you can only expect to read the best plot and well-developed characters. It’s always a treat to read a book by this author. The series is done and I want more #gripstol. Is it too much to ask for more #chololatecharm?
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Author 74 books6,739 followers
May 16, 2020
Promise Me Forever, an exclusive collection of FOUR Bestselling Novels, from Top Shelf Romance is AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!

Start reading today! Free with KU!

Amazon US

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For the love of books...

Top Shelf Romance is devoted to bringing readers a new standard of Romance. Unforgettable books in a collection you'll cherish.

Promise Me Forever is a collection of four best-selling novels, including: ⁣

Drive by Kate Stewart

Ghost by A Zavarelli

The Stolen Duet by BB Reid

Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan

Top Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers. These are simply must-read novels for readers looking for the best in happily ever afters.


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Author 54 books14.6k followers
May 16, 2020
Promise Me Forever, an exclusive collection of FOUR Bestselling Novels, from Top Shelf Romance is AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!

Start reading today! Free with KU!

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon AU

For the love of books...

Top Shelf Romance is devoted to bringing readers a new standard of Romance. Unforgettable books in a collection you'll cherish.

Promise Me Forever is a collection of four best-selling novels, including: ⁣

Drive by Kate Stewart

Ghost by A Zavarelli

The Stolen Duet by BB Reid

Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan

Top Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers. These are simply must-read novels for readers looking for the best in happily ever afters.


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530 reviews58 followers
May 10, 2020
Promise Me Forever
5 ⭐️’s

Each book left its mark on my soul in a different way. I love to feel all the feels and run the emotional gauntlet when reading and I definitely got that with these PHENOMENAL reads!

Read on for individual reviews and thoughts of each book!

Drive by Kate Stewart
5 ⭐️’s


This was written for people like me. Those who wear their hearts on their sleeves, who have big emotions, are full of passion, who cry at everything, feel with their whole being; soul, body, and mind, and have big hearts. If you have ever felt like you were too much or told you were too much; too emotional, loud, passionate, dramatic, etc. this book is for you!

I have never felt more seen in my life than while reading this book!

Stella, Reid, and Nate’s story stirred something deep in my heart. I cried so many times reading this book. I also laughed, smiled, and had to fan myself because damn were the sexy time scenes STEAMY! There’s so much you can learn from this book and you’ll feel different when you finish it. You’ll be changed for the better.

Ghost by A. Zavarelli
5 ⭐️’s

It’s dark, raw, gritty, and I couldn’t get enough!

Talia and Alexei are two broken half’s of the same f*cked up whole who are somehow good together!

This should have a trigger warning. There’s rape and sexual assault; not by Alexei, abuse, drug use, violence, murder, and lots of f*cked up shit!

Talia has been through the most horrible things imaginable and just wants to die but she’s rescued by Alexei who is more dark avenger than hero.

Alexei has a dark past, f*cked up family, sense of honor, a code he lives by, and an agenda. Feelings have no part in his life.

Together Talia and Alexei heal each other and bring sunshine into their dark worlds!

Stolen Duet by B. B. Reid
Bandit (Book 1 of the Duet)
5 ⭐️’s

Mian and Angel, Wow!

This book was sexy, dark, full of blood, action, and absolutely filthy at times and I devoured it!

There was so much I didn’t see coming and it continued to surprise me and I loved it!

It’s dark, twisted, and so damn good!

The Knight (Book 2 of the Duet)
5 ⭐️’s

If you thought Bandit was crazy The Knight is INSANE!

Action packed from the beginning til the end you won’t want to put this down! It’s somehow steamier, grittier, and just more!

The ending will make you sigh and swoon and it’s absolutely perfect for these two!

FLOW & GRIP by Kennedy Ryan
FLOW (GRIP Prequel)
5 ⭐️’s

Grip is witty and the scene in the airport when he first spots Bristol is what hooked me! I laughed out loud multiple times, especially at the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” reference!

Bristol gives as good as she gets! She’s a kickass, smart mouthed, sarcastic, feminist, and I want to be her friend!

They had such an amazing connection. It was beautiful to witness and then a moment ruined it and years went by. I felt my heart break for them in that moment.

5 ⭐️’s


If I thought Kennedy’s writing in FLOW was amazing, her writing in GRIP was PHENOMENAL! The way she weaves a story together is beyond words! The way she uses poetry and rap when writing as Grip made me remember why I love Hip Hop so much.

Grip tells the story of Grip and Bristol and also the story of America. It’s broken, beautiful, tragic, hopeful, raw, and gritty!

This book is EVERYTHING!!! I am struggling to find the words. This touched my soul deeply. As a black woman, I identified with so much of this book. It was poignant, soul stirring, and deep.

Grip and Bristol survive the ultimate tests of their lives and their relationship. There are things that happen in this book that will make you want to rage war against our society.

You will laugh, smile, cry, your heart will be broken and then put back together, and you’ll get VERY VERY hot under the collar. This is a book that stirs something deep inside of you, it’s thought provoking, emotionally moving, and has the power to change your mindset.

