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Bow Street Bachelors #3

The Princess and the Rogue

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A princess in disguise is forced to live with a rogue in order to protect her from danger in this fun, sexy regency romance.

Bow Street agent Sebastien Wolff, Earl of Mowbray, doesn't believe in love―until a passionate kiss with a beautiful stranger in a brothel forces him to reconsider. When the mysterious woman is linked to an intrigue involving a missing Russian princess, however, Seb realizes her air of innocence was too good to be true.

Princess Anastasia Denisova has been hiding in London as plain 'Anna Brown'. With a dangerous traitor hot on her trail, her best option is to accept Wolff's offer of protection―and accommodation―at his gambling hell. But living in such close quarters, and aiding Wolff in his Bow Street cases, fans the flames of their mutual attraction. If Anya's true identity is revealed, does their romance stand a chance? Could a princess ever marry a rogue?

328 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published December 29, 2020

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Kate Bateman

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Also writes as K.C. Bateman

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2,076 reviews13.3k followers
December 11, 2021
Another AMAZING romance from Kate Bateman! Omg the meet cute of this book just sets the tone for this romance and I loved it so much. Sebastian works for Bow Street and ends up having to protect Anya after people attempt to kidnap her. She is the lost Russian princess, but she is doing everything in her power to protect her identify. I loved how she had to stay at Sebastian's house to stay safe and there was undeniable attraction between them. She knows, though, they could never be together because of who she is. There were bad guys chasing after them and she had to find a way to prove the bad guy was actually a traitor to her country. I loved the action and the forced proximity and the banter between Anya and Sebastian. There was never a slow moment int his book and the ending was ADORABLE. If you haven't read this book yet, you have to pick it up!
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867 reviews203 followers
August 17, 2020
ARC provided by NetGalley and St. Martin's in exchange for an honest review.

Anastasia Denisova is a Russian princess in hiding. She has established herself as a companion to a dowager duchess in London. Eighteen months earlier she had to run away from a forced marriage from one of her country men. Sadly she had learned her brother had been killed in the battle of Waterloo. Her brother had shared with her a while back that the same gentleman (who was trying to force her into marriage) was under suspicion of treason. She is now living modestly (after selling her tiara) near a brothel. She's made friends with the lady in charge and some of the girls that worked there She offered to help the girls learn to read and write with the hopes that they would make a better life for themselves.

Sebastian, Lord Mowbray is a Earl and a Bow Street agent. He enjoys his single status. Recently he's become irritated with his fellow friends and comrades when they tease him that he needs to fall in love. He would never admit to his friends that lately he's felt a little off and out of sorts, like somethings missing in his life. He's a confident and wealthy male that is able to get pretty much whatever he wants, he shouldn't be feeling this way.

Well Sebastian decides to visit a brothel one evening, the night that Anastasia is scheduled to assists in the girls learning session. He see's Anastasia and there is instant attraction. He assumes she "works" there and the two have a very interesting and heated interaction. Anastasia tries to set the record right but Sebastian finds her a captivating and intriguing. He can't seem to forget her. A situation arrises where he needs to assist he Aunt. The situations becomes a rescue, the rescue of not only his Aunt by Ana.

Sebastian's Aunt request that he keep Ana under his protection as she is in danger. Ana doesn't reveal who she is but gives half truths. Sebastian takes her to his gaming hell that he and his other two friends all co-own. The two get to know each other and slowly develop a friendship of some sort. Sebastian is a stubborn male who is suspicious and knows that Ana is not telling him everything. Ana is finding herself developing feeling for him and admires his character and work ethic.

The truth of who Ana is and who's after her are revealed to Sebastian. He's not too happy but he learns quickly that he cares for Ana and wants nothing to happen to her. They develop a plan to catch the person or persons that are after Ana and committed treason.

There's some action as well as romance in this novel. I liked both the hero and heroine and their character development. I loved the grumpy, alpha male of Sebastian. Ana was strong but sweet too. But I did find some of her actions a little out of character for a princess. Her behavior was not really appropriate for the time period at times. Pretty outspoken and forward thinking. Also her and Sebastian's love scene was out of character, from Ana's stand point I think for a princess/virgin. I understand that she had friends that worked at a brothel and they "told" her things, I still feel she was way to confident, adventurous and forward in that scene.

The pacing and writing was good with some exception. I found the introduction a little over the top and a little cheesy. Also the scene of Sebastian rescuing of his Aunt and Ana was pretty predictable and pat. I would also have loved an epilogue a couple years later of their lives together. But all in all this was an enjoyable read.
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796 reviews1,071 followers
November 9, 2022
✨“Christ alive! I don’t bed virgins…✨

…Ever. I bed wenches. Actresses. Widows. Tarts.”

Her eyes widened at that, but she lifted her chin in that haughty way he should have realized came from a lifetime of privilege.

“Well, now you’ve fucked a woman who outranks you. Congratulations.”

Pros ⬆️

Cons ⬇️

I mean what did she think would happen going to the villain ALONE I hate when a main character is like Oo nooo I can’t bother my LOVE with threats on my PERSON


Overall, I don’t want this series to be over!!! I thiiiink book one was my favorite idk that wedding ring around her nipple scene lives in my mind rent free... but all of them were great and they’re all wonderfully written romantic adventures! Kate is such a perfect writer for spy and/or heist plots plus steamy bits.

This one was the least heisty but she was a Russian princess so really, that’s already a whole mood. The shining moments were really Seb going from absolutely appalled by the idea of marriage to checking his watch, eagerly counting down the minutes to his wedding day. His whole progression was so sweet and his proposal was !!!! The narrator hit that scene out of the park!

On that note, I really recommend reading all of these as audiobooks because the narrator is fabulous and really understands the tone and playfulness of Kate’s writing.

