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Ten Animals in Antarctica: A Counting Book

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"Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest continent in the world, with icy deserts, mountain ranges, and volcanoes-some buried deep under the ice. Antarctica is home to some amazing and unique animals. How many can you count?"--

40 pages, Hardcover

Published January 19, 2021

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Moira Court

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A children's book illustrator

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2,251 reviews3,562 followers
February 18, 2021
Despite the fact that this is a counting book, it's not really for very young children. The vocabulary and the detailed notes at the end make this more suitable for school-aged children who probably already know how to count to ten.

That said, though, this is a really nice book that highlights ten different animals that live in Antarctica. Through detailed collage and interesting adjectives, Court brings the continent to life. There are probably some species here that you've never heard of. But don't worry... there's a brief explanation of each one at the back of the book, along with some information about the continent itself.

Setting the mismatch between reading level and format aside, this is a lovely look at Antarctica and the animals that live there. I'd recommend it to readers who enjoy learning about wildlife... even if they're far past the point of learning how to count to ten!

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299 reviews52 followers
December 9, 2020
This is a cute counting book with great illustrations and a great way to teach about Antarctica. It's engaging, but possibly a little advanced for those learning numbers, which only makes it one to grow into.
Many thanks to Charlesbridge and NetGalley for the advance copy.
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4,452 reviews2,400 followers
December 9, 2020
As an adult, I appreciate and love the different artstyle which has an abstract vibes to it with all the junk artistic display kind of illustrations.

But for a kid to start learning how to count, I prefer the objects shown alongside the numbers to be distinct and pleasing to their eyes with well defined wholesome basic colours.

Thank you, author and the publisher, for the copy.
Profile Image for Christine.
443 reviews4 followers
December 23, 2020
This was the cutest book. The illustrations are gorgeous. Not only are kids learning to count, but they learn new things about the different animals in the book. This book highlights the big and little things in Antarctica. I think that this would be good for a classroom or if you child us just starting out learning how to count.
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4,117 reviews108 followers
April 17, 2021
Starting first with briefly exploring the continent of Antarctica itself, this nonfiction picture book quickly moves to the ten animals featured inside. The book is a dynamic mix of animals in Antarctica along with an opportunity to count them as they appear on the double-page spreads. First comes one leopard seal floating on his own iceberg. Two emperor penguins waddle across the next page, followed by elephant seals, whales, petrels, orcas, squid, krill, and fish. The book finishes with ten crimson sea stars that dazzle, bright red against the dark background.

Court has created a picture book that very successfully combines factual information about Antarctic animals with counting them. Her language is marvelous, building rhymes directly into her descriptive sentences. She also uses words that will stretch young vocabularies such as “courtly, portly emperor penguins” and “lumbersome, cumbersome southern elephant seals.” The language is such a treat to discover in a nature-focused counting book.

Court’s illustrations are a combination of printmaking and collage. The deep colors and textures bring the cold and icy landscape to life. Court also beautifully designs each page, paying attention to both ease of counting, but also making all of the animals look lifelike too. Readers will enjoy the additional information at the end of the book on both the continent and the featured animals.

Icy and delightful, this is just right for even the youngest of readers to discover a new continent. Appropriate for ages 2-4.
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5,402 reviews122 followers
February 22, 2021
First sentence: Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest continent in the world.

Premise/plot: Ten Animals in Antarctica is a nonfiction concept book for little ones. It features numbers (1-10) and stars animals from (you guessed it) Antarctica.

After a brief introduction (for little ones) to the continent of Antarctica, the focus zooms in on counting various animals who make the frozen continent their home: leopard seals, emperor penguins, elephant seals, whales, snow petrels, orcas, flying squids, krills, etc.

My thoughts: Why not a counting book with Antarctic animals stealing the show? Why not give pigs, cows, cats, dogs, and the like a break?

There will always be a need for counting books though counting books don't make for the most thrilling reads for adult readers. What I would have appreciated--but didn't see in the ARC at least (ARC being Advanced Reader's Copy)--is some back matter. Perhaps a spread (in tinier print, of course) where animal facts (two or three sentences per animal) can be shared. I always find these to be interesting--even if they aren't necessarily part of the routine read aloud experience.
Profile Image for Roxana.
559 reviews41 followers
December 14, 2020
Ten Animals in Antarctica is a lovely and highly educational book perfect for kids with an interest in animals. The illustrations use a cut-paper collage style to great effect, and are genuinely gorgeous. The text doesn't rhyme or follow a typical singsong pattern, but rollicks along playfully in a way that would be really fun to read aloud with a little kid, through the use of devices like alliteration ("frosty floes") and internal rhymes ("lumbersome, cumbersome"). The book is rich, multilayered, and fun, and even introduced me to a couple of animals I didn't know myself! I appreciated the extra information at the end of the book, on the South Pole(s) and the animals included. A great choice for storytime or reading aloud with the little ones!

Thank you to NetGalley and Charlesbridge for the advance review copy!
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220 reviews63 followers
January 5, 2021
I have really like this book!! Maybe, you will think that it will be another counting book with any little new idea, but I’m sure that you will be completely wrong.