This is a series EVERYONE should read! I will forever and always recommend the GRIP series to anyone who wants to read Kennedy Ryan.
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1,227 reviews567 followers
May 19, 2020
Drive - Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart! She's capable of writing anything and I mean anything. From suspenseful erotica, hilarious romcom to angsty second chance romance. She masters any genre.
Drive nurtured my music loving heart and my love for romance. I was blown away by this epic story and the author's lyrical prose.
Drive has cemented Kate Stewart as an author who writes without restraint. Her love and passion for music shines through every word. I'm in love and on a high.

This is Stella's journey and it was meticulously executed. I felt I lived vicariously through her. I saw myself in her and could relate to her.
Stella says pretty early in the story: "Music is the heart's greatest librarian". That's her in a nutshell.
Her passion and outlet is music. Lives and breathes it which also reflects on her emotionally. She studies journalism so she can capture and share her love for music with the world. Stella has a voice and she wants to be heard.
Stella meets the handsome and brooding drummer Reid who plays for the unknown band Dead Sergeants. Their connection is instantly. Like magnets. Reid has a lot of emotional s**t he's dealing with but their connection is undeniable.
Stella plays a huge part in the birth of Dead Sergeants and them becoming famous. Her faith in Reid and the band is unparalleled. I loved that about her. Her selflessness and also her determination to achieve her goal. Which is writing for the Austin Speaks paper to cover artists and music.

It takes a toll on their relationship when Reid doesn't believe and has faith in his future with The Dead Sergeants. He's also battling his own demons. Feeling that he's not enough for Stella. In his own eyes he's nothing. She just wants him. Their love is a drug. Potent. Like Stella I was addicted to their story, their evolving connection and I also feared that the bubble would eventually burst.
Reid wanted to feel worthy of Stella and that led them both on different paths which only made them grew and change as people.

You have to experience Stella's journey. The secondary characters are just as interesting and complex as Stella and Reid. Especially Lexi and Ben. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want their story.

When I read the prologue I was intrigued and as the story developed I questioned the why and how. I loved that nothing was certain and how the hell had Stella gotten to that place in the prologue. The story was never predictable and the plot was flawlessly executed with a compelling narrative.

Drive resonated with me because of my love for music and romance. I recognized the artists and references. I was transported into a time warp and I never wanted to leave.
Yes, Drive is about music but this story is so much more. It's about love and what the heart is capable of. Loving two people. Irrevocably and making a choice.
Drive is unforgettable and I was seduced by Stewart's indisputable voice which proves that Drive is in a league of its own. Wow!

5+ Look Up Stars

Flow - Kennedy Ryan

When I read the Souls series I was very much intrigued by Grip and Bristol's relationship and wondered what was their story. Because they certainly had chemistry in spades. Their simmering lust and attraction also hinted at a much more deeper connection.

With Flow, a short prequel, I got not just a hint but a pretty damn good look into how they first met and how deep their relationship goes. Especially on a personal level. Their interactions were phenomenal and I loved how comfortable they were around each other. They reveled in each other's company and their conversations flowed effortlessly, layered with so much intensity. I couldn't remove my eyes from the intoxicating prose and words of Kennedy Ryan. Grip and Bristol were amazing and turned out to be very complex and multi layered characters. I loved the range and depth of their conversations which were a great mixture of race and culture. Also their own views and opinions of today's and the 90's society played a huge part of this story and I appreciate that Ryan chose to go that route with Grip and Bristol. My impression and love for both of them only expanded and I got so much more excited as the story progressed.

I can easily tell that Kennedy Ryan is a huge fan and admirer of poetry. Her prose feels just like that. Poetry. Her words flows with ease, gently pulls my along like a wave and I'm immersed. I'm in another world, the world of Kennedy Ryan and that's definitely the place to be.

5 Chocolate Charm Stars

Grip - Kennedy Ryan

I was definitely wooed by Grip and his delicious chocolate charm. Marlon aka Grip isn't all about being a famous hip hop star. No, he has so much story hidden behind those good looks of his. A voice to be heard because he has plenty to say. Not just through his lyrics but also in general. A very strong opinion and a talent beyond words. He's also a good man who's been raised right by his mother in a tough environment in Compton. When he finally gains success he never forgets where he's from or the people that matter the most to him.
Bristol is my kind of woman and I have to be honest that I wasn't a fan of hers when I met her in the Souls series. But already while reading Flow I had to admit that I was wrong. She won me over and after reading Grip I want her as my best friend cause she kicked ass. I also saw a more vulnerable side to her that immediately captured me. That vulnerability goes back to her strained relationship with her parents and her brother Rhyson. It will also play a huge role in her relationship with Grip.

Grip and Bristol's relationship is extraordinary and so intense that I got chills every time they were around one another. There's so much history between them since their friendship goes back years. That only strengthened my connection and my need to know more. What I love about them is how at ease and comfortable they were with each other. They connected on deeper level. Through conversations about race, society and music. Only open to each other's opinions and never narrow minded. One thing they both wanted explore further was their mutual attraction which was out of this world. Simply magical. Their love and how far they will go for it and one another knows no bounds. I was drunk on their love.