I did want a bit more steam from this one; it felt especially slow burn and I wanted a bit more of a reward…but he bent her over a desk so I can’t ask for much more. I also loved her having the power all to herself in that one scene…make him beg!

✨Does her brother get a book? Asking for a friend✨

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 🌶🌶🌶/5

This could probably be 3.75⭐️s but idk it’s Kate so she gets the round up.
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2,650 reviews3,233 followers
July 12, 2020
5 A Royal Love Of Equals Stars
* * * * * Spoiler Free
Kate Bateman has convinced me to read whatever she writes. I found her through the Bow Street Bachelors and am thrilled I did. It was during a time when I was looking to switch up what I was reading and turned to some past favorites, Lisa Kleypas, Tessa Dare, and Sarah MacLean. I stumbled on Ms. Bateman's first entry and gobbled it up.

A new favorite was born. Her writing had everything I needed. It had humor, sass, concern for the betterment of others, and heart. She created three-dimensional characters. They had personalities that jumped off the pages and this was true to both main characters. The woman was equal to the man making it a delight to read.

The Princess and Rogue continue in this vein.
We have Russian Princess Anastasia Denisova who is hiding in London as a commoner. It is the only way she is able to not be married off to a corrupt man after her riches and knowledge of him being a traitor to Russia. She escaped and is all alone in the world short of a dear friend who ran with her.

She has secured a position of assistant to a dowager duchess and has been living a quiet life. She made friends with her neighbor, a woman who ran the best upscale "house". Anya started to teach the ladies how to read and write when she wasn't at work.

It was during one of her lessons with the women when Bow Street agent Sebastien Wolff, Earl of Mowbray, comes to the house. He is restless and looking to ease his needs. He heard of the level of ladies offered here and finally decided to try it out.

Seb was the last of the Bow Street men who were single. His dear friends and men he fought with each found their woman. They were happy and teased him about when he would find his. He laughed saying he had no interest to be tied to one woman. His friends knew better...

Seb sees Anya and immediately wants her. He walks right up to Anya and starts to say how he is ready to take her for the night. Anya is a bit shocked but also finds it ridiculous. Seb asks how much and Anya quotes an obscene amount. Seb says done and looks to take her hand. Seb moves close, Anya is charmed, knows she will never have a chance to experience much so allows a kiss.

This is not just a light kiss...it is a swooning, overtaking a body and mind kiss, something capturing both, Seb and Anya.

Lucky for Anya, the owner of the house comes in and sees what is happening. She intercedes and explains Anya is not for him. Seb is not understanding but politely allows Anya to leave. For Seb, though, the dye is cast.

When Seb discovers Anya is tied to his dowager duchess, all bets are off. He is put in charge of protecting her while he is skeptical of what her position was with his aunt. These two bicker, tease, and learn to trust. Watching them fall for each other is a wonder. Anya gives as good as she gets from Seb.

This story had intrigue, mystery, devotion, and passion. Anya was an extremely strong woman and Seb saw that from the beginning. He didn't talk down to her and respected her requests. His love sneaks up on him and confuses him. When secrets are revealed, it throws him for a loop.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entry and series. Although all of the men have found their loves, Ms. Bateman did leave a nugget of possibilities with the character Charlotte and her Hayes House. I think there could be much to discover if she is interested...Just a suggestion, hmmmm

This Earl of Mine (Bow Street Bachelors, #1) by Kate Bateman This Earl of Mine (Bow Street Bachelors, #1)
To Catch an Earl (Bow Street Bachelors, #2) by Kate Bateman To Catch an Earl (Bow Street Bachelors #2)
The Princess and the Rogue (Bow Street Bachelors, #3) by Kate Bateman The Princess and the Rogue (Bow Street Bachelors, #3)

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Oh, Poor Sebastien Wolff...
He May Be Known as Earl of Mowbray...
But is Also a Bow Street Agent...
And Confirmed Bachelor...

Laughs at The Romance...
His Friends Fell To...

Well, The Last Laugh...
Was On Him...

When His Lips Meet...
The Princess Anastasia Denisova...
AKA 'Anna Brown'...
All Bets Are Off...

With Others Waiting to Harm Her...
Sebastien and His Team...
Will Not Let That Happen...

But What Happens...
When Anna Brown Becomes...
Princess Anastasia Denisova...

Will Their Love Survive As...

The Princess and the Rogue (Bow Street Bachelors, #3)-December 29th 2020

A gifted copy was provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

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2,203 reviews918 followers
March 9, 2021
Russian Princess Anastasia Denislova is forced to leave Paris and go into hiding after her brother was reported dead in battle and a treacherous enemy tries to force her hand in marriage. She lands in London with her best friend, using the name Anna Brown. She befriends a brothel owner and regularly visits to help her learn to read. On one occasion, Sebastian (Seb) Wolff, Earl of Mowbray comes for a visit and mistakenly thinks Anna is one of the ladies of the evening. He’s immediately captivated and after a stolen kiss, cannot get her out of his head.

Seb is also a Bow Street agent and the last of his circle of friends still holding on to his bachelorhood. It was amusing to see him chafe at their domestication and commitment to their intriguing wives and try to deny his growing feelings for Anastasia/Anna, obvious to everyone else but him. She shared his feelings but found it too dangerous to reveal her true identity, the secret a real barrier between any potential relationship. I loved her independence, resourcefulness and determination to make the best of her situation. Anastasia was formidable in her own right, the perfect match for the stoic Seb.

I opted for the audio version and it was a wise choice as the narrator managed a very credible Russian accent for those characters and easily transitioned to English for the others. She made it easy for me to imagine Anastasia and others in her Russian sphere. There was also a bit of danger and suspense that made this a more intriguing story and the romance was perfectly developed. It was a fitting end for the most stubborn of the Bow Street bachelors and the series. I enjoyed everything about this and am a bit sorry to see it all end.

