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Rose's Wrath

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"Have you ever heard Red Riding Hood howl at the moon?"

When Cerise, Verre, Blanca, and Aura are forced to complete a near-impossible task, it seems as if their loved ones’ lives are as good as over.

"Or seen Cinderella kill a man with just a shard of glass?"

And despite meeting a dragon, internal disputes, and the fact that they’re all most likely going to die, the young women grow close. Too close.

"Snow White has vanquished more with her poisoned breath than her beauty."

For secrets will come to light that have the power to change everything. There is a traitor in their midst, one who could potentially save or destroy them.

"And Sleeping Beauty? She will bring slumber with but a touch of her hand."

271 pages, Paperback

Published April 4, 2020

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About the author

Oceane McAllister

2 books33 followers
Oceane McAllister is a fangirl-supreme, tea-drinking, novel-writing, thunder storm-obsessed indie author from New England. First and foremost a Christian, she tries to glorify her Lord and Savior in all that she does. Oceane also has a passion for bringing clean, quality fiction to today's teens. With a tendency to wear only black, she is a staunch defender of the Oxford comma, abhors love triangles, and may or may not be obsessed with black olives.

Most days you can find her curled up on the couch typing away furiously on her computer. She is most definitely a Slytherin, Enneagram 3w4, and has convinced herself that she could win the Hunger Games. Some of her biggest inspirations are C. S. Lewis, Brandon Sanderson, Marissa Meyer, Jennifer A. Nielsen, and Suzanne Collins.

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586 reviews14 followers
November 28, 2021
4.5 stars ~

**after rereading all my thoughts are not the same. I’ll update the review one day**

I'm gonna quick discuss the minimal reasons for my unsure rating. First off I'm really divided on the length of the book. It was short. Which makes for a refreshing but cut-to-the-chase type of read. But being short it rushes you through everything and all the characters so you can't understand them. I, however, found out that Oceane McAllister did a fantastic job at not slamming everything in your face and racing you through the characters. I really felt connected to them, so she did good, but it still doesn't take away from the shortness. My other reason for the rating was the book didn't hit me in that "OHHHH!! I'M DYING!! I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!" spot. She got close, numerous times, but something was missing. And it's driving me crazy not being able to figure out WHAT she is missing.

Anyways . . . . Onto the better sections, like description. Oh. My. Word. That detail was breathtaking. I could picture this dark, gloomy world perfectly. It was as if every piece ran together and flowed into the next appearing with a very clear picture in my head. I loved it. She got a 3.5 star in my rating for description. ^.^

The content was beautiful. It was a clean YA, with some magical creatures, mages, and werewolves, etc. ( I didn't enjoy all the magic references, but that's my preference. :P ) There was multiple kissing scenes by a quirky married couple, so it was perfect. >.<

The romance is nothing. Yes, fairytale retellings, but no romance in them. There is one married couple so I suppose that's a little romance, but there is no "forming of relationships" between a guy and a girl. :P I found the retellings both enjoyable and unique without the romance. Oceane McAllister has done an exceptional job.

The characters . . . Oh, I could babble on forever. They are so well crafted that when going through the book and reading from each girl's perspective you see and understand them so well! Each of their backstories is hard, but it creates them into the people they are. And I love them for it.

Cerise ~ Her world is full of both pain and strength. You see her character grows so much throughout the book, and although she's an "outcast" by blood her personality is rather charming. I saw things through a haze when reading from her POV. It was gloomy most times, but she could still relate.

Verre ~ An ASSASSIN!! SHE'S AN ASSASSIN!! WE HAVE AN ASSASSIN IN THE STORY!! Her POV was cold and jagged. Like looking through something that doesn't feel. As she grows her view gets clearer and she begins to feel more for people but the cold killer inside her takes a long while to get used to. ( ALSO THOSE ENDING SCENES!! 😍😍 I LOVED HER SO MUCH BECAUSE SHE WAS JUST SO CUTE!! GAH!! )

Blanca ~ Her POV was brighter, and her memories were vivid. I have to say I saw the most color when from her perspective, but I believe her backstory is the darkest - which is weird. But for all the color I felt like I didn't know HER very well because she hid from the readers being buried so deep inside. I saw her come out frequently, but not being able to talk complicates things. ^.^

Aura ~ She was so bubbly. I felt like her perspective was supposed to be bright and cheery because she was the optimist of the group, however, her circumstances caused her to be cunning and dangerous. She was a survivor, and I really admired that about her. Her protectiveness just added to her already wondrous nature. When reading her POV I felt certain circumstances were really, really dark and others were really, really bright. I got the impression that she saw things as they really were and the others were looking through their masks. It was neat.

