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Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time

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Charlotte Harper’s life isn’t going as she expected. She had to change her course of studies, her ex-boyfriend has hooked up with her best friend, and she misses her mother desperately since her passing.

Searching for meaning and direction, she pours herself into her family history, researching her roots. When she learns of a possible ancestor named Elizabeth from the early nineteenth century, who was hung for the crime of witchcraft, she is determined to try to save her fate. Charlotte explores the strength of her Wiccan beliefs and the powers within her stones, preparing a spell to transport herself back in time nearly two centuries.

She arrives at a small, sleepy town on the shore of Owasco Lake, New York. Intending to stay just long enough to save her ancestor, she creates a cover story and attempts to fit in, but after waiting for weeks with no word of Elizabeth, she immerses herself in the community. She works in the General Store to earn her keep and uses her knowledge of herbs and medicine to help those in need. She soon forms strong bonds with those around her, finding herself drawn into the simple and fulfilling life of a bygone era, and even falls in love—more deeply than she ever thought possible.

As the deadline of the execution nears, visions of the future begin to plague her and those around her. Can she truly save Elizabeth and undo what happened almost two centuries ago? With two lives on the line, she knows she must face the consequences of meddling with time, even if it costs her everything.

569 pages, Kindle Edition

Published July 25, 2019

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About the author

Heather Lynn

4 books33 followers
Heather Lynn, born in Toronto, Ontario, lives with her family just north of the city. Her education in biology and health sciences has supported an ongoing interest in physiology and the potential of herbal healing. In addition, she has been intrigued by the possibility and impossibility of time travel since childhood. When she's not writing, Heather enjoys family time, working in her garden, and learning more about the 'power' of stones.

After publishing Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time, Heather went on to publish the second book in the Sky Watcher Book Series, Sky Watcher: Déjà-Vu, followed by Sky Watcher: Between The Shadows, released this past year. Book 4 is a work in progress and is expected to be released later this year.

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Profile Image for T.R. Hamby.
Author 11 books35 followers
September 5, 2022
A Shadow in Time is a very well written and incredible time travel book. The characters are very likable with great chemistry. Reading through this book made me decide that I couldn’t be Charlie and travel back in time where I’d miss all my conveniences. The things she experiences are both loving and heart wrenching. I’m excited to start the next book in this series because this one ends on a huge cliffhanger. I highly recommend this series!
Profile Image for Carolyn Ruffles.
Author 4 books39 followers
December 21, 2021
What a beautiful debut novel from Heather Lynn. Charlotte travels back to the early nineteenth century to save her ancestor, Elizabeth who was falsely accused of witchcraft and hung. The story is packed with historical detail; life in nineteenth century America is charmingly told and vividly realised. Charlotte meets a rich cast of heart-warming characters and some less savoury but all are fully depicted and the reader becomes quickly immersed in this world. I particularly enjoyed the detailed descriptions of Charlotte’s natural remedies and her life as the town apothecary. This is a fascinating, well-written story and I recommend it unreservedly.
Profile Image for P.L. Stuart.
Author 3 books320 followers
October 28, 2021
An enchanting, delightful book about magic, love, time-travel, salvation, hope, forgiveness, and destiny, “Skywatcher: A Shadow in Time”, by Heather Lynn is a recommended read.

Lynn’s book relates the story of a contemporary woman named Charlotte Harper, who is at a crossroads in life. Following the death of her mother, she is listless, and undergoing other significant changes at the same time.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, this same man and Charlotte’s best friend begin a relationship. Charlotte’s life seems somewhat directionless to her, and in her quest for purpose, she turns to exploring her family history, trying to find inspiration and meaning from the past.

In her research into her ancestors, Charlotte finds that one of her predecessors who lived in the 19th century was executed for witchcraft. Charlotte is very moved by this historical event. She is so moved, in fact, that she feels compelled to interfere with time, and utilize Wiccan magic to travel back to the 1800s, in an attempt to stop the execution from happening, thus saving her ancestor, Elizabeth, from the hangman’s noose. Feeling there is nothing else truly anchoring her to present-day besides home ownership, Charlotte plans to leave her current life long enough to rescue Elizabeth from her fate, then return to the present.