Posted on Blue Mood Café

(Thanks to Recorded Books for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)
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772 reviews1,613 followers
December 16, 2022
3.5 stars

not that im well versed in the life of royal families, but some things were a little too far off the realm of possibility. the h was less sensible and more dimwitted than her status as a princess warranted. though i applauded all her efforts in trying to survive as a commoner while on the run from bad guys. meanwhile, the H was dashing for sure but had a penis for brains. so i feel like his interest for the h never went beyond the sexual. it was a case of lust at first sight.

despite it all, i kinda sorta liked the book?? the h was a Russian princess escaping to England. one thing led to another and the H became her bodyguard, but she never told him her true identity until later. so i really enjoyed this princess in disguise aspect and how the forced proximity between H & h worked here. also, the audiobook was lovely. mostly cause the h clearly had accent and i just loved listening to it since it was different than the English/American ones im used to.

(read as an audiobook)
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1,446 reviews1,156 followers
January 3, 2021
A little too farfetched…

While I enjoyed parts of The Princess and the Rogue, I must admit to a wee bit of an eye-rolling problem. There is a fine line between realistic and unrealistic, and this story took me beyond my tolerance of unrealistic. Where the heck were her guards when she was running for her life? How is it that a Princess doesn’t have a battalion of staff at her beck and call? Sure, I get that it’s a story and you have to stretch reality to make the storyline progress and be interesting, but there is definitely a limit.

Besides my issues with the believability of the story, I struggled with the Princess’ lack of wits when it came to her safety. Knowing that she had a man willing to protect her, she should have given him all the information upfront regarding her identity. Then, for her to drop straight into the hands of the villain with the oldest trick in the books, I was less than impressed. A Princess living next to a brothel AND she decides to teach the ‘girls’ to read, give me a break. Of course, the ‘girls’ wanted to return the favour by sharing their vast experience with men.

Now, our Rogue … I liked him and felt that he was unlucky to have fallen for the witless Princess. The poor bloke put his life on the line without a clear picture of whom he was protecting. I’m pretty damn positive he would have approached her safety differently if he’d known she was royalty. Think about the political backlash England would have faced if a royal died while visiting.

Ok … ok … I know I’m overthinking it, BUT the fact that I was even contemplating it, tells me that it was a wee bit too distracting. Maybe I’m getting too fussy in my old age or maybe it’s just 2020 is messing with my tolerance.

I gave this story 3 stars because even though I was frustrated at times, I enjoyed the Rogue and his fellow Bachelors. They brought a touch of humour to the storyline, and their dedication to each other was admirable. Maybe the problem was that I started with Bow Street Bachelors #3 instead of at the beginning of the series? I may even be tempted to go back to the beginning because I can admit to being intrigued by Bachelor #1 and Bachelor #2's heroines.

Please do not judge The Princess and the Rogue by my review alone as a lot of people seem to love this author and her work. Check out other reviews and you may find that this story works perfectly for you.

Stacey is Sassy, received an advanced copy of this story. The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.
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1,507 reviews141 followers
December 15, 2020
Series: Bow Street Bachelors #3
Publication Date: 12/29/20
Number of Pages: 304

I believe this is the final book in the Bow Street Bachelors series and it was definitely a fun wrap-up. I’m the first to admit that I thought the premise of this series was a bit far-fetched – and it is – but it is also delightful and fun and the characters are wonderful. I would have been less skeptical of the premise if the three heroes in the series had been working for the Home Office, but the jobs they performed just didn’t seem to fit with Bow Street. However, none of that matters because I loved the series – just had to really stretch my imagination.

Sebastien Wolff, Earl of Mowbray, didn’t inherit his title, even though he is the son of a duke. No, his half-brother Geoffrey will inherit the dukedom. Sebastien earned his title the hard way – through service to the crown. He and his two friends served in the Rifles during the war, and they still provide service to the crown through their work at Bow Street. His two best friends, Benedict Wilde (This Earl of Mine), and Alex Harland (To Catch an Earl), also received titles for service to the crown – and they are partners with Sebastien in a gaming hell, The Tricorn Club. Sebastien watched with great merriment as each of those best friends found the women they would love and marry. Sebastien is very, very cynical about love and marriage after watching so many ton marriages provide nothing but misery and unhappiness. I LOVE what Sebastien had to say at one point in the book where his friends were chiding him about finding his match. Alex and Ben had been talking about how much their wives had irritated them and driven them crazy prior to marriage. His friends are convinced Sebastien is more attracted to the lady in his care than he wants to admit – some of that conversation is:

"I thought it was irritation at first," Alex said with a reminiscent smile. "I wanted to throttle her." Benedict chuckled. "Well, then." Seb crossed his arms. "I'm still waiting to find that gorgeous someone who irritates me enough to want to strangle her."

Anastasia (Anya) Denisova is a Russian Princess. She’s also very rich and from a very powerful family. Yet, at the moment she is all alone and virtually helpless. Her brother, Prince Dimitri, is working with a Russian diplomatic group and has made arrangements to meet Anya in Paris. On his way there, Waterloo happened, and somehow Dimitri was caught up in it and lost his life. Before they left Russia, Dimitri had told Anya that he was pursuing information on a traitor and he was sure the traitor was Vasili Petrov, but he didn’t yet have proof. Vasili pays Anya a visit in Paris to try to force her to marry him so she cannot testify against him. He is cruelly attacking her when Anya’s best friend and companion, Elizaveta, managed to bash Vasili over the head and incapacitate him. They knew they had to escape and they had to go someplace Vasili wouldn’t expect – definitely NOT back to Russia. So, they sewed whatever jewels they could into their clothing and headed for England.

