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The stunning sequel to Sea Sirens, the middle-grade graphic novel about a spunky Vietnamese American surfer girl and her cantankerous talking cat. This time Trot and Cap'n Bill have to rescue a Sea Siren friend from the clutches of a ruthless amusement park owner.

School's out and Trot and Cap'n Bill are looking forward to a carefree summer of surfing. But trouble surfaces when Grandpa hooks a message in a bottle while fishing. Clia, the Sea Siren princess, and Anko, King of the Sea Serpents, need their help: Merla, their Sea Siren friend, has been kidnapped!

Trot, her cat, and her grandfather join the rescue effort which takes them to an old abandoned amusement park island resort, where plans are afoot for a grand re-opening. But who is behind this development? Enter Rosalie, an environmentalist with a personal grudge against the developer. She can tell them a thing or two about the mysterious Mr. Buluru and his secret plans for the park. And Trot has a pretty good idea who the new main attraction of the park will be--but not if she and her crew get to that tank and free Merla first!

Like Sea Sirens, Sky Island was inspired by an L. Frank Baum novel of the same name. This charming graphic novel weaves fantastical ocean creatures, quirky but sympathetic main characters, a fun amusement park setting, and fast-paced adventure into an imaginative, world-building story.

160 pages, Hardcover

First published June 9, 2020

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About the author

Amy Chu

282 books144 followers
Writer for DC, Vertigo, Marvel, IDW and more, including: Poison Ivy, Ant-Man, Deadpool, Red Sonja, Green Hornet, Sensation Comics Wonder Woman, X-Files. KISS and DMC Comics. Cofounded Alpha Girl Comics, publisher of Girls Night Out and other comics. Frequent comic-con panel speaker and moderator.

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48 reviews
March 11, 2021
My goodness!

After book one, I thought It’d be quite tricky to make another story line, but some how Amy Chu found an amazing plot and story line to make a sequel!!

The illustrations are just as beautiful in the sequel and just as colourful, Janet is so skilled with her art in the Sea Sirens books!

I love how this book takes place on land and in the water. It was fascinating how it had the exploring on land element mixed in with the in the sea element, a great combination.

If you’ve read book one then you should give this a read, it’s quite a nice book. :)
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Author 13 books7 followers
November 20, 2021
This second volume is a distinct improvement on its predecessor, Sea Sirens: it has more pages to tell a story, the plot is more straightforward with fewer moving parts, and it isn't in any way hamstrung even by the appearance of an adaptation of L. Frank Baum's original 1912 novel. Instead, this new story keeps the original's title, a couple of characters' names and the most basic germ of their conflict - and that's it. That's quite wise: Baum's Sky Island is one of his best books, and Chu and Lee already have a full platter of characters and relationships to explore from Sea Sirens.

The most fulfilling aspect of the book comes from deepening those relationships, in fact. If Sea Sirens offered sort of glancing impressions of Trot, her mother, her grandfather, and the sea siren world, Sky Island takes the opportunity to add layers. One of the sirens, Merla, is jealous of her sister Clia's new friendship with Trot - which becomes the catalyst for the action. We learn that Grandpa has friendships of his own, making him a much more vivid character than the slight figure in the previous book, and again, inspiring some of the plot. In Sea Sirens, the moral message seemed to be that you can't judge a book by its cover; here, it's taken a step further to suggest that most people, at heart, default to being kind. Building on relationships in this way is something Baum would never, and could never have done in his two Trot books, so it's a modern, and frankly smart choice for these new graphic novels to function differently.

Some of the criticism I have seen for this sequel speaks to its "Scooby-Doo" solution, which is - I think - legitimate. Chu's writing and pacing are still not quite up to par with Lee's art, which remains colorful if sometimes less grand (there are far fewer scenes under the sea in this one, so that fits). However, my memory of being 9 years old is that I really enjoyed a "Scooby-Doo"-style plot, even when I saw the resolution coming from a million miles away, because they were fun! This book is full of fun. This time, King Anko has a shape-changing submersible (openly homaging Kevin O'Neill's designs for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), and much of the action revolves around a refurbished and slightly off-putting 1950s amusement park. There are even sea serpents in little hats! It's very visual and I think kids will enjoy getting absorbed in this world, even if at their age, I personally preferred something with a few more words in it.

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928 reviews
May 14, 2021
Trot is a Vietnamese-American middle school girl who is ready to start her summer with her talking cat, Cap'n Bill. She's looking forward to surfing and meeting up with her sea siren friends, Clia and Merla, again. But Trot gets an urgent message from Clia, seeking help because Merla has been kidnapped. Trot, Cap'n Bill, and Trot's loving and fun grandfather (who also suffers from dementia) set off on an adventure to rescue Merla.

