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Knights #1

Don't Dare Love

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I'm not scared of loving someone, I'm scared of them not loving me enough.


I met Amelia right after my father died. With just a smile, she reached into the depths of my depression and brought me out of the dark place my mind had gone to, filling me with light. She gave me purpose, hope, and something worth fighting for—us…she just doesn’t know it yet.

I’ve been watching her every move since that day—listening, learning—waiting for the day she graduates to rescue her from the life she shies away from. I have a plan, and no one will stop me. She’s going to be mine.


I have issues. I’m the first one to admit my brain doesn’t shut up­—ever­—and holding on to my v-card like it’s a hall pass to heaven, is insane. I’m a junior in college. I’ve dated guys and some of them even made me want to commit. I never have. That might all change with him, but he’s definitely not the ending my friends want for me.

Connor’s different, or maybe I’m different with him. When it’s just the two of us things are comfortable, easy, simple—but my heart doesn’t always beat to the same tune as my thoughts, and that frustrates me. I’m losing control and people are noticing—people who can break me.

Disclaimer: Some of the content is for a mature audience. It's a suspense series, and thus, may contain cliffhangers, some violence, stalkers, and adult language.

328 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 21, 2017

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About the author

Sonya Jesus

41 books1,117 followers
USA Today & International Bestselling Author of Romantic Suspense, Thrillers, & Dark Romance books.

Don't be fooled by the positive, unicorn-loving, bubbly nerd. Sonya writes about dark hearts, soul-crushing moments, and the in-between of moral code. In books, she spares no one from the emotional rollercoaster and the gut-wrenching turns, but in real life, she's all about the bounce—about embracing the change, using the hard parts of life to spring back up, and not giving up when things get tough.

Sonya's a sucker for romance, practically inhales books in her free time like they're oxygen, and nurtures an addiction to criminal psychology. Yes, she watches True Crime as a hobby. Forever a student at heart, Sonya enjoys adding degrees, accolades, and certificates to her roster, and is affectionately referred to as Dr. Paige Turner by her peers.

Her family insists she's smart, but they must not see her lose her phone at least twice a week, try to open the front door with the car fob, or toot brain farts on the daily. Luckily, they also think she's funny. But that's just one of the reasons why she loves her big Portuguese family, rose-colored glasses and all.

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March 19, 2018


I love discovering new authors, it's a thrilling process of gaining a new shiny toy kinda feel...lol

So, Sonya Jesus delivered an intriguing and captivating story that can be easily torn in two individual parcels that are somewhat perpetually intervowen into a puzzling insight into the life of a college student Amelia/Lia and her everyday life's contemplation on love, or better yet, her inner questioning on the matter and why is it so hard for her to give that part of her! Letting a guy in is almost impossible-she's emotionally closed off, she doesn't do relationships, she doesn't do one night stands...she's exploring the lengths of physical touch but she never gives to intimacy and she had her heart broken when she didnt put out and the guy left...

But it's not just having sex the issue she s having, she wants, craves for MORE than an affection, she wants the whole package, she wants the full love blast but she s scared of letting go or letting someone in, other than her best friend Christofer Robinson/Robins....

And when Connor, a freshman tries to reach behind her walls, they are both suddenly thrown into the whole mess of "everyone's opinion" on the matter...friends with advice, spiteful, jealous girls with an agenda, balancing between the relationships and friendships turns into so much unnecessary work and quite a turmoil for a regular college girl...

And then there's a guy who we know as Hawk who is obsessed with Lia, in such a way that he 's been planning their future together...he's a master player from the shadows, he watches, listens and makes his moves....he has infiltrated himself into every aspect of her private life and she doesn't even know it...

and this guy won't stop at nothing, nothing...to finally have her-his queen.


Well, well, well...
I have to admit this story was different from other NA books around.
Yes, at first there's a notion of the same pattern 'college turmoil messy shit and drama' but the difference is in the lingering mist of suspense in the air through out the book...even though the interactions from the 'villain' Hawk and the main heroine Lia are limited, and we get to read about their lives in separate two points of views, from his and her side...there's not much of the essence in connecting them together, in fact the whole story felt like a huge stage play where YOU know who the 'killer' is and YOU are looking straight at him and then YOU try to scream to warn the heroine that he's right there standing beside her...and how come she doesnt get it???!!!! Lol

From that aspect it was in fact thrilling and anticipatingly interesting in the sense of expectation of what will happen next...

But I also somehow felt like I passed the time foing exactly that-expecting for that blow to finally happen and I lost the grip on the rest of the characters....

It felt like the 'stalker guy' was there to raise the tension while we watch Lia struggle with her inner vixen and her Angel/conscious side fight the battles of the heart as she's trying to find the right Knight.

Maybe that was the author's intention, maybe it wasn't...i can't know that but I can tell you that it made me a bit confused in my own perception of what I wanted out of the story to begin with...

Nevertheless, this author writes interestingly and intriguingly...her style is fresh, fast paced yet sometimes a bit messy and confusing but with unmistakable looming sensation of tension and expectation....