Life hasn’t been easy for them in London, but they have learned how resilient they are. Anya is working as a companion to the Dread Dowager Duchess, as she is known among the ton. The Dowager Duchess puts fear into the hearts of most, but Anya really likes her and they have formed a friendship. It also turns out she is also the great-aunt of Sebastien.

I loved the scene where Sebastien meets Anya – and mistakes her for someone/something she isn’t. He can’t forget her, but he knows there is something not exactly true about her. I loved Anya and Sebastian together and I loved watching them come to love each other. It is great fun to watch Sebastien’s friends rib him about his feelings for Anya – especially when he continually denies them.

It is a delightfully fun read that is well-written, excellently plotted, and a lovely wrap-up to the series. I would have loved an epilogue set a year or two into the future with all of the folks from the series getting together so we could see how they and their families have grown.

I can definitely recommend this book and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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729 reviews487 followers
September 28, 2021
Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Plot/Storyline: 📖📖📖📖📖
Feels: 🦋🦋🦋
Emotional Depth: 💔💔💔
Sexual Tension: ⚡⚡⚡⚡
Romance: 💞💞💞
Sensuality: 💋💋💋💋
Sex Scene Length: 🍑🍑🍑🍑
Steam Scale (Number of Sex Scenes): 🔥🔥
Humor: Yes, a touch

(These are all personal preference on a scale of 1-5 (yours ratings may vary depending what gives you feels and how you prefer you sex scenes written, etc) except the Steam Scale which follows our chart from The Ton and the Tartans facebook group.)

Should I read in order?
You could. There’s a bit of page time with the prior heroes and heroines in the series, but I do think this one works fine as a stand alone.

Basic plot
Princess Anya has lost her family and brother and now has people attempting to control her life in Russia. Facing kidnapping and death, she escapes to London. Eighteen months later, she finds the threats have followed her to England’s shores. Sebastien can not only use her help in his investigation, but protect her as well.

Give this a try if you want:
- 1816 time period (most of this story takes place in London)
- Ex-Soldier hero who is now a bow street runner and Russian princess heroine
- A bit of a body guard trope feel – Sebastien keeps Anya at the Tricorn – his gambling club he founded with his 2 friends Benjamin and Alex (the prior heroes in the series)
- Mid steam – there are 2 full length (amazing!) scenes and some kisses
- Plenty of danger and intrigue as Anya fights for her safety and independence in London
- Gives feels of an Anastasia Romanov retelling

My thoughts:
There was a lot I really enjoyed about this story! My daughter went through a phase where she watched Princess Anastasia cartoons non stop and I always loved them. This book had a lot of fun historical tidbits including lots of Russian traditions and superstitions, and little things like how the first pelicans came to England (I never knew!)

Anya is a survivor and this book really is her story. A lot of it is from her perspective and her character feels much deeper than Sebastien’s. She’s been sheltered so much of her life, then she was thrown into turmoil where survival was her only concern. Now she’s at a point where she wants to explore a bit of what life has to offer, and Sebastien can show her that.

Sebastien has permanent hearing loss on one side from a cannon blast at Waterloo from when he was in the Rifles, but it’s not a major plot point (mentioned a few times). He’s really cynical about life and love. Their relationship has a touch of enemies to lovers feel, though I’m not sure I would label it that. They just have a lot of back and forth banter and feeling each other out. They are both strong characters so it’s them finding their balance with each other.

What made me struggle with this book was I thought the start was extremely slow. They do have to set up quite a bit with her heritage and background, coming from another country and the danger she faced. But...it was 11% before they even meet and then they only have a very short interaction together (that was nice ;) ) and then it was 20% more before they are together again. I don’t think this will bother most people, but I do tend to get antsy if the main characters aren’t together much in the beginning. Once they are together it gets better, but I feel like they also spend a lot of time circling each other and having internal thoughts about each other and not actually interacting. That combined with the various danger factors left me wanting more THEM time.

But when they are together it’s amazing. These scenes were some of the hottest I’ve read in awhile and I really, REALLY loved them. One thing I really loved was in a scene where they were drinking Russian vodka and she starts to get tipsy, he pauses them from going any further. I'm not against drunk sex at all, but I don't love it for the first time together.

Content Warnings:

Locations of kisses/intimate scenes:
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3,857 reviews5,633 followers
February 5, 2021
I've enjoyed the Bow Street Bachelors series by Kate Bateman, and I liked The Princess and the Rogue, even if the plot felt a bit convoluted at times.

I haven't read that many historical romances with Russians in them, so I was excited for a "Russian princess meets scoundrel"-plotline. Though I found the book to be entertaining and well-written in general, it was also a bit insta-lovey and outlandish for my tastes.

Sebastien Wolff, known rake, was a bit too head-over-heels for the female MC at first meeting. Of course I expect a bit of fantasy with my romance plotlines, but the coincidences seemed to just pile up. I wanted things to feel more organic, if you know what I mean.

I love stories with dashing rogue MCs, so I still enjoyed this one, but it wasn't particularly memorable for me. However, I'm still looking forward to Kate Bateman's next book.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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1,607 reviews1,481 followers
December 30, 2020
The Princess and the Rogue is the third book in the Bow Street Bachelors series. The men of the book are war veterans who started a gaming hell after returning from war. Each so far has met their match when the right woman comes into their lives and now it is Seb’s turn to be put through the ringer.
“Alex, do you have any idea why our friend is frowning at my fireplace as if he wants to tear it apart? Benedict poured himself a glass of amber liquid. “Did someone disparage the cut of his coat? Malign his cravat?”
Alex snorted in amusement. “It’s even worse than that, I’m afraid. The end of days is upon us. Seb’s finally met a woman who could resist him.”