Baen ~ AHHH!! I wanna marry him!! Can I have him, Oceane?? ( No, I cannot take him away from his life mate. *frowns* ) This quirky inventor was an amazing addition to the team and at first, I didn't think he was gonna come along. It was like I got to know him as a MC rather than the side character that he was. His open love was precious.

Pan ~ He really, really freaked me out at first. So much so that I was going, "Okay people's . . . WHAT'S GOING ON AROUND HERE????????!!!!!!!!! Die already!! Okay???" But I actually started liking him and now I'm curious and I wanna know more.

Madam Rose ~ Awesome. ( That's literally all I can say for fear of spoilers. ) You did a good job of creating this woman Oceane.

Overall I really liked it. There were some areas I had mixed feelings on and I still wish the book was longer, but I found a lot of agreeable morals through the book. Not sure how I feel about the magic; I didn't enjoy it. :P And that ending felt rushed?? It comes highly recommend though! ^.^

**NOTE** I beta read this. I was NOT required to give a review or a rating. All opinions and notes are my own, the author did not influence them. I promise my reread made me slightly less enthusiastic.
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Author 2 books33 followers
March 14, 2020
Okay, so I'm writing a new review, since the story has changed since I wrote the last one!

As the author, I don't feel comfortable rating it, so this is more a what-happens-in-this-book-without-spoiling-anything review, plus some discussion of my characters.

First, characters!

Allegora hated her kind simply because they were afraid. Because the king hated anything out of his control. Because the unknown was terrifying. Oftentimes it wasn't the monsters that needed to be feared, but those who had created them.

First, Cerise. A werewolf/mage hybrid who's spent her whole life in captivity. Her POV is actually the opening of the story! I won't say anymore, because spoilers ;)

Glass. What a fitting gift for one so cold that she might shatter at any moment.

Verre! If I had to pick a favorite... *glances around nervously* I "might" have to choose my darling assassin. What?! I really love assassins and there's nothing wrong with that XD

Her fingers gently traced the scars on her arms. She didn't remember how she had gotten all of them, but she knew who they were from. And there was still pain. Too much of it.

Surprisingly, Blanca isn't a fan favorite. That's probably because she's the most mild of them all, but every once in a while there's a reader who completely adores her, which makes me happy!

While death by mysterious beast wasn't how she expected to die, it was still rather heroic. Perhaps they would write a story about her.

Aura is actually a lot of people's favorite! She's a tad dramatic, loves to travel, and probably the least insane out of all of them XD


Alright, here's all the possible negatives in this book:
* People are killed, often in gruesome ways (stabbed, slashed open, etc)
* People have been abused (talked about, never seen, some mild flashbacks)
* A married couple kisses passionately a few times
* A man attempts to assault a woman, but is stopped as soon as he grabs her arm
* The king is known for having multiple affairs (only talked about, though)
* There is magic
* One character is an assassin
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Author 56 books445 followers
April 2, 2020
This book is everything a fantasy-lover or fairytale fanatic could ever want. We get to see four different beloved story tale characters in an edgier world (even then Grimms'!) with special magical abilities based on their stories. And then we get to see them together.

The characters are the best part of the story. "Cinderella" didn't marry the prince. "Snow White" didn't flee from her step-mother. "The Little Red Riding Hood" is the wolf. And "Sleeping Beauty" makes others fall asleep. They all have dark pasts, but they also have loved ones they need to protect. Even if that means sacrificing themselves- or each other.