***COPY kindely provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***
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Want to read
October 16, 2018
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March 23, 2021
💝 FREE on Amazon today (3/20/2018)!💝

Amelia’s past issues and personal time limits propel her into a relationship that alters her normal life at Westbrook University. Connor, her new potential boyfriend, triggers jealousy, rehashes old relationships, sparks new ones, and ignites a rage in others that will devastate her ordinary life. As she desperately tries to hold on to her pre-Connor life, she struggles to balance the new-found attention while trying to follow her heart. Something she realizes is complicated… very complicated - because her heart has no idea where it’s going.

Connor may be the change Lia is looking for, but he is certainly not the ending Hawk wants for his Queen. Hawk’s invested too much time in planning his future to let some random guy walk away with his happily ever after. He will do anything to protect her virtue, even if it means protecting her from herself because Amelia belongs to him.
He’s chosen her…
He’s watched her…
He’s studied her…
He knows everything there is to learn about her…
And when the time is right she will reign his heart.
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1,654 reviews3 followers
October 14, 2017
Knights After My Heart, by Sonya Jesus, is the author's debut novel. It's a bit hard to get into at first, but once you get beyond the first chapter, you are quickly pulled into an elaborate story with interesting and intriguing characters that will leave you guessing what they are ultimately pursuing. I liked the atmosphere the author created within the story, very detailed and allows the reader to picture it within your mind as you read through the book. By the time I finished this book, I was so on the edge of my seat as I want to know where the story continues.

If Sonya Jesus' future books are anything like what I have read in Knights After My Heart, she will quickly become one of my top author choices for suspenseful stories!!
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September 19, 2018
My rating: 3.5

Reviewed on behalf of 3 Degrees of Fiction Book Blog

Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus was a different kind of read for me. When I first read the blurb and signed up to review, I had a certain idea in my head and that's what I thought the story would be. After reading for a while I got the clear picture of something completely different and that's when my feelings started getting mixed up for this book. It was ok and yes there are aspects that I do like but at the same time some that just really irked me.

One main part I did like was Christopher Robinson, better known as Robins. He is the best friend to the main character, Amelia, and really is a great guy when it comes down to it. Yes he has his faults like being a huge flirt and sleeping around when having a girlfriend and no I don't condone that, but to Lia he is always there no matter what and that's pretty cool. Another part to Knights After My Heart that I enjoyed was the whole medieval theme. That was an interesting time period and how awesome to have a castle as part of your college. I would go to school just for that alone.

There were two topics that seemed to be talked about way too often for my liking. One was food and along with that weight. I didn't understand the emphasis of all the junk food eating and then having to talk about weight gaining and going to the gym. There were also a few comments made by others as well that I found a bit harsh and uncalled for. Then we had the period talk which lasted a few chapters. Yes it's a natural occurrence but I don't see why it needs to be pointed out. Even going so far as describing a kit the girls all share seemed a bit odd to me.

Beyond that Knights After My Heart was a pretty easy read and didn't take long to finish. I am however slightly confused on the direction of the story. There are quite a few characters to keep up with and each have their own mini problems. I believe everyone needs a chill pill, Lia the most. For someone in her junior year she acted like a child, especially with her fleeting feelings for basically any guy to show her attention. There is some mystery going on, which I love, with someone named Hawk who honestly I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out his identity. His character can swing either way and will be interesting what he does choose to do. Good news is that the series is out so won't be long for me to keep going and solve this puzzle once and for all.
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October 25, 2017
Knights after my heart is Sonya Jesus debut novel. After reading this, I cannot wait to see what else she can bring with her future books, and what is left to tell after this cliff-hanger of a story.

This book took me a couple of chapters to really get into the whole storyline or even connect with the characters, but before I knew it I was totally hooked, this book captivated me, entranced me and had me totally on the edge of my seat, with all the twists and turns that continually occur through the book.
This book has various themes throughout it from friendship, mystery, suspense and romance. This book also had a great deal of emotions from the characters that as the reader I could truly feel, such as, heartache, sadness, hope, fear, anxiety and many more. These emotions from the characters were real and raw. You will go along on the journey of these characters, Lia with going through all the notions of life, love and all things adult, finding a way to have your heart belong somewhere where it truly feels safe. You watch them make decisions that impact other relationships in their lives. Past feelings get brought forward to a place where our main character Lia will have to face them head on and deal with her past and present and maybe future colliding together. There are a lot of decisions that Lia has to face but whether they are the correct ones is something she will have to learn from. This was an incredible plot, that flowed from chapter to chapter with perfection, and some incredibly in-depth characters that have you craving to read more. As much as Lia was our main character, my attention was glued to reading Hawk’s POV, I really want to read his story from the start and to understand why the events that are occurring in this started in the first place. I’m just truly fascinated with finding out where this story goes, and whether Lia gets what her heart really needs and how far Hawk is willing to take his intentions for Lia.

A good thing about this book is that Sonya Jesus writes them in Dual POV’s. It really helps me connect with the characters personally, helps me understand their thoughts, feelings and actions and makes me see things from their POV, I just wish there was more POV’s of other characters involved in this story to really understand what they make of the situations that arise in this book.

With this book, you also get some great secondary characters, I’d love to read a story from Robins (Christopher), Lia’s best friend/roomie Mel and even some of the guys from the soccer team mentioned in this book, such as Dylan, Christian and especially Aiden, what is his deal with Lia and why is he so cold towards her.