Princess Anastasia Denisova barely escaped with her life and her honor when she left Paris. Her brother is dead and his frenemy looking to make her his wife to steal her money and power, Anastasia ran to London and moved in next to a brothel. She was there to teach some of the girls to read, when Sebastien Wolff walked in, mistook her for one of the residents and gave her the most intoxicating kiss of her life.

Anastasia also is a paid companion Seb’s aunt, who has figured out who the girl is and is delightedly decided to matchmake her favorite nephew with the lovely Anna Brown. Sebastien never had a chance between the two women. They have him all tangled up and Seb is determined to get Anna into his bed thinking that the cure for his obsession with her. Little does he know she will probably make it into his heart before that ever happens, because the stubborn woman is smart, fun and can drink a sailor under the table.

I liked Anna, she is strong independent and not willing to budge on her values. She would not become a pawn in someone else’s power play and give up her home, her money and her body to someone she didn’t love and who definitely didn’t love her. She was brave to run away to a new place and hide to start over. Sebastien was a little harder to like, just because he is so dang male, and just makes some really silly plays. But the love of a good woman can tie you all into knots and make sure you come out a better person after.

Overall a really fun historical romance that touches on some of the time after the Napoleonic Wars.

“Alex, do you have any idea why our friend is frowning at my fireplace as if he wants to tear it apart? Benedict poured himself a glass of amber liquid. “Did someone disparage the cut of his coat? Malign his cravat?”

Alex snorted in amusement. “It’s even worse than that, I’m afraid. The end of days is upon us. Seb’s finally met a woman who could resist him.”
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1,506 reviews268 followers
August 31, 2020
Oh, how the mighty fall. ❤️ Seb’s story!
I think Bateman hit the mark with these three best friends and developing the stories around these guys. They are humorous and definitely don’t let their buddies get away with anything. I love their loyalty and camaraderie and have just really enjoyed the series.

This story is about Sebastian. He’s the grouchiest one, I think. So it can only be right that he gets taken down by a princess.

The best part of the book is just the unique flavor that the author brings. This is not a run-of-the-mill story loaded with drama and chatter, Bateman works hard to craft entertaining, sexy, and unique stories that suck you right into a time warp.

The characters are perfectly crafted and I just love the slow to burn development of feelings. We even have a touch of suspense to keep it interesting too.

With some twists and turns, Bateman develops a wonderful story you can get lost in which includes a little bit of everything. It’s no wonder that I have enjoyed the series so very much. I hope this is not the end. However, I am thinking we might be seeing a few of these characters again soon!

Awesome Read!

* copy received for review consideration
Full review - https://amidlifewife.com/the-princess...
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2,253 reviews1,813 followers
August 16, 2021
3.5 stars. Honestly, had a bit of an issue with our hero. He's rude. He keeps trying to seduce our heroine but he's very rude about it because he thinks she's just a maid. Sorry i know different classes are treated differently but I thought he was mean. And our heroine was an ice queen but I thought he was an ice king more like it. Anyways. The enemies to lovers bit was fun though! And the action was captivating.
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3,404 reviews449 followers
August 28, 2021
comparing it with the first two books in the series this one was lacking
also, can I just point out the difference between the badass heroine and the stupid heroine
miss you are not brave for going alone and not telling anyone because kidnapper said so
ugh, I hate that... stupid and annoying

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362 reviews270 followers
December 4, 2021
I'm weak for class difference (okay the main characters are both rich here but STILL), cute banter, and grumpy but soft/smitten love interests, and this had everything in spades!!!

Now I need to read the other two books in the series (yes I do everything backwards, sue me).

Content warning: attempted rape, kidnapping, murder (it's justified imo), explicit sex scenes
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2,709 reviews703 followers
November 19, 2020
I have loved the previous two books of this series, but I'll admit I've been waiting for Seb's book.

I loved Anya. She's smart and can definitely hold her own. Seb has been a gruff delight since the beginning of the series and he didn't disappoint. Together these two have instant chemistry, loads of irritation, and button pushing galore. I truly enjoyed reading them figure things out. And of course, it's always awesome to see the previous couples. Oh, and Seb's aunt stole every scene she was in.

Plot wise, it was good. There's a good amount of tension and even though I knew there would be a HEA, it had me wondering about how we'd get to the outcome. My only complaint (if you could call it that) is that I really wanted an epilogue or a future-take of some sort. Having the story end where it did was a little disappointing, but I know most of that is just me being greedy.

Overall, I know this will be a series I read again because I just love these characters. I can't wait to see what Kate Bateman comes up with next.

**Huge thanks to St. Martin's Paperbacks for providing the arc free of charge**
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August 7, 2020
So I finally got around to reading The Princess and the Rogue by Kate Bateman, who I truly love as an author and providing this review. Enjoying this series and it was a delight to read the story of Sebastien and Anastasia and how their attraction moved to the characters falling in love.

I believe this is the third story in the series and as always, Ms. Bateman provided adventure, twists and also a bit of humor that kept this reader smiling. An enjoyable read with a bit of opposite's attraction and intimacy that makes for a good read.

Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for this ARC in exchange for my fair and honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.
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January 4, 2021
Hands down, The Princess and The Rogue is my favorite book of the Bow Street Bachelor series! Anya and Sebastien have amazing chemistry and there was just enough push and pull to lure me in and keep me hooked on their journey! The banter was full of humorous quips and sass, and I got a kick out of the guys ribbing Sebastien while he was trying to sort out his feelings for Anya. The hidden identity element was well played too... I could blather on about all sorts of goodies, but I’ll behave:) It was more than obvious these two were meant to be, especially after the most hilarious meet cute!, and I loved how all the elements came together for a keeper shelf read.

