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Little Hollow #1

Waiting for Them

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Matty isn’t truly over his first love, even ten years later. Caleb, the boy who stole his heart when he was a teenager, and then disappeared in the middle of the night. Over the years, Matty has imagined seeing Caleb again, but his fantasy reunion doesn’t quite go to plan when he turns up at Caleb’s bakery and meets Caleb’s husband, Elliott.

Elliott is thrilled Caleb is finally getting the opportunity to reunite with the family he walked away from a decade ago. He has always known deep down Caleb’s ex, Matty, and his lost-lost family would find him one day, but nothing could have prepared him for developing feelings for his husband’s ex-boyfriend.

Caleb has never dreamed that he’ll get a second chance with the family that once adopted him, so now that he has, he doesn’t want to risk losing them a second time. Although, when a relationship begins to form between Elliott, Matty, and him, it seems like it can only go one of two ways—he could lose everyone all over again, or finally get everything he’s ever wanted.

Waiting for Them is a 56K word MMM romance that includes second chances, a lost-long family, a small town, and cute animals. This is the first book in the Little Hollow series, but it can be read as a standalone.

171 pages, Kindle Edition

Published March 30, 2020

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About the author

Alie Nolan

11 books76 followers
Alie writes sweet and fluffy MM romance. Her favourite things to write about are NFL players and big queer families she wishes she could be a part of in real life. She lives in the UK with her husband and a Boston Terrier named Moo. She adores aquatic animals, is a huge fan of the New Orleans Saints, and spends most of her free time reading or painting her nails.

Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/alienolan
Newsletter sign-up: alienolan.com/newsletter

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Profile Image for Katrina Passick Lumsden.
1,779 reviews12.8k followers
July 23, 2020
Oof. This book has a few issues.

There are, of course, the expected grammar issues. Nolan likes commas just a wee bit too much, there were more than a few instances where the wrong word was used... "brought" instead of "bought", for instance. That happened at least twice. I'm not saying she doesn't know the correct word to use, but these kinds of errors are easy to spot, and should have been caught and corrected before publication.

There were also several moments where Nolan just... Maybe wasn't thinking? Like when one of the characters comments that the "four men he'd been standing with were now deep in conversation" when he had been the fourth man in the group. Or when, after playing a round of Cards Against Humanity, one character lamented that there'd been "only minimal bickering over people playing favorites when judging the funniest answers."

If you're playing the game correctly, there's no way to play favorites since the answers remain anonymous. That's kind of a big component of the game.

When Matty is having an existential freakout over his inexperience with anal sex and wonders if Elliot and Caleb will think he's pathetic for reaching twenty-six without ever having had sex before? Despite that he'd just stated he'd participated in oral and hand jobs? Nolan later emphasised that Matty is talking about penetrative sex, but it's just another example of her propensity to not pay close attention to her writing.

My absolute favorite oversight, however, was when Caleb managed to forget where his own little brother came from. He's eight years older than Jake, and the two of them are adopted by Steph and Ness Logan when Caleb is 17 and Jake is 9. Later on in the book, Caleb says, "I'd never had parents - except the few months I'd lived with Ness and Steph... "

Then how TF does he have a younger sibling? You can get away with the "never had parents" foster kid story if you're dealing with a single person. Not two blood-related siblings with eight years between them.

With all that sloppiness, it's not really surprising that the story and characterization are shallow as hell. There's no significant emotional blowback from anything these people do or the decisions they make. It's all rainbow perfection all the time. Caleb abandons his first love and his younger brother over wangsty, pointless BS, puts his adoptive family through hell worrying for 10 fucking years what happened to him, and yet NO ONE is the least bit angry about it? No, they all just shrug and go, "you had your reasons." What the actual fuck?

And Caleb...he opines that he would occasionally worry that he had been wrong about the Logans and be afraid that he'd left Jake in a bad situation. But you know what? He lived 45 fucking minutes away for those entire 10 years. He never once thought to check??

The ease with which these people float through life is not indicative of acceptance, it's indicative of apathy.

Not a compelling (or competent) read.
Profile Image for Sabrina.
489 reviews
April 1, 2020
DNF @44%

It was very insta-love and insta-lust.

I understand Matty and Caleb loved each other when they were teenagers and never stopped loving each other but the sudden attraction between Matty and Elliot was just rushed. Even Matty and Caleb since they haven’t seen each other in over 10 years. A lot of shit can change and happen in 10 years but not in this world, apparently.

Things that could have been crucial to the story, and most importantly, towards a true development between these three, was lost in the rush to make the relationship, and sex scenes, a thing.