These are many things that have me eager to find out what happens next, and after that cliff hanger ending I hope we don’t have long to wait, to discover who gets their HEA and who gets what coming to them. Until then do not miss this suspenseful read.
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4,349 reviews56 followers
October 24, 2017
4 Stars

Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus is her intriguing debut novel. It’s a romantic suspense that has mystery, a lot of drama, and a bit of a chilling, creepy factor in the form of one of the characters. As a debut novel, this is really quite good. The author has a detailed, descriptive and strong style, she builds the intensity and tension really well, manoeuvring the plot subtly, getting the reader to start to question a lot of the characters trying to discover who the ‘stalker’ is- this kept me guessing the whole way through.
Amelia (Lia) is a beautiful, intelligent and slightly complicated young woman, a Junior attending Westbrook University. She is on a journey to figure herself out, and in the process, she hopes to figure out what she wants to do about men, relationships and her love life. She has been hurt before and has built a bit of a wall around herself. Lia has just started dating a freshman named Connor Adams, who is kind, caring, patient and totally gorgeous. But most of her friends don’t particularly like him, especially her best friend Christopher Robinson (Robins). This causes some tension between them.
As she tries to navigate through her busy, complicated life, strange things begin to happen that start to freak her out- bizarre gifts, creepy phone calls, chilling messages and unsettling feeling of being watched. Lia tries to brush these things off as pranks, but we discover that she couldn’t be more wrong. There is someone watching her every move, Hawk is getting ready to strike. He has an agenda and will do whatever it takes to make Lia his Queen. How much danger is she in? Could this situation become perilous for her friends, her admirers, and not to mention Connor?? Will she figure it out before it’s too late? College life is about to get a whole lot more complicated!
This is a gripping story of obsession of the worst kind. Ms. Jesus built the tension and suspense beautifully. I was flipping the pages, immersed in the story and trying to figure out who Hawk was. Ms. Jesus is quite skilled when it comes to character development. All the characters were fully realised individuals, with interesting and complex personalities.
The story was a little slow to get going, but about a third of the way through the pace picked up and the story drew me in. There were some small time line issues, and a few errors such as missing words, misused words, doubling up on the exact same information being given at different points in the story, etc- that were missed in the editing process. These things didn’t really detract from the overall story, but pulled me ‘out’ of the story a little when I came across them.
I will definitely be reading the next book!

Thank you, Ms. Jesus!
997 reviews10 followers
July 9, 2018
Sonya Jesus is a new author to me! Knights After My Heart took couple of chapters for me to get into, but once I did l couldn't stop turning the pages! There was so much going on in this story, you will need to keep your mind on this or may just get lost! There is so many characters in this Amelia aka Lia is the one of the main characters then there is Hawk still figuring him out! This story is told by both their POV's! Then have Connor her boyfriend, Christopher aka Robins her sexy, flirty bestfriend, then you have all the hot soccer gods, and then the girls! This story had mystery, suspense, drama, twists and turns and the games and the stalker! This ends with a cliffhanger, so onto Knights Who Stole My Heart!
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March 27, 2018
Knights After My Heart started out as a slow read. This is the first book in the Knights Series and Sonya Jesus did a good job writing this book. The story will definitely keep you sitting on the edge of your seat while you are reading it!

It is written as a dual POV between Amelia and Hawk. Amelia has a new love interest at Westbrook University. Conner is a Freshman who is very interested in Amelia. I loved the relationship Amelia and Conner had. I didn't like how Hawk always felt that just because he had chosen Amelia she was his. Hawk desperately wanted Amelia to be his Queen, it felt to me like it was an obsession with him. While Amelia fought her feelings for Conner because she was trying to hold on to her life before him. They start dating even though none of her friends like him. After he breaks down the walls around her heart.

This is the first book I have read from Sonya Jesus, I look forward to reading the conclusion.
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April 5, 2018
Amelia aka Lia is a junior at a small college with a soccer team that rules the school. She has a best friend Christopher "Robins" and they are super close in every way but sexually. My favorite quote... "He eventually became my sort of trainer, since I never went to the gum. I had an aversion to it, an allergic reaction to sweat.".

In addition to Lia and Robins, there are an assortment of characters from roommates to team mates to friend's girlfriend's sister's best friend (yeah, it's a lot).

This book takes a while to go anywhere. It's very descriptive in nature and each event is detailed while keeping the suspense going.

This book has a couple of different themes running through it and it seems that each theme could be deconstructed to become it's own story.

I don't want to give any thing away so I am being puposely vague. You will have to read it to see for yourself.

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March 28, 2018

**** I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. ****

I found this book on a facebook group where authors offer ARCS through forms. I found the blurb really interesting because I wanted to figure out who Hawk was and why he was so obsessed with Lia.  I just had to know what the big deal was and the more I read the more disturbed I was with this Hawk character. 

He knows so much about her and is always around and basically stalks her but us as the reader barely know much about him. It's creepy. He has infiltrated all parts of her life and it is so weird. He makes everything seem like a chess game. I don't think that any of the characters have figured out that he is playing them like chess pieces and takes them out one by one when their usefulness is done. 

I do have to say that this book is definitely one of a kind. There is just so much going on with the suspense between this guy Hawk and also other weird happenings going on. There are pranks and murder as well. 

Lia also has so much going on with her love life that it is a wonder that she doesn't have vertigo or whiplash.  I feel like she has so much going on and it really keeps things interesting throughout the book. Although she does seem like she isn't sure how she feels about whom. Poor thing. So many guys and so many feelings in the way... then there is Robins... ! 