I received an advance reader copy from Netgalley/St. Martins and this is my honest review.
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November 27, 2020
Anya is a Russian princess who’s undercover- fleeing to England from the bad guy who wants to marry her because he thinks she has proof that he was a traitor to Russia. As his wife, she can’t testify against him. She meets Sebastian who initially believes her to be a brothel worker. I didn’t buy the lust at first sight and why they were drawn to each other. The story was just okay for me but I can honestly see others enjoying it more than I did.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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October 20, 2022
Sebastien Wolff, Bow Street agent, war hero, and newly made Earl of Mowbray, is a cynic after seeing his parents' tempestuous relationship. Even seeing his two best friends find love and marry isn't enough to make Seb believe in love, but a chance encounter with a lovely stranger in a brothel changes everything. When he learns the woman is Russian and possibly linked to the disappearance of a princess, Seb knows he must learn anything he can from her.

Princess Anastasia Denisova has been in hiding for over a year now, working as simple lady's companion Anna Brown. When her treasonous would-be suitor she's been running from turns up in London, Anya is left with no choice but to accept Sebastien's grudging offer of protection and lodging. But with Anya and Seb sharing close quarters in the apartments above his gaming hell, their attraction becomes nearly impossible to ignore. The threat against Anya is stronger than ever, but she must keep her true identity hidden, even from Seb, and when the truth comes out, his less than stellar reputation may render a future between them unattainable.

Despite a couple of rocky sections that made me unsure of it, this book wound up checking all my boxes for a good romance. I loved Seb's initial terror and reluctance to admit his feelings for Anya and his jealousy and protectiveness over her. They were so cute together and the hidden identity trope was quite well done here. I loved the danger elements and how they served to strengthen the relationship between Anya and Seb and they had to fight for their HEA. I loved that Anya recognized when she needed help and wasn't afraid to ask for it. The fact that Seb stepped up and provided that and protected her without smothering her. The chemistry between Anya and Seb was amazing and with everything they'd both been through, rooting for them was great fun, and I found myself savoring the read. This had excelled side characters, reappearances from the heroes and heroines of previous books, steamy scenes, suspense, a vile villain, a protective hero whose world has been upended by the heroine. In short, all the things that make a good read for me. I quite enjoyed this series of crime-fighting heroes and found it to be original and enjoyable. I'm sad to see it end, but I'm looking forward to what's next from this author.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Blog link: https://mustreadalltheromance.blogspo...
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December 22, 2020
Of traitors and princesses!

Lively Russian princess Anastasia Denisova escapes to England from Paris after Waterloo. Living under the name of Anna Brown she's become companion to the Dowager Duchess of Winwick, who just happens to be Seb Wolff's great aunt. Mmm! Anya is fleeing a rather nasty Russian nobleman, the scheming Vasili Petrov, who's after her money and lands. Her brother Dmitri, killed at Waterloo 'had told her in confidence that Vasili, or someone close to him, was suspected of passing information to the French.' Now Anya is seeking evidence to show Petrov up for who he is.
Sebastien Wolff, Earl of Mowbray, and a Bow Street agent is looking for a traitor. When Anya and Seb's paths cross in a brothel (now thats interesting!) things heat up--on many fronts. Seb, the man who doesn't believe in love, finds himself unaccountably unable to think of anyone else. Anya finds herself in a pickle on many levels and Seb is smack bang in the middle of that conundrum. But when danger threatens Seb is the one she turns to, or rather, is sent to. But maybe stepping into Seb's gaming house will prove to be a step too far--for both of them!
A racy Regency mystery, with suitably strong main characters and a somewhat predictable plot nicely executed.

A St. Martin's Press ARC via NetGalley
Please note: Quotes taken from an advanced reading copy maybe subject to change
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January 6, 2021
The Princess and the Rogue was a phenomenal read and my favorite book in the Bow Street Bachelors series.

Russian Princess Anastasia Denisova has been hiding in London under an assumed name for months, on the run from a traitor who will do anything to find her. After a chance encounter with Sebastien Wolff, Earl of Mowbray, Anya accepts his protection after the person she's running from begins to close in. But living so closely together at Wolff's gambling hell is doing nothing to discourage the attraction that blazes between them. With Anya's enemies closing in, will their romance have a chance?

Anya is a smart woman who is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. After the death of her brother, Anya was forced to flee after a traitor to her country plans to force her to become his wife. Anya's plan was well thought out and I admired her ability to change things on the fly when she encountered unexpected obstacles. Sebastien is a war veteran whose service to the crown granted him his title as well as a position at Bow Street where, due to his status, he can take on unique investigations. Seb is a confident man who knows what he wants in life and how to go about getting it.

Anya and Sebastien's romance doesn't get off to a great start due to a series of misunderstandings. The pair's first meeting is in a brothel where Seb assumes Anya is a working girl and tries to offer her obscene amounts of money when she refuses his advances. After that Sebastien finds out Anya works for his great aunt and assumes she's a scam artist. Once Anya is under Sebastien's protection and the two live together at Sebastien's gambling hell, the pair's relationship drastically improves. Their banter is fantastic and the chemistry between them is off the charts. The steamy scenes are very well done but I do wish there were a few more of them. I thought the final confrontation with the person chasing Anya was well done and I liked the surprises the author added at the end.

Overall The Princess and the Rogue was a fantastic book and I highly recommend this series if you're looking for some great historical romances to read. I'm looking forward to seeing what the author puts out next.

**I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**
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September 6, 2020
3.5 stars I can't round up because the whole foreseeable and yet forced drama at the end that had the otherwise very sensible heroine do something incredibly stupid

I think my biggest problem is that what I loved most about the other two books is missing here: the sensible heroine, who is strong and independent without being pushy and annoying, and her partner in crime she learns to trust. In the first books, there was a give and take between the couples, with both of them learning how to work together as a couple.