Charlotte leaves her house in the care of her former boyfriend and her best friend, and journeys back to 19th century Owasco Lake, New York, the location of Elizabeth’s death. Using a bloodstone as her talisman, Charlotte recites her spells, and her magic is successful. Time-travelling, and arriving prior to the hanging, Charlotte quickly finds friends, meaningful work, and even love, in the distant past. But Charlotte faces various obstacles that endanger her mission to save Elizabeth, and the reader will wonder if either woman will manage to survive.

In terms of characterization, Charlotte was for the most part a very likable protagonist, and her quest to save her ancestor was heartwarming, though other motivations were revealed to be at play, later in the novel. She is courageous, resourceful, and optimistic in her approach to time-travel, and is readily willing to become part of the community she finds herself in.

Early in the novel she shows herself to be very human, flawed, and capable of mistakes, as she struggles to get over her ex-boyfriend, yet this made her character quite sympathetic and realistic, for me as the reader.

Charlotte is kindhearted and forgiving, and despite the awkwardness of her domestic situation, rather than focusing on what could be perceived as betrayal, she is willing to leave her house in the hands of those who could be construed to have betrayed her.

The surrounding cast in the book, such as Gracie and Ben, are also excellent, well-fleshed out, believable, and readers will find plenty of secondary characters to root for. The romance in the book was well-handled by Lynn, which is fortunate, as it is integral to the plot.

Fans of “Outlander” will particularly, I think, enjoy this novel, with its tale of lovers from a different time, trying to make things work, with the inevitability of Charlotte’s return to the present, and the theme of mortality, hanging over the relationship.

The novel is a well-written, epic, slow-burn read that incorporates engrossing elements of herbal medicine, Wiccan and Indigenous culture, and nuggets about everyday life two centuries ago. While not for those looking for a frenetic-paced book, this 500-page plus novel certainly paints an amazing and immersive tale that spares no detail in the depicting the setting, and atmosphere of the 19th century.

I found the amount of care put into Lynn’s research of the period, and attention to detail, outstanding. Despite the languid overall pace, there is an exciting cliff-hanger ending, to make the reader want to read the next installment right away!

Irrespective of the novel’s length I plowed through it in a few sittings, because I was invested in the story. I thoroughly enjoyed “Skywatcher: A Shadow in Time”! Thankfully, I had already picked up the sequel, “Skywatcher: Déjà Vu”, so I will be able to find out what happens next at my convenience! I certainly plan to read future books by Heather Lynn.

6 reviews1 follower
June 27, 2021
This book is extremely well written, it will have you on the edge of your seat from the first page to last page....
i can't wait for the next the next book to see were she takes my two favorite character's.....i'm sure the new book will be just as exciting if not more. Ms. Lynn is a very talented writer....Thank you so much for such an awesome read !!!!
Profile Image for Ivy Logan.
Author 7 books56 followers
December 6, 2022
Charlotte or Charlie is a 21st century woman, who loves all the bells and whistles of her time but with her interest in creating and handcrafting things, deep knowledge of herbs for healing purposes and knowledge of the qualities of semi precious stones one could be forgiven for thinking there was something so old world about her. And when Charlie travels back in time to save an ancestor she almost fits in perfectly.
I love time travel stories and Heather Lynn's Sky Watcher is another exceptional tale. The story meanders along softly like a lovely brook drawing you in as Charlie finds companionship, friendship and even love. She loves not one but two men and each of them so strong of values and character that you the reader can't decide who should be the love of her life. But the story decides, and it fits in perfectly. Though the story starts of with Charlie's grave concern for her ancestor, and the ancestor Elizabeth is mentioned occasionally the focus is on Charlie and the effect she has on the lives of other around her. She faces her share of hardship, enduring gossip and even a brutal assault.
I must mention that Heather Lynn's knowledge of Wiccan practices is amazing , this is a deeply researched book. I also liked the fact that Heather Lynn doesn't attempt to portray Charlie as a shrinking violet but rather as a bold, beautiful woman who knows what and whom she wants. As the story progressed I wondered how it would flow into the second book. Well, I finished the story and I have my answer. Definitely an interesting historical romance and time travel story. Five stars for the beauty and uniqueness of the story.
2 reviews
May 24, 2021
I wish I would have found this book sooner! I loved it!