The next best aspect was seeing the little cameos from other fairytales. There were some honorable mentions from both Neverland and Oz, so plenty to geek out over...

I received a copy of this book from the author, and the views and opinions are my own.
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196 reviews31 followers
March 27, 2020
3.5/5 stars

I was pleasantly surprised by Rose’s Wrath! I will admit, I didn’t quite know what to expect, going in, but I ended up falling in love with the characters.

L I K E S :
As I mentioned above, the characters really sold this book for me. It’s hard to balance multiple main characters, but I felt like each lead had a unique personality, especially Aura and Verre.
The setting of the book was particularly interesting! I felt immersed in the world and really want to learn more about it!
I. Loved. The. Ending. And I need the sequel NOW. XD
This technically shouldn’t count as part of the story review, but THE COVER IS AMAZING. I’m still in awe at it, honestly.
Can I just say that Verre and Baen are SO CUTE??? *squeals* I’m pretty sure they are #couplegoals XD

D I S L I K E S :
My one main dislike of the book was the beginning. As I mentioned earlier, it’s hard to balance multiple main characters. And especially at the beginning, it was a little overwhelming and confusing, since each character lived in a different city and had no previous relationship with each other. As the story progressed, I did catch up, but the first few chapters were a bit of a struggle.

Also, at several times it didn’t seem like Blanca had gone through amnesia???? *shrugs* maybe that was just me, I don’t know.

O V E R A L L, I really enjoyed this debut novel! I think book 2 has a lot of potential, and I can’t wait to read it!

*I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*
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493 reviews176 followers
December 21, 2020
I loved this so much. A fine addition to the retelling genre, with heart, magic, and depth. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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328 reviews77 followers
April 10, 2020
Oops, review coming in late here🤦‍♀️ But here it is!

First of all, LOOK AT THAT COVER. It's got to be one of my favorite covers of 2020. Better yet, the story within is just as lovely and fierce and glorious! (I love red. I usually like red covers.)

So yes, the main characters are based on fairytale heroines, but this story is one all its own. Red Riding Hood is a werewolf, Cinderella is an assassin, Snow White breathes poison, and Sleeping Beauty puts people to sleep. 😯 Doesn't that sound fascinating?

This is a novella-length book, so I was pleasantly surprised that Oceane was able to pack so much into it WITHOUT making it seem overloaded. It just leaves you waiting for more! The chapters revolve in the POVs of the four MCs, which can take some time getting used to; but they all have such perfectly distinct personalities that it's really not much trouble at all (PLUS they change in a constant, orderly cycle!).

The characters were very well done, though some I wish had more complete development in terms of backstory and what drives them now (mainly Blanca-- it felt as though her arc hiccuped from one point to another). But they were so FLAWED and you can easily tell where in their reasoning have they got it wrong. And of course that means I need to see how their arcs will wrap up.

The villains are definitely interesting! I look forward to reading more about them.

Worldbuilding was lovely, though a bit overwhelming at first. I especially like where the dragons come in.

Can't wait for the next installment of this series 😍

*I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. A positive review was not required; all views and opinions expressed are my own.*
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Author 8 books222 followers
April 30, 2020
I really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to the sequel. I know I didn't see the perfected version since I'm Oceane's editor, but this kept my attention as I worked. Books that handle multiple POVs masterfully are some of my favorites. Oceane did a great job with the character development, retelling elements, all the different perspectives, and the quirky magical elements. In the end, it was just unique enough to be original (but not too unique to be confusing or weird). I loved all the flavors she combined in the end. I definitely have a hard time picking a favorite character. This writer is going to go places!

Recommended for ages 15+ for some violence, peril, and a sleazy character.
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Author 2 books178 followers
March 28, 2020
Um hello, Oceane, you cannot just end a book like that and expect us to wait around for the next one. We need answers! I really enjoyed this book though it probably wasn’t my favorite, I still enjoyed seeing a unique twist on multiple fairytales. I really cannot wait to see how Oceane ties this all up in the next book.

As much as I enjoyed getting to know all the characters...Vere and Bane were my favorite. I loved them so much. Their chemistry and unique personalities were so enduring. Bane is just a reason himself to read this book, he honestly was my favorite besides his darling wife. Ughh I loved these two so much.