Here, we have a princess all on her own, almost killed in the aftermath of Waterloo, on the run from someone who is afraid she has proof he is a traitor to his country. I liked that she had no problems trading in her luxurious life for that of a paid companion, that she had hard choices to make and had to actually work to survive. I really admired her, up to the point where the evil Russian count catches up with her for the foreseeable closing drama. My biggest problem is that, unlike the other heroines in the series, she doesn't trust the men she met enough to confide in them and to come up with a solution together, and instead runs headfirst into danger. It seemed so out of character to me for the otherwise perfectly reasonable Ana.

I also didn't like Seb as much as the other two men. They were a bit more fun. Seb is the usual hardened cynic who watches his friends fall in love and finally gets his comeuppance in the form of his own little whirlwind who turns his ordered life upside down, or, in the words of the boys:

"I thought it was irritation at first," Alex said with a reminiscent smile. "I wanted to throttle her." Benedict chuckled. "Well, then." Seb crossed his arms. "I'm still waiting to find that gorgeous someone who irritates me enough to want to strangle her."

I still love the friendship between those three. But Seb on his own without the boys around was a bit too brooding for my tastes.

I still enjoyed the friendship that Ana and Seb formed under the strange circumstances they find themselves in. But the drama towards the end was just too predictable for my tastes, and I ended up skimming a bit.

I would still recommend this series to anyone looking for historical romances that are a bit different: we have heroes who *gasp* work for a living and only were awarded their titles after the war, heroines who are courageous and do not have the cushy, comfortable, sheltered lives most HR heroines have, wonderful friendships, a lot of bickering, and couples who actually communicate! Some more than others, but still. It makes for a wonderful change from the genre, at least for me.

*I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
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August 25, 2020
Wow, I loved this! My first by this author and it was so good I’m questioning why I haven’t read her before.

Men Blue King Crown Large Full Circle Round Tiara for Pageant Wedding | PlainSilver on ArtFire

Anya was an interesting heroine as she was fierce and yet needed a certain amount of protection. However, she was no weakling that couldn’t do anything for herself, but she recognized her limitations and sought to correct them. For the era, her decision on taking things with Seb to the next level was liberating but she made it with honest introspection for this time period.


Sebastien was pure swoony goodness. He was rather grumpy, definitely protective, and had to fight his reaction to claim Anya when society dictated he could not. I had the best time watching him fall for her, help her through her problems, witness his internal battle against everything that was against them at the end and finally see what a contented Sebastien looks like. I can’t help but wonder if the other heroes in this series are just as swoon worthy.

historical gif sexy - Google Search

This is a relatively fun romance with a hero and heroine that kept each other on their toes as well as myself throughout the story. The steam is beyond anything I’m capable of explaining as it left me dry mouthed and turning the a/c down. While there is danger, drama and intrigue interlaced with the perfect amount of light hearted fare, this never felt heavy or bogged down by the issues needing resolution. It was the perfect combination to keep me turning pages.

Definitely recommending this one to those who love their historical romance with a Russian flair!

Dual POV

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October 3, 2020
*I received this book as an eARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

This book was so fun!!!

I have never read a Kate Bateman and I hadn't read the first 2 books in this trilogy. I don't feel like I was missing anything but I am very excited to go back and read about the other two men of Bow Street, who we see with their wives in this one.

This book starts off with a GREAT first chapter and it had me on the edge of my seat. We meet Princess Anya as she and her maid are trying to flee Russia after her brothers murder. We have a villain, Petrov, who is a traitor to Russia and he wants to make Anya marry him so that she can't turn evidence against him. He tries to force himself on her and after her maid stops him, they flee. (Honestly, you will get SUCH Anastasia vibes.)

We pick up our story 1 year later in London and Anya is a companion to a wealthy Dowager Duchess and she encounters our roguish Hero Sebastian Wolfe when they encounter each other at a brothel. She is there teaching writing lessons to prostitutes and he makes an outrageous offer for her "services". She lets him flirt and kiss with her before she leaves him with his mouth hanging open.

Of course, Sebastian is her employers wayward great-nephew and they encounter each other again when Anya is being tracked by Petrov. The Dowager, who knows who Anya really is, charges him to protect her, as he works for Bow Street and can keep her safe. He knows her only as Anna Brown and thinks she was an acquaintance of the late Princess Anastasia and that's why Petrov is trying to get ahold of her.

So, this becomes a close proximity novel and the sexual tension is delicious. Anya never thought she would live the life she is living now and though she is in danger, she is more free than she ever could have been as a Princess in Russia. When Sebastian offers to teach her some pleasure, she has to decide if she wants to live in the moment.

I loved this book from the beginning, and I think it really kept things moving along nicely. I loved both characters. Sebastian is just roguish enough and his opening scene with Anya in the brothel had me blushing with delight. It was a lot of fun too. There is mystery they are trying to solve and some danger to keep things interesting. Not to mention, Anya is hiding her identity, not just from Petrov, but from Sebastian too.

If you love a quick, fun, witty, and sexy Historical Romance, I highly recommend The Princess and the Rogue. I plan to go back to the other two books ASASP.

5/5 Royal Stars.
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July 30, 2020
There is no secret that I love pretty covers. I started this series thanks to the covers, and I'm so very glad that the stories were as good if not better!

This is the story of the last of the three friends, Sebastian the Earl of Mowbray. He's bored out of his mind since is friends married and moved from the club all three of them own. Both of them keep trying to convince him to marry, but he's adamantly opposed. Here enters Anya, aka Anastasia a princes on the run. Their 1st meeting is my favorite from the whole series, especially the way she kind of left him speechless(and more).

The book also has a good suspense plot with an evil prince and spies and a lot of other stuff that I won;t spoil for you. Ms Bateman wrote wonderful characters and I loved seeing the relationship between the tow of them develop. I also loved seeing the characters from the first and second book and all the new secondary characters.