One of many things Kennedy Ryan succeeds with in Grip and also Flow are her choice of topics and how she weaves them into Grip and Bristol's story. Especially music and race plays a huge and important role. It gives the story an edge but most importantly it also gives more depth to the characters. Not just to Grip and Bristol but also to the secondary characters. Grip is an extraordinary story with a powerful message which has to be experienced.

5 Poetic Stars

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5,159 reviews175 followers
May 17, 2020

Amazon | Amazon Worldwide

Promise Me Forever is an excellent collection with a little something for everyone - suspense and intrigue, passion, current and timely issues, and above all, love, so much love!

Drive by Kate Stewart: 5 stars
Stella gets a call that her ex is getting married and it spurs a road trip. The reader is privy to her entire story playing out as she drives, with a playlist all there in the forefront, in the background, all over.

This is a love triangle, which I normally can't stand, but it's pretty flawlessly told. I won't say if I agreed with her choice, but I can say I love both men and she had one hell of a choice to make because they were equally amazing guys.

I loved Drive. It's a heartfelt and emotional journey.

Ghost by A. Zavarelli: 5 stars
I read Ghost back when it was first released and absolutely loved it. How could I not? It's part of my favorite series - Boston Underworld, and has one of the best heroes of all time - Ghost (Alexei), hacker extraordinaire for the Boston branch of the Vor. He and the woman who will become his everything, Talia, have a painful journey to love because she's been damaged by the men who bought her, and already had emotional problems beforehand, and Ghost is fighting his own demons.

My original review of Ghost still stands, but I won't put it here - it's too long, I'll just say that Ghost is one of my favorite stories in my favorite series. Ghost and Talia are a strong couple who ran through a million obstacles for their love in the blended Russian/Irish mafia world that Ashleigh Zavarelli has created.

The Stolen Duet by BB Reid: 5 stars
When Mian's left orphaned by her dad going to prison, she gets sent off to family who don't care for her at all. Kicked out onto the streets for being pregnant, she makes the choice to break into the wrong man's house. The man who used to be the boy who cared for her but is now a hardened man intent on revenge.

This is a fabulous duet!! Angel is sexy and alpha af, and in love with the woman whose son he kidnapped for revenge. Mian is such an amazing character - strong and loving with a steel backbone. I love that she made Angel work for forgiveness at the end, and made sure she was making the right decision not only for her child, but for herself as well. I will remember this duet for a long time - it's sexy and intriguing and suspenseful, addicting reading.

Flow and Grip by Kennedy Ryan: 5 stars
In Flow we get the prequel to Marlon and Bristol's journey. She's his best friend's twin and she's come to visit. They are immediately attracted, but she's off limits. So a few kisses but a ton of tension, and a cliffhanger. They start off with a bang. I can already tell in the prequel that their journey is gonna be a bit painful.

Grip is the full length version of their story. It's set in the present where he's already a full blown A list rapper named Grip and she's his manager. They shouldn't be together, and a lot of people don't want them to be, but neither cares. To them, color of their skin, socio-economic class, upbringing, none of that matters, because love doesn't see any of these things. Against all odds, they fall in love and fight like hell to be together and to stay together. I fell hard for this couple and love the timeliness of their story. I could easily see this being made into a movie, and I'd definitely go see it!

ARC via A. Zavarelli for an honest review.

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5,032 reviews
May 5, 2020
This collection is fantastic.

Drive by Kate Stewart
5 unexpected stars

I am not sure what I was expecting when I started this book but it sure as hell wasn't to be punched in the gut. It shows the beauty of love as an emotion that can be tied to music.

"Because music is the heart’s greatest librarian. A few notes had the ability to transport me back in time, and to the most painful of places. Take any song from the Rolodex of your life, and you can pin it to memory. It translates, resonates, and there it will remain. And no matter how many of those Rolodex cards you want to rip out and burn like an old phone number to make room for new ones, those songs remain and threaten to repeat."

This story was beautifully told. I was floored at Kate's ability to make you fall in love with two characters the way she did.
"Love doesn’t die, even when you stop feeding it. There is no expiration date on the ache of missing someone you shared your heart, life, and body with."

Nate or Reid. I am not sure I could even decide between the two. They both are top BBF's now. My heart hurt for Stella.

"In love with two worthy kings, and I was queen of the damned."

This story could have gone either way. The brilliance of that is in either scenario my heart would have hurt for the one not chosen. That takes skill.


Ghost by A Zavarelli
5 stars

This is my second time reading this book and first time leaving a review because at the time I didn't realize the importance of more than just ranking the books.

This entire series is fantastic but this book might be my favorite. Strong characters, great storyline, steamy moments that might come close to melting your kindle, and intense Bratvya action.

I enjoyed the push and pull in regards to Alexsi and Talia, especially, as they both were dealing with some pretty intense baggage. I will say that the story itself is gritty and brutal at times. I was all in watching these two amazing characters fall-in-love.

Highly recommend this series and this book. It can be read as a standalone but I definitely would go back and read them all because it is that good. There are triggers in this story so be warned.