Firstly, I am keen on the illustration technique. I had seen it before, yet it is not so usual on this type of books and I like it. It is a different way to do the illustrative part.

On the other hand, it is a wonderful idea to do a counting book with Antarctica as a plot. It is a place that the childrens need to know and it is a perfect first meeting.

Another part that I really enjoyed is the final pages of the book. All the explanations about the continent and the animals is something that adds value to the story and complements the book magnificently.

A gorgeous book that the kids will love.

I want to express my gratitude to Netgalley and Charlesbridge to give me the chance to read and review this book.
6,686 reviews78 followers
December 8, 2020
A good volume – it was nice to see this was more than just a counting book, for we got to learn about Antarctica and all the animals we'd been asked to count as we turned the pages – but I did think some of the artistry got in the way somewhat. Yes, it's for the creator to show off her skills and I am sure she has many (certainly many more than I) but I did think some of the visuals she came up with – especially the cliffs the birds swooped past – were there for the sake of her aesthetic, and not to appeal to the junior reader. Still, this edition is not the first this book has had, so clearly people know she is in the right. For me, however, the look and design of the piece was only a three star rating, although my appreciation went up with the non-fiction bonus pages.
Profile Image for Donna Maguire.
4,429 reviews113 followers
December 18, 2020
Review to be added to Amazon UK and US on 19th January 2021 - publication day!

I really enjoyed this book as an adult and thought that the illustrations were lovely.

It is a great book to learn about the different animals in Antarctica.

It is advertised as a counting book but it is more a fact book for me – my daughter is three and learning to count and her numbers at the moment and this is far too advanced for her but it would be one that she would be able to pick up when she was a little older.

It is 4 stars from me for this one – lovely images and one for younger children to grow in to!
Profile Image for Lindsay Baloga.
32 reviews
September 13, 2022
This book not only teaches to count, but also teaches what animals live in Antarctica, like the title says. The last couple pages give facts about Antarctica and some of the animals that live there. The book counts to 10 using different animals. The pages are colorful and look like it's made of cut up paper put together. The Pictures do take up the whole page. I did think that the pictures caused my eyes to drift away from the words and loose focus on the page. They were also tiny and at the bottom. The book overall seemed to be pretty simple to read. With the facts added about each area, I could see this being used for Kindergarten to second graders.
Profile Image for Rachel.
277 reviews4 followers
December 7, 2020
Gorgeous art in this one, that will attract young reader's attention for sure. The book shares information about the landscape, location, and weather in Antarctic. Next it goes into poetic counting featuring animals of the land. Some of these animals children will be familiar with, like whales and penguins, some will be new to many like the flying squid. Fun book, great bedtime read. Can't what to share it with my grandson.
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89 reviews
January 20, 2021
This is an absolutely adorable book. My five year older daughter loved the images and the animals. She really loved the extra information about Antarctica and the animals in the back of the book. Despite being a counting book, it is still absolutely something that can be loved by elementary aged children as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting something cute and educational as well.
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590 reviews8 followers
April 3, 2021
What an adorable little counting book! I really liked that it wasn't just the counting. It had information about Antarctica, the animals, and some science as well. My 4-year-old niece really enjoyed reading this book. She made me read all of the detailed information at the end. She asked some questions and told me how dolphins and whales are similar. We both enjoyed reading this one!
Profile Image for Jo Oehrlein.
6,327 reviews9 followers
May 24, 2021
Good counting book, 1 to 10. Includes the numeral, the number word (in a sentence) and animals to count on each page.

The description of the animal includes rhyming words and alliteration.

Cool way to learn about some Antarctic animals. The back matter gives more information, including that there are multiple South Poles!
Profile Image for Jessie.
1,995 reviews27 followers
May 24, 2021
Counting book with the numerals, words, and countable animals on each page. Aimed a little older than a lot of counting books, I think. Both alliteration and rhyming in the text.

And really good backmatter! Information about the animals and Antarctica, including all the different South Poles.

I really liked the illustrations here, too.
Profile Image for Jo.
807 reviews14 followers
January 19, 2021
One interesting book for kids who started to read. A good initiation for curious minds about Alaska. I myself get acquainted with snow petrels, which I never heard before. A fun way to know what the other side of the world see everyday.
Profile Image for Cara Byrne.
3,235 reviews19 followers
September 10, 2021
"One to Ten! This wonderful group of quirky creatures thrives at the very bottom of the world in the harshest weather." Beautiful collage prints and ten familiar animals makes for a sweet counting book.
January 23, 2021
A great counting introduction to animals in Antarctica! Perfect for starting off an animal research unit so each student could pick an animal from the book to learn more about.
Profile Image for Ryan.
4,674 reviews25 followers
March 22, 2021
I wish this had rhymed or something. The animals pointed out were nice and the illustrations were quite well done, but the book had no flow for a counting book.
2,819 reviews15 followers
April 30, 2021
I love the illustrations. That first animal, "one freckled, speckled leopard seal" is so cool with the items to illustrate it and make shading choices with the pieces.
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