If you're in the mood for a suspenseful story filled with banter and heart, you should totally read this book. It's not mandatory to have read books 1 and 2, though it would enhance the experience.
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May 14, 2022
I loved this one!!

This is the romance between Anastasia and Sebastian. And this is also an Anastasia retelling!!! (If you don't know, I ADORE anything related to Anastasia). In this retelling, Anya is feeling Russia and is presumed dead after she received news of her brother's death at war. But she actually snuck away to London and is living a simple life. She is the companion to a Duchess and also teaches women to read at a brothel. One day while she's teaching, a man walks in and immediately claims that he will pay any sum to have her. What he doesn't know is that she doesn't work in the brothel and she's also more than she appears👀👀👀

I loved this!! The banter in here is 10/10 amazing!! I just love Sebastian becoming a huge softy for a woman, and Anastasia making her own way in life. She was so resilient and strong!! I love her!!
Ugh, I just love this romance and NEED more Anastasia retellings!!


TROPES: great banter, hidden/secret identity, historical romance, historical romance with disability rep (Hero is hard of hearing in one ear), memorable meet cute, reluctant to love, retellings (Anastasia), romance with disability rep, royalty romance
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December 30, 2020
Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

I was a bit rusty on my Russian history so first thing I did after starting this book was to look up the date of the Russian Revolution. It took place in 1917. This book takes place in 1816, almost a 100 years earlier. So, that was not a factor in the plot and our heroine, Princess Anastasia Denisova, is not THE Anastasia of legend. But, I digress. Our Bow Street Bachelors are now two happily married men and one confirmed, cranky bachelor until he meets the beautiful Anya. I loved the set up of this book and enjoyed it immensely until it hit the big reveal. It all when downhill fast from there.

Princess Anastasia Denisova fled Paris with her maid and the jewels sewn into her clothes. A traitor is after her and he wants more that the evidence he thinks she has. She has been quietly living in London as Anya Brown for a year, working as a ladies companion and has been teaching reading to her neighbors, a brothel. While Anya was conducting a tutoring session, Sebastien Wolff, Earl of Mowbray happens in and decides he wants Anna for the night and no one else will do.

Sebastien is a Bow Street agent along with his two best friends. They also own a gaming hell, and have made a fortune. When Seb finds the beautiful Anya at a house of ill repute he assumes she is a new girl and is instantly attracted to her, kisses her passionately. She turns him down, flat. It turns out that Anya is working for his great-aunt. When Anya ends up under his protection, all bets are off. As Anya is in hiding, she and Seb find that the passion they shared at the brothel was only the beginning. Her real identity causes Seb some serious doubts, keeping her safe takes some serious effort and keeping his heart whole will be a serious problem.
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December 29, 2020

Hot Chocolate Dates with The Princess and The Rogue

The prologue shares her escape from Russia before we arrive in London.

First Date: Princess Anastasia Denisova has been hiding in London as plain 'Anna Brown' and was fortunate to secure a job as a companion to Sebastian's grandmother, the dowager duchess. The two do not meet there, however, they meet somewhere far more scandalous. Sebastian is busy working a case on the docks involving a dead Russian, but he cannot stop thinking about Anna.

Second Date: It seems Anna cannot escape her past, and the dowager duchess plans to help her by whisking her off to the countryside, but those plans are thwarted. Anna soon finds herself staying in the apartments of the Wolffe. Sebastian lives above the gaming hall he and his friends own. I loved the tension, the knowing, the seduction. It was divine.

Third Date: While others know who she is, Sebastian is shocked and of course sets their relationship back even as he swears to protect her. Swoons, startling discovers and reckons kept me flipping the pages until its conclusion.

This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer
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December 8, 2021
I enjoyed this more than i thought i would, mainly because i expected the action to overcome the romance which I don’t like in my historical romance books. Thankfully, the author focused on the romance between Seb and Anya which contributed a part to reasons why i enjoyed this book.

I liked both seb and Anya as people. Seb was a dream man. Courageous, honorable, humorous, caring and great in bed. He takes his duties as a bow street runner and Anya’s protector very seriously. He does not abandon either of them and still manages to run his club. He can shoot with accuracy from his horse and protect Anya from bad guys. He is flirty and often tempts Anya, but he does not force her to do anything she does not want to, nor does he show arrogance to her. What more could a girl want? I say nothing.

Anya is also brave in terms of willing to sacrifice her lifestyle to run away to London, an unknown place to her. She makes the most of her situation and managed to hide from the bad guy for a year. I’d say she has done a great job. While she wasn’t living in palaces, she wasn’t living poorly as well. She is very resourceful. Though she is/was a princess, she does not act like one, except when she does not allow seb to run roughshod over her. She stood tall, and did not allow seb or anyone to bully her. Despite that, she was not arrogant or thought that she was above others even though her position as princess was really above everyone else’s.

I felt seb and Anya’s chemistry was good. As mentioned above, Anya does not let Seb bully her (not that he actually did bully her). I loved seeing the sexual tension between them and the occasional banter. They got along well, both in the day and the night (in bed).

At the end, when the action came in, i like that it was not dragged out nor did it feel like it finished too quickly. It was just right.

As much as i enjoyed the book, i actually wanted to see Seb talk about his parents to Anya, to explain why he didn’t want to marry or commit himself to one woman forever due to his parents’ marriage’s failure. Though he did think it to himself and mention it to his 2 friends, he did not confide in Anya. I wished we could have seen that. Also, I crave more banter between them. It was sad we didn’t see if any of the 3 couples had any children as there was no epilogue.

Despite this book having 42 chapters, the pacing was well done, the romance was not too slow moving, the characters did not have endless thinking and no action, and it kept me entertained throughout. I enjoyed the friendship among the three guys.
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