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Turn The Page: When You're Looking For A Killer

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Diane Bixby had to get out amongst the living again ... It was two years since Cache's accident. I had to quit grieving and move on with my life. Besides, it wasn't fair to our son, Connor. The Manhattan Mall had a bookstore and I learned a famous author was promoting his latest release at a signing. Connor and I loved books, and this would be a great opportunity for us to do something different together. I knew nothing about the author, but fortunately for me, one of his biggest fans was the line with me. He was eager to tell me all about them. Evan Matthews finally had his chance ... My favorite author of all time was promoting the last book in his thriller series. I was able to get the day off so I could finally meet him. I had so many questions to ask the celebrity. I passed the time in line chatting with an attractive young mother and her son. We hadn't noticed the stacks of books diminishing, and both reached for the last copy. Suddenly we were no longer in the store, but chasing a car after watching someone snatch a child off the street and toss him inside.Follow Diane and Evan as they chase a Killer through the streets of New York, but only after they, Turn The Page...

224 pages, Paperback

Published March 16, 2020

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About the author

Robin Rance

75 books66 followers
Robin is married but spent twenty-two years as a single mother of five before she married her current husband. She was a letter carrier for twenty-four years and is now retired from the postal service. She lives in the heat of Arizona where she loves to write her stories and the stories of others.

Robin Rance began writing after a reoccurring dream kept making an appearance. She wakes up regularly with other stories begging to be told. Robin generally writes contemporary romance but also has written other genres including inspirational romance, fantasy historical romance, and a WWII historical Mystery/Romance book as well. She finished her first children’s book about anti-bullying and recently released her second book about friendly monsters at play.

Robin currently has nineteen books that have been self-published and is working on releasing five more this year. She’s got a crazy imagination and a lot more stories to tell. If you enjoy her books, please remember to leave a review and recommend her to your friends and family members who love to read.

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Profile Image for Karen Hrdlicka.
1,051 reviews19 followers
March 31, 2020
WOW, I was not expecting this book. Romantic suspense is my favorite genre, and Robin Rance delivers a story heavy on suspense with a budding, unlikely romance. We've all said we've been pulled into a story when we read, but Evan and Diane are literally pulled into a killer's storyline over several books, searching and hoping to stop the next event from the books.
Evan and Diane meet in line at an author signing and strike up a conversation. Diane is just looking for an activity to get out of the house, where she's kept herself and her son since the death of her husband. Evan is there to meet his favorite author. When only one book remains to purchase, both grab for it and are transported into a storyline that luckily Evan is familiar with.
What follows is an exciting adventure in a parallel dimension where if Evan and Diane can beat the killer to the next vision they may be able to save him or her. The story is fast paced, unique, and imaginative. Ms. Rance does an excellent job of grabbing the reader's attention and holding it tight until the very end. The unusual experience draws Diane and Evan closer together and a spark begins to kindle in their budding relationship.
I highly recommend this extremely original story from Ms. Rance and look forward to the next book from her creative mind.
563 reviews2 followers
March 30, 2020
Evan is out and about for the day. He is super excited that his favorite author is doing a book signing for his newest book in a larger series. He is a single guy. He has dated quite a bit, but nothing has stuck.

Diane is a single mother. She lost her husband two years ago and has been raising their son all alone since then. She has closed them off from the world since then. She has decided that it is time to finally break out of her shell and have a day out. She decides to go to the book signing as something different to try. She meets Evan as they are standing in line.

They go to reach for the same book at the same time, and are transported into the series. This book was a roller coaster ride of fun. So much was happening in this story. A great read.
Profile Image for Mary Woldering.
Author 20 books151 followers
May 31, 2020
Turn the Page (When You're Looking for a Killer) by Robin Rance is a thriller and whodunnit book which gets into whydunnit. It's also a dreamworld fantasy. Two protagonists; Evan a single guy and fan of an author having a signing at a busy bookstore and Diane, a widow with a young son just coming out of her shell after mourning for two years. The two strike up a conversation about the author but when they both touch the copy of the same book they are sucked into the world created in that author's series about a serial killer. Diane's son is also missing. Convinced the answer to where he is will be found in the books, Evan and Diane read them, turning the pages to solve the crime.
Interesting twist on mystery and suspense that will have you turning pages too.
Profile Image for Crystal Benson.
Author 5 books17 followers
April 7, 2020
OMG, I just finished this book and was very pleased. This story kept me captivated with intense moments as I turned the next page. Each chapter had me reading on through the words as Evan and Diane ran through the streets of New York City. They got pulled into an authors book as they both reached for the last copy.
Profile Image for Brandon Fero.
Author 3 books6 followers
October 9, 2020
I Said 4 Stars... Then I Got to the End...

4 stars. That was what I'd planned to give the book.

Let me explain why I changed my mind and gave it 5.