There was no build up, no sexual tension, no craving each other from far away for a couple of chapters. Zero sexual tension at all.

It left my non-existent penis very flaccid, my dudes.

2 stars because...God, I don’t know. I managed to reach 44% and I am feeling gracious.
Profile Image for Jennifer Ritch.
193 reviews9 followers
June 16, 2020
Omg I can’t describe how much I absolutely love this story. I first let Elliot and Caleb in 0.5 home sweet home. It’s a prequel to to this book where Marty comes into the picture. This has to be one of top 2favorite threesomes I have ever read. And cause I am a book whore I’ve read a lot. Matty is my favorite guy in this book. But the love they grow to share is amazing to watch. Alie did an amazing job. Love little hollow. Looking forward to more
Profile Image for Szidi ☼.
947 reviews45 followers
March 24, 2020
Oh, how I love finding new authors who're this awesome! Alie Nolan is a new-to-me author, but if she writes this amazing, I definitely stay and read all of her books.

This book, the story, the characters, the emotions - everything was perfect. So romantic with enough erotica - and holy helll how HOT erotica those were! I couldn't think of the last time I read menage (and it's a shame, because it's one of my favorite!!!!), but *sigh* this book was perfectly amazing.

All the emotions between Caleb and Elliott, they were so cute together, like the perfect marriage ever. And Matty, such an adorable cutie pie. Loved the connection between all of the characters, and that big family was so good. Big, caring, lovely and queer family - loved everyone.

Caleb and Elliott's relationsip was so good and I loved that they connected with Matty so quick. And those fantasies -phew, HOT as hell! And how cute was that Matty was a virgin but was soooo eager and lovely. I swear, those scenes was really like the best porn ever. The sex was scorching hot, the romantic scenes were lovely, the characters adorable, and I just the happiest ever.

I couldn't put it down, I read it in one sitting (thanks quarantine...) and now I just want more. Can't wait for the other books in this series, this family is so lovely.

LOVED this book and HIGHLY recommend it.
Profile Image for Jennie.
697 reviews22 followers
March 28, 2020
I was drawn to Caleb and interested in his story right from the beginning.
Matty is Caleb's cousin by adoption and Caleb's great young love. Until Caleb leaves unexpectedly one night..
Ten years later..
Caleb is married to Elliott. You could feel the love between the couple. Together they are happy, strong and committed to their long term marriage. Then fate and Caleb's brother reunite Matty with Caleb and introduce him to Elliott.
I liked the alternating pov's. It gives great insight as to what each of these men were feeling.
A sweet, hot, romantic m/m/m story of love and family.
4.5 stars
Profile Image for zen_s.
1,650 reviews18 followers
May 2, 2020
[1.5 star] book wasn't terrible, just felt it's a little under developed. i'm fine with the polyamory relationship as i have read books with ménage relationship so its pretty much the same i think.
5,698 reviews34 followers
April 13, 2020
this was really good.. certain things kinda.. lost me at times.. too much of explaining.. but overall i really enjoyed it. the writing was well done and it made me smile. the feelings were everywhere and i enjoyed the plot.
1,085 reviews8 followers
March 30, 2020
Love the Logan family dynamic. Significantly easier to be a throuple in this clan!
Steamy M/M/M with poignant and romantic moments. When Caleb and his younger transgender brother Jake are adopted by the Logan lesbian couple, Caleb feels life is finally going his way. It only took 17 years. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with his cousin Matty in this new family. Caleb decides to sacrifice himself to allow Jake to keep this loving and accepting home. He runs away from Jake, the Logans and Matty. Fast forward 10 years and Jake and Matty have found Caleb, but what they don’t expect is that Caleb has a new last name b/c he married the bakery owner, Elliott.
I love the Logan clan. There are all kinds of matches and as this is book 1, I’m hoping to find out more as the series continues. Matty, Caleb and Elliott are attracted to one another immediately. When things get going, we get into the really steamy stuff! I love how the author has allowed Caleb and Elliott to add in Matty in their relationship. Likewise, Caleb and Matty having had a relationship 10 years prior welcome Elliott into their connection. Also, the author has allowed Jake to be very mature at only 19yo in the end to accept what he discovers. Another author could have used that to lengthen the story unnecessarily. Great epilogue and at the end of my ARC there was a link for the prequel telling of the time after Caleb left the Logans and up to finding Elliott. My only regret is that I never found out how old Elliott was. We know Caleb could only have been 17 or 18 when he found Elliott’s bakery. Was he running the bakery then? Anyway, loved the story.
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book through Gay Romance Reviews and I give it 4.5 Steamy Stars.
Additional note: I read the prequel, “Home Sweet Home” and in it we find out the background details that were missing in WAITING FOR THEM.
Profile Image for Manfred.
744 reviews41 followers
April 12, 2020
Reading the first part of this series was very sweet and it was a beautiful story. My expectations for this one were to get a menage story without a lot of drama, just a fun read.
Unfortunately it didn't work out as planned.
The problem with Caleb, Elliot and Matty who are the 3 main characters, is, that they fall in love the moment they meet and decide to date around 3 minutes later.
As a teen Caleb ran away from his foster home, after falling in love with Matty, because he was afraid if his foster mothers found out, they would throw Matty and his little brother Jake out.
I have no idea, why he would think that, because everyone in this patchwork family was absolutely accepting and loveable.
10 years later Caleb is married to Elliot and they run a bakery together. How they met is told in the first book of the series.
Again, I have absolutely no idea, why in 10 years Caleb never contacted his brother or his foster family who lives just a few villages away - it makes no sense.
But what really was annoying, is the way, those three met and form a menage relationship. No doubts, no worries, no questions, no jealousy, everything falls into place immediately and is perfect from the minute they meet.
That was just ridiculous and completely unbelievable. I am not an expert on poly relationships, but I am quite sure that this is not how they work.
Finding your perfect match is difficult, but finding two people who are your perfect match is an even bigger challenge.
This is, what makes reading about such relationships so interesting in my opinion.
If you can live with a sweet love story without any drama and not much else going on, this might be an okay choice, for me it was average at best, 2.5 stars.
Profile Image for Amy Dufera - Amy's MM Romance Reviews.
2,683 reviews119 followers
March 31, 2020
From the start, Waiting For Them, grabbed onto me and didn't let me go. This Alie Nolan read is one I had to devour in one sitting. There simply was no other choice.