Oh and I really love her friendship with Robins and how he calls her Pooh Bear. There is most definitely something there between them. I hope that it works out between them because the way they are together is just the best. I ADORE them together and the chemistry is great. Ugh someone help me now ! I just love these two. If we could just clear all of the BS out of the way and get these two together that would be great. Thanks.  

I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book because the ending to this one was kind of shocking but not at the same time. I just... I need more. I need these things resolved for Lia. I want things to work out. Someone please help this girl. Seriously. 

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28 reviews1 follower
March 7, 2018
Amelia, aka Lia, is a junior at Westbrook University. Lia spends her time watching the soccer gods, studying and of course eating! Life has gotten weird lately though. She has a new potential boyfriend, Connor. The problem is that Lia doesn't really do relationships. She's been hurt before and doesn't care for it to happen again.

She also has Robins. Robins is her super hot BFF (sounds awful, right?) and their relationship oozes with sexual tension (even more awful, right??). Add Robins to the equation and let the chaos ensue!

The soccer gods have been acting weird lately too. Maybe there is something going on that Lia doesn't know about? Then again, she does start getting strange gifts and phone calls. It kind of feels like someone is watching her...

Little does Lia know, there is someone watching her. Hawk has deemed Lia his "Queen" and he refuses to let anyone come between them, especially not Connor. Hawk is just waiting for the time to be right to bring home his Queen. Then they can be together forever.

My thoughts:

Knights After My Heart is Sonya Jesus's debut novel. She did a wonderful job. Jesus writes the novel from two very different perspectives: Lia and Hawk.

Lia is a very likable character. She loves boys, her friends, and cake. She has an inner vixen and angel that often converse, and sometimes take over (I think every girl deserves to hear from those two every once in a while!).

I still have some questions about Hawk. He is one mysteriously creepy dude! He kept the suspense high while manipulating everyone to fit perfectly into his plans.

When I started this novel, I had no idea what to expect. It didn't take long before I was roped in and trying to sneak in extra reading time! The story line kept me guessing throughout this romantic thriller. I found myself twirling my hair and trying to determine the possible motives for the many in depth characters. Each player is part of a much larger game with Lia being the pawn.

I can't wait to delve into the next book in the series. I. Must. Know. What. Happens!
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3,939 reviews29 followers
September 23, 2017
Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus is her debut book. This is a story about finding out who you are and where your heart really belongs. I enjoyed this author's writing style, it pulls you in from the first word until the last. Her attention to details will keep you engaged throughout the story. Her characters will take you on a roller coaster ride of various emotions. They bring mystery, suspense and romance to this story. They are connectable for the most part and true to life. They will pull you into their world and keep you wanting more of them. This is the story of Amelia. She is a student at Westbrook University. A new proposed boyfriend will trigger her past and you will see jealousy push its ugly head in. As she tries to follow her heart, she tries to keep a balance. She feels like she is spinning and is really just struggling. She is confused on where her heart really belongs. Is it with the future or it is with the past? As both struggle to gain her heart, it becomes a struggle to see who will win. One is determined to make her his and not let anyone stand in his way. Which one will she chose? Will her heart guide her to finding her HEA? I enjoyed Amelia's character. She really is just trying to find her way through raging hormones and where her heart belongs. She is strong and independent but on the other hand she is young and needs to experience things. I kept asking myself, will she find her way and is there a consequence for the decision she makes? You may not agree with every thing she does but you will admire her for it. The secondary characters are just as strong for the most part. The two hot guys in this story are a little freaky in parts as one is a stalker. But they bring challenge to Amelia. They help make this story flow into what it is at the end. I highly recommend this story as I know you will want to see where Amelia's heart follows. Is there a happy ending for her?
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October 11, 2017
Knights after my Heart by Sonya Jesus. 4 Stars

This book was different from the beginning. It is about a girl with commitment issues and the boys who find her attractive. From the beginning, it was very confusing. It opened up with Amelia watching a the first college soccer game of the season. She is of course admiring all the man candy. She seems to have a crush on one of the players, Widen even though he is a full blown jerk to her and others. Next, you meet her best friend. Christopher Robinson. She calls him Robins,and he calls her pooh bear. Cute! I have mixed feelings about their relationship. They are very physical and flirty towards one another. Robins girlfriend has a problem with it and so does Connor, Amelia's new love interest. In public, you would think they were the couple. Jealously ensues with each of their love interests, but they don't see a problem with it. Sonya throws in a bunch of characters at the beginning and doesn't explain them right away. These characters fall into place the further you read in the story. It was confusing at first. I really enjoyed reading the inner turmoil of Amelia. She struggles with her inner vixen and inner angel with dialog throughout the book. It isn't all roses for her. She doesn't know how to love or accept love from a boyfriend. She is scared and not willing to jump. It's a constant struggle with her inner vixen and angel and she goes back and forth trying to figure out what is best. All her roomies and Christopher are putting their two cents in and it confuses her even more. On top of the stress of committing, she has a stalker that is dropping weird gifts at her door, sending messages, and videos.
I will patiently wait for book two to come out. This one ended as a to be continued and left a huge cliffhanger! I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a romance life book with added suspense. Sonya Jesus really put her mark on the map with this book!
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August 27, 2018
One of the joys of reading is discovering new authors.  Sonja Jesus was a new author to not just me but to the world this is her debut novel.  She kindly gifted me a copy in exchange for an honest review.  Do to some unfortunate circumstances I never got my review up when I had hoped to and then it got pushed down on my pile.  She deserves the respect I had hoped to give her back when her book released.  Without further ado lets talk Knights After My Own Heart.