When Charlotte travels back to 1818 to save a possible ancestor, she finds a very different life. She finds work, makes some close friends and falls in love.

There were a variety of characters, but the main characters were very endearing. There is history to be learned here as well as knowledge about Wicca (Charlotte, practices it but it is not the crux of the story), herbs and healing, and the power of stones. I learned things I didn't realize I was interested in knowing!

Ms. Lynn's writing style and world-building kept me very interested in what was happening and what would happen next. The cliff-hanger ending caught me by surprise but, lucky me, I received the second book in the series just the other day, so I can see what comes next right away. Can't wait to get started!
3 reviews
August 14, 2021
This was a much anticipated read for me and from the opening of the first page I was transported. I found myself becoming so invested in the storyline and the evolvement of Charlotte and supporting characters that I began to voice my concerns and wonderings aloud. I am usually a quick read however I found myself slowing down to take in the intricate details of herbs and rituals to bring to life the story unfolding. There were a few moments that I had to re-read passages as I had not anticipated the intensity of an exchange or the events that had taken place. Heather has written such a clear but complex story that allows the reader to feel like they are part of the journey. It is written in such a way that you do not get lost but it becomes a part of you. I will be moving onto the sequel and waiting for the right time to be transported again!!
3 reviews
October 12, 2021
This book was written with so much detail & care. You truly felt apart of these characters lives. Heather made you feel like you could see every character exactly how she wants you too, which then allowed you to feel like a member of their community. It was a very well written book and you can tell the amount of research that went into the story was incredible, whether that be accents, you can hear Gracie exactly how you are meant too, or the details in the herb mixtures to allow you to almost smell them. It is a phenomenal read that once you pick this book up, it will be impossible to put it down!
Profile Image for Caroline Venables.
625 reviews7 followers
September 6, 2020
I really enjoyed this book.

It is the story of a woman who takes a chance on time itself to save Elizabeth, a woman who died centuries before. Take a leap of faith and enjoy this magical book.

Elizabeth was believed to have been a witch and as such was put to death. Charlotte, herself, is a follower of Wicca, and feels that she could save Elizabeth. What follows is Charlotte’s story as she leaves her normal life behind and tries to take herself back into history. However she learns that by doing this, she makes herself a part of history.

Will her journey succeed?
Profile Image for Devika Fernando.
Author 57 books186 followers
February 26, 2021
I really enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to the sequel because the ending has me all emotional.
Charlotte/Charlie was a lovely protagonist. I feel as if I really got to know her and as if the journey back in time shaped her character in interesting ways. I also loved many of the secondary characters such as Ben, Gracie, and Keen Wolf. Speaking of which, it's wonderful that the author chose to include Native Americans and interesting peeks into their culture.
It was lovely to immerse myself in the past with all its challenges and fascinating tidbits of historical knowledge. Knowing next to nothing about the Wiccan lifestyle, I found those parts interesting too. The main love story was believable and brought a smile to my face - and the various shocking setbacks in Charlie's quest had me bite my nails.
I'd give this novel 5 stars if not for some small things that gave me pause - but maybe that’s because I mostly read romance these days. Sometimes, I found the story too slow-paced - and it took really long for her main motivation for time traveling to actually be a part of the plot. Although it was nice to learn more about the village and its many inhabitants, I could have done with less of that. Also, to me, sometimes things just seemed too easy for Charlotte. Her immediately arriving in the right place and time, easily adjusting to life in the past, having brought all the right items along with her, being accepted so readily by most villagers despite her often strange behaviour, Charlie conveniently sharing so much knowledge of the future with them…
I do think that all in all it’s a beautiful and epic tale that reminds me of Outlander in the best way and I can’t wait to find out what’ll happen in the sequels.
1 review
March 28, 2020
The beauty of friends is that they pass on novels they have enjoyed. Sky Watcher: A Shadow in time is one such and came at the perfect time; winter chills and high snow drifts. What better way to spend the hours then with a surprising delight.