The plot was interesting and I really enjoyed seeing where everything will go. I am eager to see how it advances in the next book. That cliff hanger though, man. Why Oceane....why?

Check out this book if you love fairytales. Oceane provides such a unique twist on them and I really loved that!

*I received this an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own. I was NOT required to write a positive review.*
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Author 6 books1,514 followers
March 25, 2020
Special thanks to the author who gave me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. The author did not pay me for a review and all the thoughts here are my own honest opinion.

5 Solid stars! This book was so AWESOME and I absolutely loved it!!!! The worse thing that had happened to me while reading this book is that it ended. And I never wanted it to end!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR BOOK TWO!!! I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW!!! =D

My Composed Review:

First of all, isn't the cover just gorgeous! It's so pretty!

I really loved the world building in this novel. I can imagine the dark world and the creatures inside of it. It was very well written and flowed really well.

I love how the author wrote the fairytale elements! She wasn't afraid to add a new twist to some really well-known stories. She really made the stories her own but added the right mixture of the original tale to make it recognizable. And I loved it! I'm always on the lookout for fairytale retellings that can bring something new and exciting to the table. Like for example, "Little Red Riding Hood" is a werewolf. "Cinderella" is an assassin. "Sleeping Beauty" can cause people to fall asleep. And "Snow White" has poisonous breath. It can't get any more perfect than that!

The Characters:

I absolutely loved all the characters in the story. I love all of them so much that I even had a hard time picking out favorites. If I had to place them in that order it would be Cerise, Aura, Baen, Verre, Blanca, and Pan. But they're all pretty close to each other. I love them all, okay! They were extremely well-written and I felt I got to know them all pretty well.

Cerise!!! She was like this werewolf, and she was super cool, and she grew so much in the story! I love outcast stories. I also really enjoyed the twists of "Little Red Riding Hood". I mean, I have heard of stories of making the Bad Wolf into a werewolf but Little Red Riding Hood herself? YES!!!!

Aura!!!! I loved her personality and how much she wanted to take care of her siblings. Her powers are super cool ("Sleeping Beauty" at its finest XD). Aura's story is so heartbreaking. I mean most of the character stories are in this book, but Aura's *cries*.

Verre!!!! I love assassins, okay! She had a coldness about her, but she also seem to have a heart too. The moments with her and Baen where the best. And look, "Cinderella" has been done over and over again, but the way this retelling was of her, IT WAS SOOO COOL!!! Plus she can make glass shards, LIKE YES!!!

Baen!!!!!!!!! HE WAS SO GREAT!!! He is perfect for Verre in every way!!! I love how he was funny and how he invents things, but he also knew how to be serious and just there for Verre. Everyone needs a Baen in their lives. =D

Blanca!!! She is a hard character for me to summarize. I liked her, especially her back story. The "Snow White" retelling of her was sooo good!!!

PAN!!!! He was so good at being bad, you know? But the way he was written he seems to have an interesting past. That he had some kind of motivation to be doing the things he's doing (besides just doing it for Rose). There were times I wondered if he really was all that bad, as his motivations were never quite clear. But then I remembered what he would do to the other characters and changed my mind.

Content in Book:

1. Violence. (With swords. With glass. Fighting or killing people as a wolf. With poison. Threatening to kill people or children. Hand-to-hand combat. Assassins. Physical abuse. Etc.)

2. Abuse. (Physical and verbal, nondescriptive.)

3. Sex. (Nondescriptive. A few men are said to assault several women (only talked about). A man planned on assaulting a woman (never happens). Some passionate kisses between a husband and wife. A character is pregnant, sex scene is not shown.)

4. Magic.

5. Mythical creatures.

6. Werewolves.

7. A dragon is said to have created the world or humans.

8. Slavery.

9. Starving people.

10. Possible torture and experiments.

11. Thievery.

Will I Continue With the Next Book in The Series???