This book was a slow start for me but with that Sonja did a wonderful job introducing you to her characters. She has created such a detailed picture of the atmosphere I felt like I could have been right there with the characters.  This is a drama with looming darkness and suspense.  The story is told from a duel POV (Ameila and Hawk).

There are a few main characters that stand out Lia and her best friend Christopher Robins. These two have the ultimate friendship with Christopher, the ones girls dream they could have.  But with the friendship comes jealousy from the current boyfriend.  Lia really doesn't put all her feelings into the relationship she has with Conner.  She is holding back in hopes that her secret love for her best friend will be reciprocated. You will see there are a slew of colorful secondary characters that keep this drama on its toes.

Then there is Hawk who is mysterious and at times a bit creepy.  He hides in the shadows stalking Lia biding his time with the sole intention of making her his "Queen." Sonja has created the perfect character to make your skin crawl.  His stalking is beyond limits, he even purchases all her favorite things for when he steals her away and locks her in the tower.

I can't forget to mention the Soccer Gods!  The soccer team rules the school and they know they are HOT! I don't want to give too much away, I want you to read this story and experience it the way that I have. Enjoy!

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268 reviews14 followers
September 24, 2017
Knights After My Heart is a romantic suspense novel by Sonya Jesus, which is her debut novel, and it is a cliffhanger. The story is written in two different characters point of view: Lia's and Hawk's. Amelia or “Lia”, goes to a small college called Westbrook University, where the school's teams are called the Knights, everything revolves around castles, and one of her required classes is called Medieval Times. Lia is very confused about her romantic life because she's a virgin, and wants to save herself for someone who truly loves her. She's been dating a Freshman named Connor, (Lia is a Junior), who none of her friends like, especially her best friend, Christopher Robinson or “Robins”. Lia is also confused because she is attracted to several other guys on campus, too.

The other person the book is about is a guy named Hawk, and he is obsessed with Lia. He spends most of his time at Westbrook University spying on Lia because he wants to make her his “Queen” after she graduates, and he will do anything to make that happen.

Sonya Jesus has written a lot a very strong characters in this book, and this was an amazing debut novel. I loved it, especially because I could very much relate to Lia's character; I feel like I was a lot like her when I was her age. It was very easy to become emotionally involved in this story, not only because of Lia's romantic predicament but because I never knew what Hawk was going to do next. I have to admit that when I got to the end of this book and read the ending, I was surprised, to say the least! You too, will really enjoy reading this book especially if you love a great romantic suspense! This is one of the best books that I've read in a while. I wish that I could give it another star!
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Author 16 books131 followers
October 17, 2017
Amelia is a Junior in college that seems to attract men from every direction. The trouble is, she doesn’t want to commit to any of them. She’s still a virgin and she holds all of her potential suitors at arms-length.

When a Freshman takes interest in Amelia (Lia), her best guy friend Chris warns her that he’s no good for her. To make matters worse, there is interference in her relationship with Connor by several outside influences, including one of her new roommates. Further, it seems that the guys on the soccer team have decided to take notice of her as well. All of the attention is making her head spin.

What Amelia doesn’t know is that, in the background, someone is watching her. She’s got a stalker that sees nearly every move she makes. He’s infected her computer, he’s hacked her phone…he has eyes and ears everywhere. What’s more, he has intentions on making her his-FOREVER.

Things get intense when a strange gift shows up on Amelia’s doorstep and she starts getting strange calls. She becomes uneasy but eventually shrugs it off and tries to convince herself that someone is just playing a prank on her.

I have a love/hate relationship with this book. It is a cliffhanger, so it just abruptly ends leaving you wondering. It also has a lot of high-school type drama just in a college setting which makes the story drag in a few places. HOWEVER, there is a bit of intrigue woven in that makes it worth the read. And, as much as the unnecessary drama got on my nerves, I feel like I need to read the next book to find out if Amelia ends up a victim of her stalker. So, all-in-all, the author is rather genius in her weaving of the tale because I definitely want to know how it turns out.
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1,327 reviews16 followers
October 27, 2017
“She is my Queen and when the time is right, she will reign my heart.”
This is a debut novel for Sonya Jesus and the first in a series of books to come. I think for a start this was a very well thought out and intriguing novel. It had lots of intrigue and drama, and plenty of mystery to go around. I did feel like the it dragged at certain points, or rather maybe it was just a little under-edited. Otherwise, I found the two points of views, Amelia, or Lia, and Hawk, telling the story was very captivating once I got a few chapters in. I couldn’t tell if I was really meant to like Hawk or if this was going to turn out to be a bad situation for Lia. It is not revealed throughout the book or in the end, it’s a cliffhanger, who Hawk is exactly. We know that he runs in the same social circle, that he likes her, and that as far as he is concerened he will end up spending the rest of his life with her as his Queen and living happily ever after. What we also know, is that Lia has no clue about this except that there are some little strange events going on, most of which she has merely dismissed. Lia is a very confused, young college student. She is naïve and has been burnt before in the relationship department. She thinks she wants a relationship, possibly with Connor whom her friends do not like, but she just isn’t sure. Most of her point of the view is really a ‘college coming of age’ of sorts. I felt like her part was the hardest to connect to. I just felt like she was almost a high schooler rather than a college student. Besides the two points I made I f0und the book very good and cliffhanger to be gripping me still so I will be back for book two to see what happens to Hawk and Lia.
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January 27, 2018
Knights After My Heart was interesting dark YA read. A college age girl with commitment issues, a guy best friend that all potential boyfriends can't understand without suffering a huge dose of jealousy over, and a charming guy friend who has a sinister secret.