This is a full color graphic novel and a portrays a warm grandfather-granddaughter relationship, jealousy in friendship, with a dose of fighting off the villain who kidnaps your siren friend. A small cultural thing, but as an Asian-American, I enjoyed the fact that Trot has her friend take off her shoes before going in the house "so we don't get the floor dirty". It's definitely something almost all Asians can identify with.
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1,533 reviews21 followers
December 23, 2021
A cute story about a girl, mermaids, a grandpa with demensia and a kidnapping. I really like the talking cat, Cap'n Bill. He can talk when he has the pearl around his neck. It made me want to read the book that came before this one.

The graphics were great. I loved the way the main character, Trot, surfs and helps her grandfather.

The illustrations and the imagination in this book are amazing.
715 reviews1 follower
September 8, 2022
Trot and Cap'n Bill and Grandpa are back!

In their first adventure, the trio traveled the briny depths to end a war between sea sirens and sea serpents. This time around, they stick mostly to dry land by exploring a mysterious abandoned amusement park called Sky Island. One of Trot's Sea Siren friends has gone missing. The only clue is a boat patrolling the area bearing the logo of the old park. With help from old allies and a new friend, the search is on!

I really loved this book. I had forgotten that the sirens had presented Cap'n Bill with a special gem that gives him the ability to talk. Bill is such a hilarious character. And writer Amy Chu (Poison Ivy: Circle of Life and Death) does such a fantastic job writing him. I can very much see my household of cats doing some of the silly things he does, like get distracted by a small critter when they should be performing a major task.

I've got to make a confession. I skipped to the end of the book to make sure Bill survived. I just hate it when sweet little anthropomorphic animals get hurt or killed in a comic or graphic novel. It just rips my heart in two; probably because it reminds me of my guys. But I didn't spoil the ending!

Trot and Cap'n Bill is a modern remake of a pair of little known L. Frank Baum novels. Only in those books, Bill was an old sailor with a peg leg instead of a cat. Trot is still a brilliant little girl. But in the remake, both Trot and her grandfather are Vietnamese refugees living in coastal California.

As much as I have loved both books, I fear that I might not be a third book. While Trot and Cap'n Bill appeared in about half a dozen books, most of them are part of the Oz series. I'm not sure if those Baum books are under public domain or the licensed property of MGM or some other company. But if they are, is this the end of Trot and Cap'n Bill adventures? I really, REALLY hope not.

Sky Island was an adventuresome read that made me laugh several times. The artwork is brilliant and lively. Those sea serpents are so cute. Janet K. Lee's (Diary of a Mad Scientist Garden Gnome) art almost makes me a fan of snakes. ALMOST...

Another aspect that is rather enjoyable is how real things are. I'm not talking about the mermaids or sea serpents. I'm talking about how frank and honest Amy Chu is about Grandpa's dementia or the hardships Trot's new friend encountered when she lost her father's property after he passed. Amy Chu is a realist but she's not a fatalist. I think kids need to know that while life is hard and not fair; it's also good and full of hope. And Amy Chu delivers this message perfectly!

A must for fans of cats, the ocean and L. Frank Baum! Here's to a 3rd book in the very near future!
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7,518 reviews94 followers
November 13, 2020
When Clia's best friend Merla is kidnapped by a human, she calls on Trot, Cap'n Bill, and Grandpa to help her rescue her friend.

This is loosely inspired by some of the further Oz adventures on beyond the first story everyone knows. I can see elements in here inspired by Oz characters, definitely, but it is also its own story. I love that Trot's Grandpa gets to join her in her adventures. They are a fun duo, and it is great to see that at least in this world the fantasy adventuring isn't only for the young. The talking Cap'n Bill is always entertaining. This story involves a locale reclusive older lady who is a friend of Grandpa, named Rosalie, who is quite the character. And the adventure involves an abandoned amusement park on a forgotten island off the coast of California. It's a fun adventure in a setting that definitely sparks the imagination. Clia has a nice lesson to learn about friendship and managing time. And don't worry, Anko is involved in the story too. If you like fantasy adventures with unlikely heroes and heroines, fantastic intergenerational relationships, mermaids, and talking cats, snatch this up.

Notes on content: No language issues. No sexual content. Some potentially perilous situations, but no one is seriously hurt.
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105 reviews
October 21, 2021
This title is a sequel to Sea Sirens, the middle-grade graphic novel about a Vietnamese American surfer girl and her cantankerous talking cat.