Sky Watcher: A shadow in time is grounded in Wicca magic, tied to generations past and of death, betrayal, tainted love and secrets laid bare. I become absorbed in a book which draws me into its pages and this one surely did. Within its 580 pages are well developed characters, a believable plot, and more than enough subtopics to make the reader pour another wine and continue reading.

Heather Lynn obviously has talent as a tale weaver and I highly recommend this novel.
3 reviews
June 12, 2021
This romantic, time traveling adventure novel kept my interest peaked and wanting to read more! I found that the story captured your senses and allowed you to feel as though you were right there along with the characters. Heather's style of writing is so descriptive that you can visualize all of the scenes and characters throughout the novel. I really enjoyed Heather's use of herbs and rituals in the story. Everything was extremely well researched. This novel touched on every emotion at some point. The romance in particular left you longing for more! A very fun read!
Profile Image for Linda Sachs.
Author 4 books41 followers
September 28, 2020
Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time -Brilliantly done by Heather Lynn. The time travel story will take you from modern day and immerse you into a vivid time in the past where the characters invite you into their lives. You will laugh and cry. You will be angry and cheer as Heather pulls at your emotions.
I'm intrigued to read the second book in this series!
2 reviews1 follower
February 19, 2022
Meticulously researched. I felt truly transported to the early 1800's and seeing it through Charlotte's eyes. I loved the humour of little slipups of modern words and phrases that she covered up beautifully. I was also intrigued by the Wiccan philosophy, which I knew very little about. Wonderful creative time travel story with an amazing cliff hanger - must read the sequel!
Profile Image for MissC.
9 reviews
March 25, 2021
Sky watcher: a shadow in time is a finely crafted story of magic and whimsy that sees us travel through time all in the hopes of saving our protagonists ancestor from certain death. Definitely a great start to the series.
Profile Image for Cody Pelletier.
150 reviews
September 29, 2021
Sky Watcher - A Shadow in Time by Heather Lynn. I enjoy books about time-travel, but they have to be done well. Sky Watcher hits the mark on all points! I loved it. Well written; clear, engaging, well paced storyline; great characters; page-turner plot. Very well done.
3 reviews
September 6, 2022
My daughter and I really enjoyed this series so much. It’s a great read if you are looking for a book to take on vacation!
2 reviews
August 14, 2021
I actually felt like I did travel back in time with Charlotte. This a an extremely well-written book, with the author having done a great deal of research to accurately depict the setting, the accents, the Wiccan rituals and the history. It's a great love story but so much more! There were some pretty intense moments and I cannot wait to read the next book!
4 reviews
March 13, 2020
A terrific debut novel!
This story takes Charlotte to 1818, a simpler time, a time where she perhaps stands out a little, maybe has some odd expressions. She makes some deep friendships and some enemies. The characters in this story are delightful, their chit-chat is fun. We get a good sense of the time period and perhaps learn a thing or two about Wicca and herbs. There is friendship and there is love (occasionally a bit spicy). This is an adult story.
I enjoyed this story from the start to the end. Bravo!
2 reviews
March 16, 2021
I saw a review of this book on Instagram recently and am I glad I did! This story had me completely sucked in. I loved the main character, Charlotte, and her friends were delightful. The story takes us back to a quieter time when someone like Charlotte could really shine. Of course, it's not all smooth sailing, there are also challenges that threaten her relationships and her life. She teaches us about her Wiccan rituals, to a degree, we learn about herbs and stones and we fall in love.
I highly recommend this book and look forward to the sequel.
1 review
March 28, 2021
Ms Lynn allows us the opportunity to escape and be entertained in this her first novel.
Not only are we transported to another time but we are introduced to characters who we all would like to meet. Friendship, loyalty and trust, qualities that are timeless. Her sense of place and descriptions allows one to step back and leaves us waiting for the next chapter.
Profile Image for Maria.
558 reviews25 followers
March 1, 2021
I’m a big fan of everything concerning the supernatural world. This book beyond dealing with magic, is very captivating because there’s a great mixture of romance and reality of the 18th century. Charlotte has a goal. A girl who is very fond of the Wicca magic goes back in time trying to save one of her ancestors from being sentenced for witchcraft. Her purpose of this voyage will lead her towards a series of situations that will enable her to grow spiritually and realize where her true place is in time. The story is fully developed, the characters are all perfectly embedded into Charlotte’s life. Let me warn the reader, it ends with a cliffhanger but it’s really worth reading it. I admit I was so immersed into the story that I had the feeling of living Charlotte’s life as my own. If you enjoy a journey into the past then this book is surely for you.
April 18, 2020
If you enjoy settling into a comfy chair and sinking your teeth into a good book, look no further than Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time. Author Heather Lynn draws you into her story of a strong woman who travels back in time with one purpose in mind, but who becomes part of something much bigger. Charlotte Harper quickly finds a new life and purpose in a small New York town in the early 1800's. This tale of friendship, love, and deceit are just part of this engaging story that is interesting and well researched. Heather Lynn is a natural story teller and her first novel leaves you wanting more.
2 reviews
June 19, 2020
I really loved this book! Once you pick it up you will not want to put it down. Charlotte travels back in time to try and save a relative but finds a life she did not know she was missing. Heather Lynn draws you in with characters you come to hold dear and some who will make you so very angry. Her skill as a writer draw you into the relationships between the people in this small town and you come to care about them. The attention to detail in all aspects of Skywatcher transport you to another time and place. One of the best books I have ever read! You will definately not be disappointed and I REALLY hope there will be a second book.
Profile Image for Esha Sharan.
Author 3 books7 followers
August 10, 2020
A story finely crafted with Magic.