The Stolen Duet by BB Reid
The Bandit
5 Are You Kidding Me Stars
I was NOT prepared in any shape or form for this book. This had me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last. The cliffhanger at the end had me almost throwing my kindle because it is just that good. Looking back, I am not sure how I managed to wait for book two because it was that intense.

Vicious antihero, incredible storyline, INTENSE interactions, Panty melting chemistry/steam, and suspense made for an incredible first part. Told in dual POV, I couldn't stop reading this book because I NEEDED to know where this story was going. It was that good, that I dreamt about it, trying to come up with how this story was going to evolve in book two. Luckily, in this book, part two is included and there is no wait time to get the answers.

The Knight
5+ stars

I have eagerly been waiting for this book after Bandit. It did NOT disappoint. Mian is still fiery and trying to protect her son and her heart and Angel... He is still as hot and badass as ever. The things he did to show that he chose her over his legacy was powerful.

I loved the joking between Z, Lucas, and Mian. I am sooooooo looking forward to the spinoff series.

Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan

4.1 stars

In this prequel, the author gives insight into how Grip and Bristol came to be. This is sweet but didn't grab my attention the way that Grip did.

5 changed the template of who I am stars
This book changed the very template of who I am

Writing a review for this one on the second read through, and I have to say, and I am not sure how it is possible, but I loved this book more the second time around. I felt Everything differently this time. This connection is palpable and visceral. I hurt when they were apart because it was almost as if there was a string there connecting me to them that was pulled taut.

There is a reason that this author is award-winning because the way that she weaves a story and mesmerizes her audience is truly legendary.
"I've had some pretty wild dreams about Bristol Gray. But in my wildest dreams, I couldn't imagine that not the nakedness of her body, but the nakedness of her soul, would be the thing that tempted me the most."

There is just something about her cadence and stylistic choices that makes her extraordinary. I appreciated her insight into racism and the prejudices people have about color. It still boggles my mind that this is even an issue because the color one's skin is painted in should have no bearing on the person that they are on the inside. I highly love this book and even though Bristol is my girl, Grip owns my heart.
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May 19, 2020
What an amazing, wooing, swooning, heartfelt, beautiful, real and unputdownable story.
Grip & Bristol = Crazy chemistry you'll be able to feel coming from the pages. Both these characters have such passion that it makes some choices hard to make.

1st book by this author and it won't be my last.
aaarrrgggghhh!!!! On to book 2

sign me up to the Kennedy Ryan fan club!

More stars needed!!!!
I cannot, even if I tried, Love Marlon aka GRIP more than I do - My heart is completely full. He is absolute PERFECTION!!! In soo many different ways. I'm just "Whoa" #woo #swooned #LoveGrip4Life

AND-- Although she exasperated me a little from time to time, I ended up IN LOVE with Bristol!!!! I totally understood her once "It" came to light. I was like "Omg...Yes, that makes sense. I get it" #girlpower #strongwoman #loyal
Bristol and Grip are my absolute favorite couple.

Phenomenal characters! This story has touched all my feelings and the deepest part of my heart and mind. The development of Marlon and Bristol's relationship was fascinating. I was not only enamored but was also given food for thought. The real life struggles they endured as a couple and also as individuals was empowering. I feel like a better person after reading this.

We splinter into a thousand pieces..., becoming more together than we were apart. More than we were alone. With whispered promises and words of love, we exchange hearts.

“Don’t you feel how connected we are?” I ask. “If I break your heart, I break mine.”

This entire story beginning with FLOW book #0.5 has been quite a page turner for me.
I'm onto book 2 STILL ❤

11/9/18- Listened to the audio. Wow!! It's everything!

FLOVED this story! Magnificent and Transcending.

1st- I am one that absolutely loves stories with songs in them that cause me to stop reading, listen to the song, and keep reading. It gives me a stronger sense of what the characters are feeling.

2nd- Stella's journey, the way the story was told with past/present by pressing Play/Pause. LOVED it!!! Uniquely written.

3rd- I fell in love so much. With one character, then another, then I was mad and hated that character but then I fell in love again because there was no way I couldn't. The choices made by every single one of them were good. They needed to find themselves. Follow their dreams. Be the best self they can be. Unfortunately for them TIME stops for no one and you cannot control who the heart wants or when it wants.

The journey of Life, Love, Self discovery and Dreams is a bumpy one. All we can hope for is the happy ending.

"If I'm not what you need, then go find it. I bared myself to you, and you didn't have the decency to fall in love with me. I probably will hate you. I fell for you, scared, but I did it anyway."

"I'm fighting for you, Stella,"..."I keep waiting for you to end it with this guy. You tell me he's a good man, fine. I say I can be the better man."

Every single day, I take you with me wherever I go
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May 8, 2020
Promise Me Forever is am amazing collection of full length books by 4 brilliant authors that I'll never get enough of.

Drive by Kate Stewart:
This was an emotional read about a triangle where all parties involved were great so I had a very difficult time trying to choose like Stella (our heroine) did. it's always easier in a triangle is one guy is terrible or less than, but that wasn't happening here, and it nearly destroyed me. And I'm not naming names either.