Damn, it's tough to even explain how much I love this book. Not only is the developing relationship between the three men spectacular, but the relationship between brothers Caleb and Jake is beautiful. Honestly, the whole family aspect is amazing.

A story years in the making, Caleb is reunited with his younger brother Jake and his ex boyfriend Matty. Caleb left years ago, all to protect both Jake and Matty. Now, all these years later, Caleb is married to Elliott when Jake and Matty find him.

Cue the intense attraction, longing, and hotness.

Caleb and Elliott are fantastic together. The strength of their relationship is never in doubt. Both men are both attracted to Matty though. And since Matty never stopped loving Caleb, well... Holy Hotness!

I love everything about this story. The author excels in capturing the intensity of each moment, as well as the importance of each moment. Basically, every single bit of this story and the writing are perfectly addictive. Each of the men are well developed and extremely well explored.

If you enjoy polyamory, READ this book! Alie Nolan's Waiting For Them is emotional, beautiful, steamy, romantic and 100% satisfactory. I will definitely be re-reading this gem and can't wait to see what happens next in this small town series.
Profile Image for Meri.
155 reviews26 followers
April 1, 2020
Beautiful story - I loved the family land idea, with so many family members living fairly close to each other. Also loved the idea of riding quad bikes between the various houses.
MC Matty is 16 when his boyfriend Caleb leaves him, Caleb‘s brother, Jake, and his adopted family and runs away. Matty always thought it was because of him that Caleb had left.
MC Caleb has lived through many foster homes with his younger brother Jake before they are both adopted by the Logans. He leaves a few short months later, scared he would ruin Jake’s chance at a real family. Caleb was very protective of Jake as he was trans and had faced difficulties in a couple of their previous foster homes.
The final MC Elliot is the one who finds Caleb on the street out the back of his family’s bakery a few months after he leaves the Logan‘s. Elliot offers him shelter, food, a job and eventually marriage.
The story is of Jake and Matty finding Caleb after 10 years apart and the rekindling of past relationships and the creation of a new one.
This is a really well written MMM triad. I loved the dynamics and how equal each man was in the relationship. I could not put this book down all day and I’ve stayed up to finish it.
Really recommend this book, and it’s prequel which is currently free on Prolific Works.
Profile Image for Amy.
290 reviews4 followers
March 30, 2020
Polyamory romances are always interesting to see how the relationship starts and the dynamics within to make it work. I found Waiting For Them to have a well-developed progression of the romance with some clever approaches. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and following all three of the MCs with their individual POVs. There was all kinds of sweetness with all the characters (main, as well as side) and I totally appreciated the lack of angst. Even though the reader knows how things are going to be arranged, it was so heartwarming to read their story and watch the HEA unfold. Elliott, Caleb, and Matty were all great characters that were easy to fall in love with. They made me smile and laugh and I couldn’t wait to return to their story throughout the day. I would definitely recommend Waiting For Them to anyone looking for a very sweet, low-angst story about three men making a relationship work for them with a LOT of steam and heat. I can't wait to read more in this Little Hollow series. I received an advanced copy to read from Gay Romance Reviews and all opinions are mine alone.
Profile Image for Ida Umphers.
3,266 reviews15 followers
April 4, 2020
There are lots of romances out there where two long separated loves get a second chance, but I have not found another where one of the main characters is married to another great guy. I initially feared this might be a book that involved cheating/breaking up a good marriage to chase what might have been. Even worse, it was the husband, not the just the past love who was attracted to Matty when he turns up. As you can tell, I didn't read the blurb first, just wanted something to read and jumped into this. Imagine my surprise as the three of them decide to try and make it work together. I enjoyed how the author put all these pieces together and how our three guys negotiated this very complicated relationship in order to get their happy ever after. They have three distinct personalities and making them mest is not always easy but they hang in there. They make a great, loving and hot threesome. Another plus for me was that I am a total sucker for any book that involves a bakery or a coffeeshop.