I found myself strangely drawn into this story, I'm not sure what it was that hooked me, the BFF Robins, the dark threatening secrets or just the writing. The strangest part is that at times I really disliked Lia, she was very childish at times with her general behaviour and also I found her references to two of the opposing facets of her personality got on my nerves a bit. Overall thoughts are; shes somewhat annoying and kind of a naive bitch at times, I wanted to smack her around to make her come to her senses. I felt a little sorry for Connor and that actually he was getting the raw end of the deal, and hes kind of a jerk.

I adored her BFF, (I want Robins, hes yummy) the relationship between them was so heartwarming and relatable for me, I loved the easiness of it and the teasing silly moments as well as the more serious. He was a very genuine character, kind, protective, can be a bit overly so, but a really good guy at heart.

Now for the intrigue, the mysterious Hawk. Now he is an interesting character, dark, severely flawed and so damn sinister my interest was immediately piqued upon his entrance into the story. The threatening vibes from his character that are masked by his charming and friendly visage that as an avid fan of dark romance scream Sociopath to me created a wonderful setting and gave the story an edge that kept me interested to the end.

A well written story that kept me interested in spite of how I felt about Lia, I definitely want to read book 2. I need to see where this is going to go.
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July 23, 2021
I generally don't enjoy or gravitate towards romance novels, so if that is something you enjoy, you are likely to have a different opinion on this book, as I did not enjoy it.

I was a bit hesitant about starting this book, because of the romance being a large feature, but I was under the impression it would be more of a thriller and that the stalker elements would play a much larger role than it did. Unfortunately, not the case. Most of the book focused on Lia and her love life, or lack there of, and interactions with different guys at the school, which just doesn't interest me. Hawk, the stalker, did have some POV sections, but I didn't find them very gripping. They felt wordy and rambly, with a lot of talk and no show for what he would actually do to secure his future relationship with Lia. It didn't feel tense, gripping, or make me worried about what he might do. For the majority of the book, it was just spying on her or talking to other people to alter her relations. Not super exciting. Even when things did happen that were more serious, it didn't feel very thrilling or interesting.

Personally, I felt like nothing happened in this book. To be fair, not my style of book and I was hoping for more of a thriller. But for the most part, nothing really happened, and then a bunch of big events get shoved into the end. There wasn't character development, there wasn't even relationship development. She seemed to be avoiding or getting mad at the guy she was supposed to be dating for the majority of the book, they barely know each other or spend time together, then suddenly become official at the end, despite no growth of their relationship through the rest of the book and he was barely present.

Not a fan, would not recommend.
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September 25, 2017
Knights after my Heart
By Sonya Jesus
5 stars

How do you write a review about book that has actually rendered you speechless? Not only was the story amazing but it’s also the authors’ debut novel! I was completely captivated buy this story from the very first page – I absolutely loved all the twists and turns. The story is told in dual POV which was great and the authors writing style was so engaging that I couldn’t put the book down at all.
I actually found Amelia (Lia) to be a really interesting character, I’m not quite sure I can work her out. She is clearly a popular person but she also has this naivety to her. I loved the relationship between her and her friends, especially her best friend Christopher (who she calls Robins). I’m not too sure about her budding relationship with Connor so I will be interested to see where that goes in the next book.
The other chapters are from Hawk's POV – except we don’t actually know who Hawk is but his chapters were just mesmerising. I couldn’t wait to get to his next chapter to see if I could work out who he was but I just couldn’t! I need to know who he is!! What does he want with Amelia? Should I like him? I can’t believe I need to wait to find out just what is going on!
I have to admit the pace of the story was a little up and down but the plot definitely made up for it in my opinion! It does end on a cliff-hanger and what a cliff-hanger it is! I cannot wait for the next story! I know it’s going to be a good one!!
This truly is a fantastic debut novel for Sonya Jesus and I can’t wait to see where she takes this storyline next!!
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September 25, 2017
Knights After My Heart
Sonya Jesus
5 out of 5 stars
Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus is her debut book and let me tell you it’s a cliffhanger. This is a romance book but it has a lot of mystery and suspense. This book captivates and grabs your attention from the very first page. I loved the way this author writes and I am so glad that I picked this book to read as I could not put it down. It’s written by the point of view of 2 of the characters Amelia and Hawk. The characters were more relatable and true to reality I believe even the secondary characters are as vital as the main. I absolutely loved all the characters and I loved that Amelia didn’t see herself as hot that she down played her looks. I think that added more of the appeal to why she was so relatable. I absolutely loved following the story of Amelia or Lia’s life as a college student. She’s started to date a 1st year and it seems everyone gets a say in her love life and it gets to the point it stresses her out. It seems like since she started dating Connor everyone is coming out of the woodwork and is interested in her or showing her attention. Can she figure out what she wants and stick to her guns or will she go with what everyone wants her to do? Then there is Hawk and honestly he kept this story interesting but scared me a little. He has a severe obsession with Amelia that may be a little unhealthy lol. But it adds to the mystery and suspense as to why and I can’t wait to find out! If you enjoy reading a book that takes you on a journey and hooks you right away I highly recommend reading Knights after My Heart!
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October 12, 2017
Knights After My Heart
By: Sonya Jesus
5 out of 5 stars