Who I Would Recommend This Book Too:

Those who like fairytale retellings with a twist. Those who like fantasy with assassins, evil kings, dragons, werewolves, magic, and all of the good things. READ IT!!!
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Author 3 books133 followers
August 3, 2020
This story was amazing in so many ways! The writing was gorgeous, the vast character cast so well developed--each character was unique and yet they all complimented each other perfectly to advance the plot. And the plot! Fairytale retellings can get … boring. But not this one! The stories we thought we knew so well are turned on their heads in such original, spell-binding ways.

I can't wait for more from this author!

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
2 reviews
February 25, 2020
4.5 Rating

Hey guys do you like distopian worlds? Do you enjoy chaotic villains and dysfunctional heroes? Well, this may be the book for you.

I've always been fascinated how authors are able to create a brand new universe that is lovable and strange, and Oceane McAllister has done just that! From wild and wonderful names of lands, to magnificent and horrid creatures, I was down for the count by the end of page one.

And her descriptions! I can easily picture each character, and sometimes it's like I can hear them when they speak. There are four main characters, and each one gets their own voice. So be prepared to bounce around into very different mindsets. A lot of the time in YA novels each character kinda feels cookie cutter, but not in Rose's Wrath! They are distinct in almost every way, this adds a really cool element when they approach challenges with different perspectives and priorities. You're bound to find one you relate to the most, and you'll find yourself cheering for them to reach their goal.

Mixed in with mystery and thrill, there are gentle and sincere moments that make it feel very realistic and raw. I would recommend 14+ because there is mention of the harsher side of a world, and some mature content. Various battle scenes with torture and blood, and death is a common topic.

Four strangers are forced to band together to save their loved ones, and nothing will stop them, but what if it is the end of the world as they know it?

All in all, this book had me excited and on the edge of my seat, while stressed and worried for my babies and their safety. If you're looking for something fresh and new, and not cliche at all! Look no further than Rose's Wrath by Oceane McAllister.
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Author 4 books21 followers
March 25, 2020
I am delighted to have received an ARC ebook of Rose's Wrath in exchange for this honest review. Rose's Wrath is a fantasy retelling of various fairy tales, and while this genre is fairly crowded the author, Oceane McAllister, manages to make her own unique mark on it.

In the world of Allegora, shapeshifter-human "hybrids" are killed for their race, citizens live in poverty and work in dangerous mines, and the king performs horrible experiments on the concubines he tires of. This is not a land of happily-ever-after, yet our four main heroines manage to find happiness to hold onto.

Aura, Cerise, Blanca, and Verre are based off of Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Cinderella respectively, and each is gifted a unique power having to do with their original fairy tale. Each is gifted with their own unique talents and backgrounds - Verre is an assassin, Aura a young woman in poverty looking out for her siblings, Cerise an abused hybrid in hiding, and Blanca a girl brought back from death. Each is given a distinctive and enjoyable personality.

Verre had the most development, and McAllister shows a gift for originality in this respect. While Verre is an assassin, she doesn't live the loner lifestyle, and has a loving mother and fiance. Other characters are not confined to their traditional roles either. Blanca, the sweetest and most timid of the four, is the one with severe prejudice towards hybrids. It is these contradictory traits that adds depth to the protagonists, and makes them seem just as flawed as real people.

The individual motivations of the protagonists were fleshed out and sympathetic, and none of them were dislikeable. The world of Allegora, although horrible, was intriguing, and I found sympathy for the villain Madame Rose in her motivation to overthrow the prevailing rulers.

The main issue I had with this book was that it didn't go as quite in-depth as it could have. There was a set-up for a very complex, interesting world, but the book doesn't delve into it as much as I would have liked it to. We hear different aspects of the world mentioned in passing, but many parts are brushed over, including the backstories of the protagonists. Cerise battles with the abusive woman she lived with for much of the story, but we don't get many details on what it was like to live with her. Verre's fears of her siblings being set to the mines and palace are mentioned, but there isn't much time spent on why this is so horrible. Many of the explanations are rushed and left without emotional impact, which removes some of the tension from the story.