First, to the reader, Miss Rance doesn't typically do thrillers. She builds her characters with great amounts of dialogue. She also knows some New York City hotspots, which I've certainly never visited. Those who live in the Big Apple will likely know plenty of the places she mentions.

For us out-of-towners, it's a little more difficult to follow. So be forewarned about that. Then there's the story timeline. The story begins with our two MCs about to hold a meeting with an author, and swiftly shoves you forward in time.

This is intentional. You're not missing scenes. You're living out an eight-book thriller series in one book. Be warned, some of the subjects and the scenes are brutal. I would never recommend this for a person under 18.

But, just like any story, we have a blooming romance beating underneath while our two MCs chase down a serial killer.

There are a few typos, a few missing words, some areas I would have liked to have stopped and take a breath to see what else was going on, but all in all, an excellent work.

And then there's the ending.

I won't spoil it. You need to read it.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I need to send a question to the author.

Profile Image for Lori Hoopengardner.
Author 11 books107 followers
October 15, 2020
A great story, well written, and attention grabber. You will definitely enjoy this story. You will find the characters enjoyable and relateable.
Profile Image for Teri Ditchman.
183 reviews1 follower
October 11, 2020
Great mystery story that will keep you reading.

A great mystery story that will keep you on your toes. I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next. Very well written and a great story with great characters. Hoping for a follow-up book to this one
28 reviews
October 6, 2020
Evan and Diane.. a match made in, writing?
Benny, the author? The story began a bit slow, and hard to follow, but quickly turned into something I could not put down.  The blend of the stories, the lives of the characters so deliberately  placed into one another's paths. Not your typical, played out story line.  Try to guess what happens next, good luck! Now,  to find out where their lives take them. One of the most thrilling thrillers on the market.

Profile Image for Liliyana Shadowlyn.
2,141 reviews58 followers
October 8, 2020
Turn the Page is a thrilling read. Evan is sweet and kind, Diane is down-to-earth and relatable. You won't be able to stop turning pages (yeah, pun intended) once you start. There are thrills, some sparks, and a crazy journey. You don't want to miss this one!
Profile Image for Chrystal.
169 reviews1 follower
October 16, 2020
This book is definitely a page turner and will keep you on edge. Makes you wonder what’s going to happen next. I definitely recommend this book.
October 3, 2020
Turn the Page is a thriller. There is a book signing, a mystery regarding Gunner's book series, a kidnapping, and a little romance. There are so many many twists and turns within this book that keeps the reader intrigued and on the edge of their seat. I was completely enamored with this book. If you enjoy reading thrillers, then you should definitely read this book.
Profile Image for Amber Daniels.
Author 3 books27 followers
March 25, 2020
This was a very different read than anything Robin Rance has ever written. I have read all of her works, so when this book came up I was really excited! I never thought one of my favorite romance authors could write horror and suspense so amazingly but Rance has done it! The scenes from the mind of a killer will most definitely have you turning the page until the very end!!!
Profile Image for Nick.
9 reviews
July 6, 2020
I'll start off by saying I thought the book was too slow in the beginning, and jumped around like the movie Groundhog Day just a bit too much. It took me forever to read it, but the last third of the book, for me, is where the pace really picked up and made the book enjoyable.
Profile Image for Carol Cassada.
Author 32 books100 followers
February 6, 2021
*Word of warning, there's some graphic material in this novel so it may not be suitable for all readers*

I've read lots of Robin Rance books and most of them have been romance stories, but Turn the Page has her going in a different genre.

Although, there's some shade of romance, the book is mainly a suspenseful one.

Evan and Diane are two strangers, whose lives become intertwined when Diane's son Connor is kidnapped. Evan helps Diane search for her son, and they soon find the events they encounter are the same ones in a famous author's book.

The premise of the story is good, I liked how the characters are chasing after a killer from a book series. It got a little confusing as the story switched from Evan and Diane's perspectives to the kidnapper/killer.

Oh, word of warning some of the scenes with the killer are graphic, so be prepared.

Anyway, Evan and Diane have an adventure around town as they try to watch the killer's next move and capture him before it's too late.

Also, I wanted to point out the author did a good job of describing the scenery of New York, it felt like you were on the chase with Evan and Diane.

I won't divulge too much about the book, but there's a plot twist at the end that had my jaw on the floor.
Profile Image for K.D. Hilt.
Author 7 books4 followers
January 1, 2022

Title: Turn The Page: When you’re Looking for a Killer
Author: Robin Rance
I’ve been looking forward to this book for awhile now. I’ve been told it had mystery, suspense, and a dash of romance too. It had it all. This was just and amazing mystery romance that kept me wondering and interested. I loved the main characters, the background, and the story it’s self. Robin Rance truly made an amazing story here and I could picture it all clearly. I look forward to reading more of her books and strongly recommend this book.
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