515 reviews4 followers
April 3, 2020
I really liked the characters, plus had already read the novella-length back story on how Caleb and Elliot came to be together. Fast forward ten years, Caleb’s first love (Matty) plus the younger brother (Jake) he left behind to give him the best chance with his new family, come walking into the bakery he runs with his husband, Elliot. The feelings between the three older men are a touch of insta-love on Elliot’s part, and the rekindled feelings of love that never died between Caleb and Matty. But, how will this even work? Can Matty see himself dating the two married men? What will Matty’s family think when the truth comes out, and more importantly will Jake understand? The scenes between the three are at times HOT, but also sweet. It was a bit unexpected for all three, but they each cannot imagine life without the other in it. If you enjoy a sweet, at times sexy, MMM then I recommend giving this easy, low angst book a try.
Profile Image for Coline Peterson.
598 reviews5 followers
March 30, 2020
Really enjoyed this fast reading well written romance, so good. Caleb loved Matty when he was a teenager but he ran away, because he was scared was going mess things up for his brother Jake and his new home. Jakehas been looking for ten years and has finially found his brother who is now married and owns and works at a bakery with his husband Elliott. When my brother and Matty show up at the bakery and I can't believe Jake had been looking for me and now that we have found each other again it's time to be a family again. But Matty has missed me also and as we get to know each other again I find there is still something about him that draws me in and the feelings we had as teenagers are still there. I can't believe how lucky I am that Elliott feels the same way, so together we begin a journey of discovery of what a relationship between us three together could become.
Profile Image for Marie S.
122 reviews8 followers
April 24, 2020
This is the first book in the Little Hollow Series and I enjoyed it. I think this is my first book by Alie Nolan and I liked her writing style.

When Caleb and his younger transgender brother Jake are adopted by the Logan lesbian couple, Caleb feels life is finally going his way. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with his cousin Matty in this new family. Caleb decides to sacrifice himself to allow Jake to keep this loving and accepting home. He runs away from Jake, the Logans, and Matty. Fast forward 10 years and Jake and Matty have found Caleb, but what they don’t expect is that Caleb has a new last name b/c he married the bakery owner, Elliott.

This is the romance between Elliot, Caleb, and Matty; it is a steamy M/M/M with lots of emotional and funny moments.

I really liked this book although sometimes the developing felt a bit unrealistic also the pace is a bit fast but hey, loved it nonetheless.

This clan looks seems PRETTY AWESOME & COOL, and I can't wait to find more about them. Let's see what Alie has in store for us in the next installment of the series.

*I read an ARC of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Bonus: I read the prequel, “Home Sweet Home” and I liked having more details of the background of Caleb and Elliot's story.
81 reviews
March 30, 2020
This was a well-developed story that presented all three of the MCs with their individual POVs. I appreciate the chance to get to learn about Elliot, Caleb, and Matty's individual perspectives. This story is sweet and over all low angst, which I prefer. Although some of the story was predictable, you can't help but root for them and want the HEA no matter what happens, which is well received at the end. I would definitely recommend Waiting For Them to anyone looking for a very sweet, low-angst story about three men making a relationship work with lots of sexy times, making this a page turner. I am looking forward to reading more in the Little Hollow series. I received an advanced copy to read from Gay Romance Reviews and all opinions are mine alone.
Profile Image for Helen.
758 reviews3 followers
November 30, 2020
This was my first book by Alie Nolan and it will not be my last.