Ghost by A. Zavarelli:
Now I'm a HUGE fan of this author, so there's not one story that you can go wrong with, and Ghost falls right along with that statement. The story is filled with intensity, and of course the twists & turns which got the f-bombs dropping like crazy, and that is truly my happy place. Plus, as a bonus, this brilliant author always gets all the crazy emotions out of me.

The Stolen Duet by BB Reid (The Bandit & The Knight):
OH MY HELL! This is no wine & roses duet, just raw, gritty situations that had me holding my breath more than once. It's twisted to the point that I couldn't even drop anymore f-bombs, and that makes them EPIC in the telling for my little dark & twisty soul. I couldn't look away, but I did get mad more than once or twice, like that type of rage that would almost have me throw my kindle against the wall at choices. However, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, these two books were worth all the chaos swirling in my head.

Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan:
Now these two books I read a cool minute ago, so I'll just drop those reviews here.

This is the story of when Marlon James and Bristol Gray met. From the beginning, they had an instant connection that was hard to ignore. I'm not giving any more away, as it's a quick story that packs a punch. Thankfully, I had the next book on my kindle already, so I wasn't screaming colorful metaphors at the author, after that ending. Kennedy Ryan's super talented writing style, once again, drew me in completely, and nothing else got done until I was finished. Her amazing characters are very addictive, and easy to relate to. Their simmering chemistry is starting to boil over, and a nice big twist ended this prequel with me dropping a loud f-bomb! I loved how she set their story up in this part, and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

I'm freakin' wrecked completely, with a book hangover from hell! I met Marlon and Bristol in Flow, but Grip is the emotional journey of these two throughout years. It was heart wrenching, highly frustrating, and yet beautiful. All I know is that I'm emotionally drained after that angst filled journey that I felt personally, as I was 100% transported into their world. A questionable choice by Marlon, aka Grip, changed the course of their lives, and broke Bristol. Now as he's on the cusp of super stardom, and she's his manager/friend, but due to some serious miscommunication, they kept hurting each other. Trust me when I say, that there's nothing I can type that will describe the journey I was just on eloquently enough to do it justice, so just read it. Kennedy Ryan is one of my favorites, but she hit new levels of epic with this story, which may or may not have had my eyes leaking. Her brilliant writing style hijacked many hours of my day, as I couldn't do another thing until the last page. So many loud f-bombs dropped, as I wanted to throat punch people, namely Marlon. And just as I was getting my bearings, BOOM! The final twist blew up to shock the hell out of me! Anyway, enough of my rambling, as I'll say it again, READ THIS STORY! Trust me when I say, a 5 star rating isn't nearly enough, and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

This is an amazing collection that everyone needs to read! So, hit those one click buttons immediately, as I CAN'T HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH!
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April 27, 2020
This is a collection of five full length novels I have reviewed 4 of them.

Drive by Kate Steward - I loved this book so much. It's the kind of story I wasn't ready to let go of, I kept going back and rereading parts. Stella was lucky enough in life to find love with two men. Stella was unlucky that she found love with two men. Reid was her first real love, but he was the struggling musician that just couldn't get his self together until it seemed too late. Ben seemed like the perfect guy, he had it all together. Stella just had to figure out what was best for her. This story is full of angst, heartbreak, passion from the people in Stella's life. The characters that Kate Steward as developed will touch you and you will love and cry for them. I also loved the playlist that accompanied the book so I could listen to the songs mentioned in the story, it was all about the music.

Grip by Kennedy Ryan- This was so much more than a romance. It dealt with a lot of social issues that Marlon has to deal with as a person and as a couple. It was a great story of a loved that could not be denied. Kennedy Ryan did a great job of helping understand Grip and Bristol feelings.

The Bandit/The Knight by BB Reid - I enjoyed Angel and Mian's story. Angle's father was the leader of organized crime family which Angel took over after the death of his father. It's interesting that they have these rules, a sort of code of ethics but killing someone for what they consider a good reason is totally acceptable. Mian's father was also part of this crime family. Mian and Angel have had feelings for each other since they first meant but they were too young to act on those feelings. Their lives cross paths when Mian was 19 years old. They still have feelings for each other and a lot of hot chemistry, but there is also a truckload of baggage for them to over come if they want to have a future together. I must also mention Angle's two best friend which are like brothers to him Z and Lance they add hotness and humor to the story.
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April 5, 2020
Promise Me Forever contains Drive by Kate Stewart; Ghost by A. Zavarelli; The Bandit and The Kinght by B.B. Reid and Flow and Grip by Kennedy Ryan.
4 high quality novels from outstanding authors, what's not to like.

Drive by Kate Stewart is a full length, stand-alone novel that had me in tears more than one time.
Stella is a young woman in her last year of college and she's already through a lot. Now she's living on her sister's couch, waiting for the semester to start, no job, no money, no boyfriend anymore.
But Stella is a fighter, a half full glass kind of woman. Til she meets Reid.
Reid is friends and co-worker with the sister and when he and Stella meet, all I can say, hook, line and sinker - puddle of goo. But they're like star crossed lovers and their story is raw, gritty and hurt.
Put and incredible second male charater in the mix and you have an unputdownable, re-read worthy story that had me in knots.
I loved, loved Drive, 5+ Stars.