A longer book with more time spent on character development and worldbuilding would have made the already great story even more interesting, and would have increased my investment in the stakes. That said, the story is highly enjoyable as it is. It's an exciting adventure with humor, heart, and fun magic powers. And that is the prevailing emotion I felt while reading this - a sense of fun and nostalgia for the fantasy and fairy tale books of my childhood. There was danger and darkness in the book, but it doesn't lose its sense of humor or enchantment, and it's an entertaining ride. Be sure to grab a copy when it comes out!
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255 reviews42 followers
March 16, 2020
Warning: cliffhanger ending.
Also, this is a dark retelling, so there’s quite a bit of blood (minimally described for the most part).

The twists on traditional fairy tales (Cinderella, Snow White, etc.) is amazing, and there are a few classic tales mixed among them (I feel like telling would be a spoiler so you’ll have to see for yourself).

The cast is varied: Verre, the ice-cold assassin; Aura, the orphan thief struggling to support her siblings; Blanca, once-dead, wondering if her past is worth remembering; Cerise, the werewolf; and their overseer, the shadowy Pan. (
All of them face their own struggles, and each is given the opportunity to betray the others. It was a tense affair, watching how the loyalties and desires played out.

Food is one of my favorite aspects of fiction, especially when the descriptions can make my mouth water right after I’ve finished eating a meal. I want to try bluras and crescent berries now.
Another favorite aspect: DRAGONS.
Majestic, knowledgeable, powerful, awfully-surprised-at-a-human-with-manners, DRAGONS. Well, dragon. She was perfect ().
And the description, I’ve mentioned that before, yes? Bone-chillingly creepy, mouth-watering, and beautiful, as is needed.

I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Recommended for lovers of Grimm, and, I think, Brian Jacques (there’s less blood/gore description in this than in Redwall, and no talking animals, but the same overall tension and violence.)

**FTC disclosure: I was provided an ARC copy to review, I was not obligated to give a high rating, etc.***
Author 1 book8 followers
March 22, 2020
Right, where to begin with Rose's Wrath...

Probably by first off saying I really enjoyed it. I think the concept was really well done, and also very well executed. And I LOVED the characters in the book (though there are a few faults that I'll get into later)


The initial characterisation of both Verre and Aura was masterful. I love the family dynamic that the pair of them have with their own families and eventually the rest of the group. Verre's stone-cold attitude, in particular, was really nice, and I loved the contrast with how she acts on the job, then with people she cares about.
We also see Aura's relationship with her family be one of the most beautiful things I read that genuinely managed to bring a tear to my eye.

There is also another thing that I really loved about the writing style, and it was how easy it was to get into and read. It felt like overall, it flowed quite nicely.


One of the main cons that I feel this book has is it's the length. I feel like with a 227 odd page novel, there isn't enough room for proper characterisation. And I feel that's a shame considering the room that there was for it. I don't want to go too far into this, as I'm saving that for a spoiler review. However, I do believe there was a lot more room for characterisation and development with a lot of the characters.
One other slightly minor thing, however, is that I feel that the writing sometimes gets a bit too pandering at times. Though this may just be personal preference.


Definitely worth the read. Alot of the characters are superbly written. The powers are woven in such unique ways. Sky Baen is a thing. I'm definitely going to buy it when it releases.

All in all really good book

1 review
March 26, 2020

I wish this thing was on paper in my hands I would have flew through it!

But really though with your description skills this book is something I would pick right off the shelf at any bookstore and gladly reread again. The story flies off the pages through all the careful detail you've added, from the smallest of glowing moon blossom flowers in the king's palace, the fantasizing tastes of Hark meat, and the innocent love between a husband and his wife- all the way to the dark and gruesome city of Oobay or the mysterious land of smoke and fog. I could just go on and on about the small things I admire! It's a very magical reboot if you ask me, turning the beauty's into beasts, damsels into heroes.

I also loved how you swiftfully brought everyone together, and how unique their names are, but it took me a little longer than it could have to connect the names to each girl, even at 100+ pages in. I have to mentally do a checklist in my mind to make sure I'm thinking of the right female, but it does get easier as you progress into the book. (At 160 I had it down pat lol) I wouldn't change them but for future reference I would think about several leads all having very unique names lol.