An MMM, first love, second chance, polyamory. What's not to love.

Caleb runs away at 17 years old, meets and falls in love with his now husband Elliot. His younger brother has been searching for him for 10 years. His childhood love Matty is now his younger brothers best friend.

Elliot has always known that Matty was Caleb's first love and once they meet up again he understands what he husband saw in Matty.

I loved this story and how it develops throughout the book, everyone's scared of ruining their existing relationships let alone any future ones that may develop.

I will definitely be waiting for the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Dixiecowgirl.
1,391 reviews22 followers
April 5, 2020
Sweet and emotional M/M/M where love finds a way to happiness.  This is an interesting story where finding a special third partner is a dream come true.  The characters were each good guys and their connection was a gift.  I loved this family of Matty and Caleb's and would love to be at one of their celebrations.  Their 'surprise' parties are the best.  

Matty, Caleb and Elliott are sweet, natural, intense and so filled with chemistry.  The way the each talked and developed the relationship together was important and their steamy times were amazing and inspiring.  

I was gifted this book from Gay Romance Reviews and i freely give my honest opinion and review.    
2,886 reviews28 followers
March 28, 2020
If you love romance...especially mm romance...this book is going to 'knock your socks off!' The characters are wonderful, the story so sweet and the relationships 'to die for!' You'll have an HEA that will put so many others to shame, you'll want to find a family that is just as precious as this one is.

There is pain, sadness, grief, tragedy and anger. But there is also compassion, forgiveness and open conversations that put everyone on the same footing.

My only complaint was that it ended too soon.
Profile Image for Terri.
1,334 reviews
April 5, 2020
This was a low-angst, sweet, and very sexy romance. Caleb, Elliott, and Matty were wonderful together. Their romance went much smoother than was truly realistic, but that was fine. I needed a story with lots of love and very little stress, and that's what I got with this one. Matty fit smoothly into the dynamic that Caleb and Elliott already had from their years together, and he just soaked up the love they offered.
The Logan family members bickered and supported each other in equal measure, and I look forward to learning more about them in the future. This is going to be a fun series!
Profile Image for Lyndsay TC.
1,795 reviews
March 23, 2020
I didn't know how this story was going to play out exactly because you started with Caleb and Matty as teenagers in love but then you jump to present and Caleb is married to Elliott. When Matty comes back into Caleb's life, I was pleasantly surprised how the fabulous Alie Nolan entwined Matty into Caleb and Elliott's existing marriage. This was a super sweet story with little drama which was lovely. I cannot wait to see what comes next out of this world!
Profile Image for Mac Paterson.
286 reviews
April 2, 2020
A beautiful romance between 3 men with scorching heat levels.

Caleb and Elliot have a fantastic relationship and when Matty comes along he’s everything they didn’t Ben know they were missing. I thought the author showcases a throuple relationship very well, at all times it was the three of them together in terms of how their relationship would go. The love and emotion between them was very evident and had me swooning the whole time.
Profile Image for Patricia Nelson.
1,722 reviews12 followers
April 5, 2020
This was a fantastic, sweet, beautiful, poignant, grab-you-by-the-feels, sexy, delightful, wonderful, emotionally charged, charming, heartfelt, wonderful, and totally awesome tale. The relationship between Caleb, Matty, and Elliott was unconventional, but it worked out beautifully. I really enjoyed reading this great start to a new series by this new-to-me author, and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Profile Image for Audrey Pott.
662 reviews1 follower
March 31, 2020
I love menages and this one is no exception, it’s fascinating to see how Elliot, Matty and Caleb discover the driving force to make it work. Fabulous characters, little angst, humour and hot sexy scenes what more can you ask from Alie.

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book for my honest opinions of which I’m under no obligation to do so. I definitely recommend this book.
Profile Image for Yukitosmom .
37 reviews
March 12, 2023

I did enjoy this book, it was really sweet
However the fact that Caleb told Matty he loved him the just abandoned him, then 10 years later Matty was like oh well no biggie was completely unbelievable. There should have been anger and abandonment issues before they became a happy throuple.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
1,744 reviews13 followers
March 31, 2020
Such a sweet polyamory romance. I really love Caleb, Matty and Elliott's story. This has a second at love and poly romance that I just love. Alie Nolan definitely pull me into this story and it such a great start to this series. I can't wait to see what happens next.
330 reviews3 followers
March 31, 2020
This is a gorgeous, lovely and rather sweet read! I do like a good MMM read and I loved Caleb, Matty and Elliott.
I would love to read more books set in the Little Hollow world and would recommend reading the Caleb and Elliott novella too!
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