The Bandit by BB Reid is Part one in The Stolen Duet. This is not a stand.alone and ends with a cliffhanger.

She stole my property. He stole my son.
Meet Angel Knight and Mian Ross. They come from the same side of the fence, but their life could´t be more different.
While Angel is the boss of an empire, Mian lives in poverty.
They meet and worlds clash.
This book has everything in it; its about revenge, hate, humiliation, sick games are played and painful truths are revealed. The Bandit is full of twists and unexpected turns. My jaw hit the flor and I was speechless- literally.
I love this book. I love the writing and I love the characters and I can´t wait to know what happens next.
The Knight, book two:
What A Ride !!
The Knight by B.B. Reid is the second book in the Stolen Duet and is not a stand-alone.
Please read The Bandit, book one, first.
The Knight picks up where The Bandit ends. The story continues.
Angel was stabbed by Mian. She believes him dead.
This book is full of drama, hurt, violence and twists and turns. Twists and turns I never had expected.
Favorite Quote: " Sometimes you find happiness and sometimes happiness finds you. "
My Rating:
Drama: 5 Stars
Characters: 4,5 Stars
Hotness: 7 Stars
Reading The Knight my jaw hit the flor and I was speechless. I love, love this book.

Flow and Grip:
Flow by Kennedy Ryan is the prequel to Grip. Grip releases early in march.
Meet the characters of Flow.
Rhyson Gray, world famous pianist and estranged twin brother to Bristol.
Bristol is a college student and has 2 more years to go.
Through her brother she meets grip- Marlon. They have this crazy insta-chemistry. Really like crazy.
But Grip has a secret. A secret that will destroy their relationship?
Attention! Flow ends with a major cliffhanger!
I loved this prequel. I love Kennedy Ryan´s words. I loved the characters, every single one.
I could feel the characters emotions in the words.
Favorite Q uote: "I could squash him with my eyelashes." - I laughed so hard.

Grip is the sequel to Flow and a full length novel by Kennedy Ryan.
For better understanding I recommend to read Flow first.

8 Years after Flow ends, Grip picks up.
Bristol is now a sucessful manager in the music industry. She manages her brother´s and her record label; and the music career of Rhyson, Grip- who is sucessful and has his first album released- and other artists.
Although she´s now friends with Grip, there was never more between them.
Grip knows she ´s his One, but her walls are high up.
She´s shaped by her mother´s example. He doesn´t give up, but for how much longer?

Finally Bristol jumps over her own shadow. Both pull their heads out of the clouds and they have a real relationship.
But the people that surround them have major reservations. Reading this my jaw hit the flor and it hurt me, literally. I don´t like mys and rac people very much.-Who does?
.And Grip has them a lot, like A LOT.
This book is raw, it is heartwrenchingly and gritty ; but there is also true friendship and a love so strong.
Grip is a book that stays with you.
This story has everything in it from steamy sex, humor, love and heartbreak.
I highly recommend Grip.

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1,059 reviews30 followers
May 6, 2020
This was such a great combination of authors and books! I feel in love with Reid and the music from Drive. Moving onto the Irish/Russian mob life of Ghost and how it sucked you into a completely different world. And then we meet Angel and Mian in a freaking amazing duet with danger and steaminess. Oh and how im dying for some side character stories like right meow. Finally, we concluded with Grip and gosh i loved him and the way the words just flowed. I cant wait to dive more into new authors to me thru this collection.
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May 4, 2020
What an incredible collection of beautiful love stories.
Written by four incredible authors.
The stories are intense and nail biting.
They had me on the edge of my seat at times,tears flowing at times and laughing at loud at times.
Every book is outstanding in its own unique way.

Ghost by A. Zavarelli

Ghost is Alexei and Talia's story. I'm going to try and be really careful not to give any spoilers.
Alexei is in the Russian Mafia. I would said that he's basically the right hand guy of the top man due to his technical skills. He's a genius with a computer.
Alexei is a dominant alpha man with a vulnerability in him due to a personal issue (won't tell you want it is so you can read it and be surprised.
Talia is a beautiful woman but a broken one. She has had a hard and difficult life from a young age. She has a inner strength that helps her survive the nightmare she is plunged into,yet she sees herself as damaged beyond repair.
Alexei and Talia come into each other's lives (won't tell you why or how because I think it's a spoiler) and nothing will be the same again!
Ok now let me tell you about Ms. Zavarelli she has crazy writing skills. Her words and the way she puts them together turn to magic! I have not read one bad book by her on the contrary each of her books just get better and better!
Ghost is a brilliantly written story. The main characters and the secondary characters all have a vital role in Ghost. Sometimes I read books and find that some characters are just inserted for some unknown reason,not here though.
You will find that every word,character and event serves a purpose. Ms. Zavarelli is so detail oriented she forgets nothing even the dialect of how each character speaks because in Ghost you have the Russians,Irish and Americans. I can't say enough good things about this book because it's truly brilliant!