I loved the title and the cover page, so beautiful and mysterious.
Sky watcher is a story of Charlotte who time travels to the year 1818, with help of magic.
A thrilling magical journey with numerous suspenses, selfless love, trust, friendship. Story paint a beautiful picture about the Wiccan magic.

I was hooked to the story from the first page. It is my favorite fantasy historical fiction.

The author kept the story rolling and ends with a highly interesting climax.
Profile Image for Tanya H.
5 reviews
June 17, 2020
This book was recommended by a friend. Everything she said about the story was absolutely true!
The characters came right off the page and I found myself falling for more than one of them! The research that went into this story shows in the details of the times, the herbs, stones and the Wiccan rituals. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters, each had their own lingo and/or accent. I laughed and I cried - I love it when a book can do that! I look forward the the release of Heather Lynn's next book in the series.
Profile Image for Blesstee Anna.
2 reviews
September 13, 2020
Charloette,takes a brave decision to save Elizabeth. Time-travelling to the past to bring a dead person back to life. Its a thriller with lots of suspenses, emotions , love and friendship. Its a magical story which takes twists and turns in between and ends with a gripping climax.
A captivating fantasy time travel novel with magic. Thats what I felt when I read Skywatcher: A shadow in time by Heather Lynn. For people who love fantasy and time-travel contents, this novel is a great choice.
I totally loved it from the beginning.
Profile Image for Anya Pavelle.
Author 4 books119 followers
January 4, 2020
I picked up this book because I like historical fiction and references to Wicca/paganism. The author provided a good sense of the time Charlotte, the protagonist, traveled to in order to try and save her ancestor. I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but at the end, I felt moved. The author made me care about these characters. I do hope another book is coming.
June 12, 2020
I was captivated by page three, this book is well written with great detail that takes you back in time, the book has depth, fantasy and keeps you thinking right until the end! I am so excited to see more books by this Author Heather Lynn.
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