The story Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus is a new adult/mystery romance book. This is a story that I enjoyed reading. It is told from the POV of the characters Amelia and Hawk. Amelia is a girl that has not had a lot of success in relationships. She has a habit of shutting down the men in her life when things get uncomfortable. She now finds herself pursued by Connor and wondering if she should take the next step and become his girlfriend. Amelia emotions have her wanting a relationship with Connor however she sometimes finds that the actions that he takes or more importantly who he spends his time with makes her jealous. Sometimes I got the feeling that she was trying to convince herself to become his girlfriend. Amelia has a best friend and roommates that are not shy about giving their opinions on the matter. Will Amelia and Connor become a couple? The character of Hawk in this story is a bit of a mystery. He talks to the same circle of friends that Amelia does and even speaks with her directly. You soon find that he thinks of Amelia as his Queen and is that he has already planned their future together. Amelia knows nothing of these plans and he doesn’t like the fact that Connor is making a move on the woman that is his. How far will Hawk go in order to make sure that Amelia is his, not Connor’s? This is a story that hooked me in early on and I didn’t want to put it down until I had read the last page. This author has a wonderful writing style and has created wonderful characters. This is a book that ends in a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read the next story.
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October 23, 2017
5 Star

Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus


Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus  is a story about finding out where your heart belongs while figuring out who you really are.I absolutely had the hardest time putting this down once I started reading. I was hooked from the beginning and it held my attention to the very end.This is my first book by this author and I look forward to seeing what she comes out with next.I enjoyed her style of writing, it pulls you in and and you feel like your engaging with the characters. I felt like I was on a roller-coaster ride with my emotions in some parts but I liked the mystery and suspense this story brought along with the romance to. This story is about Amelia a girl who hasn't had a lot of relationship success. When things get to be a little uncomfortable she tends to shut out the men  in her life.She is being perused by Connor,but should she take that leap and become his girlfriend? She tends to let her emotions, get the best of her and she finds herself jealous of who Connor  tends to hang out with . Amelia's  bestfriend  and roommates  don't shy away from telling her their opinions. Do Connor and Amelia become a couple? Then theirs Hawk,he's a bit of a mystery, but he has things all planned out .He likes to think of Amelia as his Queen, and their future together. Hawk isn't to happy that Connor is making moves on his Amelia,even she knows nothing about his plans.I loved this story and the journey the author took us on.This story does end with a Cliffhanger, so I'm super excited to see what she comes up with next.

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October 23, 2017
Knights After My Heart
By: Sonya Jesus
4 out of 5 stars

Sonya Jesus is a new author for me. The blurb about this book had me excited. I didn’t know what to expect from this book. A romance story with a mix of mystery and suspense. Sonya did wonderful with the development of characters and time and words used to describe scenes.
Knights After My Heart takes on a journey of self discovery and finding out who your heart belongs to. Amelia is a student at the Westbrook University , the school teams are called Knights. Amelia is a romantic at heart saving herself for the one true love of her life. She doesn’t know how truly beautiful she is.
Conner is attending Westbrook for the first year. Conner is smitten by Amelia and pursue her for a relationship that Amelia is open with. Amelia best friend Christopher has Conner and Chris girlfriend questioning Amelia’s and Chris relationship. Their interaction with one another causes jealousy and drama in her life.
Amelia doesn’t know that Hawk is in the background watching and following her. Hawk has plans to make Amelia his and only his. Hawk is the mystery that I’m waiting to find out more about. Amelia is confused by her feeling and what her hearts feels. Will Conner be what she needs. Is Christopher and Amelia more than friends. Will Hawk plan for Amelia future win out. Knights After My Heart is an wonderful read that pulls you in and keeps you captivated till the end. Did I mention it’s end with a cliffhanger. Sonya has pulled us in with her debut book as we try to figure out Amelia’s future and Hawks intentions. I highly recommend Knight After My Heart for your reading pleasure.
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April 6, 2018
I just finished reading Knights after my heart, by Sonya Jesus.

Amelia and Connor?
Amelia and Robins?
Amelia and Hawk?
Amelia and a soccer god?

Falling in love isn’t always as easy as it looks in the movies.
It can be messy, confusing, painful and you might even fall in love with multiple people.

A person’s heart doesn’t follow a rule book - it wants what it wants.

But what if you really have no idea what you want?
What if your heart might be a trickster? Leading you on a chase and then acting like it doesn’t know what you are on about when you finally get there?

Amelia’s heart points in a couple of directions for very understandable reasons - which direction should she go in? The comfortable path that offers a sense of security?
Or what she thinks might be the most exhilarating journey of a lifetime but would guarantee her heart shattering if it didn’t work out?

I know where I want her to end up and I know for sure where I DON’T want her to end up!