And lastly the only thing I yearn for is more of it, because most books this good end all to soon for an obsessed reader like me. I would love if in the future Verre, Aura, Blanca, and Cerise had sequels of their own to follow. Like Aura and her brother and sister surviving in their dark world, maybe finding a place to call home. Blanca(because I believe she's perfectly safe) despite her poisonous breath finds a prince who loves her regardless. Cerise finding her mother's relatives and learning how to love herself as a hybrid, and Verre giving up her dangerous life to start a family with baen. :') yeah I'd die for those books.

5/5 for the visual description girl. It was great.
4/5 Character development.
3/5 Story Arc. Because it only started to pick up at the very end! But knowing it has a sequel does help. I would have loved more obstacles, like they couldn't achieve their goal because of (insert hardship) , those would be great things to add in my opinion because they really gives us a longing for them to succeed. For instance a video game has 10 side quests before the main quest can be accomplished, and in the end it still never goes as planned. (Honestly I'm awful at this myself but I'll learn eventually lol) And honestly if you were to add to the story it would also help for a longer book.(But again, it helps there is a sequel.)

I can't wait to see what's to come!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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139 reviews11 followers
March 21, 2020
2.5 I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. This review will be split into 6 sections: plot, specific characters and overall thoughts.

Let me just start out by saying I adore all things fairytales so I had high expectations. The plot in the beginning was very well thought out, the multiple POV’s were interesting and different. However, the plot seemed to go downhill for me as the book progressed.

Likes- strong character
Dislikes- I’m not a huge fan of the little red riding hood is actually the wolf trope. I’ve seen that a lot. An example that she reminded me of is Cerise Hood from Ever After High, who is little red riding hood’s daughter who is also the big bad wolf’s daughter so she can transform into a wolf as well. Their characters are almost identical.

Likes- She is TALL!!! This never happens in YA books, we need more tall kick butt type of characters.
Dislike- Some of her dialogue seemed cringey and her relationship with Baen felt forced. Every time they interacted it was so awkward to read.

Likes- EVERYTHING! My favorite character. She was what made me read this book and continue. I loved her chapters the most! Her storyline was beautiful and unique! Nothing but love for her.

Likes- second favorite character. I love her relationship with her siblings.
Dislikes- Sometimes she was a little much. Her character was more bland to me.

Overall thoughts-
I really liked the book in the beginning and wished we could have seen more of the plot before Rose recruited them, that for me was when it went downhill. I feel like I would have completely loved this book if I was still in Middle School. For a first book though, it isn’t bad. I didn’t love it, but it was still a nice read.
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August 25, 2020
I’m very picky with my fantasy, since I have a lot of pet peeves associated with the genre, but Oceane McAllister’s Rose’s Wrath did not hit a single one. As far as fantasy world building goes, it was nearly flawless. The magic system was well-developed without being over-explained, the setting was conveyed beautifully without a single info-dump, and the characters were more than just what their surroundings made from them.

Talk about girl power! Not one, but four strong female leads, all with very distinct voices and characters. They form a diverse group representing different parts of both their world and ours, which is something I don’t find enough of in fantasy. And all four women are strong without losing an ounce of their humanity or femininity. McAllister doesn’t draw a distinction between being a girl and being tough—they can coexist, maybe even inform each other.

(Minor spoiler:) One of my favorite things about the book was Verre and Baen’s relationship. I always love a touch of romance in books that lean towards plot-driven, and this relationship does not disappoint. There isn’t any love triangle or superfluous drama—just two people that love each other and know it. (Also, Baen is adorable.)

The plot was well-paced, and though it slowed at parts, it never once dragged, and I never once wanted to stop reading. It was reminiscent of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and I mean that as the utmost compliment. Varying speeds, moments of character interaction and combat, and a greater goal sneaking in the background the entire time.

Even if fantasy isn’t particularly your thing, Rose’s Wrath is certainly worth the read for anyone in need of a little adventure.

*Disclaimer: I did receive a free copy of this book as part of a giveaway, but all opinions are completely my own.
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