Drive by Kate Stewart

I loved this book!
It’s very emotional.
It’s raw and gritty.
There are no bad guys here.
A beautiful story interwoven with beautiful music.
Stella,Reid and Nate are incredible characters.
I loved each one of them.
Ms. Stewart brought to life that love is a complex thing.
Your soulmate may not be only one person.
A story filled with anguish and a slow burn.
Sometimes reading this story was difficult because of all the emotions coming to life off of the pages.

The Stolen Duet by BB Reid

I love BB Reid books.
Her characters are riveting and her storylines are captivating.
And The Bandit and The Knight stays on track with that.
Angel Knight is the dark sexy bad boy mob boss.
Mian Ross is a single down on her luck young mom.
When she steals from Angel.
He steals from her.
A dark romance filled with suspense and violence.
These books had me hooked from the very start.
They are sexy and steamy.
They are filled with twists and turns.
Revenge and lust.

Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan

It’s a romance with real and painful issues.
The connection between Grip and Bristol is intense.
A story of a love that can’t be denied.
Bristol and Grip’s story is raw,heartbreaking and beautiful.
The issues they deal with are still prevalent in some parts of society till this day.
An against all odds love story that had my heart pounding and breaking.

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May 5, 2020
Promise Me Forever is filled with amazing reads!

The Stolen Duet from B.B. Reid is one of my favorites. Angel and Mian's story is dark and twisted and had me hooked from the start. I love the dual POV. Reid had me turning page after page of this duet even though I have read it before. Reading these books a second time felt like the first time all over again. Mian is a single mom struggling and needing money, her only family is her father who is in jail. Angle and his friends are bandits who steal from people. This duet is filled with love, hurt, revenge, twist and turns. B.B. Reid writes a dark, thrilling duet with an HEA. This duet is a must read.

Ghost by A. Zavarelli is my first book in her Boston Underworld series and has left me needing to go back and read the first two books as soon as possible. Alexei and Talia were fantastic to read about. They are two broken people who come together to make something beautiful. I love Mafia books and Zavarelli delivered an amazing Russian Mafia book. Alexei is a hacker and a brilliant one at that. When Talia is taken he works to get her back. Alexei keeps his word and brings Talia back but he never shares that he has also decided he will marry her. Ghost is a must read for dark or Mafia romance readers.

Drive by Kate Stewart brought the emotion to this collection. Stewart made me cry and want more. This was my first time reading Drive and the only think I'm thinking now is what took me so long? I was missing out on this amazing, beautiful story. Drive was perfect and I never wanted it to end. Stewart had me turning page after page needing more, but never wanting it to end. I'm not a fan of love triangles but Stewart made it work for me. If I could give Drive more than 5 stars I would.

Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan were fantastic reads. Flow was the amazing prequel to Grip and were Grip and Bristol first meet. Grip starts 8 years after Flow. We see how Grip and Bristol are doing. Kennedy Ryan delivers a powerful, beautiful message with this book. My heart hurt for Grip and all the things he has been through purely based on his color. It didn't matter anything else, he was put through so many things I could never imagine having to go through simply for the color of his skin. Bristol struggled with the need for her family to love her and it was heartbreaking. I can't imagine feeling the way she did. And it really made me think about how I would feel if I were in her shoes. Would I want the love of people who clearly didn't have it or would I just be able to walk away and be okay with it.

Promise Me Forever is an amazing collection of books and has something for everyone!
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May 19, 2020
This is a great great anthology featuring 4 amazing authors.
Kate Stewart shares Drive with us in the set. It was the story that mans me fall in love with her and her books.
Then we have A Zavarelli. She shares with us her Ghost story. I had never read from this author and it was amazing. So raw. This one was not for the faint of heart.
BB Reid was also another author that I didn’t know and I loved every minute of her story.
Last but not least is Mrs Kennedy Ryan that shares her Grip duet. This is THE series that I fell in love with by her. Picked it up on a whim and the rest with this author was history.
So in all I found two more great authors in this anthology and for that I’m thankful!!
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828 reviews13 followers
May 16, 2020
This BOOK. These Authors. These Stories inside !!!! Gahhhhhh It is amazing and most perfect choice to have them in one place !!!!

I cannot choose which one is my fave because I can recomend every single one of them. They are hot. They are emotional. They are absolutely must read.

FROM THE first paige till the last one every author is taking us for an epoc journey. journey that if full.of ups and downs... A lots of tears, with love in the bacground, and the main plan. You live in this stories. You breath for these characters. You cannot stop to read ... untill 'the end' on last paige.

Do not waste time and onclick this Baby now !!!! There's any better place to read all this stories !!!!
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1,164 reviews32 followers
May 18, 2020
This is my first Top Shelf Romance collection and I completely loved it. Far and away my favorite of the bunch is going to be DRIVE by Kate Stewart! They were all good, but that one was an emotional roller coaster that I stayed up all night reading because I had to know what was going to happen.

I loved how each author was similar in the way they craft a story but they each had wildly different stories included here, a huge array of characters, and if you're new to the romance genre or you just really like a little bit of everything, this would be a fabulous next pick!