Schools is out and Trot and Cap'n Bill were looking forward to a relaxing carefree summer of serving and fishing with her grandfather. However, trouble soon arises with merpeople needing Trot's help. On her trip under the see Trot, Cap'n Bill, and her grandfather met up with Celia, the Sea Siren princess, and Anko, King of the Sea Serpents. They learn that Merla, their Sea Siren friend, has been kidnapped by humans. Trot, her cat, and her grandfather join the rescue effort which takes them to an old abandoned amusement park island resort. Upon their investigation Trot has a good idea of who/what the owner of the amusement park has planned as his new main attraction. Can Trot free her friend Merla in time to save her from becoming the main attraction? This fast-paced graphic novel adventure is based on L. Frank Baum's novel Sky Island.
3 reviews
January 5, 2021
GAAAAAAAAAAH!!! This book makes me so mad for many reasons! I did not read this book, but I did find it on the web. L. Frank Baum's books are perfect, and when I first saw this, I thought, "Wow! People are FINALLY REALIZING THE WIZARD OF OZ IS JUST A SAMPLE OF THE 40+ BOOK SERIES AND BAUM AND THE OTHER WRITERS NEVER RAN OUT OF GOOD IDEAS!" Then, I noticed that in this book, Trot is not a Californian girl who's dad is off at sea and Cap'n Bill, his injured friend who takes care of his daughter...But a VIETNAMESE SURFER GIRL WHO MEETS AN EVIL AMUSEMENT PARK GUY...or whatever.


If Baum was still alive and he wasn't the nicest guy on the planet, this book series would get sued.
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4,145 reviews340 followers
February 4, 2021
So, first of all, I did not know that this is the second book in the series when I started it, so in the beginning I was definitely a little confused. But I just went with it and figured things out fairly quickly. Unfortunately, it didn't really help a whole lot because I found the story just suuuuper simplistic, as well as choppy and ridiculous. I did not really enjoy the writing at all, and the art is sort of pretty? But it's also kind of strange at times.

I do have questions about what happened in the first book, but I also didn't enjoy this one enough to actually bother with going back to read the book.

Let's just say this one is not my bag.
Profile Image for OneMamaReads.
454 reviews4 followers
March 16, 2021
4.5 Stars


Book 2 sees Trot finishing the school year, excited for summer and anxious to once again see her siren friends. Only, Princess Clia has not answered her letters. Finally, a letter arrives, but from the Serpent King, Anko. Her siren friend, Merla, is missing, snatched by a human boat, so they need Trot and Cap'n Bill's help. Grandpa is once again along for the ride, because he knows the former owner of the Island they need to go to (where the boat is from).

Read my full review here: https://onemamassummer.weebly.com/boo...
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3,289 reviews
April 23, 2021
In this sequel, Trot is happy to be out of the school for the summer but really misses her seas siren friends Clia and Merla. While she and her cat Cap'n Bill are surfing, her grandfather fishes on the pier above. She asks him to deliver another letter to her undersea friends and in response they recieve a note calling for help.

A fun follow up story to the first adventure, and is named after the series by L Frank Baum that inspired this colorful graphic novel.
Profile Image for Glowstickia.
35 reviews
January 10, 2023
The sequel to Sea Sirens is just as pretty. Such a fun romp despite the stakes being high, the energy the graphic novel gave wasn’t impending doom, but adventurous and fairytale-esque.

There was also more cats and Capt’n Bill up to kitty shenanigans made sure the dire situation Trot & co. wasn’t too dark. Bless
128 reviews
July 5, 2020
Super cute as always. I love Trot, Bill, and her grandfather. I didn't realise they were putting out another book so this was a really good surprise for me. I hope this means there are still more to come.
Profile Image for Amanda.
3,658 reviews30 followers
July 13, 2020
I didn't realize that this had a loose basis in an L. Frank Baum book. The art was what really drew me in. Fun adventures.
Profile Image for Sean Carroll.
132 reviews2 followers
March 27, 2021
Great fun. Like a 60s sitcom plot with mermaids & an evil villain. Spoiler, the cat always saves the day
Profile Image for Zabcia.
383 reviews4 followers
May 15, 2022

* unique art style (feel like I say that for every graphic novel I read LOL)

* very stiff writing style; made immersion difficult

* loved all the rays! they're often excluded in ocean scenes, but I loved seeing them used as a mode of transportation and just hanging out in the background with other sea creatures
Profile Image for Linda Klein.
167 reviews1 follower
January 11, 2022
I enjoyed this book as well as the first in the series. Not a really deep plot, but still likable characters and really beautiful art. You probably should read the first in the series for exposition.
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