This book was absolutely AMAZING! I couldn’t put it down for a second and I went ahead and got the second book right away, even before sitting down and writing this review.
Sonya Jesus was born to be a writer - she laid out a beautiful foundation to the story, with descriptions so realistic that she might just as well have had pictures and the plot is beyond great.

I cannot stress how much I would love to give this book 10 stars if I could!
Pick this book up today and let Sonya Jesus take you on a ride that is filled with excitement, heartbreak, love, rivalry and bewilderment. You won’t be sorry!
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July 5, 2018
Amelia(Lia) is almost 21, good student, but her personal life is a bit of a merry go round. Best Friends with Robins (Christopher), and little does she know it, but her life is about to change. Amelia is an attractive girl and seems to love male attention, but she's also apprehensive of letting anyone in and taking a relationship too far. She insists on the whole package and right now sex is not part of the package, i guess until they prove themselves. I found Amelia slightly irritating and at times I felt she was more like a 14 yr old experiencing crushes and male attention for the first time. She seems to flutter around from one males attention to the next, but she likes them all, has feelings !! In the background we have Hawk, a sinister, stalker, who unbeknown to Amelia knows more about her life than she does herself.
Yes this book had me through a little riot of emotions, at times I was irritated, whilst Amelia flounced between feelings for one guy or another and would this one be boyfriend material or the other? But underlying even with the irritation, i found this book to be pretty addictive reading. The author lets you into both Amelia's world, and also at the same time we get the sinister stalker's POV from his side, and the suspense keeps you turning the pages. I also liked that the author was able to keep me hooked whilst at the same time i wasn't totally into the heroine, so i guess that's a good thing Right? At times so much is going on that it can be a little confusing but overall by the time i got to the end of this first book, which is a cliffhanger, I literally couldn't wait to dive into the next one -- so that's exactly what I did !!!!!
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April 6, 2018
Amelia struggles to balance relationships and college life. when a new boyfriend sparks jealousy from everyone, she struggles to find her own voice to stand up against them for what she wants. but when she panics and things get complicated, will she be able to find the courtly gentleman she wants?
a great read. well developed plot. well developed characters such as Amelia with her insecurities but strengths to fight for what she wants. the mystery in Hawk and his obsession was captivating and perfectly written as a character with different sides to his personality that intrigued the reader. the use of first person with perspectives was well written and with subtle transitions between chapter which were easy to follow. I also loved the use of the theme of Knights and kings and queens to give it a sense of courtly love which was a nice touch. this and the medieval festival were great additions. I also loved the use of Pooh bear and Christopher Robins which was sweet between the two friends and gave the novel a tender feel to break from the seriousness of the other relationships. i also loved the visual detail of the snow globe that combined beautiful and unnerving at the same time which was beautifully written. the only issue I would raise. I felt that some of the characters such as Chris and Meg were too intense at times as if they were controlling Amelia.. I also felt that there were too many long sentences in the first few chapters which were hard to read but this could be resolved with a variety of sentence lengths. Overall, a fun read and I would give it four stars.
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April 9, 2018
Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus is the opening act of her Knights Series! This is my first encounter with this writer and what an encounter it was! I feel like I have been through a battle and it was just one battle of a war that will continue waging!
On the surface Knights After My Heart is the story of Amelia “Lia” and the mysterious “Hawk” … in reality the writer has created this crazy layered puzzle of a universe where you don’t really know what is happening next … it takes you couple of chapters and couple of Amelia/Lia and Hawk inner musings to really get into the story and heck … what a story it is… when you step away and think of what Hawk is doing in the background and you see how Amelia is struggling with finding her way in her complicated life while feeling that she is being watched … the creepy phone calls and bizarre gifts and … you cannot imagine what it would feel like being a pawn that someone else moves around on the chess board and you have no idea what the end goal of the ‘master’ is … Oh man … Knights After My Heart is a true story of obsession taken way out of proportion! You will not be able to put the book down once you have gotten into it and you are really left hanging when you come to the end and you will be reaching for the next book in the series while plagued with the thoughts like “Is Amelia safe, are the other safe, what else insane does Hawk have in store, how will the chess game play out ….”
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April 11, 2018
So many characters. Some I hate, some I really hate and some I am not too sure about. I want them to be nice and good but they all seem to have ulterior motives. Poor Lia, she doesn’t know who to trust or even who to love. She even comes across as a poor little rich girl sometimes. But with the people she has around her I hardly can blame her.

Then there’s Connor. The younger guy who seems like a good guy whenever he’s with Lia. Can he be as good as he seems? Connor and Lia being together brings out the worst in everyone else in the story. For some reason no one wants them together. But no one more than Hawk. At first I thought Hawk was a shy sweet young man with a crush. He’s friends with Lia and her friends. He knows the Soccer Gods and he even patrols the dorms as a safety officer. But is he really planning to do what I think he is? Is his crush something more? By the way this book ends I certainly know where he stands.

What kind of story would this be without the best friend!? Christopher Robinson, or Robins as Lia calls him, is the perfect best friend but does he want more or is that all part of Hawk’s plan? This story keeps my head in turmoil wondering who what and why! Don’t even get me started on the girls in this story! They make me want to scream!

As you can see this story has many good characters. A believable and entertaining plot line that is page turning. I can not wait to see where the next book takes us!
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