Full review to be on my blog 5/19/20 (www.strandedinchaos.com)
1,160 reviews
May 7, 2020
This is a wonderful collection of four full-length, best-selling, standalone novels by top-shelf authors, all ending in a HEA.

Drive by Kate Stewart
Drive takes you on a heartbreaking and emotional ride filled with passion and heart! This was a highly entertaining read and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.

Ghost by A Zavarelli
The author takes us on a heartbreaking but beautiful journey with Talia and Alexei. It is about betrayal, learning to trust again, and finding love in unexpected places. I really enjoyed this mafia romance!

The Stolen Duet by BB Reid
Great plot with twists and turns I didn't see coming and wonderful characters!

Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan
OMG! I love Kennedy Ryan. She absolutely slays it with Flow & Grip! This is an opposites-attract, slow-burn romance full of angst, passion, and so many feels! Flow is a novella that must be read before Grip. Bristol and Grip come from different worlds but their attraction is undeniable but their romance will not be an easy one. This is phenomenally written and the characters are so real, relatable, and addicting. I loved every emotion, every feeling, every touch. The plot has true-to-life situations that are difficult to navigate. This was so real, raw, and gritty. I devoured every page and hated to see it end! There is a reason Kennedy Ryan is a best-selling author, and this book only further proves why.

These books were so good! They are different but all amazing must-reads. I highly recommend getting this collection.

****ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.****
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May 8, 2020
Every book here deserves a 5 star rating. All absolutely incredible stories. My favourite was The Stolen Duet. I'm in need of Z's story so bad!

Kate Stewart is a first time author for me but I adore her writing style and her characters were so well thought out. Stella, Reid and Nate were so well portrayed and the plotline never once faltered.

A. Zaverelli came through with her darker romance, Talia being the victim and Alexei being her saviour. Absolutely incredibly thought out, details were included and Alexei is one of the most protective yet honest alphas. He didn't have the 'bully' side that a lot of authors like to give the alpha males.

B.B Reid as always sent me to hell and back with The Stolen Duet, fantastic stories. I don't have the words to write a good review because it was just so astounding. The twists and turns within the plot were surprising and made the book totally unpredictable. There was no guessing what was going to happen next. It was witty, steamy and oh so addictive.

Finally, Grip by Kennedy Ryan.

Another first time author for me, and I was so excited to read this based on the incredible reviews. This book was heartbreaking, emotional and so beautifully written. I really recommend reading the entire series, I fully intend to read them start to finish because I do feel like book 1 should be read first.

There are no cliffhangers in these books, they are HEA and are some of the best romances I've read.
May 7, 2020
Review for Drive by Kate Stewart:

It was my first read by this author and i really loved her writing. This story is captivating and you get all the feels.

It's starts with Stella finding out that her ex got married. After that she takes a road trip home with a playlist full of memories. And that's were the story really beginns. We see her fall in love with two different men.

I tried the whole time to figuring out with whom she will end up. I just wanted the book to end so i get my answers. I don't like love triangles, because you have to decide wich one you like more and it was really hard, because both men were great. I wished the author wouldn't have made an love triangle out of this book and would have gave both men their own love story. I couldn't even enjoy the epilog because i fellt so wrecked and heartbroken.

If you're a fan of love triangle, than this book is a perfekt 5 star read for you. But for me it is just a 4 star read, because even if she ended up with the man i thought fits better, this book left a bitter aftertaste.

*Promise Me Forever gets 5 stars, because i haven't read all of the stories yet, but it's definitely a great collection*
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May 7, 2020
This collection is full of amazing stories. Each book touched the depths of my souls and had my heart in a vise. Drive was touching and hit me in all the feels. The emotions I went through was heartbreaking beautiful. Ghost is what you’d expect from Zavarelli. It’s raw and gritty and I was captivated. The Stolen Duet is just wow...it is an all consuming duet that will have you devouring the pages of both books. Flow and Grip is one of my fave reads of all time so when I saw it in this collection I had to read it. You get lost in the author’s words as she weaves a complex and powerful tale in such a poetic manner. This collection is a must own. It has stories that you can read over and over again. A phenomenal book with amazing authors.
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May 16, 2020
Promise Me Forever (Top Shelf Romance #3) by Kate Stewart, A Zavarelli, BB Reid & Kennedy Ryan

5 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Promise Me Forever is a collection of four best-selling novels, including: ⁣

Drive by Kate Stewart
Ghost by A Zavarelli
The Stolen Duet by BB Reid
Flow & Grip by Kennedy Ryan

Every book is a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ read worth in every book! This big book definitly a must read!

3 of the authors were first time read for me, and I am very happy that I discovered them.

I highly recommend this beautiful collection.
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August 29, 2022
My overall thoughts on the collection as a whole:

Collection number three from Top Shelf Romance and I am speechless again. Promise Me Forever is a fabulous collection of Romance books and a great place to pick up and taste test new authors or even to read a favorite from an author you have already. Solid read and well worth all the reading time it took for me to read all of these books!


Ghost by A. Zavarelli: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Bandit by B.B. Read: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5

The Knight by B.B. Read: ⭐⭐⭐.5

Flow by Kennedy Ryan: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Grip by Kennedy Ryan: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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